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With a Total Active Pipeline for 2011 well over 1100 (not to mention Signed Consent Letters over 800), we are well on our way towards reaching our Long Term goals. There is no doubt the great challenge begore us is to finish the remaining projects scheduled to be complete this year. Just ensure you start with a plan. Review each and every project, confirm the projected dates are real and manageable, and work the plan.

Remodel HIALEAH, FL Store Comp: +13.8 Market Comp: +7.4 Sales Effect: +7.1 Building Type: Series 1511 w/ bays Operator: McOpCo Construction time frame: 54 days Days closed for construction: 0 Opening date: December 31, 2010 McDonald’s Cost: $286,200 McOpCo Cost: $337,800

Building and capacity improvements: 20’ side dining addition, removed outdoor playland, added side by side drive-thru and optimized DT window spacing. Branding improvements: Convert double mansard to arcade awning design, tile arcades, new building and drive-thru signage and full interior lobby remodel by JBI. Infrasturcture improvements: Seal coat parking lot, new TPO, kitchen improvements and enhanced landscaping.

Remodel 38th & Julian, Denver, CO Store Comp: +11.3 Market Comp: +4.4 Sales Effect: +66.7

Building and capacity improvements: Improved single DT (working on plans to add SBS DT), remodeled restrooms to ADA.

Building Type: Series 2000 (40-88) Operator: Rick Boselli

Branding improvements: Convert mansard to arcade (including hearth element), new building and DT signage, “simply moredn” yellow lobby remodel including floor tile replacement.

Construction time frame: 30 days Days closed for construction: 0 Opening date: December 22, 2010 McDonald’s Cost: $169,054 McOpCo Cost: $257,733

Infrasturcture improvements: New (compliant) handicap parking and ADA sidewalk pathway.

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‘Allegro Classic’

is suitable for use in a wide variety of locations, whether they be urban or suburban. It is the original palette from which ‘Allegro’ was derived and utilizes a neutral material base with a range of graphic overlays. ‘Allegro Classic’ provides an environment to escape the busy urban streets and relax. It uses rich coffee tones in a calming atmosphere, complimenting the inclusion of McCafe. Its origin was to provide suburban locations with their own contemporary look and feel appropriate for suburban shopping centers, in-store locations and free standing drive-thrus.


Allegro Classic. First ‘allegro’ design built in rancho cucamonga, ca The Allegro design, proven successful in AMPEA and Canada as well as being adopted in over 18 countries globally, was developed as an environment that uses rich coffee tones in a calming atmosphere as a contemporary escape. USRD is working with Juicy to adapt two designs to the U.S., Form and Allegro. These designs are currently available through our nationally approved seating and decor firms.

Also available. interior design principles Fusion Selecting key colors and finishes that reflect a holistic approach internally and externally Natural Timber focused in specific areas for maximum impact to provide warmth to the neutral base. Accent of color (major & minor) via elements that can change easily within 3-4 years for minimal cost.

‘Allegro Vivid’ Neutral base of greys, browns and whites. lends itself perfectly to suburban family environments where fun and colour are needed. The structure of ‘Allegro Classic’ with some exceptions in upholstery choices. ‘Allegro Vivid’ uses bursts of colour to contrast the potentially monotone surroundings of residential areas. It is the choice of graphics that brings the ‘Vivid’ into ‘Allegro Vivid’. Have fun with this one!

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Reporting & Planning.

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Real Estate.

Real Estate.

News Threads... McDonald’s Shines at the 2011 ICSC News Conference By: Blanca Cornejo, Special Venues Property Manager

This year the ICSC ReCon added over 140 new exhibitors for a total of just over 1,000 and had over 30,000 attendees; well ahead of last year. This was a very successful show for McDonald’s with our booth continuously busy and full of energy as deals were being made. We would like to, once again, thank Karen Garcia, General Manager Pittsburgh Region, and Cassie Nelson, General Manager Heartland Region, for joining and supporting the Development Team at the Convention. With great representation from the Regional offices, the 2011 ICSC RECon show was a success. The McDonald’s booth shined like always and the dynamics inside and around the booth were great. Inside the booth our Real Estate professionals were constantly meeting people, discussing deals and reviewing site plans. Outside our booth, people gathered like every year to enjoy a cup of coffee or our Fruit and Walnut salad, not to mention the refreshing smoothies that were introduced to the sampling offer this year.

News Threads... Negotiated Rent Reduction Results in Cost Savings of $342,040 By: Becky Foth, Asset Manager

In Louisville,KY, we have a $2.5M McOpCo restaurant with an annual rent of $98,865. The current lease expires in 2012. The rent is above market with 40% increases every five years. This renegotiation extends the lease for 30 years at a reduced rent of $70,000/yr with 5% increases every 5 years. The new lease represents a cost savings of $342,040 for the system!

News Threads... Potential Home Run Rebuild for the Ohio Region By: Michael Westerfeld, Asset Manager

In Kettering, Ohio, there’s a restaurant that opened in 1960 and is currently performing over $3M. McDonald’s has a ground lease that will expire in 2020. The current rent is $4,833/month or $58,000/yr. The renegotiated lease adds additional property and will extend the term 20 years from the date the rebuild opens and provides for 8, 5-year fixed rent options to extend. This deal gives the region the ability to do an optimum rebuild layout improving many site characteristics and increasing sales. In addition, it will guarantee our ability to do business at this location at a fixed cost until 2070.

News Threads... McDonald’s to Operate at Terminal 4 in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport By: Cathy Jama, Nat’l. Special Venue Support Manager On June 15, 2011, the Phoenix City Council approved the Department of Aviation’s recommendation to award Package 1 to HMS Host International as the Prime Concessionaire to operate the food and beverage concessions in Terminal 4 for the next 10 years at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, AZ. This award did not come easily for it was challenged by another respondent who worked tirelessly over a month to try to get the recommendation overturned or thrown out. However, HMS Host prevailed. Phoenix Sky Harbor is one of the top airports in the country and now, for the first time, the International Terminal will include a McDonald’s restaurant with a projected sales volume of $2.2 M. This great RFP team collectively worked in partnership to a successful conclusion. The Pheonix Package 1 team consisted of the following people: John Burroughs, Johnny Adkins and Monica McGinnis of the Rocky Mountain Regional Development Team; Bruce Neumann, Mark Meister, Doris Murray-Norris, Krystin Latuszek and Erica Ruiz of U.S. Legal; Abby Brooks from the U.S. Controller group; Roger Hernandez and Ray Garza from U.S. Restaurant Design and McDonald’s Owner/Operators, Wayne and Dorothy Stingley. Stay tuned later this summer as McDonald’s partners once again with HMS Host to bid on a second location in Terminal 4.


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