2016 Q3

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story by GG Rowe, Planar, a Leyard company, AXUG® User Member


f you are an existing Customer, please read on to see what you can do now to prepare for the upcoming release and subsequent upgrade at your company! Here are some steps to get ready for the new Microsoft Dynamics AX:

»» There are lots of webinars and blogs being published. • Start signing up and attending AXUG webinars; there is a lot of good information out there! • Check out the webinar recordings: www.axug.com/engage/recordings ◊ The New Microsoft Dynamics AX folder contains a series of webinar sessions. ◊ The Warehouse Managers, Cloud, and Upgrades folders also have some useful information about cloud/Azure and R3 functionality. • Watch and read the online forums for information and posting of blogs. • Check out Microsoft Help: www.ax.help.dynamics.com/en

»» Read the release notes for functionality and technical changes. • https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn527180.aspx • Pass the information on to your internal departments so they can highlight functionality changes they’ll want to evaluate.

»» If you’re on 2012 but haven’t upgraded to 2012 R3, start thinking about a project to get upgraded to R3. • Upgrading from 2012 to the new release of Microsoft Dynamics AX will require first upgrading to R3. It will be a two-step process. Plan for the two steps all as a part of one project, or take it as two projects. • Also, Cumulative Update (CU)10/R3 is what the new release of Microsoft Dynamics AX is based on from a functionality standpoint, so best to start looking at the functionality.

»» If you are on 2009 or earlier, oh dear… • I hear that Microsoft is working on defining an upgrade path, but I don’t know any of the details.

»» Document your customizations, and see what might be replaced with standard functionality. • Access an R3 environment to compare functionality. • If you need to carry your customization forward, start working on it with your Partner, ISV, or internal IT organization.

»» Contact your Partners and third-party providers for compatible CU 10/R3 versions of their software. • This can take a while, so this is a good step to start right away.

»» Review your processes to see what you might want to revise given the new Microsoft Dynamics AX capabilities.

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