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• The women are an embodiment of pleasure in life. • Men tap in to it dexterously until the flow of

energy transcend into women that kick-start a battle of love, actions and affections.

• In this battle of love both are the winners, as more and more is in place for actions until both reach

the pinnacle.

• The lack of energy and desire in women will leave this battle as a lust less and men restless.

• Sometimes, low libido and sexual dysfunction do happen in women, as they shun sex, frigidity

creeps in her, all not in wanton, as the mind, body fail to cooperate that results in ruckus in


• Such a situation never to happen in women as well as never happen, if the support of Fantasy

capsules are taken with boldness, only to aid her to be bold in bed any time, every time.

• Ayurveda borrow from the Mother Nature all the cures, with the mother will never let down her

daughter to be morose.

• The smile in the women face pass on it to the entire family, so it has to be there in her face and the fantasy capsules do it with 17 herbs, and a few are in review here. • The Talma Khana or Asteracantha longifolia subsume its leaf as well as the whole plant to cull out the health issues like anemia that make women weak.

• Anemia sets in weakness as well as lack of interest in sex crop up in women. • The seeds of Talma Khana extracts do well in improve the hematological profile of women and with its presence in Fantasy sure to raise the hemoglobin levels so that she is ready to topple men down in the bed for a mutual benefit in copulation.

• Kavach beej or Mucuna pruriens, in Fantasy capsules keep women in good moods as well as act

as aphrodisiac. • The Kavach beej do not stop with that, it continue

in aiding the ovulation process in women so that her low libido is in check as well as sexual

dysfunction that cause infertility is at bay.

• Javitri, which is the dried covering of the nutmeg, has the similar herbal properties of Jaiphal or nutmeg or Myristica fragrans is also there in Fantasy that activate the flow of testosterone hormones which is not only in men but also in women.

• The hormone of testosterone brings in the harmony of sexual indulgence in men and women and Fantasy induces its flow in women so that low libido and sexual dysfunction runs away through the back door.

• Women are susceptible to low libido as well as sexual dysfunction due to problems in the menstrual cycle as well as age factors aggravate to it. • The practice of regular aerobic exercises as well as Yoga helps in women to be fit as well as be in high spirits.

• Plenty of water intake, a whole some diet that

includes vegetables, celeries, lettuce, nuts, dates which are rich in Iron help in keeping them away from anemia.

• The online availability of herbal supplements like

Fantasy capsule help women get it with easy in full privacy in discrete packs Go ahead lead a life as a

women in full bloom and happiness.

Herbal Treatment For Female Low Libido And Sexual Dysfunction In Teenage