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How To Use Snake Cameras DESCRIPTION: Snake cameras, also known as fiber scopes, are flexible fiber optic bundles with an eyepiece at one end and a lens at the other. The eyepiece is sometimes connected to a digital camera and most have a light to illuminate whatever is being inspected. ARTICLE: There are multiple uses for a snake camera. A very versatile tool, it is used in many settings for a multitude of applications: Construction: These cameras inspect sewer drains, locate plumbing, electrical contacts or connections, view inside walls, and test, measure and locate utilities. They are vital in home inspections. The tubes on these cameras need to be semi-flexible, waterproof and illuminated. Industrial and Automotive: Manufacturers utilize snakes in non-destructive testing to search for defects in products as well as quality control measures. Automotive inspections use cameras to view valves, motors, radiators and hard to reach places. Articulating cameras are best for these purposes, with low light illumination and a flexible video probe. Medical and Dental: Medical and dental professionals use these cameras to diagnose and treat disease inside the body rather than, or prior to, performing invasive surgery. Snake cameras used for medical and dental purposes are called endoscopes and are wireless, waterproof, very soft and flexible, contain an internal light source and capture images and video. Many endoscopes used for medical purposes are disposable. Environmental: A snake cam is a secure way to observe wildlife, whether in their natural setting or a zoo or refuge. These cameras offer a long battery life, swivel capabilities and protective covers from the elements. Public Safety and Security: Cameras are used by law enforcement and the military and are vital to public security measures on vehicles, cargo shipments or military fighting equipment. These inspection cameras have special features such as snorkel heads or night vision capabilities and use soft, flexible tubing in a variety of sizes. Personal Protection and Surveillance: For personal use, a security camera needs to be ultra flexible, small, able to fit in anywhere and have the capability to transmit images and audio live or to a recording device. The price range of a camera depends on the complexity of the equipment and its intended use. Ranging from inexpensive to very costly for special orders, snake cameras can be purchased at online retailers, box stores, discount stores, security centers, medical supply houses and military supply sources.

How To Use Snake Cameras  

Snake cameras, also known as fiber scopes, are flexible fiber optic bundles with an eyepiece at one end and a lens at the other. The eyepiec...

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