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A D-E Lower School Distance Learning ePortfolio Spring 2020

A Pre-School 3 student learns about senses and identifies scents around her home.

A Pre-School 3 students use technology to read to and with her teacher, Ms. DiGiovanni

Kindergarten student Cameron used recycled materials inspired by Earth Day to create a castle.

Mehar’s beautiful drawing, done during 4th Grade Academic Choice, nicely demonstrates how we all need to come together as a community.

Jana, from kindergarten, experimenting with a “Cloud in a Cup” activity, in which she is dropping colored water onto a “cloud” of shaving cream to watch it “rain” in her cup of water. Kindergarten scientists participated in this activity to support their learning of clouds and precipitation. Her brother in second grade, Yusuf, joins in the fun!

During academic choice, Kayla painted a picture of a mermaid. She started with a person but as she added a setting she decided to paint a mermaid.

During academic choice, students make decisions about how to use their time in ways that further their academic and creative sides. Masha in fourth grade decided to create this beautiful still life.

Kindergartners made cozy reading forts

with materials found around their home.

Dear Pencil

From the moment I saw you In the store Standing in front of me I chased your marks Through the paper With words that rhymed So dearly Even though your are wild I kept you in my grasp Thinking every mark Will be your last Every time I use you My body, heart, and soul Expressing myself so deeply As if my life was made of rhyme Now we are one Our words with a special name Poetry.

Here, Audrey C., second grader, chose to write a poem about poetry, using a pencil as the object of her affection.

Part of a series of animal drawings by fifthgrader, Ryan L., during Distance Learning Academic Choice time.

During academic choice time first grader Jad made the Death Star from Star Wars. Jad shared “it has 4,016 pieces and I built it all by myself.�

As part of our letter writing unit, the students wrote thank you letters to the workers at Englewood Hospital. In addition to writing letters, Kian decided to draw this lovely picture.

Fourth Grade sphere shading assignment by Emma T.

Digital Iran sunset painting by Radean G. as part of art class.

During Academic Choice, fifth-grader Sarah C. created this beautiful picture of a house. You’ll notice that it is a not a basketball hoop by the driveway but a roll of toilet paper!

Fifth-grader Julia L-M. created these stunning landscapes as part of Academic Choice.

Silent Waters By Fifth Grader Micah C.

So beautiful with red, yellow, and orange All swirled together into the horizon

Going out to the quiet waters A kayak paddling gently over the calm water The kayak stops paddling


Hearing nothing but the silence, Birds singing, Breaking the silence

So exquisite So peaceful

As part of their poetry writing unit, fifth graders learned how to enable the reader to visualize their poetry through the use of imagery, as seen in Micah’s poem “Silent Waters.”

The Sunshine By Ella G. The sunshine says “Hello” to the sweet smelling flowers. It wakes the clouds like a trumpet in the sky. It tells the moon to go to sleep. It says, “Children, wake up! Time to go to school.” The plants thank the sun for the sunshine it provides. The owls know it is time for bed because the sunshine tells them. And that is why the sunshine is so magical.

Fifth-grader Ella G. used personification and a simile to bring her poem “The Sunshine” to life.

Fifth-grader Aubrey M. drew this picture after reading “Dust of Snow,” by Robert Frost.

“Pokerman,” by fifth-grader Joseph R., was created during academic choice.

Ode to the Doctors


by Derin W.

an ode by Mark A.


They fight non-stop


Put their lives at risk

People who are brave

They fight through tears

Every day they fight

With determination

Every day the try

Fear, anxiety, ripples through

Every day they don’t give up

But they don’t stop

Every day they cry

They feel it’s their duty

Every day they have hope

To protect us

Oh doctors, do not give up

Two odes written by fifth-graders to honor healthcare workers.

Abstract art of a beach, created by fifthgrader Laia G., as part of academic choice.

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This little animated book is by Caroline S. in fifth grade.

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A D-E Lower School Distance Learning ePortfolio Spring 2020  

"As a community of learners..." We invite you to experience a brief online overview of Lower School virtual learning, during the time of t...

A D-E Lower School Distance Learning ePortfolio Spring 2020  

"As a community of learners..." We invite you to experience a brief online overview of Lower School virtual learning, during the time of t...