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Through Our Eyes: Our First Year At Launch


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TABLE OF CONTENTS Welcome to our first culminating project at Launch, you are about to experience Launch through the eyes of our founders.

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Through Our Eyes: Our First Year At Launch


This is a glimpse into life at Launch through the eyes of its founding sixth grade class. The founders discuss some of Launch’s structures and their experiences. Crew This is my first year at Launch Expeditionary Learning Charter School. One of my favorite parts of school is Crew because Crew is when you can be yourself and you can work on working with each other and you can have fun. Also you can do team building activities. The name of my Crew is Crew Live.

By Wayne Li

Launch Language


Through Our Eyes: Our First Year At Launch


At Launch we have specific types of languages. We speak very nice and kind to each other. As we like to say at Launch we use compassionate words so that we don’t make other people upset. For example we say “I like the way you are going with your story but maybe if you add this or subtract this the story would be 100% good.” Also when you are playing a game and someone messes up you can say to them “Nice try but maybe if you do this we can win for sure.” At Launch we try not to use words like stupid, dumb or other words that may upset someone or hurt their feelings. Also at Launch we learned sign language for some words. The words we used sign language for are garbage, pencil, water, bathroom, and tissue. I believe it is cool to have Launch teach us students a new language and how to talk to people kindly.

By Zokyah Green Community Meetings

Through Our Eyes: Our First Year At Launch

Community meetings are for our whole 6th grade. At Community Meeting we are going to start having different people from different crews to talk about what has been going on at Launch. Also every Wednesday there is going to be different M.C.s to start and end the meetings. Our Community Meetings consist of our daily norms. Norms are like rules but only if you don’t follow a norm you wont get into any trouble. It also consists of our agenda, birthday shout outs, and the best of all the appreciations. The appreciations are when you appreciate someone for showing one of the “Habits of Heart and Mind” and how they show it. For example, I would like to appreciate Mr. Kilgore for showing accountability by having the courage to make us the founders of Launch and letting us experience a lifetime coming or way. This is all about our Wednesday Community Meeting. By Kimbe Starks Launch Day


Through Our Eyes: Our First Year At Launch


Launch Day was a day when all the crews went outside into the park ad did different courses. Some were based on teamwork, strength, and unity. Each challenge had to do with our 5 Habits of Heart and Mind and they are compassion, craftsmanship, wonder, mindfulness, and accountability. We did a lot of cool challenges and activities. One activity we did required teamwork and lots of craftsmanship. This particular activity had markers and a shirt involved and each crew had to make a crew team shirt and they had to present it in front of the whole school circle. Each shirt had to represent a Habit of Heart and Mind. All the shirts were very presentable. I am inferring that everyone’s favorite game was the Rock, Paper, and Scissors game. Launch Day was the best and I hope we get to have it again next year. By Kimbe Starks Fieldwork We did fieldwork when Ms. Cruz and Mr. Wilbert took four groups to the East River. When we were there we were asked to

Through Our Eyes: Our First Year At Launch


find biotic and abiotic factors. A biotic factor is a living organism in an environment and an abiotic factor is a non-living thing in an environment. Some organisms that we saw were crabs, red seaweed, green seaweed, algae and many other things. Those were the abiotic factors and some of the abiotic factors we saw were the rocks, water, and the test tubes. We used the test tubes to see if the water was good or bad for the organisms that lived in the water. If it turned a shade of green it was neutral and then it was perfect for the organisms. Fieldwork was a lot of fun; it was fun because we did hands on activities, got our feet wet, and did some sketching in our field journal. Now that was some good, well-experienced fieldwork. By Kimbe Starks

Through Our Eyes: Our First Year At Launch

Launch Founders doing fieldwork in the East River.

CLASSES AT LAUNCH Gallery Walk In Humanities we did a fun activity called “Gallery Walk.” A Gallery Walk is when you walk around at an independent voice


Through Our Eyes: Our First Year At Launch


level and you look at pictures and then you write down your observations and inferences. In Mr. Ito and Ms. Westbrooks’ class we had to do our Gallery Walk differently than the other Humanities classes. Instead of walking around the room we had the Gallery Walk at our desk because our room is smaller. So what we did was put the pictures on our desk and when it was time to rotate we took the pictures off of our desk and put it on the next desk. That was a very fun day to me because we got our work done and we all made good observations and inferences. I can’t wait to see what Launch has planned for us next. By Zokyah Green

Launch students engaging in a common text reading

Through Our Eyes: Our First Year At Launch


A Peek Into Classes At Launch All the classes at Launch are interesting. We have a double period Humanities class, one Science, Math, Physical Education, and Environmental Design and Craft class. In Science we’ve been talking about different environments; we started by learning about ants and then we moved on to adaptations and limiting factors. There are different adaptations like behavioral and physical adaptations. In math we’ve been learning about mean, median, mode, and range. The mean is the average, the median is the middle number of a piece of data, the mode is the number that appears the most, and the range is how far apart the data is. We have also been working on histograms and frequency charts. Physical Education can be lots of fun if you listen. In PE we are working on passing our pacing test. We are also collecting our data for our fitness gram. Pacing is how fast or slow you run it is like a speed limit.

Through Our Eyes: Our First Year At Launch


Environmental Design and Craft (EDC) is a great class; some students may not think so because drawing is involved. IN EDC we are working on making our own Launch logos. The best logo will be put on some Launch shirts that we will order for PE. By Kimbe Starks

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