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The Wide Scope Collective is a new constellation of international artists from the Berlin stable. Established in 2012 by artists from Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Sweden and US, The Wide Scope Collective share an open philosophy and an experimental approach to making outsider art free of commercial fashion, pressure and restraint. The Wide Scope consists of painters, musicians, dancers, VJ’s, DJ’s, designers, screen printers, film makers, photographers and writers who currently share their full spectrum output through works both small and large scale, exhibitions, live performances, cultural programmes and workshops. The collective has been formed to enable these artists to pool resources and connections, to enable the foundations for space, place and time to be established, and to grow new opportunity and learning. The following pages contain biographical information and images from all the artists currently in our collective, and also information about the collaborative projects and workshops run by these artists in association with THE WIDE SCOPE. Berlin 2013


ANY (ANGELA NINA YEOWELL) ANY (angela nina yeowell) is a somatically based vocalnoise musician. Along with processed samples, ANY plays broken melodies on misshapen instruments, and sings to the resulting waves of intensity, silence and interruption. Her work can sometimes result in visuals, such as the creation of, and performance with non-musical instruments and sonic costumes. ANY spent many years as a professional dancer in Europe and the USA, before she mutated into creating interdisciplinary performance art pieces, video art, and music. She performed extensively in the U.S. and was a professor of movement and vocal improvisation before relocating to Berlin in 2008. angelanina

ADAM ATTICS Adam Attics typically searches for highly unachievable moments meant not to be captured, categorized and repeated. His tools include instruments, machines, microphones and environments. In April of 2015 he discovered No-Matter which was a movement for riding on and in the MotherMatrix. You might find him between 2/6am with Mutants, Crocodiles, Genies or friends of momentus exchange. adamattics

AL SHAZAM SHAZAM is a DJ and a musician from Berlin. He is sometimes DJing with live musicians in a club situation, at other times he’s a live DJ with a band onstage. Or both. He likes music with three EEEs: Electronic, Eastern & Eclectic. ‘’While spinning, I don’t have musical limitations other than my personal filter : I like a tune – or not.’’ So you might get a DJ set of his that combines styles like these: Asian Vibez, NeoArabic Clubfusions, Global Dubstep, Afrobeat, vintage Bollywood Breaks or Brazil Drum&Bass, Lounge Exotica or or or.. ..My moon rises in the East… vh

ERLANDAS ADAMS Lithuanian born, living in Berlin since 1986. Also lived in Los Angeles and London. Composing music for Film and Fashion Shows, Film and TV: Chill Out /ZDF and Berlinale Panorama, Mutti, der Film / Berlinale Panorama, Sugar Orange / ZDF Winner of independent Filmfestival Oldenburg, Jets / NTV Music for DSDS / Magazin …and many others Fashion shows: Vivienne Westwood, HdK Ralph Handschuch, Galerie Lafayette Photography: Documentary Photography of international Urban Art and Picture Archive for Berlin Images

ALPHA FLIEGE Studied in France, Worked in Dublin, exploded in Berlin ! Now designing for HAPPAREL, Team Fucking Brilliant, and building the collective. Screen printer, graphic fencer/Designer, up-cycles, re-cycles and cycles everywhere. HAPPAREL

ANDIZANT Working and living in Berlin since 1997 as a photographer, painter, musician, writer, doing installation and sculptures, and experimental design. One of the core ideas going through my work is improvisation, based on proper research, thinkin,g insight, connecting the visible with the invisble, looking into the nature of reality. I see myself in the tradition of art in that sense, that i think it’s important to question life,to think, and develop the human abilitys on all levels and work for understanding and create awareness to the complexity simplicity and beauty we can find on this planet. vandizant/

CHRIS NOELLE AKA TOFA Under the moniker “Tofa” – Chris Noelle (*1974) works as multimedia-artist in Berlin. Tofa is a freelancer in the fields of graphic-design, illustration, film, animation, photography, music and projection design. His explicit skills have led to works for international clients like Sony, Diesel, Smart, TMobile, Lacoste, Red Bull and publications in magazines like Vogue, IdN, Die Gestalten Verlag, Page, Art, Streetwear Today and JPeople, shortfilms and animations for Wired UK, IdN and TV-Reports on ARTE TV, ARD and ZDF.

CHUUU Chuuu was born in Kyoto Japan 1975. From childhood he had a strong awareness of freedom, creation and making things by himself. He was good with his hands since he was a child, Since his uncle was an artist he had many chances to see paintings and printings,spontaneously,he started to draw pictures and manga by himself.While majoring manga in Kyoto Seika University (the only university that has manga major in Japan) he bought a computer, learned himself how to use applications and studied design on his own. After graduation,he worked independently by designing and painting. 2003 moved to Berlin and now he is here as an artist specialising in painting, VJing and music.

DIE! GOLDSTEIN DIE! GOLDSTEIN is the musical solo project of Diego Mart. At the age of 8, he started studying music and violin at the Conservatorium for 10 years. In the year 2005, and after a seven-year musical break, he took advantage of an old computer to begin spitting out all the social and musical experiences and learning he had been accumulating all those years. Diego Mart has played more than 100 times live, and supported international bands as Mogwai, Oceansize, Moho, Sakamoto or Vessels. In 2011 he made the soundtrack of the Icelandic film Winter in Hell, produced and filmed in Iceland by Enrique Pacheco.

DYLAN BAKKER Dylan Bakker was born with a hernia in Southern hemisphere June 1983. Following religious and academical experiments he turned to artput. These days he is an inter-disciplinary agent using various means to express his ideas about the known and unknown universe. He co-operates screen print label Lysergic, record label Rangi Recordings, video production company Sumone Productions and is the publisher of Mouth Zine. Currently he is working to remain current, working with improvised music, film and screen print.

EUTECHNIK Irish producer, researcher and audio-visual art churner based in Berlin.

CRIPPAXXXALMQVIST Crippa Almqvist was born on the 6/7-1967 in Finspáng, Sweden, by finnish parents. He lives since 1996 in Berlin, where he organizes the “International 24hour Comic Day” for the Comicbibliothek bei Renate. He has self-published the books “Dollmatrix” & “Schwarz Metall Wald” etc. He’s also been published in different european underground zines, like “Mono Brutal/ Mono Vision”, “Renate”(GER), “Hopital Brut/Le Dernier Cri”, “Alkom’X”, “Strategie Alimentaire”, “La commissure”(FRA), “Smittekilde”(DEN), “Zeke Bazaar”(BEL), “Milk+Wodka”(SUI), “Good Vs. Evil”(ENG), “Excessive Voyeurism” (LIT) etc. www.maximumschreck.

ALEX FORGE Alex Forge creates visual explosions to unleash your Music into the pixel world. He directs music videos, and works as a cameraman, editor and photographer for feature films and documentaries. ” The dual identity of the individual, dreams and myth are the recurring themes of my work. Parallel, alternate, overlapping realities, “mise en abyme”, the other side of Alice’s looking glass’ are constant landscapes. What do we see when we look in the mirror and what peers back at us? ”

MICHIYASU FURUTANI Born in Japan. Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Theater. Bachelor of Fine Arts of Drama. 1995 Started dancing as Butoh dancer and performed on different projects with various stage directors,filmmakers,dancers,actors, and musicians. Toured in Tokyo,Osaka, San F r a n c i s c o , V a n c o u v e r, Mexico.D.F., La Havana, Seoul, Singapore, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela, Oviedo, Lima,,,

LINUS GABRIELSSON Linus Gabrielsson has a background in the experimental music scene in Stockholm, centred around the Electronic Music Studio and Fylkingen. After a decade of performing EAM, drones and ambient music in his native Sweden, he moved to Berlin in 2008 to deliver his message of sonic perfectionism to the people of continental Europe, mainly under the moniker Ghetona, whose hard-hitting beats and layers of electroacoustic experimentalism have graced the people of Berlin at clubs such as Gegen, Ghashtag and The Darkness over the last few years.

STINE GRO Stine Gro’s general approach is generated from the idea about humans as alienated, awkward subjects, who seem not to succeed in interacting with each other . That creates an inevitable solo space, where we can restitute from the work of constructing an identity from pieces of memory, and from what we borrow from our surroundings. This generates the work with the private, spiritual space, the need to create a “room” of ones own. This leads to her interest in creating work that creates a feeling of a spiritual presence, that can almost create a feeling of trance while looking at it for a longer period of time.

GEORG HEKT Georg Hekt is an artist of Bulgarian roots (born in Stara Zagora) who moved to Berlin around the Millennium. For almost fifteen years he has been composing and producing his own music, but he has played in multiple live bands around the world too. His instrument skills include guitar, drums and piano. He has released many albums via his own netlabel Stigae Music and some tracks on compilations through other netlabels like Dusted Wax Kingdom and Mizukage. Many of his songs have been featured on radio shows and podcasts around the whole globe. Since 2011 he began releasing a series of EPs entitled ‘Circular Quadrant’ through DSQT.

DAVID GUÉRINEAU Hi, I’m David, a French guy living in Berlin for eight years. I’m an open-source oriented IT freelancer, system/network admin, website developer and I’m good at finding solutions to problems involving bits and bytes ;-} I also play the bass and I have a recording-cabin that needs a new home. I’d be happy if it could be used by other people as well. In the perspective of a collaborative community, I could for example help with the online visibility of this community, building a computer room / technology room, organizing workshops on specific topics, recording stuff and more… Be Knowledge shared or dead !

COLIN HACKLANDER $$Colin Hacklander$$ is a self-taught drummer/percussionist and artist who tours, organizes events, and works with various artist organizations in Berlin, Minneapolis, NYC and Den Haag. See Mica Moca, NK, Salon Bruit, OpenSound, GH, Tacheles Kunsthaus, Dystopia, Minneapolis Free Music Society, Capillary Action, Contemporary Music Workshop, The Sound Gallery, Consortium of Symphonic Transients, and also Institute of Sonology‌ Shared bills with Lightning Bolt, Wolf Eyes, Deerhoof, Joke Lanz, Japanther, Jim Black, toured with Charles Hayward, performed with Doudou N’diaye Rose, performed under James Dillon.

JAN HEROLD Jan Herold is an extensively travelled audiophile. He builds his own speakers and creates sound system installations from small to large scale. He runs a record label and shop, Yaya records, and is cofounder of the sound collective Cyberrise. He is involved in research between audio and visual frequencies and through his collaborations with visual artists an assosiation named A.S.K. e.V. (applied synergetic communication / angewandte – synergetische – kommunikation ) was established. Troughout all Jan’s artistic statements and installations you will find his deeply routed contact with earth, inspired by „ludus naturae“, the play of nature.

YAEL HEROLD In my works I create living units for the individual human being. A shelter for a one unit in a fractalic chaos of many units. The so called society. The individual, the core which unfolds within itself effects society and is itself effected by society. These units have organic shapes, as in nature, with free flowing vitality curves made out of strongly aestetic, recycled industrial materials. The ones surrounding us in this materialistic, capitalistic and industrial 21st century.

JENS HICKEL Rostock, Germany 1965 Lives and Works in Berlin Education, Work and Experiences 1971-1981 school time 1981-1983 Study Electrician 1983-1988 Working as a Elektromeister at the University Rostock 1988-Movement from Rostock to East-Berlin Different Jobs -as Fotolaborant- Fotograf -Elektromeister Exhibitions (selection) 1989 Bauhaus Dessau Sound installation 1989 in Galerie WOHNMASCHINE East Berlin 1992 Beginning Work in Tacheles Oranienburgerstr. Berlin Mitte Several exhibitions in Galerie Wohnmaschine + Muzec

TAKUYA KURIHARA In his large acrylic paintings Takuya Kurihara investigates our human universe through lines and colours. His powerful paintings arouse the viewer’s curiosity through their wealth of details, and the viewer is sent on a voyage of discovery. Like a kaleidoscope new shapes and forms constantly appear before the viewer’s eyes. In Takuya Kurihara’s neat and light drawings the lines appear to be almost floating in the air. Kurihara is also involved in various music projects, performing solo and in groups.


MARCUS OHMNOISE Started 1981 noise-punxhomerecording-project Une Le Würg Production. Tape-label “Orgasmus” following “Schutt Und Asche” and “Travel Agency Tapes” with releases from Big City Orchestra, Phänomenalismus Sound, Research Garden, Sebastian Gandera, Siegmar Fricke, Tam Quam Tabula Rasa, The Haters, Travalla 4, Vandal X from 1986 – 1995. Tape- and live-collaborations amongst others with Big City Orchestra, Brume, Death Pact International, De Fabriek, Endura, Freundschaft, Henry Harms, Kenji Siratori, Noise Factory, Six And More, PCR, Praying For Oblivion, Siegmar Fricke, Stories In Colour, Techno Virus, The Haters, Uwe Zahn.

BRUNO DI MARTINO 1984 – 91 Arbeit als Erzieher für sozial benachteiligte Kinder aus Pariser Vororten in Workshops für Theater, bildende Kunst und Musik. 1986 – 91 Schauspielunterricht und kleinere Rollen an der Opéra de Paris (salle garnier, salle favart) und am Theatre du Chatelet seit 1994 Arbeit als Erzieher für Kunst und Sport an der französischen Europaschule in Berlin 1998 – 00 Körpermalerei nach klassischer orientalischer Tradition mit natürlichem Henna. Performances in Clubs und bei kulturellen sowie Musikverabstaltungen wie Jazzfest/Berlin, Loveparade. 1996 – 97 Percussionist der Band “Les Salonas“, Berlin JazzlRock/Latino mit arabischem Einfluß. Seit 2000 Percussionist der Band “Mojado”, Berlin

KEITA MATSUI Keita is trying to touch to mutant tones by acoustic guitar, electric bass, computer. and also with mutant people.

MARY SHIRO Maryshiro is a french-multinational photographer and journalist mainly writing about culture. Her articles have been published in the Berliner Zeitung, the Frankfurter Rundschau and the TAZ under the name of Marie Gutbub. She currently writes for the french magazine Berlin poche and online newspapers.

KEN MUTANT Ken started as a DJ in 1981, and began making electronic music in Spain in 194. In 1988 he moved to Amsterdam, where he composed music and played with various bands. Since 1991 he has been in Berlin, making music, collage, silk screen prints and also organinsing art and music events. Ken Mutant has made music for several films, theater plays and performances and since 2012 has been engaged with the Wide Scope Collective, where he lends his vocal talents to to several Wide Scope projects. Bands: Deliriant Mutant, Iconoclasta, Human Replicant, Chacon, SekuriT

NIZAR BEN NAGRA Ob Tabla, Conga oder andere Percussions – es gibt fast nichts, das er nicht auf seine ganz eigene und besondere Weise beherrscht. Er verfügt über ein grandioses Repertoire an künstlerischen Fähigkeiten und musikalischen Stilrichtungen. Er beherrscht und spielt hervorragend virtuos seine zum Teil selbst gebauten Instrumente. Über viele Jahre spielte er Afro-Funk in einer Band, hatte zahlreiche Gastauftritte in der auf Filmmusik der berühmten 60-er spezialisierten BeatOrganization und verfeinerte sein musikalisches Talent immer mehr. So kreativ Nizar seine Hände in der Musik benutzt, so kreativ ist er auch im handwerklichen Design. Er entwirft und baut fantasievolle Lampen mit außergewöhnlichen Designs, die gleichzeitig beeindrucken und verzaubern.

ONYX ASHANTI Onyx Ashanti is insane! – in the special, essential way that makes certain brilliant musicians….having crossed from the US to Berlin, he’s a rare virtuoso of wind instruments and electronic improvisation, the kind of musically-free soul who can just let loose live. But his latest project really crosses into some new territory.” Peter Kirn- CreateDigitalMusic. com Feb. 2011 Beatjazz is what you get when you cross a sci-fi obsessed electronic jazz artist with a futurologist instrument inventor. the result of 20 years of conceptualization that has taken Onyx Ashanti on a conceptual journey from mississippi to California to London to NYC and finally to Berlin, where he now resides.

ALEXIS OIKONOMIDIS Regie&Kamera bei ikona productions Berlin und Deutschland


Rundfunk und Fernsehen Waldemar Bastos & London Symphony Orchestra watch?v=UrjvslPhU3E Part Ouza watch?v=UaPmKMNjkRY

OUTBURST PRODUCER, DJ, Audio, Rhizom, Tanatopsis, Pictures, Drawings, Entropic Subworld, DJ Still, Mixing and Artwork 2000 Dirty Sq, Fabrik “Halle13”, Analog Ambient Works, Music for Theater “Nosferatu”, Rhizom II, Drawings, Composing and producing with K. Mutant music for the film “Romantic Fighter”, Arrangements for music “Drummers of Gloow”, Low Life Luxury, Tacheles Recordings, Sound Engineer, WideScope Recordings, Crash-courses for basic understanding of Reason, Ableton, Lagen Musikarrangement

PARVANEH AHAN Parvaneh is an electronic music producer born in Iran and active in the Berlin scene for more than 20 years. She has worked with DJ agencies House Xperience network ,Jackfruit and Timing Booking. 2008: Work in close cooperation with the experts of the agency “YOUin3D” (second life), DJane appearances in live and relive, and creation of the record label “newBERLINbeatZ”. Music production with Jonny Franco (composer, pianist, master of arrangement and producer). 2009 Music Production in the Ken Mutant recording studio “Kunsthaus (arthouse) Tacheles”, collaboration with singer Ken Mutant and singer YANELLE, sunday luv, organiwww.parvanehmeans

PASSWORD2501 My Codename is Project 2501, Industrial espionage and Intelligence manipulation, I have installed Programs to specific Ghosts in order to maximize the strategic advantage of certain organizations and selected individuals. PW2501 sees himself as the bridge between the real world and the robotic world of today’s civilization, mixing technology and mental perception to create a link between the “Real” and the “Virtual” worlds. PW2501 uses the magnificent light of lasers to create great light effects. Moving motors and a controlling microprocessor give his installations a final flourish.

POD What is an XL Terrestrial ? Can I get abducted here ? Am I already a card-carrying member ? Will there be anything for sale ? Will there be info on how to participate in the escape routes ? Are C-jammers welcome ? And when will the movie be coming out ? All possible answers to come in the Podopolog, all in due time, the monkeys are typing in their cubicles now as you read this.

TIM ROELOFFS According to Tim Roeloffs best friend Tony Sykes, the Berlinbased artist is a “conservative punk.” Standing in the tradition of elaborate as well as political artists such as John Heartfield, Roeloffs manages to fuse diverging impressions of hybrid and shape shifting metropolis into wild and joyful photomontages. Expressing in them “an emotion, maybe even a zeitgeist,” the ex-Tacheles-resident caught the attention of Italian fashion designer Donatella Versace prompting her to print his work on her collection in 2008.

SEBASTIAN ROHR METAL First Class Honours Bachelor of Fine Art from Dun Loaghaire Institute of Art Design and Technology, Dublin, Ireland (2008) Residencies and other works: 2009-2010 Founder and Member of Bombhouse gallery/studios. 2011-2012 Artist in Residency at Kunsthaus Tacheles .

ALEXANDER RODIN I was born in Baranavichy, Belarus in 1947. I live and work in Minsk, Belarus and in Berlin, Germany. I’m a resident of Kunsthaus Tacheles since 2000. From the article by Zmitser Vishneu:”Alexander Rodin’s paintings can be enjoyed over and over again, and any time you look at them, new submarines, continents or planets pop up. For a long time Alexander has been diligently painting the universe with the microscopic precision. The longer one peers at those silver-black abysses the deeper they become.Diverse sides of Alexander Rodin are seen throughout his paintings and performances. He seeks to cover everything both abstractionism and cosmic landscapes.

KAI SCHARMER Started as Photographer for music magazine “Bierfront” from Aachen, to acquire first extensive photographic and darkroom experience. Electronic and mechanical repairs, running a sound recording studio and playing in various bands and publishing own satirical music and culture magazine “Hedonia”, 5 years working for various film companies (eg. TRACKS, MIM, VIVA, LALA FILMS) in Berlin as Soundman, photographer, assistant-director, camera operator (DV, beta and 16mm), composer, sound designer, film editor at Film School Ludwigsburg. All that culminated finally in a degree from Napier Film-academy Edinburgh, in Movie Directing, Camera-handling and Editing. Kai_Scharmer

MICHAEL SCHMACKE 1965 born Berlin(West), 1985 baking license, 1988 first exhibition, 1990 March Tacheles April Dunckerland, Prenzlauer Berg, 1991 first films, 1994 international work starting founding of THE FAKE MASTERS, 1995 member of Wohlgroth Bastel Kollektiv, Zürich, 1996 Art Most, Russia, 1997 the underground is fake, 1999 Casino Luxemburg opening celebration, 2000 Kairo, 2002 Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich, 2003 Sihlpapier, 2004 ”Berin 1699″, money of Hauptstadtkulturfond, 2007 Animations for ZDF 2010 ”My world”, BBC, 2011 ”Where was Ratko?”, Animation, Jihlava 2011, 2012 ”Die Erbschaft”, Renate Comicbibliothek at STATTBAD Wedding 2013 Animation teacher in

SERGIO SERRANO Geboren in Pamplona (Spanien), begann 1993 meine künstlerische Ausbildung an der Hochschule für Darstellende Kunst in Pasai, , die er ab 1996 durch eine Ausbildung an der Legaleon Theaterschule (nach Le Coq Methode) ergänzte. Ich spielte zunächst in Spanien und danach in Europa mit Les Comediants, Maimur teatroa, De Laguarda … In 2002 studiert in der Etage Pantomime , und begann seine Karriere in Deutschland Seit 2002 lebe ich freiberuflich als Schauspieler, Stelzenlaufer und Puppenspieler in Berlin und bin weiterhin international tätig; außerhalb Europas in Iran, China, Japan, Indien,

SHIMO Born in Tokyo on 1981. Started dancing from 2001 and joined for many stages. Through these experiences, got many various dance technics: ballet, jazz. street dance, and traditional Japanese dance. On 2004, joined for “Shibusashirazu Orchestra� as a Butoh dancer. Danced on stages in Japan and a lot of foreign countries. Also directed for making act play, and taught Butoh dance in workshops. Now, having performances not only on stage, but also alternative-spaces. Especially in abandoned buildings, temple, and public area. Making works with various artists: musicians, filmmakers, flower artists and so on. shimokwsk

SAMUEL F SIEBER …..geboren in der Mauerstadt: Berlin im Jahrzehnt der besten Musik…länger New York Aufenthalt, dann wieder Berlin, Berlin, Berlin, TACHELES…was noch: Kunst, Songwriter: sky below (BMG), Flowergods und the legendary lost mojados (mia-publishing), Manifeste, Bulemisches & Marginales und Texte und immer auf der Flucht…keine Website, denn Kunst kann nur in der Radikalität des Verschwindens noch Widerstand erzeugen: Insofern realisiert sich aktuell ein Paradoxon, welches scheinbar nur durch grundsätzliche Gleichgültigkeit, Wahnsinn oder visualisierte Brutalität durchbrochen werden kann. Was bleibt, ist Denken und Kunst als widerständige Aspekte, als flottierende Abenteuer einer ergrauten und erlahmten Zeitgeschichten wiederzuentdecken: FREE ART! Werde Superspiesser!!!!

JAN STORRER MUSIC PROJECTS Atmosphaira - Ambient and Spheric Sounds Rotchilled - Soul and Electronic Soul Created Mind - Psychedelic Trance (Goa) SpaceBase - Drum’n’Bass MUSIC PRODUCTIONS SCHALLWERK - an independent label that is open to every kind of authentic and creative music VIDEO/TV PRODUCTIONS - documentaries and presentations in the fields of politics, social topics, arts and culture, music video, performances, talk shows - video on demand - International open information broadcasting platform - HFqTV (Harmonical Frequency Television)

EMILY SWEETMAN Emily Sweetman has been working as an illustrator since 2008. She is interested in the fantastic and the mundane, bringing stories to life through her images and imagery. Using modern tools such as photoshop she enhances old fashioned techniques which include everything from collage, watercolours and and inks, she utilises brush, pen and quills in equal measure. She is the main illustrator for No Dice Magazine, and her works have been used in newspapers such as the Tagesspiegel as well as gracing the front cover of “Heskyth Prichard – A life in cricket”. Emily is also the singer / guitarist and songwriter for the rock and roll two-piece band, There’saMountain.

JACOB SWEETMAN Jacob Sweetman is the founding editor of No Dice Magazine – Berlin’s football in English – as well as writing regularly about sport for magazines such as the Exberliner and When Saturday Comes, and music for ICrates, he has been commended for his work by the Guardian. He is currently co-authoring the autobiography of the world famous Sri Lankan cricketer Tillakaratne Dilshan. Jacob is the drummer for the rock and roll two – piece band There’saMountain.

HOJI TSUCHIYA Hoji Tsuchiya is an award winning master animator, using many different techniques. His work has been shown at festivals around the world.

CLAUDIA VIEHL My work mainly consists of painting landscapes in oil on canvas. A part of the picture (mostly the sky) is painted in strong colours with very high details, leaving the rest of the picture a rough sketch with oil pen on white primer. I developed this special technique over the last few years. The opposition of colour and black-white and the difference in the used techniques produce a very strong contrast. For the viewer, both parts of the picture unite in a confusing way. The viewer quickly begins to fill the white spaces with his or her own colours and the frail hints of landscapes are filled with his memories, transferring my painting into a very personal and intimate image.

VJ CYPER Cyper ist als intermedialer Video und Lichtkünstler zu verstehen, dessen Leidenschaft es ist, analoge und digitale Technik in Massen miteinander zu verknüpfen. Seine gelungenen nerdigen Installationen begeistern! Sowohl den Underground wie auch den Jet Set. In seinen zahlreichen avantgardistischen Videoinstallationen stellt er eine visuelle Synthese aus Kunst und Technologie her. Trotz seiner komplexen Progammierungen schafft er es eine klare ästhetische Linie auf unzählbaren Bildschirmen zu präsentieren.

VODOR L ZECK Vodor L Zeck is a producer of experimental electronic music and live audio visual installations. He also runs his own record label Zanderhythm. Vodor L Zeck is a founding member of the Various Vegetables and works across genres with a diverse collection of musicians.

V V is the project of Berlin based Artist and dark-synthwave supernova V. The multi-instrumentalist held a residency at the Kunsthaus Tacheles 20102011. V’s debut self-titled album was released on cassette via Freudian Slit in August 2012. V has spent the greater part of the last 3 years touring extensively with V and other projects (Batalj, Painkillers & the RSK, Friends) throughout Europe, Australia and America with more European dates planned for 2013. V plays both solo and accompanied by a revolving band which is currently the guitar-synth duo Deep Shit.

WERMONSTER Wermonster is an electronic musician and producer living in Berlin. After participating in numerous rock and jazz projects as a guitar and bass player, he started to create his own music in the mid-90s, experimenting with computers, loops, synths and samplers. After living in the north east of France, he moved to Marseille in 2004 and started getting involved in the local hip-hop scene: making beats and working as sound assistant in different recording studios there. Always pushing his work further he has decided to move his lab to Berlin in 2009.

XAVIER JACQUES XAV!ER J. (new york city ) DJ /Producer/Live performer with a mission of bringing the underground club sound to the pop music world. Styles of influence include synth pop , Italio Disco , Electrohouse , techno , French House and Classic Disco. He has had releases on Cleopatra records, Hades Music , Tainted Budda Records ( transhuman project ) Dinero Rosa records , DJ Download and Itunes . He is now based in Berlin Germany as a DJ /Performer and Certfied Ableton Live Trainer . DJ sets in berlin include : SchwuZ , Chantels House of Shame ( bassey ) , Drop Dead Festival , Kunsthaus Tacheles , Mutschmann´s , Berlin Fashion Week , Connection Club ( end of march ) .

VERENA VARGAS Since 2005, exilfilm works on the development, production, post-production and distribution of films with a special focus on political, social and art issues. We are glad to have provided services such as cinematography and more to the shooting of the film “Il Mundial Dimenticato” by Filippo Macelloni and Lorenzo Garzella produced by Verdeoro/Italia and DockSur/ Argentina in Berlin. Currently, the film is shown in Festivals like 68th Venice International Film Festival- Venice Day of Auteurs, Shanghai IFF and many more and you can watch “Il Mundial Dimenticato- The Lost World Cup” in cinemas in Italy.


ABLETON LIVE WORKSHOP Ableton Live workshops are offered for all levels from beginner through to advanced producers. Tuition is offered by Berlin electronic producers Parvaneh Ahan, Roman Jaworski and Abelton Live Certified Trainer Xavier Jacques. A beginner workshop with Ableton Live and Cubase will result in the successful production of your own personal track. All materials provided

BUTOH DANCE WORKSHOP Butoh Dance workshops are hosted by Shimo. For reservations please contact shimodes [at] /workshops/ butoh-dance-workshop/

TRICKFILM WORKSHOP Die Initiative Trickfilmreporter Die Trickfilmreporter gehen dem Leben mit Hilfe von Trickfilmen auf den Grund. Unterrichtsfilme von Kindern für Kinder sollen produziert werden. Fantastische Filme sollen entstehen. Wir wollen Filme machen, in denen Kinder nach ihren Vorstellungen gefragt werden, in denen sie Fantasien ausleben und ihre Kreativität einsetzen können. Trickfilm ist ein gutes Mittel um die Welt mit anderen Augen zu sehen, sie durch Stilmittel im Film zu übertreiben und so Probleme zu lösen, die unlösbar erscheinen, bloß weil nicht der richtige Abstand gefunden werden kann.

VINYL DJ WORKSHOP Beginner to Intermediate to Pro to Interested.. Breakbeat, Drum & Bass, Reggae, Dub, Downbeats, Big Beat, Hip Hop, House, mini, Maxi, 7, Afro, Asian and your likes with music through Turntablism. Global Beats, Electro, 2Step, Grime, Dubstep and New Styles Swing, Rhythm&Blues, Rock&Roll, Beat, Funk, Soul, Rock, Indie…) 33/45/Maxi/EP/LP/7″/Other types. /workshops/vinyl-dj/

VOICE AND MOVEMENT IMPROV WORKSHOP This class is intended to develop one’s ability to access their own improvisational movement and voice, as well as how to do this in relation to a group. It will have a focus of unburdening oneself of restrictive or judgmental conditioning. We will practice resting in uncertainty/being in the unknown, letting go of results, getting out of the way, being empty, coming from where you are, and letting go of self-­ image. We will lean towards experiencing instead of describing, trusting rather than fixing, and replacing control with awareness. We ill use the body as our source, as we search our own blood, muscle, and memories to find our expression and authentic psychological resonances. Rather than focusing on correct pitch or formal dance step, we will focus on the somatic discovery of our voice and movement.


GH36 GH 36 is an “arts” Gallery in Berlin’s Mitte. It is a contemporary artspace, producer gallery, showroom, a place for teaching, learning and interconnection. A laboratory, A modern space where the public can interface with works, share, discuss, record, demonstrate and show visual and audio arts of many kinds including paintings, drawings, photography, music, installation and video. The core group, including artists from Germany, Sweden, Japan, New Zealand and US make small and real unique exhibitions and events. We welcome and seek to create an experience that allows to enter the art or moment.

LYSERGIC SCREENPRINT Lysergic is a freak gang love cult set out to confront reality with a version of itself. We screen print every full moon and sometimes in between, using only organic, fair traded tee’s and sweats. Featuring original designs from ourselves and other local artist friends. We aim for local, personal, interdependent and healthy business! So we encourage avoidance of sweat shop manufactured mass produced low quality crap! Save the planet! Lysergic together with VETOMART offer access to the open screen print workshop every Thursday at the Vetomart werkstatt in Friedrichshain, Berlin.

RANGI RECORDINGS Rangi Recordings is an indiependant record label that is currently based in Berlin, Germany and Upper Hutt, New Zealand. Label head Rangi says ”I wanna release hot ass experimental music, push boundaries, toke, and break down the walls” Artists on the roster include Berlin acts BakaKuri, SekuriT, Kurihara and also musicians from New Zealand like E/NT and Nancy ‘n’ Norman

SEKURIT SekuriT are a fluxation of improvised experimental musicians who began performing in Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin during the early part of 2012. Originally they played Monday night foyer sessions at Tacheles, jamming from midnight until 7am each week in order to keep the private security guards out of the house. SekuriT’s sessions feature Ken mutant, Chuuu, Kurihara, Dylan, Outburst, Linus, Brian, Max, Andizant, Kaspar, Onyx, Ralf and many other musicians that have passed through. These compilations feature the highlights of these mind-warping sessions, edited and cut to size by Ken and Outburst.

SHRIMP Shrimp is a collaborative improvisation performance project by 5 different artists. Each artist brings a different practice to the Shrimp world (painter, video artist, dancer, musician). Therefore the Shrimp performance is unique and has a weird wired atmosphere combining a mix of drama, seriousness, irony, comedy, love, animals, and butoh. Transforming every time, the improvised performance Shrimp can give you special moments that you will never forget and that will never be seen again. The Shrimp is more tasty than prawn. It moves very fast backwards. Featuring Yoshihiro Shimomura, Michiyasu Furutani, Dylan Bakker, Kurihara Takuya and Chuuu. shrimp

SUMONE PRODUCTIONS Experimental video, art and live production.

VARIOUS VEGETABLES Various Vegetables are healthy for you. Natural and organic, no industry additives, providing enjoyable and healthy ingredients to make your life tastier. Colorful and lively, nutritious and essential. Raw, mixed, exotic, juicy and unknown. We advise you eat your vegetables on regular basis. We are Various Vegetables and we endorse the above message.

WIDE SCOPE EXPERIMENTAL Wide Scope Experimental are humans using analog and digital machines to create live improvised music and noise. Expect no genre, full colour audio power spectrum, sound you can eat. With members from a diverse range of artistic backgrounds including painting, dancing, video art and of course music, Wide Scope line ups perform regularly throughout Berlin and are becoming a fixture in the experimental art scene. widescope

Wide Scope Katalog beta  

Version II

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