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NEIGHBORHOOD REVITALIZATION Acting as a catalyst for Neighborhood Revitalization is one of the three primary focus areas in the Dwelling Place mission. A broad range of concerns, such as improving pedestrian accessibility, beautification of the streetscape, and increasing economic stability of both residents and businesses are at the forefront of Dwelling Place efforts. Dwelling Place has played important roles in neighborhood revitalization in several areas in West Michigan. Most notably that impact can be seen in the Heartside Neighborhood of Grand Rapids but Dwelling Place has also been a major participant in the revitalization of other neighborhoods with its work in the East Hills Neighborhood, the Madison Square Neighborhood, the Roosevelt Park Neighborhood in Grand Rapids and in the Midtown area of Holland, Michigan. In the Heartside Neighborhood of Grand Rapids, art was seen as an economic development tool to further revitalization. Dwelling Place’s support of the arts and artists can be seen in our development of affordable live/work spaces for artists, our facilitation of community events and our promotion of the business district as an arts related destination. The Neighborhood Revitalization Department oversees a program called “Avenue for the Arts.” This department works with 15 interns and a volunteer committee of 19+ community stakeholders. Together they support hundreds of volunteers, participating artists, curators, and business owners who make Avenue programming possible. Annually Dwelling Place’s direct support of artists includes: the provision of live/work housing, Artists As Entrepreneurs (AAEP) classes, public arts events, implementation of public art projects, and marketing of the Avenue. For more detailed information about all of the sponsored events and programing activity coordinated by Dwelling Place, please visit the Avenue for the Arts website at For more information about commercial leasing opportunities please visit our website at

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Annual Report 2014  

Annual Report 2014