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• Erection is defined as hardening of a body part

such as a penis, a clitoris, or a nipple due to sexual stimulation or without stimulation.

• Sexual intercourse is characterized by penetration, vaginal, rectal or oral.

• Orgasm as well as ejaculation can also be had without penetration as in case of masturbation and stimulation by toys etc. • However, penetration or no penetration, one must get erection to get orgasm and ejaculation. • The harder is the erection the deeper will be the penetration, and the resultant sexual pleasure.

• Also, the erection should last longer to get the maximum pleasure.

• Hence, one should try to have erection as hard as steel to maximize sexual pleasure.

• The penis becomes semi-erect or flaccid due to loosening of muscles around the genitals as well as

the nerves of the penis.

• Poor bodily stature and lack of strength and stamina are also detrimental to hard erection. • Excessive masturbation, poor diet, lack of physical activities, and unorganized lifestyle contribute to this kind of disorder.

• Hence, one should be sound physiologically and psychologically to get steel like hard erection, and consequent sex enjoyment. • There are a number of pills and capsules on sale through stores as well as for online purchases.

• The manufacturers of those pills claim to provide the desired results through those medicines, but it

is far from truth. • They are not only ineffective but also harmful due

to the side effects they produce. • Hence, the best medicines to get erection as hard

as steel are Bluze capsule and Must Mood oil.

• While capsule is taken orally, the oil is used to massage the penis daily.

• The capsule and the oil are herbal products that are highly effective in providing steel like

erection naturally due to their ingredients being natural herbs and plants.

• The constituents of the capsule comprise

Ashwagandha, Kesar, Shilajit, Safed Musli, Lauh Bhasm, Moti, Jaiphal, Pipal, Tulsi, and

Laung to name only a few.

• These herbs contain medicinal properties that help build muscles of the body, enhance strength and stamina, increase blood circulation, and reduce stress and tension. • They strengthen the pelvic muscle and muscle surrounding the male genitals.

• Exercising and strengthening pelvic muscle are highly beneficial for sexual strength and stamina. • A dose of two Bluze capsules twice daily and massaging penis with the Mast Mood oil twice per day for around three to four months is necessary to get the best results.

Safe And Natural Ways To Make Your Erection Hard As Steel