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Family Law Accredited Specialist Rachel Stubbs & Associates Rachel Stubbs & Associates is an all female boutique legal firm, practicing almost exclusively in the area of family law. With specialist accreditation in this area, our office can answer any question, and help you resolve any problem relating to family law. We are the leading family law firm.

Our Family Lawyers Rachel Stubbs Rebekah Sandra Soden Ngoc Le

Our Family Lawyers Cassandra Vatovec

Shera Tiongan

Brendan Hanks (General Manager)

Our Family Lawyers Catherine Van Luenen (Operations/Paralegal) Mellissa Kolster (Accounts)

Hayley Williams (Paralegal)

Our Family Lawyers Mel Ross

Erin Monahan (Reception)

Our Family Law Services  Property Settlement  Children’s matters  Divorce  De facto matters  Child Support Paternity matters Spousal maintenances Setting aside Court Orders Consent Orders/Binding Financial Agreements

Binding Financial Agreements • Binding Financial Agreements deal with the property of a relationship and are an alternative to obtaining Consent Orders that formalise property matters. Again, they are a formalised version of an agreement reached with respect to the division of assets and liabilities of a relationship.

Children’s Matters • In many instances, people formalise the arrangements for the care of their children after they separate. This can relate simply to where the children live on an ongoing basis. It can also relate to other matters that are important to parents such as how they will communicate with one another in relation to their children, where the children will go to school, and where the children will be collected and delivered as they go between their parents’ care. We are here to give you family law advice.

Setting aside Court Orders • In limited circumstances, a court can set aside orders that have been made with respect to property. Some of these circumstances include the following: I. If there was fraud, duress, failure to disclose relevant information or if false evidence was given. II. If circumstances have changed since the order was made and it is impracticable for the order to be carried out. We are the best Sydney family layers.

Child’s Support • In most circumstances, issues with respect to the payment of child support are handled by the Child Support Agency. Child support is assessed using a formula, based on the income of both parents, but also on the cost of raising children, the number of children, and how much time the children spend in each parent’s care.

Divorce • After you have been separated for a period of twelve months, you can apply for a Divorce. In Australia, we have a ‘no fault’ system, so the Court doesn’t look at why the relationship broke down. The Court must be satisfied that the marriage has irretrievably broken down and the way that it determines this is by determining that the parties have been separated for over twelve months.

De facto matters • Until recently property matters relating to people who were never married was dealt with under different legislation to property matters relating to people who were married.

Property Settlement • Property settlements look at the division of all the assets and liabilities of your relationship.

Paternity matters • Sometimes, parentage is an issue. Orders can be obtained from the Court that require the mother, the child and the possible father of the child to undergo parentage testing.

Spousal maintenances • In some circumstances, orders can be obtained from a court which see one party pay a sum of money, either as a lump sum or as a periodic payment to the other.

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