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Ohio Angus Newsletter April 2013

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Ohio Angus Super Star Sale Report

High Selling Bull- Lot 18, a high $B son of Connealy Tobin 8400 was consigned by Way View Cattle Co. LLC, Hebron, OH and selected by Brent Staten, Carthage, IN for $8,200

High Selling Female- Lot 37, a fancy daughter of Connealy Confidence 0100 that was consigned by Way View Cattle Co. LLC, Hebron, OH and purchased by Hildreth Show Calves, Sycamore, PA for $5,200

Sale Date: March 16, 2013 Sale Location: Ohio Beef Expo, Columbus, OH Auctioneer: Ron Kreis Sale Manager: Ohio Angus Association. High Selling Bulls Lot: Price: DOB: Seller: Buyer: 18 $8,200 2/14/12 Wayview Cattle Com., Hebron, OH Brent Staten, Carthage, IN 4 $5,000 4/11/11 Rains Angus, Mercer, PA Eldon, Martin, Cumberland, OH 12 $5,000 1/11/12 Kingsway Angus, Tiffin, OH George Duvall & Sons, Barnesville, OH 20 $5,000 2/16/12 Rains Angus, Mercer, PA Mark Ault, Chillicothe, OH 28 $4,600 3/16/12 Kingsway Angus, Tiffin, OH Richard Pryor, Barnesville, OH High Selling Open Heifers 37 $5,200 1/18/12 38 $3,600 1/31/12 47 $3,150 4/10/12

Wayview Cattle Com., Hebron, OH Atterholt Farms, Jeromesville, OH Kingsway Angus, Tiffin, OH

High Selling Bred Heifers 34 $4,850 11/7/11 Creek Side Farm, Coldwater, OH 32 $4,700 10/15/11 Kasler Cattle Co., Millfield, OH 30 $4,500 4/1/11 HFS Angus, Radnor, OH Lots: 24 Bulls 26 Females 3 Genetic Lots 53 Total Lots


ErErR Hill Farms, Friedens, PA Hildreth Show Calves, Sycamore, PA Josh Long, Beverly, OH

Average: $83,900 $76,300 $7,100 $167,300

Hildreth Show Calves, Sycamore, PA Josh Long, Beverly, OH Wildwood Legacy Farm, Creston, OH

$3,495 $2,934 $2,366 $3,156

Volume Buyer: Ohio Dept. Rehabilitation & Corrections Cattle Sold Into: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana & West Virginia

Thank You to the Ohio Angus Super Star Sale Buyers & Consignors, for making this years sale a huge success!

Secretary’s Corner

In This Issue...

Ohio Angus Breeders, April is here, while it still doesn’t quite feel like it. However we are getting ever closer to green grass and spring turnout. April will continue to be a busy month throughout the state with several Angus sales scheduled. On April 6th, the Eastern Ohio Angus Association, Turkey Run Angus and Burgett Angus will be holding sales. Then on April 13th the Ohio Cattleman’s Seedstock Improvement Sale will be held featuring many Ohio Angus members bulls and finally on April 14 Champion Hill will hold their Spring Production Sale. At the Ohio Beef Expo, the Ohio Angus Super Star was a huge success setting a new record high Angus average price of $3,156 on 53 Lots; and the high sale average among all breed represented. 24 Angus bulls averaged $3,495 and 26 Angus females averaged $2,934. I would like to thank all the buyers and sellers for making this year’s sale such a huge success. Before we know it, the Ohio Angus Preview Show will be here. Hotel information is available in this issue, and more detailed information and the entry forms will be posted on the Ohio Angus website in later April. The entry deadline will be May 24th.

Ohio Angu Super Star Sale Report Secretary’s Corner Industry News & Notes Maplecrest Bull Sale Report Industry News & Notes New York Angus Female Sale Ad Ohio Auxiliary Embryo Raffle Ohio Cattleman’s Seedstock Sale Ad 2013 MAJAC Show Results Ohio Angus Preview Show Info Eastern Ohio Jr. District Show Info Private-Treaty Marketplace Ohio Beef Expo Breed Sale Results Work Land & Cattle Sale Ad Calendar of Events Strayer Angus Production Sale Ad

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Meadow Lane Angus

2013 Ohio Angus Association Officers

Promoting Trait Excellence Through Years of Select Breeding and Genetic Testing

President: Kelvin Egner (419) 295-6089 kjegner@hotmail.com Vice President: Tim Harsh (740) 595-3543 hfsangus@hotmail.com Chairman: Dave Felumlee (740) 763-4616 dfelumlee@windstream.net Treasurer: Allen Gahler (419) 360-2091 gahler2@yahoo.com Secretary/Fieldman: Dan Wells (740) 505- 3843 danwells@ohioangus.org

Performance • Carcass • Maternal

Terry & Becky Howland (330) 635-1621 Visitors always welcome. 12494 Friendsville Road Burbank, OH 44214 meadowlaneangus@gmail.com

-Complete Dispersal SaleSunday, Oct. 20, 2013 -2-

Industry News & Notes Bull Buyers Select for Profitability Traits

By Frank Wardynski, Michigan State University Extension

Beef cow-calf producers should prioritize the traits that are most important to profitability on their particular operation. Expected Progeny Difference (EPD) is the most widely used indicator of genetic merit for most breeds. Most commonly used EPDs fall into the category of growth, maternal ability or carcass quality. Growth EPDs, such as weaning weight and yearling weight, are important economic traits. Cattle growth performance is an important economic performance indicator. Cattle that do not grow and perform well are not usually profitable. Producers should select bulls with good growth performance; however, care needs to be taken to select animals that are not too large in their frame size. Yearling weight is positively correlated with frame score; consequently, frame score and mature weight of the cow herd can become too large by selecting for growth EPDs alone and drive up feed requirements. Birth weight and calving ease are important traits to consider. Calf survival is a critical indictor of cow-calf profitability. Calves with a difficult birth are more likely to die during parturition or soon after. Cows that have difficulties delivering a calf are less likely to rebreed during the subsequent breeding season. Selecting for low birth weight and calving ease will improve weaning and breeding percentages and help keep frame score and mature weight in check. However, continual selection for

low birth weight or calving ease alone may result in cattle lacking in growth and mature size. Producers should look for bulls with growth EPDs that are in an upper percentile of the breed, while also selecting bulls with lower birth weights and greater calving ease numbers. Selection in this manner will allow for adequate growth of calves and moderate mature size of cows. Remember, selection for extremes is seldom a preferred genetic selection method and a balanced approach is almost always the best. Producers should pay special attention to maternal milking ability. Selecting for greater milking ability will also result in greater nutrient requirements of lactating cows. If feed resources do not support the increase of feed needs, cows may lose body weight and condition which can result in poor conception rates. Producers need to select bulls that will produce replacement females with milking ability that matches their feed resources. Carcass merit can be an important economic trait. Producers that retain ownership or have been able to market calves based on their carcass quality should pay particular attention to carcass traits such as marbling, rib-eye area, carcass weight and yield grade. Cattle that are selected based on carcass merit offer opportunities to improve profitability by marketing finished cattle when sold directly to packers with prices based on carcass quality. Producers should take a balanced approach to selecting multiple traits and seek bulls moderately above breed average with emphasis on the traits most important to an individual operation. Beef cow-calf producers should select bulls for traits important to achieve profitability.

Maplecrest Farms Bull Sale Report Sale Date: March 11, 2013 Auctioneer: Ron Kreis High Selling Angus Bulls Lot: Price: DOB: Sire: 1 $6,500 8/4/11 GAR Predestined 2 $4,250 8/10/11 Summitcrest Complete 1P55 8 $4,100 9/17/12 Coleman Regis 904 19 $3,900 3/21/11 GAR MC Bextor J8009 High Selling Sim-Angus Bulls 10 $6,000 9/13/11 11 $4,000 9/1/11 43 $3,600 9/7/11 41 $3,200 8/27/11 Lots: 30 Angus Bulls 17 Sim-Angus Bulls 47 Total Lots

Sale Location: Union Stockyards, Hillsboro, OH Sale Manager: Maplecrest Farms Buyer: Windy Brick Farm, Hillsboro, OH Corcoran Farms, Chillicothe, OH David Verhoff, Sommerville, OH Michael Stevens, Oak Hill, OH

WAGR Dream Catcher 03R HTP SVF In Dew Time SS Ebonys Grandmaster SS Ebonys Grandmaster


J.D. Cunningham, Smithville, W.V J&K Gott Farms, Wellington, OH Skid Montgomery, Piketon, OH Jerry McMahan, Marion, OH

Average: $94,300 $52,258 $146,558

$3,143 $3,074 $3,118


Industry News & Notes Taste is king for beef consumers By Katrina Huffstutler Despite tighter budgets and busier lives, it’s not price or convenience that tops the list for deciding whether to buy beef — it’s taste. The most recent Consumer Beef Index, based on a Beef Checkoffsponsored survey, showed an impressive 88% of consumers polled said when choosing between beef, chicken, pork and fish, a great tasting product was very or extremely important. Mark McCully, vice president of production for Certified Angus Beef LLC, said that’s good news for cattle producers. “Not only is beef already America’s favorite protein,” he said at the recent Illinois Cattle Feeders Meeting in Oregon, Ill. “But we know what it takes to make sure consumers get the consistently delicious product they expect.” He explained that the characteristics of beef that affect palatability are flavor, juiciness and tenderness, and those are primarily reflected in the USDA quality grade of each carcass. The main difference between a Select, Choice or Prime stamp comes down to marbling, which is a highly heritable trait. “That’s why it’s so important to stay focused on increasing marbling in our cattle,” McCully said. “It’s still our best strategy to meeting consumer demands for our end product.” Management factors like health, pre-feedlot nutrition, disposition, the use of growth technologies and days on feed also affect quality grade, he said, so utilizing best practices throughout the animal’s lifecycle is another way to increase the odds of a favorable rating. The annual Power of Meat survey released in February identified some notable trends in meat preparation. McCully said 65% of consumers surveyed cook beef at home once to three times per week. Beef was only slightly edged out by chicken in the frequency category. While slightly fewer home cooks are incorporating meat into their meals three times per week or more (69%, down from 74% in 2012), he said the lower number likely reflects fewer meals

being cooked at home overall. “Regardless,” he said, “cattlemen need to stay focused on making sure those beef meals, whether served once or seven times a week, are a great experience every time.” He said where consumers get their preparation advice is also changing, at least among the younger crowd. While 50% of home cooks 65 and older still consult an old-fashioned cookbook, overall people are turning to the Web, using online recipes, food manufacturer sites and YouTube. That increased media presence brings not only answers, but questions, too. Today’s informationdriven consumer wants a myriad of details before they make any meat purchase. Is it safe? Wholesome? Fresh? Local? How were the live animals handled? Were Beef Quality Assurance principles adhered to? What about hormones and antibiotics? How was the meat handled and packaged? Many challenges lie ahead in the beef industry, but with them come opportunities. And as long as producers strive to raise better quality cattle, McCully said, they’ll be armed to face those challenges head-on — and make sure their product ends up on dinner tables across the country several times each week.


Sires in use: 16286088, 16233833, 15552303

Don & Mida Peterson Phone (304) 269-3877 E-mail: rockingp@shentel.net






5/11/13 held at Angus Hill Farm Randolph, NY

80 Miles from Ohio




Herman & Kathleen Howell 4200 Twp. Hwy 289, Hammondsville, OH 43930 Phone / Fax: (740) 544-5861 ridgeviewangus@yahoo.com


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Don Hange

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Miami Valley Angus Association

Kelvin & Jackie Egner Kelvin, Jackie, Christina Egner Shawn Howell Christina & Shawn Howell

Dave Long, Pres. 513-383-4077 Dan Brosey, V.P. 513-315-6894 Christy Campbell, Sec./Tres. 937-533-7051

4555 Hazelbrush Rd. Bulls, Heifers, Embryos Shelby OH 44875 Registered Red and Black Border Collies (419) 347-7123 (419) 295-6089 kjegner@acquired-sight.com kjegner@hotmail.com

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Ohio Angus Auxiliary

Embryo Raffle THANK YOU to everyone that supported the Embryo Raffle, including the embryos donors and everyone that purchased tickets

Raffle Winners: 1: Jamie King

2: Eldon Krebs

4: Sarah Miller

- Bulls have complete

3: Scott Foster

5: Kelvin Egner

Ohio Cattlemen’s Association’s

& current Expected Progeny Differences and sell based on an EPD grading system - All bulls have passed a breeding soundness exam and completed a vaccination program - Bulls will carry a certificate of veterinary inspection and be negative for TB and Brucellosis

Seedstock Improvement Sale

- All bulls are required to be tested for Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) persistent infection (PI) status

Catalog available at www.ohiocattle.org

Saturday, April 13, 2013 - Noon

Union Stock Yards | Hillsboro | 937.393.1958 Auctioneer: Gene Steiner

Selling 44 Bulls 1-2 Yrs of Age of the following breeds:

Angus - Hereford - Sim-Angus Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Purchase Quality Bulls! For more information or a sale catalog: Ohio Cattlemen’s Association beef@ohiobeef.org 614.873.6736

experience counts

Juniors Lead Angus Champions at 2013 MAJAC

Pine hill far M

Junior Angus exhibitors led 213 entries at the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Junior Angus Classic (MAJAC) Regional Preview Show, March 9-10 in Harrisonburg, Va. Ernie Wallace, Stotts City, Mo., evaluated the 106 owned females, 51 bred-and-owned females, 37 steers, 8 bred-and-owned steers, 8 bred-and-owned bulls, three cow-calf pairs and 81 Angus-based crossbred steers.

Managing Partner Three Oaks Farm, 33009 Yellow Creek Road Summitville, OH 43962 330.223.1872 fax: 330.223.2215 e-mail: donahankb@hotmail.com donahankb@yahoo.com

h e n r y b e rg f e l d

Partner 38100 Jackson Road Moreland Hills, OH 44022 daytime: 216.445.4836 home: 440.247.7916 e-mail: bergfej@ccf.org

j o h n b e rg f e l d


Quality Seed Stock Angus

Registered Angus Cattle Hay & Straw - Large and small squares Freezer beef

Allen Gahler 641 N. Elliston Trowbridge Rd. Graytown, OH 43432 (419) 350-2091 gahler2@yahoo.com

Bred-and-owned Reserve Junior Champion Heifer :

HFS Emma 224 won bred-and-owned reserve junior champion heifer at 2013 Mid-Atlantic Junior Angus Classic (MAJAC) Regional Preview Show, March 9-10 in Harrisonburg, Va. William Harsh, Radnor, Ohio, owns the winning heifer. Photo by Shelia Stannard, American Angus Association.

Brice Gahler 1618 N. Elliston Trowbridge Rd. Graytown, OH 43432 (419) 552-0169 abcgahlers@live.com



Tiffin, Ohio

John King & Family 3735 N. Twp Rd. 111 Home (419) 937-1864 Tiffin, Ohio 44883-9353 John Cell (419) 937-4148 kingswayangus@gmail.com

Way-View Cattle Co. LLC Owned Reserve Senior Champion Female:

Performance Tested Angus Bulls For SAle

Champion Hill Shadoe 8107 won owned reserve senior champion female at 2013 Mid-Atlantic Junior Angus Classic (MAJAC) Regional Preview Show, March 9-10 in Harrisonburg, Va. Kaitlyn Clarke, West Chester, Ohio, owns the winning female. Photo by Shelia Stannard, American Angus Association.

Fred M. Penick

3264 Refugee Rd. Hebron, OH 43025


Home (740) 404-1832 Fax (740) 928-3912

2013 Ohio Angus Preview Show The 2013 Ohio Angus Preview Show will be hosted by the Eastern Ohio Angus Association and held June 8-9 at the Muskingum County Fairgrounds in Zanesville, OH. The Preview will once again take place on a Saturday/Sunday format, with Jr. show to be held on Saturday, and Open show on Sunday. Jr. cattle must be checked in by 5 p.m. on Friday, June 7, and open show only cattle must be checked in by 12 noon on Saturday, June 8. Detailed schedule and entry information will be available in later April via www.ohioangus.org and in the May Ohio Angus Newsletter.

Entry Deadline: May 25th, 2013 Entry Form: Available on or before April 15th at www.ohioangus.org

Hotel information

Headquarters: Comfort Inn Zanesville, OH 43701 740-454-4144 Make your own reservation by asking for the Ohio Angus block of 20 rooms. $90/night for 2 double beds. Indoor pool too! Room block held until May 24th!

Eastern Ohio Angus Jr. & Open District Angus Show Saturday • June 1st Muskingum County Fairgrounds Zanesville, OH 10:00 a.m. Contact Gail Deitrick for entry forms: 740-674-4610 ghdeitrick@yahoo.com

Other area Hotels: Holiday Inn Express Fairfield Inn Baymont Inn Super 8 (west of town)

Private Treaty Marketplace If you are looking to purchase or sell: Cattle, Semen & Embryos, Livestock Equipment, Farm Equipment and etc. Call or email Dan today to get more information about listing your items in the NEW Private Treaty Marketplace! Each member of Ohio Angus is eligible for 1 Free Classifield Ad each Year.

Contact Dan at: danwells@ohioangus.org 740-505-3843 -9-

Ohio Beef Expo Hosts Successful Sale (MARYSVILLE, Ohio) The Ohio Beef Expo held March 15-17 at the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, Ohio hosted seven breed sales, selling 359 lots at an average price of $3,004 with a gross of $1,078,765. More than 30,000 cattle industry enthusiasts attended the 26th annual Expo, an event of the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association (OCA). Individual breed sales results were as follows: Lots Angus 53 Chianina 26 Hereford 72 Limousin 17 Maine 74 Shorthorn 72 Simmental 70 TOTAL 384

Sale Gross $167,300 $74,250 $141,325 $43,650 $226,425 $216,840 $208,975 $1,078,765

Total Avg. $3,156 $2,855 $1,962 $2,568 $3,060 $3,012 $2,985 $2,809

Live Avg. $3,204 $2,855 $2,529 $2,568 $3,139 $2,968 $2,943

Genetic Avg. Bull Avg. $2,366 $3,495 N/A $2,735 $382 $2,295 N/A $2,340 $1,175 $3,056 $2,094 $3,573 $1,590 $2,947

Female Avg. $2,934 $2,962 $2,583 $2,982 $3,260 $2,652 $2,940

For More Information: Julie White, Director of Communications 614-873-6736 or jwhite@ohiobeef.org The OCA is an affiliate of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and is the state’s spokesperson and issues manager for all segments of the beef cattle industry including cattle breeders, producers and feeders. It is the grass roots policy development organization for the beef business. Through the OCA, cattle producers work to create a positive business environment, while providing consumers with a safe and wholesome product.


Fa ly Ba




Jim, Sharon, Christina, & Caroline Winter 5839 Ashville-Fairfield Road Ashville, Ohio 43103

Bankey Farm Registered Angus Cattle


Putting Profits on the Table

(740) 983-2755 jswinter1@verizon.net

• Angus Cattle • Freezer Beef • 4-H Boar Goats

Herd Certified and Accredited Johne’s Testing

Derek & Jennifer Bankey 7411 Milton Rd., Custar, OH 43511 Derek (C): 419-308-8627 djbankey@hotmail.com www.bankeyregisteredangus.com

Cows & Heifers FOR SALE


11503 State Rd. 554 Bidwell, OH 45614 740-367-7021

Jon Davis * 740-446-2127

FAX: 740-367-7937 * www.championhillangus.com Email: champion@championhillangus.com

- 10 -

Angus Production Sale 50 Females and 20 Bulls Sell MAY 5, 2013 at the farm, Smock, PA WLC Lucy 0732 2001 Supreme Champion Heifer 2013 PA Farm Show. Show heifers like her are being offered!

She Sells!

2 Work Parkway • Uniontown, PA 15401 kevinrooker@yahoo.com • www.workcattle.com BC 110 Pure Pride's Mr B 422

BC Mr Beef 2231 x OCC Doctor 940D SHE SELLS with her heifer calf by SAV 004 Density 4336 and other offspring by SAV Mustang 9134, Connealy Right Answer 746, & SAV 004 Density 4336. From the same family as BC Matrix & BC Eagle Eye

Bill & Billy Work Bob & Pam Work: 724-438-1703 Keith & Linda Rooker: 412-691-4913 Kevin Rooker: 724-322-1576

Circle S Eisa Erica 4079

21AR Sara E802

BCC Bushwacker 41-93 x Sitz Traveler 8180 Yearlings sell sired by SAV Bismarck 5682 and Hoover Dam. E802 is best known as the dam of the ABS sire 21AR Outfitter.

Hyline Right Time 338 x Rito 6I6 Offering granddaughters and grandsons by SAV 004 Density 4336, SAV Final Answer 0035, S AV Pioneer 7301, from Eisa Erica 9333 sired by Net Present Value.

April 6 April 6 April 6 April 13 April 14 April 15 May 25

Ohio Angus Calender of Events

Eastern Ohio Angus Spring Sale Burgett Angus Bull Sale Turkey Run Angus Production Sale OCA Seedstock Improvement Sale Champion Hill Spring Production Sale Ohio Angus Preview Entry Form Posted Entry Deadline Ohio Angus Preview Show

Ohio Angus Association Dan Wells, Secretary/Fieldman 625 Cattail Rd. Chillicothe, OH 45601

June 7-9 June 21-23 July 5-11 July 26-29


Return Service Requested



William C. Strayer

Ohio Angus Preview Show Eastern Regional Jr. Angus Show National Junior Angus Show Ohio State Fair Angus Shows

Strayer Angus Farms would like to thank everyone for their attendance and support at our 13th Annual Production Sale! Cattle sold into Nebraska, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia & Ohio!

“Since 1923”

Brent L. English

10270 Zion Church Rd Elida, OH 45807 9859 Zion Church Rd. Elida, OH 45807 “The Practical Program” 419.230.7951 brent@strayerangus.com 419.339.4845 bill@strayerangus.com

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2013 April Ohio Angus Newsletter  

Ohio Angus Newsletter April 2013

2013 April Ohio Angus Newsletter  

Ohio Angus Newsletter April 2013

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