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Sale Reports Ridge View & Friends Female Sale

Sale Date: October 21, 2012 Auctioneer: Ron Kries High Selling Open Heifers Lot: Price: DOB: Sire: 10 $3,600 9/3/12 Whitestone Black Arrow Z101 7A $3,500 3/26/12 Sitz Upward 307R High Selling Bred Heifers 1 $5,600 8/24/10 Summitcrest Complete 1P55 7B $3,500 6/9/10 SS Objective T510 0T26 High Selling Spring Cow/Calf Pairs 56+A $9,000 56 $4,300 3/23/09 Gardens Prime Star 56A $4,700 4/2/12 Three Trees Right Step 44+A $6,800 44 $3,600 4/6/07 Woodhill Foresight 44A $3,200 3/10/12 Summitcrest Complete 4U75 38+A $5,800 38 $2,400 2/23/09 Three Trees Mile High T0499 38A $3,400 2/13/12 EXAR Upshot 0562B High Selling Fall Pair 13 $2,600 3/7/08 KCF Bennett Coalition Lots: 51 Registered Sale Lots


Sale Location: The Farm, Hammondsville, OH Sale Manager: Ohio Angus Association Buyer: Christopher Jordan, Lemont Furnace, PA Claylick Run Genetics, Newark, OH Spruce Mountain Ranch, Lakespur, CO Christopher Jordan, Lemont Furnace, PA Joseph Amaismeier, Hopedale, OH Meadow Lane Farm, Burbank, OH Jeffery Small, Frederickstown, OH Evans Farms, Proctor, TX Matthews Cattle Com., Canfield, OH Spruce Mountain Ranch, Lakespur, CO Jeffery Small, Frederickstown, OH

Average: $202,800


Cattle sold into 6 states. Volume Buyer: Roger Kessler, Hammondsville, OH

Champion Hill Production Sale

Sale Date: October 22, 2012 Auctioneer: Mike Jones High Selling Open Heifers Lot: Price: DOB: Sire: 2 $35,000 2/5/12 SAV First Class 0207 21 $22,000 5/6/12 SAV First Class 0207 35 $15,500 1/7/12 SAV 707 Rito 9969 7 $14,500 5/3/12 SAV Brave 8320 1 $14,000 2/4/12 SAV First Class 0207 31 $13,500 1/1/12 SAV Bismarck 5682 9 $13,250 4/4/12 SAV Brave 8320 11 $12,250 2/8/12 SAV Prosperity 9131 88 $10,750 5/6/12 SAV First Class 0207 Lots: 98 Registered Sale Lots


Sale Location: The Farm, Bidwell, OH Sale Manager: Angus Hall of Fame Buyer: Caroline Cowles, Rockfield, KY Bandura Ranches, Duchess, ON CN Howards Cattle Com., Mays Lick, KY Lanning Farms, Lebanon, TN Lanning Farms, Lebanon, TN Voyager Angus, Buffalo, KY Mike Treinen, Marcus, IA Lydia Dance, Hillsboro, OH Mike Harr, Blountville, TN

Average: $202,800


Secretary’s Corner

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Ohio Angus Breeders,

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October has been a busy month in the Ohio Angus world. To start we had a very successful sale at Ridge View and Friends on Oct. 21. Congratulations to Herman, Henry & the rest of the consignors on a great sale. The very next day, Champion Hill held another very successful fall production sale. Congrats to Paul, Lynn & crew on a great event. Sale reports for each were post on page 1. Finally we rounded out the month on Octo. 27th with the Eastern Ohio Angus sale. Their sale consignors brought and excellent set of cattle that were very well received by the large crowd. Look for a complete sale report in next months newsletter. Coming up is the Buckeye Best of Both Worlds Sale, November 17th, in Newark, OH. We have a great sale offering cataloged and interest in this new event has been tremendous. I encourage everyone to attend this new event and support the many consignors. New this year we will be holding a Directory Cover Photo Contest for the 2013 Ohio Angus Directory Cover. A vote will be held at the 2013 Ohio Angus Annual Meeting and the winning photo will be featured on the Directory cover. More details including entry instructions can be found on the back cover of this issue. Thanks,

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Industry News & Notes The Prime directive

Improved genetics, focused selection transform an elusive grade into a logical target. By Jill J. Dunkel Breeding for high quality and retaining heifers over generations, Mike Kasten sees results. The Millersville, Mo., rancher has used artificial insemination (AI) for decades, finishing the progeny and collecting data. Detailed records prove the herd does it all, from calving to breeding back, raising the calf on pasture and, increasingly, hitting the top rung on the premium beef ladder – Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) brand Prime. “I work hard to reach that target,” he says. “We’ve used AI for 40 years and have tried to pick bulls to get us there.” His work spanned the years from when Prime was a “bonus” to these days when it is a realistic expectation for him and others who follow such a strategy. Kasten feeds 200 to 300 calves each year at Irsik & Doll Feedyard, near Garden City, Kan., lately averaging more than 20% Prime. “As we’ve stacked three generations of high quality in our pedigrees, some cattle are running in the mid- to upper-40% Prime,” he explains. Those that don’t reach Prime still make upwards of 80% CAB. That progress has not come at the expense of their ability to perform in the feedyard or grow in the pasture. “I don’t do one-trait selection. We have to have cattle that will work in a pasture situation,” Kasten says. “But why not try to get it all if you can? We have the ability to make cattle that are very, very functional on grass, do very good in the feedyard and have Prime carcasses. We don’t have to give up anything.” Jerry Bohn, manager of Pratt (Kan.) Feeders, says more and more producers are targeting upper two-thirds Choice and higher. “The premiums being offered for CAB and Prime certainly play a role. I think you’ve got more genetics that continue to improve towards cattle that grade higher.” He also sees more feedyards focusing on quality. Pratt Feeders uses individual animal management to gain a further edge. “We get the big guys out of a pen early on so we can feed the rest a little longer, getting them to grade higher,” Bohn says, noting other advantages. “We try to market every animal to its optimal end point; the cattle do better that way,” he says. “If you’re feeding the bulk of the pen to the same end point, some of those calves will get too big.”

Better genetics and management at the yard have led to CAB acceptance rates triple what they were 10 years ago at Pratt Feeders. “With the nature of grades being higher, we see a few more of those bumping up beyond Choice. Anything that kicks up to Prime is gravy on the top,” he says. Tyler Brown, with JBS in Greeley, Colo., has seen a significant increase in the demand for high-quality beef over the last 18 months. “It’s been even more pronounced in the last six to eight months,” says the JBS premium program manager. “And I don’t see it subsiding any in the near term. The market is sending a clear message, not just in the foodservice channel, but also in the retail channel. Consumers are demanding a higher quality eating experience.” Brown says the demand for Prime-grade product has improved similarly to the high Choice market in those retail stores. Indeed, the number of CAB retail partner stores selling CAB Prime is up 83% in the last four years, from 252 stores in 2008 to 463 in 2012. Nearly all licensed packers now sell the Prime brand extension. “Beef costs so much now that it could pressure demand growth,” allows David O’Diam, CAB assistant director of business development. “But I don’t see the premiums to producers going down because Prime is becoming part of the sales strategy in more stores, especially with the end meats. “The market wants at least a steady supply, but it’s becoming a struggle,” he says. “Packers were getting into 3% Prime for a while and that’s back to 2% of all cattle now.” The mid-October Cattle-Fax Trends newsletter projects a $12 Choice-Select spread for 2013, which would be the fourth consecutive annual increase in the market indicator, and the second-highest ever. Those are some of the reasons Brown says rewards for producing premium beef should remain robust for the next few years. “Hopefully, that signal is getting to the ranch, to be producing as much high-quality product as possible,” he says.

Ohio Angus Auxiliary

Embryo Raffle Supporting Angus Youth through the Ohio Angus Auxiliary Scholarship Program!

Featuring 5 elite embryo packages, from these top OhioAngus operations: HFS Angus, Champion Hill, Stertzbach Cattle Com., Maplecrest Farms & Kingsway Angus To purchase tickets contact: Jackie Egner 419-347-7123 ot Cheryl Miller 419-665-2251

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The Buckeye

Best of Both Worlds


Coleman Blackcap 9141

AAA Reg#: 16584329 • DOB: 8/5/09 This elite bred Angus female comes from Ferguson Show Cattle and sells bred to the exciting sire Duff New Edition 6108!

Gahler Rito 9141

AAA Reg#: 17221340 • DOB: 9/30/11 This powerful show prospect combines Bismarck & Net Worth with a top Rito 6I6 daughter bred in the Shamrock Vale program.

Saturday • 12 Noon

November 17th, 2012 Claylick Run Sale Facility • Newark, OH

For more sale info, go to: www.buckeyebbw.com Selling:

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November 2 Nov. 10-12 November 17 December 20 January 11

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Ohio Angus Newsletter - November 2012

November 12 OAA Newsletter  

Ohio Angus Newsletter - November 2012

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