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Strategic Planning Templates Mission What is our purpose? Values What will govern us? Vision What will we become? Five Year Objectives What is our clear finish line?

Build the Core Customers Define and prioritize market segments based on demand & competitive advantage




Of Offerings f er ing Specify the new or enhanced s product and services offerings. Outline a plan for the development or purchase of those offerings

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ses ces

People & Culture Outline the talents, passions and cultural strengths to be leveraged to achieve the vision and objectives


Competition Describe the competition's strategies, strengths, and weaknesses

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Processes & Structures Determine how the processes and structures should be engineered to achieve objectives


Financial Analysis Determine if financial objectives can meet offering plans

First-Year Planning Develop an action plan for next twelve months to implement the strategies and meet the objectives Align Talents & Passions Understand and align the talents and passions of associates with the plans and objectives


Cascade the Mission, Vision and Objectives Translate, align and cascade the mission, vision and objectives to all levels and among all units Empower and Create Positive Accountability Establish empowerment, reviews, tracking and positive accountability Communicate Listen, involve, celebrate, and share lessons learned


Desired Results

Strategic Business Unit _____________________

Date Prepared:

Unit _____________________________________



Strategic Planning Template  

Template to help people through a robust strategic planning process

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