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Thank you for visiting our site. David Ferrier (0450 412 355) was awarded the best speaker of 2 large international business conferences in the Middle East in Dec 2012 and May 2013. Because of recent success he has been rated in the top ten professional speakers in the world. A world class professional speaker brings a completely unique experience to the audience and is learned at inspiring on the day but more importantly inspires the audience into action after the day. Conference speakers that are transformative usually have a solid teaching or training background and bring thousands of hours in front of groups to the table. David Ferrier is an experienced, learned and inspirational motivational speaker that has a rare gift to lift an audience like no other in Australia. His topics range from sales, leadership. Change and perception and he customises dynamic talks that get the best audience feedback in the industry.

Your three minimum requirements from a speaker 1. Have transformative, innovative, challenging and up to date content 2. World class performance stage X factor ability 3. Inspire on the day but more importantly inspire the audience into action after the day. (Matching the client brief) Do you want a ‘I’ve climbed a mountain’ speaker? A sports speaker, or a world class professional speaker that will be the highlight of you national conference or event??? David Ferrier iis building a reputation of being a speaker that is the best in Australia. Dave Ferrier International award winning professional speaker Past President of ‘The National Speakers Association’ Director of Resultz corp Pty Ltd The sales surgeon The brain surgeon The body language surgeon The change surgeon The networking surgeon The leadership surgeon Freecall: 1800 600 063 David’s mob: +61 450 412 355 david@resultz David’s PA Melissa: +61 400 970 470 melissa@resultz “We don’t have relationships with people. we have relationships with our thoughts about them.”

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Contact Us David: e- mail: david@ result z Mobile: 0450 412 355 Melissa: e- mail: melissa@ result z Mobile: 0400 970 470

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