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Calculators Ink Cartridges Lasers Toners Media Printers Camera’s


Canon’s unique design is aimed primarily at the business environment, easy step cost sale margin and tax function etc.

Green Calcuator


Set the style in effeciency and environmental accountability, Mark 1 is ecology, design and recycled calculator.

Green Calcuator

Our environment-friendly “Green” Calcultors re-manuactured to the highest standards using 100% recycled Canon Copier materials. This ensures sustainability and helps to preserve precious global resources.


X-Mark 1 Range

Works out Euro

Links up wirelessly to the computer



Tax Function

How many dots per inch Dual Power source, (Solar/battery)


Red and Green

Internal Angle Display

12 digit



Tilt Head

Desktop Display Calculators

Office Printing Calculators These top-of-the-range calculators incorporate a fast and durable printing units for clear printouts in one or two colours. The ergonomic keyboard and large display add to convenience and make them perfect for heavy-duty use in busy offices. The fast speeds ensure productive performance. They use an ink for printing.


Attactractively designed they offer large plastic key tops, anti slip ruber feet or an adjustable tilting display

Mark Up/Down Calculations






Large Display

16 digit

Bubble Jet Printing

Clock & Multilingual Calander

Scientific Calculator

Handheld calculators are compact and convienant to carry around where ever you go.






Compact yet powerful, Canon’s Scientific Calculators reform up to 497 different scientific and statistical functions. Perfect for professional, school or university use and with slim lighweight design, they offer a simple solution to complex problems

Handheld Calculators

INKS Canon uses

inkjet nozzle technology -

In normal inkjet technology the ink is ejected onto the page via droplets. These droplets reaching the page can be inconsistant due to print head movement, air flow disturbances and temperature fluctuation. In Canons FINE inkjet technology these droplets are microscopic which insures that the ink is pushed out in a single ejection achieving dramatic improvement in image qualaity and image stability. Canon FINE print heads intergrate the heaters and nozzles into a single unit which allows the picture to become clearer and more crisp and the colours to be more vibrant (Real life images) Often with canon you get an Inkjet tank, and you get an Ink cartridge. The difference between the two: Ink tank - print head is incorporated in the mechanics of the printer Ink cartridge - print head is attached to the cartridge - the newer technology Canon measures its prints through images per cartridge not pages. Ease of Use Canon inks are easily accessible from the front of all their machines ( you no longer have to lift the lid of the printer) - which makes replacing the cartridges easier.

Selling points: - Dry’s very quickly - Allows for high speed printing because the ink is ejected at such a high speed - Ease of use

TONERS Canon’s laser range is called I-Sensys, (Laser beam printing) Laser printing process 1. Charging The photosensitive drum surface is negatively charged with a static charge

2. Exposure Laser beams scan the rotating drum to form an image.

3. Developing Toner (dry ink) is then collected by the charged area of the drum.

4. Transfer The photosensitive drum is brought into contact with the paper and a positive charge is applied from behind, transferring the toner onto the paper.

5. Fixing Heat and pressure are applied to fix the toner to the paper.

Currently Canon produces about 75% of all laser printer engines used in the world. Hewlett Packard and many other large-scale laser printer manufacturers use Canon’s engines due to their many innovations.

Selling features - Fast output (Short warm up time) - Just press and print - Drum and toner in one. - Easy to replace cartridge - Reliable - Easy networking - Eco friendly performance


All Canon Media is ChromaLife Benefits - Over the year the speed of the light and gas

Chromolife is the addition layers Canon put over ther paper. Chromolife (plus) is an advanced system used by Canon for preserving photo’s. It work in conjection with Canon’s genuine inks and genuine photo paper to allow a 300 year album storage, 30 year light fastness (natuaral sunlight) and 20 year gas fastness (natuarl elements, air, moisture etc) SG-201 A4, A3, A3+ 10x15cm/ 20x25cm/ 25x30cm/ 36x5cm 260g

PP-201 A4, A3+ 10x15cm 275g

Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss

Photo Paper Plus Gloss

Ideal for producing outstanding landscape photographs or wedding photographs with a professional touch

GP-501 A4, 170g

Glossy Paper

For everyday printing Cost effective

MP-101 A4, A3 170g

Matte Photo Paper

Matte photo paper produces high-quality prints with a matte finish. Suitable for more creative uses, such as greeting cards etc.

Stadard high-quality heavyweight photo paper offers superior quality with a glossy finish

KP-108IP 10x15, 108 sheets

Glossy Paper

Bulk pack range Cost effective Film (Set) paper incl HR-101N A4, A3 106g

High Resolution Paper

This paper is designed to produce brilliant colours & sharp photographs.

Model number

How to use the compatibility guide



Thermal technology printing

Pixma Selling features: Bubblejet Technology Auto Duplex & Eco Information Pixma Cloud Link - Allows users to access internet content directly from the printer and print photos Easy WebPrint EX - Print only what you need from the web Intelligent Touch System - Easy to follow navigation with illuminated buttons Photo quality printing 4x6 postcard to A3

Selphy Selling features: - Ideal for street portability

Laser I-Sensys Selling features: - Fast output (Short warm up time)

Just press and print - Drum and toner in one. - Easy to replace cartridge - Reliable - Easy networking - Eco friendly performance


What functions the printer can do. Print quality,the higher, the better How fast it prints in black First Copy Out Time Tray Prints on printable surfaces: CD/DVD Prints double sided

Quality of scanned documents

Ink compatability

home, office, 4-in-1 printers (print, scan, copy, fax)

single function printers

A3 office printers

quality of print the higher the better

how many pages fits in the tray prints on printable surface discs and DVD’s

What can you printer connect to?

Actual of printer

What ink cartridges the printer can take

How can your machine do?

Selling features:

Auto Duplex & Eco Information Auto Duplex enables double-sided printing and copying to save paper. New Eco Information enables users to see how much paper and CO. Pixma Cloud Link The Pixma Cloud Link allows users to ccess internat content directly from the printer and print photo’s.

Professional photographer printers


CP 800 Selphy printer • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Optional battery -Ideal for street portablity, if you add a battery Concept - Business Entrepreneurs At home scrap booking Christmas Cards Software with voice guidance Photo’s (including ID, Passport, Colour & Black and White) ID photo and shuffle layout - extending the layout of available options, uses can print a range ID photo sizes on one sheet of paper. Prints from different media cards ( for on site printing) Direct printing - prints 4”x6” only ( which is 10x15cm) Cost efective Measures 2.3 x 4.7 x 6.7 inches 6.2cm (2,5”) tilt LCD screen- image can be easily viewed and printed with a press of a button Available in black or White Prints in under 1 minute Auto red eye correction Selphy does not even need a computer - you can print from a memory card, PictBridge camera, 3 card slots available. 100 year print - long lasting prints are made possible thanks to a special protective overcoat which is laid on top of each print to protect it against splashes, spills, and fading and will last up to 100 years when stored in an album

Compatible paper KP-108IP 10x15, 108 sheets

Laser Printers

does the printer do automatic Picture quality (the higher the better) Automatic Document Feeder Connection between your PC and Printer

Eco Friendliness

No of lines on LCD display

How many pages does it print


Power Shot

The power shot range is for someone who is new to photography Value for money

Ixus Camera

More compact and stylish. Higher specs, for someone who is more serious about their photography

EOS Camera’s

For those who are VERY serious about their photography and love the flexability and variety available to them


colour options

Max size of ‘hole’ to let light in

Type of close up photography How high you camera can read the light sensetivity

Shooting mode for advanced editing


Selling Features This feature stabilizes scenes movement more easily

70 years experience in making lenses

Improves the crispness of the image, giving you a true black and grey colour

Most camera’s have the ability to shoot short snippets in full HD

High sensitivity better for shooting in low light conditions

Latest image technology which can help achieve sharp photo’s and movies

EOS RANGE This is pretty much the Rolls royce of all camera’s. With this range you have the flexability of adding onto your camera with lenses etc. 99% of sport photographers use a Canon Camera, one can identify them by the large white lenses. EOS camera is one of the most important purchases you can make, this is for the people who are serious about their photography

Pixel ratio: the higher the better

Physical size of the sensor, that picks up light

screen display

Type of memory card

Brands bible canon  
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