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As blogs become more popular and main stream, more and more people become interested in making money with blogs. Blogs and blogging are becoming a great source of making money online for hundreds and thousands of people. And what makes earning money with blogs appealing, is that it sounds fun and interesting, which it is. But, it's also a lot of work. Blogging is not as easy as many people would like to portray it to be. It takes time and a lot of efforts to make money with blogs. If you think you have got what it takes to earn money with blogs, here are 5 ways to make money blogging: AdSense on blogs This is the most popular way to make money with blogs. You can ether register a free blog on blogging platforms such as blogger, or buy your own domain name and hosting. Whichever way you choose, the next step is to sign up with Google ad sense for free and place their codes on your blog. After that, its all a matter of creating quality and useful content and driving traffic to your blog. The more click you get on those ads, the more money you can make with ad sense. Affiliate marketing using blogs Affiliate marketing in itself is a big topic, but to earn money combining affiliate marketing and blogs, all you need to do is find a few products that you believe are useful, and can help solve people's problems. You can write reviews about them or just promote them in your blog posts. The more people buy the product using your affiliate links, the more money you can make. Keep in mind that in order to succeed, its best to become affiliates of products that are related to the topic of your blog. For example, if your blog is about "making money online", people come there to learn how to make money online, so products that can help your readers achieve that, are what you want to promote on your blog, not any unrelated product. Pay per post blogging One of the unusual ways to make money blogging, is writing post ads or pay per post blogging. Pay per post is simple a method where you will get paid by a company to write a post about their products, services or whatever they wish for. There are few sites that are dedicated to per per post blogging. Sites like match bloggers with advertisers. You can register with these sites, and they will find you projects to write about. Its an easy way to make money with your blog. Of course the more popular your blog is, the more you can charge per post, since it will be seen by more people. Sell your own product or service on your blog

If you have a product or offer a service, you can use your site to promote it and find buyers/ clients for your product/ service. Blogging is an excellent way of getting the words out about your product or service. Write posts for other blogs You don't even have to have your own blog to make money with this method. You can simply write for other blogs and make money. Blogging is a time consuming task, so a lot of bloggers will pay others to write quality posts for them. Most of them offer a flat fee for each article you write for them. But, there are also so many blogs that will share a percentage of their revenue earned from displaying ads next to your published article on their blog, with you. Either way, its a great way to make some extra money without having to own your own blog. Although as it is, blogging is a huge success and its a big money maker for many people, it is only the beginning of it. As more and more people become interested and start reading blogs on daily bases, there will be more opportunities for making money with blogs. So, make sure you get in the game and try to learn different ways to make money blogging, so you can get your share of blogging money as well.

Satrap is a part time blogger and internet marketer. He writes at BlogStash which he founded in 2009, where he shares his knowledge about making money from internet. Visit BlogStash to learn about real ways to make money online.

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==== ==== For Great Tips on making money blogging so you can be blogging to the bank...Check This out: ==== ====

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How to make money blogging. Blog marketing provides a home business owner with a long term startegy to generate traffic and repeat customers...