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Wood Trusses Oklahoma Large open rooms are designed to create open, airy spaces in your home but often leave ceilings open to look boring and drab. This in turn can leave your home feeling empty and lifeless. Many homeowners are left with the design dilemma of what is right to do for their home. Ceiling trusses are wooden beams that are typically formed into triangular sections or laid flat across the ceiling to give your home a unique, stylish finish. For high ceilings, the trusses are generally made with beams and triangles that hang down from the ceiling with beautiful curves carved into the wooden structure. One is able to choose any design to suit their home that not only adds value, but adds beautiful design to their home. These are designed to fill the emptiness but also to keep the openness of any room. Trusses can be viewed and ordered online. They are packaged into kits. These are carefully packed with everything needed to attach the trusses to your ceiling and shipped to the homeowner. They are easy to assemble by any level of DIY you may have. Some may pay for a professional to come and fix the new trusses to their ceilings. Whichever way you obtain your new trusses and have them placed in your home, outstanding professional work will be accomplished with these magnificent beams. The trusses come in various types of wood such as birch and oak to name a few. They are created with a smooth or textured surface for the homeowner to choose their own style. They are created with complete wood or synthetic wood molded into the square beam making the beam much lighter. Either way, the beams are made lightweight and are all securely fixed to any ceiling. The darker wood seems to be the most popular as it really stands out against a white ceiling, adding life to a dull white ceiling. To spruce up your home or add a touch of elegance, consider custom wood trusses for your home. If you live in Oklahoma and are looking for wood trusses, then Timberlake Truss Works is the company for you. Timberlake will complete customize and build your trusses for your unique structure. All trusses are of top quality. Timberlake provides custom wood trusses in Oklahoma and surrounding areas

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