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The Zamboanga MNLF PROBLEM

By:Dwight Tan, Joaquin Santiago, Nicolo Villegas, Bernard Jao and Ainsley Atinon

What happened during September 11,2013?

This is when the Zamboanga crisis started.

What is the Zamboanga crisis? The MNLF wants to raise their flag.

#What's_up_with_Zambo? By: Joaquin Santiago, Dwight Tan

Over the past few weeks, there has been a war in the province of Zamboanga. All of this started when the MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front) was discovered. The organization leader Nur Misuari, plotted to take Zamboanga City as their own. It all started on September 11, 11:00pm where a motor boat was intercepted by the Philippine navy containing numerous amount of MNLF rebels, The plan of the MNLF was to raise their flag, the Bangsamoro Republik on the Zamboanga city hall. They want to have their own independence. The war has ravaged since September 8 until September 28. Since then residents and civilians reacted quickly and sought out protection by hiding themselves and staying in evacuation shelters. But alas, the Beautiful beaches of Zamboanga city, now lie tainted with the Blood of MNLF and AFP soldiers. Once a beautiful city of flowers, now ruins of a war zone people all over the internet reacted quickly to this. A student even posted in his Instagram account "Today, I woke up and found a bullet in my room." But now, Zamboanga is struggling to bring back what was lost to them.

#Culture_in_Zambo_now By Joaquin Santiago

The city of the Zamboangue単os are now effected with erosion, deforestation, desertification, extinction, migration, pollution and radiation, affecting everything from soil and water systems. From whole plant and animal species, to the humans who must live in the affected areas. The people of Zamboanga, are now hungry, lost, cold and depressed. The Government of the Philippines now says that: "Although the war may be over, we cannot ensure that the residents of Zamboanga are safe. Our recent activities show that the MNLF have been hiding great amounts of weaponry and explosives all around the city." The damage is long-lasting and in some cases, irreplaceable.

#We're_losing_BILLIONS!! By: Bernard Jao

Zamboanga peninsula part of Western Mindanao in the Philippines. It plays a great role in the economy of Mindanao with the resources such as plywood, veneer. Mineral deposits that include gold, coal, iron, lead and other more resources that vary under the minerals, non-metallic reserves too like salt, sand, gravel and silica. Their main livelihood is actually fishing, this devoted to commercial fishing and municipal fishing. It also has aqua farms for brackish water and fresh water fish. This is also very crucial because 80% of our output of sardines are being paralyzed because of the MNLF incident. But as of now, we should take note and be warned on the impact of the MNLF invasion in Zamboanga cutting off all

the resources we receive from Zamboanga due to the evacuations and hostage takings our economy loses "BILLIONS" in business due to the Zamboanga stand off. It has been almost a month that Zamboanga has been under siege and businesses have continued to be paralyzed yet the finance department states that the conflict has barely affected our over all economy. Even though we know that this is a growing problem in our country and we must do our part to stop this.


By Ainsley Atinon

The city of Zamboanga has been ravaged by a crisis that should come as no surprise to anyone who follows the events of the Philippines. Other than the obvious human loss, this crisis has inflicted some major wounds on our nation financially. Despite our government playing down the financial implications, the MNLF has in fact lost Zamboanga around three hundred million pesos a day during the conflict, according to business leaders. Also, in an interview with ANC, Mindanao Business Council vice chairperson Teresita UySebastian said banks and factories have been closed since the violence started on Sunday evening. Sardine factories have taken a big hit, losing more than two million pesos a day. This crisis has slightly stunted our country's economic growth, but this has not stopped us from being an investment grade country. This will probably, and hopefully, be a minor blip on the road to a brighter future for our nation.


By: Nicolo Villegas

The Zamboanga crisis that is happening right now is very sad. It makes us realize that we are not doing enough. President noy noy's job is supposed to be helping keep our fellow people in Mindanao safe and he is doing that up to now. He even went to Zamboanga himself, I got to say that was very brave of him knowing that he could've

got kidnapped by the MNLF or maybe even worse, get killed.

This incident in Zamboanga affected us in a very harsh manner. Our Philippine military lost multiple men, a total of 25 innocent people and soldiers all in all. These number of deaths alarmed the government, it made the government think for a second if they were giving sufficient men to suppress the problem. But noy noy thought it was not enough, so our president Noy Noy went to Zamboanga himself to let the people know that they are safe. As seen in this photo our president is helping in the relief ops back in September in Zamboanga. But it was not only president noy noy who went to Zamboanga to help in the relief ops but also a number of private companies supported and helped in the relief ops program. This MNLF problem affected the people in the south a lot as schools started getting suspended, people getting kidnapped to be used as human shields and much much more. This also affected us here in Luzon because it made us more aware that there are people out there who want to kill us.

What do you think can we people do to help these Zamboanga people? Here are the answers and recommendations.

Let us all help! By: Joaquin Santiago

As a student, I think that the most crucial element that was lost during the Zambo raid was the security of the people, and I suggest that security were to be tightened to further increase the safety of the people in times such as these. Infrastructure should also be replaced due to the mass damage that occurred. Other than that, I think that the stalled government-MNLF peace talks should be discussed because in my opinion, the government will not be able to accomplish anything with just talking with the MNLF, but instead we should stop talking and start doing. Without doing anything, our talking would be useless. Instead of catering for the funds of ourselves, should cater to the needs of our people. Through the little actions that we do, we can make a difference. As filipinos, we can help our nation the Philippines, by being more aware of these problems and situations. Such as the SM Pampanga mall shooting, where two men shot each other and nobody seemed to notice them. Same to politicians and government officials out there, the lives of Filipinos depend on their decisions and yet they are grasped and stolen with corruption and abuse. We can all make a difference out there just by letting go of our own wants and desires and giving them to others.

Money down the drain. By: Ainsley Atinon

We all know about the Zamboanga crisis and its effects on our country, but what can we do about it? This paper will discuss some of the things that we, as a nation and as individuals, can do to repair the damage and

to prevent similar problems in the future. First off, our government. To begin, I would like to commend them, our president in particular, for the way they handled the immediate situation. If we had another president, we might have just let the MNLF go. Through this, we have sent a statement to the terrorists that we are not to be messed with. But getting back, I think that the government should first invest money in repairing the city and helping the families of those who were affected by this. The basic needs, food, water, and shelter, should be taken care of. Also, the government could tighten security in areas in Mindanao and station more troops there, so that if ever something like this ever happens again, we would have a better immediate response and we could end the situation before it becomes a major problem. They could also build better refugee centers designed for situations like this. Now, regarding those affected, they should just persevere through the situation and not get violent. For the common people, we could donate supplies to the victims. This adds to what the government should do, helping with the basic needs of the people. Lastly, we cannot underestimate the importance of emotional help. We could post prayers, wishes, and others on Facebook, Twitter, and others to let the affected people know that people care about and understand their situation.

Picking up crosses. By: Bernard Jao

Zamboanga Peninsula a major area for the Philippines economy located on the western portion of Mindanao, it's resources obtained by our economy is composed of Agricultural products, Mineral deposits, and other resources found in the ocean such as Fish. These resources play a big role in our economy so We must be aware and take note of the confrontation of Zamboanga being under siege by the MNLF. The our country is currently losing billions because of the paralyzation of businesses there in Zamboanga due to the MNLF attacks which lead to evacuations and a stop in production. We can all lend a helping hand by picking up our crosses to help our fellow Filipinos in need, no matter who you are or what role you play in society anyone can help. Maybe some

Governors can stop and give the money they take from the government to be used as donations to save lives or make funds and drives for the people in Zamboanga. For the people in society you may simply help by sharing your blessings by donating too to the people of Zamboanga, people there are starving while we enjoy our daily lives living like nothing is happening while other Filipinos are suffering yet we do nothing to aid them. As students you may think you are useless and you cannot act when the situation calls for you to rise, but your wrong you can; in this very moment I am doing my part as a student advertising for help, so pick up your cross and help the people in Zamboanga.

We can change lives By: Dwight Tan

The crisis that's happening in Zamboanga today is a very big problem of the Philippines. The MNLF are getting hostages and those hostages have families that they care for. People there are starving and are stranded, some also are having a hard time because they are sick. It has been a month now since the start of the Zamboanga crisis, but what can we do to stop this and he rebuild the nation? The governors, Filipinos, and us students can help Zamboanga in different but big ways. Those governors can help by just making a donation fund that each and every person just give a small amount of money and we can donates that to those Zambogue単os. They can also help give the donations of the people. For us Filipinos, we can donate food, medicine and clothing. These can help those people who are stranded because some of their clothes are worn off, they don't have much food supply anymore and most of them are sick. And to those students, you people can also help the Zambogue単os by being a role model and influencing others in helping and donating or you can also donate yourself. Let us all help the people in Zamboanga and pray for them.

Plan Of Action

By: Nicolo Villegas

For my plan of action to this devastating problem in Zamboanga is to such movements that will help make peace with the MNLF. As a government official I will help by sending multiple military personnel to remove the civilians from the red zone to keep them safe. After that I will start trying to make peace treaties between the MILF and the MNLF to stop the war in the south. As a student here in Xavier school I can pray for the peace and safety of all the people in Zamboanga, I can also help in packing relief goods which will be sent to Zamboanga. As a Filipino citizen, I too can help in prayer because prayer is the strongest way of help. But not only will I be praying for the peace and serenity in Zamboanga but I can also donate goods and money which will help in the people that were affected in Zamboanga.

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