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A Wealth of Experience


American Investment Exchange

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

- Henry Ford

“We are delighted to express our gratitude and respect for American Investment Exchange. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your superlative products and outstanding service, your hard work and patience, and personalized expertise. You’ve helped us achieve financial freedom so we can retire comfortably and live life to the fullest. We appreciate you immensely and will proudly recommend AIE to anyone seeking wealth and security.”

- Don and Sharon, Portland, Oregon

Repeat Investors

About us The principals of American Investment Exchange are a recognized authority in wealth-building through high quality real estate investments. Our team of seasoned professionals provide robust portfolio opportunities for many types of investors. We employ strict standards in acquiring and managing highly desirable properties. And with our commitment to personalized service, we enjoy an incomparable reputation for producing exceptional results in a straightforward process. As the leading sponsor of tenant in common investments, American Investment Exchange offers premier co-ownership choices to suit the needs of every client. We make quality asset choices available for 1031 exchanges, self-directed IRAs and traditional investing. Our comprehensive and thorough attention to detail has consistently produced great returns in an uncomplicated fashion. At American Investment Exchange, we stand behind our real estate 100%. We buy a fractional interest in every property we offer, sharing in the investment and demonstrating absolute confidence. Our mission is to provide a wide range of opportunities with the highest potential for financial goal achievement.

American Investment Exchange provides direct, individual and experienced service to all types of investors for the best financial results.

ACQUISITION The properties offered by American Investment Exchange reflect

term stability and the highest potential for appreciation. In addition, we

our passionate dedication to lower downside risk, preserve and

employ stringent due diligence to confirm viable ownership structure,

protect equity and create strong income returns for every client.

sound construction and profitability.

We have earned an admired reputation through years of offering high performance real estate and setting the foundation for ideal

American Investment Exchange arranges the best financing available,

investment results.

enabling a simple investing process with no additional closing costs. Further, as co-owner and agent we place great importance

Because our standards are the highest in the industry, the principals

on the continued maintenance and performance of our properties.

of American Investment Exchange annually raise over $100 million

We maximize value through careful attention to each real estate

in equity. Every property in our portfolio is institutional quality with

investment we sponsor.

credit rated tenants in desirable geographic locations. We exclusively originate and acquire investment grade real estate that offers long-

American Investment Exchange selectively acquires the most desirable property investments in the nation.

INVESTMENT American Investment Exchange has the distinction of serving a wide array of clients, with a variety of financial goals, through a focused collection of investment opportunities. From reliable monthly income to portfolio diversification and secure equity, we’ve created the benchmark for first class property investment, often with significant appreciation potential. The cornerstone of American Investment Exchange is our Tenant in Common program. This allows investors to own an undivided fractional interest in an institutional quality property without management responsibility. Our program provides the opportunity for investors to have pride of ownership in real estate with a low minimum investment. Our program is particularly beneficial for those who choose to defer capital gains through a 1031 exchange. It provides an opportunity to invest all net proceeds and fulfill the 1031 requirements while enjoying stable monthly income. American Investment Exchange distinguishes itself further by empowering owners of self-directed IRAs to invest in real estate. Our opportunities maximize protection and profitability with a flexible, valuable method to diversify – a truly advantageous way to control retirement plans.

The American Investment Exchange Tenant in Common program is a trusted source for satisfying the needs of a 1031 exchange, creating diverse portfolios and generating income without management worries.

WEALTH Serious real estate investors who value wealth, security and

Moreover, the American Investment Exchange Tenant in Common

dependability make American Investment Exchange their top choice

program is simple, reliable and offers outstanding financial rewards.

time and again. Our extensive real estate experience and highly

Whether it’s a 1031 exchange, self-directed IRA or traditional

selective acquisition process is the reason we are a premier sponsor

investment, we provide the perfect platform to create wealth, secure

of co-ownership investments.

equity and diversify portfolios.

We build prosperity into every relationship by working with clients each step of the way. The process is simple and the benefits are substantial. Providing individualized service for every type of client, we’ve earned our reputation as an authority in the industry.

During that time Amanda helped found site won the fashion and design communities and counted Frank Gehry Weber among its advisory board members. When it comes to creating affluent investors, American Investment Exchange is an industry leader.


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