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David Pope Portfolio

Selected and exhibited as entrant for the AIA First Degree Design award Shortlisted into the top ten projects for the RIBA Bronze Medal Exhibited in the Student Works section of the Sydney Architecture Festival at Customs House

Software Modelling: Rhino Rendering: Maxwell Visualisation: Photoshop

St Annes Church Performance Space

Long Section through St Annes

The reception area on the ground floor and ammenities block on the first floor

Perspective showing the suspended stage

The reception area, with limited palette of materials and precise detailing to respect and communicate with the existing church vault

First floor showing the amenities block

View up the suspended bridge

The weight placed on each segment of the bridge translates its load to a skylight in the roof

The openings stream light into the interior of the building

Working jig to explain how the weight on the bridge translates to the openings in the ceiling

Suspended stage

Access to the ground floor is achieved through an elevator located in the centre of the stage

Physical Model

Detail sections

Software Scripting: Grasshopper Modelling: Rhino Rendering: MentalRay Post-Processing: Photoshop

Proposal for Sculture By The Sea

Software Modelling: ArchiCAD Rendering: ArchiCAD Post-Processing: Photoshop

Woolloomoolloo Housing Project

Site Analysis

Sectional Perspective

Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Software Modelling: Revit Rendering: Revit Post-Processing: Photoshop

Scouts Clubhouse, Burwood

Site Analysis

Elevations and Section

Environmental Analysis

Interior perspective



David Pope Email: Phone: 0407 542 393

Portfolio for David Pope  

Recent projects showing my abilities with various design programs

Portfolio for David Pope  

Recent projects showing my abilities with various design programs