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Family of Peace Lutheran Church present and in spirit! Rally Sunday, September 13, 2015



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From President of the Congregation ... Norman A. Bauer

remaining portion. That was accomplished, I’d like to express my gratitude to the memand consequently the only indebtedness rebers of Peace Lutheran Church for your maining for Peace Lutheran Church are the support of the Ministry Board, and all of the notes that were sold at the beginning of the ministry teams, during this year of transioriginal building’s construction in 2012. tion and growth. Here are just a few of the many highWith the hiring of Pastor David Hanson lights of this past year. as our interim pastor, a Call Committee was O Metanoia Ministries “Truth In Love” formed with the objective of finding a full workshop O Chili feed for our local paratime pastor, based on input from the medics, police and firemen O Picnic tables congregation. As said at one of the first Call and benches, in memory of David Hanson Committee meetings, “God has already O Maple Syrup Sunday O Artist selected a pastor for Peace, and 2015: A Year Paul Oman program, “Drawn to the it’s up to the Call Committee to of Transition Word” O Dedication of piano-Mafind that person.” and Growth for rie Lenz memorial O VBS “Journey The committee recommended Peace Lutheran Off the Map” O Gift of American to the congregation that Pastor Church flag and flag pole by Ardelle CarlDavid Hanson be called, and we son O Our fifth year anniversary O Rally were blessed by his acceptance. Special Sunday & pie auction O “WOW” Worship thanks to the Call Committee for all their on Wednesday - summer services O New hard work. Pastor David now leads us, and website and revived Facebook O Reformaas a congregation we come to worship the tion Sunday-Apples O Lumber River Quartet Father and His Son. concert O Pineapple to new residents by Moving forward, a generous donation Outreach Team O Beautiful Peace float for was presented to the congregation for Rails to Trails, but no parade O SPARK Kid’s building an addition to our current facility. Club O Ordination of Pastor Linda Boyadjis Another family gifted financial support O Installation of Pastor David Hanson toward paying off our mortgage, with the request that the congregation pay the - continued on page 1 -

Peace Lutheran Church Annual Meeting Sunday, January 31st - Following the 9:00am Worship

2015 Annual Meeting Agenda Sunday, January 31. 2016

l Call to Order l Opening Prayer l Open Forum - maximum of 10 minutes l Adopt Annual Meeting Agenda l Approve 2015 Congregational Meeting Minutes


2014 Annual Meeting Minutes - January 25, 2015


Special Congregational Meetings

u March 22, 2015

u June 7, 2015

Formed call committee

u September 20, 2015

Approved debt reduction proposal and received family trust gift. Approved letter of call

l Pastor’s Report l President’s Report l Nominating Committee Ballot Presentation


Ministry Board (3 year term) - vote for up to 2


Ministry Board (1 year term) - vote for up to 1


2016 Nominating Committee (1 year term) - vote for up to 6

l 2015 Audit Report l 2015 Finance Review l 2016 Proposed Budget l Ratify Changes to PLC Constitution / Bylaws l Memorial Donation Policy l Approval of Written Ministry Team & Other Written Reports l Nominating Committee


Election Results


Vote for 2016 Congregation President


2016 Congregation President Election Results

l Motion for Adjournment l Closing Prayer & Benediction

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From President of the Congregation ... Norman A. Bauer A special thank you to all the members who keep our property looking great - from fertilizing and mowing the grass, to snow plowing, planting of flowers, cleaning the interior, and many other deeds. God has richly blessed us and for that we are thankful. Very positive changes are occuring with our children, youth and adult education programs. The education of our children has been redirected and shows signs of God’s love. With hard work by many, a week-long VBS was launched this summer. This fall “SPARK” was implemented; a Wednesday after-school children’ s program. Also, “IGNITE”, a new confirmation program,, as well as ongoing adult Bible studies. Thank you to all who are making these programs happen. May God bless you! To the new members who have joined this past year, we say “Thank You” for choosing Peace. We look forward to your active involvement. Read Pastor David’s letter to see how our PLC family has grown. Let us all help to continue this growth by spreading the Good News. In spring of 2016, construction will start on the new addition. Upon completion, the children will have their own Sunday School rooms. There will be more space for fellowship and a larger Peace Cafe. The I-Team is fully committed to carrying out the needs mentioned in the congregational input data. We need to remember our mission statement, and how we stay committed. “Sharing God’s love by serving our community and our world.” All of us have different talents. I encourage each of you to find some area of church life that you can be part of. Yes, it’s a committment, but what better way to serve our Lord and Savior, who died for our sins. I encourage all of us to come and worship as often as possible. As a church, we need to constantly show our Love to our Lord and Savior. In conclusion, I would say “Thank You” to all, for allowing me to serve as your president this past year. Special thanks to Pastor David and the Ministry Board members for your work, and to the new Ministry Board, I pray that GOD will be with you. In Christ, Norman A. Bauer

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Pastor’s Report ... Pastor David For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the LORD, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope. This Bible verse has sustained me and given me great hope in a variety of times in my life. The problem is that most often, we misinterpret it and read the scripture through our particular need. Here, the prophet Jeremiah speaks God’s word of hope and redemption to the whole nation of Israel not to an individual. He lifted up God’s purpose into a particular historical context. Feeling abandoned by God in Babylon and without hope, the people of Israel heard again God’s promised future for them. My point here is that the proper interpretation of the “you” seen twice in this verse is plural, as well as the “your” in the middle of the verse. This verse does not apply to isolated individuals or to a people. It applies to both, together, functioning as one. Christian blogger Thomas Turner says “The image painted here is one of individuals in community. Here are a bunch of people, worshiping God together, hoping for a future redemption.”

He quotes theologians Stanley Grenz and John Franke from their book Beyond Foundationalism as to how a community can “turns the gaze of its people toward the future.” I believe that is our task here at Peace. Jeremiah 29:11 reminds us of God’s bright future for his people - one that everyone in the community through worship and prayer will collectively dedicate themselves towards. Many of us want to desperately know the plan that God has for each one of us as individuals, but let the prophet Jeremiah set before us today the idea that it’s not all about us, and it might not look like what we think, as hard as that is for us understand or accept. Even more important than our decisions about our worship preferences or what size bathrooms do we need in the new church addition is the future hope of the Kingdom of God foretold by the prophets and fulfilled in the reign of our now and coming King – Jesus!

Jeremiah 29:11

In this way, the promise of Jeremiah 29:11 is bigger than any one of us—and far better. So my hope as we move swiftly into 2016 is to keep our vision Pastor David for Peace LutherHanson an Church focused on that future hope we have in Jesus Christ. Together, we will be a faithful people worshipping and praying that God’s future plans for us will be made manifest in our hearts, our church and faith community. God’s Peace in Christ!


Thank You!

2015 PLC Ministry Board

We have much to be grateful this year. We give thanks to God for those who have led our congregation. We are a better church because of their insight, their dedication, discernment and faithfulness. For those who are leaving the PLC Ministry Board, we thank you and pray that God will bless you in whatever area of ministry you will serve in next. Thank you!

Norm Bauer

Mary Hausladen

Doreen Seal

PLC Finance Volunteers

Marty Malmin

Kathy Berg

PLC Finance Volunteers Marty Malmin, Financial Administrator and Kathy Berg, Financial Secretary have served tirelessly since the first days of Peace Lutheran and in previous churches before that. Their professionalism and integrity have provided a high level of confidence and trust within the congregation. We give thanks to God for their countless hours of service to this church and their faithfulness to God’s calling, our ministry and mission. God bless you in your serving, may it always balance and be in the black!

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Developing Strong Leadership PLC 2016


2016 PLC Ministry Board Candidates Three year term Vote for up to two

One year term Vote for up to one

2015 Nominating Committee Report Nominating Committee Recap of 2015. Our duties began early this year as we met in March to put together a call committee in order to begin the process of selecting a new Pastor. All members that expressed interest completed a survey/questionnaire and were interviewed before the committee made the final decision. After six meetings, a call committee of five names, was presented to the Ministry Board and all candidates were ratified. The nominating committee met in early September to begin the selection process for two, three years terms for the Ministry Board and six, one year positions for the Nominating Committee. After a number of meetings, a list of candidates was presented to the Ministry Board at their November meeting and all names were ratified. An announcement in the bulletin was made to inform the congregation about the absentee voting process and what qualifications were needed in order to receive an absentee ballot. Members: Harlan Sundblad, Tracy Hulley, Greg Koppendrayer, Phil Schansberg, Nicole Johnsrud and Shawn Perez, Chairperson. Ministry Board liaison is Norm Bauer.

Glen Hulley

Bob Rieckenberg

Kristi Mittelstaedt

Continuing PLC Ministry Board Members 2016 Term 1 year remaining

John Weinzierl

2016 - 2017 Term 2 years remaining

Andy Johnsrud

Joseph Perez

2016 PLC Nominating Committee Candidates One year term 2016. Vote for up to six.

Submitted by: Shawn Perez

Blessed is the leader who gets the opportunity to devote their life to something bigger than themselves and who then finds themselves surrounded by friends who share their passion! Andy Stanley, Northpoint Church

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Phyllis Leaf

Robert Lotito

Julie Sprenger

Carole Sundblad

Leif Pederson

Meghan Weaver

Beth Seefeldt

Sharon Weinzierl

Get To Know Your Leaders 2016 PLC Ministry Board Candidates

Glen Hulley

Bob Rieckenberg

Kristi Mittelstaedt

My name is Glen Hulley and I am on the ballot for the Ministry Board. I have been a resident of Watertown for the past 28 years. My wife Tracy and I have been married for 27 years and we have two college age children, Hunter and Hannah. For 23 years I worked Ramp Services for United Airlines in Ft. Myers, Fl, Washington D.C, and Minneapolis, Mn. For the past 9 years, Tracy and I have owned and operated the Watertown Snap Fitness and I also drive school bus for Koch Bus Company. While in Watertown, I have tried to be as active as possible. I have been a member of the Lions Club for the past 25 years, serving for a time as Secretary/Treasurer. I have also served on the Watertown Fire Department for the past 21 years, five of those as a Training Officer, and five as a Captain. On a personal note, I enjoy all sports! I have attended the Daytona 500 with my two brothers for the last 21 years. I am a huge Cincinnati Bengals and Cincinnati Reds fan (I was born in Cincinnati), and of course, a Minnesota sports fan! My favorite however, has been watching and enjoying my kids throughout their sports careers. I am a charter member of Peace and look forward to continuing to serve here, whether it’s on the Ministry Board or elsewhere. Thank you. Glen Hulley My name is Bob Rieckenberg. I attended Southern Illinois University were I majored in business management. I served four years in the USAF and I’m a Viet Nam veteran. I have been in the insurance business over 46 years. Several years as the Agency VP for a regional company in the mid-west, 10 years as an RVP for John Deere Insurance, 5 years as SVP and Director of Life Insurance for Wells Fargo insurance nationwide. 4 years as president of MidCountry Insurance Services and the rest of the time was spent owning an insurance agency with my son. My wife Cathy and I have 4 children and 5 grandchildren. I have served on numerous church committees and have had the opportunity to serve on the church council four different times in two different churches. On these councils, I have served as the VP and President. I have helped congregations grow from a Mission size Church to a Family size church, and from a Pastoral size church to a Corporate size church. In our last church, Cathy and I began a youth high school group as our daughters were in high school at that time. Cathy and I have enjoyed our time at Peace Lutheran and look forward to many years of witnessing and watching Gods growth plan for this congregation. Bob Rieckenberg Thank you for considering me for a Ministry Board position. My name is Kristi Mittelstaedt and I would be honored to serve Peace on the Ministry Board. As a founding member of Peace, I have served on the Ministry Board, Past President, Call Committee, and Nominating Committees. I have grown up in this area and love the community. My husband Tom and I have three teenage boys: Tanner (18), Carter (16) and Parker (13). There are so many great things happening at Peace and so many wonderful people. God has blessed us abundantly continues to guide and lead us down the path he has planned. I am excited to prayerfully watch, listen and unfold what he has in store for our future. Let me know if you need anything further from me. In Peace, Kristi Mittelstaedt

2016 PLC Nominating Committee Candidates

Phyllis Leaf

I am a charter member of Peace. I live in a townhouse in Forest Hills, one mile from church. I guess you could call me a “behind the scenes helper.” I have helped with various projects at Peace. They call me the “busy bag lady.” When we built our church, I started sewing children’s “Busy Bags” and filled them with interesting things to keep little hands busy during worship. I keep busy sewing quilts for our graduates to keep them warm as they head off to college or whatever. I also sew pillow case dresses to send abroad and crafts for our craft fair. I am involved with playing Bingo at Elim Nursing Home, and preparing wine and wafers for Communion Sundays. I have attended several Bible studies and learned a lot of what our Lord requires of us. I consider myself very blessed being a member of Peace Lutheran Church. Phyllis Leaf My name is Robert Lotito and I have been apart of this church since the community center days. I have been married to my wonderful wife Karen for 23 years and I have three daughters. Rebecca is 21, rachel is 20 and Robyn is 18. I served in the navy for 23 years and retired in 2008 when we moved from California to Minnesota. My family has been involved in this church for many activities and continue to help out whenever needed. Robert Lotito

Robert Lotito

- continued -

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Get To Know Your Leaders (2016 PLC Nominating Committee Candidates - continued) Leif Pederson is a newer member of Peace Lutheran. Leif and Kari Hanson have two great daughters, Sophia and Olivia, who keep them very busy with school, activities and church. Leif has been involved in a wide variety of areas of ministry from providing and serving supper to SPARK Kid’s Klub, to repairing and staining our well loved play set, as well as serving with the Property Ministry Team. He is President and owner of Leif Pederson Contruction, Inc. applying his skills and expertise in remodeling, new construction for both residential and commercial properties.

Leif Pederson I am a charter member of Peace Lutheran. I’m a mother of four grown children and grandmother of five grandchildren, all are members of Peace Lutheran. Being a clerk at Watertown Fuel and Food, I see many familiar faces, and have an opportunity to extend an invitation to visit Peace to new faces. I love our church family and feel we are very warm and welcoming to visitors. I will do my best to serve Peace Lutheran if elected to the nominating committee. Thank you for your considering me for the job. God Bless, Beth Seefeldt

Beth Seefeldt My name is Julie Sprenger and my husband Nathan and I have been married for 10 years. We have two wonderful children, Victoria (6) and Wyatt (3). We’ve been members since September 2012 and I’m active on the Christian Education Committee, Sunday School teacher, SPARK Committee, NAPS food distribution and helped with the Christmas program. May favorite bible verse is currently: Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path, Psalm 119:105. Thank you for your consideration. Peace, Julie Sprenger

Julie Sprenger Harlan and I have been married 52 years and are charter members of Peace Lutheran Church. We have two married sons and six grandchildren. I am retired and we continue to crop farm by Winsted. I enjoy flower gardening, grandchildren’s activities, camping, traveling, and bicycling on state trails. Church activities include choir, Women of Peace activities, Bible studies, Missions Ministry team, ushering, Peace Café, scripture reader and sharing garden flowers for the altar. It would be an honor to serve on the nominating committee. We have great leadership and it is my prayer that Peace Lutheran will continue to be grounded in scripture and Holy Spirit led. Peace, Carole Sundblad

Carole Sundblad

Meghan Weaver

Sharon Weinzierl

Page Six

My name is Meghan Weaver. I live in Watertown with my husband Erik, our 4 children Brayden (17), Christian (13), Mackenzie (13) and Addison (5), and our fabulous golden retriever Comet. I work in the accounting industry and when I am not working, you can find me either running my children to various activities or helping out at church. I’ve been a member of Peace Lutheran Church for 3 years. During this time, I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of several activities at Peace including Sunday School, VBS, Christmas programs, directing the youth choir, youth activities committee and Spark Kids’ Club. I also enjoy singing with the adult choir and leading JAM on occasional Sundays throughout the year. I would love to be considered for the nominating committee as I feel that, through my extensive involvement here at Peace, I have been blessed to become familiar with several members’ strengths and assets and a good grasp of who may be a good fit for which particular position. I feel that God has given me a heart for service, and I would be honored to share these gifts with the nominating committee, if chosen to serve. Meghan Weaver My name is Sharon Weinzierl, and I have lived in Watertown most of my life. My husband John and I have three adult sons and six grandchildren. A friend and I owned and operated the “Movie Scene” in Watertown for 19 years. Then I worked at Security State Bank (now it’s Citizens Alliance) for four and a half years and retired from there. At Peace, I have been a member of the Outreach Ministry Team since 2010 and have helped organize the Fall Bazaar and Bake Sales. My vision for Peace is continued growth, not only as a congregation but as individuals as well, in God’s Word and in our faith in Jesus Christ through the power of His Holy Spirit. Sharon Weinzierl

2015 Ministry Team Repor ts Worship & Music Ministry Team Report During 2015, the Worship & Music ministry team held regular monthly meetings to plan the weekly Sunday worship services and mid-week Lenten services during that season. Many thanks go out to all the team members that were instrumental in providing valuable musical input to try to match thematic music to the sermon of the day. The team tried very hard to create a blended music experience that spoke to all ages, and inspired a deep sense of worship to God. Many special music pieces were performed by our talented musicians and vocalists, with adult and children’s choirs providing wonderful praises that inspired. We will continue to search for ways to praise God with songs that are familiar, while teaching new music that adds to the overall worship experience.

We hope to develop additional musical talents from within the church body and will look for assistance in doing that from resources in the LCMC and other church organizations who would partner with us to accomplish that goal. I would like to thank Pastor and all the team members who helped me so much this year to fulfil my role as W&M team lead. Thanks be to God!

Property Ministry Team Report

Our areas of responsibility are: Carpet Care u John Weinzierl Snowplowing/Shoveling u Mittelstaedt Family & Kris Hanson Lawn Mowing u Jerry Berg, Conor Berg & Mittelstaedt Family Flowers & Landscaping u Marty Malmin Tree Replacement u Paul Nesvold Grass Fertilizing u Jerry Berg Peace Cafe’ u Lillie Tesch Phone System u Stu Foster ! HVAC u Norm Bauer

The Property Team is responsible for maintaining the church building and grounds. Throughout 2015, routine maintenance and minor repairs were completed mainly through the efforts and dedication of numerous volunteers and team members. The Property Team members are: Tom Mittelstaedt, Chair, Paul Nesvold, Bill Hoernemann, John Weinzierl, Norm Bauer, Kris Hanson, Lillie Tesch and Andy Johnsrud, Ministry Board liaison. Others assisting with general clean-up and maintenance; Butch Essig, Jake Jacobson, Jim Lindgren, Phil Schansberg, Harlan Sundblad and Leif Pederson.

Team members: JoAnn Deveney, Marla Erickson, Meghan Weaver, Edie Hanson, Ruth Clark, Marty Malmin, Rebecca Lotito, Rachel Lotito, Karen Lotito, Nicole Johnsrud, Kristi Mittel- staedt and Mary Hausladen. Robert Dean, Chair

We would like to thank everyone who gives so freely of their time and talents. Anyone with interest in volunteering for the coming year is welcome. Thomas Mittelstaedt, Chair

Hospitality Ministry Team Report 2015 Hospitality Annual Report On the first Sunday of every month we celebrate members’ birthdays and anniversaries with those members getting cupcakes. At Easter, we do an Easter egg hunt the Saturday before Easter. In the last few years, we have been stuffing 90 dozen eggs! May is usually the busiest. We do cakes for Senior Sunday, Mother’s Day and Confirmation. In

June we do a cake for Father’s Day. September is Rally Day with a carnival. In October we had First Communion, Celebration Sunday and New Member Sunday. In November we had Pastor Hanson’s installation. We also served Ardelle Carlson’s funeral. Submitted by: Karen Lotito

Altar Care Report Leader: Barb Schansberg. Who we are: Our group currently consists of Barb Schansberg, Sherry Essig, MaryAnn Hoese, Maxine Hendricks, Phyllis Leaf, Karen Hoernemann, Heidi Thaemert, Jackie Cramb, and Cathy Rieckenberg. Any adult member of Peace Lutheran is welcome and encouraged to join this ministry. We are sincerely devoted and feel privileged to serve our Lord in this way. What we do: We are “caretakers” of the altar, lectern and baptismal font along with their presentations. As such, we prepare for worship by setting up and maintaining supplies for Holy Communion, Baptism, and the various festivals and seasons of the Church year. Our group assists with seasonal decoration of our worship center.

Highlights of 2015: u Set-ups for Holy Week, Easter, and Christmas – including flower maintenance u Special set-ups for baptisms, confirmation, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday u Welcomed Jackie Cramb and Cathy Rieckenberg to our ministry team u Purchase of Christ Candle which stands next to the baptismal font and is lit throughout our worship. To learn more: Please contact Barb Schansberg at brbshg@aol.com or call 763-595-1138. Submitted by: Barb Schansberg

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2015 Ministry Team Repor ts Technology Team Report The Technology Committee is a small team of participants that provide a valuable service to the church. We depend on them for hearing God’s Word, for singing our praises to Him and guiding us every Sunday through Worship. I would like to thank the following people for their help this year. u Powerpoint / Audio / Computer - Edie Hanson, Bill Ho-

ernemann, Dan Juncewski, Tracy Koppendrayer, Phil Schansberg, Doreen Seal, Rachel Lotito and the Lotito Family. u Bulletins - Rebecca Lotito, Barb Schansberg, Pastor David Hanson, Sue Beulke (backup) We purchased a second laptop computer, a Dell Inspiron IS 3000 Series, to have on hand so the people working on the Powerpoint presentations can do it from home and in their own time frame. We also entered into a 5 year contract with Marco Inc. in September to have a new printer/ copier in the church office. It is a Konica Bizhub C224E Color MFP copier. It couldn’t have

Women of Peace Report The Women of Peace meet every month at 9am on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from September through May at Peace. For the past couple of years we have been studying the book “Women of the Bible” by Ann Spangler and Jean E. Syswerda. It has been an enlightening journey learning how the emotional responses and struggles these women experienced are so very like what we go through today. We are now looking at new study guides as we finish this study. Every month, we receive a free will offering that we then use to fund the various programs we have taken on as projects. The programs include, but are not exclusive, Bingo at the Elim

come in at a better time at the start of the church school year of Ignite (Confirmation), Spark (after school program) and Sunday School. We are starting to videotape the Sunday sermons again and will be posting them on YouTube. It would be wonderful if some of our high school youth could volunteer their time to do the video recording and posting to YouTube. They are more tech-savvy than some of us that are didn’t grow up with it! 2016 will bring some more changes to our area. With the new addition we’ll make sure to have additional audio and visual capabilities in the new area. We hope to have another monitor in the back of the church mounted so Pastor and others that are conducting the service or presentations can view what is being displayed up front for the congregation. At some time in the future (2016 – 2018) we may need to upgrade our computers and software to keep current with licenses and other features. Thank you to all who contribute their time and talents to the Technology team. Submitted by: Doreen Seal Home once a month. Quilts given to the High School Seniors. Baking cookies and assembling/distributing cookie trays to local shut-ins for Christmas. Making pillowcase sun dresses and layettes for the Orphan Grain Train. Providing personal care items for Love INC. All women of all all ages are welcome. Not all women of the group take part in the projects. We are a group of women with diverse interests tied together by the love of learning more about God’s plan for us. Please consider joining us or starting a group that meets in the evening. Submitted by: Lillie Tesch

Outreach Ministry Team Report Here are few of the things we did in 2015. February u Dinner for prospective and new members March u Chili feed for volunteer fire fighters, police and paramedics April u Mass mailing to Delano, Montrose, Mayer and Watertown about Easter, Cribbage Tournament and fish fry. May u The Artist, Paul Oman June u New member Sunday. Delivered pineapples to new families in area. July u Sent follow-up postcards to pineapple people and a focus group in Delano. August u Men’s softball on Thursday evenings all summer. September u Delivered pineapples to Watertown, Delano, Mayer and St. Boni. u Sold Peace Logo wear on Rally Sunday.

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October u New member Sunday. Prayer Walk. and Lumber River Quartet. u Served lunch to the City maintenance crew. November u Delivered pineapples to Watertown, Mayer and Delano. u Sold logo wear. u New member dinner. Cribbage tournament. December u Adopt a child. In addition, we send thank you cards to all visitors. We also fund the devotional “Our Daily Bread”, which is available to all members. Team members: Sharon Weinzierl, Doreen Seal, Paul Knutson, Shawn Perez, Amy Peterson, Cathy Rieckenberg, Doris Swenson, Nicole Johnsrud, and Joan Nesvold. Amy Peterson will be our new 2016 leader starting January 1st. 2016 Submitted by Joan Nesvold

2015 Ministry Team Repor ts Stewardship Committee Report When our Ministry Board President Norm Bauer asked me to accept the Stewardship Chairperson position last summer, I was very apprehensive about doing it. I had been involved in stewardship committees before and it seems as if all we did was to try to raise money for a church that was behind for the year and the budget was to be larger the next year. What a pleasant surprise I was in for by agreeing to take the job. I asked Sue Beulke to be on the committee and she agreed and to make it even better she became the church financial secretary which gave us all the information needed for the fall stewardship drive. I was also fortunate that Peace Lutheran has David Hanson on board as our pastor. He gave us the advantage of his experience involving many stewardship drives over the years. I now had a committee second to none in running our steward program. To my great surprise we found almost every Peace member was willing to help in the various projects we had involving stewardship. Of course the overriding concern of any stewardship committee is the receiving of commitments from church members to cover the projected budget for the coming year. Again we were very happy to see the response we had on Celebration Sunday, October 25, 2015 and the faith promises we received. Here is a brief recap. We distributed 70 steward packets of which 47 faith promises were received. That is 22 more faith promises than 2014! We followed up with the 23 households who did not respond on Celebration Sunday. When we finished, there were 20 households that did not respond, of which many had contributed various amounts the previous year. We added up the total given by those 20 units in order to estimate the giving in coming year.

With all the data gathered we came up with the following: Proposed budget for 2016 $191,763.00. Faith promises for 2016 $163,282.00. Projected income from the non-pledging households $ 20,000.00. Projected giving total $183,282.00 How exciting it is to have the budget with in reach including the generous offerings at Easter and Christmas. I want to thank Sue Beulke and Pastor Hanson for all their work, they made my job as chairman very easy. In conclusion, we all should take a close look at what happened our in our first five years of existence. 1) We received a gift of 10 acres of land for the building. 2) We had a couple of large gifts of money as well as several medium sized gifts and funds of various sizes from almost all the other members. With these funds togeth- er and several loans from members and a small mortgage we built a beautiful sanctuary seating 200 plus people and a small common area. 3) The Berg Family Trust Fund donated funds for us to build the much needed educational wing on the church. 4) Last summer Paul and Joan Nesvold gave a gift toward the mortgage and the congregation came up with the balance to erase the mortgage. 5) At this time next year the educational wing will be complete and Peace Lutheran will be basically debt free. Now if this doesn’t make it easy for a stewardship committee nothing ever will. We must stop and give thanks to the Lord for the blessings and opportunities given to this congregation. Very seldom will this ever happen to a startup congregation. I have accepted the job again for another year as long as Sue and Pastor are involved. They make the job easy. I’m also looking for two volunteers to join us for next year so they can take over the following year. Sincerely in Christ Gerald E. Hendricks

Thank You Everyone! Together We Make A Difference! Page Nine

2015 Ministry Team Repor ts Adult Choir Report Peace Lutheran Church’s Adult choir sings for Sunday morning worship services approximately two Sundays per month. We hold our rehearsals at 8:00 a.m. of the day on which we sing, with special weeknight rehearsals scheduled for Christmas and Easter, as needed. We enjoy choosing thematic music in keeping with Pastor Hanson’s sermon topic and/or scripture readings to enhance the overall worship experience. Several choir members from Peace enjoyed being part of the Thanksgiving ecumenical church service with choirs from several area churches gathering at Immaculate Conception church in Watertown. Those members of our congregation who love to sing are always welcomed and encouraged to join us. Peace is also blessed to have many talented and willing singers who bless us with solos or duets on various Sundays, as well. Marla Erickson, Adult Choir Director

Beautiful music is the ar t of the prophets that can calm the agitations of the soul; it is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given us. Mar tin Luther

Christian Education Ministry Team Report Christian Education has seen a lot of good things happen this year. Our Sunday school has fewer than 20 kids registered. We have room to grow in this area. This year, we are using material produced by Sola Publishing. We are using the Sunday school series which focuses on the priority of God’s Word. The emphasis in the series is on teaching Bible Stories. Sola’s material is all reproducible which saves us from purchasing many books. Our Sunday school teachers are: Julie Sprenger, Nicole Johnsrud, Heather Hanson and Kris Hanson. Our music leader is Meghan Weaver. Our Confirmation program has seen improvement in direction. This is due, in part, to our new Pastor David. We have set guidelines for our students and hope they will have a good experience. We have a total of 14 students in grades 7-9. We are using a program through Augsburg Fortress called HERE WE STAND. We used this program last year, as well. It is a three year program. One year we study the Old Testament, the next year we study the New Testament. The ninth graders review the old and new testament, but, also learn the catechism and Lutheran doctrine.

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They meet on Wednesday evenings. At 7:00, they meet together and go over the lesson and then break out into small groups. The seventh and eighth grade girls meet with Tracy Koppendrayer and Colette Thorson and discuss the lesson in more detail. The boys meet with Jon Peterson. Pastor takes the Ninth graders. Last year we had one confirmed, Carter Mittlestaedt. This year we will have four. Under the direction of Nicole Johnsrud, Shawn Perez, Julie Sprenger, Rachel Lotito and Joseph Perez, we have started the after school program once again called SPARK Kid’s Klub. This is happening after school on Wednesdays throughout the school year. The Spark program began mid-September with approximately 17 kids in grades Kindergarten through sixth grade. The current attendance is up to 23 students. They are bused from the Primary and Elementary schools. They start the afternoon with a snack and work on their homework. They will

get help if needed. At 3:30, they watch a Bible story that has a common theme as their devotional. After the movie, they do fifteen minutes of music and then break out in small groups based on age. Group sessions are crafts, devotion and/ or prayer practice and a game. Small groups wrap up around 5:30. They have a light meal and their parents pick them up around 6:00 pm. We, also, have done some adult education through Bible Studies. Last winter through spring we did a Bible study on Sunday mornings using EXPLORE THE BIBLE. This fall we did a nine week session on the book of Colossians. Some of you have indicated the desire to repeat the TRUTH PROJECT. We are looking into doing that. Peace has been very blessed to have good teachers to keep these programs going. These programs will help in the growth of Peace. Please reach out to these teachers and thank them for a job well done! Blessings, Christian Education Comm. Diane Malmin

2015 Ministry Team Repor ts Missions Ministry Team Report Thanks to you all, the Missions Ministry at PLC is alive and well. We survived the struggles of 2014 and are back in force. We met monthly and as a team elected to continue the support of some past causes, reestablish ties with others, and discontinue our support of Mekane Yesus through Team Serve (see table below for mission specifics). On September 27, we hosted PLC’s first Mission Sunday to showcase the mission projects supported by PLC (we promise the service will be shorter next year). During the Peace Café fellowship that followed, we collected $187.05 which we then donated to Feed My Starving Children during our October packing session event. The Missions Team is currently comprised of five PLC members. We are actively seeking new members, so if helping others is one of your callings, please join us. Our meetings are held at church, typically the third Monday of the month at 6:30 P.M., and are open to all. If monthly meetings are not for you, we ask that you continue to support us, via prayer, donations and/or event participation. Ruth Clark, Chair


PLC Coordinator(s)

PLC Participation

Love In the Name of Christ (Love INC)

Barb Schansberg

Watertown Friends for Life Food Shelf

Barb Schansberg

Nutritional Assistance Program for Seniors (NAPS)

Julie Sprenger Pastor David Hanson Sue Ziermann

Orphan Grain Train

Sue Ziermann

Operation Christmas Child

Nicole Johnsrud

Feed My StarvingChildren

Ruth Clark

SAL’s Make a Difference Day

John Weinzierl

Adopt-a-Family Christmas

Sharon Weinzierl

PLC just completed its third year of collecting personal care items for distribution to a real need families through Love INC. Cash contributions were accepted as well. On the fourth Sunday of every month, PLC collected cash and non-perishable foodstuffs and delivered them to the food shelf. In November, the SPARKS kids collected and donated $48.31 to the cause. Since February, PLC has served as a distribution center for NAPS of MN. Every third Tuesday of the month, low income seniors 60 years or older stop in and pick up a free box of pre-boxed nutritious commodity food products provided by Second Harvest. Currently nine area seniors are taking advantage of the program. Via the efforts of the Peace women’s group, 26 pillow case dresses, 18 layettes, three large sleepers, and three blankets were donated to Orphan Grain Train. The SPARKS and Sunday School kids packed 27 shoeboxes of Christmas cheer to be distributed through Operation Christmas Child. In April, July and October, 12, 12, and 14 PLC volunteers, respectively, traveled to Feed My Starving Children in Chanhassen to pack Manna Packs of rice for future delivery to Haiti and Nicaragua. PLC Missions Team also donated to FMSC the Peace Café offering collected on Missions Sunday of $187.05. Six PLC volunteers helped pack 105 care boxes to be distributed to active military troops by Sons of the American Legion (SAL). PLC members anonymously purchased Christmas gifts for needy Watertown youth identified by the Watertown Elementary School counselor.

Youth Activities Team Report Committee Members: Meghan Weaver, Colette Thorson, Heidi Thaemert, Shawn Perez, Rachel Lotito, Erik and Sarah Strand I would like to begin by thanking each of the ministry team members as they have worked extremely hard to make each event possible during this past year. I would also like to thank the parents of the youth as they also made sacrifices of all kinds to make sure that their children attended and participated in the events. 2015 was the first full year in which our ministry team functioned with a full budget and an execution plan. We developed our plan to the fullest and were able to fulfill and execute the mission of the committee which was to bring the youth together in order for them to get to know each other better and work as a team in certain cases as it was during the preparation for the parade float for Rails for Trails. During the course of the year we had Movie Nights, Roller Blade Night, Bowling Event, Spring Moonlight Madness, Corn Maze Outing, Summer Canoe Trip and also an overnight stay at a cabin on Lake Minnetonka.

We are hoping to build on the success and momentum of 2015 and look forward to 2016 in which we have different events planned highlighted by the mission trip to South Dakota which will take place in June of 2016. The Committee is excited for our youth and look forward to the continued support from all families, members of the congregation but mostly for the love of GOD without whom none of this would be possible. We would like to encourage all youth, parents and church members to become involved with our ministry team as the more participation we received the easier it becomes to accomplish the missions or events planned. Your Brother in Christ, Joseph Perez, Chair

D on’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12 NIV Page Eleven

Meeting Minutes Peace Lutheran Church of Watertown Unapproved Minutes of the 2014 Annual Meeting - January 25, 2015 Members present: Paul Bushard, John Weinzierl, Heather Hanson, Mary Hausladen, and Doreen Seal Members absent: Dan Juncewski Also present: 54 from the congregation + 5 MB members for a total of 59 at the meeting Meeting called to order: 10:30 am The Annual meeting opened with John Weinzierl, current 2014 President, recognizing the current Ministry Board members. Opening Prayer was shared by Pastor Shannon, welcoming all and thanking them for being present. Adopt Agenda – Marty Malmin/Paul Nesvold moved a motion to accept the meeting agenda. The vote was carried. Approve Congregational Meeting Minutes from 2014 – Bill Hoernemann/Colette Thorson moved a motion to accept the meeting minutes from 2014. The vote was carried. Minutes from meetings: u Annual Meeting 01/26/14 u Special Congregational Meeting 04/27/14 u Special Congregational Meeting 06/29/14 u Special Congregational Meeting 10/12/14 u Special Congregational Meeting 12/21/14 Election Ballot - John Weinzierl reviewed the election ballot with the voting members. Members of the Nominating Committee handed out the ballots to qualified members and proceeded with the count once the ballots were completed. Nominating Committee members present to do the counting was Joan Nesvold, Julie Sprenger, Sue Ziermann and Laurie Bluhm. The ballot consisted of voting for: u Ministry Board – 1 year term (select 1) Norm Bauer, Rebecca Lotito u Ministry Board – 3 year term (select 2) Kristi Mittelstaedt, Joseph Perez, Andy Johnsrud, Colette Thorson u Nominating Committee – 1 year term (select 6) Kathy Berg, Nicole Johnsrud, Shawn Perez, Phil Schansberg, Greg Kop - pendrayer, Harlan Sundblad, Tracy Hulley, Beth Seefeldt u Yes/No vote to join the Augustana District of the LCMC

Page Twelve

u Yes/No vote to ratify the Amended

Constitution of Peace Lutheran Church from the 10/12/2014 meeting Audit Report for 2014 Financial Records – John Weinzierl stated the 2014 financial records were reviewed and certified by the Delano firm of Matter Reuter CPSs, LTD. 2014 Actual/2015 Budget – Marty Malmin stated we ended 2014 with $20+ in the black. He reviewed the 2014 Actual Dollars statements and answered a couple of questions that were asked. He went over the 2015 Budget and Stewardship numbers. 2015 Stewardship pledges were down by 17 pledges for a total $47,180.00. Estimated income for 2015 is $129,840 with a 2014 reserve of $9,040 for a total 2015 budget of $138,880. Paul Nesvold/Elaine Morrow moved a motion to accept the 2015 Budget as presented. The vote was carried. President’s Report – John Weinzierl gave a recap of 2014. He cited the many events that occurred that have made our congregational stronger. He thanked the outgoing Ministry Board members for their hard work: Paul Bushard – Vice President, Dan Juncewski – Secretary and Heather Hanson. He gave prayers to the new Ministry Board and for PLC and for the new year ahead. Ministry Team Reports u Outreach – Shawn Perez Shawn outlined the many events the Outreach team hosted in 2014. March – Linda Reinhart spoke about how she handled a family illness and depression at the same time. April – John Weinzierl hosted the Senior Fish Fry for 25 people. May – A Men’s Softball team started where all but 2 teammates were from PLC. They didn’t have the best record (3-13) but they had the most fans and the loudest fans present. June – A Women’s outing to see the Church Basement Ladies at the Plymouth Playhouse for the ‘The Last Potluck Supper’. 18 women attended. September – 8 women attended the Augustana District Women of the Word annual meeting in Alexan-

dria. October – The Prayer Walk at the Nesvold’s property and the Women’s Bazaar at PLC. November – The Looney Lutheran’s performed before 240 people at PLC. This was a wonderful event and well received. December – Adopt a Child provided Christmas for 21 kids. The Outreach committee also thanked Elaine Morrow for her help in creating posters and tickets for the Looney Lutheran’s. In 2015 plans are in place for: March – Chili Feed for the EMT, Police and Firefighter of Watertown. This will be on Monday, March 2nd. May – Paul Oman, a former pastor, will be creating a one of a kind painting (4x8) on canvas for our church. The Worship Committee will be putting together a program of music, song and readings for the 1 hour program. This will be advertised and will be open to the public. No cost for attending. This will be on Sunday, May 3rd. July – Rails to Trails event. The Outreach Committee is researching whether to host a booth for food sales to be a fundraiser and get our name in the community to show support. September/October – An anonymous benefactor is willing to host the Lumber River Quartet for a program at PLC. They are a gospel foursome from North Carolina sharing a beautiful message through their music. u Youth Activities – Joseph Perez Joseph thanked his team for their support for the 2014 activities. Team consisted of Meghan Weaver, Greg Koppendrayer, Jacob Koppendrayer and Shawn Perez. 2014 activities were: A fall picnic attended by 20+ kids. 18 college care packages assembled and sent to students. Moonlight Madness. Feed My Starving Children outing. In 2015 plans are in place for: January – Movie night ‘When the Game Stand Tall’. Open gyms at CCLS. 3-4 picnics planned. Highway Cleanup – 3 ½ mile stretch from the round-about to Cnty Road 92. This will be a ‘Giving back to the Community’ event. College care packages in May and December. Operation Christmas Child. Float for Rails to Trails parade. Proposed BWCA trips.

Meeting Minutes - continued 2015 Peace Lutheran Church of Watertown Unapproved Minutes of the Annual Meeting - January 25, 2015 (continued) u Missions – Ruth Clark (presented by Barb Schansberg) The committee was inactive for much of 2014 but there are 6 people interested in building the committee up again. The Lotito family sent 3 boxes to service people prior to the holidays. They were very well received. One serviceman sent a very nice thank you note back. In 2015 plans are in place for: Feed My Starving Children event. Sort clothing for Love, INC. Make pillowcase dresses for the Orphan Grain Train. Work with Mekane Jesus – TeamServe. u Property – Thanks were given to: Kris Hanson & Tom Mittlestaedt for doing the snow plowing. Jerry Berg for doing the lawn mowing. Marty Malmin for all the flower gardens. Greg Koppendrayer for salt for the sidewalk and parking lot. Paul Nesvold for maintaining the back 10 acres. Nate (?) for the seeding. The Monday Morning Men that do the church internal cleaning. Miscellaneous Appreciations: Lillie Tesch thanked John Weinzierl and Paul Nesvold for the Senior Fish Fry. Edie Hanson thanked Elaine and Glen Morrow for the ‘Young Eagles’ plane rides. John Weinzierl agreed. Karen

Hoernemann reminded everyone to assign their Thrivent Choice Dollars to PLC. Karen was thanked for being our Thrivent representative. Marty Malmin said that Thrivent Choice Dollars will be used for the Paul Oman event. Tracy Koppendrayer thanked Diane Malmin for accepting the role to lead the Christian Education and Sunday School program. Miscellaneous Topics: Pastor Shannon stated his letter in the February newsletter will be around Ephesians 4:11. Doreen Seal announced the Lenten Suppers will be Soup Suppers. Details will be in the February newsletter. John Weinzierl said he will look into doing another cribbage tournament. There is interest in having a ‘game night’ at PLC. It will be looked into. Curt Ziermann expressed his appreciation and joy in the Confirmation Mentor program Pastor Shannon said that he and Cyndi will be in Florida from February 8 – 17th for vacation. Pastor Paul Knudson from Augustana District will be preaching on February 15th in his absence. u Election Results: Mary Hausladen and Heather Hanson reported: - Vote to join the Augustana District PASSED - Vote to ratify the Constitution PASSED

u The Nominating Committee reported: The NEW Ministry Board members will be: l Norm Bauer – 1 year term l Joseph Perez – 3 year term l Andy Johnsrud – 3 year term The NEW Nominating Committee members will be: Nicole Johnsrud, Shawn Perez Phil Schansberg, Greg Koppendrayer, Harlan Sundblad and Tracy Hulley. Marty Malmin nominated Norm Bauer and Kris Hanson nominated Mary Hausladen for the new President position. The 2014 Nominating Committee handed out ballots for the President vote. The reported back that Norm Bauer will be the new 2015 Ministry Board President. Lillie Tesch / Heather Hanson moved a motion to destroy the ballots. The vote was carried. John Weinzierl shared a prayer thanking everyone for their support. Tracy Koppendrayer/Fred Tesch moved a motion to adjourn the meeting. The vote was carried. Meeting adjourned at 11:50 am.

Respectfully submitted by Doreen Seal – Ministry Board member

Page Thirteen

Special Congregational Meeting Minutes Unapproved Minutes of the Special Congregational Meeting - March 22, 2015 Vote for Pastoral Call Committee Members present: 53 voting members. Also present: Pastor David Hanson. Subject: Purpose of the Congregation Meeting was to vote (approve/disapprove) the Call Committee list that was compiled by the Nominating Committee The meeting was called to order at 10:05 am by Norm Bauer. Pastor Hanson opened the meeting in prayer. Shawn Perez, chairperson of the Nominating Committee announced the list of 5 members on the Call Committee that the Nominating Committee compiled. They are: Marty Malmin, Kristi Mittelstaedt, Ann Goebel, Tracy Koppendrayer, Jon Peterson. Beth Seefeldt/Bill Hoernemann move a motion to accept the nominations. Vote carried. Ballots were distributed to qualified members to vote. During the ballot count the various topics were discussed: • Edie Hanson offered thanks to the members that accepted the call to be on the Call Committee • Mary Ann Hoese asked if the congregation could suggest names of Pastors to the Call Committee to research. The answer is YES.

• The church camera is in the Technology desk area and all members are welcome to use to take pictures for Facebook, the yearbook and the newsletter. • Norm mentioned that several of our new members have offered to help in certain areas: - Sarah Glaesner will be the Facebook Administrator although all members are welcome to contribute. - Erik Strand will assist in the Technology area. - Amy Peterson has offered to design and make banners with other women from PLC. John Weinzierl/ Fred Tesch moved a motion to destroy the ballots once the vote is completed. Vote carried. Edie Hanson/Marty Malmin moved a motion to adjourn the meeting. Vote carried. Meeting adjourned at 10:30 am. During Fellowship Hour Shawn Perez reported that the vote for the Call Committee passed by a majority vote. Respectfully submitted by Doreen Seal – MB Secretary

Unapproved Minutes of the Special Congregational Meeting - June 7, 2015 Vote for Mortgage / Building Gift Norm Bauer called the meeting at 10:05 am. Part One: Norm presented the offer by Paul and Joan Nesvold that they will pay $125,000 of the mortgage and the congregation will pay the remaining mortage balance of $37,500.

Part Two of the offer is to accept the Berg Charitable Fund contribution of $850,000 to build an addition to the church. The monies contributed will include internal fixtures and furniture. 72 voting members voted unanimously with a “Yes” to accept the combined offer.

Unapproved Minutes of the Special Congregational Meeting - September 20, 2015 Vote to Extend a Pastoral Call to Pastor David Hanson Members present: Norm Bauer, John Weinzierl, Mary Hausladen, Doreen Seal, Joseph Perez, Andy Johnsrud Also present: 72 voting members from the congregation Devotions: Paul Knutson gave a wonderful talk on what a significant day today was in the history of Peace Lutheran. His theme was ‘Rejoice for the day the Lord has given’. Paul closed with a prayer for us as we moved forward with the vote. Minutes: Norm Bauer thanked the Call Committee (Marty Malmin, Ann Goebel, Kristi Mittelstaedt, Jon Peterson and Tracy Koppendrayer) for their hard work in the interviewing and selecting call process. Marty Malmin, committee leader of the call team, explained the process that they used to select a candidate. u A strategic plan was developed where church members could come for 2 evenings to discuss the future of PLC and the direction they would like to see it go. u A job description was developed that was used in advertising for the Pastor position. u A scope of what the job entailed and expections was developed to use in the search of the candidate. u Mininum requirements were listed in the search to ensure we received resumes from qualified candidates. Forty-five (45) cards were mailed to Augustana District pastors and posted on the LCMC website. Eighteen (18) resumes were received. The Call Committee reviewed all resumes and identified the top 3 candidates to bring in for face-face interviews.

Page Fourteen

During the interview process the Call Committee used 3 forms (matrixes) they developed to rate all 3 candidates on the same criteria. After each interview the group completed the 1 matrix independently and then their scores were tallied together for the third matrix. This gave them the high/low scores/rankings of the candidates. From this process Pastor David W. Hanson was identified as the number 1 candidate. The Call Committee then met with the Ministry Board and presented their results to them. The Ministry Board voted and agreed with them on selecting Pastor Hanson as the pastor of Peace Lutheran. The Executive Committee met with Pastor Hanson to review the compensation package using some guidelines and research the Call Committee had provided to them on compensation. Butch Essig / Paul Nesvold made a motion to extend a call to Pastor Hanson. Voting ballots were handed out to voting members of Peace Lutheran. The Call Committee received and counted the ballots. An overwhelming majority of ‘yes’ votes came back in agreement to extend the call. A rousing standing ovation was given when Pastor Hanson came to the pulpit to receive the good news from Norm. John Weinzierl / Joshua Peterson made a motion to destroy the ballots. Pastor Hanson closed our meeting with a prayer. Marty Malmin / Heather Hanson made a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Creating a Church of Generousity Income Summary 2015 Faith Promises-General Fund $138,943 Cash Offerings $2,361 Lenten Offerings $1,363 Easter Offerings $985 Thanksgiving Offerings $100 Advent Offerings $10 Christmas Offerings $2,865 Interest Income $134 Miscellaneous Income $400

2014 $139,047 $2,124 $1,069 $1,143 $55 $287 $4,796 $192 $820

2013 $140,709 $3,743 $1,405 $1,570

Operating Income


Building Fund $958 Capital Campaign Fund $5,400 $5,929 Building Fund - Notes Building Funds - Various Building Fund - Debt Retirement $67,622 $15,535 Various Funds $22,174 $30,431 Memorials $2,075 $400 Refunded Transactions $13,924 $5,839

$546 $2,543 $64

Fund Balances as of 12/31/15 $28,653.22

Building Fund



Note Retirement Fund


$213,951 $57,700 $50,000 $40,710 $2,790 $21,487 $355 $84,464

Special Reserve Accounts $2,000.00

Non-Operating Income $111,195 $59,092 $471,457 Total Income $258,356 $208,625 $622,037

Expense Summary 2015 2014 Benevolence $7,800 $9,750 Property $15,911 $16,377 Salaries & Benefits $95,948 $87,716 Education $2,365 $4,001 Activity $2,855 Outreach $2,685 $314 Music $571 $1,054 Stewardship $183 Office and Church Supplies $7,029 $9,814 Communications & Technology $71 $326 Hospitality $1,695 $1,183 Mortgage $8,800 $13,200 Note Interest $5,600 $5,775 Call Committee and Pastor Relocation $2,819

2013 $6,500 $21,960 $84,907 $4,240

Operating Expense


Building Fund Expense $14,124 Building Fund-Various $57,196 $848 Various Funds $30,419 $12,971 Memorials $3,350 Refunded Transactions $12,877 $5,483

Undesignated Memorials $95.00 Ardelle Carlson Memorial $1,530.00 Rainy Day Fund


Copier Lease Fund


Outreach Fund


Spark Fund


Spark Scholarship Fund


Children Ministry Fund


Youth Ministry Fund


Youth Mission Trip Fund


Christian Education Fund $3,643.57

$315 $545

Good Samaritan Fund


Thrivent Mission Fund


$7,815 $451 $1,159 $10,644 $4,025

High School Scholarship


Music Ministry Fund


Mission Ministry Fund


Altar Care Fund



Women of Peace


$338,649 $37,881 $12,248

Building Fund Notes



Cash in Bank as of 12/31/15 $68,204.13

General Fund


Cash & Fund Balances


Non-Operating Expense $103,842 $33,426 $472,296 Total Expense $258,174 $182,936 $615,693

Page Fifteen

Resourcing Our 2016 Ministry Plan New! Volunteer Finance Staff

2016 Estimated Income Faith Promises (51) $163,542 Other Giving $20,000 Other Offerings $8,600 Total $192,142

Financial Secretary

2016 Budget - Ministry Team Summary

Sue Beulke





























We welcome Sue Beulke as our new financial secretary. She has been working with Kathy Berg, who built this system up and is transitioning from the position. If you have questions about your gifts to Peace, please contact Sue.

Financial Administrator

Judy Jacobson

COMMUNICATIONS & TECHNOLOGY $2,590 $150 TOTAL $191,763 $149,365

Another transition taking place is Judy Jacobson coming on board as our new financial administrator. She will be training in with Marty Malmin who has served faithfully in this position for many years. If you have a queston about budgets and expenditures, please contact Judy.

2016 Benevolence Budget 2016 Budget & Income ESTIMATED INCOME $192,142 BUDGET $191,763 SURPLUS $379

Page Sixteen

Feed My Starving Children Orphan Grain Train Heifer International New Hope Mission Society Love, Inc. Friends for Life

$4,000 $1,000 $1,000 $2,500 $2,400 $2,400

LCMC LCMC-Augustana District

$1,500 $500



Memorial Donation Policy Document No. PLC-P0010

Administrator: Ministry Board Responsibile Ministry Team: Ministry Board Purpose: This procedure defines the requirement for and administration of the Peace Lutheran Memorial Policy 1. Memorial donations are given to the glory of God in memory of decreased loved ones. 2. All memorial donations shall become the property of Peace Lutheran Church, and the donators no longer control the donation. 3. Memorials received shall not be used for any part of the church’s general operating funds unless so designated by the donors. 4. The Ministry Board shall develop a list of items needed by the congregation, with input from the Ministry Board and the various ministry teams. It is the responsibility of the Ministry Board to periodically update the list. 5. Memorial items not on the Ministry Board designated list will be received only with input from ministry teams and Ministry Board approval. 6. Memorial donations will be received and applied as undesignated. 7. The accounting of the memorial funds shall be the responsibility of the financial ministry team. 8. The accounting of memorial list of items shall be the responsibility of the Ministry Board. 9. Financial donations not given to a designated item shall go into a general memorial account from which the Ministry Board can draw for special purpose needs of the congregation. 10. No identifiation plaques or engravings shall be permitted on any of the donations. 11. Upon completion of a designated item/fund, any left- over money shall be under control of the Ministry Board. 12. This policy does not cover wills, trusts, or estate gifts in excess of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) received by Peace Lutheran Church.

Page Seventeen

Ratify Constitution & Bylaw Changes Members of Peace Lutheran Church

November 24, 2015

At the October Ministry Board meeting, the board voted to recommend to the congregation that the Constitution and Bylaws be updated . For the past two years, an outside accounting firm was hired to audit the church’s financial records. The board has voted to continue this, and recommends to the congregation that the Constitution/ Bylaws reflect this. Currently the Constitution/Bylaws call for an audit committee of three (3) church voting members to do the auditing. Please note the recommended changes that are required. The Ministry Board, at their December 29 meeting, revised the ‘Will Read’ portion of Proposed Audit Changes to the Constitution/ Bylaws. This recommendation will be presented to the congregation for a vote at the annual meeting, January 31, 2016. Yours in Christ, Norman A. Bauer, President Reference: A12.02 Page 10 Strike: an Audit Committee Will Read: A Nominating Committee and Call Committee are defined in the bylaws. B7.03 Page 17 Strike: An Audit Committee of three (3) voting members shall be appointed by the Congregation Ministry Board. Audit Committee members shall not be members of the congregation’s Ministry Board. The term of office shall be three years, with one member appointed each year. Members shall be eligible for re-appointment. One initial committee member shall be appointed for a term of one year, one for a term of two years and one for three years. The Audit Committee shall conduct an annual audit of all congregational financial records and prepare a report to present at the annual meeting, validating the congregation’s financial records’ accuracy and validity Will Read: Peace Lutheran Church of Watertown will engage a Certified Public Accounting firm to conduct an annual audit or review of the financial statements of the Church. The firm selected by the Finance Ministry Team must be totally autonomous and have no connection with Peace. The selected firm will conduct the annual audit or review in accordance with standards established by the American Institute of CPA’s and will prepare a report of their findings and will present it to the Ministry Board. The report will be included in the “Annual Report to the Congregation”. The entire process shall be conducted by the Finance Ministry Team. The 2015 Nominating Committee has submitted their list of candidates for both the 2016 Ministry Board and Nominating Committee. All names have been ratified by the Ministry Board. Those voting members who will be out of state for the Annual Meeting will need to request an absentee ballot from the Ministry Board President, Norm Bauer, no later than January 22, 2016. Per Article A6.05 of Peace Lutheran’s Constitution and Bylaws: Voting by proxy shall not be permitted for any matter. Voting by absentee ballot shall be permitted under the following conditions: a. The member is out of the state of Minnesota at the time of the Congregational meeting. b. The member shall notify the Ministry Board of their reason for missing the congregational meeting and their desire to receive an absentee ballot. c. The member shall submit their sealed ballot to the congregational President prior to the congregational meeting. The sealed ballot shall be opened and counted with all other ballots during the congregational meeting. d. Absentee ballots can only cover election and ratification that cannot change during a course of a meeting.

Page Eighteen

PLC Parochial Repor t 2015


Membership & Worship Stats u Baptized


u Confirmed u Number




of Households


u Members

removed - 2 requests - 1 death


u Average

Worship Attend... 97 * includes Easter Sunday but not Christmas (Thurs.)

u Average

Worship Attend... 95 * without midweek, Christmas and Easter.

u Average

Worship Attend... 101 * without midweek, Christmas, Easter and Summer (6/1-9/1)

u Average

Midweek Worship Attendance * Advent = N/A * Lent - 45 * Summer - 24 Worship Attend...308 * 3:00 pm - 91 * 4:30 pm - 167 * 9:00 pm - 50 Worship Attend...

CONFIRMED Carter Mittelstaedt Sunday, May 17, 2015 BAPTIZED Lana Nicole Hanson Sunday, May 29, 2015 Parents: Sarah & Adam Hanson Sponsors: Emily & Nathan Uhl, Heather & Kris Hanson Aidan Alexander Pavek Sunday, August 9, 2015 Parents: Abigail & Evan Pavek Sponsors: Hannah Anderson MARRIED Sarah Glaeser & Erik Strand Saturday, September 26, 2015 FUNERALS Burt Linquist Sr. - April 4, 2015 (Heidi Thaemert’s father) Johnson Funeral Home, Waconia

u Christmas

u Easter

Pastoral Acts

Ardelle Carlson - September 9, 2015 Peace Lutheran Church, Watertown Mark Healy - November 22, 2015 (Brother of Marla Erickson) Washburn Chapel, New Brighton


30 baptized members & 12 households received in 2015.

Sunday, March 22, 2015 (13 people / 4 households) l l l l

Dan & Sue, Sarah, Jacob Beulke Sarah Glaeser & Erik Strand Jon & Amy, Joshua, Emily Peterson Leif, Sophia, Olivia Pederson

Sunday, June 7, 2015 (6 people / 3 households) l l l

Kari Hansen & Cooper Anderson Robert & Cathy Rieckenberg Duane (Dewey) & Doris Swenson

Sunday, October 11, 2015 (11 people / 5 households) l l l l l

Larry & Jackie Cramb George & Pastor Linda Boyadjis Pastor David & Stephanie Hanson Jake (David) & Judy Jacobson Evan & Abigail, Aidan Pavek



2015 Graduates

Graduate Recognition Sunday, May 3, 2015 *Daniel Clark, *Hannah Hulley, Tanner Mittelstaedt, Austin Hausladen, *Robyn Lotito, *Lillian Reinert. * Received Peace Lutheran Church Graduate Scholarships

Page Nineteen


Building A Future! 2015 I Team Report

With the donation of funds from the Berg Family Trust Fund the church is able to build an addition. The I Team members are Tracy Hulley, Kathy Berg, Andy Johnsrud, Paul Nesvold, Norm Bauer and John Weinzierl. Their task is to build an addition that will meet the needs of the congregation within the budget given to them. At the time of writing this report the following has been accomplished: 1. Signed a contract with Nor-Son Construction as the design/build contractor. 2. Nor-Son contracted with Otto and Associates to do the Civil Engineering. The handling of storm water is a big issue. 3. The floor plan has been completed. 4. A construction estimate is being prepared. 5. Met with New Life Communication regarding future audio/visual needs. 6. Had a meeting with Linda Berg regarding interior design. 7. Plans were made to have a meeting after a church service to show the congregation the floor plan. Meetings were held with the various ministry teams to get their input in areas that affect them. The preliminary construction time schedule would have construction starting May 1 with completion late September. Respectfully submitted by I Team chair, John Weinzierl * Drawings Not Final *

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2015 plc annual report final  

2015 plc annual report final  


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