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Acne Treatment Virus Lives On The Skin U.S. research found modern, harmless virus that normally live on the skin's surface, possibly effective treatment to eliminate acne, in light of diminishing the effect of antibiotics in the treatment of those pimples. The researchers looked at the "University of California" in the two types of bacteria, acnes that live in the pores of the skin and cause acne and "P acnes" acnes Phages, a live virus on the surface of the skin. Article Source by Acne No More Review

In natural conditions, the virus lives next to the hair follicles and sebaceous glands, which produce "sebum" sebum to keep the skin and hair from drying out. It is noteworthy that "acne" acne is caused sebaceous glands secrete a lot of sebum that leads to clogged pores, and the accumulation of bacteria, which stimulates the immune system response, leading to inflammation of the region and the appearance of pimples. According to the study, published by the CNN, experiments showed that the virus "P acnes" harmless to humans, but programmed to kill the bacteria that cause blisters.

The researcher responsible for the study, we can control the bacteria among those suffering from pimples, if the bacteria secrete copious downgrade to healthy levels so as not to irritate the immune system." The researcher said that it may enter into the composition of a cream or topical treatment for those who suffer from acne, and that in case of the success of researchers in isolating the proteins used by the virus to destroy the bacteria, " acnes" to produce them synthetically. And moving the researchers to produce another effective treatment in the fight against this type of chronic acne, because the virus has become more resistant to antibiotics used in the treatment

Acne treatment virus lives on the skin  
Acne treatment virus lives on the skin  

Acne treatment virus