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AXIS TECH SPEC Dimensions: Back wall to front of stage floor: Back wall to front setting line(First bar): Apron/Extension: Stage width: Height of stage: Max Performance space: Grid height: Max setting height: Rake: Stage Floor Material: Fixing to stage floor: Wings:

8.3M 6.2M None 12.2M Level with Auditorium 6M Deep x 12M Wide 7M 6.5M None Black 9mm MDF on sprung ash floor Yes None – create with masking

Rostra Stock 6

plywood topped steel 8ftx4ft decks With 2 ft legs

Rigging /overstage suspension Flytower: Grid Height: Max Setting: Raise and lower system: Length of hauling bars: Spacing between sets: FOH Suspension: Max trim height: Throw Distance from FOH to stage:

No 7M 6.5M(Hemp Lines) 6M(LX Bars) 8 hemp lines and 4 manual winch 11M 500mm approx 2 lighting bridges 3m and 7m from stage 7m 7.5m and10m

Lighting Connector type: Capacity: Gantry A: Gantry B: Side Gantry SL: Side Gantry SR: Overstage:


16amp 2.5 KW Channels 1-12 Channels 13-24 Channels 25-34(Even) Channels 25-34(Odd) Dimmers 35 – 48 not working Channels 49-60 Channels 61-72 Channels 73-84 Channels 85-96

Dimmer Circuits 48x2.5kw ETC Unison dimmers(Control room) 48x2.5kw ETC Unison dimmers(Scene Dock)

Lighting Bars 4 x 11m hand-winch 16amp prewired Bars onstage 2 x 11m fixed 16amp prewired bars F.O.H. 2 x 11m fixed Booms. Mains Patch: Hardwired Visiting Power Supply: 63amp + 32amp 3Phase in scene dock Control Desk: ETC Express 125 Riggers Unit: Yes Control Protocol: DMX512

Cables Various Lengths of 16amp cable 10x16amp Splitters


Control Room Location: Rear of Auditorium Size: 4.5m x 2m Show Lighting : Dimmable spots General Lighting: Fluorescent Work Tops: Space for in house equipment only Access to stage: Via Auditorium or Foyer Access to Auditorium: Via Mezzanine foyer Acoustic insulation: Good (if the window is in place) Secondary Control Position: At rear of balcony General Comments: Small, dimmers in room cause noise, difficult for sound op & mix Control Equipment: Sound: 1x Allen & Heath GL 4000, 32 Channel Dual Function Mixing desk 1x Tascam MD 301 MK 2 Minidisc Player 1x Tascam CD A500 CD+Tape Player 3x Symetrix 533 E Graphic Equalizers 2x Behringer Multigate Pro Gates 2x Behringer Multicom Pro Compressors 1x Lexicon MPX 100 Dual Channel Processor Lighting: ETC Express 125 Lighting Console

Comms System Headset outlet Positions:

Intercom Master :

#1:DSL #2:DSR #3:Auditorium #4:Gantry #5:Gantry #6:Control room #7:Control room #8:Scene Dock (Speaker Patch Panel) DSL

Show relay Speaker Outlets #1: Dressing Room #2: Dressing Room #3: Green Room #4: Rehearsal Studio #5: Control Room

#6: Box Office #7: DSL outlet only

Projectors Proxima data projector

Ladders 1x 10ft aluminium Zarges ladder with extension to 20 ft 1x 8ft wooden A-frame ladder 1x10ft wooden A-frame ladder 1x12ft wooden A-frame ladder

Tallescope 1x 10ft one man manual tallescope with extension to 18ft

Drapes 1 pair of 3m x 6.9m legs 1 pair of 1.4m x 6.3m legs 3x 1m x 11m borders 2x 6m x 6.5m blacks(Pleated) on tab track 1x 11m x 6.5m Full Black 8 Manual hemp-lines over stage area.

Curtain track 1x Hall T60 Curtain track (11m with overlap)

Communication 1x 2 channel Master-station. Facility for show relay speakers as indicated above. 3x headset talkback. CCTV Camera to monitor position at control room,stage, green room or box office. Phone extension socket from main switch to stage,control room, green room & second performance space.

Lamp stock 10 x 750 watt Source Four Zooms 15-30s. 10 x 750 watt Source Four Zooms 25-50s. 6 x 750 watt CE Source Four 36degrees. 18x ADB 1.2kw fresnels 18 x 750 watt ETC Parnell. (2 without barndoors) 24 x 1Kw Parcans. 9 x 1Kw Cyc Floods.(4 used as house lights)

Sound Equipment 4x Suspended FOH Martin 250W Full range speakers 2x Martin Wavefront 2A Subs 8x Martin LE 400 Wedge monitors 4x SM 57 Microphones 2x SM 58 Microphones 3x AKG C-3000 Microphones 1x Beyerdynamic M 201 Microphone 9x Behringer Active DI boxes