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Ohio Angus Newsletter March 2013

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Ohio Beef Expo Kicks Off March 15 The Ohio Beef Expo, the premier event of Ohio’s beef industry, takes place March 15 - 17 at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus. This year’s schedule once again includes breed sales, shows, educational seminars, trade show and a highly competitive junior show. Attendees will also be able to take part in a silent auction and social hour on Friday and Saturday. The trade show, kicking off the Expo at 8:30 a.m. on Friday, will run throughout the event and features more than 100 exhibitors from 15 states. A series of educational seminars will run throughout Friday, giving producers an opportunity to gain useful knowledge from industry experts about advancements and current trends, and will allow producers to improve their own operations in areas such as marketing and herd management. A complete list of seminars is available at http://www.ohiobeefexpo.com Cattle from across the country will be represented at the Expo through the breed shows, sales and displays. These features provide Expo attendees a first-hand look at breeds including Angus, Beefalo, Charolais, Chianina, Gelbvieh, Hereford, Limousin, Lowline, Maine-Anjou, Miniature Hereford, Murray Grey, Piedmontese, Shorthorn and Simmental. Breeders will be on hand to sell or display their cattle and anyone interested may view sale catalogs online at www.ohiobeefexpo.com by clicking on the sales link. For those unable to attend the sales, live streaming video will be provided on the Angus, Chianina, Hereford, Shorthorn and Simmental sales Saturday, March 16. Coverage can be accessed through the Expo website or liveauctions.tv. Members of the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association (OCA) can stop by the OCA booth at the trade show to register for a chance to win great prizes. Thanks to a new partnership with Franklin Equipment, all current OCA members have the opportunity to win big this year. During the prize drawing on Sunday one lucky OCA member will receive a one year’s use of a New Holland skid steer loader, donated by Franklin Equipment. Current OCA members can have their name entered in the drawing by stopping by the OCA membership booth. Thanks to partnerships with J&J Steakbarn, Novartis Animal Health and Heritage Cooperative three membership prizes will be given. OCA members joining during the Expo will receive their chance at a $100 Gift Certificate to J&J Steakbarn, Novartis product and discounted offerings on Heritage Cooperative’s Cattleman’s Edge program. There will also be rewards for joining NCBA at the Ohio Beef Expo. Stop by the membership booth and learn more. The drawing for the County Affiliate Recruitment Contest will happen on Friday at 5 p.m. in the Trade Show.

A special thanks to the Ohio Corn Marketing Program for sponsoring the winner’s choice of a grill or set of Tru-Test Scales that a lucky county affiliate will receive as part of the Recruitment Contest. Cowboy Happy Hour, sponsored by Steve R. Rauch and Cox Concessions, will be held from 4 - 6 p.m. on Friday and Saturday in the main aisle of the trade show. Also planned for this year is a silent auction to benefit OCA’s PAC (Political Action Committee). The PAC auction will feature two days of silent bidding which will conclude at the end of the Cowboy Happy Hour on Friday and the other closing Saturday. The ever-popular Genetic Pathway will once again be in the upper concourse of the Voinovich Livestock and Trade Center throughout the weekend. The country’s best genetics will be featured with live bulls and females on display. Junior events this year include a welcome party on Friday. The competition will continue on Saturday with a judging contest and followed by junior showmanship. The finale of the weekend is the steer and heifer show kicking off Sunday at 8 a.m. A complete list of rules for the show can be found at www.ohiobeefexpo.com. Live streaming of the junior market animal show and heifer show will be provided through livestockworld.tv. Three individuals will be recognized as Friends of the Ohio Beef Expo for their contribution to the event’s annual success. Doug Conkle, Johnny Regula, and Wood County Beef Producers are this year’s award recipients. More than 30,000 visitors from 25 states and Canada routinely attend the Ohio Beef Expo. It is ranked as the sixth largest event hosted in central Ohio and is the premier location to meet Ohio’s cattle producers. Don’t miss it! If you are unable to attend the event, visit http://www. ohiobeefexpo.com for live feed. All results will be posted as they are available.

March 15-17, 2013 Ohio State Fairgrounds Columbus, OH

Secretary’s Corner

In This Issue...

Ohio Angus Breeders, Well, its that time of year...Spring! Which means Rain, Mud, Warmer tempatures, calving season, the Ohio Beef Expo and the growing anticipation of green grass and turnout to pasture dates. The Ohio Beef Expo will be held this coming weekend on March 15-17. It will be highlighted by a trade show, breed sales, Junior Show and much more. For more information check out page 1 or go to www. ohiobeefexpo.com. March and April will also kick-off bull marketing thoughout Ohio. Many breeders will be holding Bull sales including: Consumer Confidence Bull Sale group, Maplecrest Farms, Strayer Angus, Burgett Angus, Turkey Run Angus, Eastern Ohio Angus Association and the Ohio Cattleman’s Seedstock Improvement Sale. I’ll be attending almost all of these sales. If you need assistance selecting a bull, or would like guidance making a private treaty purchase, please let me know. Before we know it, the Ohio Angus Preview Show will be here. Hotel information is featured in the issue, while more details and consignment forms will be in the April & May newsetters. If you have any questions, regarding the Ohio Angus Preview, please contact me.

Ohio Beef Expo Kicks Off Secretary’s Corner Angus Super Star Sale Ad Industry News & Notes Kingsway Angus Ad Industry News & Notes Industry News & Notes Angus Super Star Sale Added Lot Champion Hill Sale Ad Ohio Angus Auxiliary Embryo Raffle Ohio Angus Auxiliary Scholarships Info Ohio Angus Announcements McKean Brother Sale Ad Eastern Ohio Angus Spring Sale Ad Burgett Angus Bull Sale Ad Turkey Run Angus Production Sale Ad Calendar of Events Strayer Angus Production Sale Ad

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2013 Ohio Angus Association Officers

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Terry & Becky Howland (330) 635-1621 Visitors always welcome. 12494 Friendsville Road Burbank, OH 44214 meadowlaneangus@gmail.com

-Complete Dispersal SaleSunday, Oct. 20, 2013 -2-

2013 Ohio Angus Super Star Sale Ohio Beef Expo - Ohio State Fairgrounds - Columbus, Ohio

Saturday • March 16, 2013 • 12 Noon Offering an elite set of Bred Females, Show Heifers & Herd Bull Prospects including these sale features!

HFS KW Lucy 213 - This powerful January heifer sired by SAV Brilliance 8077, will highlight a deep set of open and show prospects. Consigned by HFS Angus, Radnor, OH.


Kingsway Angus HFS Angus Paradise Cattle Co. Creek Side Farms Rains Angus Kasler Cattle Co. Gahler Farms Atterholt Farms DC Angus Ohio State University Pebblecreek Angus Miller Family Angus Thornbrook Farm Gough Farms Cranmer Farms Shawnee Farm McConnel Creek Cattle Egner Farms Angus Lucky Lane Angus Copper Creek Canyon Cattle Co. Holley Land & Livestock / Elmwood Place For more information or to request a sale book contact: Dan Wells 740-505-3843 • danwells@ohioangus.org

TOSU Summit 2305 - Headlining an impressive set of herd bull prospects is this son of the up and coming Select Sires roster member, S Summit 956. Consigned by the Ohio State University Beef Center, Columbus, OH. -3-

Industry News & Notes ‘Connect the dots’ for cattle profit

By Miranda Reiman

Childhood dot-to-dots are simple and straightforward with an easy plan for getting from the starting point to the end and complete picture. In the beef industry, connecting those dots among segments is not always so clear. “As input costs have spiraled, cow-calf producers continue looking for ways to add value to their calf crops,” said Larry Corah, Certified Angus Beef LLC (CAB) vice president, at the Northern States Beef Conference in Watertown, S.D., in January. He said cattle buyers are looking at three main profit drivers: growth, grade and health. During a 150-day feeding period, every tenth of a pound (lb.) increase in average daily gain (ADG) equates to 15 lb. more total weight. For example, adding .3 lb. per day would increase final weight by 45 lb., adding nearly $60 to the harvest value. “Keep in mind that growth is very heritable and easy to change in your calf crop,” Corah said, suggesting the use of yearling expected progeny differences (EPDs) and the Angus $B value index. “Producer do put pressure on growth, since they get some of the benefit in added pounds at weaning,” he said. “Unfortunately grade is often overlooked as folks think, ‘It’s not my problem.’” More than 70% of today’s cattle are sold on a grid or formula where quality is a key component. Cattle that do well in such market channels routinely earn $100 to $150 per head above their “average” counterparts, and the “genetically superior” cattle can net more than $200. Buyers keep track of sources and pay more for those that hit the target. Corah shared examples from real cattlemen who have gone far beyond today’s average 22% to 24% Certified Angus Beef ® (CAB®) brand acceptance. Missouri producer Johnnie Hubach hits 85% CAB routinely, for example. “The key to quality grade is marbling, which is highly heritable,” Corah said. “As the genetic engineers of that calf, today’s cow-calf producers can create a great eating experience and get paid for it.” Many cattlemen are concerned that they must choose growth or grade, but the CAB vice president said they don’t have to. Feedyard data on more than 800,000 pens analyzed by Professional Cattle Consultants shows

cattle in the highest profit group had the best grades and highest gains, 592 lb., compared to 536 lb. in the lowest group. The top money-getters were 58.2% Choice or higher, with 13.8% premium Choice, while the bottom third made 52% Choice and 10.9% premium Choice. In addition to EPDs, new commercial DNA tools can help producers hone their herds by selecting replacements that both grow and grade, he said. “Health issues have always been a key economic driver, but with today’s cattle prices, the impact of sick cattle and death loss is staggering,” Corah said. Data on nearly 70,000 calves in the Iowa TriCounty Steer Carcass Futurity (TCSCF) shows that a calf treated twice in the feedlot loses $365.01, due to treatment costs, lost quality grade and performance. Cattlemen who work on gain, grade and health need to work to capture that value they’ve added. “Every day, the marketplace lets you sell top-value calves for commodity prices,” Corah said. “To rise above that, producers need to network with feedlots buying their calves, or participate in supply chains being formed or alliances that exist.” Industry trends like cowherd consolidation, consumers demand for a quality eating experience and their desire to buy “local” all contribute to the opportunity, he said. Corah suggested the cattle infrastructure of eastern South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota will change in the coming years, creating distinct networking opportunities. Now it’s up to producers to connect the dots.


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Industry News & Notes Bull power investment pays Enterprise analysis puts sire contribution in perspective

By Miranda Reiman

Many people have a distinct strategy for purchasing a new pickup. They want certain features, they’re willing to pay more for this, but not that. They figure value and how much it’ll be worth for resale X-number years down the road. But when those same ranchers go to buy a bull, it’s hard to follow such a plan. Action at the auction can lead to price “opportunities” and buying less than they really wanted. Jim McGrann, emeritus ranch management economist at Texas A&M, says bull-buying should be more like a vehicle purchase and less like shopping the bargain bin on an after-Christmas sale. “When you put it in the proper perspective— what does it means in terms of depreciation per female serviced—it’s really a low cost number when one takes into account increasing salvage value,” he says, noting investment minus salvage should be spread over three to five years. A bull that services an average of 25 cows per year for 5 years, typically accounts for less than 10% of total cow costs. “The seedstock people do a poor job of marketing because they’re always talking up that they’re price sensitive and price competitive,” McGrann says. “They never really talk about, when you purchase a bull, you’re making a long term investment.” He authored an Excel spreadsheet (available at http://agrisk.tamu.edu/herd-bull-investment/) that helps calculate what different bulls could mean to cow costs. Increasing bull purchase price by $200 only moves the annual cost per hundredweight (cwt.) of calf weaned by 42 cents. A $2,900 bull covering 25 cows per year divides out tot of $9.31 per cwt. calf weaned. For a $3,100 bull, that moves to $9.73. Add another $1,000 to the bull purchase price, up to $4,100, and that per-cwt. calf cost would increase just $2.10 to $11.83. “Buying genetics is investing in the future to conform to market demands,” McGrann says. It’s important to choose bulls that help meet what the next owners of your calves want, all the way to the consumer, he says. When genetics help add value to the herd, the cost decreases.

The above figures are based on an average 550-pound (lb.) weaned calf. If a particular sire adds 20 lb. per animal, the cost per cwt. of calf weaned drops to $8.98 on a $2,900 bull and to $11.41 on a $4,100 sire. Notch that up by 100 lb. to a 650-lb. weaning weight average and that cost drops by a $1.33, or more than 10%. Selection for more carcass merit will drop net bull cost as well, given any way to capitalize on the added value. Though such qualitative traits aren’t part of this calculator, the point is part of a larger fact. “Genetics is a cheap input,” McGrann says. “You are not going to make any money or save your costs by buying low-quality sires. There’s no way.” Reproduction is still key, so any sire that improves that area on the balance sheet will pay more than his fair share. The examples assume an 85% ratio of weaned calf per cow exposed. If a particular bull excels in calving ease or heifer pregnancy traits, perhaps that number could inch up to 90%. In that case, the bull cost per cwt. of weaned calf drops by 52 cents. Compounding some of those factors like a bull that increases reproduction and adds more pounds makes the dollars even more apparent. McGrann’s calculator is based on producers selling calves at weaning, but he says that does not mean that weight is the only factor that matters in those calves. “They have to be in tune with the market,” he says. “If ranchers want to get one-on-one with a feedyard guy, he’ll be straight with them. He’ll take them around pen by pen and show them what he wants.” That includes cattle that finish heavier and ultimately sell on a quality-based grid, McGrann says. Once they have that target in mind, it’s more important to infuse the herd with good genetics than to save a couple hundred bucks on a bull, he says. “To say that a higher quality calf costs more to produce, boy that is not right, because the inputs that affect quality, particularly genetics, are really low cost,” he says. McGrann says producers also need to adjust their mindset to account for today’s economics. “If you told somebody that they had to pay $4,000 for a bull, they would have gone mad 5 years ago. But today, when you put it in perspective of $180 calves, it’s a completely different world.”


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Industry News & Notes Angus Revises Approach to Age-and-Source Verification

source and genetics with the same confidence the industry has come to trust and value. With herd expansion on the horizon, the need for replacement heifers is expected to rise. Producers Recent changes made to the AngusSource® looking to purchase new females need to be confident in the genetic quality of each animal. And as consumers and Gateway programs. demand superior beef products, the ability to validate high The Japanese export market has been topping beef performing animals will only become more important. To meet that need, the AngusSource mission industry headlines in recent months. The country’s decision holds true ­–­to increase the value of Angus-sired calves by to revise import guidelines to include cattle less than 30 ear-tag identification, updated marketing documents and months of age is positive news for U.S. beef demand, but additional strategies to promote Angus-sired calves. it also brings about changes to age-and-source verification “Calves wearing the AngusSource tag will programs. continue to be in demand,” Kurtz says. “The genetic data “There are still benefits associated with verifying AngusSource provides and the additional information information on your calf crop,” says Ginette Kurtz, included in the marketing document conveys to buyers the AngusSource® quality manager. “In previous years that added value of an AngusSource-tagged calf. This will not focus was age; however, our program must shift to reflect change.” current market demands.” For further information on AngusSource and to stay To better serve the producers using registered up-to-date on program announcements, visit www.angus. Angus bulls, AngusSource and Gateway will take on a new org approach to providing documented age, source and genetic information on Angus-influenced cattle. The Association is transitioning the age-and-source programs with the goal to provide in-house verification standards for cattle to qualify for AngusSource. While still continuing to verify the age,

Ohio Angus Super Star Sale Added Lot: X

Champion Hill Blackcap 1969

MVE SC 20/20 Semen Tank & Contents

This semen tank is being sold to close out the estate of Robert Sayre; Cottageville, WV who died suddenly in November 2012, with no one to carry on his Angus operation.

Contents includes: Embryos

3 - Champion Hill Blackcap 1137 (13052269) x Saugahatchee 4 - Champion Hill Blackcap 1137 x SAV Limited Edition 9283 1 - Champion Hill Sunshine 854 (12838253) x Saugahatchee 4 - Champion Hill Sunshine 854 x Champion Hill B52 Traveler Champion Hill 11 - Linkland Erica 901 302 (11969578) x Saugahatchee Sunshine 854 3 - SAV Miss Marsha 5245 (12366666) x SAV Limited Edition 9283 8 - Champion Hill Shadoe 1359 (13194778) x Saugahatchee 3 - Champion Hill Blackcap 1969 (13591058) x SAV 8180 Traveler 004


11 Straws - Leachman Saugahatchee 3000C (12075716) 10 Straws - B/R New Frontier 095 (13588640) 14 Straws - Famous 7001 (12829336) 6 Straws - SAV Limited Edition 7283 (13331795) 7 Straws - Champion Hill B52 Traveler (12799597) 4 Straws - Century Touchstone 131 (11601330) 25 Straws - Miscellaneous Bulls

For more information contact: Dan Wells, Sale Mgr. • 740-505-3843


1 p.m. • Sunday • April 14, 2013 • Bidwell, Ohio

CHAMPION HILL GEORGINA 8229 - Lot 1, sired by SAV Bismarck 5682.

CHAMPION HILL GEORGINA 8258 - Lot 10, sired by SAV First Class 0207.

CHAMPION HILL GEORGINA 8253 - Lot 31, sired by SAV Harvestor 0338.

Paul H. Hill 11503 State Rd. 554 • Bidwell, OH 45614 (740) 367-7021 • Fax (740) 367-7937 Jon Davis (740) 446-2127 Jay Stout (740) 367-7021 www.championhillangus.com E-mail: champion@jbnets.net

SALE DAY PHONES: (740) 367-0689 • (740) 367-0678

CHAMPION HILL GEORGINA 8250 - Lot 26, sired by SAV First Class 0207.

America’s Number One Source of Champions – Where Winning is Only the Beginning -9-

Ohio Angus Auxiliary $$$ Scholarships Available $$$ Graduating Seniors:

Ohio Angus Auxiliary Scholarships are open to all graduating seniors who are both members of the Ohio Jr. Angus Association, and have received their Bronze and Silver Show Awards. Ohio winners will be forwarded on for National scholarship competition. Applications must be sent to: Sharon L. Sanders 5959 Hay Rd. Harrod, Ohio   45850-9753

experience counts

Pine hill far M Managing Partner Three Oaks Farm, 33009 Yellow Creek Road Summitville, OH 43962 330.223.1872 fax: 330.223.2215 e-mail: donahankb@hotmail.com donahankb@yahoo.com

h e n r y b e rg f e l d

Partner 38100 Jackson Road Moreland Hills, OH 44022 daytime: 216.445.4836 home: 440.247.7916 e-mail: bergfej@ccf.org

j o h n b e rg f e l d


Quality Seed Stock Angus

SEND VIA PRIORITY MAIL with tracking number! MUST BE POSTMARKED BY March 23, 2013 American Angus Auxiliary Scholarship rules apply. Application form can be found at www.angusauxiliary.com If you have any questions contact Sharon at sanders_skylight_farm@hotmail.com or by phone at 419-648-3233. You can’t win if you don’t fill out the application!

Registered Angus Cattle Hay & Straw - Large and small squares Freezer beef

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Brice Gahler 1618 N. Elliston Trowbridge Rd. Graytown, OH 43432 (419) 552-0169 abcgahlers@live.com

Ohio Angus Auxiliary

Embryo Raffle Supporting Angus Youth through the Ohio Angus Auxiliary Scholarship Program!

Featuring 5 elite embryo packages, from these top OhioAngus operations: HFS Angus, Champion Hill, Stertzbach Cattle Com., Maplecrest Farms & Kingsway Angus To purchase tickets contact: Jackie Egner 419-347-7123 ot Cheryl Miller 419-665-2251

Eastern Ohio Angus Jr. & Open District Angus Show Saturday • June 1st Muskingum County Fairgrounds Zanesville, OH 10:00 a.m.

Ohio Angus Preview Show Hotel Information: Headquarters:

Comfort Inn 500 Monroe St. Zanesville, OH 43701 740-454-4144

Make your own reservation by asking for the Ohio Angus block of 20 rooms. $90/night for 2 double beds. Indoor pool too! Room block held until May 24th!

Other area Hotels: Holiday Inn Express Fairfield Inn Baymont Inn Super 8 (west of town)

Contact Gail Deitrick for entry forms: 740-674-4610 ghdeitrick@yahoo.com

More information & consignment forms to come in April & May newsletters!

OJAA Members:

Private Treaty Marketplace

SAVE THE DATE of Sunday, April 7th for our Spring meeting. Location and times TBA. Important agenda items include: Plans for Ohio Preview Show, Selection of Voting Delegates for Jr Nationals, Finalizing Ohio’s theme for Jr Nationals, Selecting Ohio’s NJAB Candidates for upcoming years, and probably a few more important things. Mark the date and invite your friends! This will be a very important meeting to attend! More details will be available through the OJAA Facebook group and OAA Facebook Page.

If you are looking to purchase or sell: Cattle, Semen & Embryos, Livestock Equipment, Farm Equipment and etc. Call or email Dan today to get more information about listing your items in the NEW Private Treaty Marketplace! Each member of Ohio Angus is eligible for 1 Free Classifield Ad each Year.

Contact Dan at: danwells@ohioangus.org 740-505-3843 - 11 -


C McKean B Brothers Performance-Tested Angus Selling 75 Hand Selected Lots! 50 Service Age Bulls 25 Spring Pairs and Replacement Heifers


APRIL 26, 2013 • 3:00 p.m. At the Farm near Mercer, PA

Sires Represented: SydGen Mandate 6079, SAV Brilliance 8077, OCC Missing Link 830M, SAV Final Answer 0035, SAV Pioneer 7301

McKean Bros. Angus 193 East Zahniser Road • Mercer, PA 16137 724/475-4450 Home • 724/ 376-2595 Farm • 724/ 699-1966 Cell

“Backed By Generations of Solid Genetics” Registered

For your free reference sale booklet, contact anyone in the office of the Sale Managers. TOM BURKE, KURT SCHAFF, JEREMY HAAG, AMERICAN ANGUS HALL OF FAME, at the WORLD ANGUS HEADQUARTERS, Box 660, Smithville, MO 64089-0660. Phone: (816) 532-0811. Fax: (816) 532-0851. E-Mail angushall@earthlink.net.


Tiffin, Ohio

John King & Family 3735 N. Twp Rd. 111 Home (419) 937-1864 Tiffin, Ohio 44883-9353 John Cell (419) 937-4148 kingswayangus@gmail.com

Way-View Cattle Co. LLC

Sires in use: 16286088, 16233833, 15552303

Performance Tested Angus Bulls For SAle Fred M. Penick

3264 Refugee Rd. Hebron, OH 43025

Don & Mida Peterson Phone (304) 269-3877 E-mail: rockingp@shentel.net

Home (740) 404-1832 Fax (740) 928-3912

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The Eastern Ohio Angus Association Presents the:

2013 Spring Sale April 6th, 2013 • 6 p.m.

muskingum Livestock Company Zanesville, OH (740) 452-9984


Herd Bulls Spring Cow/Calf Pairs Bred Cows Bred Heifers Open Heifers Consignors:

Bar-Z Angus Black Acres Angus Black Destiny Angus Boulder Farms Davis Show Cattle Kasler Cattle Co. Lucky Lane Angus Nobleland Farm Paradise Cattle Co. S & J Angus TerrAqua Farm Whitehead Angus Wolf Run Farm Woodside Farm

View Catalog Online at: www.ohioangus.org Auctioneer: Ron Kreis, Adamsville, OH 740-683-3235 To request a sale book; contact Sale Manager: Dan Wells Ohio Angus Association Secretary Fieldman 625 Cattail Rd. Chillicothe, OH 45601 740-505-3843 danwells@ohioangus.org

Don’t miss this opportunity to purchase Angus cattle sired by and bred to the leading A.I. bulls!

Burgett Angus Farm LLC

Carrollton, Ohio 44615

For Sale: 50 Black & Red Angus Bulls Saturday, April 6 at noon All bulls have passed a breeding soundness exam. Cow herd tested negative for Johne’s and Leukosis.

AI Sons of: Black Angus:

GDAR Game Day 449 Rito 6EM6 of 4L3 Emblazin Conneally Thunder HA Program 5652 Mohnen Brush Popper 295 Shamrock Vale New Day 0022 BAF Predestined U043


Fa ly Ba

Red Angus:

Beckton Cody T085 K2 Beckton Nebula M045 SL Norseman King 2291 BAF Trendsetter W043


For More Information Call: Bryan 330.771.0482 • Keith 330.627.5414 Sale site: 2051 Burrow Rd SE • Carrollton, Ohio

Jim, Sharon, Christina, & Caroline Winter 5839 Ashville-Fairfield Road Ashville, Ohio 43103

Bankey Farm Registered Angus Cattle




To view the bulls before the sale call for an appointment


Putting Profits on the Table

(740) 983-2755 jswinter1@verizon.net

• Angus Cattle • Freezer Beef • 4-H Boar Goats

Herd Certified and Accredited Johne’s Testing

Derek & Jennifer Bankey 7411 Milton Rd., Custar, OH 43511 Derek (C): 419-308-8627 djbankey@hotmail.com www.bankeyregisteredangus.com

Cows & Heifers FOR SALE


11503 State Rd. 554 Bidwell, OH 45614 740-367-7021

Jon Davis * 740-446-2127

FAX: 740-367-7937 * www.championhillangus.com Email: champion@championhillangus.com

- 14 -

7 p.m., Saturday, April 6, 2013 Union Stockyards, Hillsboro Call or e-mail us for a sale catalog or download at www.turkeyrunangus.com Selling: Bred Cows and Heifers Cow-Calf Pairs

(including the top indexing bull by Connealy Answer 71 out of a Yield Grade dam)

will sell in the 2013 West Virginia University

are consigned in the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association Seedstock Improvement Sale 12 noon, Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sale 1 p.m., Saturday, March 30, 2013 Point Pleasant, WV

Union Stockyards, Hillsboro

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Ohio Angus Association Dan Wells, Secretary/Fieldman 625 Cattail Rd. Chillicothe, OH 45601

April 6 April 13 April 14 May 25 June 7-9

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Strayer Angus Farms    


Annual PRODUCTION SALE th Saturday, March 23 - 6:30 th


Muskingum Livestock Auction Barn, Zanesville, Ohio


25 Bulls 75 Angus Females

       

No creep feed to any of our cattle, everything is on a high fiber, low starch diet. TC New Design 811 Several progeny by him will sell

Auctioneer: Ron Kreis

SIRE GROUPS REPRESENTED: Rito 6EM6 of 4L3 Emblazon • SAV Bismark • TC Solid 6195 • TC New Design 811 • Strayer Design 049 T016 • SAV Birthstone • Commealy Vern William C. Strayer 419-339-4845 10270 Zion Church Road Elida, Ohio 45807

For More Information:

www.strayerangus.com The Practical Program

Brent L. English 419-230-7951 9859 Zion Church Road Elida, Ohio 45807

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March 2013 Ohio Angus Newsletter  

Ohio Angus Newsletter

March 2013 Ohio Angus Newsletter  

Ohio Angus Newsletter

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