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Ancient Fun By: Jose Sources: Ancient Tour Egypt .net

Don’t you love to play games, sports, and board games? Well did you know that Egyptians love to play games and sports too? Yup men, women and even children loved games. Well I’m going to tell you exactly what stuff they liked to play.

Senet First thing is their favorite board game was called senet. This

was a

checkerboard known as perw-(Houses). There were three rows

of ten squares.

There were seven pieces per person. Often the wealthy had

better boards than

the poor. It was proven that the best game board was found in the famous tomb of King Tut. Adults

mostly played this game.

Children Children often played things like wrestling, tug of war, and even races. Don’t you know how you run back after playing and eat any snack you can find? Well did you know that they loved to do the same thing, but their snacks are way different? They ate bread instead of things like cookies, chips, or donuts. However, just like the games the wealthy somehow even got better bread.

Sum I really wish that I could say more but that’s all there is to it. To sum it all up Egyptians loved to have fun just like us. However they played differently. Now the Egyptians were

exotic. Now if your thinking wow what bad taste they had then you might be right or wrong. It’s your opinion just like it’s their opinion on what they like, think about it. A question to be answered.....

The First Pyramid

This is the pyramid of King Djoser. It’s known as the Step Pyramid.

By: Darleen Rodriguez

The First Pyramid Have you ever wondered what the first pyramid was? The first pyramid was called The Step Pyramid. An Egyptian named Imhotep made it. He was an architect. He was bored with the brick structures so he made a grave that gave his king a leg up to the afterlife. The pyramid was built 2,650 B.C ago. He designed Djoser’s tomb. The step pyramid was stacked of six brick boxes. It’s was getting smaller and smaller until it reached the top. It was 200 feet high. King Djoser King Djoser was an ancient pharaoh in Egypt. 3rd dynasty during Old Kingdom. He was the son of Khaswsekhemwy and Queen Nimaethap. King known as Netjerikhet, meaning body of the gods. being a great military leader. As a warrior king he and increased the wealth of Egypt.

He was the king of the king Djoser was also Djoser was known for won successful wars King Djoser of Egypt!

Grave Robbers Have you ever heard of grave robbers? Grave Robbers are one of the meanest people out there in Egypt. They were

considered disgusting and a menace to society. They rob for money, treasure, and other valuables. In Egypt if they found a person robbing the grave of a king or pharaoh they would die. They will also lose a chance to a happy afterlife. The grave robbers robbed the pharaoh’s grave because they were really rich. Egyptians buried the pharaoh’s with their money, amulets, treasure, and more valuables. Grave robbers attempting to rob a grave

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Ladies 1st

The Ancient civilization of the Nile River Valley known, as Egypt has one of the most notable records of early cosmetic use.

By: Armani Grant

Have you ever wanted to know how women lived in Ancient Egypt? Were they powerful? Were they just like you or me? Well you are reading the right magazine, this will tell you anything you need to know. Married young Women married young in Ancient Egypt. They married at the ages of 12-14. If a man asked to marry a woman, she didn’t have to say yes. In Ancient Egypt, a man could have more than one wife. However, women could not have multiple husbands. Brothers, sisters, and cousins could marry each other. Royal families married each other to protect their dynasty. Egyptians didn’t have religious or legal ceremony for marriage. After they moved out their father house they became a wife. When a woman got married she had to be a good mother to her children and a good wife to her husband.

Servant: A person employed in the service of a government. Custody: The protective care or guardianship of someone or something.

Working Women

Nefertiti was the Great Royal Wife of Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhotep IV. She was also the mother-in-law and she was likely to be the stepmother to the future King Tutankhamen. She was likely the Queen of Egypt after her husband death. Women in Egypt could get a job outside of their home. Women could sell, buy or own a property if she wanted too. Egyptian women could own and sell their slaves. They could manage private property. They had the right to own and manage land, servants, livestock’s, and money. Women had freedom along the shore of the Nile River. Women from Ancient Greece didn’t have much freedom. They needed their husband’s permission to do anything they wanted to do. Their job was to run the house, make the clothes and bear children. Egyptian women were treated like men and had the same legal rights. They could leave their stuff in their will and give it to anybody in

their family. Divorce, If You Were Unhappy If women wanted to get a divorce then she could get one. A woman could divorce her husband if she was unhappy with her marriage. If a woman had a good reason in court then they could get a divorce. When a woman got a divorce they could take any property they owned or their husband gave them in their beginning of their marriage. The court gave the women custody of all their children. Additional Notes

If a woman broke a law, she had to defend herself from the charge if not she would go to Ancient Egypt jail. In Egyptian society, equality wasn't judged on gender but on differences in social class. The upper class was the pharaohs, nobles, and priests. Middle class was the merchants, craftsmen, and scribes. Enslaved people were the lower class. Conclusion If you were a woman and lived in Ancient Egypt back then, you would have as much freedom as the men. Most

women in other nations had less freedom because of the social society.

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ANCIENT EGYPTIAN MUMMIES BY KASHAWN DELOACH INTRODUCTION You may have read books about mummies being wrapped up in white bandages and coming back from the dead but that’s not the real story. Mummies were the bodies of people that were preserved after death. Preserve means to keep safe and unharmed. That’s what Ancient Egyptians did to create mummies. This is

how a mummy is

preserved, dried, and wrapped.

CREATING MUMMIES To create a mummy when someone died you had to preserve the body after death. When Egyptians

buried dead people they buried them in sand so the body can dry. When the body dried it is a mummy. .At first when Egyptians buried the bodies they didn’t like to have anything over the bodies. When anything was over the bodies wild animals came and ate the bodies. So then Egyptians put the bodies in boxes.

BODIES ROTTING When they put bodies in boxes the bodies weren’t in sand so the bodies didn’t dry. When the bodies didn’t dry it wasn’t preserved, so then the bodies rotted. Rotted means to go bad, like when an apple rots, it is no good to eat. So Egyptians put the bodies in sand with something over it. When the bodies were finished Egyptians wrapped it up and put it in coffins with spells over it. Egyptians believed that mummies came back to life but they didn’t. Finally, ancient Egyptian mummies are finished. They are now ready to go to the afterlife and be royalty.

This is a mummy wrapped up already dried and preserved.

ANCIENT E G Y P T I A N CATS By: Mohamed traore

This is a statue of an Ancient Egyptian cat.

Do you have a cat? If so do you know that your cat would have been considered royalty in Ancient Egypt. Royalty means they would have been considered queens and kings

Cats today, there are not statues of cats today.

This is a royal cat from ancient Egypt. Cats were special by chasing mice and snakes. Ancient Egyptian cats were popular. If you hurt a cat in ancient Egypt you will get in big trouble. Your punishment can be death.

Ancient Egyptians thought the cats had powers. Egyptians kept cats for ancient Egypt you had to respect a cat. Cats were not pets in Egypt. Almost all Egypt homes had cats. They were not

pets though.

The ancient Egyptians believed that cats had magical powers They believed that cat were connected with both gods and goddesses .the cat goddess bastet was good luck for childbirth. They would pray to bastet and thank her for a healthy child.


Look the cat now they are not the same like the ancient Egyptian cats. The ancient Egyptian cats were treated totally different from the ways cats are now treated.

For example cats are different from the way they used to be .For example their cats aren’t like the cats we have today. Ancient Egyptians believed that cats had special powers so now you know how the cats are different.

Art of the Ancient Egyptians

By: Nailah Joseph

Introduction Have you ever wondered what ancient Egyptians art looked like? Well it’s like your drawing but engraved into stones and walls, and created a long time ago. That’s cool right? Imagine you a long time ago and you are drawing on walls and stones and when you’re gone people admire your work. Its like you’re famous. I know that everyone would like to be famous one day. Like President Barack

Obama. They are famous like Obama because their drawings and paintings last a long and time and their painting and drawing are everywhere just like President Obama’s pictures are everywhere.

Interesting Facts The Egyptian art is interesting. Do you want to know why? I’ll tell you because I want you to know all about it. It’s interesting because of how they drew. They drew animal heads on a human’s body. Also they drew all of their people looking sideways. Sounds weird but I’ll explain how they did it. They drew heads, eyes, legs and feet positioned as if you were looking at them from the side. Also they had a way of coloring. When they drew men they colored them with a dark color and when they drew woman they colored them with a light color. Now do you see how interesting the Egyptians were? If you want to learn more about it go home log on to a computer and if you don’t have one you can read books about it. Have fun with it you can play games and read more interesting facts on it.

These pictures are examples of Egyptian art. As you can see they are drew as

if they were positioned as if they were looking sideways. Everything that I explained in my interesting facts is demonstrated in these pictures.


Egypt’s Special Gift By Kyshon Grandy The Nile River was important to the Ancient Egyptians because they used it for farming, transportation, economy, and technology. Farming: Every spring the Nile River flooded and the Nile River left rich soil. The rich soil was called silt they used it to grow crops.

Ancient Egyptians Farming

Transportation: The ancient Egyptians use boats to go to pyramids, city, temples, and mines along the shores of the Nile River.

This is one of the Reed boats that they use going threw the Nile River! Economy: The Ancient Egyptians traded stuff for gold or goods and this called bartering. Also the Nile River helped farmers to grow food and they depended on framing for their economy. They also sailed the Nile River on reed boats to travel and sell and trade their goods.

Ancient Egyptians sailed to city to city to trade things for gold or goods. Technology: Ancient Egyptians made many things like calendars, houses, and art. Ancient Egyptians brought water to dry desert land by using irrigation. Irrigation used canals to carry water to places. They also used something called a shaduf to spread water from the Nile and the canals. A shaduf is a bucket on a lever.

The shaduf was use to get water from the Nile River.

The Nile River is still important was important to Ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago and it is still important today.

By Zokyah Green


This is the ancient Egyptian’s alphabet.

This is our alphabet now.

Did you know that a long, long time ago Ancient Egyptians didn’t have regular letters? You may be t\saying t your self’s “what are you talking about? ” Well what Is am saying is that we use the letters like A, B, C and D, well back then Egyptians had pictures instead of letters. Yes I did say pictures. They used pictures of feet, baskets and more to represent the letters in the alphabet.

THE ANCIENT NUMBERS Now, I want you to think like an Egyptian. Now when you are in school and you are

reading a book, with only pictures in it, do you think it would be confusing? Well I do. Now don’t just think they drew pictures to only represent letters. They also drew pictures to represent numbers. That is going to be one hard math problem. You know how kids say they want to read a book with only pictures in it and minimum words? Minimum means less. Well try reading a book with only pictures representing the words. I am glad we have actual words and pictures then having pictures as words. HIEROGLYPHICS 101 You might be thinking that reading photo’s as letters was probably hard for the Egyptians, well it wasn’t because they studied what the pictures mean. But I know that would have been hard for me. Ancient Egypt is so interesting and its culture is truly exquisite. Exquisite means beautiful in other words.

This is how our numbers appear now.

This is the Ancient Egyptians hieroglyphics. Believe it or not, but these pictures represents letters that be used in books. Well not are books in this present time. Back then these letters will be written up on the walls in pyramids and maybe tombs. I think they wrote on the walls and not in books because I don’t think they knew what books were and also it is more secretive and special to the dead kings. Also back then they had the letters, well

pictures in color not just in black and white.

Was King Tut’s Tomb Cursed? By Joshua Astacio

If you were alive and lived in Egypt when King Tut was alive you would have seen hot dry sand and people building pyramids, huts, and tombs. Fast-forward 4,000 years and today and now you can only see King Tut in museums and in pictures.

When the tomb was first discovered there were reports of a message written in the ancient hieroglyphics on the outside of the tomb. When it was translated the message said, “Death Shall Come On Swift Wings to Him who disturbs the Peace of the King.” This led to people believe that there was a curse on King Tut’s Tomb.

Why might there be a curse on the tomb? Ancient Egyptians put curses on the graves to scare away the grave robbers. They didn’t want them to steel all the gold and precious amulets. Besides the pharaohs would need these treasures when they travel to the afterlife. The afterlife is when you die you going to the land of the dead.

Who was King Tut? A boy named Tutankhamen sometimes called King Tut became a pharaoh when his father, the pharaoh before him, died. He was young so the advisors helped him rule. The advisors were people who held great power but Tutankhamen was still king of Egypt. King Tut's most important work was the

restoration of the temples of old gods. He died suddenly before he could complete any major building works.

Vocabulary: Advisors- (noun) are experts that gives advice

The Pyramids Of Ancient Egypt

By: AMILLYON CANNON Imagine if you were an Egyptian king or queen. You would own anything that stepped on your land. Then you realized that you don’t have a place for your grave. Since your rich you don’t what to be buried with your slaves. You decided you what to be buried in a big triangle shaped building. What do you think it is? A pyramid! Just like you the first pharaoh of Egypt thought the same thing. The first pyramid was the step pyramid. The pyramid looked just like steps of a Giants house! A pharaoh’s s temple Then the pharaoh decided to fill in the pyramid. It took almost 20 years for his slaves to do that. That is almost their whole life. The Step pyramid became the Bent pyramid.

INSIDE THE PYRAMIDS You would think that the pyramids was a big fancy house right. But it is not. It is a big place where they put the dead pharaoh or king. They The pyramid that you see make a big coffin to put body in. Then they mummify or wrap them up today! in cloth. When they buried the pharaoh they buried some other things to. They buried money, food, weapons, and a big boat. They buried a big boat because they belived that they would sail on to the after life.

The bent pyramids


The pyramids was almost five hundred feet tall so they took a long time to Build. To make the any pyramid they used 500 pounds thick limestone. Imagine you carrying that heavy stone up the tallest building for 20 years straight! Sounds painful The step pyramid right? TO BE A PHARAOH You might think being a pharaoh is easy .You also think that all you have to do is sit back and relax. Well that is not how it works. You have to make sure that everything gets done. Like the famous pyramid of Giza, . It is 500 feet tall. Also it took 20 years to complete that famous pyramid. The pharaoh during those 20 years made sure it got done before he passed away. So if you want to build a pyramid like the make sure it gets done. To become a pharaoh you need to be apart of the royal family. So make sure you are the lucky one. WHAT THE PHARAOH DOES

Being a pharaoh is hard. You have to make sure certain things are done. Like a new pyramid that was suppose to be 1000 feet high. You would not want your slaves to be slacking off. If they did you would have to whip them, and you would not want to do that. So you have to:

• Make sure their on task. • Try not to whip them • Decide who or what to sacrifice • Be very nice to the most important god It is not that long but it is but it’s very hard to do. That is the thing that the pharaoh has to do on a daily basis.

• • • •

Pharaoh: Egyptian king Mummify: Wrap up in cloth .f Egypt: located in Africa. Sacrifice: to give something up for a good thing.

Ancient Egyptian Mummies

The death of King Tut still remains mystery. A insect called a mosquito might be the reason of King Tut’s death.

By: Nolis Wright

In this magazine article, you will learn about mummies, King Tut, and his majestic, artistic tomb. They put a curse on King Tut’s majestic tomb. Ancient Egyptians had different funerals than today’s funerals.

This is King Tut in person.

200 million children

King Tut had this is face

in Africa had a disease

when he was alive.

called Malaria from mosquitos.

Anubis is the god of embalming and protector of the dead. How The Mummies Made Mummification was a long seventy-day and expensive process. They washed the body of the mummy. The priest was wearing a jackal-headed mask to represent God Anubis. They took out brain and inner organs except the heart. This was a very long process. Pharaohs Of Egypt Pharaohs owned everything in ancient Egypt. Pharoahs have big graves located in pyramids, which has gold, jewels, gems, food, amulets and other treasures. A pharaoh is a king or queen of Egypt. They can tell ancient Egyptians what to do and they like to wear wigs on formal occasions. Mummies! Ancient Egyptian mummies were Ancient Egyptians that preserved after death. Mummies in ancient egypt were wrapped

in linen. Ancient Egyptians put something on the mummy’s body called Resin (rezin) to glue linen when they start wrapping the mummy. Anubis is the god of embalming and protector of the dead. The word preserved means protected.

Getting Ready For the Afterlife

Mummies were washed, perserved, and embalmed to get ready for their amazing journey in the afterlife. The priest wore a jackal-headed mask to represent the amazing God Anubis. Egyptians put treasures in mummies’ tombs to keep them very

Malaria is a disease made by some female mosquitos. This can give sicknesses like vomiting, headaches, and even death.

This is the mummy of King Tut and his mummy case. An

Archeologist discovers King Tut’s tomb. In conclusion, mummies have been famous in Ancient Egypt for a really long time. They can still do mummification today, but most Egyptians today no longer believe in the afterlife. The most famous mummy is King Tut, the nine-year old boy who became pharaoh and died when he was still a teenager. I hope you enjoyed the Magazine Article. Thank you for your cooperation.


by Eugene An image of what King Tut May Have Looked Like

KING TUT’S LIFE STORY King Tut was one of the most fascinating kings in world history. King Tut was, very young when he became king and also died at a young age. You maybe asking who is

King Tut Well I know and I will be writing about him. Meet King Tut Who is King Tut? He was a pharaoh / king. He was nine years old when he became a pharaoh. As a pharaoh he had full power to rule the kingdom. King Tut was very demanding and he got his people to rebuild the temples of the old gods, which had become rundown. He also wore a fake beard so that his followers would think he was a man. King Tut was young and got help from his people but he was still king.

The King’ Death King Tut was only king for nine years and he died quickly. Even though many people believed

King Tut may have been murdered. It turns out a mosquito may have done it. He may have died from Malaria, a disease that causes vomiting and headaches and kill you if it is not treated.

The Discovery of King Tut’s Tomb

After King Tut died he was buried in a tomb. Inside the tomb they put his treasures like a wooden cat with a jaw that moved, cases of jewels statues, and other things that showed what he enjoyed.

They buried him with all of those things because they believed he would come back from the dead.

Then in 1922, Egyptologists, people who study Egypt, they opened King Tut’s tomb.

King tut had a very short life. He wasn’t able to start a family, but his life was very rich.

The Cuisine of Ancient Egyptian By Areliz Aguilar

IF you lived in Ancient Egyptian times you would not have been able to go to the store and get food you will have to rely on the Nile River. I will be talking about how the Nile River helped the Ancient Egyptians food, the kind of food they had, and the seasons in Ancient Egypt.

The Nile River helps ancient Egyptian grow food. Their Would be floods because of the Nile River and it will bring rich black soil. The rich black soil will be good for the plants that the Ancient Egyptians. The Ancient Egyptians grew beans, lentils, onions, leeks, and cucumbers. The Ancient Egyptian ate many different foods. For example Ancient Egyptian ate wheat, barley, vegetables, figs, melons, pomegranates, and vines. They also ate bread. Most Egyptians ate two meals a day.

In ancient Egypt they had there own dates, for example June September they did no farming because the fields were flooded. In peret (the time when the left ). March - May is called schema and that’s the season that you harvest.

In closing the Ancient Egyptians worked very hard to grow

their food. They had healthy food.


Egyptians Table Manners

By: Leshara Parkinson

● Introduction ● Wash Your Hands Before You Eat ● Don’t chew with your mouth open ● Eat With Your Fingers ● Conclusion Introduction Do you think that Ancient Egyptians manners were the same as today’s manners? NO! In Ancient Egyptian their

manners were way different from today’s manners.

For Examples For some examples, Ancient Egyptians manners were not to chew with your mouth open, wash your hands before you eat, eat with your fingers and others.

Wash Your Hands Before You Eat!!!!

Ancient Egyptians always washed their hands before they ate. They washed their hands in a little bowl filled with water, and they also never used a kitchen or bathroom sink!

Don’t chew with your mouth open! Egyptians never chewed with their mouths open because they always thought it was very rude and disrespectful, and also thought it was rude to stare at food also.

Things you did not know about Ancient Egypt By Jahmaly Batson Did you know the burials in the hot desert sands led to

natural mummification of the whole body? Later placing the body in a coffin meant that only the skeleton survived. Then the Egypt learned how to artificially make mummies. If you lived in ancient times you would think they dressed weird.

After a long day’s work along the Nile River, Egyptians often relaxed by playing board games. Several different games were played, including “Mehen” and “Dogs and Jackals,” but perhaps the most popular was a game of

chance known as “Senet.” This pastime dates back as far as 3500 B.C. and was played on a long board painted with 30 squares. Each player had a set of pieces that were moved along the board according to rolls of dice or the throwing sticks. Historians still debate Senet’s exact rules, but there is little doubt of the game’s popularity. Paintings depict Queen Nefertiti playing Senet, and pharaohs like Tutankhamen even had game boards buried with them in their tombs.


Did you know that Egyptian clothing would be different from ours today?


All men wore a wrap-round skirt that was tied at the waist with a belt. Sometimes the material was wrapped around the legs as well. The length of the skirt varied depending on the fashion of the time.


Egyptian women wore a long dress with plain beaded shoulder straps. Women also wore a short wig and shaved their body’s hair.


Most young children went around completely naked until they reached puberty. When they were six years old they began to wear clothes that would protect them from the intense heat. Even some grown ups went naked.


Have you ever gotten sick or have flu. You can just go to the doctors. But in ancient Egypt time they did something a little different than how we do it now.

Medicine in ancient Egypt In ancient Egypt the use onions to cure a natural antibiotic, honey for an immunity booster, willow leaves for a source of aspirin, pig teeth to settle upset stomachs and, whole mice to cure coughs. I know what you're thinking in your mind those things are discovering but that’s what they use to cure himself. Doctors would also utter spells to drive

away spirits and they put magical amulets, necklaces and trinkets to protect sick people. If you think that was disgusting listen to this. They would smear the patient’s body with crocodile droppings to eject demons. Ancient doctors don't only cure people they perform minor surgeries with scalpels made of razor sharp rock or volcanic glass. Whatever the treatment or bizarre concoction, spells typically accompanied it. The man and women who treated the sick and injured were usually part time scribes or priests who went to

medical school at the


BY: Destiney Shepherd Ancient Egyptian Beliefs This is about the people and their gods. They loved their gods the people had little fear and great wonder. Egyptians believed that if you do anything bad your heart would get heavy. That’s

what their doctors said to them so they had to do good things so their hearts wouldn’t get heavy. The ancient Egyptians made magic to bring the dead to life they found up to 1,100 spells.They practiced their medicine. One thing is that there were magical things that lived a long time ago. Facts About Ancient Egyptian All ancient Egyptian kings and queens all had to cut off their hair and wear wigs because they had no way to keep their hair they also wear shirts and dresses. When the kings and queens dies they didn’t want to be buried with their slaves they wanted a big triangle called a pyramid so the King and Queen can be together when they died.

The ancient Egyptian people believed that magic was a divine creation that was only used for them to do magic. The Egyptian people had always lived in Africa you can see the pyramids that they built along time ago. Beliefs The ancient Egyptian people believed that magic was a divine creation that was only used for them to do magic. The Egyptian people had always lived in Africa by this day you can see the pyramids that they built along time ago. Source: Ancient Egypt for kids

The Curse Of Tut

By Daniel James

Many, many years ago a great pharaoh roamed the land of ancient Egypt he owned everything and everyone. His name Tutankhamen king tut for short. He died a violent death at the age of 18.He rested for years and years. Until Howard Carter and Lord Caravan awoke him by entering his tomb. Upon the seal of the tomb laid warning, which spoke'' whom ever touched the tomb of a pharaoh death shall fall upon thy wings’’. Even though it showed that warning they didn't even hesitate they opened that tomb right up. A few weeks later lord caravan got bite by a mosquito the bite got infected he couldn’t be saved. People say at that same time all the lights went out.


By:Uma Wharwood Many years ago there was three different types of kingdoms in Ancient Egypt, which was and still is located in Africa. The names were The Old Kingdom, The Middle Kingdom, and the New Kingdom. The kingdoms were for the ancient gods.

The Middle Kingdom

Long ago the middle kingdom was Egypt's Golden Age. Egypt built armies that were strong to defend herself from her neighbors.

During that period of Middle kingdoms, Pharaohs were expected to be really good kings and a smart ruler. Instead of building huge expensive pyramids, when pharaohs died, they were buried in hidden tombs. These tombs were all over ancient Egypt. Most probably, there are tombs yet to be discovered doctors because they were hidden so deep that nobody can see it.

The New Kingdom

The new kingdom was Egypt period. Egypt expanded her borders through military conquest and became a world power. During the time period of the new kingdom, pharaohs were all powerful, and pharaohs were all buried in the same area called the Valley of the Kings. Source:MR.Donn’s Egyptian

Land Of the gods! By:Kamiah Ryals

Did you ever know that Egypt was once called’ the Land Of Gods? Well it once was. In ancient Egypt they tried to get on the god’s good side. They did this by supporting truth, justice, and order in they lives. Which means that whatever the gods say they agreed. So they honored their gods. Name of the gods The first god Wadjyt will appear as a cobra shape goddess. Nekhbet was also a goddess she also appeared as a cobra. Re was a god who appeared as the sun all children in Egypt claimed to be his child. Thoth was the god of writing that is how he appeared. They worshiped these gods on everyday

Gods Do you know what a God is? A God is someone who appears from the sky. A lot of people can’t see him or her. If you can see a god that means you have a gift.

This is an image of how the ancient Egyptians thought the gods looked like. Statues In Egypt many people made statues of gods. They did this because they thought that’s how you honor a god. Many children admired the statues.

They had many Gods! In Egypt they had many gods. They had more than 2,000 GODS. That’’ is a lot of god to respect. Egyptians all knew who they were. RESPECT TO THE GODS!

In this photo this a statue of an ancient time. This is a primary source. Vocabulary Primary source= a source or item found from a long time ago and is still looks

the same. Secondary source= a book or movie about something in the past. Nile River The Nile River was important to the Egyptians because it helped them grow crops. It did this by when it flooded it left rich black fertile soil. Without the Nile Egypt would not have become what is know .The Nile river was a great gift to the Egyptians. The Nile River is the largest river.

This is the Nile River, which leaves back rich black fertile soil. Also the Nile was a big help to the Egyptians. If you were a god! If you were a god would you be a good god or wicked god. That’s a good question. Well I would be a good god. I will use my power for good. Source I will like to thank the Egypt magazine for the great information. A god was the most powerful thing in

Egypt. Then came the kings and queen. Worship our gods.

Gods and Goddesses By Creashawn Williams

Did you ever believe in magical gods? Well they did in ancient Egypt. and they had 8’700 gods in ancient Egypt!

Here is one powerful Amun with the sun king Ra.

named Amun he was one of the was important Amun combined

Ra was the sun god he was the most important god of the ancient Egyptian. The ancient Egyptians believed that Ra was swallowed every night by the sky goddess nut Osiris was the god of the dead rebirth and the weighing of the heart: evolution of Egyptian mythology / known as a

ruler in the Nile delta / local god / regional god

This is a picture of a mummy underground

Ancient Egyptian Mummies By:CIERRAH SMITH

Did you know that burying mummies was important? It was important because those people were being prepared for afterlife they turned into mummies and I bet you are wondering how they turned into mummies? It took long time to finish a mummy’s body. The Steps To Make A Mummy: 1 2 3 4

You washed and cleaned the body The organs were taken out You had to fill the body with stuffing Then the body was with something called natron, a natron salt. This absorbed all the moisture.




After 40 to 50 days the stuffing was removed from the body and displaced in saw dust The body was wrapped in strands and had to be covered in an sheet called shrouds The body had to be placed in a stone coffin, which was called sarcophagus.

The mummy was finally ready for afterlife.

Afterlife And now I bet your wondering what is afterlife? Egyptians really believed that when their people died they had to make a journey for them to another world where they would begin a new life. The Egyptians had to pay a lot of money to get their body properly preserved. Poor Egyptians had to be buried in sand because they didn’t have enough money to be buried in a tomb. But on the other hand rich Egyptians were buried in a tomb because they had money and they wasn’t buried in sand whilst like the poor

people. So know you know how they made mummies and why they would prepare for afterlife and what is afterlife. Sources: Ancient Egypt for kids

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