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Nikos A. Salingaros.2002.Anti-architecture and religion , from Architectural blogs .2005-2020.architect’s lost generation, from Various YouTube posts .2006-2010.

(Dana- krystle- jamila) Evanglista Khalifa 20076901083 Contemporary architecture and design

The new crazy world of architecture vs. truth (Why are we always convinced that our contemporary built surroundings are good , even though almost everyone feels otherwise? ) In a world where everything makes sense somehow, we feel lost .we feel empty inside and buildings are a huge impact in what we feel because we are forced to face these new monumental complicated pieces of ununderstandable work of art that claims to be the answer to s dream utopia everyone tries to reach out to. These works of art makes sense because they told us they do , and with a new scientific or technological outbreak every single minute of the day, we seem to not know enough anymore, so we somehow accept change easily , no questions asked . We are living now in a period of architecture which I would like to refer to as “SAD ARCHITECURE”, because it is all lifeless, meaningless , and emptiness . Everyone seems to have an exotic opinion on how to express weird conceptions which all their works are based upon. But the feelings which they say that will have an impact on us are nothing like the true experience …… Architecture affects the way we think because it’s a language, when we see those different languages in one setting, we don’t know anymore what language to speak, and therefore feel ignorant, unimportant and somehow illiterate because we can’t seem to understand what is going on …..Change is happening so fast and we can’t seem to cope up with it anymore.

This new architecture is pulling us away from the main cause of living, from honest gestures and love. We build dead buildings because we are all dead inside. It seems like it’s meant for fun all the time , all these crazy looking buildings are meant for an exciting experience somehow every single time , but rarely conveys a certain message towards good cause or real causes in life .

The freedom of expression is widely appreciated in all fields of art, except when it has a huge impact especially, such as architecture, and the new architecture emerging “referring mostly to deconstruction, and soon to come sublime ) made a huge turnover on how to really perceive buildings … the shallowness Nikos A. Salingaros.2002.Anti-architecture and religion , from Architectural blogs .2005-2020.architect’s lost generation, from Various YouTube posts .2006-2010.

and superficiality is now to the extreme . As people mostly perceive vernacular traditional buildings as dull, boring, and uncreative..they seem to think that ”If I don’t see a complicated out of context building then it doesn’t amuse me ).

Going back to the issue of deconstruction, do we have to question the honesty of expression? Does it really convey to the true essence of why it was built that way?or its just merely publicity and immortality as “ legend thinkers “. These types of architecture is nothing but a portrait to our worshiping of material ….we again feel emptiness , we worship mortal objects , adore and live for them . We don’t understand each other anymore because we don’t understand our true reason for existence anymore . We are bored to death , we reach out for anything that excites us in any way , and things are pushed more by this craziness that is built all over the world , and countries sadly are judged according to how high tech their buildings are “ think Dubai” . It’s a more now of think vs. feel architecture these days , big shot architects “ starchiest” tells us how it’s supposed to feel and we convince ourselves feel the way its supposed to . I am completely not against creative , break looking glass structures , but believe that they should be extremely well calculated and measured accordingly , not just a sense of random feel of “ yeah this feels exciting, let’s build it this way “, knowing exactly how extremely hard they are to build.

Art =knowledge and knowledge leads to thoughts and believes , architecture ought to be a spiritual outburst of heavenly sensations not some selfish money digging purpose for the sake of popularity and prize winning purposes . immortality through works is nonsense , one should work for the sake of leading people to the ultimate truth and helping them be more of perfect beings rather than creating superficial , in denial , unthankful humans . We are here for a certain purpose, we all know what it is and how things are supposed to be , but somehow along the way we got lost , blinded by some illusion created by an entity of highly wealthier , power holding people. Architecture is a strong message and with it can we change the world, I think we should find the true message within ourselves and deny all these illusion of what we are supposed to like, hate, and mostly feel towards certain things, and push to another direction where it benefits us to the ultimate real cause of life and death.

Nikos A. Salingaros.2002.Anti-architecture and religion , from Architectural blogs .2005-2020.architect’s lost generation, from Various YouTube posts .2006-2010.

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