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BACKYARD BOOKLET The ‘Backyard Booklet’ was a response to a brief that involved creating a booklet for an exhibition about an Australian icon. This exhibition focuses on the nostalgia of childhood, growing up in and around the Melbourne suburbs. To avoid pigeonholing any particular experience of the audience, I made sure that there was a varied spectrum of different yards, hoping to grab each viewer’s attention at a different period in the booklet. Some of the backyards are in the lower socio-economic range, and they extend all the way up the higher end of the scale. In order to keep the booklet interesting, I found it necessary to deliver a very photographic aesthetic. This aesthetic features a minimal palette, using duotones and monochromes for most of the photographs. The booklet was perfect bound, on a matte stock, with the price-tag of just under ten dollars kept in mind during the printing process. This ensured quality, yet succint and realistic costs during production.



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