Lost Pen Magazine Issue 2

Page 26

ARTICLES (Opinion, Devotional)

Cathryn McHenry, therapist and coach “Connection is the foundation for personal and professional success.” Asatti Coaching & Consulting

Cathryn McHenry is a singer/songwriter who loves a variety of artistic pursuits. She also enjoys kayaking, cycling, and hiking. She is a single mom of an amazing fourteen-year-old basketball player. McHenry’s core belief is that we were made to connect to God, self, and others. Her purpose in life is to create and to express love and truth in a way that brings healing and connection. McHenry grew up in California and Oklahoma. Some of her best childhood memories took place in the church youth group and choir. She joined the Navy at age twenty and worked as an Intelligence Specialist onboard an amphibious assault ship. After the Navy, she earned a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education. Frustrated with the inability to provide the level of support families needed, she earned her master’s degree in psychology with a specialty in marriage and family therapy. McHenry has worked in an outpatient psychiatric hospital, with families and individuals, and has created parenting seminars for struggling parents. She now has a private practice in Burleson, Texas, where she specializes in trauma and abuse recovery, and runs a weekly narcissistic abuse recovery group. McHenry is working on her first book, which addresses identity issues and healing relationships. She expects its release in 2020. Earlier this year, McHenry started Asatti Coaching & Consulting in order to offer online, individual coaching as well as in-house training seminars to teachers dealing with trauma and classroom management issues. Asatti’s mission is to bring insight into your limitations, illuminate your possibilities, and help you initiate an intentional, empowered response. Visit McHenry on her WEBSITE for more.