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The Museum of Modern Oddities stationary brief consisted of an unusual approach to a simple problem. The stationary was produced in such a way to reflect the ‘Nepenthes’ exhibition being shown, an exhibition taking inspiration from observation of carnivorous plants. This meant for me to look straight to nature, gardening and landscaping. My solution was rustic and organic. The logotype was produced in form of a lino-cut, and this was branded across every page and envelope. The business cards are double sided, and vary from a series of five. Each colour depicts a different position, or faculty in the museum, and thus each person is coded accordingly. The cards also double as a plant tag, and can be placed into soil with their pointed tip, into a desk pot plant, increasing the visibility of the card, and adding functionality. The stationary set all folds into the original square shape and size of the envelope, so any posters and letterheads follow this structure. The business card series, letter head, promotional poster, advertising flyer and containing envelopes were produced.



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