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Eastern Elite

Production Sale

Harrisonburg, Virginia


Eastern Elite Production Sale

Vol. 1

January 28th, 2012 at 7:00pm EST

Sale Site: Pano’s Ballroom: Located just minutes from the fairgrounds and within one block of all major motels. Address 3190 S Main St, Harrisonburg, VA 22801. Livestock Representatives: Col. John Spiker, Auctioneer 304-884-7915 Bob Dwyer, Manager 309-337-1404 Nick Dwyer, Manager 309-337-6404 Matt Teets, Consultant 304-897-7612 Ed Brown, Consultant 540-545-8382 Chris Wojo, Ringman/Consultant 540-292-0841 Dick Carmichael, Ringman Lodging: Holiday Inn Express 540-433-9999 Ramada Inn 800-272-6232 Hampton Inn 540-437-0090 Online Bidding: Real time internet bidding will be available at:

On behalf of all of the members of the Virginia Club Calf Producers group, we would like to welcome you to our first annual Eastern Elite Production Sale. Seven years ago, a group of cattle enthusiasts from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia gathered together with a common vision which evolved into the formation of the Virginia Club Calf Producers. In the beginning, it was our goal to offer an outlet to young people to obtain quality show steers and heifers in the Eastern part of the United States. We soon realized that there was a void in both the calender and in the region where show cattle goers lacked a quality cattle Show venue to attend, and thus the VCCP Winter Classic was born. The show has grown into one of the elite prospect shows in the country and we have been humbled by the support that we have been given to start and continue this event. Due to the popularity of the Winter Classic and the Club Calf Industry, this year we decided to venture into a new endeavor, which has become the 1st Annual Eastern Elite Production sale. The VCCP Sale committee has surveyed the herds of the VCCP members and searched the country to put together a set of cattle and frozen genetics in which we are extremely proud. This sale offering has something for everyone as we will be offering Frozen Embryos, Flush Opportunities, Open Heifers, Bred Heifers, Donor Cows and everything in between. We will be offering cattle with Angus, Hereford, Shorthorn, Simmental, Limousin, Chi, Maine, and Club Calf Influence that stem from the same genetics as past Denver and Louisville Champions as well as numerous high sellers. Many of these cattle and genetic offerings hail from the top Cattle programs in the country and descend from many great females from GAR 2536 to GK 602G. We would like to thank all of our customers that have purchased show calves from us over the past several years and everyone for your interest in our sale offering at our first annual production sale. Our contact information can be found at virginiaclubcalfproducers. com. Please contact any VCCP member with questions concerning the sale offering or the seventh annual VCCP Winter Classic.

Terms & Conditions: Cattle sell per the terms & conditions of their breed associations. Announcements from the Auction block on sale day regarding the cattle selling in this sale will take precedence over the information printed in this catalog. No cattle will be loaded until paid for. Terms are cash or check with proper ID. If you can’t attend the sale, contact one of the owners, sale managers, or consultants for information regarding our sight unseen buyers guarantee. We will arrange for a member of the sale staff to discuss the cattle with you. Bidding can be done live, via phone, or over the internet. Please note that this sale will start on time and will move quickly, so be prepared to make your bids promptly. Thank You for your Interest,

More Terms & Conditions can be found on page 36 of this catalog...

Virginia Club Calf Producers

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Elite Consignors Arehart Angus Jason Arehart Staunton, VA 540-290-4251 Mike Armstrong Mt. Solon, VA 540-421-5047 Begoon Farm JT Begoon Grottoes, VA 540-430-1716 Black Ridge Simmentals Alan Belcher Meadows of Dan, VA 336-408-7179 Birdsell Livestock Ed & Callie Birdsell Turnersburg, NC 336-467-0027 Brown Cattle Company Craig Brown Brownsburg, VA 540-290-1403 Buchanan Cattle Ent. Scott Buchanan Aldie, VA 703-431-9316 Amity Farm Taylor Buffington New Windsor, MD 410-984-8239 Cook Cattle Co. Donnie Cook Edinburg, VA 540-335-5936 Dennis George 540-335-4500 Rocking Bar C Craig Cope Marysville, OH 937-243-5270 Heart Felt Farms Annette Delaplaine Gettysburg, PA 717-677-7115 Mill Creek Farm Gene Dellinger Mt. Jackson, VA 540-335-0020

Green Pastures Cattle Co. Jim Eastep Mt. Jackson, VA 540-335-6109 Filges Show Cattle Cody Filges Sarver, VA 724-679-0827 Dave Fogle Bishopville, MD 410-984-8239 Poorhouse Angus Jerry Hall Uppersville, VA 540-454-1512 Hawver Livestock Chris Hawver Ronceverte, WV 304-661-1328 Swoope Cattle Jeff Hewitt Swoope, VA 540-290-1749 Deana Jak Farms Inc. Doug & Jenny Howe New Enterprise, PA 814-766-2893 Joines Cattle Co. Chad Joines Blacksburg, VA 540-557-7263 Kaufman Cattle Services Cole Kaufman Mt. Sidney, VA 540-292-1264 Greenbrier Cattle Co. Jeff Kaufman, Manager Culpeper, VA 540-280-5388 Keirns Club Calves Brad Keirns Bidwell, OH 740-645-7052 Glenbrook Farms Glen Skelton & Clint Lyle

Swoope, VA Clint: 540-292-5953 Marshall Cattle Co. Wes Marshall

Mathias Brothers Inc. Chad Mathias Timberville, VA 540-578-0766 May Valley Daniel May Staunton, VA 724-880-5679 Wehrmann Angus Richard McClung New Market, VA 540-820-6212 Coldwater Creek Farm Jason & Bettie Michael Staunton, VA 540-849-0083 B&J Angus Donnie Michael Mt. Solon, VA 540-421-9973 Hillside Acres Frances Michael Mt. Solon, VA 540-421-2711 Battle Vue Farms Inc. Steve Michael Port Republic, VA 540-820-5188 Miller Farm LLC Craig & Nancy Miller Harrisonburg, VA 540-820-9818 Mimms Cattle Dr. Mike Mimms Hereford, TX 806-344-5016 Main Stream Genetics Larry Morris Mt. Crawford, VA 540-246-3200 Reed Farms Ken Reed Grottoes, VA 724-454-5840 Ruebush Cattle Co. Scott Ruebush Verona, VA 540-290-4631

Sharp Farms Greg Sharp Beloit, OH 330-206-5417 Cedar Springs Farm Dr. Allen Strecker Family Rockridge Baths, VA 540-570-7799 Sullivan Farms John Sullivan Dunlap, IA 712-263-0263 D&T Cattle Co. Luke & Becky Talley Mt. Solon, VA 540-448-1350 Teets Farms Matt Teets Lost River, WV 304-897-7612 Whetzel Cattle Co. John Whetzel Woodstock, VA 540-271-3431 Willis Farms Alderson, WV 304-646-8853 Wise Cattle Company Adam Wise Punksutawney, PA 814-952-2147 Sale Managed By,

Bob Dwyer 309-337-1404 Nick Dwyer 309-337-6404 Sale Hosted By,

Weyers Cave, VA 540-234-8216

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Elite Genetic Lots

JSUL Jaylynn 0904

JSUL Katie Babe



JSUL Jalynn 344 Flush Right to Flush (ACA#: 334061)

Heat Seeker Heat Wave Fawl Ma x An x Chi Foreplay Miss Foreplay Unregistered Dam

Jaylynn is one of those rare females who has the ability to advance her breed into the next generation. Her Sull Right Direction daughter, Jaylynn 0904, was the Supreme Champion Female at the 2011 Royal & NAILE, as well as 2010 Supreme Champion Female at the Ohio AGR & Heart of it All to name a few. The mating to Right Direction has already more than proven it’s worth, and it will be exciting to see how you choose to mate this leading donor female. Offering the right to one flush on the bull of buyers choice with a guarantee of 6 embryos and a cap of 12 embryos, with additional embryos to be split between buyer and seller. The only question left to answer is, are you ready to cash your golden ticket? Consigned by, Sullivan Farms



Nanna 344N Embryos One Package of Four Embryo’s

Heat Wave Monopoly Century Touchstone Angus Heat Seeker K&A Nanna 344N (AMAA#: 410797) K&A Carly F602

Talk about a powerhouse mating! The embryos selling here are full siblings to the heifer shown by Whitney Walker known as JSUL Katie Babe. Katie Babe was the Grand Champion Mainetainer Female at the 2011 Maine Junior Nationals as well as Reserve Grand Champion Chi at the Chi Junior Nationals. Katie was also named the Supreme Champion heifer at the Oklahoma Beef Expo and Sioux Falls, just to name a few. Offering 1 package of 4 embryos with a guarantee of 1 pregnancy if embryo work is done by licensed embryologist. Consigned by, Sullivan Farms

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Mimms Donor 9P Embryos


2 Packages of Three Embryo’s

Heat Seeker Heat Seeker (3) Heat Wave (3A) Heat Wave 5 Fawl Ma x An x Chi Fawl Ma x An x Chi AAA Duke 016 Mimms Donor 9P Full Flush x Char x Sim

This cream colored baldy is loose, massive, and sound. Her calves by Alias have brought in excess of $4500 on all that have been sold. These will be some of the first Heat Wave calves by her to hit the ground. With color being all the rage, here is your chance to get in on the ground floor. This former Champion of the World Beef Expo is a sure thing. Offering 1 package of 3 embryos with a guarantee of 1 pregnancy per package if embryo work is done by licensed embryologist. Consigned by, Sharp Farms (3) & Mimms Cattle (3A)

Mimms/Sharp Donor 131



MCF Roxy 113W Embryos

Mimms Donor 9P Lot Mimms Donor 131 Embryos


One Package of Three Embryo’s

Heat Seeker Heat Wave Fawl Ma x An x Chi Heartbeat Mimms/Sharp Donor 131 6807/Angus

These embryo’s will produce full siblings to Stetson Copus’s 2009 Reserve Champion fat steer at the NWSS. This cow is very stingy with her eggs and very few are sold. They are also very sticking in recips with 7 of the last 8 that I put in sticking. I have had 3 steers by this mating and all 3 sold very well, two of them won their county fairs and the third is being shown at the PA Farm Show right now. Give me a call and ask me how he did. Offering 1 package of 3 embryos with a guarantee of 1 pregnancy if embryo work is done by licensed embryologist. Consigned by, Sharp Farms

One Package of Three Embryo’s

Monopoly Unstoppable Witch Doctor x Habanero Cow Hired Man MCF Roxy 113W Maxi (PB Angus) x Simmental

Roxy led a very successful show career. She was the Reserve Grand Champion at the 2010 VCCP Winter Classic, the Champion Commercial Heifer at the 2010 Bedford County Jackpot Shw, the Champion Heifer at the Virginia Beef Expo, and the Grand Champion 4-H/FFA Heifer at the Shenandoah County Fair. She is just as successful in production, with her first calf, a heifer by OCC Legend selling for $5,000 to the Ruebush family of Augusta County. This mating to the hot new sire Unstoppable should be exciting. Offering 1 package of 3 embryos with a guarantee of 1 pregnancy if embryo work is done by licensed embryologist. Consigned by, Mill Creek Farm

MCF Roxy 113W (photo above), Champion Heifer at the 2010 VCCP Winter Classic. Unstoppable (photo to right), reference sire for embryos being sold.

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Elite Genetic Lots & Donor Cow

Lot 6 - Begoon Meyer

Heat Wave x Begoon Meyer, Shown by the Defrank Family



Begoon Meyer Donor Fall 2003 1/2 Simmental Scurred

Mr. Black GX 6W Meyer Ranch 734 Miss GX 728R Cunia Cunia/6807 Donor 6807 Daughter ASA #: Unregistered Cow selling open & ready to flush.

Begoon Farms has dug deep into their cow herd to offer you their very best. Lot 6 is the leading donor at Begoon Farms and has produced many Champions at the local, state, and national levels. One of her most popular steers, a Heat Wave, was named the Champion Simmental influenced steer at the 2009 Ohio Sate Fair. This steer was shown by the DeFrank family. If you are in the market for a sure fire club calf producer then look no further than this Meyer daughter. Consigned by, Begoon Farms



Begoon Meyer Embryos One Package of Three Embryo’s

Heat Wave Golden Child Who Made Who Daughter Meyer Ranch 734 Begoon Meyer Donor Cunia/6807 Daughter

This package of embryos will result in maternal siblings to the Champion Simmental steer at the Ohio State Fair in 2009. Full siblings to this mating are currently retained as elite young cows at Begoon Farms. Offering 1 package of 3 embryos with a guarantee of 1 pregnancy if embryo work is done by licensed embryologist. Consigned by, May Valley

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Belinda W963 Embryos

7 -7A

One Package of Three Embryo’s

FB Prime Cut 456L Flying B Cut Above Dillions Ms Pretty Woman LBS The Foreman 702T HSF/HS Belinda W963 (ASA#: 2341498) PVF-BF BF26 Black Joker

If you are serious about the Simmental Industry take note of this genetic package. Belinda was the Champion Simmental at the Virginia State Fair as well as a Division Champion a the West Virginia State Fair. The package of embryos by Fat Butt combine the hotest bull in the Simmental business with the tried and true Black Joker family, who needs little introduction. Offering 1 package of 3 embryos with a guarantee of 1 pregnancy if embryo work is done by licensed embryologist. We are also going to offer something a little unique. Lot 7A is the opportunity to purchase 5 embryos to the bull of your choice, with sellers agreement, with a guarantee of 2 pregnancies. Belinda will be calving early this spring so eggs on the Lot 7A mating will be made early this spring. Consigned by, Chad Joines

Lot 8 Lot Mimms Donor 701 Embryos 9-9A

HSF/HS Belinda W963 Lot Mimms Donor 7063 Embryos 8-8A

2 Packages of Three Embryo’s

Heat Wave Heat Wave (8) Walks Alone (8A) Believe In Me 7587 Draft Pick/Full Flush 7587 Draft Pick/Full Flush Rock On Mimms Donor 7063 Shamrock

A proven leader in the Mimms lineup - and industry wide - 7063 leads the way in terms of bankable consistency and profit for breeders from coast to coast. We’re proud to call her ours and are continually amazed with her calf crops. So far she has produced the 2009 NWSS Champion Steer for Ky Stierwalt, Reserve Prospect Steer at NWSS in 2007 for Kirbe Schnoor, a $15,000 AI sire. Her 13 calves averaged $6,701 in 2008, 2009 brought us a one calf at $10,000, 2010 added to her legacy with a $15,000 bull and a $5,400 steer. Needless to say that consistancy is not an issue here. Offering 2 packages of 3 embryos with a guarantee of 1 pregnancy per package if embryo work is done by licensed embryologist. Consigned by, Mimms Cattle

2 Packages of Three Embryo’s

Heat Seeker Meyer Ranch 734 (9) Heat Wave (9A) Solid Gold Fawl Ma x An x Chi Rodrock Ms Blk Bear Chunky Monkey Mimms Donor 701 102FF Miss Perfection (Full Flush x Chill 602G)

Here is a warning to get in early on this certain superstar. This very young donor is a solid-white queen with a solidgold pedigree. She was produced from the only flush of the now deceased Miss Perfection - the dam of Smooth Sailing and more - to Chunkey Monkey. Here full sibling, Mimms 702, was a $18,000 highlight of our 2010 Share the Future Sale. This female will be a major player in the future of our program, and now is the chance to let her produce dividends for your operation. Offering 2 packages of 3 embryos with a guarantee of 1 pregnancy per package if embryo work is done by licensed embryologist. Consigned by, Mimms Cattle

Mimms Donor 701

Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 6

Elite Genetic Lots



Flush on Lindiloo Right to Flush AHA #: 43094512

M&M Tuff Enuff 618 CH Enuff Prophet 2913 CH Lady Prophet 0220 Star 12G Palliadin 115N Star 115N Polly Beth 35T ET Star Bonnie Beth 54N

Linde’s Show Ring Successes: • 2011 PA Farm Show Reserve Champion Female • 2011 Bedford Jackpot Champion Hereford • 2011 VCCP Reserve Champion Hereford • 2011 Mid Atlantic Champion Female • 2011 Junior Nationals Reserve Champion Division 5 Bred & Owned • 2011 Junior Nationals Class Winner • 2011 Big E Grand Champion Hereford Female

“Linde”, as we call her, is probably one of the most complete Hereford females in the country today. Her substance of bone, depth of body, and natural thickness exemplifies what we are looking for in beef cattle, regardless of the breed. Her pedigree reads like the Champion she is. Linde has shown herself well and done us proud in the show ring. With such an impressive history Linde will be one great donor cow in the future with the cow power backing her pedigree! Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! You can also go check her out at Terms of flush - work will be done at Deana Jak Farms, Inc. by Dr. Jim Evans after she calves this spring. Buyer is guaranteed six grade 1 embryos, with no cap. If less than six embryos are produced your purchase price will be pro-rated accordingly. Consigned by, Green Pastures Cattle Co.

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DSUL/Mimms Ruby 812M Embryoys


2 Packages of Three Embryo’s

Heat Seeker Heat Wave (11) Heat Wave (11A) Monopoly Fawl Ma x An x Chi Century Angus Meyer Ranch 734 DSUL/Mimms Ruby 812M Martin 12

Like a fine wine 812M gets better with time. Since arriving from Sullivan Ranch, TX her first four male calves average $5,238 and her daughters have averaged over $4300. Ruby 812 progeny are big boned, hairy, and thick made in a cool, sound design. No matter the sex these calves will be easy selling and even better to retain in your own herd. Offering 2 packages of 3 embryos with a guarantee of 1 pregnancy per package if embryo work is done by licensed embryologist. Consigned by, Mimms Cattle

DSUL/Mimms Ruby 812M Lot


Wehrmann Pregnancy 1/2 Simmental Pregnancy Due April 2012.

Nichols Legacy G151 Ellingson Legacy M229 “Ollie” Ellingson Ms Pstock K58 GAR Predestined Rita 6M45 of Rita 4F46 PreD Rita 4F46 of Rita 2V9 FD

A truly exciting heifer pregnancy. The donor dam is a top performing daughter of Predestined that traces to the “2536” cow. Resulting calf will be sired by the high performance Simmental sire “Ollie”, coupled with the maternal & carcass genetics of 6M45. This heifer has tremendous value. Consigned by, Wehrmann Angus

Rita 6M45

Lot Ruebush Money Shot Preg.


Club Calf Pregnancy Due 3/15/12.

Heat Seeker Money Shot Hostage/Simmental Unregistered Sire Grand Valley Habbey Unregistered Dam

Resulting calf will be a full sibling to the steer pictured. That steer, shown by Ethan Armentrout, was the Grand Champion Steer at the 2009 VCCP, Virginia Beef Exp, Rockingham County Fair, Eastern National Livestock Expo, and Reserve Champion at the Keystone. Recip cow is a black Who Made Who x Angus cow that has already been used as a quality recip for us. She can raise good ones on her own as well. There is a high probability that this calf is a bull. Consigned by, Ruebush Cattle Company

Full Sibling to Lot 13

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Elite Genetic Lots Lot


Precious 3402 Embryo’s 1 Packages of 3 Embryos

Heat Seeker Heat Wave Heat Wave Monopoly Fawl Ma x An x Chi Century Angus Full Flush Precious 3402 ET Collins/K-Bar Precious 558E Precious 3402 has produced over $30,000 in progeny to date for CCC. In her first flush to Heat Seeker she was very consistant and we retained all 7 of the heifers for our herd. A blaze faced bull calf sold for $4,000 to Lawerence Cattle Company. A Heat Wave calf purchased in our 2008 Best of the Valley Sale sold for $3,600 and went on to be named Reserve Steer at the 2009 Virginia Beef Expo (pictured steer at right), and the Grand Champion Steer at the 2009 Shenandoah County Fair in Virginia. No matter the mating you choose this female is sure to click. Offering 1 packages of 3 embryos with a guarantee of 1 pregnancy if embryo work is done by licensed embryologist. Buyer has choice to purchase either the Heat Wave or Monopoly embryos, only one package will be sold.

Precious 3402

Full Sibling to the Heat Wave x 3402 Mating.

Consigned by, Cook Cattle Co.



Precious 3402 Flush Offering Right to One Flush

Full Throttle Full Flush K-Bar Cow x Power Plant Meyer Ranch 734 Collins/K-Bar Precious 558E Collins Maine/Angus Precious 3402 was the high selling bred heifer at the 2004 Teets Farms Mountain Magic Production Sale. This female the now deceased 558E, had an outstanding production record in her own right producing multiple sale topping calves. Predictibility is the secret to success in this business and predictibility is what you are purchasing here. Selling the right to flush 3402 with the guarantee of 6 transferrable embryos. If more than 6 embryos are produced then the embryos will be split evenly between the buyer and seller. Flush is to be done prior to April 15, 2012, with all flush work to be performed at our local vet clinic in Harrisonburg or Lexington, Virginia. All semen and embryo collection costs will be paid for by buyer.

Consigned by, Cook Cattle Co.





Miles Wilson


Ruebush Sunseeker Preg. Club Calf Pregnancy Due 3/15/12.

Lexus Power Plant Cow Heat Seeker

Unregistered Dam A great opportunity lies within this lot. Resulting calf will be a full sibling to the popular AI Sire Sunseeker. Whether you keep it a bull or a steer will be up to you, but either way you won’t be disappointed. This may be the last opportunity to get these genetics. It was our last embryo! Recip is a commercial Angus that has been a recip for us before. There is a high probability that this calf is a bull.

Consigned by, Ruebush Cattle Company

Duello 5038 Embryos Offering 1 Package of 3 Embryos

Heat Seeker Heat Wave Fawl Ma x An x Chi Meyer Ranch 734 Duello 5038 Draft Pick Daughter

Duello 5038

Duello 5038 was our pick from the Western Elite. She is one of the biggest footed, heaviest boned, and biggest hipped Meyers I’ve seen. Full sibs to these embryos have averaged over $2500, in past sales. Offering 1 package of 3 embryos with a guarantee of 1 pregnancy if embryo work is done by licensed embryologist. Consigned by, Wise Cattle Company

Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 9


Mimms 6807 Donor


2 Packages of 3 Embryos

Lot Happy Hills Beauty Embryo’s 19-19A

2 Packages of 3 Embryos

Mr. Black GX 6W Meyer Ranch 734 Miss GX 728R DHD Traveler 6807 2 Bar 6807 Traveler 5535 (AAA #: 15260460) GAR Precision 845

DVMM Jazz Pale Face Pannell Miss 4241 SITZ Traveler 9929 Happy Hills Beauty G-35 (AAA #: 12731063) Dalton’s Beauty 231D

Another hidden treasure coming from the 845 cow family, 5535 has just recently entered embryo production. Her first female offspring recently produced the high selling bull for Evans Farms, of Texas, and was purchased by Genex and 44 Farms for $20,500. The potency of the 845 family has proven itself within Angus circles and we are proud to offer the first embryos from the only 6807 daughter in production. Meyer 734 will work to this maternal gem. Buy with confidence. Offering 2 packages of 3 embryos with a guarantee of 1 pregnancy per package if embryo work is done by licensed embryologist. Consigned by, Mimms Cattle

Here is the chance to buy into one exciting package of Mainetainer embryos by our outstanding Traveler granddaughter. You can expect this mating to net a hairy, stout made, super stylish calf that will be easy on the eyes. G-35 goes back to the infamous SITZ Everelada Entense 1137, who needs little introduction to true Angus breeders. With all of the cow power backing this mating you are sure to find success with these embryos. Offering 2 packages of 3 embryos with no pregnancy guarantee as Happy Hills Beauty G-35 is now deceased and no more embryos are available. Consigned by, Cook Cattle Co.

Your Show Week & Sale Day Source For High Quality, Low Cost Dining & Drinks Hours:

Closed Monday Tues, Wed, Thur - 11 am - 9:30 pm Fri/Sat - 11 am - 10 pm Sun - 11 am - 9 pm



Address: 3190 S. Main street Harrisonburg, VA 22801 Located within minutes of all major show Hotels! Host of 1st Annual Eastern Elite Production Sale! Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 10

Elite Bred Cows

Lot 20




Lot 21

Cedar Springs Kira 16T 3/16/07 Reg. Chimaine Scurred Tattoo: 16T

Heat Seeker Heat Wave Fawl Ma x An x Chi Who Made Who Sm x An x Ma x Chi Unregistered Dam ACA #: 336543 AI bred 8/13 to Monopoly Money. Style & power combined in a unique package. This young donor has had success of her own in the ring, including Champion Crossbred and 5th Overall heifer at the 2008 VCCP Winter Classic; Champion Market Heifer at the 2008 VCCP Winter Classic, Reserve Champion Commercial Heifer at the 2008 Virginia Beef Expo, and is the only heifer to be named Champion Commercial heifer at the Virginia State Fair two years consecutively. This donor has been flushed 5 times with a lifetime average of 5 transferrable embryos per flush. She is test TH & PHA free. Her first calf crop produced the Champion Feeder steer at the 2009 Virginia State Fair. This past champion sells in her prime, with multiple calves due this spring we decided to give somebody else a great opportunity. So please do not miss out on this chance to produce calves destined for purple. Seller retains right to one flush at buyer’s convenience and seller’s expense.

Consigned by, Cedar Springs Farm

All of the Live Lots in the Sale will be available for Viewing at the Fairgrounds Prior to the Sale. Lot


B&J Angus Miss 100 Spring 2007 Club Calf Polled Tattoo: 100

Angus Widespread Angus Chill Factor Chill Factor/Fullback Cow 9FB3 Fullback Cow AI bred 6/20 to GOET I-80.

She would not be sold if we didn’t want to put one of our best in the sale. We have 3 daughters from her, currently retained in our own herd. This female has been flushed twice, and in those two flushes produced 14 and 18 embryos. Consigned by, B&J Angus

Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 11



Keirns Miss Who March 2005 Club Calf Polled Tattoo: 3

Take Charge Who Made Who Glitter’n’Gold Simmental Simmental/Angus Angus AI bred 5/26 to Jigsaw.

Balance, power, and feminity, what else do you need in one package. This powerhouse should deliver maximum customer satisfaction right off the bat. Her 2011 heifer calf by One and Only is a favorite in our keeper pen. Bred to Jigsaw to produce a full sibling in blood to our top steer in 2009 that went on to be a Champion and two time top 5 finisher for the Burger Family in Ohio. Her size and structure are right on. This is a great mating to Jigsaw regardless of sex. This one grabs your attention! Consigned by, Keirns Club Calves

Lot 22 Lot


Miss Who 3/15/09 Club Calf Polled

Take Charge Who Made Who Glitter’n’Gold GR 12 Unregistered Dam Unregistered Dam Due to calve 1/20/2012 to Unforgiven.

With the Who daughters in high demand across the country, here is the opportunity to take one home with you. This Who daughter is the right kind for raising those high performing dollar generating club calves. Selling bred up early for an outstanding Unforgiven calf, this mating could pay the ticket. Consigned by, Green Pastures Cattle

Lot 23

3879 East Side Highway Grottoes VA 24441 Phone 540-249-8900 Mulch Supplier for the VCCP Winter Classic Show as well as the 1st Annual VCCP Eastern Elite Production Sale! Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 12

Elite Bred Cows Lot


B&J Angus Miss 130 Spring 2008 Club Calf Polled Tattoo: 130

Leachman Fullback Rito 9FB3 of 5H11 Fullback Rita 5H11 of 1B14 Rito 9J9 Chill Factor Chill Factor Cow Unregistered Dam AI bred 5/26 to Heat Wave 5.

A good solid cow with a good udder. This female raised a 750 pound calf last year. Vet confirmed AI bred. Consigned by, B&J Angus



Lot 24

Hawver Hotline Cow Spring 2005 Reg. Maine Polled Tattoo: 130

DCC The Man BPJV Hotline TBSC Excitement 08J Maine Maine Cow Maine Due to calve 2/10/12 to Movado (Gucci x Sooner/Imprint)

Here’s a power packed cow in the prime of her life! Stout, sound, hairy, & giraffe necked what more could you want. Look her up you won’t be disappointed. Consigned by, Hawver Livestock



Lot 25

Hillside Miss 07 Spring 2007 Com. Angus Polled Tattoo: 07

Leachman Fullback Rito 9FB3 of 5H11 Fullback Rita 5H11 of 1B14 Rito 9J9 Angus Champion Hill Lucy Angus AAA #: Unregistered AI bred 7/17 to Heat Wave 5.

Lot 26

A solid Fullback daugther that milks very well. I can guarantee you that Fullback progeny flat work when mated to Club Calf bulls. Consigned by, Hillside Acres

Lot 27



Huckleberry Thena 2/13/07 PB Simmental Polled Tattoo: T14

Meyer Ranch 734 3C Macho M450 BZ 3C Crocus H112B Ellingson Black Perfector COTT Marcia 282M COTT Poll Fleck Lady 544G ASA #: 2421109 Selling pasture exposed with a bull calf born 9/20/11 at side. We hate to part with this young productive Macho daughter that has already produced 2 calves in production at the present time. She has a really nice square udder and is very easy to work with. She sells with a 9/20/11 bull calf out of either a Who Made Who son or a Strictly Business/Draft Pick Son. She will be pasture exposed to a Who Made Who son, with more information available sale week.

Consigned by, Battle Vue Farms Inc.

Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 14

Elite Bred Heifers Lot


Bar C Maud 81N 2/10/03 1/2 Simmental Polled Tattoo: 81N

Meyer Ranch 734 3C Sturdy F688 BZ ER Miss Mack 62B Traveler 23-4 Traveler 23-4 Daughter Angus AI Bred 6/9 to Walks Alone. PE 6/15 till 8/15 to a Heat Wave x Mimms 7063 bull.

Big footed, great topped, deep sided, easy keeping, ground sow that pays big dividends with every calf. She has currently produced a few County Fair Champion calves, as well as some daughters who are currently residing in our own herd. Consigned by, Rocking Bar C

Lot 29

Lot 28



MA Rita 38 of Rito 7076 11/28/09 Reg. Angus Polled Tattoo: 38

SS Objective T510 0T26 Rito 7O76 of Rita 5W51 Obj Rita 5W51 of 1I98 Rito 2 878 CRA Bextor 872 5205 608 Rita 8E35 of Rita 4R23 Bexto Rita 4R23 of 5H26 Rito 9M9 AAA #: 16570781 AI bred 4/27 to GAR New Design 5050.

















This was the first AI natural calf from our feature donor cow, 8E35, who in 5 flushes has averaged 12.6 embryo’s per flush. This consignments dam has a deep Rita cow family history. These genetics have been the cornerstone for some of the top Angus programs throughout the United States. Consigned by, Miller Farm LLC

The world’s #1 Livestock ID Provider

Servicing all of your Livestock ID Needs: Electronic ID Custom Tags Visual ID Syringes • 800-989-TAGS Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 15

Lot 30

Lot 31 Lot


Hillside Miss EXT 3/10/10 Reg. Angus Polled Tattoo: 620

Emulation N Bar 5522 N Bar Emulation EXT N Bar Primrose 2424 SA Neutrow Garret’s Ermitre 8775 Connealy Kincaid AAA #: Pending AI bred 5/9 to Jetset.

I bought the dam of this heifer, and this is the first AI calf that she produced. The next stop for her outstanding dam will be the donor pen. If you are looking for a good fronted, feminine cow prospect here she is. The door is open to many opportunities here. This EXT daughter is halter broke and has a great attitude. Consigned by, Hillside Acres

Lot Coldwater Creek LLangollen


4/2/10 Reg. Angus Polled Tattoo: 410

EXAR Lutton 1831 EXG RS First Rate S903 R3 Rafter S Blackcap P909 Rito 022 of 7026 RDA LLangollen 022584M517 LLF 904 Jantara 6807584 AAA #: Pending AI bred 5/24 to Jetset.

First Rate adds volume, power, and substance of bone to all of his progeny and this heifer is no exception. You will love the front-end on this heifer and admire her as she gets out and moves. Consigned by, Coldwater Creek Farm

Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 16

Elite Bred Heifers Lot Cedar Springs Covergirl 117W


9/3/09 Reg. Angus Polled Tattoo: 117W

Rito 9FB3 of 5H11 Fullback Champion Hill Fullback 380 Champion Hill Stone Shadoe OCC Bonanza 880B Cedar Springs Clinique 19K Carousel Clinique 2094 AAA #: 17081107 AI bred 5/18 to Plainview Lutton E102.

This moderate framed, deep sided, pretty fronted Angus heifer, 117W, is a flush sister to the heifer Bobby showed with great success. Her full sister was Champion Angus & Reserve Champion overall at the 2010 Virginia State Fair and a class winner at the 2011 Angus Junior Nationals. Her dam, Cedar Springs Clinique has been our top producing Angus cow. This heifer sells safe in calf to the now deceased, Plainview Lutton “Lut”. This mating should produce show winning progeny for any Junior. Don’t miss out! Consigned by, Cedar Springs Farm

Lot 33 Lot


Lot 32 Lot


Cedar Springs Monique 21X 3/1/10 Reg. Angus Polled Tattoo: 21X

OCC Kirby 633K BC Marathon 7022 Gibbet Hill Mignonne E37 Champion Hill Fullback 380 Cedar Springs Monica 21T Cedar Spring Monica 21K AAA #: 16692102 AI bred 6/23 to Conneally Final Product.

This moderate framed heifer carries the easy doing, low maintenance look to always be in the front pasture and combines it with the prettiness and potency of a true foundation female. Whether you breed her Angus or Crossbred, you won’t be disappointed. Her dam, sired by Champion Hill Fullback 380, was shown very successfully by Will. This heifer is special. Circle your catalog and be ready to raise your hand, you’ll want to own this one. Consigned by, Cedar Springs Farm

Poorhouse Angus Spring 2010 Reg. Angus

n/a Pedigree Available Sale Week n/a n/a Pedigree Available Sale Week n/a AAA #: Pending Breeding information available sale week.

We will be offering one of the top registered Angus females out of our replacement pen. As of catalog time we have not yet selected this heifer but more information will be available online soon. Consigned by, Poorhouse Angus

Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 17

Lot 35

Lot 36 Lot


RCK Reba 110X 2/7/10 Hereford Polled Tattoo: 110X

SHF Radar M326 R125 KJ HVH 33N Redeem 485T ET HVH Oksana 4L KJBJ Bounty Hunter 741P RCK Jenna 15S PR20 J Lass N15 AHA #: P43103931 AI bred 5/14 to Purple Currency.

Reba is a big, stout female with a log to internal body capacity. She is also big hipped, soft sided, and very sound on her feet and legs. Reba will be a great cow prospect because her mother (Reserve Champion Hereford at the first VCCP) and grandmother have been our foundation females that have produced many outstanding individuals for us. Consigned by, Kaufman Cattle Services



LHF Lady Odyssey 902 1/24/09 Reg. Hereford Horned Tattoo: 902

Remitall Kootenay 9K UPS Odyssey 1 ET UPS Miss Pure Gold 0613 CL1 Domino 986J Churchill Lady 541R Churchill Lady 050 AHA #: 43002363 Due to calve March to Golden Oaks Outcross.

This one is bred right, coming from the Churchhill herd with a lot of performance and style in her pedigree. Consigned by, Green Pastures Cattle

Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 18

Harrisonburg Ford 540-434-0700 or 877-387-3025 Open 24/7 at

Elite Bred Heifers Lot


Goon Miss Dream On 10X 2/10/10 1/2 Simmental Polled Tattoo: 10X

Nichols Legacy G151 CNS Dream On L186 CNS Sheeza Dream K107W DHD Traveler 004 Foxcross Miss Boka Lee S030 Boka Lee of Conanga 4911 ASA #: Pending AI bred 4/29 to Grizzly.

If you are looking for a good maternal cow that is sound footed and eye appealing, then this one is for you! She is carrying a heifer pregnancy out of the great Grizzly. Consigned by, Begoon Farm



Lot 37

Mathias 046X 2/6/10 1/2 Simmental Polled Tattoo: 046X

Nichols Legacy G151 CNS Dream On L186 CNS Sheeza Dream K107W Draft Pick Son Mathias 707T Commercial Angus AI bred 4/24 to Rocky Balboa. ASA #: Pending

There simply isn’t a better female in the country than a Sm x Ma x Angus. Females like this one are powerful from the hoof up, as well as stylish in terms of profile. You can mate these sorts of heifers Clubby, Simmy, or Commercial with outstanding results. Consigned by, Mathias Brothers Inc.

Lot 38

D&M Meats, LLC “Great Farm Raised Beef” 262 Maple Ave. Mt. Jackson, VA 22842 Phone 540-477-4411 Fax 540-477-2601 Come to the VCCP Show & try our beef and country cooking Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 21



Maximus 391 10X 4/2/10 5/8 Simmental Polled Tattoo: 10X

GF Maximus N391 BB Barack 1017T Rocky Hills Mary 3C Macho M450 BZ JBSF Miss Macho 460U 460 AI bred 6/3 to Cardinal’s Right Answer 40X. ASA #: 2566689

She’s big, stout, hairy, and big boned. This Rocky Hill’s Mary grand-daughter is deep bodied and has the look needed for the club calf industry. Not to mention her $150,000 granddam has already produced 3 state fair champion steers, and her $80,000 valued sire has produced multiple sale topping females. Can’t miss Sim/Angus genetics here. Consigned by, Taylor Buffington & Amity Farm



Lot 39

BRS Xanadu X07P 4/7/10 3/4 Simmental Polled Tattoo: X07P

WCM Marcel 76P LMF Total Performance Loup River Blackcap 17J4 WLE CSA Black Galvanizer BRS Permanent Press P07H BRS Preferred Helga H07 ASA #: 2611093 AI bred 6/10 to Grizzly. PE 6/15 till 9/3 to HCCH Ramblin Man.

X07P is a moderate framed Sim/Angus female with great eye-appeal. Her cow family traces to the early 90’s in the Black Ridge herd. She is homozygous polled and black by pedigree. X07P is confirmed, via ultrasound, to the AI breeding to the 1/2 blood Simmental bull Grizzly. The resulting calf should come easily as calving ease reports are outstanding on this bull and the maternal grand sire is a genetic trait leader for MCE in the Simmental breed. We’re excited to be included in this inaugural event and offer a female we believe will stand the test of time. Bid with confidence. Consigned by, Black Ridge Simmentals

Lot 41

Lot 40

Grizzly Lot


WF Smoke 16X 3/25/10 1/2 Charolais Polled Tattoo: 16X

Heat Wave Dr. Who Angus x Full Throttle Charolais PB Charolais Charolais AI bred 5/14 to Total Recall. PE 5/23-9/5 to Future Direct 465PT.

The smokey sensation has swept the nation and this girl is going to have a lot of friends on sale day. Consistancy is expected with the Dr. Who x Charolais mating which produces powerful females for other breeders. She is big footed with plenty of bone and mass, yet still maintains a feminine front with today’s rib shape and body depth. AI’d to the popular Griswold calving ease bull Total Recall. Consigned by, Willis Farms

Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 22

Elite Bred Heifers

Lot 42

Lot 43 Lot


Candice 013X 4/13/10 PB Shorthorn Polled Tattoo: 013X

Wernacres Ace High 620 Hi View’s Ace of Diamonds Hi-View 2nd Zelda AF SL Sin City ET CSS Candice PAR Miss Vision 1131 ASA #: xAR50662 Due to calve 3/17 to Double Stuff.

Here is the opportunity to buy into one of the most highly sought after Shorthorn bloodlines in the country. Candice’s pedigree reads as a who’s who list of illustrus cow families and sires including Sin City, NPS Mirage 544, Trump, & Ace of Diamonds. This cherry read beauty is big hipped, extended fronted, and extremely stylish on the profile. This female gets out and moves on a big foot and is extremely free in her movements. Consigned by, Heart Felt Farms



Cedar Springs Miss 204X 3/23/10 Club Calf Horned Tattoo: 204X

Cowan’s Ali 4M Bojo Alias/Heat Seeker Who Made Who Cedar Springs 204 Unregistered Dam AI bred 6/11 to Total Recall.

This freaky fronted, big hipped heifer is out of a Who Made Who/Meyer 734 female that is one of the top donos for McIntire Cattle Company. Her flush brother was successfully shown by Elizabeth Nixon and was Champion Market Steer multiple times, including the Orange County Fair. Her first calf by Griswold’s Total Recall bull will be special and this heifer will work well with many of the Club Calf bulls to produce big boned, hairy, heavy muscled steers. This female was bred with steer production in mind. Consigned by, Cedar Springs Farm

Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 23



Goon Miss Hairy 12X 3/12/10 Chi Polled Tattoo: 12X

Hairy Bear Hairy WAG Hairietta Morgan’s Direction 1119901 RDD Ms Morgan Dir 421T 1CA RDD Miss Ace 1P 2CA (RDD Wiggles) ACA #: Pending AI bred 5/1 to Grizzly.

If you are wanting to get in the club calf business, this one is built for you! She is stout from end to end with the hair the club calf industry is looking for. She is als one of the sweetest fronted bred heifers at Begoon Farms. This will be one of the first times to purchase the RDD Wiggles genetics on the East Coast. Consigned by, Begoon Farm

Lot 45



Lot 44 Lot


Glenbrook Miss 0D1 March 2010 Club Calf Polled Tattoo: 0D1

Dr. Who House Call Total Play Godfather Teets Cow Penner Lady Blackbird 496 AI bred 5/4 to GOET I-80. Vet confirmed safe in calf.

This heifers mother has raised multiple high sellers for us. No wonder, looking back through her pedigree. This female boasts the 2 time Denver Champion Cow/Calf Pair Champion, Penner Lady Blackbird, as well as the maternal powerhouse Dr. Who in her pedigree. This female gets her power from the likes of Godfather, Full Flush, and Total Play. You want a stacked Club Calf pedigree? Look no further. Consigned by, Glenbrook Farm

KR Rudy 03T 4/15/11 Club Calf Horned Tattoo: 03T

Heat Seeker Money Shot Hostage Simmental Raptor 702 Magnolia 03T Maggy Strictly Business AI bred 6/9 to Cowboy Troy. PE 6/15 till 8/20 to Goon Mr. Shakey (ACA#: 349567).

Here is an outstanding baldy female by Money Shot. Rudy 03T is deep ribbed, big footed, and every bit as stylish as she is sound. This female is selling AI bred to the popular sire Cowboy Troy and pasture exposed to a Basic Instinct Son. Consigned by, Reed Farms

Please Bring Your Catalog With You To The Sale Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 24

Lot 46

Elite Bred Heifers

Lot 47

Lot 47A

Full Sibling to Lots 47, 47A, & 47B Exhibited by Allison George

Lot 47B



MCC 194 January 2010 Club Calf Scurred

Heat Wave Smooth Sailing GRT Miss Perfection (Full Flush/Chill Factor) Chill Factor Kroupa M53 Cunia 602 PE 6/1 till 8/15 to MCC 001 (a GCC Grizz x the full sibling to Gamble’s Hot Rod).



MCC 083 January 2010 Club Calf Scurred

Heat Wave Smooth Sailing GRT Miss Perfection (Full Flush/Chill Factor) Chill Factor Kroupa M53 Cunia 602 PE 6/1 till 8/15 to MCC 001 (a GCC Grizz x the full sibling to Gamble’s Hot Rod).

The Infamous 602G, Granddam of the females listed here.



MCC 178 January 2010 Club Calf Scurred

Heat Wave Smooth Sailing GRT Miss Perfection (Full Flush/Chill Factor) Chill Factor Kroupa M53 Cunia 602 AI bred 6/18 to GOET I-80. PE 6/1 till 8/15 to MCC 001 (a GCC Grizz x the full sibling to Gamble’s Hot Rod).

The dam of these three heifers was a top seller at the Sweetheart Sale and is an own daughter of the infamous 602 cow owned by Dan Sullivan. These heifers are full siblings to the $17,000 high selling steer in the 2009 Marshall Cattle Company pasture sale, who went to Barry Nowatzke. Another full sibling was the high selling steer at the 2009 VCCP Fall Sale as well as being selected as the 2010 VCCP Champion Steer. Expect nothing but the best out of this trio of leading ladies. Consigned by, Marshall Cattle Co. & Silo Creek Farm

Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 25

Lot 48

Lot 49 Lot


Glenbrook Miss 011 March 2010 Club Calf Polled Tattoo: 011

Hoo Doo Alias Who Made Who Chill Factor Mrs. Chill 674 Angus AI bred 6/16 to GOET I-80. Vet confirmed safe in calf.

Eye appeal, more than adequate bone, good hip, and hind leg. Longevity runs in this girls blood as her granddam was 17 years old when she left production. I hate to let this one go, but we are committed to offering our best in this sale. Club Calf maker here boys! Consigned by, Glenbrook Farm



Mathias 052X 1/29/10 Com. Maine Polled Tattoo: 052X

BK Ice Pick 472J GCC Irish Whiskey NTC 615 Everready Rito 2878 Rita SW47 Rita 1I98 AI bred 4/24 to SAV Final Answer.

Here is a sleak fronted, big hipped, deep sided heifer who has loads of potential backing her visual appeal. This Commercial heifer is sired by Irish Whiskey who needs little introduction to true Club Calf enthusiasts, buy this one with confidence. Consigned by, Mathias Brothers Inc.

Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 26

Elite Bred Heifers Lot


WCC 027 March 2010 Club Calf Polled Tattoo: 027

Heat Wave Immortal Angus x Full Throttle Meyer Ranch 734 Duello 5038 Draft Pick Daughter AI bred 5/27 to GOET I-80. PE 6/4 till 7/20 to a OCC Angus.

Here is a heifer a guy needs to see. She is big bodied, stout hipped, hairy, and as sound and flexible as they come. Being bred to I-80 and out of our Meyer donor from Duello. I think this will be a quick return on investment. She will make a great cow. Consigned by, Wise Cattle Company



Lot 50

WF Immortal X58 3/6/10 Club Calf Scurred Tattoo: X58

Heat Wave Immortal Angus x Full Throttle All About You WF M056 WF 8080 (Mailman) AI bred 5/14 to Total Recall. PE 5/23-9/5 to Future Direct 465PT.

Deullo 5038

Out of a super maternal All About You daughter. She is great on her feet and covered in excellent hair with a problem free design. AI’d to the popular Griswold easy calving Angus bull GCC Total Recal, selling safe in calf. Consigned by, Willis Farms



Whetzel Miss Ali 3/3/10 Club Calf Polled Tattoo: 3

NBH Polled Energizer Cowan’s Ali 4M FJH Countess 115H OCC Legend OCC Legend Cow Dr. Who/War Horse Cow AI bred 5/10 to Hairy. PE 6/13 till 10/1 to Juneau Son.

Lot 51

Smooth made bred heifer. Her dam is a great milker and had a good Walks Alone calf this year. Consigned by, Whetzel Cattle Co.


Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 27

Lot 52



FF Heat Wave 0602 March 2010 Club Calf Polled Tattoo: 0602

Heat Seeker Heat Wave Fawl Ma x An x Chi Full Flush FF 602 602G AI bred 5/15 to Doc. Check safe to this date. PE 5/18 till 7/5 to a Anchor x Total Plays dam son.

Stout, big-boned, big footed, hairy bred heifer whose dam brought over $40,000 as a bred heifer, and her embryo’s command over $1,000 every time they sell. If you are looking for heifers to make club calves these two can and will produce. Consigned by, Sharp Farms



Lot 53

FF My Turn 0602 March 2010 Club Calf Polled Tattoo: 0602

Our Turn My Turn OHL Hollywood 425P Full Flush FF 602 602G AI bred 5/15 to Doc. Check safe to this date. PE 5/18 till 7/5 to a Anchor x Total Plays dam son.

Lot 54

Very fancy bred heifer from one of the most successful bloodlines in the cattle business. The Full Flush x 602G’s have accounted for hundreds of thousands of dollars in progeny and countless banners. Consigned by, Sharp Farms



Cedar Springs Miss Who 58X 3/25/10 Club Calf Polled Tattoo: 58X

Take Charge Who Made Who Glitter’n’Gold Angus Cedar Springs 36H Unregistered Dam AI bred 6/27 to The Answer.

Who Made Who females are in great demand today and are making excellent Club Calf mommas. 58X is neat fronted and square hipped. Just breed her to Heat Wave for a few years and she’ll more than double her money. Look for great things to come from this heifer down the road. The future is bright! Consigned by, Cedar Springs Farm

Lot 55

Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 28

Dean John Sullivan

Welcomes You!! A special Thanks to Sullivan Supply and Scottsdale Show Supply.



Professor Kyle Fleener

Learn from the best in the business with Professors John Sullivan and Kyle Fleener. PROFESSOR

VCCP Stock Show University Clinic Saturday, January 28, 2012 John Sullivan and Kyle Fleener After the clinic a question and answer sit down session to visit about show cattle will be available for as long as you like. Check our website, for a complete listing of all Stock Show U clinics held across the country. For more information contact Bobbi Hartwig at Sullivan Supply, 1.800.475.5902 or

Elite Open Heifers

Lot 56

Lot 57 Lot


DJF Fair Lady 1060 ET 4/15/11 Reg. Hereford Polled Tattoo: 1060

RU 20X Boulder 57G TH JWR SOP 16G 57G Tundra 63N Tee-Jay 707B Gemini 16G ET AB JWR Demolition 6008 3510 JWR 0262 Demo Queen 165S ET Burks Queen 20X 0262 ET AHA #: P43200000

If a picture is worth a thousand words.. then this one is priceless! This heifer sure puts it all together and her pedigree is proof. With the well-known, popular, and proven THM Lassie Domino 6006 and FCF Delivery Queen C264 on her dam’s side, along with being double bred Remitall Keynote 20X, this Fair Lady is destined for cow power! Fair Lady has what it takes to compete at any level. Terms to be announced. Consigned by, Deana Jak Farms



TGBC Lucy 011Y 2/6/11 3/4 Limousin Polled Tattoo: 011Y

Mags Rejuvenator CL Burbank LH Radiant 323R FWLY Big Time TMCK Lucy 148U Carrousels Lucy 1051L ALA #: LFF 1985863

Here is a stylish, eye appealing, halter broke daughter of CL Burbank, one of the hotest bulls in the Lim-Flex breed who sired the top lots in our recent production sale. “011Y’ is straight out of the heart of our replacement pen. A half sister to this breeding piece was a Reserve Division Champion in 2011 at the NAILE. Consigned by, The Greenbrier Cattle Company

Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 30

Elite Open Heifers Lot Buchanan’s Georgina N220


4/12/11 Reg. Angus Polled Tattoo: N220

B/R New Design 036 B/R New Frontier 095 White Fence Pride H1 Leachman Saugahatchee 3000C CQS Georgina 4005 LLA Georgina 05 AAA #: 17061559

CQS Georgina is a maternal sister to the dam of the world famous Champion Hill Donor Georgina 419. Her full sister CQS Georgina 05A was a $23,000 past high seller for Horn Springs in Tennessee. A maternal sibling to this heifer was the 2010 Grand Champion Angus at the 2010 Virginia Beef Expo. Other maternal sisters have topped the Virginia Angus Spotlight, & PA Angus Sales. N220’s sire New Frontier has been the top selling Angus bull for Accelerated Genetics over the past ten years. Consigned by, Buchanan Cattle Enterprises



CQS Georgina 4005

Buchanan’s Georgina L151 a maternal sibling to Lot 58, The female was the Grand Champion Angus Female at the 2010 VA Beef Expo.

AA Rita 1EM3 of 2500 6EM3 2/5/11 Reg. Angus Polled Tattoo: 1EM3

OCC Emblazon 854E Rito 6EM3 of Rita 4L1 EMB Rita 4L1 of 2536 208 DHD Traveler 6807 GAR Traveler 6807 2500 GAR EXT 2114 AAA #: Pending

Brood cow prospect here. This heifer is sired by the Express Ranches herd sire “6EM3”. She is linebred to two of the best female sires in the breed “EXT” & “6807”. This one will be a good cow for a longtime. Consigned by, Arehart Angus

Lot 59

Lot Coldwater Creek Rita 1975


3/10/11 Reg. Angus Polled Tattoo: 311

SAF 598 Bando 5175 HSF Bando 1961 JKF Miss Cheyenne 196 Conneally Danny Boy Coldwater Creek Rita 458 Champion Hill Rita 1975 AAA #: Pending

Here is a deep sided, level topped, own daughter of the infamous female sire 1961. This Angus heifer has the breeding, style, and power to make her a cornerstone in any breeding operation. Consigned by, Coldwater Creek Farm

Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 31

Lot 60



GP Lady 396 769 10/20/10 Reg. Angus Polled Tattoo: E769

SAV 8180 Traveler 004 RK Extra Wide 200 GP Princess 401 Rito 9FB3 of 5H11 Fullback HC 396 of TB45 9FB3 Tye Brook Beauty 7050 AAA #: 16972326

This heifer has style to burn, a good show prospect with a disposition suitable for a first time show person. Consigned by, Green Pastures Cattle Co.



Lot 61

BRS Mercedes II Y32N 4/3/11 PB Simmental Polled Tattoo: Y32N

STF Mr. Momentum SVF/NJC Mo Better M217 NJC SVF Antoinette K205 Hart Jackpot N32 BRS Ms Jackpot N32 Sugar Run D82 ASA #: 2587675

Y32N is a powerhouse in the making. Her sire is one of the most heavily used bulls in the Simmental breed over the last several years. An added bonus is her pedigree does not include Dream On, which opens up many breeding opportunities within the breed or she would work great in a cross breeding program. Y32N has a striking blaze face just like her full sister (pictured) who in 2010 was Reserve Grand at WV, won her class at Keystone and was slapped Grand Champion Female at the MD State Fair. Y32N was competitive in the calf class at the Dixie Classic and the NC State Fairs in 2011; however, her best days as a show heifer are ahead of her and will only be trumped by her future performance in the pasture. We have several females from this family working in our herd. She will make a great cow! Consigned by, Black Ridge Simmentals

Full Sibling to Lot 62



CBCC Catch A Star Y128 4/4/11 3/4 Simmental Polled Tattoo: Y128

CNS Dream On L186 WAGR Dream Catcher 03R 3C Melody M668 BZ SVF Star Power S802 CBCC CSC1 Star Girl W205 MC 1344 Blackcap 2010 ASA #: Pending

A gorgeous April Heifer with heart-stopping good looks, hair, body shape, and rock solid genetics. A flush mate to her dam was the high seller of the 2009 Kentucky Fall Genetics Showcase Sale. Her dam’s maternal sibling was the 2008 National Junior Angus Show Reserve Senior Heifer Calf Champion and the 2009 Virginia Breeders Show Champion Female. A phenomenal show heifer/donor prospect. Consigned by, Brown Cattle Company

Lot 63

Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 32

Elite Open Heifers Lot


Teets Miss Grandmaster 011X 9/5/10 PB Simmental Polled Tattoo: 011X

PVF-BF BF26 Black Joker SS Ebony’s Grandmaster SOSF Ebony’s Joy L-123 STF/RP Savvy SR49 Images HHSF Anna Moom Beam Clear Water ACES Annan 101 ASA #: Pending Here is one exciting PB Simmental female that will make one whale of a donor cow. This heifer is deep sided, big ribbed, huge footed, and super sound. Her dam has been a favorite of ours for a number of years and this own daughter of Grandmaster is sure to be put directly in the front pasture. This heifer will be AI bred by sale day, more information will be available on the supplement sheet.





B/L Holly Y6P 1/15/11 PB Charolais Polled Tattoo: Y6

LT Easy Blend S125 PLD LT Cheyenne Blend 7142P LT Alli 3221 PLD Baldridge Fast Track 82F BL Holly R34 ET GPN Miss Holly 9N3P ACA #: F1136406

This January born beauty is big footed, sound made, and sylish on the profile. Be sure to look this girl up, she will be worth the trip. Consigned by, Birdsell Livestock

Consigned by, Teets Farms

Mathias 105Y 3/18/11 Com. Simmental Polled Tattoo: 105Y

Meyer Ranch 734 Teets Meyer Son PGA GW Black Angel 3161 Simmental Mathias 312N Commercial Angus

Talk about a versatile brood cow in the making. This baldy Meyer granddaughter goes back to the great Penner cow from Teets Farms. Baldy females like this go up in value every day you own them. Consigned by, Mathias Brothers Inc.



Lot 65

Armstrong Babe 4/26/11 Shorthorn Plus Polled Tattoo: 26

SULL GNCC Grey Goose GF The Bartender 824 TFS/AMFS Ameretta 24R Ali Blue Roan PB Shorthorn ASA #: Pending

This heifer is out of a good milking cow. She is very docile with a good look to her. A small child could show this one. Consigned by, Mike Armstrong

Sale Day Phone Numbers Bob: 309-337-1404 Nick: 309-337-6404 Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 33

Lot 66



Swoope Rita B5 2/5/11 Mainetainer Polled Tattoo: B5

BK Ice Pick 472J GCC Irish Whiskey NTC 615 Everready N Bar Emulation EXT Rita 7X59 of 3B16 EXT Rita 3B16 of 0FB1 Bando AMAA #: Pending

Take a look at this clean-necked, thick made Irish Whiskey daughter. Note the Irish Whiskey x EXT x Bando sire trio stacked in her pedigree, equaling true Maternal Excellence. Proven ancestory and eye-appeal to burn. Consigned by, Swoope Cattle

Lot 68



D&T Miss Money Shot 4/13/11 Club Calf Polled Tattoo: 13

Heat Seeker Money Shot Hostage/Simmental Unregistered Sire Grand Valley Habbey Unregistered Dam

Lot 69



CJFC Holly Y3 3/5/11 Club Calf Polled Tattoo: Y3

A moderate framed black heifer with enough chrome to give her that great show ring eye appeal! This one’s plenty stout, deep ribbed, good haired, fancy fronted, & sound. She should be one that will easily go from show ring to the donor pen. Her full sibling was the 2009 Champion steer at the VCCP among many others, exhibited by the Armentrout Family. Don’r miss out on your chance to own some of these proven genetics. Consigned by, D&T Cattle Company

Heat Wave Hollywood Draft Pick Boo Who Supermom Payback

Holly combines body, bone, and stoutness as well as any. Her unique markings will make her a stound out in the ring and in the donor pen. Seller is reserving the right to two flushes with work to be done at buyers convienance and sellers expense. Consigned by, Filges Show Cattle

Lot 70

Book Your Hotel Room Early So that You can Spend the Entire Weekend Enjoying Good Cattle with Good Friends in Harrisonburg, VA! Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 34

Elite Open Heifers

Lot 71

Lot 72 Lot


Lot Whetzel Miss Monopoly 3/15/11 Club Calf Polled Tattoo: 15

Heat Wave Monopoly Century Touchstone Angus Ice Pick Ice Pick Cow Witch Doctor/Meyer 734

Here is a show heifer with “Donor” written all over her. Great hair, soft made, with plenty of bone and mass. Her dam has had several high sellers for us, & her full brother was Reserve Champion VCCP steer last year. Seller retains the right to one flush, so be done at buyer’s convienance and seller’s expense. Consigned by, Whetzel Cattle Co.


MCC 420 3/27/11 Club Calf Polled Tattoo: 420

Heat Wave Headliner Century Touchstone Angus Irish Whiskey Irish Whiskey Daughter Angus

If you are in the market for a shag haired, stout made, sound moving show heifer then look no further than this Headliner Daughter. The female will run with the best of competition on the tan bark, and with the maternal influence backing both sides of her pedigree she will make an outstanding breeding piece. Consigned by, Marshall Cattle Co. & Main Stream Genetics

Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 35

Elite Herd Bulls & Terms & Conditions Lot


CBCC Dream Maker Y127 4/3/11 1/2 Simmental Polled Tattoo: Y127

CNS Dream On L186 WAGR Dream Catcher 03R 3C Melody M668 BZ Famous 7001 BCC Ironsides Georgina 601 Champion Hill Georgina 1690 ASA #: Pending

A massive young powerhouse sired by Dream Catcher. He is sound, choke-necked, hairy, and has that look you need. His maternal sister by BC Lookout was a sale feature in the 2011 Whitestone Farm Annual Production Sale. A full sister to his dam was also Supreme Champion at the Maryland State Fair as well as the VCCP Jackpot Show. This special youngster has a perfect pedigree for blending with many bloodlines. Consigned by, Brown Cattle Company



Lot 73

Maternal Man 4/1/11 1/2 Simmental Polled Tattoo: MSG111

Who Made Who Simple Math GK Donor H-831 D&D Thumper D&D Princess (ASA #: 2,226,024) D&M Black Super Lady ASA #: Unregistered

Lot 74

This half-blood Simmental bull is a maternal dream, with Who on the top and Meyer on the bottom side. This big boned, moderate framed son of a beautiful uddered Registered Simmental cow and Kroupa’s “Simple Math” bull, who is the real deal. Folks, if you ever wanted to raise females, this polled baldie is a no brainer. Seller is retaining 1/3 semen interest. Consigned by, Main Stream Genetics & Battle Vue Farms

Sale Broadcasted Online At:

Terms & Conditions Continued

Sale Format: The cattle in this sale will be on display at the fairgrounds sale week. During the sale videos of the cattle will be broadcasted, so please take some time to go through the cattle in the sale at the fairgrounds prior to sale time. Herd Health: All of the cattle in this sale will be sold with health papers for interstate travel. Bred cattle will be pregnancy checked safe in calf and updates will be made available sale week on a supplement sheet. Online Videos: Online videos of all of the cattle in this sale will be available at

Liability: Neither the owners, VCCP staff, sale management, or other affiliated personnel can be held responsible for accidents or theft, but they will make every effort to provide for the safety and comfort of those attending the sale. Genetic Lots: All of the embryos being sold will be available for shipping after payment has been made. Please make arrangements with the person you purchase embryos from for shipping.

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I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Deana Jak farms and their crew for the great job they did taking care of my purchase from their fall sale. I purchased Lindiloo from them and they exhibited her to multiple Champion honors. You can get in on the future of this great heifer as we are offering a right to flush her as Lot 10 in this sale. Thanks again to the entire Howe Family and their crew, Jim Eastep, Green Pastures Cattle Co. Mt. Jackson, VA 540-335-6109 Eastern Elite Production Sale • page 37

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Land O’Lakes Purina Feed LLC. / Honor Show Chow Boehringer Ingelheim Deana JAK Farms Inc. East Belmonte Farms, Williams Family Eby Trailer Sales & Virginia Truck Sales Farm Credit of Virginias, ACA Accelerated Genetics, Robert Whitaker Amity Farm, Dave Fogel Family Andes Clippers Augusta Cooperative of Staunton Backwoods Show Team, Comer Family Bayer Animal Health, Gerald Good Cargill Chris Willis Clearbrook Feed & Supply Cotton & Associates Frey Livestock Supply Gamble Angus - Lydell Mier Family ABS Global - Kenny Nolan Jess-A-Marr Farm, Mike & Cindy Walters ABS Global - Figgins Johnson Cattle Co. Alleghany Motors JMK Cattle Company American Angus Hall of Fame Jones Show Cattle American Livestock Insurance - Jamie Secondino Kenneth D. Bowman Ashby Herd Health Kiblers Shorthorns Ashby Embryo’s, Dr. Henshaw Klear View Farm, Thomas Bowman Ashby’s Electric Krieger Farms Augusta Cooperative of Fairfield Lakeview Simmentals Augusta Insurance Agency, INC. Lindamood’s Farm Supply LLC. Battle Vue Farms Liskey Truck Sales Beam Bros. Farm Begoon Farm Long Farm LLC - Charlie Long Bartenslager Family M C Angus / Ashby Electric Blue Ridge Animal Clinic, P.C. M.C. Livestock, Tom McCall - Genex Blue Ridge Power Sports Martin Acres Brenda & Roy Rich Martin’s Native Lumber, INC. Brian Newman Livestock McHale Farms, Co-Owner of “Mojito” Brookwood Farms, John &Terri McCoy Meadowbrook Farm - Dennis Menefee Brown Cattle Co. Craig Brown Medical Center Pharmacy Buchanan Cattle Enterprises Mill Creek Farm Buck Chastain Misty Mountain Farms, Williams family Burch Hoof Trimming Muterspaugh Insurance Agency, Inc. Butler Farm, Todd Butler Mystic Hill Farm C&S Cattle Co., Chad & Sharon Barnett Napa Auto Parts of Woodstock Caldwell Show Cattle

Harrisonburg Auto Mall Meade West Vaco Corp. Pano’s Restaurant T.B. Pallet Teets Farm & B & J Angus Foltz’s Litter Service, Mathias, WVGreenbrier Cattle Co.Jeff Kaufman Harvester Farm - Johnson Family Huffman Trailer Sales Intervet / Schering Plough, Tony Brubaker Knight Cattle Company Maple Lawn Farms, Gene Iager Northern Va. Angus Ass. Scottsdale Show Supplies Shenandoah Animal Hospital Shreckhise Shrubbery Twisted Stitches Inc. Whitsel Bros. - John Deere Harrisonburg

Pete Hostetler, Pearson Livestock Equipment Carrousel Farms Holding, LLC. Piedmont Club Calf Sale - Kevin Diehl Cattle Visions Polaris, Bobby Bagley Cedar Creek Farm, The Bourne’s Poor House Angus, The Hall Family Champion Hill Prairie View Farm, Miller Family Chris Wojo Prime Time Agri-Marketing Network, Inc. Coldwater Creek Farm Purple Cow Road Farms, The Shifflett’s Coleman Sales, Paul Coleman Quaker Hill Farm Commonwealth Pig Classic, Dave Mullins Randy & Donna Kibler Farm Commonwealth Veterinary Clinic, PC Randy Mullenix Show Cattle / Widerman Livestock Enterprise Wehrmann Angus Hanson Cattle Company Werner Angus Hidden Creek Farm / Umbarger Feed West Airslie Farms, Scott & Kim Heslep Hussey’s Automotive Westwood Animal Hospital Ironsides Farm Willis Farms - Jeff Willis James River Equipment Willow Grove Farm, The Pattersons Jay Eustler Winchester Farmers Livestock Exchange JDH Cattle Services Winchester Southern States Jeff Miller Wise Club Calves Valley Poultry Goettemoeller Show Cattle Virginia Frame Builders Griswold Cattle Company Vita Ferm, Harry Coffman Green Pastures - Jim Eastep Weaver Halter’s Greenbrier Valley Livestock Market Oak Creek Farm Cambruzzi Club Calves P. Bradley & Sons. Rockbridge Farmers Co-op Creswell Farm Rocking R Hardware CSF Cattle Co. Rockingham Cooperative, Harrisonburg Deacon Cattle Rockingham Livestock Sales D&M Meats Rockingham New Holland, Inc. DAC Vitamins and Minerals Rockingham Petroleum Cooperative Inc. Dale Stith, Auctioneering Rocky Hollow Farm, Tommy Cline Daltons on the Sycamore, LLC. Shenandoah County 4H Livestock Club Dameron Angus Shenandoah Valley Simmentals David Brawing Slusher Cattle Co. Dayton Ag Complex Springwood Livestock Management Double J Livestock Buying Station Stertzback Cattle Co. Dwyer Cattle Services Stoneburner Inc. Ed Brown & John Hudson Strasburg Farm & Home (Southern States) Edwards Cattle Co. Sullivan Farms & Sullivan’s Show Supplies Farrer Brothers Show Cattle Stockyard Style Jewelry First Bank & Trust Stone Hill Construction Foggy Bottom Farm, Ray Howes T/A Red Wood Farm Fort Defiance High School FFA Terrace Farm, Chad Davis Front Royal Livestock Market Tom Simmons Family Full Day Enterprise Top Sires Gambles Angus, The Mier’s TX Enterprises Garber Farms Valley Implement Sales INC. Glenfield Farm Campbell Show Cattle Pat Johnson Travel Carper Cattle Co.

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Dwyer Cattle Services 740 26th Street Roseville IL 61473

VCCP Eastern Elite Production Sale  

VCCP Eastern Elite Production Sale Volume 1. January 28th 2012 at 7:00 pm in Harrisonburg, VA. Hosted by the Virginia Club Calf Producers

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