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Erection refers to hardening and burgeoning of

male penis due to sexual stimulation or otherwise.

Let us first examine why erection needs to be hard, rather rock hard.

Actually, sexual intercourse involves penetration of penis into a vagina, rectum, or mouth.


If the penis is flaccid or semi-flaccid, it will not be

able to penetrate into the vagina. •

If at all a semi-erect penis penetrates it will

neither go deep nor make sufficient friction with the inner wall of the vagina.


This situation is not only embarrassing but also irritating to both partners.


The erection comes to an end after ejaculation,

and so, it is imperative that the erection is not only rock hard but also durable or long lasting.


Talking about the erection pills, there are a number of such pills available in store as well as

for online purchase and some of them are Viagra, STIFF DAYS.


Tibet Babao, Tiger King, Yonggang best. Kamagra,

Max Virility, Yohimbine, generic Viagra, CaliPlus (Herbal Viagra), Vigrx plus, Cialis, Stallion xl, Ying

Da Wang, Maxman 40% and Dragon Power capsules to name only a few.


Different people using them have differing opinions about these pills.


Some prefer one while others like some others.


Viagra is the most advertized pill for stiffer erection and longer sex.


Many of the users complained about side effects of these pills and capsules.


Hence, the best erection pills are the Bluze

capsule and Mast Mood oil that are quite safe, and effective.


These have no side effects as they are herbal products, and have natural herbs as their



The ingredients of the capsule include such rare herbs and plants as Vidarikand, Kaunch, Ashwagandha, Kesar, Shilajit, Kuchala, Shatavari, Semar, Safed Musli, and Tulsi to name just a few of numerous others.


These all have medicinal properties that enhance immunity, strength, stamina, muscle strength, sexual power and circulation of blood.


The Mast Mood oil, an Ayurvedic preparation, is applied and massaged on the penis regularly.

This massaging leads to strengthening of

nerves of genitals, and increases flow of blood to the penis.

The effect is hard rock erection which is long lasting.

The use both the capsule as well as the oil provides wonderful results.


Two capsules two times a day, and the

application of the oil on the penis at least twice a day for three to four months can bring

the best results in the form of rock hard erection lasting longer than ever before.

Which Erection Pills Are Best To Make Your Erections Hard As Rock?