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Hi, my name is jack

Hi, my name is Lee carter

Waterway industry Director of marketing

I am the CEO of waterway industry,Cyrus Maher

LEE CARTER:I want to leave, the pay is too low

Cyrus maher

● Canoes’ s demand is low!!!

● Kayak’s demand is High!!!

CFO threatened to leave the company

CEO increase wages and extra vacation of CFO LEE & JACK considering lucrative job offer from a competing company


LEARNING ORGANIZATION ● Definition: ● A learning organization is the term given to a company that facilitates the learning of its members and continuously transforms itself. Learning organizations develop as a result of the pressures facing modern organizations and enables them to remain competitive in the business environment. A learning organization has five main features; systems thinking, personal mastery, mental models, shared vision and team learning. ● Summary: ● Learning aids in the adaptation to change ● Peter Senge began the discussion about the learning organization ● All employees are engaged in identifying and solving problems ● Learning increases the capacity to learn and grow ● Move from efficiency to solving problems

● The main benefits are; ● Maintaining levels of innovation and remaining competitive ● Being better placed to respond to external pressures ● Having the knowledge to better link resources to customer needs ● Improving quality of outputs at all levels ● Improving corporate image by becoming more people oriented ● Increasing the pace of change within the organization

â—? Learning organization in our case : â—? One of the toughest challenges for managers today is to get people focused on adaptive change to meet the demands of an uncertain and rapidly changing environment in our case we can see that perspective because when they can not have a good challenge at the store for their cano they rapidly adapt and start to making kayak

HUMANISTIC PERSPECTIVE ● B) Humanistic perspective ● In waterway Industries case consist of humanistic perspective concept. First of all Lee and Jack come out with the idea of making kayak. Company CFO threatened to leave unless his compensation package included profit sharing. The CEO Cyrus appeased him with a pay increase and extra vacation. But lee n jack have been more insistent .What they feel they deserve ,in view of their contribution to the company ‘s growth ,is a share in the profits. From this case, lee n jack work hard for the watersway,energized by their success ,Cyrus the CEO, lee,jack ,and other Waterways managers developed a long-range strategic plan that called for aggressive growth ,new product designs,and nationwide marketing and and

1.Does Waterway’s current compensation system seem to fit the company’ s strategy of aggressive growth and product innovation ?How might it be changed to achieve a better fit?

Annual awards & prizes Awards will be given to the workers that having best performance throughout the year. -Company have to set up good monitoring system such as CCTV and the manager also need to inspect workers. CEO should give bonus to Lee Carter and Jack Schiffer but not share. Lee Carter and Jack Schiffer just are worker ,they are not shareholder.

2. Specifically, how would you gather the data and design a competitive compensation system for Waterway? Would your approach be different for hourly workers versus managers? Would you treat all managers equally?

● We will set a goal to the managers and workers should do for their best to achieve it. ● -Workers ● Based on their team performance, if the workers hardworking to produce the product and had produced the target, then they will get the more compensation. ● We will gather their data by how many products that they can produce in 1 month. Based on their producing, more they produced more compensation they get. ● -Managers ● Managers should be judge on a length of time about 6 month. In this 6 month, they can set a goal and if the team can achieve the goals, managers can get more

question 3:How might nonfinancial incentives play a role in helping waterway retain hourly shop workers?

● -Nonfinancial incentives ● a.Extra vacation, reduce employee pressure ● b.Award/certificate/trophy for most hardworking employee/most distinguished employee, employee get acknowledge ● c.Holiday trip sponsored by the company, eider the gap between top manager and workers ● d.Special training;send workers to overseas company, seminar or even further studies ● -thus, they can increase knowledge, more wider view, bring new ideas back to the company,improve employee self confidence

How can they help(nonfinancial incentives) keep aggressive and ambitious professionals such as Lee and Jack?

a.Extra vacation, give them the time for relaxing after all their hardwork through teh past few years b.award/certificate/trophy to acknowledge their contribution, so they felt respected for what they do c.Holiday trip, company sponsored them on a holiday trip for their contribution to their company d.provide special training, scholarship for Lee/Jack if they wish to further their studies.

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