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This weekend I had my district championship for track and field. We are in the class 3 district 8 section for the competition. I am only a freshman but I wanted to make it to sectionals so bad. My best chance of making it was in the 4 by 400 meter relay but I also do the 4 by 2 and triple jump; we were so close but just fell a little short. This year's districts were held at Richmond high school. It is about an hour and a half away from here and about 30 miles east of Kansas City. A few days before the meet I had a track meet at my home school but we didn't have such a good time that day. We only got placed fourth and we usually place in the top 3 but since we didn't have such a good race that day I trained really hard for the rest of the week for districts. When I first got to districts I realized how much competition and the highclass competitors there is in high school. As soon as I got there I was already a little bit nervous but I knew I would just have to compete like any other meat. I have already triple jumped and I didn’t jump very well today. I only jumped 33 feet and I needed it at least a 40-foot jump to even have a chance to place. We didn't have a good time in the 4 by 200 meter relay either. We didn't have very good hand offs and 1 of our people on our team was not feeling very good because of a sore groin. I then had a pretty big break before the 4 by 4. It is always the last event. As we get closer and closer to the end of the meat I started getting more and more nervous. Once the 4 by 4 was actually called me in my teammates headed down to the track with a stomach full of butterflies. In a matter of minutes the race is on. Kain Ellis is our first leg, he always runs really good time. Bryson is always the second leg, and he kept the lead pretty good. Bryson was coming down on his last 100 meters as I step on the track and prepare to take the baton. When I get the baton we are tied for third place. At about 200-meter mark the guy passed me. Once we got around to the last 100 meters I caught him pulled away from them with a good lead. As I give it to M.C. I think we have the race all locked up. I was tired but I know that I had to fight through it and get up and cheer for my teammate anyway. He kept the lead all the way down to the last 100-meters and then he started getting passed up. He got passed by 1 guy and then another. He didn't give up he fought all the way until the end; you can tell by his facial expressions while he ran. He crossed the finish line about a step behind the fourth place, so that left us in fifth. To get to sectionals you had a place in the top 4. I was so crushed and devastated. I began break down and was depressed for the rest of the night. I even cried a little bit. The only way for me to get over it was to try to get some sleep and wake up with a good night next day. The only things I can do to help me win are to work harder for next year but we have the youngest team in the district with only 2 freshmen 1 sophomore and a junior. Most of the teams that beat us had a bunch of seniors on their squad. We will all be returning for next year so it's going to be an exciting ride and I cannot wait!


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This weekend I had my district championship for track and field. We are in the class 3 district 8 section for the competition. I am only a f...

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