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Thank you for taking the time to look at Dynamic Recycling for your electronics recycling, asset management and scrap purchasing services. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you for all of your recycling needs! We are excited to be able to help other local stakeholders preserve the environment with environmentally responsible recycling. Our mission is to provide our customers with a secure, environmentally responsible, and affordable means of electronics recycling. All of the equipment we receive is recycled at our La Crosse Processing facility. We have an open door policy at our facility. You can visit our processing facility at any time and if you ever have a question or a problem arises, you can contact me personally any time of the day. We are a fast growing company and are continually looking for innovative ways to improve our processes and customer service. We are positive you will be happy with our services.

Benefits of Recycling Your Electronics with Dynamic Recycling: •

Certificate of recycling and data destruction will be issued for each load of electronics recycled. It is our guarantee to you that all of your electronic equipment will be recycled properly and the sensitive information on hard drives will be destroyed.

NAID AAA certification for On-site and Plant-based Computer Hard Drive Sanitization.

R2 & ISO14001:2004 certified.

All whole electronic units and hazardous units are processed in developed countries.

Audits are done with all vendors that handle hazardous components.

$5 million of Pollution Liability Insurance and have a financially guaranteed closure plan to protect your long term interests.

$1 million of Cyber Liability Insurance.

Provide competitive pricing through vertical integration with having all three divisions in-house and going direct with product.

We are committed to some of the best service in any industry and simply making you happy.

We offer pick-up services that are specially tailored to our client's needs.

Versatility in recycling all types of electronics, lamps, ballasts, batteries, appliances, and other specialized units.


We have complete chain of custody with all sensitive information and hard drives to be sure all sensitive information is always destroyed.


Our No Landfill Policy guarantees all of your equipment/components will be recycled properly.

Thank you very much for taking the time to look at Dynamic Recycling. If there is any other information you would like or have any questions about our recycling services please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached at (608) 781-4030 or on my cell phone at (608) 792-4369. Curt Greeno, President

Dynamic Recycling – 2014 Audit Booklet

Corporate Office and Processing Facility 2135 Enterprise Ave • La Crosse, 54603 IT Asset Disposition • Scrap Purchasing • Data Security • Electronics Recycling Dynamic Recycling owns and occupies a 42,000 sq. ft. office and warehouse space that houses our management team, IT asset disposition, processing operations and material storage. We have an additional 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility across the street. These locations are in close proximity to I-90 and other major thorough fares. The facility receives incoming equipment, tests equipment, repairs and remanufactures electronics, remarkets all re-sellable units, de-manufactures electronics, destroys all sensitive information and stores the materials until delivered for further processing. Our facility is registered with the EPA and WI-DNR as a Large Quantity Handler of Universal Waste.

Equipment Flow Description Dynamic Recycling follows a 3-tier recycling hierarchy for all of the used electronic equipment we receive. When your equipment is brought to our processing facility it is weighed and inventoried. The equipment then goes through the following phases: 1st Phase -Reuse: The first phase of the recycling process is to visually inspect each unit and to sort out any units that can be reused. All data stored on equipment to be reused will be sanitized or wiped in accordance with NIST 800-80 standards before being reused. Those units that are sent for reuse will be tested and/or refurbished and sold to reuse markets. 2nd Phase -Recover: The equipment that does not pass visual inspection will be sent to the processing area. The equipment will then be de-manufactured and separated into metals, plastics, and glass. The individual components that are marketable will be harvested and sent for reuse. 3rd Phase -Recycle: After de-manufacturing the equipment, all the components and materials that are left will be processed and sent back into the recycling stream to be used in making new products.

Remaining Waste


Energy Recovery

Health and Safety Policy Dynamic Recycling is committed to the safety of our employees and vendors alike. We understand and place important value on the absolute need to take care of the people that take care of our clients and the company’s overall health. Our company places great priority on the overall safety our employees and uses a proactive approach to safety as a tool to try and eliminate accidents before they happen. We have a number of processing, procedures and training that are in place along with having a consistent hands on approach to monitoring and improving our processes on a daily basis. Dynamic Recycling’s number one operating objective is having an advantageous, safe environment that gives our employees piece of mind and keeps them motivated to make a positive difference for our children and our future environment.

Employee Safety Training Requirements



Corporate Health and Safety Program Emergency Action Plan Evacuation Plan Mercury Removal/Handling Battery/Bulb/PCB Handling Lead Safety Personal Protective Equipment Ergonomics Training DOT – Shipping Requirements Forklift Training Blood Borne Pathogens Electrical Safety – Awareness Hazard Communication Hearing Conservation Lock Out / Tag Out Powered Industrial Trucks

Annually Annually Annually Annually Annually Annually Annually Annually Annually Annually Annually Annually Annually Annually Annually Annually

Hazardous Materials Management This system is put in place to help properly identify, transport, handle, store, ship, and choose vendors for proper reclamation. We do not handle any of the following hazardous wastes and should be brought to your local hazardous waste or solid waste facility. • Any fossil fuels, oils, chemicals, powders, household chemicals or materials containing them • Smoke Alarms • Any equipment containing radioactive components • Compressed Gas Cylinders • Any equipment containing asbestos • Any mercury containing devices or components that can be removed prior to shipment or are not attached to any electronic items • Any infectious or pathological wastes • Any material that doesn’t contain any electrical components • Any material that isn’t compatible with our operations or could pose an environmental or health problem Training regarding identifying, handling, removing, storing, packaging and shipping hazardous components is done on an annual basis, but is constantly improved upon and monitored throughout the year. Processing of hazardous components or components containing hazardous elements are all processed in developed countries. Further, all vendors are required to fill out a Vendor Audit Form recognizing the environmental, health and safety concerns that arise throughout the process and being sure all local, state, federal and international rules and laws are being abided by.

Environmental Policy Dynamic Recycling is committed to conducting all of its operations in an environmentally responsible and sensitive manner. Environmental Responsibility is an integral part of our business. Our customers can feel confident that their equipment will be handled and recycled in the most environmentally responsible and efficient manner possible. To achieve this, we are committed to assessing our environmental aspects, improving our procedures and processes, and reducing our environmental impact. As such, top-management at Dynamic Recycling is committed to:

Continual Improvement We continuously seek opportunities to improve our processes, and systematically evaluate all of our procedures and processes for their environmental impact.

Pollution Prevention We employ procedures specifically designed to prevent activities that pose a threat to the environment, and have systems in place if an emergency is to happen. The waste and waste byproducts we generate are handled in ways that eliminate or reduce the risk of releases to the air, land, or water, and we ensure the safe treatment and disposal of all waste.

Vendor Selection We will continuously cultivate and improve our vendor selection process. We will not use any vendors that send complete untested units to developing countries, vendors that process hazardous or potentially hazardous components in developing countries, and will continue to prefer using vendors that process scrap domestically and use favored recycling techniques.

Complete Recycling We are committed to environmental protection. We guarantee that all your electronics will be recycled to the fullest extent. This is witnessed through our “No land filling of any electronics, components or residuals from our de-manufacturing and recycling process�.

Regulatory & Legal Compliance We meet or surpass all federal, state, and local legislation and regulatory requirements, and implement policies and procedures to ensure compliance.

Material Processing Description Dynamic Recycling is an Environmentally Responsible Electronics Recycler which is evidenced by our no-landfill policy, among other things. No whole units or any of the scrap that is generated by our de-manufacturing process will be land filled. Below is a brief description of our downstream processes.

CRT Glass • Dynamic Recycling will never dispose of, landfill, or export to developing countries any cathode ray tubes it receives. All TVs and Monitors that cannot be sent for reuse (fail testing/broken/screen burns) are de-manufactured to their component parts. The CRTs are sent to a downstream recycler as unbroken, whole tubes where they are broken/crushed and cleaned. The clean, furnace ready cullet is then sold back to glass furnaces for the manufacturing of new CRT’s or for lead recovery. High Grade Circuit Boards • High Grade Circuit Boards (Motherboards) are sorted into a number of grades, accumulated and prepared for recycling. They are then sent to a precious metal smelter for precious metal and non-ferrous recovery. Low Grade Circuit Boards • Low Grade Circuit Boards are sent to a U.S. recycler where they are shredded and processed for smelting. Later they are sent to a specialty smelter for metal recovery. Hard Drives • All hard drives are shredded in-house. All non-reusable hard drives are shredded in-house and then the commodities are sent off for precious metal and non-ferrous recovery. Batteries • Dynamic Recycling generates and receives many types of batteries. All batteries are separated and stored according to their chemistry. The batteries are then sent to a battery smelter for metal recovery. Mercury Bulbs & Containing Devices • Dynamic Recycling receives fluorescent bulbs, mercury switches and mercury relays as individual units for recycling and also produces them from our de-manufacturing operations. Fluorescent bulbs are stored in boxes and are periodically sent to a U.S. recycler to be recycled. The mercury switches and relays are stored in sealed containers and are sent to a U.S. recycler where they are processed for mercury reclamation. Wood from Console TVs • Wood from Console TVs is shredded and sent to a waste-to-energy facility in La Crosse County, WI. Ferrous Metals • Ferrous Metals are sent to local scrap metal facilities for further processing were the processed ferrous scrap is then sent to foundries to be made into new metal products.

Data Destruction – Some of the Highest Standards on the Planet NAID AAA Certification The National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) is the international trade association for companies providing information destruction services. Being certified by NAID ensures that written policies and procedures are in place, employment verification is being enforced and quality control is being checked for complete security of processes, technicians and facilities. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) NIST defines data destruction as “the result of actions taken to ensure that media cannot be reused as originally intended and that information is virtually impossible to recover.” Dynamic Recycling complies with the data destruction policy and methods set forth by NIST SP 800-88 to ensure all data is irretrievable as a result of the Dynamic Recycling data destruction services. DOD Standard 5220.00-M If units are designated for resale, they are tested and cleared using our state of the art software that exceeds NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitation and Department of Defense standard 5220.22-M for overwriting confidential data. The software we utilize is listed on the Armed Forces Approved Product List and is the only software disk wiping technology that has passed testing by the US Air Force on its security and efficacy. Not only does this software meet DOD standards, but it’s also compliant with HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, GLB, FACTA standards. Consequences of a Data Breach If a data breach occurs it can cost an organization millions of dollars and permanently damage their reputation. On May 23, 2013 listed an article on how Idaho State University was fined $400,000 by HIPAA because of a data breach affecting 17,500 individuals. Having a secure IT Asset Management process in place that meets HIPAA, FACTA, and SOX, guidelines lets you avoid the costly risks. Data Security and the Importance of Data Destruction Services Dynamic Recycling safeguards your equipment and eliminates data security risks by providing secure confidential data destruction compliant to industry standards and backed by audit-ready, chain-of-custody reporting. Dynamic Recycling’s data destruction policy delivers high quality services to mitigate the risks of a data breach caused by improper data destruction. • Modern secure facility. • 47 streaming video surveillance cameras recording 24/7. • Top level security system with key card entry and remote monitoring. • Complete chain of custody of all hard drives and data containing devices. • Removal of all identification and asset tags for all resale items. • Shredding offered at no extra cost (remote monitoring available). • Records of all erased hard drives with documentation and verification.

Remarketing Dynamic Recycling has a full staff of expert technicians and sales professionals that will maximize the return on your reusable systems. We have developed numerous remarketing channels for a broad range of equipment, including telecommunications, medical, educational, networking and consumer electronics. We can tailor a plan for your organization to maximize your financial return and minimize the time you need to spend preparing and selling your equipment. For complimentary valuation services please contact (link) Benefits of Remarketing With Dynamic Recycling •Complimentary valuation services • Offer outright purchase, consignment or end-of-life recycling services • NAID AAA certification • Complete chain of custody on all assets • Modern facility equipped with 47 security cameras active 24/7 and key card access • In-house end-of-life electronics recycling • Certificate of Data Destruction • Serialized number reporting available • Customized transportation and pick up solutions • Financially backed closure plan and $5M pollution liability coverage and $1M cyber liability • Certified technicians will sanitize your hard drives while staying compliant with HIPAA, FACTA, SOX and other government regulations. • After hard drives are tested and sanitized, they can then be remarketed to offer your organization a financial return on your IT investment. • Dynamic Recycling will provide your organization with locked bins so that your sensitive media can be stored in a safe place until it is destroyed or sanitized.

Dynamic Recycling 2014 Audit Booklet  
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