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These tips will help make giving business gifts less awkward

#1 - Include Everyone • Make a list of clients before you send out gifts • Overlooking a client can be a major faux pas.

#2- Stick To Generic Gifts • If you don’t know the customer • Generic gifts like custom branded calendars, flowers, etc. are considered safe

#3 - Be Considerate About Religious Beliefs • Some items are not acceptable for certain religions. • Not everyone celebrates Christmas – ask your client before you give a holiday gift

#4 - Pricing The Gift • Some companies have spend limits, so balance your gifts appropriately • Look at how much your customer spends on your products/services when deciding • Gauge your gifts accordingly – you can give away inexpensive, useful promotional items to keep costs down

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Business Gift Giving Etiquette – 4 Tips To Remember  
Business Gift Giving Etiquette – 4 Tips To Remember  

Corporate gift giving can be a tricky business. From being considerate of the client’s religious beliefs to including the right people on yo...