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What Causes Acne In Various Parts Of The Body? Some may get used to the appearance of acne on the face at a certain stage of life, and may continue for a period of time, but is it the usual appearance of acne in different parts of the body? What causes acne in the body?

Explained to us by consultant dermatologist, acne is caused by the body's sensitivity as a result of hormonal changes in the hormones produced by the sebaceous glands of the body, may occur at any age, but more than in adolescence.

Pointed out that acne occurs when the sebaceous glands secretions increase with the proliferation of certain types of bacteria on the surface of the skin, oily skin is divided slots and happens gathered in the white blood cells then happens to be acne.

And between mistaken beliefs that there is that acne happens when you eat certain foods, but foods may increase the spread of the face or body parts, but do not cause the appearance at the beginning of it.

My following a few steps when the appearance of acne in the body, which is to reduce the development of moisturizers in the parts of the body, and also therapeutic ointments only under the supervision of a physician while reducing the use of cortisone, but in a minimalistic.

By reducing foods that contain high amounts of fats and sugars, it also must follow up with a specialist doctor and take antibiotics to reduce the density of bacteria formed on the surface of the skin.

What causes acne  

What Can Cause Acne

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