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Comprehensive marketing Comprehensive, progressive & sophistiCated marketing more exposure The more exposure you have, the larger the pool of buyers. Our marketing gets your house the exposure it deserves.

importanCe of teChnology Buyers start their search online. They also look to the internet to research and validate their decision to purchase a particular property. Our marketing leverages each step of that process.

lifestyle It is not just a home. It is a lifestyle. We understand that buyers are looking for more than a home, they are looking for a way of life.

marketing plan

Preparing the Property Implementation of Marketing Digital Marketing Plan Real Life Exposure

dWell360 | serviCe@dWell360.Com | 617-762-4080

staging Consultation A first impression and making your house appealing to buyers is very important. When your home is staged well, it will provide you with the leg-up you need to compete in today’s real estate market. The effort can lead to more interest in your home, a quicker sale, and even more money for the home. Together we will make sure your home looks its very best. Items we consider when staging a home: 1. Start with a clean slate 2. Stow away your clutter 3. Scale back on your furniture 4. Rethink your furniture placement 5. Add color to brighten your rooms 6. Set the scene 7. Make the entrance grand

Comprehensive marketing professional photographs The quality and quantity of architectural photographs of your home will significantly impact the home’s exposure to prospective buyers. Buyers start their search online, and we know the importance of catching their interest with quality photographs.

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floor plan A professional floor plan will be prepared for the property. The floor plan will be available online and in print for potential buyers to review and begin envisioning how they will live in the home.

Comprehensive marketing property Website Our professional property website, bearing your home’s address as the domain address, is a foundation for the extensive online marketing for your home. The individual site provides buyers the accessibility and information they demand instantly. The site shows off your home’s specific design, features important details of your home, and is a leading marketing tool.

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dWell360 | serviCe@dWell360.Com | 617-762-4080

video & virtual tour The future of real estate marketing is within the power of video. A professional video will provide the access and dynamic exposure your home needs in today’s market. Potential buyers send listing information and links to their advisors, family, and friends for their consultation. This is just one more resource that will help a buyer make that final decision to see, and buy, your home.

Comprehensive marketing property broChures We strive to make great impressions. Our high-quality brochures feature photos, floor plans, and additional information to communicate the important details of your home to the buyer.

dWell360 | serviCe@dWell360.Com | 617-762-4080

online marketing The Internet is the most powerful tool for selling real estate. More than 90% of buyers start their search for a home on the Internet. We give your home the most online coverage possible, from every major real estate website to local resources for home buyers. This is why premium photographs and quality property descriptions are the first steps toward marketing your home.

Comprehensive marketing soCial media Social networks, when leveraged properly, can be an amazing asset to real estate marketing. Facebook has 500million active users and is the second most visited website. The third most active site, YouTube, gets more than 2 billion video views per day. LinkedIn is the leading social network for business and Twitter gets conversations out quickly. We publish listing information, links, and more on many social media platforms.

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yard sign Our sophisticated sign is professionally installed and includes your home's custom web address that will tell buyers the location and give them access to the critical details of your home.

multiple listing serviCe We will list your home in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Details of your home, a compelling description, floor plans, and photographs are all included. Agents receive this information for their buyers from the MLS database.

Comprehensive marketing direCt mail Featured Property cards are sent to your neighbors and community to support our marketing campaign of your home. The recipients of the cards will help spread the word of the home being on the market.

dWell360 | serviCe@dWell360.Com | 617-762-4080

agent direCt marketing Most likely your property will sell to buyers who are represented by an agent. Therefore, advertising to other agents in the area is a large part of our marketing effort. In addition to maintaining longstanding relationships with many top agents, we reach out by hosting broker open houses, sending “Just Listed” cards and specially targeted emails, and following up with calls and emails.

events We create events that attract interested parties to your home and encourage them to spend time to get comfortable. Dwell360’s publicized events are just another layer of providing exposure to your home. 

Public Open Houses

Broker Open Houses

Private Showings

Special Events

Comprehensive marketing plan of aCtion Below is example of a marketing plan for the first month that your home is listed with Dwell360. 1 Listing agreement signed



Schedule Set up photography, staging virtual tour, consultation floor plan






Compile paperwork, city’s information

Call/email our list of prospective buyers




Home on market!

Produce property brochures

Deliver listing client package

Launch website & MLS



Enter Professional property into floor plan the Multiple survey Listing Service Purchase unique website 11



Staging consultation




Call/email Professional Produce our database photographs virtual tour of real estate taken agents Prepare Prepare “Just Listed” Send email Broker Open mailing to agents House invitations 18

Order lunch First Broker for Broker Open House Open House with lunch




Enter Open House info into MLS, websites

Follow-up calls and emails; gather feedback

Neighbors Open House



Send “Just Listed” cards

Send Neighbors Open House invitations

Client feedback and market report






Client feedback and market report

Review all information on all websites

Property brochures

Broker Open House

Contact Open House visitors

Visit competing properties

Follow-up calls and emails; gather feedback

Send Broker invitations


First Public Open House

Public Open House Visit competing properties

dWell360 | serviCe@dWell360.Com | 617-762-4080

Service attentive, responsive & proaCtive It is always is a pleasure to show your home and we keep ourselves available to do just that. We understand the needs of potential buyers and we strive to present your home positively and professionally.

safety & seCurity Safety is an important part of representing your family and your home. All potential buyers are pre-screened prior to visiting the home. At open houses, we have visitors sign in and we keep a watchful eye. An agent who is attentive to the security of the home will deter a wouldbe thief.

priCe evaluations We continuously provide you with market information so that you stay current with today’s market. At each step in the process, we are always evaluating your home’s value.

reliable planning Client meetings, appraisals, inspections, and other appointments require proper planning and punctual performance. We guarantee reliable and responsive service.

shoWing feedbaCk After we show your home, we contact buyers and/or their agents to obtain feedback. This can often help us address concerns the buyer has with your home. It also provides great resources for helping correct any issues with the home that might prevent someone from making the offer.

dWell360 | serviCe@dWell360.Com | 617-762-4080

Critical management offer to Closing — the most CritiCal part We put our best foot forward when showing and marketing your home, but the most important tasks in selling your property begin once an offer is received. Keeping your transaction on track is of the utmost importance to us.

negotiations Once we find the buyer, an entirely new set of skills are required to get your home to close. The Dwell360 real estate firm is a team of experienced negotiators. Terms, conditions, legal implications, and other concerns can make selling your home feel invasive. We help you maintain focus and clarity throughout the entire process. Our team has over 15 years of combined real estate negotiation experience and additional high profile experience from previous corporate positions.

problem solving Minor and major issues can often disrupt the progress of a property from the offer table to the closing table. These problems might be directly related to the buyer’s thoughts or to the bank’s needs. Our experience selling homes in today’s market allows us to anticipate issues before they even happen. We understand the steps we will need to take in order to assure you a seamless transaction.

transaCtion management The entire process of selling your home is cumbersome. We simplify that process and are extremely attentive to the details. Paperwork, inspections, deposits, banking requirements, along with other important details are closely monitored and proactively managed.

CommuniCation At all times, we remain in direct contact with our clients. Communication is the corner stone of our relationship with our clients. We keep you up-to-date during the entire home sales process. This will help you make informed decisions and find comfort in knowing that your home is being sold by excellent REALTORS®.

dWell360 | serviCe@dWell360.Com | 617-762-4080

Trust. Knowledge. Experience.

Dwell360 Service@Dwell360.com 617-762-4080 46 Austin Street Suite 302 Newton, MA 02460

You want an agent who cares – We are experienced real estate agents who use professional marketing tools. We have neighborhood insight and are current with local market conditions. We know the inventory, have opinions about each property, are confident negotiators, and care about our clients – because buying and selling a home is a big deal!

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Comprehensive Property Marketing - Dwell360 Real Estate  

This information is the marketing plan for listing and selling a residential property with Dwell360. Dwell360 is a real estate brokerage in...

Comprehensive Property Marketing - Dwell360 Real Estate  

This information is the marketing plan for listing and selling a residential property with Dwell360. Dwell360 is a real estate brokerage in...

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