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DWCL embraces clean accreditation

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15 ATV: Adventure Redefined, Reinvented

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From the editor The past 32 years of The Channel has been a triumphant travel that traversed and unclogged the barriers of a free campus press. Of course, it’s a product of commitment and hardship. These successes I’m talking about are not merely strokes of luck, but because of the collaborative effort propelled by all of us in the editorial board regardless of position, ranks, and roles. Indeed, we move as one!

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Beyond merely delivering worthy reading campus papers, the tireless men and women of the publication observe proper diligence of responsibility as campus journalists to ensure the accuracy of the news, multi-sided opinions, and be able to somehow provide entertainment. Certainly, we have countless stories of our people enduring long hours even staying late at night in the office just to submit articles on time. Now, on its 33 years of existence this 2013, the tagline Conquer to seek, Dare to speak conveys message beyond its symbolism of fearless attempts of disclosing factual information. It has to face the challenges of continuing what it had already established; resurfacing bolder, stronger, and even better. Each day blossoms with more aspirations. But as they say, even the bravest warrior needs some merry-making, too. As you hold this copy, let us enjoy the fruits of all our labor and celebrate the campus press that we have exercised. Go on and read.


Read to know. Know how to respond.

To ride the fourwheeler is a fun adventure; to battle the terrains is a historical flashback. As one gears up the ATV engine and moves toward the gorgeous yet dangerous Mayon Volcano, one reminisces the memories of the 2006 catastrophe that has brought out the resilience in every Albayano. Indeed, ATV adventure has redefined the lava landscapes into an Oragon trail, reinventing the Legazpi City’s fun and adventure. Front Cover Design| Bradlee Futalan Back Cover Design| Jann Paulo Matusalem

For a stronger, freer campus press,

Geronimo Conmigo Editor in Chief

Divinian is 5th LET Reg’l placer; 57 others hurdle board exams Francis James Velasco, and Alexander Valladolid II. “I’m very thankful to God, to my family and friends, and to the CoNM. All my hardships paid-off. At long last, I have achieved my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse,” Garcera expressed.



roving his worth as a future educator, Jayson Perez emerged fifth placer in the March 2013 Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)-Regional Level after garnering an average of 84.80 percent. Perez is a Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) graduate of the Divine Word College of Legazpi Batch 2013. A total of 15 BEED and 12 Bachelor of Secondary Education graduates of DWCL passed the said examination giving the DWCL a School Passing Rate (SPR) of 44.12 percent and 23.08 percent, respectively. The former had a National Passing Rate (NPR) of 27.78 percent while the latter had 39.61 percent. As of press time, the College of Education has not released yet the complete list of passers both in elementary and secondary levels. Concurrently, the College of Nursing and Midwifery (CoNM) reaped an SPR of 23.26 percent whereas the NPR was 42.81 percent in the June 2013 Nurse Licensure Examination when 10 Divinians were named registered nurses. These are Liza Marie Barsaga, Kathlee Faye Berces, Jamie Claren Canon, Liezl Dolot, Jeanine Falcotelo, Eileen Garcera, Mark Angelo Hilis, Kelvin Dominic Lim,

Along with the May 2013 Certified Public Accountants (CPA) Licensure Examination, the College of Business Education produced 11 new CPAs namely, Eugene Aguinaldo, Karen Gomez, Joyce Medrano, John Kenneth Navarro, Jessa Farra Patilleros, Gabriel Estanislao, Lester Bitancor, Joffer Mirabel, Nilyn Sierra, Jamie Christine Bertillo, and Rowena Belga giving the DWCL an SPR of 22 percent while the NPR was 27.41 percent. Moreover, the College of Engineering and Computer Studies rejoiced after producing nine professionals in the April and May 2013 Electrical Engineering (EE), Civil Engineering (CE) and Registered Master Electrician (RME) Licensure Examinations. Ma. Carolyn Cabiles, Anadolf Cantela and Mark John Rico are the newly licensed electrical engineer and civil engineers, respectively. The school obtained an SPR of 8.33 percent and an NPR of 38.65 percent for the EE Board Examinations. Meanwhile, the SPR and NPR for the CE Board Examinations were 9.52 and 42.82 percents, respectively. The new Registered Master Electricians Rene Aviso, Mark Joseph Pachica, Dean Vincent Leo Gomez, Helbert Buling, Jonn Edwin Elep, and Judea Abigail Pabelonia, soared as they brought an SPR of 85.71 percent. The NPR was 41.22 percent. (by Geronimo Conmigo)

Crossing the Finish Line. Three hundred fifty seven candidates for graduation, along with their supportive family and friends, await as they reap the fruit of their hardwork and perseverance. Photo by Gemma Ray Naz

4 The Channel

Conquer to seek. Dare to speak.

537 join investiture; Montales leads Batch ‘13 Clad in their graduation gown, 537 candidates for graduation were conferred with their academic degrees during the 45th Commencement Exercises on March 23 at the St. Joseph Freinademetz Memorial Gymnasium. Bachelor of Arts in English Language graduate Shannah Marie Montales led the Divine Word College of Legazpi (DWCL) Batch 2013 after seizing the Summa Cum Laude recognition and Most Outstanding Graduate Award. If you want to achieve something, work for it. It’s not enough to just dream about it. Set your priorities straight. As a student, academics is the number one priority,” Montales expressed. Montales shared that being a Summa Cum Laude was her goal, “It was a goal I wanted to achieve. It is a result of my hard work as a student.” The ceremony which echoed the theme, “Quality Graduates: Responding to the Call for Societal Transformation and Development,” this year’s commencement exercises awarded Vanessa Keith Palacio as Magna Cum Laude. The 23 Cum Laude graduates were Jeffrey Bio, Benedict Segovia, Cinderella Belbes, Claudine Regilme, Charie Mae Guamos, Pamela Añonuevo, Debbie Madrideo, Maryjoy Arispe, Sherry Mae Borja, Christine Baradia, Arnel Zurbano, Marife Mortel, Monique Velasco, Sheralyn Pintang, Arlene Bolilan, Shiedel Nicolita, Elaine Ordan, Rhea Sheen Mirandilla, Ryan Ramirez, Haydee Guevarra, Janine Bio, and Angela Louise. Meanwhile, Janela Asuncion, Julie Ann Altavano, Kris Iris Abellano, Sharmane Almoguera, Careyl Mae Vergara, Hazel Lovendino, Russell Racelis, Carla Bodino, Gerald Siapno, Annepher Marie Caña, Jarvey Reinier Velasco, Ma. Ana Bellen, Francis Correa, Danica Brimbuela, Maric Louis Brondial, Mary Joy Andrada, Jeffrey Medollar, Robela Regina Osial, and Michael Angelo Biguiras were the 19 with Academic Distinction graduates. Moreover, the Graduate School of Business Management presented four graduates with Meritissimus Award. They were David Cua, Mona Liza Ante, Eden Sarmiento, and Joseph Pulvinar. (by Khryza Beth Lladoc)


The ChanneL conquer to seek. dare to speak.

Overflowing with flair. Set in the focal point of the school, a fountain sprinkles out an ambience of tranquility and calmness amidst the demanding atmosphere within the DWCL community. Photo by Gemma Ray Naz

DWCL embraces clean accreditation

3 programs shape up for Level 3


Persistent with its goal of becoming the Center for Development and achieving a Level 3 accreditation of all programs, the Divine Word College of Legazpi (DWCL) has been granted clean accreditation by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) during the visit last February 26 and 27. The Arts and Sciences, Elementary and Secondary Education, and Business Education programs were granted clean re-accreditation at Level 2 which will last for five years. Likewise, the Hospitality Management (HM) program is now on its level 1 accreditation which is good for three years. The clean accreditation took effect on May 10. “A clean accreditation mainly suggests that the programs have passed all areas for inspection and that we could already apply for level 3 accreditation,” DWCL Pres. Rev. Fr. Crispin Cordero explained during an interview. This is strengthened with the statement of PAASCU coordinator Emma Napay, “With the granting of clean reaccreditation, the school is now one step closer to achieving its goal.” She expressed that DWCL is now in the process of the applications for Level 3 accreditation of the three programs through the submission of narrative reports, necessary documents and implementation of the latest recommendations from PAASCU accreditors. In the area of instruction, PAASCU

accreditors urged the preparation of a manual for On the Job Training (OJT) to aid students in their practicum. The improvement of the performance in the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET) was also regarded as a priority. With regard to the area of library, the reaccreditation team recommended that the Chief librarian participate in the curriculum development activities of the college and that the preparations for future library automation include a system for the existing manual operations of the library. The team also recommended equipment installations and modifications in the laboratories and physical plant areas. As regards to the student services area, there is a need to prepare a Wellness Program that includes activities such as seminars on health advocacy and other health issues. Regular food inspection and disaster preparedness activities should also be conducted regularly. In the area of community involvement, PAASCU accreditors advised the need to conduct community extension research studies in coordination with the institutional office for research.

In the area of administration, the team recommended that the proposed target of the offices concerned stated in the DWCL Strategic Plan be subjected to a yearly assessment by a representative group of administrators, faculty and students. Several recommendations were also directed to the HM program. This includes the community involvement of the HM faculty and the review and update of the HM syllabi. Improvements in the

laboratories were also reiterated. Refinement on area of faculty Napay expressed that most of the recommendations are attainable. However there is difficulty in addressing some recommendations in the area of faculty. PAASCU accreditors recommend the enhancement in faculty research. Related to this recommendation are the creation of research agenda per program, the improvement of faculty loading and the publication of a research journal. DWCL was also reminded to maintain strict compliance with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) policies on academic qualifications of the faculty handling Education, Psychology, and HM courses. “Actually, I would consider research as our weakness but we have departments that are meeting these requirements,” Father President remarked. Napay affirmed that departments are preparing and are coming up with the list of the priority research agenda. Faculty members are also encouraged to do research and would be given monetary incentives for the work they will be doing. “Considering the nature of research work, it would really be hard for our faculty to teach and do researches at the same time since most of them have excess teaching loads,” she added However, the PAASCU accreditors reiterated in their recommendations that the teaching loads of the faculty members must be limited to 24 units only, to give

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time to those faculty members who are interested in doing research activities. Relative to this recommendation, Napay expressed, “Limiting the teaching loads of our faculty will be one of the most difficult requirements because most of our faculty members choose to carry more than 24 units of teaching load to augment their income.” This remuneration issue was also cited during the interview with Father President. He stressed that this is one of the reasons why the school has difficulty in maintaining and recruiting qualified faculty members. In response to this, the school has already implemented a tuition fee increase to improve the salary compensation package of the teaching and non-teaching personnel. “If we do not improve their salary compensation, our faculty members will be convinced to leave but if we continue to increase the tuition fees, it will be the students who will be convinced to leave so there’s a need to balance everything,” Father President added. Human Resource Department and Development (HRDD) Head Rev. Fr. Rogelio Bag-ao, SVD supported the latter’s statement, “There is really a need to review and revise our salary scale but it will still be difficult to cope up with the rates given by government agencies.” He also stated that there is a plan to slightly increase the basic salary and greatly enhance other employee benefits. Moreover, the school is organizing competencies among employees and establishing a clear faculty career path through requiring and supporting faculty members to pursue a post-graduate degree as per CHED mandate. “It will not assure us that we will certainly maintain our entire faculty so we must reckon the fact that there will be some who will leave the institution but

still, I believe that our faculty members are committed people,” Fr. Bag-ao concluded. Notable PAASCU Commendations According to the official report prepared by the Resurvey team, the DWCL has implemented almost all previous survey recommendations and received a favorable rating after the resurvey visit. The report revealed commendations on the community involvement projects of the institution including the Free Secondary Distance Education Program (FSDEP) for out of school youth and the One-Peso Campaign Project which has promoted improvement in DWCL’s partner communities. The report also mentioned that the school’s spacious and fully air-conditioned library was noteworthy. The newly constructed swimming pool was highly lauded. In the area of faculty and instruction, the team praised the offering of the 18unit Certificate of Teaching to nonEducation teachers in preparation for the implementation of K-12. The significant increase in the number of faculty with postgraduate degrees in the Business Education program was also praised. The PAASCU re-accreditation grant serves as recognition and appreciation of the continuous work of the school in improving its standards. Meanwhile, the Level I status of the HM program signifies that PAASCU recognizes and appreciates the fine caliber of instruction in the institution. Based on the Formal Survey team’s report, PAASCU lauded the hiring of an in-house well-qualified chef to handle culinary subjects and activities. The local and international linkages of the HM program and the functional Diner’s Café are also considered as best features of the

institution. It is also to be noted that the new Vision, Mission and Goal (VMG) is made public this semester. This has been part of the considerations in the inspection of the area of philosophy and objectives. Still on its way After HM program’s accreditation for level 1, the institution is now preparing for the initial accreditation of the Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT) programs. “The institutional self-survey is done for the CSIT programs and upon submission of the accomplished self-survey forms we will be requesting for a Formal Survey Visit from PAASCU,” Napay explained. As of the moment, there is no application for accreditation of the Engineering programs due to the difficulty in meeting the requirements in the instruction area for board courses because of the need to maintain the school passing rate. With the same reason, the Accountancy program was not able to apply for Level 2 reaccreditation. “There is a possibility that we might apply for accreditation in other agencies recognized by the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines (FAAP) that specializes in engineering programs,” she added. Furthermore, the school also needs to apply for the accreditation of the Graduate School program. In conclusion, Father President expressed gratefulness for the positive results of the latest accreditation, “This was a concerted effort of all school personnel especially the faculty; quality education is not really about the facilities, it’s about what is happening inside the classroom and our good professors play a big role in that area.” (by Norlie Garbida)

Enrolment rate dips 5%; Mktg Dep’t boosts strategies

In response to the 5.11percent decrease in the college enrolment, the Divine Word College of Legazpi (DWCL)Marketing Department is set to implement more aggressive marketing strategies.

As per college registrar record, there are 2819 students enrolled in the first semester this academic year. This is 152 enrollees lower than the records during the same period for the last academic year. In an interview, Marketing Department Head Eymard Kallos, cited stiff competition

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and decrease in demand of some courses offered by the DWCL as the reasons for the decline in enrolment, “Our market share has become smaller because what we are offering is no longer different from what the other schools are offering.” To cope up with this decline, Kallos stated that the department will be intensifying its strategies through rebranding. He explained that the school needs to create a new identity in order to differentiate itself from other schools.

Furthermore, he added that the school also needs to reconsider its admission policies, noting that first impression is the single most influential factor affecting enrolment. “Marketing is a shared responsibility,. Everyone should market. Everyone should recruit,” Kallos concluded. At present, the Marketing Office conducts campus visits and campus tours. (by Norlie Garbida)

Photo| Marius Patrick Encenarial

Albayanos dissent smoking, Human logo crafts world record


humping the landmark ordinance launched in November 2012 prohibiting smoking in all Albay public places, 13,892 Albayanos gathered on June 28 to shape the biggest human nosmoking sign,as an attempt to bag a Guinness record. In line with the Palace Declaration of June as a No Smoking Month, the Albayanos wore red, black and white hoodie jackets with the logo. On the same day, Gov. Joey Salceda signed the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the Albay Smoke-Free Ordinance which shall take effect in towns that have not passed yet the ordinance. As of press time, only five out of the 18 local government units have implemented the said ordinance. These are the cities of Legazpi, Tabaco, and Ligao, and towns of Daraga and Guinobatan. Included in the no-smoking ordinance are the total smoking ban in enclosed places and selected public places, restriction of the sale of cigarettes to and by minors, and compliance with the nationwide advertising ban on tobacco products. Moreover, the ordinance in Legazpi City has also covered public utility vehicles. On the day of the activity, the Philippine Air Force Tactical Operations Group V was in-charge of the documentation. On June 30, the World Record

Academy, in its official website declared that Albay has set the new world record for the largest human ‘no smoking’ sign. Meanwhile, as of press time, the attempt to be part of the Guinness Book of World Record is still up for confirmation. Salceda said that he is confident that Albay will get the record. The attempt of being part of the Guinness started in May when the Guinness staff sent the province an invitation to vie for the world record for the biggest human logo (referring to any logo). Any attempt should gather at least 34,000 persons. The Smoke-Free Albay Network (SFAN) formed by Salceda advised the search committee that the province will enter into a human no-smoking logo. Based on filed reports, the Guinness decided to make it into a separate category. Tobaccocontrol being a worldwide advocacy with Philippines as one of the 176 signatory countries in the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control has prompted the contest for the largest human no-smoking logo to be born. The minimum requirement for an entry is 250 persons. “Because we did not avail of the services of the Guinness World Records documentors, we just complied with the guidelines that they gave us so that they would consider our attempt for their

evaluation,” Borja stated in the Philippine Star report. Web reports also accounted that the news of Albay contending for Guinness has reached the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). “NASA is highly considering it based on information relayed to us by an official source,” SFAN Head and Provincial Board Member Herbert Borja shared. Prior to this world record attempt, opposition to tobacco has already been led by City Mayor Noel Rosal who is known for not smoking. Rosal is also acknowledged as the one who notifies store owners to take down signages showing cigarette brands. He was also noted for declining the Php 500,000 offer from a tobacco firm representative for the projects of the latter. Salceda also expressed, “By making the world’s largest no smoking sign, we hope that other provinces and the rest of the world would join hands in making our place a smoke-free planet for the future generation.” The human no-smoking logo is not the first attempt of the province to set a world record. Guinness World Records has recognized Bert Gonazales from Camalig, Albay in 2000 as the ‘Sili King of the World’ after eating 167 chili during the 1999 Magayon Festival. (by Baby Lyn Morota)

The Channel Conquer to seek. Dare to speak.


Research programs beefed up

Edgardo Besmonte, MA and Shannah Marie Montales presented the research studies entitled Santiguar: An Indigenous Healing Practice and Its Implications to Folks’ Health-Seeking Behaviors and Self-Care Practices and Motivating Students to Perform Writing Tasks through the Multiple Intelligence Approach, respectively.

Research Showcase. Imelda Barce, Ph. D. gives a comprehensive discussion on the gravity of absenteeism of Divinians, its causes and effects, and its implications in the performance of the students and of the DWCL. Photo by Gemma Ray Naz

IN PURSUIT OF promoting awareness among its stakeholders, the Divine Word College of Legazpi (DWCL) Research and Planning Office conducted a research dissemination at the

Audio Visual Hall on July 1. The activity attended by the DWCL administrators, faculty members, and students featured research works of Divinian professionals.

Bio thrives on TOSP

Meanwhile, Imelda Barce, Ph. D with Nora Gallano, MA and John Kenneth Trinidad also presented their DWCL-related studies, to wit: Absenteeism: The Case of Divine Word College of Legazpi Students and DWCL Student Enrollment Trends: Analytical Views and Forecasts, respectively. Bicol University professor Flor Jenkin and Dr. Amparo

With her outstanding academic and extra-curricular performance, Janine Bio was recognized as one of the regional finalists in the Search for Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP) 2013 on May 21 at the Mariners’ Polytechnic College Foundation, Rawis, Legazpi City. Bio is a cum laude graduate of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and the former External Vice Chairperson of the College Student Executive Board. She was also awarded

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Conquer to seek. Dare to speak.

According to her, she did not make it to the final round because she was not prepared during that time.

“We encourage the DWCL faculty to do research. This is in support to the Commission on Higher Education requirement for all Higher Education Institutions to be research institutions,” Research and Planning Director Dr. Mutya Paulino said. (by Jeric Bigueras)

Psychology Program Head was granted licensure after having amassed the necessary academic

The TOSP is considered as the most exceptional award for young role models of the country.


The DWCL Pres. Rev. Fr. Crispin Cordero, SVD expressed the importance of research in promoting growth and progress. He envisions the institution to have strong research programs. He also guaranteed the support of the administration for future research endeavors.

Clemeña earns outright licensure

4th placer in the Search for Ten Outstanding Students of Bicol 2013.

“Being part of the TOSP regional finals was a one great experience because at the last stage of my college life, I received recognition beyond my expectation,” Bio stated.

Dado Binamira of Aquinas University of Legazpi shared their points of view as reactors in the said affair.

requirements and satisfactory years of professionals practice. As provided in the Republic Act 10029 (Psychology Act of 2009), a person who possesses Dr.








to take the examination for

Clemeña took part in the

registration as a psychologist


may be registered without




she professed her oath as a



during the First Oath Taking

“It gets tougher as we move forward to the next stage of screening process,” she added.

Ceremonies for the Pioneering

The TOSP is annual event designed to honor the outstanding students of the nation who have personified academic excellence, exemplary leadership, and deep sense of social responsibility, anchored on good moral values. (by Conrado Gamboa III)

Without Examination at Luzon

Batch of Psychologists and Psychometricians


Ballroom, Sofitel Philippine Plaza, CCP Complex, Pasay City on July 19. Clemeña, the Divine Word College of Legazpi(DWCL)Bachelor








marked the full recognition of 207 psychologists and 193 pychometricians



professionals in the country. Before working with the DWCL, Clemeña is the former president of the Psychological Association of the Philippines, the



Organization of Psychologists.

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HM studes set off overseas abroad.

Globally competitive. Fortunate DWCL HM students show off their skills and learnings while accumulating experiences abroad. Contributed photo

Welcome aboard! Venturing in foreign countries to take on the next level for academic excellence, 32 Hospitality Management (HM) students traveled abroad through the Asian Tour Travel and United States (US) Work and Travel program on January and March, respectively. The first 11 Divinians left the country on March 5 with the Work and Travel Abroad Program in the United States (US). They were assigned in the states of Florida and

Virginia. They returned to the country on July 10. To be part of the program, they underwent a series of process which considered grades, class standing and their performance. The accredited agencies also conducted interview to assess their personality and capacity to participate in the said program. Each Divinian in the said program approximately spent P 130, 000 including application, processing, visa, tickets, and accommodation

mature persons; they have instilled in them the value of competence, responsibility and independence that they can leave already outside the protection of their parents.”

Their signed contracts stated provisions on activities to be performed in relation to their fields as housekeeping, food service, front office and resort personnel. It was also stipulated in the contract that for every work they perform a corresponding salary will be earned.

Ong also discussed that the work and travel abroad program is not only open for the HM department but is also available to different programs offered in the institution.

“The priceless experience was great and rewarding. It was a good feeling to experience that you are already earning your own money. Now, I realize how difficult it is to be separated from your own family and how important every single cent of money is,” an HM student stated when asked how the experience in working abroad was.

Meanwhile, the remaining 21 students had their Asian Tour on January 29 to February 5 in Thailand in which they earned hour credits for their on-the-job training.. “The tour was intended for the additional exposure and cultural exchange program of the students. It also aims to let the students appreciate their profession outside the nation,” Ong stated. (by Conrado Gamboa III)

HM Program Head Vicky Ong noticed the positive changes among the students who undertook the said program, “I see them now as

Admin, emloyees bolster connection

Clemeña earns...from page 8

She has also authored several Psychology books,









Organization (UNESCO) consultant for Asia, has edited journals and has served

Reco Tour pic

as resource speaker/lecturer within the country and abroad. Clemeña received her Doctor in Philosophy





University of Minnesota and obtained her Master of Science in Guidance One in faith. DWCL administrators and personnel boost their spirituality and camaraderie in the Recollection Tour. Contributed Photo

Strengthening their spiritual fiber, 89 employees and four Divine Word College of Legazpi (DWCL) administrators set out for a recollection tour on April 27-30 at Oriental and Occidental Mindoro. “The real emphasis of this Reco-Tour (Recollection-Tour) is the development of the spiritual journey as pilgrimage, hoping to achieve a strong bonding between employees and administrators,” College Chaplain Rev. Fr. Eduardo Bongais, SVD

explained. Dubbed as “Retracting the Roots,” they explored Rio Tuba wherein they met Bishop Palong and dropped by two SVD parishes. The retreatants also visited Divine Word College of San Jose (DWC-San Jose). Rev. Fr. Glenn Paul Gomez, SVD, DWCSan Jose president shared programs and exchanged presentations with the DWCL President, Rev. Fr. Crispin Cordero, SVD. (by Mark Eljohn Occidental)

and Counseling from the De La Salle University(DLSU), Manila where she was conferred Professor Emeritus. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree both in Liberal Arts and Education as magna cum laude from the St. Scholastica’s College Manila. Clemeña is the first and only licensed psychologist in the DWCL and in Albay. (by Geronimo Conmigo)

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Ms DWCL’13 to vie for newscasting title

MPC shapes coop for studes


ringing cooperative closer to students, the Divine Word College of Legazpi -Multipurpose Purpose Cooperative (DWCL-MPC) Laboratory Cooperative will soon commence this semester. “The Laboratory Cooperative will be beneficial to students because this will primarily teach them the essence of savings,” Accounting Officer and Board of Directors (BOD) Laboratory Cooperative In-charge Rosanne Zenit said.

School Patroller Beauty. After conquering the crown of Ms. DWCL ‘13, Preciosa Mae Brizuela shows-off her newscasting skills during the school elimination round of the 2nd ABS-CBN Regional Inter-School Newscasting Competition. Photo by Baby Lyn Morota


mbodying grace under pressure, reigning Ms. Divine Word College of Legazpi (DWCL) Preciosa Mae Brizuela, is set to compete in the 2nd ABSCBN Regional Inter-School Newscasting Competition in Naga City on August 24. After being selected as one of the representatives from the College of Education, Brizuela notched the 1st place in the school elimination round on July 22 at the Audio-Visual Hall which made her the official representative of DWCL in the upcoming regional competition.

The judges for the elimination round included Student Affairs Office Director Allan Albaytar, Human Resource Department and Development Head Rev. Fr. Rogelio Bag-ao, SVD and ABS-CBN News Head for Southern Luzon Aireen Perol-Jaymalin. This was in line with the news casting competition mechanics which requires a minimum of three judges in all competition. For the school elimination, two will be provided by the school and one from ABSCBN.

Emerging supreme among 14 contestants, she garnered the highest rating of 89.19 per cent, followed by Nicole Dominique Viterbo, from the College of Business Education, with 88.66 percent and Sthefanny Dianne Marollano also from COE with 88.76 percent.

Accordingly, the participants were tasked to deliver newscasts in English, Filipino and Bicol and were judged based on the following criteria: Delivery (35%), Pronunciation/Diction (30%), Voice Quality (15%), Appearance on Camera (15%), and Over-all Impact (5%).

“Winning in the elimination round is such a big honor for me considering that I will be representing the school in the regional contest,” she expressed.

Champions of participating schools shall be the official School Patrol Reporter of ABS-CBN TV PATROL Bicol for this school year. All the finalists will have a live newscast over TVP Bicol/Marhay na Aga Kapamilya to be scheduled by the ABS-CBN. Their performance during the newscast will constitute 25 per cent of the final score. The remaining 75 percent of their total score will come from their live performance during the finals.

Brizuela will be the second Divinian to contend in the said competition following the successful feat by Joseph Advincula who garnered the 2nd place last year. “It is quite a big pressure for me but I will give my very best to win. Actually, to prepare for the competition, I asked Kuya [Joseph Advincula] to give me important pointers on newscasting,” she remarked. She added that her experience as a member of the Radio Club and Radio Broadcasting team during high school will also greatly help her in the competition.

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Conquer to seek. Dare to speak.

Now on its second year, the Inter-School News Casting Competition continues to provide good exposure and training ground for students from the 12 participating schools from the provinces of Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Sorsogon, and Albay who are considering a career in broadcasting. (by Norlie Garbida)

The Lab Coop will serve as training ground for students’ membership in regular cooperative, engage in lending activities and mobilization among members, and teach the value of thrift. Meanwhile, the students who will become members of the said cooperative will be entitled to make loans depending on their savings. They will also elect their own officers, BOD, and different committees who will ensure that the Lab Coop function effectively and efficiently. The membership in the said cooperative will be initially opened to DWCL students enrolled in Economics 1 whose ages are 18 and below. The students who want to apply for membership must attend the Premembership Education Seminar and submit the Certificate of Attendance together with the written consent of parents or guardian and a corresponding membership fee. The schedule of the Pre-membership Education Seminar will be announced at a later date. (by Jeric Bigueras)


4 out of 100 Divinians are in favor of changing the name Philippines to “Filipinas’

53 out of 100 Divinians are in favor of Albay Electric (ALECO) privatization.

Stepping up

DWCL upholds changes

Students’ Venue for Discussions. The newly constructed SVD Lounge proves to be an ideal workplace and study area for all Divinians. Photo by Gemma Ray Naz


eared to uphold its thrusts and meet students’ demands, the institution has integrated various modifications starting this academic year. Umbrellas pave way for SVD lounge No more umbrellas! Continuing its pursuit for academic excellence, the Divine Word College of Legazpi quadrangle has undergone an infrastructure transformation as its former-umbrella line was turned into a student study lounge. “I am glad to have this newlyconstructed lounge because when it rains, we do not have to move out and look for another place to study,” a BS Psychology student shared. According to Vice President for Administration Rev. Fr. Elmer Flores, SVD, the idea of coming up with renovating the old umbrella lounge into a study lounge is from the observation that most of the boarding houses near the school have no place for study activity for Divinians. The project commenced on May from the visit of DWCL Pres. Rev. Fr. Crispin Cordero, SVD and Vice President for Finance Rev. Fr. Alejandro Gobenciong, SVD in China on September 2012 wherein they appreciated such facility and planned to adapt it. Further, Father Cordero, SVD headed the ceremonial blessing of the lounge and the water fountain on July 16. The official name of the lounge was also unveiled. College Student Executive Board Secretary General Diane Nipa’s

Students’ Venue for Discussions (SVD) Lounge seized the grand prize for the name making contest. Nipa received a cash prize of P 1, 000.00. “Actually, students can stay even late at night here in the campus [at the SVD lounge] with lights on and ventilation” said Cordero during the blessings. Bachelor of Elementary Education 2 student Shie Tolosa shared that they finish their home works and other school works in the SVD lounge especially when there is a need to finish something by group or with friends. The real meaning of SVD is Societas Verbi Divini which refers to the missionary works of the Divine Word. New vision, mission, and goal In response to the demands of the present time, an updated and more realistic Vision, Mission and Goal (VMG) was introduced on June during the General orientation program. The new vision statement directs Divine Word College of Legazpi to becoming a service-oriented Catholic Educational institution. On the other hand, the mission statement sets the school as provider of quality education and service while pursuing a culture of excellence towards holistic human development. Shifting the institution’s goal to becoming a university, the school now aims to become a Center for Development and/or achieve Level 3 status in all program levels. Changes on the school’s philosophy and objectives were the result of deliberations made on how the college was performing as far as its former

goals were concerned. The revised VMG was the basis for the formulation and articulation of the Strategic Plan. New Policies on No Grade (NG) rating, Contesting of Grades, and Special exams Goodbye temporary NG! Altering instructional traditions, the new policies approved by the DWCL Board of Trustees on May 23 mandates that failure to take the final exam and/or complete the necessary academic requirements and insufficient scholastic performance to merit a passing grade will result to a permanent grade of No Grade (NG) or No Credit (NC). To earn credit, the students will have to retake the subject. However, if the student fails to meet the examination due to excusable reasons, he/she could earn an incomplete mark (INC) which should be complied within the following semester not exceeding one academic year. In an interview, DWCL President Rev. Fr. Crispin Cordero, SVD explained that the change was merely a needed correction to the existing school policies, “When you say NG, it means that it is a permanent grade. It has been the practice in our institution for NG ratings to be changeable.” Furthermore, in support of the examination permit policy of the school, additional guidelines have also been approved in taking special examinations. Students who fail to take the examination on a regular schedule for no valid reason will be subject to a special examination fee. The student is also required to file a formal application in the office of the respective college dean stating the reason for not taking the exam on the designated schedule. The new set of approved policies also includes provisions on the contesting of grades. Students who believe that they have been unfairly rated by their instructor can now file a request to the college dean who would determine its merit. The instructor involved must then resolve the issue within 15 days. New Course Offering and General Education subjects Adding to the roster of General Education (GE) subjects provided by the College of Arts and Sciences, aside from the Civil Welfare and Training Service (CWTS), the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) and Literacy Training Service (LTS) programs can now be taken up by students who are required to complete a National Service Training Program (NSTP) component of their choice. turn to page 14

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Baltazar nurses Legazpeños as city councilor F

ostering the Legazpi City with six years of public service as an ex-officio member of Sangguniang Panglungsod, Vicente Baltazar III now sits as a city councilor after seizing the top post last May 2013 elections with 45,511 votes. Baltazar is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the Divine Word College of Legazpi (DWCL) in 2010 and a recipient of Service Award. Modeling the topnotch Before becoming an elected city councilor, Baltazar has been in the service for six years as the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) Chairman and Barangay Chairman of Brgy. 13, Ilawod West, Old Albay District, Legazpi City. His father, Santiago Baltazar, has been active in politics as a Barangay Chairman, but this 22-year-old Divinian revealed in 2007 that he did not have plans to follow his father’s footsteps. “Supposedly, it was my brother [Deo Stephen Michael Baltazar] who would run for SK Chairman. Because of age, I was the one qualified to file for candidacy and eventually got the spot. Since then, I have been attached to public service,” Baltazar shared.


Consequently, he was endorsed by the City Mayor Noel Rosal to vie for Legazpi City SK Federation President. After bagging 44 out of 70 votes, he served as an Ex-Officio City Councilor in the same term holding the committees on Youth and Development, Environmental Protection, and Health and Sanitation. Since the start of his political career, Baltazar has been open with his advocacy against drug abuse. His projects relating to Anti-Drug Campaigns in coordination with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency were notable. As the SK Federation President, he moved around the 70 barangays and personally handled the feeding programs, “I feel happy when I see the smiles in the faces of the children whenever we get to fill their stomachs. Most of the time, they would say that they have not had a taste of the food before.” During his term, his openness and determination made the First Regional Youth Congress possible amidst some issues. This was in partnership with his college Alma Mater. As a young leader who is armed with experience and a great personality, Baltazar ran as a Barangay Chairman in 2010. At the age of 20, he was given trust by his constituents and was elected for the position. “The other candidate that time was almost twice my age. He was already a veteran in politics. I think the people don’t want traditional politicians anymore,” Baltazar responded when asked about his win. In addition, he admitted that being an SK Chairman is far from being a Barangay Chairman, “Yes, there are times that I will hear a knock in the middle of the night. But that is part of being a public servant. At this point also, I don’t have to just focus on the youth sector. I am also involved in the three branches of government – legislative, executive, and judiciary.” According to Baltazar, when there are amicable settlements, he makes sure to handle them. He stressed that he tries to resolve it without the Lupon first. In his terms, he shared that there are no crucial issues. “I have to make firm decisions,” he emphasized. Aside from the amicable settlements and infrastructure projects including the restoration of the drainage system and flooring elevation, he gave emphasis on his legacy of uniting the people in Barangay 13 towards progress. While holding the post as an ex-officio member, he took the seat in the council as an ex-officio city councilor for the second time when he succeeded Joseph Philip Lee as the Association of Barangay Captains (ABC) President, after the latter has been elected as the Provincial ABC President. He was assigned as the head of the Committee on Barangay Affairs. After succeeding the seat, he proposed the adaptation of the Project of 1-Liter of Light through a resolution which was proven to be beneficial.

Photos| Vicente Baltazar III

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“We collect 1-Liter Coke bottles and make a salt solution. We then put this bottled solutions to the houses of our less fortunate brothers to light their homes. Every bottle generates almost 55 Watts,” Baltazar recounted.

Pursuing the nursing career Not known by many, Baltazar has already taken the licensure examination but did not succeed, “I did not have the focus then.” However, he expressed that he is not closing his doors to pursuing his nursing career. He said that being a registered nurse may not be for him as of this moment. Baltazar laughingly said, “Whenever we would have reunions, I feel a little bit sad that I am one of those few who do not hold yet a license.” However, his colleagues would tell him that he is already a councilor and that matters.

A servant, a leader, a DIVINIAN. Earning the trust of the Legazpeños, Councilor Vicente Baltazar III continues to carry out the mission he started out as a youth and unceasingly strives for a positive change in the city. Photo by Gemma Ray Naz

The youngest councilor’s chart After being elected as the topnotch city councilor, Baltazar’s promise of rendering public service to Legazpenos during his last speech as Barangay Chairman was already fulfilled much earlier than expected. During the inauguration of the elected Legazpi City officials on July 1, he was appointed to hold the committees of Finance and Appropriation and Social Legislation. He confessed that he had a hunch of winning because he was in the line-up of Rosal, “But I did not expect to get the top spot for the city councilors. Even rank 2, 3 or 5 is an overwhelming blessing. Maybe, the 30 percent voting population of the youth was a great help.” Baltazar is very thankful to all Legazpeños for the trust and confidence they have entrusted for a young public servant. He also stressed that as much as he can, he will live up to the expectations of the majority. “I will serve Legazpi City to help in its progress and as an investment of the young generation,” he concluded. Meanwhile, he is also considered as the youngest councilor during this term. It is still to be confirmed if he is the youngest in the city’s political history. Aside from being part of the council, Baltazar is also an active member of the Rotary Club of Legazpi, Junior Chamber International-Legazpi, Guardians International, and National Movement for Young Legislators. Leaving legacy The Divinian councilor discussed that his priority program would be the development of the Daycare programs in the barangays, “I do not like seeing or knowing that teachers in the daycare centers would not allow the children to practice “pagmamano.” He expressed that he wants to revitalize the Filipino culture of pagmamano and saying po and opo. He stressed that this may be a little act but this will bear a big impact. This advocacy of Baltazar is one of the proofs why many look up to him as the role model of the youth. In fact, he has been the standard of those serving as SK Chairmen and Councilors. He also shared that he saw in his father and Mayor Rosal who a public servant is and must be, “The personality and character are developed in our home with our family. It starts from there. And it is also what I consider to be the secret.” When asked of what the most fulfilling moment is as a public servant, his response was seeing the true life of the people and getting a chance to talk to different people every day. Baltazar conveyed how he wants to be remembered as a public servant. He wanted to leave a mark as someone who knows how to respect people and does not step on anyone.

But I tell myself that I am in public service. Still, my colleagues would tell me that I am already a councilor. Furthermore, this Divinian expressed that public service is his vocation. He may not be a licensed nurse but he is now nursing the Legazpenos as a councilor. “I can still do some nursing services while I am a councilor,” he said. When he was still a BS Nursing student, he used to participate in the immersions and outreach activities. This was the start of his awareness of the realities of life before entering politics and serving the people. Thoughts of a leader Baltazar, like any other young professional has his youthful acts. During free time, he plays basketball or computer games with his friends. “I am still a typical youth,” he remarked. Despite of all his achievements, his constituents agree with the fact that he remains humble. When asked about the awards he has received he said, “It [public service] is not about the award. It is about your everyday encounter: before going to sleep, you will reflect and see the things, even the little ones that you have done for others during the day. That is what makes a great leader.” This humble leader has been awarded by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency because of his programs supporting the Anti-Drug campaign. He also received the Mayoral Award as one of the Outstanding SK Federation Presidents and the Los Baños JCI International Youth Service Award. Whatever he has achieved, he said that it is because of discipline and respect, “It is the DWCL and my high school Alma Mater that taught me. I give special mention to the late Madam Cora Rebutica who has been my inspiration in my college years.” If there was one statement that Baltazar would always ponder on, these were Jesse Robredo’s words to him, “Dae ka nanggad magbago.” (by Baby Lyn Morota and Mark Eljohn Occidental) The Channel Conquer to seek. Dare to speak.


DWCL at the frontrow

JPIANs co-exist in nat’l, reg’l tilts

‘PH class more interactive’ say CH studes United States and Europe. Moreover, they emphasized that the quality of education in the Philippines is recognized in a global scale.

Proving Quality Education. Three Chinese visiting students from GZMU pursue their studies in DWCL to improve their proficiency in the English language. (From left) Zheng Jiang, Suo Fangdi, and Ding Yi. Photo by Gemma Ray Naz

DESPITE THE DIFFICULTIES brought by language barrier in communication, there is no stopping the Chinese students from commending the smooth student-teacher relationship within the classroom. Suo Fangdi (Sony), Zheng Jiang (Sian), and Ding Yi (Sisi), sophomore Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language major in English students at Guizhou Minzu University (GZMU) are immersed in Divine Word College of Legazpi (DWCL) for 10 months to enhance their English language competence and expose themselves to the Filipino culture. The three Chinese students emphasized that the most interesting feature in Philippine educational system is the lively interac-

tion among students and professors in the academe. “In our country, all we have to do is listen to our teacher while the class is going on. Discussing matters regarding the lessons with the teacher can only be done after class or if the teacher is available for consultation,” Sisi explained when asked about the usual way of how class lecture is done in their country. “We also enjoy attending our classes because the students and teachers are so kind and patient,” the three unanimously remarked. Aside from the compliment on classroom interaction, they expressed the awareness on the economic benefit brought by studying English in the country compared to the

Society of the Divine Word schools in the Philippines and China implemented the program enabling Chinese students taking up English courses to attend English subjects in the Philippines. The Divine Word College of Calapan (DWCC), sister school of DWCL, pioneered the program last 2011. A year after, DWCL started to accept Chinese students. To complete the tieup between DWCL and GZMU, DWCL President Rev. Fr. Crispin Cordero, SVD and Vice President for Academic Affairs Ricardo Francisco Miranda, SVD personally discussed the final arrangements with the GZMU’s administrators. Sisi, Sony, and Sian are among the seven AB Foreign Language students who passed the Association of Southeast Asian Nations China Cooperation Program. The other four are currently in DWCC. The program is now on its second year of implementation. (by Rodelyn Ogao and Khryza Lladoc)

With the theme “ACT Now! Accountability, Credibility, and Transparency,” a BS Accountancy student from the Divine Word College of Legazpi (DWCL) took part in the 6th National Accounting Quiz Showdown (NAQDOWN) at the Systems Plus College Foundation, Angeles City on July 14-15. Conrado Gamboa III represented the DWCL in the said event. With him is his coach, Caren Joy Reyes, CPA. The 6th NAQDOWN is a competition designed to test the accounting knowledge of the participants. It is one of the highlights in the celebration of the Accountancy Week of the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA). Meanwhile, nine students from the DWCL-Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants participated in the PICPACamarines Sur Chapter Accounting Quiz Bowl at the University of Northeastern Philippines, Iriga City on July 20. (by Conrado Gamboa III)

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Under RA 9163 or the National Service Training Program (NSTP) Act of 2001, the Civic Welfare Training Service is designed to provide students with activities contributory to the general welfare and betterment of life of the members of the community especially those developed to improve social welfare services. The ROTC program is designed to provide military training in order to motivate, train, organize and mobilize students for national defense preparedness. Meanwhile the LTS program is

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intended to train students to teach literacy and numeracy skills to children, out-of-school youth and other segments of the society in need of their service. Offering new certificate programs, the College of Engineering and Computer Studies (CoECS) opens the Associate in Computer Technology (ACT) program starting this school year. This is a two-year non-degree program that provides knowledge and skills in the fundamentals of computer programming and basic computation necessary for professional work in

information technology. New Administrators Joining the DWCL administrative community, Rev. Fr. Rogelio Bagao, SVD is the new Director of Human Resource and Development Department (HRDD). Father Bag-ao is formerly part of the Student Affairs Office of the Divine Word College of Calapan. This year, Ftr. Ryan Diňo is also designated as the new Assistant to the Vice President for Administration. (by Mark Eljohn Occidental and Norlie Garbida)

Text|Ma. Kristhel Lopez Creative Concept| Baby Lyn Morota & Jeric Bigueras Art Direction| Bradlee Futalan Photos| Gemma Ray Naz Special Thanks| Vicente Baltazar III ATV courtesy of Your Brother Travel & Tours


reath-taking landscapes crafted by solid rock formations, eye-catching relics of the lava hardened by time, invigorating lushes of the green growing on the mountains, revitalizing dashes of cold water to embrace the heat, a living paradise nesting within the Oragon province.

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! V T A


et your engines fuelled. Bring up the adrenaline rush within. Discover the trails to Mt. Mayon through Albay’s extraordinary ride—an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) adventure. ATV abroad draws closer to Mayon Large body covering the engines, pair of throttles waiting to be maneuvered, four wheels ready to traverse the terrains, and trembling sound of the engine echoing in the ears —all these and more brand the ATV. ATV is one of the most budding vehicles due to its popularity. Most of the time, it is associated to men because of its huge features. However, this men-used vehicle can now be enjoyed by all, regardless of gender to experience fun and exhilarating ride. From men venturing into out of the ordinary and breathtaking adventure up to the women rediscovering fun, excitement, and thrill, this vehicle offers a nerve-wracking action. Technically, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) defined ATV as a vehicle that travels on low-pressure tires with handle bars that are used by the operator for steering control. Before it established its brand in the Bicol Region, it has become the rage in foreign countries including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, parts of Canada, India, and United States to which it is referred to as four-wheeler. As its name implies, the all terrain vehicles are created for a variety of terrain adventures. Prior to being used for recreation and adventure, this vehicle is used widely in agriculture because of its speed and light footprint. Moreover, it is also employed on streets as a form of transportation. Now, the four-wheeler which continues to daze thousands of people overseas has been set to rediscover the trails to the majestic perfect-coned volcano. ATV is a perfect means of exploring the province’s wonders because its wheels are designed for all forms of land stretches making one steer even in the muddy and rocky courses of the scenery. No doubt, the adventure found through the ATV ride is contributing to Albay’s popularity in terms of recreational activities and escapades. The province’s tourism has

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demonstrated growth, evidenced by the number of local and foreign tourists visiting the province.

From starting line to the trails

With Albay’s topographic feature, the thrilling ATV adventure is packed with alluring scenery, boulder-strewn terrains, volcanic dirt land formations, flora and fauna sightseeing, refreshing wind, and hiking and farm-related bustles. Before turning ATV’s engine, safety precautions and rules must be observed and followed. All ATV service providers, such as Your Brother Travel and Tours, ensure the safety of all the explorers. Its rules define that the ATV ride is not a race but a tour on the foot of Mt. Mayon. One must be aware of the features of the ATV which include brakes, throttles, and ignition switch. Being familiar to such features is a must to prevent future driving problems throughout the adventure. Protective gears like helmet are also provided which are to be worn at all times along with the ATV guides who are also present to provide assistance and security among trekkers. Having been familiar to the dos and don’ts of the tour to Mt. Mayon, one can then enjoy the ATV in high spirits and full capacity. The perfect trails to Mt. Mayon are then ready to be discovered, unleashed, and conquered. The shortest ride of adventure is the 45-minute exploration of the ‘triangle’ from the ATV site in which one can see the lush vegetation and the striking culture of the people in the small villages and farms. The petite bodies of water that connect to the Yawa River add spice to the adventure as one passes through these springs and old lava rocks. From the galleys, one has to pass the Bonga Spillway and take entrance to the eight-kilometer danger zone and push the accelerator to heat up the engine and gear up to reach the Advance ATV Trail. This trail to the lava front is peculiar with different terrain encounters. Smooth ride must be savored in the smooth soil enveloped with green grasses before one ventures into a

darker area filled with resilient thick bamboos that serve as the entry to a small riverbank. After a little splash of water, one heats up the engine and grapples with the muddy and rocky terrain with water in between their spaces. Voila! After reaching the Base Camp one can see the Helipad resting on the place. Driving a little more will lead to the Camp 1 Summit where one has to park his ATV and start trekking adventure to reach the Summit Farm. This are offers an experience of the carabao sled which is the usual way of living of the residents within the danger zone. Speeding up the ATV a little farther will craft a view of the ATV Summit Trail which is 3-km away from the crater. After enjoying the scene created by the trails, one can trek to reach the Mayon Trek Summit where a view of the Mayon crater which is 8,000 feet above the sea level, awaits any adventurer. However, due to the recent condition of the volcano whose eruption cannot be pre-determined, all ATV adventurers are advised to set foot only until the Camp 1 Summit. No ATV adventurer is allowed to venture into the Summit Farm all the way to the crater.

Eye-catching vistas

ATV adventure is not just about the ride; the undertaking will also relish the adventurer to different activities that will definitely complete the adventure package. Giving the best control of the throttle to struggle against the rocky and muddy grounds adds up to the burning desire of traversing. Water splash extravaganza in surpassing the riverbeds and in contesting the curves of the terrain to reach the open gulley is truly revitalizing amidst the tropical setting. Supplementing the fun is the richness of flora and fauna in the vastness of green. To make the most of the adventure, why doesn’t one experience bird watching and carabao riding? This is also a prospect of escaping from busy city life as one breathes the fresh air of the rice farms in the 8-kilometer danger zone. Much more, the experience of a paradise-like

ambiance is jammed with the lush vegetation where coconut trees and wild pine trees grow. One must take a sip of buko and taste its coconut meat to feel the land’s tropicality. Stillness is really nowhere to be found as refreshing wind blows in the entirety of the fertile topography and the warm beams of the sun flickers on the vastness of the verdant panorama of the terrain. It gives one the feeling of living in a nature with bursts of colors that calms down the busy mind. Reaching the peak of the exploit, witnessing the 360-degree view of Mayon Volcano would take one’s breath away. From there, one would have a glimpse of the beauty of the City of Fun and Adventure. Exploring the sight, one’s eyes would be delighted with the view of the captivating Albay Gulf. After passing through the picturesque panoramic terrain, the up-close view of Mayon that gives a candid pose as she smiles to every adventurer, dispenses the exhaustion away.

The value of the ride

The escape from the daily routine is promising through the wide range of ATV selection. One can choose to ride a 1-seater 150cc ATV to indulge the historic magnificence. Meanwhile, sharing the elating feat with the land formations with someone else can be enjoyed by selecting a 2-seater 350cc or the 2-seater Dune Buggy. To make the feat livelier and fun, the 4-seater 4x4 jeep is available to enjoy the ride with friends. To maximize the encounter with the lava front, one should try to ride the flamboyant ATV – Toyota Hi-Lux 4x4. The price of the adventure may sound costly but the monetary amount one will spend is worthy of the rollercoaster adventure one will make a fuss of. Overcoming fear while having an ecstatic momentous experience is another reason to venture such activity. More than this, one can bond with families, friends, and special someone. Stories have disclosed that ATV has brought families, friends, and couples closer. The Channel Conquer to seek. Dare to speak.


“Ang saya-saya. Sulit ang bayad at pagpunta ko dito with friends (I am overjoyed. The money I have spent for the trip and this ride is worth it),” a girl trekker shares. She and her friends have come all the way from Quezon province to experience the thrilling ride and explore the tourist spots of Albay and Sorsogon. “This [ATV adventure] is worth it. Bring your friends and you’ll surely enjoy it,” she concludes.

National and international episodes

Although it is not the first ATV adventure in the country, riding the ATV to the bravura Mayon Volcano has echoed throughout the country making national and international celebrities probe the panorama. The sound of the roaring tires of ATV that seem to wrestle with the volcanic mud has not escaped the ears of High School Musical lead star Zac Efron. Thus, he became the first international artist to try the ride to the lava front when he took a trip to the country for a promotional visit. He expressed in an interview how he felt during the ride and revealed that this was one of the reasons for his comeback to the province. Who would have thought that aside from Zac’s visit in the area, the trail would also serve as the challenge for an international show? AXN’s Amazing Race – Asia Season 4 trail was designed by the ATV provider. This was aired in 2012 with Derek Ramsay as the host. Miss Universe 4th runner-up Venus Raj who is a Bicolana has also traversed the ATV trail with all her poise and elegance. The GMA beauty Nadine Samonte has also given the ride a try. Both beauties showcased courage in brawling with the vehicle to triumph over the trails of lava flow. The award-winning actor Aga Muhlach has also pressed the accelerator and controlled the breaks of the terrain vehicle. Moreover, the world-renowned boxer and Filipino Manny Pacquiao has boxed the vehicle without getting knocked off in his battle with the mud terrains. National television shows Pinoy Adventures and Kris TV have featured the ATV adventure. Richard Gutierrez who has been known to be adventurous with his trips in the Pinoy Adventures has showcased the beauty of the lava trail and the fun in riding the ATV. In Kris RealiTV, Queen of Talk Kris Aquino has managed to drive the four-wheeler and expressed her cool experience. “The ATV, I liked it, kasi I felt na balanced naman pero napagod ‘yung dito ko [pointing to the palms]. Pero kasi, when we went to Hawaii, nakita namin ‘yung mga volcanicvolcanic, pero itong sa atin, dun ko lang na-experience talaga, to be near where the lava fell; dadaan ka sa streams of water, tapos biglang aakyat ka, bababa ka. Masaya. In-enjoy ko siya.” (I liked the ATV. I felt that everything was in balance but my palms got worn-out. When we went to Hawii, we also witnessed the volcanic things but here in Albay it’s different. This is where I experienced to be really near where the lava flowed. You’ll pass through streams of water, then you’ll go

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up and then down. It’s fun. I enjoyed it.)” she shared with Yahoo News.

The ATV trail chronicle

Who would have thought that the life-threatening lavas would heighten the province’s tourism? What is known today as the ATV trail that doles out as alleyway to the majestic Mayon Volcano is the same trail that has taken away the life of hundreds of Albayanos. What is now the spot that brings ecstatic adventure is the same spot that has caused wrath in the hearts of the people. The trail which has killed almost 1,000 Albayanos in the course of mudslides and hazy volcanic ash which has enveloped a vast area of Padang is the same trail in which many have experienced the heart-throbbing ATV adventure. The works of nature is inevitable – catastrophe-caused land formations have turned into a tourist attraction. The Albayanos have at last been awakened from years of nightmare as fear is turned into the hustle of discovering the deepest beauty of the crater and exploring its mount. November’s last day has left a mark in the past of every Albayano who has witnessed the catastrophe. If the 1814 eruption has ruined the Cagsawa church and is now remembered through Cagsawa Ruins, the ferocity of typhoon Reming now have off pat through the ATV trail to Mayon Lava Front. Mayon Volano history can no longer just be recounted through the legend of Daragang Magayon and the record of Cagsawa Ruins – ATV adventure has set a new way of recounting the volcano’s chronicle.

Unravelling the lava front

The chronicle does not end in the land formations brought by Reming. The discovery of the lava front trail is the aftermath of the event as the experimental project of former City Councilor Cerilo ‘Celoy’ Chan and team has shaped up the trail through pointing out spots which are convenient and enjoyable for tourists and adventure-seekers. Chan and his team of Nigerians surveyed the area in 2007 trying to look for something to boost the tourism of the province. Way back, they only used one ATV but were able to enunciate the distinction of the trail as compared to other tourist spots in the locality. Discovering such, Chan started the adventure ride with one unit until it has now reached 82 units through his Your Brother Travel and Tours in Pawa, Legazpi City. This discovery was recounted by his son Cyrel Chan saying, “For tourism to grow larger in the city, my father looked for a site where the province will be known. They came up to this adventure where so far, it really helped a lot.” Cyrel adds that another motivation for coming up with the trail is the interaction with tourists which gives fun not just to the tourists but to the guides, as well. Yet, the Chans did not just unravel the lava trail because it has also engaged local persons to be guides in the adventure

Behind the revealed splendour of the Lava Front, is a break not just for Albay tourism and profit but more importantly, for the experience and way of living it has brought to the settlers in the area. as Cyrel puts emphasis on, “We give opportunities to the villagers to earn a living from this. They can be part of those who are collecting entrance fees. In addition to that, in case of need, we give them assistance such as goods and rice.” He also expressed that this is a way of giving back. The tour guide experience has also brought smiles to their faces as what was evident in Kuya Winnie’s statement, “Sa tagal ko na po dito, kuntento ako sa biyaya nito sa akin. Bukod sa kita, ang sarap sa pakiramdam na marami ang masaya habang nakasakay sa ATV. (I have been here [with Your Brother Travel and Tours] for a certain span of time. I am contented and blessed of what it has given me. More so, there is satisfaction when many are happy because of the ATV adventure.)” Kuya Winnie is considered to be the most veteran tour guide of Your Brother Travel and Tours because of his period of stay in the business. Behind the revealed splendour of the Lava Front, is a break not just for Albay tourism and profit but more importantly, for the experience and way of living it has brought to the settlers in the area. With the perched view of the breath-taking landscapes crafted by solid rock formations, eye catching relics of the lava hardened by time, invigorating lushes of the green growing on the mountains, revitalizing dashes of cold water embracing the heat, plus a living paradise nesting within the oragon province, Albay has drawn adventure into a higher and wider dimension. The Channel Conquer to seek. Dare to speak.



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Breathtaking. Serene. Magayon.


elcome to the land of Albayanos—the land that never stops to arouse the senses with the scenic vistas that boost the earth’s spirit. From the green woods covering the multiples of hills and mountains down to the vast azure waters resting in the gulf, the home of the oragons promises heaps of natural wonders, fun, and adventure. Home to the majestic Mayon Volcano, Misibis Bay Resort, and the Lignon Hill, this province spices up its terrains by unveiling its undiscovered treasures as Busay Falls is sprouting to be part of it. Unveiled beauty behind Comparable to the country’s well-famed Maria Cristina and Pagsanjan Falls, Busay Falls is hitting a spot in the eco-tourism. Nestled at the foot of Mayon, Busay Falls is strategically located at Barangay 1, Malilipot, Albay. Situated in the first district, the municipality lies between the two cities in the province. Taking a ride by land, the municipality is just 45 minutes away from Legazpi City and 10-15 minutes away from Tabaco City. Busay as the name Busay Falls implies, is an old Bicolano term which means spring or source of water. Being perched on a mountain, the old villagers in the area were used to refer to the mountain as Busay or Mt. Busay. Living near the hilly forest, families use the resources from the mountain to support their living. Evident among men, settlers go up to get food to eat and woods which are used as house-building materials, firewoods, and as source of income. Entering the Gates of Nature Busay Falls is quite distant from Malilipot’s urban area. The place has turn-out points which serve as landmarks to those persons who wish to experience the magnificence of the falls.

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On such landmarks, a row of padyaks parade alongside the roads awaiting tourists and travelers. Friendly and smiling drivers can take anyone to the entry point of the attraction for only Php 25 per person. Meanwhile, travelers who love adventure may also reach the gateways to Busay Falls by walking the two-kilometer road. Despite the tiring glide to the entry point, the trip offers an invigorating experience as green fields cool up the setting. The tranquility that is evident among humble abodes along the way adds up to the simplicity of living in the province. Walking the road is just the start of the adventure. After reaching the entrance of the Busay Falls, tourist guides are available to accompany travelers who yearn to hike the mountain and discover the amazing wonder of the Busay Falls. Tour guides are necessary especially when travelers are not familiar with the trails. “Dipisil na ang magtukad na warang kaibang guide ta baka mawara,” tour guide Kuya Jeffrey explained. He further states that barangay police like him are the ones tasked to act as tour guides to secure the safety of the explorers. Fun and adventure The natural features apparent in the place add up to any person’s excitement to conquer what the Busay Falls offers and to experience an adventure that is more fun and exhilarating. Unlike any other falls, Busay Falls is a seven-tiered falls; each falls has its own distinct beauty and attributes. To discover all falls, one must climb the mountain and endure all the strenuous challenges on the trails. The slippery path brought by muds and droplets of water fallen from the trees plus the rough and hard stones that dwell on the soil craft

the trek to be more challenging in scrambling to the top. The difficulty to reach and witness each falls gives more adventure to the journey. Despite the exhausting expedition, the feeling of having experienced and conquered the struggles on the way up put the fatigue away. The fresh air that blows within the nature’s sanctuary enlivens the spirit and freshens up the tired moods of trekkers. The green and tall trees growing in the arable mountains cast a perfect panoramic view of the wild. The various floras and faunas and the living organisms sheltered by the terrains prove the rich biodiversity of the area. With the attraction that amazes the eye, Busay Falls is considered to be one of the best daytrip destinations for both local and foreign tourists on weekends and most especially during the tropical summer months. Seizing the trail, one can witness the impeccable hidden wonder of the seven falls. The clear waters pour at different heights and through the different rock formations. The sound of the rushing waters toward the pool plays a natural music to the ears. The seven cascades of the Busay Falls cast perfect panoramic scenes that will definitely fit the four corners of any photographer’s work of art. Simple cottages are also built to accommodate families and other people who are discovering and rediscovering the area. Truly amazing Who would have thought that the simple municipality of Malilipot would offer this day’s one of the best tourist wonders? With the magnificent falls cascading from the top of the hushes to the vastness of the waters plus the exotic beauty nurtured within the mountains, Busay Falls is truly an amazing hidden wonder that still has to be discovered. The Channel Conquer to seek. Dare to speak.


Albay Cuisines


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Savory from Rarity to Innovation


ith its proximity to the world-famous Mayon Volcano, there is no doubt about the fertility of the earth in Albay. Its arable terrains grow a variety of floras which adds up to the rich ecological diversity—from the greens in the wild to the local fruits and vegetables thriving in the plains and mountains. Make your tongue crave; let your appetite savor the unique and luscious flavours. Indulge the Oragons’ bests! Ginataang Kurakding Who would have thought that a simple fungus will be served as a mouth-watering dish on plates? Considered to be one of the rare delicacies in Albay is the Ginataang Kurakding. Kurakding is an unusual fungus that sprouts on trunks and branches of decaying trees. It grows and spreads in small sizes. Its sensitive adaptability makes it difficult to grow. Right amount of heat and humidity boost its capacity to produce profusely. This fungus derives its name from the process of harvesting it from its host, kurot. Traditionally, the method of harvesting it is the old-fashion way of using fingers for pricking. The combination of different ingredients such as onion, garlic, and pepper creamed with the Bicol’s most used ingredient, coconut milk, flavors this dish. Spicing it up with the province’s siling labuyo makes it truly Albayano. The popularity of the cuisine even reached media when it was featured in a national television

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The creation of different foods will always be in the heart of a Bicolano and stopping will never be an option.

show. This dish originated from the town of Oas is not known to many because the availability of its main ingredient is very infrequent. Longganisa Guinobatan Hitting a spot in food tourism, the longganisa in Guinobatan is starting to make a name as one of Albay’s finest local cuisines. Longganisa Guinobatan, like the other available longganisa in the market, is a highly minced pork meat usually filled in casings of prepared pork intestine. It’s unique taste that boosts one’s appetite makes it exceptional. With its delectable taste combined with its refined quality, there’s no wonder that it has already established its name in a wider scale. Numerous awards and recognitions were given to the product for its recipe and quality packaging. Recently, it was awarded as one of the recipients of Albay’s Best Products. Aside from this, Longganisa Festival is being observed in Guinobatan to pay tribute to the product that has brought positive economic impact to the town. Sili Ice Cream The tongue of the people has been accustomed to dishes that can be found in every corner, and is now seeking for other ways in putting the spicy antic into other flavorful presentation. Thus an idea came out as one of the province’s popular restaurants offered their sili ice cream. This mouth-watering dessert is made from the fresh crushed Siling Labuyo found in the fields of the region. It is combined with the common ingredients for making homemade ice cream- sugar, egg yolk, and cream. This delight’s sweet, creamy, and cold taste that kicks inside the mouth and lingers its taste in the tongue makes this dessert well-liked. It’s not only the chill that lasts in the taste buds but the playful fusion of the dessert and the hot condiment. Siling labuyo locally termed as lada, is commonly found in the Bicol region and used to add spicy flavor to dishes. It is the primary ingredient that provides distinct spice to some Bicolano cuisines. The spice, dubbed as one of the hottest chili in the Guinness Book of World Records, has a very sharp taste which arguably gives a zing to menus being served and gives burst to the tongue, thus becoming ideal to use as a condiment. Siling labuyo is not only used to add flavour of spice on the dishes, but it is also used as a local therapy to fight arthritis, rheumatism, dyspepsia, flatulence and toothache. With the presence of carotenoids and phenolic acids in the fruit and leaves of the siling labuyo, these phytochemicals are naturally- occurring

compounds which acts as an anti-oxidants capable of metabolizing free radicals in the body that can cause cell death. Creation to Innovation Albayanos never fail to continue discovering variations in its cuisines to give new flavor and presentation to one’s homes dish.. From creation to innovation, Albayanos will always keep its fire burning to offer the best foods it boasts to the world. . The Channel Conquer to seek. Dare to speak.



ide spreading cases involving verbal and physical abuses to overworked and unpaid household helpers that have been flooding print, broadcast, and social media prompted Pres. Benigno Aquino III to sign into law the Senate Bill No. 78 and House Bill No. 6144, thus making it to Republic Act 10361, otherwise known as ‘Domestic Workers Act’ or ‘Batas Kasambahay’ on January 18.

of house helpers. It took 19 years to finally enact another law which is RA 10361 amending this act.

Authored by Sen. Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada and Northern Samar 2nd District Rep. Emil Ong, the Kasambahay Law aims to neutralize the difficulties of the millions of house helpers nationwide by setting up comprehensive measures addressing several cases of their employment. This set of actions includes mandated benefits, occupational standards, and a minimum wage.

Aside from the wage increase, household helpers are now entitled to mandatory benefits like the Social Security System, PhilHealth, and Pag-ibig contributions.

Further, said law is enacted to establish grounds for safeguarding and promoting the rights and welfare of the domestic workers or kasambahay and to professionalize house helpers which comprise a significant percentage of the work force in the country. Domestic ‘sweat shops’ no more

The new law sets P 2,500.00, P 2,000.00, and P 1,500.00 as the monthly minimum wage for National Capital Region, cities and 1st class municipalities, and other municipalities, respectively. However, employers who already pay above the monthly minimum wage rate can no longer reduce it.

In relation to this provision, reports reveal that the increase in wage rate correspondingly decrease the

Good as a gift

Law to end Kasambahays' nigthmares Text| Rodelyn Ogao Graphics| Nicco Alfad

While a number of less fortunate Filipinos who even at their unemployable age and unjust working hours try to earn little penny just to make a living, there are some of the approximately two million local kasambahay who are countryside out-of-school youths who hope of going back to school again in exchange for rendering housekeeping services. With the implementation of the Batas Kasambahay, employers are now obliged to provide their house helpers who are willing to pursue education with financial support. Employers are also prohibited to employ house help applicants if they are below 15 years old. Those employers who have been employing or will just employ house helpers are also mandated by the law to register their house helpers in the Registry of Domestic Workers at their respective barangays. House helpers are also encouraged to undergo competency assessment and get certification from Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). However, it was provided further by the law that this competency assessment is not a requirement. In her statement, Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said that the competency assessment and TESDA certification is a way for the society to recognize domestic house helpers as professionals. Optimistic remuneration It was in 1994 when RA 7655 was passed-the last legislation increasing the minimum wage


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number of house help employers. It is also noted that more house help employers are middle-wage earners who consider these mandatory benefits additional monthly expenses. These contributions will be paid by the employer if he pays a salary of less than P 5,000.00 and will be shared equally by the employer and the house helper if the former pays more than P 5,000.00. For employers, time is also of the essence. They know for a fact that paying these contributions will take much of their time due to long lines and bureaucratic procedures of the government agencies collecting these contributions. To address this public inconvenience, the DOLE suggested that those collecting agencies shall put up a “one-stop shop” where employers can pay mandatory contributions for their house helpers. Two-sidedly safeguarded One principle that Senator Estrada emphasized when he expressed his gratitude to PNoy is that the cases of abuse and crimes perpetrated by house helpers have become rampant for the past years because of the reality that turn to page 27


ime and distance, arguably regarded as information neutralizers, become worries no more as the Philippines’ first online science and technology (SciTech) library came into existence.

Geared towards bringing the latest and quality SciTech knowledge, Philippine government arm, Department of Science and Technology – Science and Technology Information Institute (DOST-STII) came up with the latest innovation in the fields of education, science, and entrepreneurship. The readily accessible one-stop shop science-related and livelihood information, STARBOOKS which stands for Science and Technology Academic and Research-Based Openly Operated Kiosk Stations creation doles out information access portals in selected areas across the nation. Other than local government units, non–government organizations, and private organizations, the Divine Word College of Legazpi (DWCL), an educational institution qualified to avail of this electronic library. The DWCL is the first and only institution to avail of the said information system in the province (aside from the DOST Region V Office). DWCL and STARBOOKS

SciTech at hand

Windows 7 Starter OEM license, and Network HUB and cables.

stars Divinian community

incurred a total expense of Php 14, 000.

Including installation and DOST STARBOOKS courier costs, the DWCL

Upon the administration receipt of the DOST’s invitation to avail STARBBOKS and the affirmative decision of the Chief Librarian Jennifer Blacer, RL, MLS, the DWCL considered the acquisition of two units on December 2012.This was no more than a month after a seminar was conducted on Nov. 28, 2012 to interested stakeholders in Albay. On January 2013, the DWCL and DOST signed the Memorandum of Understanding. It was in February 2013 when the installation process was completed. However, due to some technical failures, the STARBOOKS became fully functional only after almost six months of making it available for operations. The DOST provided the data stores and software. Orientation and installation of software, and server are free. The DOST specialists shall perform any system updates available.

Text| Geronimo Conmigo Photos| Gemma Ray Naz

The DWCL, through the office of the college chief librarian, shall regularly submit usage report for two consecutive months starting July 10 to DOST for monitoring purposes. All-in-one purpose Consistent with the DOSTSTII aim of providing Filipinos with significant and timely SciTech information, the STARBBOOKS is also designed to create interest in the field of science and technology which may increase the number of Filipinos enrolling in science and technology courses. “Although the DWCL has only few science courses, it doesn’t mean that the availability of STARBOOKS will be ineffective,” Blacer qualified when ask about the necessity of acquiring such kiosks.

Blacer, the STARBOOKS custodian, also stated that aside from As a counterpart, the project BS Biology, Nursing and Midwifery recipient [DWCL] should provide and Science Education majors, all college students have the hardware requirements composed of two computer general education subjects which are science-related units (1 server and 1 terminal). Each unit shall have such as natural sciences, chemistry, and physics. It will Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93 GHz 3 MB 1066 MHz, assist them in doing school related studies and research Asus P5G41T-M LX3 DDR3/A/V/L, Kingston 2GB works. PC3-10600 DDR3 1333 SODIMM, Samsung 500GB Another purpose of STARBOOKS is to 7200rpm SATA, Samsung DVDRW SH-223C 22X Sata, Orion Black Knight ATX 600W PSU, Keyboard, encourage great and curious minds to develop new Mouse, headset and AVR, 17” LCD Widescreen, one ideas through inventions and innovations. STARBOOKS pod with specially designed sticker, one turn to page 27

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Big jump to a new education scheme


PH braces for K-12 Text| Norlie Garbida

espite having the highest budgetary priority and other constitutional securities, current outcomes of proficiency tests undertaken by Filipino students and the comparative disadvantage of the Philippines with regard to other countries revealed the neglect and deterioration of the Philippines’s educational sector.

Graphics| Nicco Alfad & Jeric Bigueras

primary school (Grades 1-6) while secondary education means four years of junior high school (Grades 7-10 or HS Year 1-4). Two years are now allotted for senior high school (Grades 11-12 or HS Year 5-6). Accordingly, those who go through the 12 years cycle will get an elementary diploma, a junior high school diploma, and a senior high school diploma. A full 12 years of basic education will eventually be required for entry into tertiary level education.

Dropout rates remain high, participation rates have worsened, and the country continues to perform poorly in both national and international assessment tests. The new curriculum for basic education will be Moreover, completing in 10 years a curriculum that is designed through a collaboration of the Department learned by the rest of the world in 12 years has been a of Education (DepEd), Commission on Higher dual struggle for both Filipino teachers and students. Education (CHED) and the Technical Education In a bid to lift the quality of education in the country, and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). President Aquino signed into law a key education The universal kindergarten was already offered reform program intended to develop employable high starting SY 2011-2012. Meanwhile, the enhanced school graduates and align the country’s educational 12-year curriculum was implemented beginning system with the global 12-year basic education cycle. with incoming Grade 1 students of SY 2012-2013. K-12 is the government’s concrete response to the declining quality of basic education in the country. Prior to the law’s enactment, the Philippines was the only country in Asia and one of only three countries in the world, together with Angola and Djibouti, with a 10-year pre-university cycle.

The free senior high school curriculum will be made available nationwide by DepEd in 2016 but the 30 high schools that piloted Grade 11 will see their senior high school students graduate in March 2014. Minus 2 instead of Plus 2

Being the most salient aspect of K-12, the additional two years of senior high school will provide students with Republic Act No. 10533, or the Enhanced Basic a curriculum that will allow in-depth specializations for Education Law, more popularly referred to as the K to the students in the career track they want to pursue. 12 Law makes enrollment in kindergarten compulsory According to the DepEd briefer, K-12 means minus before children can begin the traditional six years of primary school and adds two more years to high school. two instead of plus two for those families who cannot afford a college education but still wish for Under K to 12, the new basic education a good paying job for their children. The cycle consists of Kindergarten and 12 years plan is not plus two years before graduation of elementary and secondary education. but minus two years before work. Kindergarten refers to the standardized High school graduates of the current curriculum for preschoolers curriculum are not yet employable for undertaken by fivethe reason that year old children they are not yet that is compulsory competent and to qualify have not yet for primary reached the education. legal age of 18. Elementary education points “ T h e r e to six years of are core Essential features

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SciTech at hand ...from page 25

will be very beneficial. inventions and the likes. It has The two similarities to Discovery Channel,” S T A R B O O K S , shares a freshman business student.

of the From books to digital reading. Learning is now more convenient and trendy as Divinians explore the latest innovation that is the DOST STARBOOKS, Philippines first online library. Photo by Gemma Ray Naz

strategically located in The presentation and language high school and college used in the STARBOOKS come libraries, are in custody in a very simple context so librarians. that anyone can understand. At the very most, STARBOOKS is furnished for students, researchers, and entrepreneurs’ need.

“I encourage everyone to create his own account in our very own STARBOOKS and begin to explore this privilege of gaining easy access to online researches,” Blacer added.

Contents, features, and

All information is placed in outcomes especially designed case set in As a programmed SciTech a convenient and manageable resource, STARBOOKS provides interface, hence information can be information in a range of saved in a standard Universal Serial formats- text, video and audio, Bus flash drive or have it printed. which is almost half a million Way too different from other in number from digitized library portals, STARBOOKS is Further, STARBOOKS aims to inspire one’s capacity for periodicals, publications, reference not internet dependent for it is a reports, feasibility stand-alone information kiosk and entrepreneurship and research resources, studies, theses and dissertations, is available in read-only format. for socio-economic development. and other technical papers. The STARBOOKS contents “With the presence of SciTech contents of the will be updated every now thousands of livelihood videos named as Tamang DOSTkarte STARBOOKS are information and then by the DOST-STII Livelihood, it helps boost Filipinos’ as early as 1990s from the DOST to ensure that all information are rich, factual, and timely. entrepreneurial competence, from SciNet and the Philippine eLib. a simple candle making to a food “It helps me a lot especially when In the long run, it is expected that processing and other livelihood there are research works being through STARBOOKS, this venture materials, “Blacer assures the assigned in our NatSci 1 subject. will make a great break for SciTech business students that STARBOOKS I also enjoy watching videos of enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. “Talking about inventions and innovations, STARBOOKS will be of great help to our engineering students because it [STARBOOKS] also contains technical and project reports which are in line with their field of study,” she added.

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there is no legislation that penalizes such unlawful acts.

egate tasks to responsible government officials.

Under this law, these acts will now be punishable with an administrative fine amounting to a minimum of P 10,000.00 and a maximum of P 40,000.00. Any aggrieved party may file the appropriate civil or criminal action before the regular courts says DOLE V.

For the month of July, DOLE V Barangay Empowerment Training, an advocacy campaign of the Batas Kasambahay to all barangays was conducted gathering 426 barangay officials from 19 cities and municipalities of Camarines Sur.

A third party recruitment agency will also be held liaWith the implementation of this Law, it is a dream ble for damages jointly with the employer if the aggrieved of many that all household helpers will be treated just party is the house helper and solidarily if otherwise. and fair and will be considered as part of the growing In partnership with concerned barangay of- society. In the end, Batas Kasambahay is worth to be ficials and the Department of Social Welfare and considered a gift for all the domestic house helpers. Development, they are given responsibility to rescue and save abused or exploited house helpers. ‘Still on the road’ Currently, the DOLE V is on its massive efforts of disseminating its Implementing Rules and Regulations to barangay and municipal level on the way to the regional level in order to inform and del-


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competencies, but the training should result in skills that can land them [students] jobs,” DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro says in a Philippine Daily Inquirer report. The enhanced curriculum provides options for students in senior high school to choose among three career tracks: Academic, Technical-VocationalLivelihood, and Sports and Arts. The Academic track includes three strands: Business, Accountancy, Management (BAM); Humanities, Education, Social Sciences (HESS); and Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM).

financial standing of college and has dropped the provision in the universities which would not have original Senate and House bills freshman enrollees in 2016 and 2017. that required a master’s degree; “On average, we have 800 the law simply required college new enrollees every school year, teachers who wish to teach in high and so there is a need to offset school to have a bachelor’s degree. that loss,” DWCL President Rev. Shortened Courses Fr. Crispin Cordero said in an Due to the longer duration of the interview with The Channel. basic education cycle, CHED has He added that there’s also a big approved the new set of mandatory question if high school graduates GE subjects that will be taught to K to will enroll in 2016 given the fact 12 graduates who will enter college. that the new curriculum will already The new GE curriculum will make them capable for employment. be taken up for only one year

Meanwhile, when fourth year high school students do not graduate and remain in senior Upon completion of Grade 10, high school for two years longer, a student can obtain Certificates teachers of General Education of Competency (COC) or a (GE) subjects in college will have National Certificate Level I (NC no one to teach in 2016 and 2017. I). Furthermore, after finishing a In addition to changing the Technical-Vocational-Livelihood track in Grade 12, a student may basic education scheme, the law obtain a National Certificate will also result to significant Level II (NC II), provided he/ modifications to Higher Education she passes the competency- Institutions (HEIs) in the country. based assessment of TESDA. Priority Hiring “Whereas the old system To ease the expected low overemphasized the value of a enrolment in college, the law college degree before employment, declared that the faculty of higher the new program is designed to education institutions and technicalequip every K-12 graduate with vocational institutions who are the opportunity for improved qualified to teach in high school employment and entrepreneurship shall be given priority in hiring. while ensuring that the highWith the new law, DepEd can school graduate has the necessary hire graduates of science, math, competencies to pursue a college statistics, engineering, music and degree either immediately or at such subjects where there is a lack some later stage,“Sec. Luistro stated. of qualified applicants from among College Vacuity education graduates who have Despite these intentions, the passed the Licensure Examinations K-12 educational scheme has been for Teachers (LET). Once hired widely criticized because of the however, they have to take and increased burden that it will pose pass the LET within five years to parents and the insufficient so they could go on teaching full preparations that the government time. They do not have to pass the has implemented. The law will also LET if they will teach part-time. have a considerable impact to the The final version of the law

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(or 18 units every semester) instead of two years as currently practiced since most of the old GE subjects will already be taken up in senior high school.

Currently, college students are required to take up GE subjects such as communication, math, science, history and physical education during their first two years before they can take up subjects for their respective disciplines. The shortened GE curriculum has also persuaded all collegiate disciplines, which take four to five years to finish and to modify the content and length of their respective curriculum.Necessary Reform The implementation of K-12 is a much needed reform to the deteriorating state of the basic education in the country but like any meaningful venture, anticipated returns are only achieved after enough time and effort. In any undertaking of this magnitude, problems and sacrifices are inevitable; however it should be ensured that sacrifices wouldn’t be too big especially for higher education institutions that are also necessary to any country’s education system.

I looked out the window searching for the moon

but the moon had already passed my window.

The silhouettes of trees gently swaying with every blow of the wind are in plain sight. I pinned my ears to the pendulum which gives a repetitive tune as I muse on my notes. I was caught deep in my thoughts when a soft knock butt in.

I heard the soft sweet voice from the door. “Jade, it’s already past midnight.” I saw her rubbed her hand against her eyes, “And don’t even try to reason out that studies are more important than your health. Don’t worry, I’ll just wake you up at 4:30 am. Sleep now, okay?” I didn’t want her to worry more. I got up from my chair and cuddled on the mound of cotton waiting for me. I was like a piece of steel embraced by my soft bed. I closed my eyes and waited until my mother left the room.

The congregation ended like what had been announced so I immediately head to my classroom because I know that my professor is earlier than the early bird who catches the worm. Few meters away from the door of the classroom, my phone vibrates unstoppably. I picked it out from my pocket and answered it. “Hello,” Ruby said in a trembling voice. “Kuya, come home as fast as you can! Mama has collapsed!” she exclaimed. “Don’t tell me,” I said and ended the call. I scampered my way down the stairs unconscious of the crowd of students in the hallway. My breath became heavier in every step I take. I wanted to cry but I terribly knew that school is not a place to shed this kind of tears. I held my tears and managed to overcome crying publicly. I saw my professor in the corridor and I called her out. I told her that I cannot attend her class because I am not feeling well and she said that it is okay.

“Are you trying to drain all your blood today, Jade?” she hushed. “I asked your mother if you’re still up and to my surprise, she said yes. You’ve been staying up late every night since last week.”

My heart was trembling as I wait for a pedicab that will drive me home, but I have just wasted five minutes of waiting. I ended up running my way home. It really pisses me off when things are not available when you awfully needed them most. I felt exhausted and felt like a minute is worth a year until I saw the insignia of our house, the phoenix.

“Look who’s talking? Aren’t you doing the same thing Gwen?” I sarcastically replied.

I scampered my way into the house and opened the door to my Mama’s room.

“Actually, I’ve been asleep since eight o’ clock this evening. I’ve set my phone on alarm by midnight,” she said. “I guess there’s nothing wrong worrying about a person your type.”

I saw Dad, Ruby, and Gwen inside the house. Their expressions are silent like the silhouettes created by the pompous moon in the stillness of the night. I looked at Mama on the bed and warm tears started rolling down my cheeks. I clenched my fist on my chest, hoping that if I could only grip my own heart to stop this pain, I would have done so without a second thought.

My eyes were heavy when I felt my phone vibrated. Gwen, my girlfriend was calling.

Now, I get her effort. “Well, thanks,” I paused. “I’ll sleep now. We both should.” I said. Then, Gwen said “I love you” and ended the call. Just when I was about to close my eyes, I received a text message from Ms. Phon, the school director’s secretary. She informed all the Presidents inside the Circle of Campus Organizations to attend a meeting tomorrow at exactly eight o’ clock. I scratched my head for the hurried circulation of the announcement, but I received a follow up message from Ms. Phon offering an apology for the inconvenience. I accepted the apology then tried sleeping. My mother woke me up at the time she promised: She never fails. She served me a glass of milk and I drank it in one swoop. “Ma, don’t push yourself too much just for us,” I whispered. “I’m just doing what I can right now, Jade. I want to show you, Ruby, and your Dad my worth... as your mother... That’s all,” she answered. “You don’t have to prove your worth Ma, because ever since you stayed by our side, carried us inside your womb, and smiled with us, I can feel that I can move forward, achieve more, and move just to keep on seeing you smiling.” “You’ve made me happy this early in the morning. Don’t worry, I’ll go back to bed once I’m finished preparing the things your sister needs today,” she said and closed the door. Luckily, everything is going smoothly today. I finished studying for my exam scheduled after the meeting. However, I was not expecting that the Director, himself, will be throwing mock questions about our development plans for the school year. To be honest, I barely answered the question.

I rushed toward Mama’s side and I saw her face smiling like an innocent. Later on, an ambulance stopped in front of our house but no one moved to greet them with hope and expectations. All I did was to hold my mother’s hand and to hold on to the sunset that filled my family’s sorrow and loss. I looked out the window searching for the moon but the moon had already passed my window.


Text & Graphics| Jidy Onesa

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December 1 I could hear her sobbing again in the kitchen. I opened the door and saw her wiping her tears away. Maybe, she doesn’t want me to see her crying. “Is everything fine?” I asked her “This is nothing,” she said, trying to convince me. But her eyes are grieving in pain. Despite my curiosity, I turned my back and went upstairs. -Charlotte

December 9 Out of my curiosity, I called my dad without my mother’s permission. I asked him what’s wrong with mom. He just joked at me saying that mom is aging. Seriously, we thought that mom was just getting hard with her pregnancy. I had a nice talk with my father and everything seemed natural. How I wish we could have that every day. -Charlotte

December 10 I slept over my friend’s house because it was her birthday. I found time to relax in their garage, with cocktail drink on my hands. Suddenly, a car parked outside their house. I saw a familiar man coming out of the car and December 3 gave his hand to a woman from the inside. It was my father. The sunbeam striking my eyes woke me up. When I tried to close the I drew a smile on my face knowing that it was mom. But my senses window, I saw her trimming the grass in the courtyard. got frozen when I saw that it was another woman holding his hand.Though I went downstairs to know the food for breakfast but saw nothing on the filled with anger and hatred, I preferred to act as if I saw nothing. I loosened my grip on the glass and let it fell down on the floor as my eyes oozed with table. I cooked something, took a bath and prepared myself to go to school. tears. As I was leaving our home, she was still outside staring at the farthest I went home with hatred and desire for revenge with my fist closed point her eyes could see. Off to school, I said goodbye but it seemed she tightly and my eyes crying so hard. So that’s the reason why my mother heard nothing. was grieving? He was the reason. My father was the reason. And I won’t I was trying to find out what her problem really was. Maybe she’s just let that reason live while my mom’s dying in misery. My mother was tired and preoccupied. abandoned. So was I. I went home seeing her again in the same way I saw her earlier. Sobbing -Charlotte so hard, definitely she’s controlling her tears. I asked her, “What’s wrong?” “He left,” she whispered. December 12 I was confused of what she said but didn’t bother to think it over because she was groaning. My tears fell down although I didn’t exactly know I heard my mother sobbing again in the kitchen. I didn’t bother to ask the problem. Her agony was all that mattered to me. her because I know she’s controlling her emotions too but still it caught my attention. -Charlotte “How was your day?” …I paused to give her a slight smile. I know she knows me more than I know myself. I wasn’t able to control my tears from falling down. I hugged her and I could feel her agony beneath. She’s still the December 8 sweetest woman I’ve ever known.That was the time my mind burst from the It was a rainy Saturday afternoon. I felt secluded seeing no one around. thirst of revenge. I was awakened by a phone call. I answered it but I heard no one from the -Charlotte other line. I ended the call and proceeded upstairs. As I was walking up the stairs, the phone rang again. “Phone call again?” I asked myself. I got the phone to know who was calling. “Where’s your mom?” the person on the other line asked me. Familiar with that voice, I knew it was my father. “She’s not here,” I told him. “Dad, where are you?” “I am attending some business matters. Just tell her I’m fine,” he uttered. The call ended and I saw my mother staring at me. “What did he say?” she asked me as if her eyes are saying don’t bother to answer his calls again. I asked what the matter is but she just walked towards the kitchen. Silence enveloped the entire house. I sat in the sofa, observing her actions and expressions.That was strange.The sweetest face of my mother turned into the nastiest expression I couldn’t ever imagine. Maybe it was just one of the symptoms of bringing a child inside the womb. -Charlotte

30 The Channel

Conquer to seek. Dare to speak.

e c n e c Inno of e g n e v Re opez risthel L sa K . a M ne Text| s| Jidy O Graphic

December 14 I find myself staring outside my room as the rain falls outside the window. I find him disgusting. I will let him feel the pain he caused her. I will let him suffer in his own wound. I will give him what he deserves most. -Charlotte December 16 My emotion triggered my conscience when mom suddenly felt something inside her. Few more days to go, my little sister will be born. Smile paints on my face whenever I think of this, but knowing that she will meet Dad someday is the sad part. -Charlotte

December 20 This night brings me closer to an offense. Until now, he doesn’t know my knowledge of his misdemeanour. How will he know? He isn’t even trying to reach out to us. Although he knows that my sister will soon be born, still he doesn’t bother to reach out. -Charlotte December 23 My mom always complains the pain she is enduring. I couldn’t do anything but hold her hand until she falls asleep. Every night is like a nightmare that cuts like a blade to me. Her misery doubles mine; even if she sees that I’m smiling at everything. -Charlotte December 24 Unbearable pain tortures my mom. I can’t help myself but to cry while the doctors are taking her inside the emergency room Now I’m waiting hopelessly for the situation to calm down. Suddenly, a nurse came, asking me to get inside. On my way to her, my mother was reaching my hand as if she’s begging for me so hard. “Take care of your sister. You’re the only one she has.” My world stopped as she slowly closed her eyes. I wanted to collapse and trembled down there. But the spice of revenge arrested my consciousness. I went at his place with evil eyes and with mind invaded with despair. All I wanted now is to eradicate him in the world where my sister exists. Thirst for revenge is all I have. Everything went dark and all was a bizarre. My consciousness brought me back to reality seeing his cold body lying down on the floor bathing his own blood with a knife in my trembling hands. -Charlotte December 25 The last thing I saw is an innocent face of my sister lying in the doctor’s hands, while medics clothed me in all-white towards a room with strange people. -Charlotte

I am waiting for my dad now while holding this diary I had since I was a baby. My dad said, a woman put it in my hands at the very moment he was holding me in his arms after my birth. Suddenly, I was awakened by the sound of an opening door and saw a woman holding a doll in the corner. She stared at me very closely with her weary eyes as if she’s guilty of revenge that has poisoned her innocence.

“Revenge poi s ons the mind of those who are innocent of their senses.” The Channel Conquer to seek. Dare to speak.


As the light shines A new morning came

by Neil Ivan Armario

For a person hoping for something It may be hard or easy For a wish seems not to happen In the world full of maze A candle of wish reaches God before you speak Light the candle and wait for your wish Be patient and you’ll receive everything Don’t expect too much or else you will lose everything When nothings comes to it.

Money, by Ylah Maree Espenilla


money A penny, a dollar, a peso, a dime Working hard, wasting your time For things that’s evil and never been good Working so hard, don’t sleep if you could Money is everything says all the greedy You can rule the world with all the money Your house, gadgets, your dog and car What does money can’t buy so far?

But when all the waters are polluted And when all mountains, lands eroded. When all trees are cut down for good Can you eat your money and serve as your food? Express your thoughts, express yourselves through photographs.

The ChanneL 32 The Channel Conquer to seek. Dare to speak.

Submit your own optical poetry to

by Gemma Ray Naz


used to play with a boy next door

We’ve known each other since we were four Time spent with him was never a bore

Until I realized I’m in love with him even more…


used to dance with the hottest in campus

He whispers to my ears: he finds me gorgeous

Is it me? Or is he just plain oblivious…


used to live in a fantasy

A princess with her prince almighty


I’ve always known, someday, we’ll marry Take a vow, “always you and I”..

ut, where now is the special bond we shared I just woke up, one day, alone and dejected

The laughter and tears we’ve shared all these years Completely turned into dreams and distant memories…


hy, oh why, didn’t I see you’re a fake

A future with you is nil and vague

My whole world slumbers in deep melancholy

Too bad I failed to establish a margin of safety.

The Channel 33 Conquer to seek. Dare to speak.

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e never wanted to be idle. We constantly make actions for better ones.

However, when our attempts are not at once realized, we tend to be become decisive. Consequently, disappointment strikes within us. More so, we become unaware even when many plausible hard works have been made. In the end, we choose to find someone to blame rather than being grateful to their efforts. Sorry to say but cynical people have no place in the Divine Word College of Legazpi (DWCL). We had been pushed to the boundaries that too much condemnation is no longer acceptable. True that it took for a long while before our thirsts for changes have been quenched but now, the DWCL is now striding new modifications towards marking transformation. After the unanimous agreement by the PAASCU accreditors to give the DWCL a Level II Re-Accredited Status, the latter is now on the verge of acquiring the next level. Accreditation makes DWCL eligible to justify its claims of ensuring quality education to its stakeholders. For students and faculty, accreditation demonstrates that DWCL has met defined educational standards, providing confidence that DWCL is equally-competent to well-established Higher Education Institutions. More improvements are seen already in progress. Renovations are reeling in every structure of this institution. Room 122 is now at the focus of completion and will serve as the new Human Resource and Development office. The Alumni office is now transferred to the former Conference room; more beautiful and more conducive. A new student lounge named SVD (Students’ Venue for Discussions) has been constructed to cater to the needs of the students. The water fountain at the barren extent of the quadrangle is now fully reconstructed; giving new sight to all Divinians. The developments of physical facilities are becoming more evident. Similarly, many new personnel have also been designated. The formerly single component of National Service Training Program the school is offering now has produced another two-Reserve Officers’ Training Corps and Literacy Training Service. A new short-term course-Associate in Computer Technology has been introduced, too. The apparent improvements are laudable. Should we choose to become indifferent contributes nothing but lower the drive of those people trying to carve a legacy of positive change in this institution.


have just learned that Manny Pacquiao is not just a Pinoy boxing champion and a politician, but also a joker! When he announced (though he did not state when) that he has a plan to run for president, the whole Philippines thought that he was seriously joking. Manny will not be eligible to run for president in 2016 for he is still underage by the time of election yet I fear by the chance that he might be elected in 2020. Anyway, that is too far from now. Many will still happen and who knows he might retract what he said. I just don’t know where this Manny Pacquiao got his nerves to announce such big decision to the whole world. I’m a fan of Manny, but only to his boxing career, never in his political affairs. Who would have thought that this congress top absentee Sarangani congressman would dare to assume the highest political post in the country? He has nothing to show but poor legislative performance. His track records as a law maker are not as impressive as his boxing career. What accomplishments can he boast to the Filipinos? Will he be able to publicize his records if this is the case? What outstanding legislative agenda did he pass and was approved into law? Was there any? I know nothing. If I would be able to give him a grade, I would give him a failing grade. I’m no expert in terms of public governance but I’m pretty sure that sufficient political experiences would make a great difference in transforming this country to a better one. But many would agree with me if I say that he is just banking on his popularity as a boxing icon. Being the president of the country is not a joke. It needs a lot of everything that I know Manny has only a little, worse even nothing. I know that he has gone also in different trainings and seminars in lawmaking but these are not enough to head this 7, 107 islands. He should be wellacquainted into public policy understanding.

Educationwise, he lacks necessary competence although the law is silent about educational attainment as basis for filing candidacy for presidency. Article VII Section 2 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution states that “no person may be elected President unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, a registered voter, able to read and write, at least forty years of age on the day ofWWW the election, and a resident of the Philippines for at least ten years immediately preceding such election. Under minimum requirements , Manny is legally qualified to run as president, but he will only be 37 at the eve of the presidential elections, that is in 2016, should he continue to be ambitious. Just in case Manny becomes the president, will he be able to perform well his duties, when in fact being a representative in his province, he falls short with respect to performance? It’s clear that his announcement is an alternative to keep him on the spotlight. Nobody can say that he will remain to be the boxing superstar of the world. He will fade, that’s for sure. I believe that this attempt is a product of a soon-toend boxing career for him. I agree with some of the political analysts that it would be better for him to be at his best-to stick into boxing and leave politics that needs public performance. Filipinos should be very cautious should Manny pursue his dream of becoming the chief executive. We have experienced the former actor- turned politician, Joseph Estrada, who was thrown into prison for years though he was given pardon. It’s sad to think that in this country where politics is abundant and powerful, even the less competent become very eager to enter in this so-called dirtiest game. Politics after May 2013 national elections is a topic too early to talk about. But as early as Manny Pacquaio brings this issue to media, we are all entitled to make reactions about it, even if he doesn’t care at all!


am a citizen of the Philippines. And I will always be.

The issue of whether to rename our country Filipinas from Philippines has brought nuisance to the country. It has been the subject of mockery. It has been propositions in debates. It has been included in the national papers. But has it crossed the threshold of every Filipino? The resolution put up by the Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (KWF) puts across that Filipinas is a recognition of the country’s history and development of a nation. My question is – what has the country’s name got to do with progress? I cannot see any reasonable assurance that when we rename a country, we would be on the road to progress much as it would reflect how far we have gone as a nation. And where did they get that the name Filipinas imply a modern thing: I don’t get the point. Isn’t it that we are even better speakers of the English language than the Americans? Well, this is progress because we are able to compete globally. We can speak the language of the business world. And we have done it with our recent name. Nothing to change, then. Well, Filipinas is not a new name. It was a name given by Ruy Lopez de Villalobos. Where is progress if we look back at the past and bring it back to life? It’s pointless. KWF sets up the argument that Philippines denote American colonization. May I respectfully ask, isn’t it that Filipinas denotes Spanish colonization? And may I also reiterate that Philippines was after King Philip II of Spain. If I remember what my History teacher taught me, she said that the Americans paved the way for our freedom from the 333 years of suffering under the Spanish government. Was my teacher then feeding my mind with the wrong information? And I’ve also read it in books: were the books approved by the Department of Education responsible for the dissemination of wrong information concerning our history? Whether it’s Filipinas or Philippines, they both reflect the country being colonized by other nations. The question again is: Isn’t this teaching the Filipinos to inculcate colonial mentality? And by the way, isn’t it that until now we are building ties with the US: we are clingy to Americans, I should

say. Or are we embracing back Spain because Queen Sofia has visited the country whereas President Obama has not even considered the Philippines to be part of his trips? Just a random thought. If renaming the country is a cry for freedom from the past and a way of moving forward, isn’t it that we already have too much of freedom? People rally in the streets wanting to oust the President. Writers speak their thoughts through ink on their columns and editorial. Broadcasters discuss government matters on air. If renaming the country is an issue for progress, isn’t it that the surveys show that the country has gone to another level of progress? The question is – would it uplift poverty when the GDP growth has not even solved this dilemma. I applaud the Palace for saying that they have other priorities set before considering on giving a stand on this issue. And I also appreciate the KWF for doing their post, as part of the mandate of the government. To the KWF, are there any other better propositions you could give aside from changing the name? Can you do something about Filipino language and how to boost its use in our country? Can you also make a way to clear the issues on the use of Philippines, Filipino, Pilipino, and Pilipinas? But do not give me the answer to the last question as the changing of the name of the country. It would not clear things: it would make it even vaguer. To the Palace, thank you for not prioritizing this issue. Please do consider the Freedom of Information Bill which is still pending for discussion in the senate and was never mentioned in your recent SONA. May I ask what is its status? And let us still call you PNoy and not FNoy (insert a smirk here). I still want to be called a Pilipino who lives in the Philippines. Pilipino is a person who lives in the Philippines (translated in our language as Pilipinas) and who speaks the language Filipino. I would like to adapt something I have seen over the social media because it explains everything. Pili means to make a choice and Pinoy means fine. Therefore being a Pilipino means being a fine choice. So, I would rather stay as a Pilipino in Pilipinas. Let us make a fine choice. Let us choose the Philippines over Filipinas as we proudly sing the hymn – Ako’y isang Pinoy sa puso’t diwa. Pinoy na isinilang sa ating bansa. Ako’y di sanay sa wikang mga banyaga. Ako’y Pinoy na mayroong sariling wika.

The Channel Conquer to seek. Dare to speak.


promotion and protection of their physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual and social wellbeing, as stated in the 1987 Constitution. Moreso, the SK is committed to enhance the social, political, economic, cultural, intellectual, moral, spiritual and physical development of the youth in the country. I believe that in its utmost capacity, the SK has served to be a ground where the voice of the youth sector reigns supreme.


f I have to draw a perfect cartoon depicting the society today, I will let my hand create a picture of a young man sitting on a throne catching his breath for soon he will get drowned to water by his own weight. The upcoming 2013 Barangay Election will not just set a political arena among vying senior candidates but also among the youth who will be racing for the Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) seats. Having no doubts in mind, the race will never get easy as it poses a bigger, tougher, and bolder challenge to the ones dubbed as the hope of our fatherland. At this point of time, the SK election and the SK itself are at the core of political controversy as the issue regarding its abolishment keeps on bombarding the various forms of media— radio, television, newspaper, and up to the most modern social media. The rumors have been echoing to the ears of the nation, thereby creating questions on what will really happen to the used-to youth organization and as to the certainty of realizing the SK election. With the existing arguments thrown on it, the very noble purpose of the SK is being questioned. Geared on serving as a training ground for the country’s future leaders, the Sangguniang Kabataan was created to recognize the essential role of the youth in nation building and in the


t is in times like this that I wish for ideas to come falling from heavens, that something extraordinary would just pop out from somewhere. I was bound to write my fourth column article, and I found nothing I could care to write about. Fortunately, as my brain cells have finally sensed exhaustion and all I was able to do was stare blankly into space, life’s unexpected revelation came to me in the form of blinking lights. Light. Darkness. Light. Finally, it was just plainly dark. Power was out again and what I had just experienced was not a simple case of optical illusion but the rather frequent blackout cursing the province of Albay. It would have been a bit reassuring to know that it was just a power interruption, but it was not. It was the onset of an event that would prove to be even worse. As I am writing this, days before the supposed power supply cut-off deadline to ALECO, I am one with the rest of Albayanos who are worried and probably infuriated with the impending power loss. In a time when humanity is widely dependent to electricity and its technological derivatives, a power cut-off is simply and utterly, unacceptable. Several times in the past months and years,

36 The Channel

Conquer to seek. Dare to speak.

Well, it undeniably sounds good to the ear but delving deeper on what is really happening in the society makes me realize that the SK has been crafted and transformed into something that is not parallel to its most noble purpose. Admit it or not, it was already stained with misconceptions, I am afraid of saying it to be true and evident. Let’s take a picture of the typical scenario involved in the SK Election. During the registration period for SK voters, some SK official aspirants would collect the qualified young registrants in their Barangay to register with them. It would look impressive only if it is carried for the purpose of having them registered to be aware of their right to suffrage and to take part in making a voice. The truth is it’s not what is happening. The supposed peaceful and purely friendly race sometimes transforms into a more serious fight especially when it is taken personally by the contenders. Worse than this, damaging of names and vote buying are rampant, thereby creating a negative image on the concept of SK. Too bad and frustrating, but this is true and occurring. There are also instances when the foryouth pursuit is being absorbed by the parents. The theoretical election between the young children becomes a battle between their parents. Sad to say, such parents are the National Power Grid Corporation (NGCP) had posed disconnection threats to the broke electric service retailer of Albay for its failure to settle its electric bills with the Philippine Electric Market Corporation (PEMC). In addition to this, Aleco is also burdened with almost P4 billion debts to various wholesale power suppliers, including the PEMC, the National Power Corporation, Wholesale Electricity Spot Market and the National Electrification Administration. The NGCP was earlier set to cut its power supply to Aleco on July 22 due to the cooperative’s failure to settle its April and May electric bills amounting to P170 million however, it was postponed until the following day so it will not cause public agitation during President Aquino’s State of the Nation Address. The payment it made during the week has prevented the power supply disconnection but a new billing of P67 million for August and another power cut-off deadline was again sent to the electric cooperative. In summary, the moral of this story is that you must pay what you owe or else. . . With debt ranging to billions still unpaid, I understand why any creditor would be unhappy. Forcing extreme measures might just be the last resort that a creditor must do to demand payment, if only the parties concerned could be able to raise the necessary fund to settle the outstanding liabilities of our local cooperative. I pray that they do or else we just have to go back to our roots and live like the good old days when amusement and convenience didn’t come from the gadgets and devices we have today. Insisting payment may seem necessary but

most often pointed out as the ones pushing their children to perform the wrong actions. Moreover, there are also some who label the SK as breeding ground for corruption. It has become a venue teaching the young ones of the graft and corruption of the government at an early age instead of fostering them to become future good leaders. Because of this, the wholesomeness and prime goal of the SK have transformed into something questioned and doubted by many. Having presented the pros and cons of the SK, is its abolishment necessary and fair? I think the abolishment will never be the best option. What the SK system needs are modification and amendments. I am certain that the SK is still a venue catered to hone the youth as future nation builders. I believe that the abolishment of the SK is a mere deprivation of voice among the youth which may only lead to their dying interest to get involved in the government’s undertaking. What is only necessary to help the SK achieve its noble purpose is to have strict but sufficient safeguards which will protect the integrity of such institution against misconceptions. In order to prevent negative image from being dragged into it, the responsible authority particularly the government must monitor and supervise the operation of the SK to make sure that its functions are efficiently and effectively carried out. Change and full transformation. This is what we need; change that will surely craft a continuing and indestructible chain of change that will save the SK from its demise. I trust the youth. This day’s youth is still the hope of our fatherland. I still find it peculiar that Albay finds itself in this position when local power cooperatives are exempted from paying taxes and it is home to lavish geothermal power supply neatly located in the municipality of Tiwi. In addition to this, multi-billion-peso funds were already infused by the government under the B-CARE Fund of then former President Gloria MacapagalArroyo to totally rehabilitate the cooperative. So now I ask, what went WRONG? Many have correlated the huge financial losses suffered by electric cooperative to mismanagement, high system loss and antiquated power transformers and equipment and yet not a single major reason has emerged. Too many problems have piled up and solutions, if there were some, have already come too late. Like in any financial woe, many would try to find out who is to be blamed. Many fingers would be pointed but no one would admit the truth but during these times, I try to look at the bigger perspective. If mismanagement was a cause, how on earth did this people become part of ALECO’s administration? The answer lies in the hands of the one reading this. As valued subscribers, you have the right to elect the people who should be part of the organization. Although, we have diligently paid our electric dues, it had not been enough to prevent this adversity. In a world where everything you do will eventually affect your fellow men, we have to be more responsible with the decisions that we make or else we will be the one who will eventually suffer the consequences. The dark days are looming upon us and we can’t do anything but wait.

disappointing. As a woman, it is tough to accept how rough women are treated by other people coming from different races.


hen a man desires for her “yes”, he exerts an effort to achieve it. Not just a simple effort, but an extraordinary one. Take note: That is just a flashback of our tradition many years ago. A disparity in fulfilling the needs and gaining protection of women is massively obvious. Women of today doesn’t have an assurance to keep the safety and be freed from discrimination and abuse from those who act ruthlessly- it seems that they are living in the abyss of trepidation within the womb of unjust community. Over the years, there is an increasing number of cases regarding Violence Against Women (VAW) as compiled by the Philippine Commission on Women. Statistically, the number of VAW cases reported to the Philippine National Police rose from 3,687 cases in 1997 to 15,104 cases in 2010. Although there was a spotted slight decrease in 2011, with 12,948 cases of VAW reported to PNP, there is a possibility that thousands of these cases remained silent to avoid the humiliation from the public. No woman would like to be humiliated. Perhaps, she remained silent because someone put a tape on her mouth while her tears are bursting out from within. The Commission on Human Rights proposed various programs heeding the welfare of women victimized by rape, forced prostitution, llegal recruitment, battering and the likes. Yes, they aim to preserve what every woman wants to preserve, and that is very much acceptable. However, in cases of horrid news about the unjust treatment of women, a big question of “why?” is being asked. The currently issued “sex for flight” rampant in the Middle east where the depressed Filipino women, depressed of going home, are being asked for swift repatriation- provided any amount for a ticket back home- by male officers at their workplace. It is humiliating and

What is the authority doing to alleviate the plight of our Filipino women in the hands of those with unscrupulous acts? Are they really doing something? The worse thing is that, even our “kababayan” can do the same maltreatment to our women. Rape cases and abuse are heard over the news-local or national. Worst, this can’t be settled by the so-called justice system. So, can the authority do something for Filipino women suffering in the hands of a different race? How I wish there would be a Juan Dela Cruzto who would fight the villains of women and would always secure the safety of those who cry and beg for help even if they know that no one would come to give a helping hand. It sounds futile asking for help knowing that nothing will happen. What should be given priority here is the welfare of these women who are not strong enough to defend themselves from the malevolent acts of those with evil minds. In the workplace, at school and even along the road, the fear of being harmed and used penetrates on their innocent minds yearning to be treasured and respected for who they are. This is not a typical issue that after being news flashed will vanish and go out of the shell then what? Denied? The right of a woman is what we are talking about here. An underprivileged woman is waiting for her screams to be heard by those who have the authority to fight for them. Or, are you afraid to fight for these oppressed women? What else do we have to do to appeal from you the things we want you to give us? - to be respected and dignified. The only hope and pray we are holding unto is for this turmoil to be totally expunged in this society we are living in to make others realize the worth of every woman. It is the worth of being respected and dignified despite the vulnerability we possess.

“Corruptors are not born; they are raised.” Men of typical success stories started from seedling cultivated by the smallest unit of the society; molded to attain higher awareness and consciousness until one’s autobiographic level has been reached. This is a phenomenon when the wick of our desire begins to burn. As human individuals, we are bound to believe that time will come our when names will be enlisted in the national or even in the international hall of fame. Along with our decision to be persistent with achieving our goals and objectives, our desire to become “someone” someday fuels us with determination and motivation to keep our face looking forward as we move on. In pursuit of this endeavor, we have become aware that there is an absolute way (though some opt to find another) to realize it—be educated. The society imposes that a college diploma is our ticket to access the tunnel that leads us to the real battlefield. Having been educated by Catholic institutions, I consider myself lucky to have learned some of the biblical and dogmatic doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church, which as they say an advantage to one’s personal, moral and spiritual development. There has been a public notion that those who have gloriously earned their college diploma in wellknown colleges and universities (of course with higher regard on prestigious Catholic academic institutions) are considered to be more diplomatic and are supposed to think more logical and act more ethical than those who have chosen to be “barbarians” for the rest of their lives. However, none of us are vigilant enough to let everyone realize that what is actually happening in real life is portrayed by the biblical story recurring continuously in history—the Fall of Men. Some of those who were enticed to eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge only ended up as notorious innovators of the most convenient maneuver to enrich themselves at the expense of others. They are those who muster the sinister arts of pride, avarice and gluttony as early as being just a student. They regarded themselves superior than anyone else; failed

to exercise due accountability over entrusted resources and managed to manipulate others just to let things done in the way they want them to be done. They appear simple and innocent outside, but creepy clever inside. By doing all that it takes to cover up their nasty whereabouts, they would resort to soliciting awards and achievements using skills and abilities they acquired through education. And in the worst scenario, they are celebrating their achievements by bragging them publicly. After gloriously earning the ticket, these sick and dejectspirited clones now leave the academic fortress and enter the battlefield with flying colors. Not to put them on shame but these clones I am talking about are some of our country’s very own lawmakers who feed themselves on government rations enveloped in the priority development assistance fund (PDAF) widely-known as pork barrel. I beg to disagree that all of the congressmen and senators offer us genuine public service. Some of them even regard themselves as masters than considering themselves as public servants. I have personally seen public facilities and conveyances constructed with the gigantic name of a politician. At first, it gave me an idea that these buildings are constructed in memory of the person bearing the name printed on them. I bet it was a normal impression but after knowing the real story behind those buildings, I was doomed to disappointment. That’s clearly bragging, isn’t it? I would affirm, instead, on the fact that some of them are hypocrites who were pretentious to be members of marginalized sectors during the campaign period just to win a seat reservation for an annual supply of pork buffet. For them, each peso amount of pork counts and the opportunity to get the most out of it should never be forgone. Being educated as to how fraud and corruption is detected, part of it is learning how it can be committed and unfortunately, they found the latter to be easier and more advantageous to apply. Imagine this scenario: there’s this newly-elected congressman who receives a monthly salary of Php 40,425.00, other than that, he is also entitled to receive in lump sum an annual pork barrel fund amounting to Php 70 million. Simple accounting; decide whether you would want to become a congressman or not?

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The Fire behind the Heat

Filipinos capture King James’ heart; Pacers, Rockets to bout in PH

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eeling the Filipino heat in the playoffs.

Basketball’s fiery four-time Most Valuable Player (MVP) Lebron James of Miami Heat marked a basketball history in the Philippines as he made his first Miami Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra, whose mother is visit in the country on July 23 through a promotional a native of Laguna was acclaimed by the National Basketball event for Nike Philippines. The Filipino race has razed the world with the spectrum of its talents. And the latest addition is the man behind the back-to-back win of the Miami Heat.

Association (NBA) Playoffs as he steered the games of the team toward its championship. For the Filipino fans, it wasn’t just about the NBA stars: it was more of Coach Spoe.

Filipinos flocked in the streets to get complimentary tickets to the clinic. Others even scalped their tickets for Coach Spoe is the first Asian-American to become head prices reaching a maximum of Php 10,000 to witness coach of one of the four major North American sports leagues. He has also snatched the recognition as first Asian- James run lay-up drills in the MOA Arena. American head coach to win an NBA championship. Before he awed the crowd with his fantastic drills, The characteristic of resiliency has been adapted by Coach he gave away autographed basketballs. He also joined a Spoe to reach Game 7 of playoffs in which the situation was with uncertainty. He fired sure shots to win the next face- team of collegiate all stars against the Philippine team off whenever they are defeated , as seen in Game 3. He midway through a 10-minute skirmish. He dwarfed his also highlighted it, when he eyed Nolles to make a three point shot even without his right shoes: that was history! opponents with his fierce dunks. Filipino diskarte matched the Spurs in Game 6. Coach Spoe has made the right timing on putting a player in and out of the court. Although many doubted of having Bush stay in the court with low scoring point, he proved them wrong when the latter blocked hardily the last minute shot of a Spurs player which could have tied the score in the overtime. He also showcased the tibay ng loob in Game 7, when his wit in coaching Miami surfaced. Miami players did and lose hope as Coach Spoe boosted their fighting spirit to fight until the end. They saw the light of winning when they overtook the score of Spurs in the third quarter. Spoe’s techniques and coaching tips paved the way of maintaining the lead of Miami toward the end of the game in which they emerged as victors.

Unfortunately, his team lost, 29-27. He missed two shots which could have tied the game. He explained, “The reason why I missed those last two shots because my jersey’s too damn small, forgive me.” James expressed that this would not be his last visit in the country as he praised the way the people welcomed him, “It’s just a great culture that is very passionate about what they love and what they believe in.”

After witnessing the history, the Philippines will also savor another first time in Philippine basketball history Sportsmanship and respect are possessed by Filipinos, like Coach Spoe. Right after Game 7, he was caught in the cameras as Houston and Indiana make their first NBA match in hugging the Spurs Coach Greg Popovich, who was older than the country on October 10 in MOA Arena. him. In an interview with ESPN, he uttered that he had great respect for the coach of Spurs and that he looked up to him. This was confirmed with Houston star James Harden The true blood of being a Filipino was shown by Coach visit in July when he showed support for the NBA’s Spoe in his basketball coaching career. Hence he was warmly welcomed by the Filipinos as he made his visit here on July 23. 3x tournament which involved 200 teams. During his stay, he promoted Rocket’s preseason game against the Coach Spoe definitely fires the heat of Miami. Pacers. Who would deny the the possibility of having a Filipino in the sought-after NBA Playoffs?

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In 2011, Harden partook in a two-game All-star turn to page 41


he world is now ON to see the returning Pacquiao. After his consecutive defeats in his fights in 2012 against Mexico’s “El Denamita” Juan Manuel Marquez in December and with the undefeated American boxer Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley Jr. in June, Pacquiao is now preparing for his first fight this year with another boxing superstar of Mexico Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios. Pacquiao has been perceived by many Filipinos and boxing fans around the world as Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, a fierce yet religious man with a noble heart for Filipinos, as Fighter of the Decade in 2000 by the Boxing Writers Association in America, World Boxing Council and World Boxing Organization and unifying force of the countrymen. But that is be hindered by his lost in fight in Marquez with an unexpected 6 round knocked-out. His ring battle on June spurred anomalies and controversies on his boxing career as the unanimous decision of judges favored the latter after the 12th round. With a six round knocked-out fight against Marquez, the world was shocked; many have put reaction towards the defeat of the pound for

Filipinos capture...from page 40 Photo| Google Images

pound king Manny Pacquiao; even some wept. But this is just a bit of what a suffering of a real boxer has shown to the public. I admit, I was one of those who felt disappointed for what the Filipino icon has ended. His being knocked-out by Marquez’ so-called “perfect punch” is not his idea of fighting Marquez this year and that is the first time Marquez beat Pacquiao after their three previous fights for the last seven years. Well, that is considerably a good fight for Pacquiao to redeem his championship title after a devastating loss if he will have another fight with Marquez. In that devastating loss in fight, many possible reasons have come out such as changing of religious group and an unprepared physique for the fight according to Pac-Mom and sports analysts. Although people in the sports world expect him to have his fifth time face-off with Marquez or a rematch with Bradley to redeem his championship title, Pacquiao has chosen to fight Rios (31-1-1, 23 KO). This is quite a great fight. Now, the arena for speculations is set even before the battle has officially begun. Both boxers are good punchers so it is up to these two men on who would take the battle with an aggressive mode. Some even thought that he will drive off to end his boxing career. But no, Congressman and a pound-for-pound King Manny “Pacman”Pacquiao will be back on ring with his fight against Rios this November 24 at Cotai Arena, Venetian Resort, Macao, Macao

S.A.R., China. With the Pacquiao-Rios fight, Pacquiao seeks to redeem his eighth world division title. This will also withdraw anomalies on his defeat as he was tagged unprepared and a part-time boxer. This fight is certainly a test on Pacquiao’s condition after a devastating loss. This could be a chance to awaken the Filipino’s nightmare on his defeat after his seven-year undefeated record in boxing career. On the other hand, Rios boasts that a knock out will end his fight with the Filipino boxer, making a blood-bath fight against Pacquiao. Both are good boxers and now they are off to chase for one ring in one battle of punches. Coach Freddie Roach will start their six-week training preparation on October 6. Roach expressed that if Pacquiao lost in this fight he would have to advise him to retire. Having two consecutive losses has only proven that Pacquiao is not anymore Pacquiao, the fighter of the decade that he used to be. But it is expected that Pacquiao this time will be tougher in getting rid of Rios and determined in gaining back what he has lost. Apparently, this is all depending on him. And now, what do you think? Who will succeed between these two opposing fighter? Will Pacquiao triumph over Rios? Or will he be losing his boxing career? We’ll see then.

home court advantage over the Pacers as he jokingly added that the Filipino fans know the Rockets but not the Pacers. In an interview with The Philippine Star, Harden shared, “I am definitely excited to be back here. I had a good experience last time I was here. I’m back just kind of prepping for an actual NBA game to be played here for everybody to get a chance to see the guys play, to see the Rockets play. It should be a great experience.” Harden revealed that the newly recruited center for their team, Dwight Howard will play in the outing. He put emphasis on Dwilight as the best big man in the NBA and that he is excited to have him in their team.

series during the

Meanwhile, the Indiana Pacers would be giving a good fight as recently, they have acquired veteran forward/center Luis Scola from the Phoenix Suns in exchange for forward Gerald Green, center Miles Plumlee, and a future No. 1 draft pick.

NBA lockout. With this experience, he expressed that Houston players would enjoy the

Filipinos are fanatics of basketball which is evident in their retort to the coming of the NBA stars, and even in their support in the PBA and UAAP stars. (by Baby Lyn Morota) The Channel Conquer to seek. Dare to speak.


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HUMOROSCOPE Text| Nicco Alfad Graphics| Google images Capricorn (Dec. 22- Jan.19)

Cancer (Jun-21- July 21)

You will set fire to the rain and find someone like him/her. Today you will chase pavements and watch the sky fall.

It’s unadvisable for you to buy appliances today. It’s not because there’s a bad omen but because it’ll be useless due to recurrent brownout.

Lucky color: Golden Black lucky number: √-10

Lucky color: Magenta Lucky number: ± 11/1

Aquarius (Jan. 20- Feb.18)

Leo (July 23- Aug. 22)

Your knees will weaken, cold sweat will trickle down your spine, and you will feel butterflies hovering inside your tummy. My advice, answer the call of nature before it starts to smell.

Your biggest crush will notice you today; he/she will talk to you. S/he will need a pen or paper or whatever. Look at the bright side, at least your crush talked to you, right?

Lucky color: Yellow brown Lucky number: |2|

Lucky color: Carnation Lucky number: 50/50

Pisces (Feb. 19- Mar. 20)

Virgo (Aug. 23- Sept. 22)

You will definitely meet your soul mate today; he/she will be wearing a white top, gray pants, and black shoes! Good luck and hope you have the patience to determine who it is!

Postpone building a house; remember you’re just a boarder.

Lucky color: Dirty black

Lucky number: ≠ 27 47/98

Lucky color: Cherry Red

Lucky number: 1^16

Aries (Jun. 21- July 21)

Libra (Sep. 23- Oct. 22)

An apple a day is expensive. A banana a day will give you constipation.

Don’t believe in what Dora says. Believe in Barney.

Lucky color: Beige

Lucky color: Tangerine Lucky number: +/-54

Lucky number: .<001

Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Scorpio (Oct 23- Nov. 21)

When you’re ready come and get it, not sure what but if you’re ready come and get it. It will wait for you.

Someone will teach you how to Dougie. You will dance together and get discovered like Justin Bieber.

Lucky color: Fuchsia

Lucky color: Maroon

lucky number: >96

Lucky number:

Gemini (May 21- Jun 20)

Sagittarius (Nov. 22- Dec. 21)

Avoid everyone you see. Otherwise, walk around with your eyes closed.

You are undoubtedly the most magnificent human being on earth, according to your mother.

Lucky color: Dark White

Lucky color: Aqua

Lucky number: -12

Lucky number: 121-121.5

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