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• Semen leakage is a very common sexual dysfunction faced by a lot of men at least once in their lifetime. • If your semen comes out while sleeping there is no reason to give up and lose all hope. • There is a solution for almost everything nowadays.

• Why shouldn't there be for men whose semen comes out while sleeping?

• This dysfunction is most commonly faced by young teenager’s just entering puberty.

• In this case, the semen comes out while sleeping mostly due to the various physical and hormonal

changes the body is undergoing.

• Even though in most cases this dysfunction tends to go away on its own with age, there are some men who even face this problem at an older age. • Semen leakage is usually caused because of excessive semen build-up in the body. • But, it may also be caused if a man brings himself to orgasm one too many times on a constant basis.

• Constant orgasms may lead to mental or hormonal disorders which will increase the

frequency of semen leakage and many also cause other sexual problems such as erectile

dysfunction and premature ejaculation. • Some of the common causes of night emissions

are erotic dreams and lack of sexual encounters.

Semen is produced in a man's body and is usually discharged when a man reaches orgasm.

After this, the semen is reproduced by the body and stored till the next orgasm.

But, excessive orgasms can lead to an increase in the level of testosterone in the body which in

turn will lead to increased production of semen.

When the body runs out of place to store the semen it leaks out thus causing night emissions.

In severe cases the condition can progress from just leaking while asleep to even discharging

along with urine. •

It is advised that you nip this problem in the bud

so that you don't have to face such problems.


Semen leakage is also known to increase the chances of premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low sexual stamina and low sperm count.


Increased level of testosterone also causes low male libido and mood swings.


Some common indications of night discharge include semen marks on undergarments, thinning of semen, obstructed urine flow, etc.


Some other symptoms include drowsiness, weakness and knee pain.

But, if your semen comes out while sleeping, there is no reason to lose all hope.

There are many natural, herbal treatments available to cure this dysfunction.

You could consider NF Cure and Vital M-40 Capsules.


These capsules are great for curing

night discharge and also help cure other sexual dysfunctions such as

premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.


In order to cure night emissions, it is essential that men learn to control

their reproductive organ and strengthen it.


The muscles and the nerves in the male reproductive organ are extremely

delicate and can very easily get damaged.


There are many exercises for men which can help strengthen these

muscles as well. •

Excessive discharge is an embarrassing

sexual condition but is not something you have to live with. Go and get

yourself herbal treatments today.

How To Stop Sperm Ejaculation While Sleeping At Night