2011 Royal Edge Sale Catalog

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Sunday, January 9th, 2011 Sale begins at 1:00 PM (CST) LOCATION: Agricultural Learning Center 3200 Lucas St. Muscatine, IA 52761 ph: 563.263.2645 Located on Muscatine’s SW corner. AUCTIONEER / CONSULTANT: Jared Shipman – 806.983.7226 SALE STAFF: Sale Management Bob Dwyer – 309.337.1404 Nick Dwyer – 309.337.6404 Midwest Marketer Tom Rooney – 515.491.6025 Livestock Plus Mike Sorenson – 641.745.7949 Consultants Jim Suver – 402.690.7354 Scott Sandeen – 641.777.9153 Chad Holtkamp – 319.850.1563 Justin Sullivan – 601.540.1749 Greg Brown – 601.941.6913 Kevin Mears – 937.533.0169 Chris Beutler – 402.380.8244 Shannon Voegele – 605.750.0207 LODGING: Super 8 – 563.263.9100 Holiday Inn – 563.264.5550 AIR TRANSPORTATION: Quad City International Airport (MLI) Moline, IL – 309.764.9621 TRUCKING: Sam Harroun – 319.325.9389

Hello friends, We’ve again brought you our best, along with some very interesting lots from past Royal Edge customers, and we ask that if you have purchased from the Royal Edge and have something special to sell, please let us know. With this new year, we offer a new division. A superb set of maternal bred bulls, a few of which are serious promotional bulls. Also new this year, we welcome Dwyer Cattle Services as our sale management partner. Bob, Cathy, and Nick have been long time friends, and we look forward to working with them. Please do not hesitate to call any of the sale staff listed here, our management, or myself to discuss the cattle; we will give you our honest opinion. I have yet to receive anything but positive feedback from sight unseen purchases, that is regardless of buying off a picture, consultant, or myself. I’ve said for several years now that we picture these cattle ourselves, so if you like the photo, you will LOVE the cattle! We truly appreciate your interest and always look forward to your feedback. Your success is the barometer for our success. Happy Holidays, Willie Morris WILLIE MORRIS CATTLE

Willie, Leah, Beau and Maverick Morris ph: 319.269.0844 www.williemorriscattle.com - Visit our site to view videos!

BROADCAST: www.LiveAuctions.tv Brad Fahrmeier – 816.392.9241 CATALOG: Barb Scott, Bwell Dezyn www.bwelldezyn.com TERMS & CONDITIONS: posted on pg. 20 in back of catalog CONSIGNORS: TMJ Show Cattle, WI Spooner Cattle, WI 608.214.9748 Kane Show Cattle, IA 563.920.8323 George Davis, OH 740.632.4544 Greg Brown, MS 601.941.6913 Justin Sullivan, MS 601.540.1749 Brett Steere, IA 319.404.1257 Leon McNeilus, IA 319.240.9289 Brad McConahay, IA 641.344.9244 Jimmy James, OK 580.481.0955 Sam Harroun, IA 319.325.9389 DeLong Cattle Co, MI 989.551.4712 Josh Zook, IA 319.283.1013 Lonnie Sievers, IA 563.529.4972 Michael Greiner, IA 319.240.0727

First off, we would like to welcome each of you to the 2011 installment of the Royal Edge. I personally cannot think of a more exciting time to be involved in the cattle industry than right now. From the commercial cattleman to the show cattle producer, prices for cattle have never been better, and demand has never been higher. This is the time to put your herd in the right position to capitalize on the ever-growing demand for high quality seed stock. The cattle & genetics being offered to you on January 9th represent some of the freshest and most sought after cow families in the entire country. While this is our first year working this sale, it is not our first year working with Willie Morris & his valued consignors. We feel that when you view this year’s sale lineup you will truly be impressed with the depth of quality being offered. If we can be of any assistance to you and your operation feel free to give us a call, & we hope to see you in Muscatine, IA. DWYER CATTLE SERVICES

Bob 309.337.1404 Nick 309.337.6404 www.dwyercattle.com

Often when we sell a donor cow, people inevitably ask “why?” Well, I’ll beat you to the punch by first saying that we have a good

supply of eggs, and second, lack of intelligence - this decision literally makes my stomach ache. We sold a flush on Esther in our 2nd Royal Edge Sale for $4,000, as well as embryos privately going as high as $800/egg. Esther is the real deal; she’s unlike any PB Angus cow you’ll find. Massive feet and bone, chute stretching mass and power, while attractive and perfectly sound. To boot, Esther has a cool pedigree, as Legend females have made their mark, along with Emulation 5522 on the bottom side, which was EXT’s sire. Esther has also averaged 11 embryos per flush on 6 flushes, including 14 per flush on her last 3 flushes. WMCC would entertain promotional partnership on this great cow. PB ANGUS OCC Emblazon OCC Legend CRCC Esther Emulation 5522

AAA#15433669 BD: 2004

AI: Fat Butt 6/4 PE: Fat Butt 6/6 – 6/28

We flushed Esther to a couple of Angus bulls last spring, don’t know how you could go wrong with PB Esther’s out of the great Lutton or his son “Lut”, who’s gained his own reputation for stamping progeny with style and marketability.


Produced with Sexed Heifer Semen

We hope to get as many people as possible to experience “Fat Butt” babies. The ones I’ve seen thus far are crazy good, as well as great tempered! And I will definitely be following up on this one, as I truly believe it will be lights out for the smokin’ hot % Simmi rage. Recip is due 2/20/11 and is an 8 year old Nichol’s Legacy daughter.

Mamas Boy

Meyer 734

WAG Harietta WMCC Mama Massive OCC Legend CRCC Esther Emulation 5522

1/4 SIMMENTAL BD: Spring 2009 AI: Fat Butt 5/11

(Sexed Heifer Semen)

PE: Fat Butt 5/15 – 6/28

This 1/4 blood Simmental female is just as her name states, MASSIVE! We’re obviously committed to offering our best, and this one is evidence. Feminine through her neck and shoulder, explodes into a massive rib and belly, stout in her top and rear quarter, great on her feet and legs. Offering this female is another painful decision, but will be a serious opportunity for the lucky winning bidder.

BD: Spring 2009 - 1/2 SIMMENTAL PE: Fat Butt 5/15 – 6/28 PE: Mama’s Boy 6/28 – 8/1 Called due MB Early April

BD: Spring 2009 - 1/2 SIMMENTAL PE: Fat Butt 5/15 – 7/1 PE: Angus Bull 7/1 – 8/1 Called due FB Mid March


Meyer 734

Meyer 734 WMCC Esther 108 & 521 OCC Legend CRCC Esther Emulation 5522

These Climax daughters out of Esther are beautiful breds, and anyone that has had OCC influenced stock understands the power these two females will have as three year olds. Gorgeous front ends, sound, and athletic. These two will be tremendous cows and potential donors down the road. Buy these Esther daughters with extreme confidence.

Another foundation donor of our program. This female’s paid a lot of bills around here and is only for sale because she makes eggs

like Obama prints money! Bodie has averaged 21 eggs per flush in 4 flushes, including 31 her last flush. The picture pretty well tells the story; massive, realllllllllllly hairy, super sound, and attractive. She’s a changer. Bodie will moderate frame, make them attractive, hairy, sound, and really chubby. Her earnings here have amassed over $50,000, with progeny averaging just over $3,500/head. We’ve only used maternal bulls on her, and they’ve worked wonderfully, although, this one to clubby bulls would undoubtedly be dynamite. Here’s a great young female with a very bright future.

Drake Bravo

WLM Ms Bodacious

PB Angus

G&L Avalanche Red Top

1/2 SIMMENTAL ASA#2237385 - BD: 2004 AI: Warrant 5/12 PE: Fat Butt 5/15 – 8/1 Called due FB Early-Mid March

Imprint works great on those moderate, soft, cowier types. Bodie surely fits the bill! Can’t wait to see this mating at work. Recip is a 7 year old commercial Angus cow.

BD: Spring 2009 - 3/4 SIMMENTAL AI: Fat Butt 5/11

(Sexed Heifer Semen)

PE: Fat Butt 5/15 – 6/28 Called due Mid March

BD: Spring 2009 - 3/4 SIMMENTAL PE: Fat Butt 5/15 – 6/28 Called safe to observed breeding 6/5

BD: Spring 2009 - 3/4 SIMMENTAL PE: Fat Butt 5/15 – 6/28 Called safe to observed breeding 6/18


Meyer 734

Meyer 734 WMCC Ms Bodie 09, 028 & 091 G&L Avalanche Bodie Donor Red Top

Here are three super 3/4 bloods... Lots 7 and 8 are made much like their mama; sowy, hairy, great structure, and easy keeping. Lot 9 is made a little different, in that she’s freaky extended and angular in her design. I can’t wait to hear the calving reports on these three sisters. These Bodie daughters are some of our customer favorites as mama cows, and the Climax’s are proving to make wonderful cows as well.

Real-time bidding is available via the internet for this sale. Live audio and video will allow buyers to bid on animals just as if they were present at the sale. Please visit www. LiveAuctions.tv to create your account and request a buyer number. Buyers who would like to bid via the internet must register with www.LiveAuctions.tv at least 2 days prior to the sale. Instructions to walk you through the account setup process are available at www.LiveAuctions.tv. We hope this will accommodate anyone who is unable to attend our 4th Annual Royal Edge Sale in Muscatine, IA.

BD: 2005 - 1/4 SIMMENTAL AI: Hollywood 6/2 PE: None DHD Traveler 6807 OCC Anchor OCC Juanada 709V WMCC Sweet Pea Meyer 734 Silent Meyer Dictator

This is one hell of a cow. Just try to

poke a hole in her. Not only does she look good, but she has produced with every mating we’ve ever tried. Sweet Pea’s progeny have averaged $3,400, and this mating to Hollywood is likely her best match. Sweet Pea has been flushed 3 times, producing exactly 3 embryos each flush. Although, of the 9 embryos, she made 8 pregnancies. She sure could improve on volume; we just haven’t gotten aggressive with her drug protocol. If this was a registered cow, no way she’d leave the farm!

Mr MT Muhammed Nichols Julia F34 WMCC Sweet Muchacha OCC Anchor WMCC Sweet Pea Silent Meyer

BD: Spring 2009 - 1/2 SIMMENTAL AI: Fat Butt 5/11

(Sexed Heifer Semen)

PE: Fat Butt 5/15 – 6/28 Too Close to Call

You have to love this blaze faced beauty. Sleek fronted, super shouldered, massive in her rib shape, and great on her feet and legs. Just the right size to work in a variety of situations. If you’re making maternal or clubbies, this one’s the ticket. Take a look at her mama, you know what kind of cow you’re getting with this one.

BCHS Heat Seeker Ms Seeker Meyers Blacktop 206Y

BD: 2006 - 1/2 SIMMENTAL Guarantee to breed or flush.

A beautiful 1/2 blood Simmental cow. Heat Seeker’s command top dollar throughout the country, as they work wonderfully to produce show cattle. This one leaves the door wide open in terms of mating options, as she’s tested TH free. A cow this good selling in the prime of her life doesn’t present itself often, take advantage. Selling open purposely and ready to flush.

Meyer 734 GF Maximus Habanero/Sugar Ray Ms Maximus BCHS Heat Seeker Ms Seeker Meyers Blacktop 206Y

BD: Spring 2009 - 1/2 SIMMENTAL AI: Lautner’s Jesse James 6/8

(Total Solution son)

Much like her mother (Lot 12), this Maximus daughter exhibits traits very valuable to those wishing to produce show cattle. Bone, hair, muscle, and a beautiful blaze face. Didn’t work to get a pic of this female, but make sure to look her up sale week!

When first told of this bull, I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical, as his

pedigree was virtually unknown to the north country. But when I finally got the chance to see him in person, after a 14 hour trailer ride and fresh off the cows, I fell in love! You just will not find a bull of any breed that exhibits the structural integrity, bone, foot size, muscle, and style that “Fat Butt” exhibits. Plain and simple, this is the bull I’ve looked for since I started in this business. And I’ve yet to hear from anyone who’s thought him to be merely average in person. In fact, many astute cattlemen that I have no affiliation with, have gone out of their way to call and praise the bull. Fat Butt’s conventional semen is in high demand and low in inventory. Therefore, the decision was made to offer a very limited volume of 5ml sexed semen at auction. Fat Butt recently signed with ABS/ORIgen, as well as being available from Cattle Visions, SEK, Bovine Elite, & Stepping Stone.


TE McCredie FB Prime Cut X339U FB Cut Above GW Bright Lights Dillon’s Ms Pretty Woman Black Enhancer x Black Max/Buck

Offering 10 packages of 3 units.

PB SIMMENTAL - ASA#2491455 - BD: Spring 2009

AI: The Foreman 5/7

Nichols Legacy CNS Dream On Franchise Flying B Dream Woman GW Bright Light Dillons Ms Pretty Woman Black Enhancer x Black Max/Buck

I can honestly say that I’ve never found a Dream On daughter with more power than this girl. What’s more, she exhibits amazing femininity & elegance. If you seek a top flight donor with a pedigree and phenotype recognizable to all, here’s the female for the job. She’s entered to show in Denver at the NWSS, and Flying B Simmentals would be glad to show this female for you. Seller retains the right to 1 successful flush with a minimum of 6 embryos on this female. Offered with Greg Brown.



JJ Email JJ Black Obsession BI High Gain

Obsession is the dam of $54,000 KLS Diamond, the 2010 Jr. National Champion purebred shown by the Bloomberg family, now owned by Kroupa & Jones Show Cattle. This pregnancy & embryo package to Fat Butt will be the only offering of this mating this year. If you get a heifer, you’ll have to hire a secretary to handle your calls, if you get a bull, you have a herd improver everyone will know about! A great opportunity. Recip is a Trademark daughter with her 2nd calf due 5/8/11. Offered with Spooner Cattle.

Meyer 734 Meyer 50 Blackwitch 2100

The Meyer 50 donor is awful easy on the eyes and has a time tested, proven pedigree. An own daughter of the famous club calf mama Hara’s Blackwitch 2100 and sired by Meyer 734. An outstanding opportunity to tie onto genetics that produce with the very best in the club calf business. Offered with Double J Club Calves.

BD: Fall 2008 1/2 SIMMENTAL AI: Fat Butt 5/24

Meyer 734


Taz FAWL Terri

A crazy opportunity to latch on to genetics invaluable to the club calf industry. This Meyer daughter is by Heat Wave’s own dam. Her progeny will bring instant credibility to your brand. An awesome female with a club calf producing pedigree 2nd to none! Where else in the country are these types of possibilities available? This obvious future donor will gain in value each day you own her. THF, PHF. Offered with Royal Edge customer George Davis, along with Max Fawley.

BD: Spring 2009 AI: Fat Butt 5/27

Steel Force

Ms Force


PE: Sun Power 6/15 – 8/1

Dream On Black Joker

Leachman Explorer Dameron Proven Queen 216 Proven Queen

A superb Steel Force daughter by the same “Proven Queen” family that produced Dameron Raptor. This Steel Force daughter exhibits more size, muscle, hair, and bone than that of the Steel Force’s I’ve been exposed to, as well as a very marketable pedigree. Another female that will only build value each and every day you own her. Offered with George Davis.

BD: Spring 2009 AI: Fat Butt 5/28


PE: Spoiled Brat 6/15 – 8/1

Dream On SVF Star Power HC Powerdrive Ms Desiree Draftpick Pannell Dora Angus

This female didn’t cooperate picture day, but be sure to check her video out on williemorriscattle.com. Strictly from a phenotype standpoint, this is a freak! MONSTER bone, super stout and hairy, cool necked, great footed, & a baldy to boot. Every visitor I had this fall, picked her out, and all claimed this to be the best Star Power to walk - I’d agree. To boot, this female’s dam is a full sister to Ms Pannell 4072, one of the Maine breed’s most prolific cows, as she’s the dam to the great Ice Pick, BK Navajo, BK Power Plus, & BK Intense Plus. Club calf producers take note here, this smokin’ Simmi x Maine female is a PHA carrier. We’ll definitely be hearing from her down the road! Offered with George Davis.

BD: Spring 2009 - 1/2 SIMMENTAL

AI: Fat Butt 5/12 (Sexed Heifer) PE: Fat Butt 5/15 – 6/28 Too Close to Call OCC Genesis Duff New Look OCC 814G WMCC Ms Looky Here Goldmine Golden Girl Black Joker

Whoa! “Looky Here” is easy to love for her unique combination of muscle shape, bone work, mass, and femininity. This is the first daughter of the donor we call “Goldy” to sell at public auction, but definitely won’t be the last. “Goldy” stamps her progeny with style, volume, and structural integrity. Quite possibly the best donor cow prospect in the sale.

BD: Spring 2009 - PB SIMMENTAL AI: Dream Catcher 6/20

3C Macho

WMCC Bertha’s Edge

Ms Bertha

Meyer 734 Leachman 600U DJ Salute Bertha 6G

Double bred Meyer and a Bertha 6G granddaughter. If you miss this one sale day, call an optometrist. Super cool in her design, correct in her bone work, massive hipped, and stout. You just don’t find Purebred Simmi’s like this!

BD: Spring 2009 - PB SIMMENTAL AI: Ali 5/30

Meyer 734

WMCC Ms Bertha 69W Meyers Redtop Bertha 6G Black Advantage

This will be the last Meyer to sell out of the great Bertha cow, and she’s a really good one at that. Cool in her design, extended front 1/3, super sound and hairy, as well as having a white snip on her nose. Truly a money making lady in this lot. Look her up sale day, you’ll be glad you did. Bred to have a double registered Ali baby this spring.


WMCC Ms Bertha 6W

Bertha 6G

Meyer 734 Meyer 734 Meyers Redtop

PB SIMMENTAL BD: Spring 2009

AI: Fat Butt 5/12 (Sexed Heifer) PE: Fat Butt 5/15 – 6/28

Black Advantage

Bertha’s career is now over, but her legacy will live on with females like this. Not to mention, Climax on the top side of her pedigree, who is proving to be a superior female producer in his own right. In fact, if you enjoy Meyer 734’s, you’ll love Climax’s - as they’re softer, more moderate, and stouter. This PB Bertha daughter is slated to start her career with a Fat Butt heifer calf. I get several calls asking which heifer to buy - time after time, I recommend a Bertha daughter... any Bertha daughter. They flat out produce, breed back, & make $! Don’t say I didn’t tell you so here.


WMCC Clarice

Bertha 6G

Meyer 734 Meyer 734 Meyers Redtop

PB SIMMENTAL BD: Spring 2009

PE: Mama’s Boy 5/15 – 6/28 PE: Angus Bull 6/28 – 8/1

Black Advantage

This is the youngest female in the sale, plus this female’s recipient mother was a first calf heifer. A Bertha daughter that will be worth every penny she brings on sale day.


Meyer 734

Meyer 734 WMCC Ms Climax 64W OCC Legend Commercial Angus Angus

1/2 SIMMENTAL BD: Spring 2009

PE: Mama’s Boy 5/22 – 6/28 PE: Angus Bull 6/28 – 8/1

A Climax female with a bright future. She’s bound to make a good cow.

OCC Emblazon OCC Legend

WMCC Legendary 61W Meyers Redtop Bertha 6G Black Advantage

1/2 SIMMENTAL BD: Spring 2009

AI: Fat Butt 5/11 (Sexed Heifer) PE: Fat Butt 5/15 – 6/28 Too Close to Call

I’ve written about these Bertha daughters over and over. Don’t miss this opportunity. While “Legendary” is impressive in terms of phenotype, this female will out produce herself many times over, just as the Bertha daughters before her have done.


Meyer 734

3/4 SIMMENTAL BD: Spring 2009

Meyer 734 AI: Fat Butt 5/11 (Sexed Heifer) WMCC Rita’s Revenge PE: Fat Butt 5/15 – 6/28 Drake Bravo LTS Rita OSU Ransom/OCC Anchor

Rita’s Revenge is a daughter of a beautiful donor we sold in last year’s Foundation Female Sale. Rope necked, perfect leg set and structure, big bellied, and just flat out good. Bred up to this year’s sensation and total outcross “Fat Butt” for a purebred heifer calf.


Meyer 734

Meyer 734 WMCC Ms Climax 8W OCC Anchor Ms Anchor Strictly Business

1/2 SIMMENTAL BD: Spring 2009 AI: Ali 6/6

Moderate, soft, and angular in her type. The Climax daughters are everything I expected, much like 734’s, although more moderate with better feet and legs, all in a softer package. This one’s no different, and the Meyer x Anchor mating is legendary.



Ms Meyer

DJ Salute Angus

Dream On SVF Star Power HC Powerdrive BM Ms Power

1/2 SIMMENTAL BD: Spring 2009

AI: OCC Priority 5/11

Conneally Dateline

A sound, cowy, big legged, hairy, maternal looking Star Power daughter. My good friend Brad always brings me a couple real nice breds.

1/4 SIMMENTAL BD: Spring 2009

AI: OCC Legend 5/10

Meyer son Angus

An up headed SOS daughter with great structure, style, and excellent hair. What a mama cow she’ll make! Not a great photo, but you’ll want to find this one on sale day.

Mamas Boy

Meyer 734

WAG Harietta WMCC Ms Maddam GF Maximus Ms Max Dream On

1/2 SIMMENTAL BD: Spring 2009

AI: Fat Butt 5/10 (Sexed Heifer) PE: Fat Butt 5/15 – 6/28

This group of bred heifers is very uniform in type and kind. Which makes it that much easier to miss a couple that don’t take a good picture. I warn you, do not strictly judge these cattle by their photos, because one like this will slip through the cracks. I sound like a broken record, but this female is high volume, great patterned, super haired, and bred to be an awesome mama cow.

CNS Dream On

WMCC Dream Big

Ms Meyer

1/2 SIMMENTAL BD: Spring 2009

AI: Witch Doctor 6/29 Meyer 734 Treinen’s TJ

Not often do you find a Dream On with this much bone, hair, and overall goodness. You can’t make ‘em much better than this. An absolute money making pedigree and even better phenotype. Dream On x Meyer = $$$$$!

Shock & Awe

3/4 Simmental

3/4 SIMMENTAL BD: Spring 2009

AI: Entourage 4/18

1/2 Simmental

A female that you’re sure to appreciate for her overall completeness and flawless design.

PB SIMMENTAL BD: Spring 2009

SAS Sweet Meat DS Ms Meat GW Twenty Four-Seven

AI: Fat Butt 5/7

Here’s a very attractive Sweet Meat female, and she will make an excellent purebred addition to your herd.

BC Lookout DS Lookout Dream On

1/2 SIMMENTAL BD: Spring 2009

PE: KLS Wicked 5/4

ASA#2515810 - PB Bull Climax x Silverstone Bad Habit (Champion Bull at WI State Fair)

Great female with a great pedigree. I absolutely love the Lookout daughters; cool in their design, stout in their makeup, moderate in frame, and seem to make superb mothers!

GCC Grizz

WMCC Ms Grizz

1/4 SIMMENTAL BD: Spring 2009

AI: Who Made Who 6/29

Meyer 734

If you appreciate functional made, well bred cattle, then here you go. This kind will make you money every year. And a Who baby could easily erase any debt owed on this cow.

BD: Spring 2009

BC Lookout BD Lookout Mr Meyer

AI: Built Right 6/22 (Sexed Heifer)

Great phenotype, cool fronted, hairy, soft middle. Bred to have a 1/2 blood Simmi heifer calf. You’ll love this one on sale day, and even more each day you own her.

BD: Spring 2009

Plainview Lutton

AI: Mama’s Boy 5/8

TK Ms Lut

Black Joker/G&L Avalanche

Lut daughters are proving their worth as tremendous cows, stamping their progeny with added style & soundness. You’ll adore this female for her annual contribution to your herd. She will work great with Mama’s Boy.

EXAR Lutton

WMCC Ms Lutton


1/2 SIMMENTAL BD: Spring 2009

AI: Mama’s Boy 5/15 (Sexed Heifer) PE: Mama’s Boy 5/22 – 6/25 PE: Angus Bull 6/25 – 8/1

Another one bred for success. This female’s dam was a money makin’ machine, averaging over $4,500/head. I remember a very successful cattleman once telling me, “Always buy the females with the best producing mamas, they’ll generally follow in the cow’s footsteps.” This one would definitely fall into that category.

DHD Traveler 6807 1/4 SIMMENTAL OCC Anchor BD: Spring 2009 OCC Juanada 709V AI: Fat Butt 5/11 (Sexed Heifer) WMCC Sweet Tea PE: Fat Butt 5/15 – 6/28 Meyer 734 Silent Meyer Dictator

We had to attempt to make another “Sweet Pea” (selling as Lot 10). Made much like her full sister, Sweet Pea, Sweet Tea brings great value to the table. Moderate in frame, soft and sowy, yet angular and extended. These Simm x Angus cross cattle offer so much in terms of versatility. Make maternal stock or club calves, this kind flat work their butt off, stay in great shape, and make $.

Duff Basic Impact

BD: Spring 2009

AI: Mama’s Boy 6/4

TK Ms Impact

Dr Who/Frosty

A maintenance free type female with added style & maternal prowess.

Dameron Raptor

WM Ms Raptor

Bush’s Absolute Power

PB ANGUS BD: Spring 2009

AI: Fat Butt 5/11 (Sexed Heifer) PE: Fat Butt 5/15 – 6/28 Called due Mid March PE: Angus Bull 6/28 – 8/1

This Raptor daughter is out of a donor cow with a great track record for generating money and success. You’ll appreciate this female for her volume, muscle mass, bone, hair, and structural correctness. Good luck finding a purebred Angus female with this much power and goodness anywhere.

E&B 6807

WMCC Ms No Joke OCC Joker

DHD Traveler 6807

PB ANGUS BD: Spring 2009

PE: Fat Butt 5/15 – 6/28 Called due Mid March PE: Angus Bull 6/28 – 8/1

This female’s dam was a $5,500 purchase of Julie Maggart in last year’s Royal Edge. What a cow she was, and what a cow this daughter will be. Exhibiting many similar traits as her awesome dam; cool necked, huge bodied, and super correct. Anyone who’s played with this OCC stuff understands how much these females change as 3-4 year olds. In other words, if you like her now, you’ll absolutely love her in 2 years. My bet is she pretty well pays for herself with her first Fat Butt baby.

Dr Who

BD: Spring 2009

Who Made Who

AI: Witch Dr. 7/19

Witch Dr. Sull Ms Nurses Aide Troy PB Charolais PB Charolais

While at the NAILE in Louisville this fall, I came across this female. She’s one of the best Dr Who’s I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate. Apparently the judge agreed, she was Division Champ at the NAILE. If you seek a maternal oriented smoke with a “smoking” pedigree to boot, look this beast up on sale day!


JZ Ms Alias

Hoo Doo Who Made Who

BD: Spring 2009

AI: Northern Improvement 5/25

Kruggerand B&U Georgina Century Touchstone

Wowza! I don’t care what color she is -- yellow, green, or hot pink -she’s damn good. Massive in dimension, huge bone, hairy, and cool. And yes, as an Alias, I should mention, VERY sound.

Dr Don Diego

BD Ms Diego

PB CHAROLAIS BD: Spring 2009 AI: Cigar 6/26

LT Unlimited Ease 9108

A real special treat here. A purebred Charolais heifer that’s stout in her bone, moderate in frame, and uncommonly good haired for her breed. What a cow she’ll make, and a Cigar baby on the way!

TC Freedom

BD: Spring 2009

AI: Built Right 5/7 (Sexed Heifer)

BD Ms Freedom

Witch Dr /Coldwar

A moderate, massive female from a great cow family. Due to have a Built Right heifer calf this winter.

3C Macho

Meyer 734

Leachman 600U BM Ms Macho Who Made Who

1/4 SIMMENTAL BD: Spring 2009 AI: Fat Butt 5/19

Club calf producers take note here. This Macho daughter’s dam by Who Made Who just doesn’t miss! Deep bodied, stout in her bone, & muscle. Awaiting her Fat Butt baby this winter will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Who Made Who

BD: Spring 2009

Bred: Frye Dirty Hairy Son 6/9

LS Who Wants Me

Meyer 734

A beautiful baldy heifer here that is really sound and good haired for a clean bred heifer. She is bred to the high-selling bull from the 2009 Frye/Treinen Sale.

Meyer 734 GF Maximus Habanero LS Ms Partisover Full Flush Kroupa Ms Partisover Angus

1/4 SIMMENTAL BD: Spring 2009

AI: Doc 5/10 PE: Frye Dirty Hairy Son

The dam of this heifer is the donor cow that Dr. Phil Reemstma owns that came from Greg Kroupa and was successfully shown by Brittany Friest in 2003. She was Supreme Champion Female at the ‘03 Badger Kickoff, as well as Champion Commercial & 5th Overall at the Iowa Beef Expo.

Pitch Black

LS Ms Pitch Black

Dr Who

Meyer 734 Angus

BD: Spring 2009

AI: Doc 5/10 PE: Frye Dirty Hairy Son

Who Made Who Witch Dr.

Here is a very nice heifer that’s good haired with shaggy ears. Bred to make females, but will also work well in the club calf world.


Who Made Who

Total Play LS Ms Hannibal Meyer 734 Ms 734 Angus

BD: Spring 2009

AI: Doc 5/12 PE: Frye Dirty Hairy Son

A beautiful blaze face Hannibal daughter. This is the kind that works well with the Doc bull.

Heat Wave Frye Invincible Frye 602 WMCC Ms Invincible Who Made Who Ms Who Angus

BD: Spring 2009

AI: Ringer 5/11 PE: Angus Bull 5/15 – 8/1

Not often do we offer Heat Wave influenced breds. But, these females exhibit structural integrity, are of adequate frame, and are out of super cows.

Red Hot

Heat Wave

Comm. WMCC Ms Red Hot Full Throttle Full Flush Angus

BD: Spring 2009

AI: Ringer 5/11 PE: Angus Bull 5/15 – 8/1

And the same goes for offering club calf breds. We make an exception for females like this; structurally correct, adequate in frame size, and out of an awesome mama!

Mama’s Boy

TK Ms Mama Time

Ms Bling

Meyer 734 WAG Harietta

1/4 SIMMENTAL BD: Fall 2008 AI: Ringer 5/12

About Time Hair Donor

Super freaky! Rope necked, big bellied, and sound. Her dam is an amazing looking About Time x Hair, whose eggs we sold to the late Chris Cummings in last year’s sale for $900/egg.

Cowan’s Ali Rocky Balboa Who Made Who BD Ms Adrianne

BD: Spring 2009

AI: Built Right 4/25

(Sexed Heifer)

SAV Traveler 004

Not often do you find a female straight bred for calving ease with this much power! Moderate in frame, hairy, and sure to be a great cow with Who, Ali, & 004 in her pedigree.

Purple Milsap

WMCC Ms Mahogany

Mossy Oak

BD: Spring 2009

AI: Carpe Diem 5/14 PE: Fat Butt 5/15 – 6/28 PE: Angus Bull 6/28 – 8/1 Too Close to Call between Carpe Diem and Fat Butt

This one is a little different. Out of the Purple Milsap Hereford bull and a really good Mossy Oak cow. If you wish to raise steers, this one is bred and made right. She’s soft, good boned, hairy, and colored just like a Hereford.

Full Throttle

Ms Throttle

BD: 2004

AI: Walks on Water 5/27 PE: Fat Butt 5/30 – 6/28


They don’t get much better pedigreed to make clubby mamas than this. Bred up to the hot new Heat Wave son, Walks on Water! Wonderful mature cow here.

Sun Seeker

BD: Spring 2009 AI: Mama’s Boy

Ms Sun Seeker


A sowy hairball, destined to make a great cow. Truly a big pet, and she’s already broke to lead. Enjoy!

BD: 3/12/10

Yellow Jacket

Silver Jacket

3C Macho/Angus

Where do you start? This is the real deal! As good a Yellow Jacket as I’ve had the pleasure of analyzing. Massive in his bone work,

stout as you can make one, whale tailed, sound, & better haired and necked than the YJ’s I’ve been exposed to. On top of his phenotype, is a tremendous pedigree - out of a tremendous Macho cow bought in our 2009 Royal Edge Sale. This guy needs to be promoted, and we’d love to do so with you. Seller retains a 1/4 semen interest. If buyer wishes, we’d be more than happy to assist in the promotion of this stud. Please inquire further with Willie. Selling with the Kane Family.

BD: 2/20/10

BW: 72


Who Made Who

WMCC Who Rah

GF Maximus x Bertha 6G (Red Top)

This super exciting maternal sire is just as he appears. Yak haired, geek necked, and soft with the soundness and hip you generally don’t get from Who, as well as a big ‘ol badonkadonk. Not only is he a phenotypical sight to behold, but his dam is one of my favorite breds from the 2010 Royal Edge, a cow we named Panda. We guarantee you’ll hear much more from this Maximus daughter. A good friend and a great listener, George Davis of Ohio, was the lucky bidder at only $3,800. Remember what I wrote about the Bertha daughters? A tremendous calving ease, maternal semen sire prospect here. If buyer wishes, we’d be more than happy to assist in the promotion of Who Rah. Please inquire further with Willie. Selling with George Davis.

BD: 3/10

BW: 75



Who Made Who

3C Macho / OCC Anchor

Yet another bull from a Royal Edge female, a 1st calf Macho female. This Who Made Who son is super stout, good boned, and moderate with that killer blaze face we all desire! Wasn’t available to picture by deadline, so please stay tuned to williemorriscattle.com for video and picture updates.

BD: 1/20/10

BW: 70

Mamas Boy

WMCC Mr Sleep Easy

Sweet Pea


BW: 74



Meyer 734 GF Maximus Habanero Mr Maternal DHD Traveler 6807 Ms Bertha 6807 PSF Bertha 6G (Red Top)

BS Who Dunit

BD: 2/20/10

A herd sire has more effect & influence in a breeding program than any other input. Can you imagine the females this guy’ll produce? Not only will they excel from a phenotypical standpoint, but with the time tested maternal legends littering his pedigree (Meyer 734, Maximus, Red Top, 6807) this is an absolute no brainer! Hairy, good bone, cool necked, and stout. He should have been pictured, but hope to video pre-sale.


Meyer 734 WAG Harietta OCC Anchor Silent Meyer

You have to love this kind. Sow bellied, cool necked, stout, and hairy. Turn this one out on heifers with confidence, and expect tremendous females with a dam like his (selling as Lot 10). I have seen far worse promoted and collected!

BD: 2/8/10

BW: 78 ET



OCC Emblazon OCC Legend OCC Gladiator WMCC Mr Dignitary Red Top PSF Bertha 6G Black Advantage

The influence of this guy on a breeding, club calf, or commercial stock herd is extraordinary. He possesses superb style, excels in his muscle and shape, and is great on his feet and legs while moderate in frame. Daughters would make tremendous replacements. Use on heifers with high confidence.

BD: 2/18/10

BW: 91

GF Maximus

WMCC Xavier

Dixie Erica



Meyer 734 Habanero DJ Salute OCC Anchor

Extended, hairy, and big boned with more than enough muscle. He will make wonderful females and steer mates that look the part and weigh up. You have to love this kind, and one look at his dam will make you a believer.

BD: 2/12/10

BW: 84




Meyer 734

Meyer 734 WMCC And One Goldmine Golden Girl Black Joker

A really cool purebred baldy bull. His dam we tabbed “Goldy” is a very good Goldmine x Black Joker cow. This guy will work in a variety of scenarios - and work well.

BD: 3/10

BW: 86 3C Klikker

Mr Klikker Draft Pick


BD: 9/15/09

Meyer 734


BW: 72


Duff Basic Instinct

LM Dark Knight

A super Klikker son out of Kroupa N54, a full sister to the Immortal 22F cow of Dr. Mimm’s in Hereford, TX. Club calf producers take special note here... a clubby replacement phenom!


EXAR Pitboss

What a herd bull prospect. This guy’s dam is a cow I picked out for my good friend Leon McNeilus from Dwyer’s fall sale. He’s since flushed her and rightfully so. This Basic Instinct son is massive in terms of his type, yet moderate in frame, super sound, & easy keeping to say the least. I don’t care whether you sell your calves at the sale barn, raise breeding stock or club calves, or just want to improve your herd, this guy’s got what it takes.


Very little left, so get it while you can! (Meyer 734 x Cunia)


TERMS OF SALE: Cash or Check. NO CATTLE TO LEAVE PREMISES WITHOUT FULL SETTLEMENT, UNLESS PREVIOUS ARRANGEMENTS ARE MADE. The title to livestock shall not pass until all funds are cleared. We ask that new buyers provide bank letter of credit. BIDDING: All animals will sell to the highest bidder. Any challenges or disputes regarding bids will be settled by the auctioneer whose decision will be final. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Announcements from the auction block will take precedence over any printed material. CONTRACT: The above Terms and Conditions of this sale shall constitute a contract between buyer and seller and be equally binding on both. Animals that are resold following the sale shall constitute a separate transaction and the rights and obligations of the two parties connected thereto are not covered by these Terms and Conditions. TRUCKING: All trucking, pricing, and trucking fees are the responsibility of the buyer, but we will help you with coordinating loads. LIABILITIES: Although accidents at livestock sales seldom occur, everyone attending this sale does so at their own risk. The owner and employees of WMCC and the Muscatine Ag Learning Center assume no liability, legal or otherwise, in the event of an accident, bodily injury, or loss of property. HEALTH: Every animal in this sale, to the best of our knowledge, is healthy and eligible for interstate shipment.


BREEDING GUARANTEE: All females sold under the conditions “safe in calf” have been pregnancy checked by a licensed veterinarian and sell with no further guarantee. BREEDING DATES: We have highlighted the sire to which the veterinarian, to the best of his ability, has determined the animal bred to. However, we cannot guarantee they will calve from this mating. Seldom are our veterinarians off. REGISTRATION CERTIFICATES: Supplied on eligible animals upon request on the sales slip at time of settlement or within 30 days. Animals eligible for registration must be requested at time of payment with your Association number, or name, address, and phone of desired applicant. Animals selling for less than $2,000 will be eligible for registration at buyer’s expense. EMBRYO TERMS: All Embryos are guaranteed to be of their respective mating described herein. All embryos sold in packages of three. Pregnancy rate or Guarantee thereof shall be One pregnancy per Three embryos transferred. If a 90 day pregnancy is not realized after transfer by a Certified Embryologist of all three embryos within one year from the date of purchase, the buyer will be allocated one more embryo if available. If no embryo or satisfactory mating is available, the buyer will receive a refund equal to the value of one embryo based on the sale price. This will then fulfill the obligation, and no further guarantees shall exist. All of the Embryos will be Grades 1 or 2. SEXED SEMEN: Sexed Semen is not 100% accurate; therefore the gender of a resulting offspring cannot and will not be guaranteed. In our experience the results are near 90%.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season & truly appreciate your continued support of the Royal Edge. - the Willie Morris family