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Dvey Discowrse Vol. I No.

Summer 2001


In Jvlemori"am Evelyn C. Coughlan (1e08-2001) The trus@es and sAff of the Dyer Memorial Library remerrber Evelyn C. Cougilan with gratitude and fondness for her lifetime work of dedicated care to the library building and her establishmmt of the efficient library and museum systems. She is, and wilt always be, the "foundint'' curator of the Dyer.



and moved to Abington from Rocklan4 her husband's family law office had already overseen the construction of the library buitding in 1%3. In1943, upon the death of lohn Coughlarl William D. Coughlan (fohnls brother and Evetryrfs husband) became a bustee in his pl,ace. For the nextthirtyyears, Evelyn worked alonpide her husband to bringthe Dyer to its full potential. She organized the files, cataloged the books, and plarured the interior decoration. She established an accession record system for the books and artifacts in the Dyer collections. And over the years, she also developed the various exhibit rooms.

lni'lgTg,Evelyn was appointed a trustee of the Dyer after her husband's death. Sftre continued her dedicated service througlrout her tr^zenty years as a trustee. While running the library, she established a local history education program wi& the students of the Abington Public Schools; she cataloged large bequests, such as theloseph P. Murphy Collection; and kept the building in beautiful condition - both inside and out During this fime, she also made significant personal donations of furniture and documents to the Dyels collections, as well as cash toward the upkeep of the building. In19%, after fifty years of service to the Dyer, Evelyn took a wellearned retirement on Cape Cod. In a report written a fuw years before her retirmrenrt she wrob: 'My tofi years conned to the Library have been a great experimce and pleasure that I shall long remember. When the time comes that I may no longer serve, I shall miss it everyday for the rest of my life." We at the Dyer continue to remember her many sigrificant contributions, as we appreciate the beautiful and well-maintained building, the welldocumented collections, and the general spirit of higlr standards set by her for Abingtort's extraordinary Dyer Memorial Library.

Clare Sullhtan is the niece of Evelyn anilWilliam C-ouglilm, and tle Dyer lvIemortal Library.



of the Board of Trustces at

The Dyer Dscoune is o publicotion of the DyerMemoriol Librory. All tights reserved. @2001

TrttwthptDUerhr It must be true that time flies when you're having fun. It's hard to believe that I have been atthe Dyer for a y€ar this Labor Day. Muchhas been accomplished this pastyear, butmuch more remains to be done; fm very excited by both our accomplishments and our plans. Laurrching a newsletbr b keep everyone informed of the Dyels activities ha$ be€n one of my goals. 5o (m very pleased to be able to introduce this first issue of The Dyer Discourse to all our friends. But at the same time fm also saddened ttrat ttris inaugural issue has to convey thepassing of Evelyn Cougftlan, someone who was unques'tionably ttrc teart and soul of this

institution for many years.




CivilWar saddle of Charles LaForest

Rice was a generous grft from his great-

grandson, Charles Tolman Collins (formerly of Rocklan4 currently residing in San Clemente, California). This artifact is a very important addition to the Dyey's historical collection. Charles LaForest Rice was born on Dec. 31, 1&tL in Brookfield Vermont. In 1862, he

enlisbd as a Corporal inthe Vermont Volun@r. Soon after, his regimert was mustered into the United States service. In October 1863, Rice received his commission as Captairu He mustered out of the service in October 1855 with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. After the war, Rice settled in Rocklan4 Massachgsetts, where he and his brother, Deacdnlohn A. Fice, stablished a dry goods and furniture business. Until his death in 1915, Charles Rice was an active

Rockland and served as its fhst president Rice also served as chairman of the Building Committee of lheCongregational Church in Rocklan4 undq whose direction the preserrt church edifice was built in 18q1.

Notonly is *fs saddle an important addition to the Dyey's Civil War collection" but it also represents the sigpificant legacy Charles Rice left in this community.


GrantAward,ed/{or Em,e,rg,e.ncy ReAa,Uy

The Dyer Memorial Library is your resource center for local history and genealogy. I hope you will find its proiects and progpams worthy of your support.


and influentialmember of the community. He was instrumentalin organizing the Rockland CommercialClub and the Rockland Retail Merchants Association. He was active in tfteestablishment of the YMCA in

The Dyer recently received a gant from the South Sftrore Savings Charitable Foundation

to fund a proiectto connectthe library's facilities to town sewer services.

A basemertflood last May led to the discoverythatthe clay pipe leadingto the septic tank had collapsed. Further investigations showed thatthe pipe was located about seven feet underground. Since replacing the pipe required maior excavationwork, we decided to take this opportunity to connect the buildint's facilities to the recently avaiLable town sewer service, instead of simply replacing the broken pipe. But because this was an unpl,anned proiect, the cost was not in tlre Dyels budget for the currerrt fiscal year. However, we were able to complete the work through ggant funding by ttre $outh Shore Savingp Bank. We gatefully acknowledge fohn Boucher, Presideet of SouthShore Savinp Banlg for his support of our needs; Rep. Kathleen Teahan, who was instrumerrtalin assisting us winthe g1ant and contractor Glenn LaPointe for his expeditious completion of the task.





thet Dyet' * l,t t*tlow

ib founding in 1q10, the Dyer Memorial Library has been dedicabd to collecting and preerving mabrial connecd to lhe area known as Old Abington (now Abingtor; Rockland and Whitman). Since

The library serves the community by making its collections available to researchers, througft on-site exhibitions, through its loans progamfor off-sib exhibitions, and tlrrouglr ib educational

outreach progr.rm. Here's how you can help us continue to

fulfill our mission:

. .

share your tax refund with the Dyer: the windfallfromUncle Sam is a great way to support your favorite catrees

contribute to the Annual Fund: this new program will be launched in January 2002"




watchfor our appealletter inyour

mail early nextyear corporate giving: getyour company

involved through programrlproiect sponsorship or in-kind gife corpolate mathing funds: ilumy employers will match their employees' charitable gife, send us yorrr company's matchingfunds forms planned giving througlr beguests and charitable trusts: remember us in your will, or contactus to set-up a charitabtre trustto benefit both you and the Dyer

The Dyer Memorial tibrary is a recogdzed non-profit organization. All contributions are tax deductible as allowable by law.


?re,tentatltw?ro{ilp In keping with our missionto preserve, conservation work was completed on two very important historical documerrb this surnmer. The first documer*isthe official copy of tlre Grant of Township that created [Old] Abinggon. Dated jtrne 1:0frr, 1712, and.

sigred by loseph Dudley, colonial governor atthe time, this documerrtrecoggrized the establishment of Abington as a town separatr from Bridgewabr. The second docurrmt is a7767 tax bill issued and sigred byHarrisonGray, Treasurer of the Province of MassachusetbBay, and addressed to Daniel Lane Collector of Abington, for the sum of thirtysix pounds and fifteen shillings. Since both documenb are of fundamental

importance to Abington:s history, we are pleased thatwe could do our part in

contributing to their future zurvival, In our continuing preservation efforts, we would next like b conserve the portrait of Rev.Ieselones, minisbr of the North ConglegationalChurch and a survivor of the Battle of Gettysburg; and a series of rare photogaphs from the H. H. Buffum Co. which provides a unique visual record of Abingtorr's only automobile factory. Funds are stillneeded to undertake the preservation of these important records. Please contact us if you would like more infortration on sponsoringone of these proiects.

r:. *


Dyer Memorial Library Ave. . F.O. Box 2245 Abington, MA 02351

28 Centre

(781) 87&8480

Staff |oice Himawan,Dircctor

Pamela lArhiting, Reference libraian Barbara Aiken, Cataloger

Malcolm Whiting, Facilities Mawger Board o.f Trustees Clare Sullivan, Chahryrwn |ames Hoban

StevenKlein MaryRourke GeorgeWhiting M.D.


urrently ow E xhilfit

i'w thet


*wu D y er R'oomt

highligl*ing some of the - Anandochibition from the colonial era to the Whitman Rockland, Abingtoru flourished in businesses that

"A Brief Survey of Old Abington Businesses" present. The exhibit

will run through Nov.

31, 20O1. Donit miss


aas Up

oom'ing. Eveafv a't tlte Dy er

October 29,2{m,930rm - *00pm - Bay State Historical League workshop on oral history. There are two complimentary registrations for this workshop available ttuougltthe Dyer, anyone interested in attending should contact |oice at (781\ 878-8480 no later than Oct lst in order to reserve a space; first come first served.

4 7ffi1, ?;firm - Flistorical

Society of Old Abington meeting. Topic: "Wesagusett Migration." Speaker: |ack Murray, Plymouth County Genealogists


Decemher 2,2W1,2:3Opm - Historicalsociety of


meeting. Topic "Searching

Deeds at the County Registry." Speaker: Marilyn Dupuis, Plymouth County Regrstry of Deeds.

Dyer Memorial Li}irary 28 Centre Ave. . P.O. Box 2245 Abington, MA 02351

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Dyer Discourse - Summer '01, v1 - no1  

- In Memoriam: Evelyn C. Coughlan, Dyer Trustee, - Acquisition of Charles LaForest Rice's Civil War Saddle, - Preservation: Grant of Townsh...