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Ancient Fun By: Jose Sources: Ancient Tour Egypt .net

Don’t you love to play games, sports, and board games? Well did you know that Egyptians love to play games and sports too? Yup men, women and even children loved games. Well I’m going to tell you exactly what stuff they liked to play.

Senet First thing is their favorite board game was called senet. This was a checkerboard known as perw-(Houses). There were three rows of ten squares. There were seven pieces per person. Often the wealthy had better boards than the poor. It was proven that the best game board was found in the famous tomb of King Tut. Adults mostly played this game.

Children Children often played things like wrestling, tug of war, and even races. Don’t you know how you run back after playing and eat any snack you can find? Well did you know that they loved to do the same thing, but their snacks are way different? They ate bread instead of things like cookies, chips, or donuts. However, just like the games the wealthy somehow even got better bread.

Sum I really wish that I could say more but that’s all there is to it. To sum it all up Egyptians loved to have fun just like us. However they played differently. Now the Egyptians were exotic. Now if your thinking wow what bad taste they had then you might be right or wrong. It’s your opinion just like it’s their opinion on what they like, think about it. A question to be answered.....