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• The process of restoration in teenage is fast as the body is receptive to internal regaining power of the individual as well as to the external supplements. • The external supplements with an herbal origin is more of well with respect to the absence of side effects.

• The question of the natural enshrinement with sexual power in teenage to restore or regain arise due to abuse of the sexual potency in teenage. • The abuse happens in terms of initially with mind through view of nudity of the opposite sex, as well as ignorance.

• The self-gratification is one form of abuse with human genitals that gets a rocking in a tender teenage when happens occasionally, that too in dreams, it is a stress buster. • When repeated rocking crash the penile nerves, so that premature ejaculation as well as erectile

dysfunction creeps in later ages in men.

• The Science of Ayurveda that discourage masturbation act, also acts fast to restore or regain the sexual power and performance in teenage with time-tested herbs, Musli, through the herbal supplement Safed Musli Capsules. • The Asparagus Adscendens of Musli Safed is in use

in Safed Musli Capsules.

• The research in Asparagus species that belong to the family Liliaceae has the results in exhibition in the website of U.S. National Institutes of Health's National Library of Medicine (NIH/NLM). • The experiments show the major bioactive constituents of Asparagus are a group of steroidal saponins.

• In addition to this plant also contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, Mg, P, Ca, Fe, and folic acid. • The other primary chemical constituents of Asparagus are flavonoids (kaempferol, quercetin, and rutin), essential oils, tyrosine asparagine, arginine, resin, and tannin.

• The biological properties of these magic herbs are a hit, which are antihepatotoxic antioxidants, antibacterial, immune-stimulants, antioxytocic, anti-inflammatory, and reproductive agents.

• The chemical constituents as well the biological

properties of Musli Safed add the punch to the Safed Musli Capsules to restore the sexual power

and performance in teenagers.

• The Safed Musli also revert the sexual power with

the Curculigo orchioides (Musli Sya) in it which has in it the chemical constituents like mucilage,

phenolic glycosides, saponins and aliphatic compounds.

• It has the potent adaptogen and aphrodisiac

properties with added bonus properties like immunostimulant, hepatoprotective, and

antioxidant, anticancer and anti diabetic activities. • Ayurvedic system of medicine gets four vital herbs

into act in Safed Musli with Bombax.

• Malabaricum as well as Pedalium Murex form the third and fourth. • The gum of Bombax Malabaricum acts as astringent as well as aphrodisiac so that the involuntary release of sperms is in check as well as the capacity to sustain erection happens in teenage with the help of Safed Musli capsules.

• The last but not the least is the Pedalium murex

commonly known as Gokhru has diosgenin, vanillin, quercetin, ursolic acid, caffeic acid, amino

acids and various classes of fatty acids such as nonacosane tritriacontan and triacontanoic acid.

• The excellent cure to impotency as well as

nocturnal emissions is possible with an herb like Gokhru that has a place in Safed Musli Capsules.

• Overall Safed Musli unleashes back the lost sexual power in teenage due to habits like masturbation.

How To Restore Or Regain Sexual Power And Performance In Teenage