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The First Pyramid This is the pyramid of King Djoser. It’s known as the Step Pyramid.

By: Darleen Rodriguez

The First Pyramid Have you ever wondered what the first pyramid was? The first pyramid was called The Step Pyramid. An Egyptian named Imhotep made it. He was an architect. He was bored with the brick structures so he made a grave that gave his king a leg up to the afterlife. The pyramid was built 2,650 B.C ago. He designed Djoser’s tomb. The step pyramid was stacked of six brick boxes. It’s was getting smaller and smaller until it reached the top. It was 200 feet high. King Djoser King Djoser was an ancient pharaoh in Egypt. He was the king of the 3rd dynasty during Old Kingdom. He was the son of king Khaswsekhemwy and Queen Nimaethap. King Djoser was also known as Netjerikhet, meaning body of the gods. Djoser was known for being a great military leader. As a warrior king he won successful wars and increased the wealth of Egypt. King Djoser of Egypt!

Grave Robbers Have you ever heard of grave robbers? Grave Robbers are one of the meanest people out there in Egypt. They were considered disgusting and a menace to Grave robbers attempting to rob a grave

society. They rob for money, treasure, and other valuables. In Egypt if they found a person robbing the grave of a king or pharaoh they would die. They will also lose a chance to a happy afterlife. The grave robbers robbed the pharaoh’s grave because they were really rich. Egyptians buried the pharaoh’s with their money, amulets, treasure, and more valuables.

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TheFirstPyramid (Darleen)  
TheFirstPyramid (Darleen)