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Got ranked? Now get noticed.

Top Originators Media Kit from Scotsman Guide

Maximize the rewards of being a Top Originator.

Let your work shine. You worked hard all last year to close as many loans as possible, for as many clients as possible. That effort paid off, and you’ve been recognized as a Scotsman Guide Top Originator. Now what? Now you need to spread the word that your work has earned you the distinction of being named one of the nation’s top producers. And we’re here to help. The following pages will give you ideas and examples of ways to leverage your 2011 rankings, from press releases and business cards to websites and social networking. You’ve done the hard work of becoming a Top Originator, now you just need to reap the benefits of marketing yourself as one.

Get press.

Get a free customizable press release. It’s not just about marketing, it’s about good public relations. We’re giving everyone who made the list a free press-release template to spread the word about their accomplishments. It’s simple. Just fill in your name, company name and any pertinent facts (ranked #4 in Most Loans Closed or #8 in FHA Volume, etc.), and you’re done. Then you simply send it out – to local media outlets, websites, clients or anyone else you want to know about your work.

Personalize the press release template to your company.

Let them know you are a verified top producer with the logo that says it all.

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Online opportunity.

Send prospects online to your digital reprints. Post your electronic reprint of the Top Originators rankings online, and send it out to prospects so they know the kind of originator you are. You can use the reprint as a PDF or you can make an Issuu of your Top Originator rankings with customized information. Issuu and similar websites offer many of these services for free – and it’s easy to do.

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Use your electronic reprints to let prospective clients know about your work. Customized rankings offer an impressive glance at all that you’ve accomplished.

Be social.

Make the most of your networks. With more and more companies and originators connecting to clients through social media, be sure to leverage your Top Originator status in this realm, as well. Link to the Top Originators rankings online and use the Top Producer logo on your LinkedIn profile, your Facebook page or any social networking site. What’s not to like about being one of the top-producing originators in the nation?

Keep your marketing consistent and show off your Top Originator status online through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

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Online and on top.

Have questions? Contact us at Let visitors know you are a verified top producer with the logo that says it all.

Let visitors know you’re a Top Originator. Your web page is the first place potential clients and colleagues go to find out more about you. Let them know you are a Top Originator at a glance by using the Top Producer logo on your website. This symbol tells everyone that you’re one of the best mortgage professionals out there.

Sign off with a flourish.

Send a message with the Top Originator logo. Make your hard work pay off with each e-mail you send.

Make your signature work for you. So much of your interaction with clients and colleagues is via e-mail today. Make your message stand out by including your Top Originator logo with your e-mail signature. This lets everyone know that you’re one of the top mortgage professionals in the business today.

Are you a repeat Top Originator? Flaunt it, and include logos from each year that you’ve been ranked. The only thing harder than making the list is making it year after year. Let everyone know what you’ve accomplished.

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Push print.

Show off your accomplishments to everyone you meet. Add the Top Producer logo to business cards, letterhead and more to maximize the effect of being named one of the nation’s top mortgage originators.

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Add to your print presence. By adding the Top Originator logo to your printed materials – from business cards to letterhead and promotional mailings – you let readers know that they are dealing with one of the top producers in the country. Our verified Top Producer logo is optimized for print and ready to be added to anything you want to put on paper.

Questions? Contact us. If you’re interested in making the most of your Top Originators rankings, contact us for more information on purchasing logos, electronic reprints and customized reprints.

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2011 Top Originators Media Kit  

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