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 Arthritis is a crippling.  It is manifested by pain and swelling of joints.  There are several kinds of arthritis such as osteoarthritis,

rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, still’s disease, juvenile idiopathic arthritis and several others.  Osteoarthritis is most common in the aged while rheumatoid arthritis can affect persons of any age.  There is pain: mild or acute, intermittent or chronic.

 Arthritis affects the joints.  Joints are made up of ligaments, bones, cartilage and synovial fluid that nourishes the joint and the cartilage.  This is an intricate mechanism and if there is any problem with the fluid, the cartilage or bone, inflammation results and leads

to pain.  The imbalance could come about due to a variety of reasons

such as wearing out of cartilage and bones.

 Once this happens there is no cure.  At best doctors prescribe medication to reduce inflammation and pain.  In mild cases doctors may prescribe analgesics and in severe cases opiates are prescribed.

 In an arthritic person with no other health issues, such medications do not pose an immediate problem but can pose

future health risks.

ďƒź For those with diabetes or hypertension when they have to take regular medications, analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs could severely interact and cause nasty, adverse reactions, posing an even graver threat. ďƒź The obvious solution is to seek pain relief using natural

herbal sources allied with mild exercises and dietary changes.

 Consuming herbs that reduce inflammation also has spin-offs

in the form of general health improvements.  However, pain relief is quite important for arthritics.  Rumacure oil for arthritis is the natural way to alleviate joint pain in addition to making joints and muscles more supple and flexible.

 This oil is a meticulously prepared mix of castor oil,

gandhapurna oil and buleylu oil in addition to tarpin oil derived from the chir pine, kapur and cinnamon oil.  These ingredients are time-tested and proven.  Being herbal they do not have any side effects.  They are safe.

 Kapur or camphor vaporizes quickly and penetrates the skin right through.  Buleylu and castor oil have known analgesic and antiinflammatory properties.  Cinnamon is a wonderful restorative and heals in addition to

reducing stiffness and swellings.  Remember, there is no cure for arthritis; only alleviation of joint pain and relief.

 Regular application of this oil brings quick relief.

 With regular use, intensity of pain and frequency of occurrences also decrease.

 The best way to use Rumacure oil for arthritis to alleviate joint pain is to first heat it so you can feel the heat when you dip your finger in it.

 Take 5 ml of the oil, warm it and then rub it on the joint and in the

area around the joint using circular motions with fingertips, applying some pressure so that the oil penetrates the skin.

 Do this each night if you experience moderate discomfort.  If your joints give more pain, you can massage the oil in the mornings too.

 Apply hot compresses on the joints after massage for quicker relief from pain.  In about fifteen minutes pain abates and you feel at ease.

 Totally herbal, Rumacure oil is tried and used successfully by millions and it works even in difficult cases.

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Rumacure Oil For Arthritis Is The Natural Way To Alleviate Joint Pain