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Your Community Mooseheads The Music of MEAGHAN SMITH


Heaven is a Place in Nova Scotia

Tranquility and peacefulness is what you get when relaxing by the waterfront. Just imagine listening to the lap of the water while sipping away on your beverage of choice with the fastpaced city life a distant memory. Now imagine that it is your home everyday. Tradewinds Realty Inc. offers a wide range of waterfront, oceanfront and ocean-view properties. Three of the company’s top producers: Shari Johnson, Steve Lumb and Monica Sontrop are here to shed some light on waterfront real estate.

Est. 1989

Steve Lumb Halifax 902.476.4663

What are some of the best areas for someone looking at waterfront property in Nova Scotia? Steve Lumb: For those looking for a friendlier, more easy-going environment to live and play, the Chester to Mahone Bay corridor offers a lifestyle second to none. Recent developments in the market make this a great time to consider a property purchase in the area. Shari Johnson: St. Margaret’s Bay, just outside the city of Halifax. It has been referred to as the Hamptons of Halifax with its quaint fishing villages and an amazing array of amenities in a country waterfront setting. The cedar-sided homes and colourful communities change

Shari Johnson St. Margaret’s Bay 902.237.3205

ones sense of being and you can feel like you are on a 365 day stay-cation. It promotes the stress-free life where service is friendly and the environment is laid back. The music and art scene is hard to beat. Monica Sontrop: Nova Scotia’s Bluenose Coast with its rugged coastline, beautiful white sand beaches and quaint picturesque towns. For those wanting to be close to history, Mahone Bay is the place. Lunenburg, on the west side of the bay, is home to the UNESCO heritage site of Old Town Lunenburg and the charming Town of Mahone Bay, with the iconic three churches– one of the most photographed sites in Nova Scotia. Lastly, Bridgewater, it’s the commercial hub of the south shore.

Monica Sontrop Chester, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg 902.275.7978


Offer does not neccessarily include items shown.

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38 Fielding Avenue, Dartmouth 902.481.3313

Featured Mountain SerieS

Committed to Building LEED TM Homes

Pre–engineered, precut and panelized materials from our factory location

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Energy Efficient, Custom Built Homes Since 1975


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Faster. More comfortable. And Still Effective. Yes, Really! Nothing is more important to me than getting the best results possible for my clients. I have always told my clients that if something better for hair removal comes along- I will be sure to tell them. So here it is. Drum roll please. This month Light Touch Laser is introducing the DUET.

Large spot size means faster treatments for you! New LightSheer HS • • • • •

22 x 35 mm spot size Largest spot size of any diode Integrated vacuum-assist technology Pulse widths up to 400 ms No cooling or anesthetics required



Treating a much bigger spot size with every pulse, the DUET shaves off (pardon the pun) almost HALF of the treatment time required for an area.

Normally, an ultrasound gel is used for a diode laser treatment. The DUET uses suction instead of a gliding technique to treat, which means no gel required. No sticky pants. No sticky shirts. You can go back to work, no clean up required. Clients who hate the goo will LOVE this news! (You know who you are!)

Legs and backs are the two longest treatments I do. I have been doing laser for a long time, and I am fast. But, I must concede, this laser is faster. And that is awesome! Most areas can be treated with this new adaptation to the diode technology, meaning less time in the laser chair. That makes for very happy clients! It is MORE COMFORTABLE! It’s true! It really is! The DUET uses suction to pull the skin closer to the Diode, so you feel the suction more than the laser. And because the hair is drawn closer to the diode, we can use lower settings to get the same results! People who normally use topical anesthetic cream find they don’t need it with the Duet. This is amazing, because it is treating a larger size area with every pulse, yet you don’t feel it as much! Anyone who loves the idea of laser but hates the zap should try it with this new hand piece. It is so much easier.

IT WORKS! Ultimately, the only thing that matters to me is that it works. There is equipment on the market that doesn’t hurt, but I’ll never use it because it doesn’t work and truth be told, most of them are not even Lasers. The DUET is built on the Diode Laser platform. It is tried and true technology that is the gold standard for hair removal. It is the best and that is exactly what my clients deserve.

The best is what you get when you choose Light Touch Laser. Why Wouldn’t You?

Centre Square, Kentville NS P: 678-2829 |

Indulge Your Senses A hidden jem located in BEST WESTERN PLUS Dartmouth Hotel and Suites, near Dartmouth Crossing, Trendz uses the freshest of Nova Scotia ingredients whenever possible to make your dining experience a memorable one. Whether you’re looking for a place to enjoy that special occasion, a weekend brunch, a romantic dinner for two, or just a place to be with friends, Trendz offers an upscale, relaxing atmosphere for your enjoyment.

15 Spectacle Lake Dr Dartmouth | BEST WESTERN PLUS Dartmouth Hotel and Suites 902.463.2000 |


Winter 2012




can’t fully express how excited we are to be here in Halifax launching the inaugural issue of Fine Lifestyles. Having grown up in the Maritimes, I feel so blessed to live in such a diverse and vibrant part of the country. Just look around-you can’t help but fall in love with this region. From the natural beauty found in places like Peggy’s Cove and Lunenburg, to the many spectacular boutiques, galleries, and restaurants scattered across the Halifax Regional Municipality, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Although I could rattle off hundreds of things that I love about living in this region, the tight-knit community and the unique people that call it home are what really make it special. From artists, musicians, athletes, and business owners, Nova Scotia is brimming with talent. Contained within these pages are some of their stories. We sat down with local Iron Man and plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard Bendor-Samuel. Originally from Winnipeg, he tells us what brought him to Halifax, why he decided to start fresh in the Maritimes with his practice, and how this region inspires good living. On the sports side of things, we headed to the rink and met up with the Mooseheads. Currently ranked first in the league, Co-captain Trey Lewis and Head Coach Dominique Ducharme discuss the team’s success, giving back to the community and, of course, what it’s like playing in moose country with great support from local fans. Along with these two articles, you will find tantalizing recipes by local chefs, and many other stories highlighting the unique businesses that make this area such an exciting place to be. I hope that you are as thrilled with our first issue as we are to be launching it here.

On the cover: Dr. Richard Bendor-Samuel, his wife Stephanie and granddaughter, Piper. finemags

@finemags Associate Editor Lindsey Hunnewell

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Inspired by the Traditional Double-Baked Italian Biscuit PLEASE ENJOY RESPONSIBLY

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What’sInside & Haunting Collection by Lucian Matis Photos GreG SwaleS


ucian Matis sits down with close friend, awardwinning writer and fragrance expert Marian Bendeth for a little one-on-one to find out the true fabric that makes up the designer’s personality and his latest accomplishment – the Lucian Matis Fall/Winter 2012 campaign. What is more important: the cut or the print? LM: Most definitely both! I pay attention to all details and they are all equally as significant. What is your favourite fabric of all time to work with? LM: I love gabardine and brocades. I think they are both very luxurious fabrics. Do you ever follow other designer’s work and if so, who? If not, why not? LM: I wish I would have the luxury of time to do that. I do admire the work of a few designers but cannot say that I am following them. Do you envision art in everything you see? Is that a good thing or a curse? LM: Beauty and art can never be a curse but a blessing. I do see art in most everything, as most everything requires an art to be created.


You like to give credit to your mother, Viorica. [What kind of impact] has she been in your life? LM: I am fortunate to have such a gifted woman as a mother. My mom made me believe that everything is possible and when in hardship never to forget to smile. To her everything is an experience worth living.

FEaTuRE STORiES 22 58 68 74 78

Lucian Matis: Winter Collection COVER: Dr. Richard Bendor-Samuel Entertainment Calendar Holiday Drink Recipes Meaghen Smith: Songbird

m a loss of volume. They are often used ombination with other procedures and 12 FineLifestyles an alternative for people who either HRM

92 96 142 173

fire was raging through Purcell’s Cove They arrived home not knowing if thei house had burned or was still standing They found smoldering ruins. All the had left were the clothes on their back two bicycles, and the pickup truck the had driven to the airport.

“I used to have a beautiful art collection And a great wine cellar. Now I don collect anything. We lost all of ou family photos and keepsakes alon with an heirloom coin collection. It ha been my great-grandfather’s. And m grandfather’s hockey card collection h had passed down to me: Mahovlich King Clancy, Gump Worsley, all gon and not insured. People don’t get when you say nothing was left. Yo really have nothing,” he notes. “Now in retrospect, it isn’t so bad. Everythin was purged and we started fresh.”



Dr. Bendor-Samuel smiles when h says he and his wife have rebuilt. “M house is organized to allow me to trai when I get home from work. We’re i an area that is very conducive to th outdoors and going for a bike ride or run. A weekend for me is riding my bik from here to Pugwash, about a five hour pedal, and then run a maratho distance over the weekend, and g swimming a couple of times. To m that’s a fun weekend.”

Brandon Whitney: High Tide MooseheadsDr. Bendor-Samuel contemplates hi and his patients. He loves hi Shell Busey work on Renos practice of plastic surgery because i Kim Coates: Canada’s Bad Boy has so much variety. “You have to b a master at everything—skin, muscles bones—to be comfortable operating o This relaxation often takes the form of a every part of the body. Plastic Surger run or a swim. He trains 15 to 20 hours offers the opportunity to continu a week as part of his conditioning for learning and teaching.”

74 78 92

Photo by Daniel Cloutier

Meaghan’s miniature artwork is also gaining popularity

brandon Whitney


to tell—really quirky animals, robots and people in antique frames.” Thrilled and somewhat surprised by the popularity of her artwork, Meaghan continues to paint to keep up with the demand. “I played a house concert earlier this summer so people could also find out that I’m a painter, and I sold all my paintings that I took there. In the last year, 150 pieces sold, and I have 50 on the wait list now.”

ElEvating His gamE staying truE to His roots by Seann Paul Whitney GervaSon

Still residing in Halifax today as her musical career continues to flourish, Meaghan is excited about what the future holds. “I’ve now launched into a new stage; more people know me, and my record sales are up considerably. As I tour, crowds are getting larger, and I see people singing along.” On Meaghan’s fall calendar is the final show for her album, The Crickets Orchestra. Busy working on another record, she is also touring with her Christmas album, It Snowed. Meaghan will perform a holiday show at the Spatz Theatre in Halifax on December 16th.


Keep your eyes on this rising Canadian star; it seems the sky is the limit for Meaghan Smith. FLH


Fall River, NS


KitChens, it’s All About quAlity Style

14 as a manufacturer of custom all-wood f you want to furnish your home with high quality custom-made cabinets, kitchen and bathroom cabinets. With 16 37 Health and Wellness you need look no further than DeCoste employees, DeCoste Kitchens still remains Kitchens in Kingston, Nova Scotia. For very much a family business today. Karl’s 68 decades, arts, and the Dining family-run business has Entertainment wife and sister-in-law take care of the been praised for their top notch work on showroom and the office, with his son Canada’s east coast and across the border. joining the company four years ago. 92 Sports and Recreation


By Doris Wang

Originally from Antigonish, the DeCostes have always been in business together. Karl DeCoste, the current owner of DeCoste Kitchens, says the family has worked in restaurant and hotel businesses. Deciding to change their career path, the DeCostes moved to Kingston and started a woodworking company. Established in 1976 by Karl’s father,

With over 30 years of experience under his belt, it’s hard to imagine that Karl wasn’t always certain that he would work in the family business. When he first started working with his father at DeCoste Kitchens, he looked at other career options as well. “At 18 years old, I didn’t think this was what I wanted to do for a living,” he said. Ten years later, he was hooked. For DeCoste, it was the mixture of working in

100 103 170 180

Business House, Homes and Properties Wheels Retail Directory






ith frames from top brand names, designer boutique YKN Sunglasses & Eyeglasses has a style just for you.

and Zeiss laboratories. For those who spend a significant amount of time in front of a computer, and for the serious gamer, YKN also

YKN carries designer eyeglasses from Dior, Gucci, Porsche Design, Giorgio Armani, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Ray-Ban, Martin & Martin, Pro Design, and more. Brand name sunglasses, both prescription and sport, include Dior, Gucci, Burberry, Armani, Maui Jim, Oakley and Ray-Ban.

carries Gunnar Digital Performance Eyewear.

All eyewear features prescriptions filled with quality lenses and coatings from Essilor, Nikon

care, YKN strives to make shopping for eyewear




In business since 2006, YKN Sunglasses & Eyeglasses is an independently family owned

sunglasses & eyeglasses Rx

and operated eyewear boutique. Taking pride with individualized and thorough customer relaxing and fun. Your style is waiting . . .

1551 South Park Street Unit E Halifax 902.405.3866 |

Margaret Kowalski, owner

Cassaforte by Anne Grey photos DAviD GAmble

There is a hidden gem at 1551 South Park Street. Not hidden, really. And not just one gem. Cassaforte is home to many gems, from European design houses such as Baccarat, Thomas Sabo, Frey Wille and Franco Pianegonda. Cassaforte has the ambience of a gallery. The jewelry – and now select pieces of Baccarat home décor – is displayed with quiet elegance in a comfortable, welcoming room that is complete with soft music. “It’s about the experience. Come in and have fun. Jewelry is not a necessity, it’s not a need like utilities; it’s good for your soul,” says Margaret Kowalski. Kowalski, owner and operator of Cassaforte, first thought of opening a boutique when she came across exceptional jewelry during her travels




in Europe. She was enthralled by the Reminiscence line and wanted to make it available, not only for herself, but also for other fashionable women. She found additional lines and pieces that were unavailable in Halifax, and knew there were women here who would share her passion for this elegant, wearable art. Each year, when she travels to shows in Milan or Paris, she chooses carefully and brings in individual pieces from the various lines she carries. The jewelry at Cassaforte is not massproduced. All the lines are crafted by artists and artisans for the houses they represent. The jewelry available at Cassaforte is created using natural materials, precious and semiprecious stones; combining Old World craftsmanship with fashionforward design.

Cassaforte carries pieces for all ages and all tastes. Kowalski and her associate, Johanna Ventoso, pride themselves on their ability to help each client find her jewelry personality. Whether the client’s taste runs to Russian charoite, found only in Siberia; to the Thomas Sabo Charm Club collection; to the decorative gold and enameled art pieces of Frey Wille; or to the unique gold-plated brass animalierthemed pieces handcrafted in Italy by an established family of jewelry designers, the staff at Cassaforte can assist her in choosing the perfect piece. Their aim is to help the client enhance her image, to find the jewelry that will accessorize her personality. Kowalski and Ventoso invite clients to bring in clothing planned for a special event, and they will help unearth that unique piece to put the final touch on the outfit. Their credo is “accent your image.”

Delicate $375 25” sterling silver chain, all joints silver-soldered. Beautiful with your pendants, or wear alone.

Romantic Discovery $698 Hand-forged sterling silver with 8-carat Brazilian solid-crystal white opal, and 1.3 ct. Australian solid-crystal grey opal.

Blue Mist $798 Hand-forged, richly textured cuff with mist chalcedony.

Misty Blue $350 Hand-forged sterling silver ring with blue mist chalcedony.

celebration and wonder. For almost 250 curiosity drive his compelling designs years, Baccarat has graced the finest and sensuous textures. Wildly exciting tables, homes and palaces of the world. and always wearable, Peter’s jewelry is Today, Baccarat continues to capture with sold in fine shops and has been exhibited great creativity its rich heritage to create in galleries in Canada and the US. His work is included in prestigious private designs perfect for the cosmopolitan Radiance $185 Exotique $185 style of today’s elite. collections around the world. “We are very pleased that Bauer has agreed to be Accent your image‰. “This is not shopping; Peter grew up in a central European town Hand-forged, richly textured earrings, very light, very sparkling. represented in our store. His designs are it is a very personal experience.” FLH steeped in jewelry-making tradition. His timeless. His work will suit our clients.” mother was a talented designer and his uncle owned a jewelry manufacturing Founded in 1764, Baccarat, the world’s business, where Peter made his first piece most prestigious creator of crystal, has of jewelry at age 5. He went on to learn withstood the test of time to become a ® symbol of excellence. An ambassador of jewelry fabrication skills from his uncle. the French lifestyle, Baccarat continues He completed extensive metalworking and art courses at the University of its legacy with constantly evolving Cassaforte designs that range from understated Vienna, where he earned two engineering Paramount Plaza to magnificent, from classic to degrees. He studied industrial design at 1551 South Park Street London University and earned a masters contemporary. Halifax, NS degree in physics from Cambridge 902.406.3393 The Baccarat name has long been University, England. recognized across the globe as both a Peter’s limitless imagination and innate hallmark, and a glittering invitation to

Now, Cassaforte is the exclusive venue for the Peter Bauer collection of handcrafted, fine silver jewelry. In today’s world, when even the most expensive jewelry is mass produced, Peter Bauer’s handwrought jewelry is prized for its refreshing Sparkle $175 Tango $198 individuality and superb handcrafting.




Left: Eve Arsenault, owner

Styled traditionS by Lindsey HunneweLL photos Bruce JoLLimore

Many things have changed since 1963, but Carlo’s Barber Shop’s commitment to customer service is not one of them. Since opening its doors almost 50 years ago, Carlo’s has been offering straightrazor shaves and superb haircuts with a smile.

Carlo’s Team

Eve Arsenault is the owner of Carlo’s Barber Shop and its sister salons, Shades of Pink nail salon and Shades hair studio. She explains that the three locally-owned businesses function like one big family. At the core of the shops’ values is a commitment to quality and fostering tradition. At Carlo’s Barber Shop, every mens cut is finished with a straight-razor shave on the back of the neck and their barbers are trained to use free-hand clipper cutting techniques that are no longer

Shades Team




taught in school. These little touches are why clients keep returning. “We have men that are coming in with their children, and they have been coming here since they were a child,” explains Arsenault. But although it upholds a strong tradition of barbering, Arsenault is quick to state that it is anything but old-fashioned. “It’s old-school barbering with a modernday flair,” she says. The staff follows the current trends as well as keeping with tradition. They also recently added a “manscaping” room for manicures, pedicures, and waxing by licensed estheticians. Arsenault states that men are more comfortable with esthetics, and that gentlemen today want to be well groomed.

Shades of Pink opened in 2010 and offers gel nails as well as manicures, pedicures, eyelash extensions, waxing, makeup application and more. The staff is very artistic and never uses stenciling. Here, they care about the health of the nails and providing a comfortable atmosphere for their customers. “A lot of our clients like to come to us not only for the quality work that we do, but for the conversations that they have with us,” says licenced esthetician, Grace Ritchie. This is true of Shades hair salon as well. Shades hair studio joined the family a year after its sister nail salon. Now, with master stylists that have been working for upwards of 30 years in the business along with talented juniors, Shades can share their expertise and provide a wonderful environment. “It’s a beautiful new salon with top-of-the-line equipment and décor,” states Heather Kaiser, Manager of the salon. It’s the welcoming atmosphere and the friendly staff that keeps Jeanne Langille coming back: “it’s bright and cheery.”

Arsenault feels that the staff’s education and expertise is a key to the success of all three businesses. With a certified pedologist, estheticians, master stylists and barbers, they can provide the best customer care possible. As well, it’s really a one-stop shop since many of the staff are trained to work with nails and with hair. “We are unique in the way that we can offer the whole package,” says Arsenault. She feels this is simply one reason of many that customers will continue to visit for many years to come. FLH Carlo’s Barber Shop 1595 Bedford Highway Sunnyside Mall Bedford, NS 902.835.2359 Shades of Pink Nail Salon 1595 Bedford Highway Sunnyside Mall Bedford, NS 902.406.7465

Shades Hair Studio 1595 Bedford Highway Sunnyside Mall Bedford, NS 902.406.4002




shopping at its Finest by Katie MasKell photos Bruce JolliMore


unnyside Mall is an iconic part of the landscape in Bedford, Nova Scotia. It is a destination shopping centre with a mix of independent and national retailers specializing in everything from fashion, home dĂŠcor and speciality foods to electronics, personal care services and more. At Sunnyside Mall you can find all of your necessary (and not so necessary) needs.




Sunnyside Mall was built in 1964 and is conveniently located on the Bedford Highway. It is in close proximity to major highways and is an easy commute from Hammonds Plains, Fall River, Lower Sackville, Dartmouth and Halifax. Offering free aboveground and underground parking, Sunnyside Mall is accessible to everyone. Visible and popular anchor tenants can also be

found at Sunnyside Mall, including Pete’s, Mark’s Work Wearhouse and Shoppers Drug Mart. In 2010 renovations to the north end of the shopping centre took place. Retail units were added, as well as a lovely seating area that is surrounded by bright light and decorative columns. A particular distinctive feature of Sunnyside Mall is their one-of-a-kind

Marketside – a section of the centre that resembles a European open air market with a variety of gourmet fresh food retailers and seating areas where people come together for a meal, a cup of coffee, networking, business meetings or simply to take some time to catch up with friends. This year marks the 15th anniversary of Sunnyside Mall’s Marketside. For more information on Sunnyside Mall visit Also, don’t forget to connect with their Facebook page and Twitter account for up-to-date information on all of the latest promotions and events at Sunnyside Mall. FLH Sunnyside Mall 1595 Bedford Highway Bedford, NS 902.835.5099

& Haunting Collection by Lucian Matis Photos GreG SwaleS


ucian Matis sits down with close friend, awardwinning writer and fragrance expert Marian Bendeth for a little one-on-one to find out the true fabric that makes up the designer’s personality and his latest accomplishment – the Lucian Matis Fall/Winter 2012 campaign. What is more important: the cut or the print? LM: Most definitely both! I pay attention to all details and they are all equally as significant. What is your favourite fabric of all time to work with? LM: I love gabardine and brocades. I think they are both very luxurious fabrics. Do you ever follow other designer’s work and if so, who? If not, why not? LM: I wish I would have the luxury of time to do that. I do admire the work of a few designers but cannot say that I am following them. Do you envision art in everything you see? Is that a good thing or a curse? LM: Beauty and art can never be a curse but a blessing. I do see art in most everything, as most everything requires an art to be created. You like to give credit to your mother, Viorica. [What kind of impact] has she been in your life? LM: I am fortunate to have such a gifted woman as a mother. My mom made me believe that everything is possible and when in hardship never to forget to smile. To her everything is an experience worth living.




If you could describe your life as a colour, what was it before and what is it now? LM: Before 1999 is was white. Then just after I arrived in Canada it became blue. At this very moment it is gold. You love jewelry. Would you feel naked without it? LM: I do love jewelry, and yes I do feel funny when taking them all off at night. However I cant wear any jewelry when on vacation or with family . . . not sure why. What is the best comment you have received from a client? LM: “You made me feel so special� is one that I get most and never seem to get tired of hearing it. What kind of art moves you the most? LM: One that has a story to tell in the most impactful way. How do you feel about guys wearing skirts? Cool or not? LM: I think it is cool if they have the right legs and balls to do it! How much patience should a designer have? LM: Infinite. It never goes as planned.




Was becoming a Fashion Designer worth all the work and risk? LM: Most of the time it seems like a good investment. My time is divided between worry and creativity. How can you make those feathers so shiny? What is the process? LM: It is all in the works of photographer Greg Swales and his magical lighting. Also, Photoshop might have helped a tad. What is the significance of the owl? Is there a story there? LM: The photographer and I wanted to create a magical space with mystery in it, and the owl seemed to be a perfect fit. I wanted the theme of nature to continue throughout the campaign and haunt the imagery. Where did the original concept for macrame lace originate from? Is it hard to create?




LM: The macramé is a very old way of creating fabrics in Eastern Europe and highly prized due to the workmanship in the detail. This technique idea was brought back to me when I saw one small element on a friend’s blouse and immediately fell back in love with it. I wanted to enlarge this small element and create an entire collection based around it. The sleeves and front of this dress look like Joan of Arc . . . like a female warrior. Was this any part of your vision? LM: Yeah, that does look armor-like. It is due to the use of the crocodile leather and the dropped waist. Frankly, that is one of my favourite images we crated in this campaign. There is a lot of symmetry in your work. LM: I find symmetry something very hard to achieve, and it always gives so much beauty to whatever the object

might be. I do believe that two halfs make a whole. Where do envision a woman wearing this body hugging artwork? Where would be your ideal location? LM: With the risk of sounding overly confident I do believe we managed to create a piece of art in this outfit. Minutes before the show and seeing it on the model I realized that this would be a collection I will be proud of. All that work paid off that very moment. How do you see the return of the ‘40s peplum impacting the 21st century woman? What does it mean to you? LM: I think peplums are such a trendy element and they are a classic element at the same time. It contours a woman’s body beautifully. FLH

Putting Your Best Face Forward

Chambers has been a certified laser technician for 10 years. Over the past decade she has travelled across the country for certification and training in three unique laser technologies for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and tattoo removal. In 2008, she opened Total Body Laser Clinic and has been helping people improve their skin, build self-confidence, and put their best face forward ever since.

Kelly Chambers Clinic Owner & Operator Licenced Esthetician, Certified Laser Technician Total Body Laser Clinic 30 Farnham Gate Road Rockingham Ridge Plaza, Unit 111 Halifax, NS 902.407.7223


t’s that time of year again: you find yourself digging into the closet for a warm coat as you prepare for the winter chill. You may also be noticing extra freckles or sunspots on your skin that you accumulated after a beautiful summer outside in the sun. “Most of us have more sun damage on our skin than we’d like,” says Kelly Chambers, licenced esthetician, certified laser technician, and owner of Total Body Laser Clinic. “Whether you’re 26, 39, or 68, everyone wants to look and feel their best.”

Her company’s core values lay in providing the customers with the best care in the safest manner. She says this is one reason why she started using Light and Heat Energy (LHE) laser technology in her clinic. “LHE is the first naturopathic laser machine,” she states. “It’s a gentle, non-invasive treatment that safely and naturally treats all skin types for a wide variety of medical and esthetic skin conditions.” LHE technology works on the concept of selective photothermolysis, meaning the laser uses specific wavelengths of light that are attracted to melanin in the body. “It takes the concept of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) one step further by adding direct heat to the equation using an open lamp technology, which makes it the safest on the market,” says Chambers. Approved by Health Canada, LHE laser safely removes spider veins, acne, freckles, fine lines and more without using any gels or skin-cooling methods. Chambers says there are a few things to consider when planning a laser treatment:

• Visit a certified laser technician. There is currently no laser legislation in the province of Nova Scotia. Although the cosmetology board is working to put measures in place legally, there are still a number of non–certified people operating in the province. It is your skin: trust it to someone who has had the proper training. • Be certain that you meet all the medical requirements. You should not receive laser treatments if you’re pregnant, have epilepsy, or if you’re taking certain antibiotics. The general rule of thumb is that you come in good health. • Make sure there has been no UV or sun exposure, including tanning beds to the area for six weeks before your appointment. Due to the photo–thermal process used with the lasers, it is like applying a sunburn on top of a sunburn if you have had UV exposure. • Do your research. Talk to the laser technician about the procedure. Be certain that you understand the entire process and the expected results. • Find a clinic that specializes in servicing your specific skin type. Because LHE technology uses certain wavelengths of light that are attracted to melanin in your skin, a slightly different process is used on darker skin types. Be certain that the clinic can accommodate your skin type. “Every person deserves to feel good about themselves,” says Chambers. With these tips in mind, you can get the most out of your laser treatments and love your skin again. FLH




The Power of frida By Nicole Trask PHOTOS Bruce Jollimore


alking into Frida at the Piazza in Bishop’s Landing is akin to exploring a fine art gallery. Each piece displayed is handmade, rich in history and beautiful to behold. Owner and designer Carolyn Lamb takes pride in creating exquisite, bold pieces that are works of art. With a penchant for designing statement jewellery inspired by powerful themes, Lamb offers customized collections that are exclusive to Frida. Now that Bishop’s Landing is building momentum as one of Halifax’s most exceptional shopping destinations, Frida has found the ideal home. Fine restaurants, boutiques and a picturesque waterfront boardwalk make this destination a sought out place to live, dine and shop.

pen overnight. It’s been a natural progression and now I’m ready to market and move forward.” Part of that branding will include showing her jewellery at art galleries around the world. For the time being, her current focus is the boutique and the personal connections she’s established. Aside from her own work, Lamb features collections from several local silversmiths and an artisan collection from Tuscany. Frida also offers bespoke and Lamb enjoys connecting with her customers to create customized pieces. “I’m able to work with a client to create something completely unique to them with their criteria,” she says. “I’m not locked into one genre and that makes it really fun for me as a designer.”

“Not everyone realizes that Frida is here but once they discover the boutique, they are always amazed,” says Lamb. “The Piazza is evolving to become one of the city’s top shopping locations.”

Lamb’s customers are her friends and this speaks volumes about the level of service they receive. She makes a point of remembering each of her clients and their tastes.

The concept of Frida blossomed years ago and Lamb drew inspiration from her beloved home on Caribou Island, Nova Scotia. Using natural corals and pearls, she created her Caribou collection, which reflects a tribal flavour. This led to her Ocean series, which is inspired by the patterns of the sea and handmade with 18kt gold and sterling silver. Perhaps, her most personal work comes in the form of the Shield series. A powerful dynamic encompasses these pieces, executed with precious metals and striking gemstones and diamonds. This collection symbolizes “collective strength and individuality” and is dedicated to women who inspire Lamb. Over time, Frida has evolved to become a sophisticated, high-end brand.

In November, Lamb will be the sole jewellery sponsor for the Compass Group Canada Festival of Trees, an event that raises funds for the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia. With Christmas fast approaching, she also enjoys helping shoppers discover swoonworthy pieces.

“Frida is not only an exclusive shopping destination but it is also a luxury brand,” says Lamb. “I have a tremendous team of talented people who have helped me develop this brand and it didn’t hap-

“Service is our number one priority,” explains Lamb. “I am my own client and I am trying to take the elitism out of luxury and offer exquisite jewellery for each customer that walks in the door.” FLH

Frida Bishop’s Landing 6A 1477 Lower Water Street Halifax 902.492.2947

Owner and designer Carolyn Lamb

EXPERTAdvice Get Rid of Stubborn Fat

Why let stubborn fat stay with you when there’s a way to get rid of it? Say goodbye to stubborn fat No matter how healthily you eat and how much you exercise, stubborn fat is almost impossible to lose. You know the kind – muffin tops, love handles and belly pooches. Well, there are two options. You could live with it, or you could think about surgery. For many of us, neither of those options will do. That’s why Vibe Salon|Medi-Spa is excited to offer an alternative.

Lose the love handles Imagine being able to target fat cells, eliminating them in a simple, nonintrusive way that exercise and diet can’t achieve as quickly or as effectively. Unlike procedures that use laser and sonic waves to remove fat, CoolSculpting doesn’t burn, shatter or extract cells. This means your body won’t need that downtime to heal. CoolSculpting is not a salon or spa treatment; it’s a cosmetic medicine practice that can only be performed in a top-quality medical environment by highly trained staff.

Kerri Houweling Owner - Master Clinical Esthetician

Vibe Salon | Medispa 1658 Bedford Highway Unit 0375 Bedford Place Mall Bedford, N.S. 902.835.5976

Non-surgical treatment Our Health-Canada approved procedure uses a targeted cooling process that kills the fat cells underneath the skin. Fat cells are frozen to the point of elimination. What happens to healthy cells? They stay healthy. Unlike with other procedures, there are no knives, suction hoses, needles or scars. The fat cells die once crystallized and are naturally eliminated from your body. It’s a process called apoptosis. In a few months, you’ll be able to say hello to the new you. The first thing that happens at Vibe Salon|Medi-Spa is clients thinking about CoolSculpting will come in for a consultation. Clients meet with Kerri Houweling, our master clinical esthetician who has been an industry professional for more than 17 years. Clients also meet with our physician Dr. Renier van Aardt. After determining




you’re a candidate, we look at your area of concern and create a treatment plan. Treatments average $1,500 per area.

Little to no downtime The results are phenomenal. It works 100 per cent of the time and takes little recovery. Treatments generally take oneand-a-half to three hours, but remember this isn’t a series of treatments. While there can be some discomfort post treatment, people can continue their daily routines and get right back into the swing of things. It doesn’t require time off work or any lifestyle modifications, which is fantastic.

Reclaim the real you with CoolSculpting After one visit Vibe Salon|Medi-Spa for a CoolSculpting treatment, you’ll typically see a noticeable fat reduction. It takes a few months to fully realize the effects because it takes that long for your body to naturally dispose of the fat cells. And even more cool, you can lose more stubborn fat with additional appointments if your doctor thinks it’s necessary. Just imagine. After a few months not only will your clothes fit better but you’ll look better. As long as you maintain your diet and exercise, you should see longterm results. No surgery, no pills, no supplements, and you’re the new you. How cool is that?

Vibe Salon | Medi-Spa In the heart of Bedford, Vibe Salon|MediSpa is upbeat and fashion oriented with an urban chic flair. The spa is relaxing, nurturing and indulgent. Focusing on creating an unforgettable experience, our team of professional hairstylists, estheticians, clinical estheticians, medical estheticians and cosmetic physician are committed to exceptional service, providing results you will love. FLH

Life SaLonSpa

atlantic Canada’s aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa BY carrie giLBerT


onsistent and exemplary customer service—a holistic spa experience to enhance your well-being and personal image in Halifax and Dartmouth.

holds the Canadian record for indoor and outdoor 400m (M40) sprint. “I was inspired by my mother’s entrepreneurial spirit and realized the potential for growth,” he says.

Peter Lawson, owner and creative director of Life SalonSpa is no stranger to the industry. Growing up in a family owned salon, he quickly realized the hidden power and depth of the beauty industry, which inspired him to create balance in his personal life. Working hard at living his dreams, Peter trained to become a world-class athlete, and

Grueling training schedules at international locales, along with trying to maintain a vigorous working schedule and personal life, made him realize the importance of balance and well-being. Peter decided to look beneath the surface of the industry and decided that connecting personal health and wellness with the world of beauty truly inspired

him. Striving for beauty, excellence and well-being, Peter created the concept for Life SalonSpa. The initially accepted business model in 1998 was modeled after a hierarchy with the CEO at the top and employees at the bottom. From this, Peter determined that a circle better represented the balance of a healthy corporate structure. With this in mind, he came up with the concept for Life’s logo, brand, and the philosophy behind Life SalonSpa’s award-winning business practices.




Peter Lawson, Owner/Creative Designer

Peter strived to create a business atmosphere composed of like-minded individuals who embodied the spirit and mission statement of Life, which is to provide refuge from the chaos of the world. With passion and excellence they will take you on a journey to connect with wellness and define your individuality. At Life SalonSpa, be in harmony and experience your dream Peter’s passion for Life inspired him to be a part of something bigger. Aveda was the perfect match. “My journey and relationship with Aveda began at the Aveda congress festival in 1996,” he says. “The incredible focus and integrity of Aveda and its founder Horst Rechelbacher compelled me to




join the network, and I opened my first concept salon soon after. Aveda’s worldrenowned educational facilities have given me the tools to become a leader in colour education. Opening the two Aveda Lifestyle locations allowed me to connect the Life SalonSpa experience with the people of HRM.”

Why Aveda? The name Aveda is derived from the East Indian Sanskrit and translates to ‘science of life.’ Aveda is known for using the art and science of pure flower and plant essences. Aveda was founded in 1978 by Horst Rechelbacher, hair stylist, environmentalist and entrepreneur. The goal was to provide spa therapists and

salon professionals with products that enhanced the lives and well being of their customers. Aveda began with the vision of creating high quality and highly effective products that were good for both guests and the Earth. Aveda’s main mission is to be an environmental leader, and it was this ideology that attracted like-minded professionals and guests who truly wanted to make a difference. In 2009, Aveda became the first beauty company in the world to achieve a Cradleto-Cradle SM (C2C) Sustainability endorsement for intelligent design, sustainable stewardship, and reuse of materials. Aveda is 96%* naturally derived and

This Holiday season purchase an Aveda Holiday Gift Set plus one retail product and Spin to Win. You could win your purchase tax free, a Elemental Nature facial, or even up to 500 AeroPlan points.

partners with indigenous communities and local farms around the world to sustainably source high quality ingredients, supporting and preserving indigenous cultures. Over the years, Aveda has reached several notable milestones. They provided the first 100 percent post-consumer PET packaging and are the first company to manufacture using 100% wind energy. They use a oneof-a-kind soil to bottle SM tracing system, ensuring ingredient integrity and fairness to farmers. To date, Aveda has raised over $14 million for Earth Month causes such as clean water and global warming.

The Spa Experience Ayurveda, a 5,000 year-old Indian healing tradition, tells us that the spirit of natural elements (Infinity, Air, Fire, Water and Earth) are within us. In balance, skin and hair reflect health and vitality. When the element that you individually have affinity for is brought out of balance by diet, stress, or the environment, skin, hair and overall well being can become unhealthy. This is the reason we use elemental nature questionnaires for our spa/salon services, to help determine which products and aromas are best suited for each personalized service.

All treatments at Life SalonSpa include at least one their signature rituals of renewal. These rituals include; an aroma sensory journey, chakra sensory journey, makeup ritual, stress-relieving hand ritual, stressrelieving neck and shoulder ritual, tea ritual and a shine enhancing treatment with warm aroma steam towel.

Why Life? At Life SalonSpa, we offer above and beyond personalized services based on each guests’ lifestyle.

This Holiday season, receive a complimentary $20 gift card with the purchase of a $100 gift card.

We have a passion for education—our service providers are internationally trained, providing modern looks and exemplary customer service. Our therapist’s high touch holistic approach connects beauty, fashion and well-being. Incorporating our culture of combining beauty with environmental awareness, we successfully raised over 14 000 dollars this year alone for earth month in support of clean drinking water worldwide. We fulfill our mission by providing high performance products that are good for our professionals, our guests and our earth. Beauty is as beauty does…

Life SalonSpa 5520 Spring Garden Rd Halifax 99 Hector Gate Dartmouth Crossing 902.423.7771 |






NEW YOU Making a decision for a new look always includes getting a new style or haircut at the salon. Some people bring in photos of looks they want and most have an idea of the image they want to portray. Your style should be a reflection of your lifestyle and your personality. So what style best reflects your personality?

Traditional— Conservative A blunt cut is always professional to suit your style. A classic look that is always in vogue and looks good whether relaxing on the weekend or taking control in the boardroom.

Outgoing—Popular You are full of energy and want a bouncy style to go along with it. Choose a cut past your shoulders with long layers that you can curl for special occasions. Undercuts are a great way for your stylist to help your hair have body and bounce.

Funny and Confident

Efficient Go-Getter

Pick a short flirty style with highlights and lots of layers to match your vibrant personality. Short hair always looks healthy just like you do.

A shoulder length style that has a lot of layers will fit your no-nonsense approach to life with wash and wear hair. There is little fuss involved and it always looks well groomed. Keeping your hair at shoulder length also allows you to pull it back into a pony tail for times when you just want it off your face to do those tasks at hand.

The right hairstyle can help you approach your day with confidence. Keep in mind with the holiday season whether you will want a formal up-do or even embellish your current style with some hairpieces.

Artistic and Modern—Likes Fashion Go for a creative haircut that reflects your style. Think Betty Paige with an edge. Choose multiple colours like pink or purple tips or highlights on multilayers that you can use gel to spike or blow dry flat. Bangs are in style now. Big bold bangs that create a fringe almost down to your lashes to highlight those twinkling eyes of yours.

Whatever you decide, there are some great stylists in Halifax Regional Municipality that will be happy to help.

“Hair is what frames who you are and who you want to be. Your hair is the best expression of your personality. Your hair is simply what makes you go from having a bad day to a great one.” Alicia Austin, Owner of Capelli Salon Studio




l-r: Devera Giles - Owner, Jaime Bowie - Master Esthetician, Alicia Langille - Master Stylist

Moving AheAd With ConfidenCe By Anne Wentzell photos tom englAnd

Growing up in a business atmosphere instills a wealth of knowledge and insight. Devera Giles learned that first hand through her father, Joe Graves, who owned Headquarters Hair Solutions, Halifax, for 45 years. With 30 years experience in the hair replacement industry, Devera opened Ultra Hair Solutions and Esthetics in 2008, bringing with her a commitment to customer satisfaction. It is her compassion and empathy for clients that gains Devera the recognition of being the best - maintains her strong client base. A woman’s hair is her crowning glory - a presentation of self to the world. To experience hair loss through such things as alopecia, chemotherapy or menopausal changes can be devastating.




Ultra Hair Solutions and Esthetics offers solace in a conducive, empathetic atmosphere to those women seeking advice and understanding. “I want to have a place where women feel comfortable,” says Devera, adding that, “They want to live their lives and feel confident when they look in the mirror.” Offering a wide selection of wigs, Ultra Hair Solutions and Esthetics prides itself in its knowledgeable staff who ensure wig selection or the integrating of hair into existing hair, is the right choice for their client. Such considerations as facial structure, skin tone, age and lifestyle will determine what suits the best. Devera reiterates that it’s important to understand why a client requires

a wig or hair integration. For client’s comfort, all fittings are done in a private setting. For those diagnosed with cancer and undergoing chemotherapy, the physical changes can be devastating. It’s an emotional roll coaster of fear and uncertainty. That’s why when trying on a wig initially, “I always encourage the client to bring someone in with them. That’s their personal support,” adds Devera. She states that emotions often do come to the surface in the initial consultation. “There’s a wide range of emotions. Some clients are able to jump in head first, accept it for what it is and have a positive outlook.” For others, Devera tries to make the experience as uplifting as possible. Clients are free to bring in a glass of wine

during the wig fitting, to feel at ease at Ultra Hair Solutions and Esthetics. “I encourage them to see the experience as taking control and to embrace it,” says Devera. “A lot of things are going through their minds… There can be a lot of laughter or a lot of tears. It can be quite emotional.” Aside from wig fittings and various hair loss issues, Ultra Hair Solutions and Esthetics provides regular hair service and has a master esthetician on staff. They also provide laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne treatments and can correct vascular and pigmented lesions. Devera acknowledges that there are other places in Halifax where one can purchase a wig but, “The level of detail that Ultra Hair and Esthetics can provide is bar none,” concluding that, “At the end of the day, I just want to be able to help people feel good. With compassion, I want to be able to achieve that for my clients.” FLH Ultra Hair Solutions 1770 Market Street, Suite M100 Halifax, N.S. P: 902.429.8300 F: 902.429.2988




Finding the Perfect Piece of Jewellery

James Bradshaw James Bradshaw Goldsmith Jewellery Design Studio 1551 Birmingham Street, at Queen Street 902.425.0121


inding that perfect ring or bracelet, for yourself or someone special, can be a daunting task. James Bradshaw Goldsmith can offer some advice on making the right selection.

Where to Look Not all jewellery stores are created equal. A chain store at the mall might serve for costume jewellery, but to find a showstopping piece, try exploring what local goldsmiths have to offer. Factors you might want to consider when choosing where to buy jewellery include: how long has this person been in business? What are their qualifications? Is their jewellery designed and built on-site? Is my selection limited to pre-made pieces, or will this goldsmith craft something for me specifically? Can I ‘buy local’? Does this goldsmith do repairs? Making jewellery is an art as well as a craft and a science, and James Bradshaw brings




his own style – modern, with a playful sense of movement—to his work. He has been a practicing goldsmith for almost forty years, running his own business in Halifax for most of that time. His studio currently features both his original designs and those of designer Bruce Babcock.

You may have heard jewellers discuss a diamond’s “clarity” – that is, the visibility of any inclusions or imperfections within the stone. While the most expensive diamonds may be flawless, a stone classified higher than “I1”, or “imperfect,” will not have inclusions visible to the naked eye.

Choosing a Diamond

These are the famous “Four C’s” of choosing a diamond – cut, colour, carat weight, and clarity. Remember, cut and colour are paramount in finding your perfect stone. We should also mention that icily beautiful Canadian diamonds (another C!) are becoming more popular with informed jewellers, goldsmiths and customers.

Many first-time buyers assume that the most important aspect of buying a diamond is its carat weight. However, a diamond’s cut will reveal its quality even more clearly. There is an “ideal cut” for a diamond – mathematically determined proportions that show off every gleaming facet. Cut by an inexperienced or inexpert hand, a diamond loses integrity and brilliance. Some diamond cutters will cut a stone to maximize its carat weight, regardless of proportion, but choosing a diamond with an “ideal cut” guarantees the stone will show to its—and your— best advantage. James Bradshaw uses only “ideal cut” diamonds in his works. The second most important factor in choosing a diamond is its colour. Diamonds range from yellow to colourless, rated on a scale from D (the lightest and most brilliant stones) to Z (the darkest.) In the interest of quality, James Bradshaw works with E and F colour diamonds almost exclusively.

A final note – don’t feel bound to diamonds because they’re “traditional.” A smoldering ruby or golden South Sea pearl might be perfect for you. James Bradshaw works with many types of gems, with beautiful results.

Taking the Plunge Educate yourself before you make a purchase – the Internet is your friend! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get involved. A good goldsmith will work with you to meet your needs. Here’s hoping this advice helps you uncover a piece of jewellery that will give you pleasure for years to come. FLH

husband snores. It’s annoying. YourYour husband snores. It’s annoying And it might be deadly. And it might be deadly. Snoring may be a sign of O s A , a common disorder bstructive



where you have short pauses in your breathing while you sleep. ring mayUntreated, be a sign Obstructive sleep ApneA, it canof increase your risk for:

a common ere you •have short pauses in your breathing while you sleep. High blood pressure • Heart disease • Heart attacks • Strokes • Diabetes rhythms • Driving reated,• Irregular it can heart increase your riskaccidents for: • Work-related accidents

gh bloodFree pressure • Heart disease •required. Heart attacks • Strokes • Diabetes TestingNo Prescription We can help! egular heart rhythms • Driving accidents rk-related accidents Testing & treating sleeping disorders, particularly Obstructive sleep ApneA.

Dartmouth 435-0298 35 Baker Drive

Lower Sackville 252-5500 91 Sackville Drive

Halifax 422-1957 287 Lacewood Drive

Valley Medical aesthetics by Erica ShEllEy photos GabriEllE Gallant


s we step into winter, most Canadians are reluctant to send their summer clothes to the back of their closets. Many already look forward to taking them out again next year or for a tropical winter getaway. The first warm days of spring usually fill the streets with people wearing shorts, sandals and summer dresses.

For some, however, warm weather celebrations are tainted by a gnawing self-consciousness. About a third of adults are afflicted by some form of chronic venous disease (CVD) – from small spider veins to bulging varicose veins. Many who suffer from CVD feel a need to hide their legs. In many cases varicose veins can be extremely painful and can even result in leg ulcers.




Valley Medical Aesthetics began with a focus on medical laser treatments for aesthetic improvements to the skin; however, the demand for venous disease treatments as well as cosmetic vein solutions quickly became obvious. Vascular surgeons Dr. Dion Davidson and Dr. Benjamin Heisler along with vascular radiologist Dr. Greg Butler realized that many of their patients would benefit from endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) as an option. EVLT is an ideal solution for many people because there is minimal or no scarring, no anaesthetic, minimal discomfort and a faster recovery time than traditional venous surgeries. The doctors use it as an alternative to or to supplement other treatments such as traditional surgery and sclerotherapy.

Patients who walk through the doors usually lead busy lives and would like to quickly resolve their discomfort. Wait times for vascular surgeons are increasing as emergent patients and surgeries take priority. Previously the wait time to be seen for CVD was over two years. The staff realized they needed to overhaul the process so that patients could be treated sooner. Now, ultrasound technicians can provide the necessary tests immediately prior to the patient’s consultation with the surgeon. Dr. Heisler or Davidson are able to recommend options for treatment based on the results of the ultrasound test. Any questions that arise concerning their options can be addressed and the patient is able to decide on a plan that makes the most sense for them. This

one visit is often able to eliminate three or four visits for consultation, tests and results. The wait time to be seen for veins has been reduced significantly. While Valley Medical Aesthetics offers various methods for treating vein problems, they are also passionate about preventative measures. “Many clients lament that they weren’t aware that they could do something to prevent these unsightly veins earlier,” says Maresa Davidson, the Clinic Director. “We try to educate as many people as we can.” For those with a family history of venous disease, those who stand or sit for long hours and for patients who already have established varicose veins and


venous disease, one of the best ways to diminish future vein problems is to wear compression stockings. Our certified compression stocking fitters have been trained by the leading medical compression stocking manufacturers. These professionals assist patients with preventative measures including providing expert measuring and fitting of stockings, support and advice regarding their use and help with insurance coverage.

The clinic also carries medical grade skin care products for the prevention and correction of issues such as acne, wrinkles and sun damage. Dullness and dryness of skin often accompany the aging process, but various products are available to moisturize and rejuvenate the skin. They also carry products that enhance therapeutic treatment of vein conditions; medical cleansers, lotions and supplements which can reduce discomfort caused by CVD.

Besides treating vein issues, Valley Medical Aesthetics also specializes in skin treatment. Various surface laser treatments are used to remedy skin laxity, cellulite, wrinkles and environmental damage such as sun exposure. Skin conditions such as rosacea and acne can also be improved.

While the products available treat a range of skin and vein issues, they all have one very important thing in common: every product is supported by reliable and extensive medical research. Valley Medical Aesthetics makes it a priority to find proven solutions to patients’ problems.





“We have made it our priority to create the most comprehensive, streamlined and effective medical treatment experience”

Product recommendations and treatments are informed by the combined expertise of the team members. Drs Heisler and Davidson are vascular surgeons (two of only a handful of these specialists in Atlantic Canada) and experts in venous disease. Dr. Greg Butler is an interventional and vascular radiologist with decades of clinical and leadership experience in the Annapolis Valley as well as nationally and internationally. All three specialists have had their research published in medical journals and have been invited to lecture at conferences and seminars. They are leaders in venous disease and in educating other medical professionals about its treatment. These three physicians have worked together in developing advanced care of CVD in Nova Scotia and all of them undertake the EVLT procedure.

round out the Valley Medical Aesthetics team. All of the staff participate in ongoing education helping them stay connected to the most recent research and innovation.

Three certified ultrasonographers, two certified laser technicians, and four certified compression stocking fitters

At Valley Medical Aesthetics, patients are valued and their time is respected.

Together, these professionals work to provide patients with knowledge, timely service and support. “We have made it our priority to create the most comprehensive, streamlined and effective medical treatment experience for patients with venous disease,” explains Dr. Davidson.

These priorities influence the general organization of the clinic but are also expressed in the fine details. Patients are guided through a personalized, comfortable experience – from consultations with trusted surgeons to being served refreshments in the waiting room! For most patients, their personalized experience will reduce painful or uncomfortable conditions. Others will benefit from education and preventative measures. With the help of Valley Medical Aesthetics, patients can get back to enjoying life. Although many people with CVD want to avoid thinking about summer shorts, winter is actually the perfect time to deal with their condition. Compression stockings worn after the procedure are easily hidden and more comfortable in cooler weather. Patients can celebrate spring, savor a tropical beach, enjoy a day of golfing or show off a new holiday dress with a renewed sense of confidence. FLH Valley Medical Aesthetics Inc. 66 Exhibition St., Lower Level Kentville, NS 902.678.2121 Toll Free: 888.471.8346

Above, l-r: Bettina Fralic, Nicole Barton, Michelle May, Dr. Greg Butler, Carol Ann Mugford, Dr. Dion Davidson, Maresa Davidson




No-Surgery, No-Scar eVLT® The greatest experience in eliminating varicose veins™

Our team has expanded to include 2 Vascular Surgeons, 1 Vascular Radiologist, 1 Certified Ultrasound Technologist, and 2 Medical Compression Stocking fitters to help you through every step of the way. EVLT Eliminates Varicose Veins at the Source Our procedure uses targeted laser energy to seal the vein shut and help you look and feel better fast.

The benefits of choosing EVLT over other forms of treatments include: • • • •

Treatment in less than an hour Can be performed in the doctor’s office Immediate relief of symptoms Return to normal activity immediately with little or no pain • No anesthesia or hospitalization • No scars

66 Exhibition Street, Kentville, NS p: 902-678-2121 | tf: 888-471-8346 f: 902-678-0859 |

Learning to SLeep WeLL By Nicole Trask PHOTOS NATASHA POIRIER


etting a good night’s sleep comes naturally to some people but for many it is fraught with challenges. The Snore Shop Inc. is a locally owned business devoted to resolving issues that prevent people from experiencing uninterrupted, quality sleep. By providing innovative diagnosis methods and professional support, The Snore Shop offers solutions that make sleeping well a reality instead of just a dream. The first Snore Shop opened seven years ago and today there are four locations throughout Nova Scotia. Many patients visit a clinic because they are experiencing snoring, fatigue and morning headaches. Owned by practicing otolaryngologists, Doctor




Neil Smith and Doctor Robin LeBlanc, The Snore Shop Inc. focuses on sleep therapy through diagnosis, referrals and in-house treatments. According to general manager Lisa Johnson, this is what makes the business distinctive. “We specialize in sleep apnea,” she explains. “This is our focus and we have a very exclusive approach. Since we are strictly working on sleep apnea diagnosis and therapy, not diversified into other respiratory related fields, our expertise is very precise.” Snoring can be a sign that a patient may have sleep disordered breathing (SDB) which can manifest to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This causes a person to stop breathing during the night for periods

of ten seconds or longer. While not all snoring is unhealthy, snoring that causes interruptions in sleep and gasping for air is cause for concern. The Snore Shop offers patients a take home device called the ARES which determines if SDB is occurring. This service is free and clarifies the next steps to take with a patient. “What makes us unique is that after we’ve identified the issue we work with the patient and their doctor on what treatment will be best,” says Johnson. “Whether it’s surgery, a dental appliance or PAP therapy, we will work closely with the patient to ensure they get the proper treatment.” Previously, there was a fee attached to getting tested for SDB but the professionals at The Snore Shop felt this

might deter patients from examining their sleeping issues. “We didn’t want a cost presenting a roadblock to patients getting diagnosed,” says Johnson. “This way, the testing is available to anyone who may be concerned.” After diagnosis, there are several options including continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy. By utilizing a CPAP machine, patients are able to keep their airways open. According to Johnson, this is one treatment but it is the most common and least invasive. Long term benefits include patients feeling more rested, a decrease in blood pressure and improving the outcome of associated medical conditions. Simply put, accessing treatment can help patients realize an overall improvement in general health. Once a patient has proceeded with their OSA therapy with The Snore Shop, the clinic offers free lifetime follow-ups. This attractive incentive along with the professional support of the clinicians is keeping Nova Scotians resting peacefully. “Once you’re our patient, you’re our patient for life,” says Johnson. “Whether you need your machine adjusted or some follow-up counseling, we will always take care of you.” FLH

Snore Shop Dartmouth (Head Office) 35 Baker Drive, Suite 103 Dartmouth 902.435.0298 Toll Free: (877) 339-3838 Snore Shop Clayton Park Park West Centre 287 Lacewood Drive, Suite 117 Halifax 902.422.1957 Snore Shop Sackville 91 Sackville Drive, Suite 101 Lower Sackville 902.252.5500 South Shore Sleep Solutions Bridgewater 134 North Street Bridgewater 902.530.3290 |

ToP l-r Erin Riley, Martin Laycock, Erica Dehmel, Lisa Johnson, Tiffany Cross, Janet Lowe, Natalee Grover, Jayne Dempsey.




EvErything from mudwraps to manicurEs By NICOLE TRASK Photos JENNIfER GALLIOTT


hen esthetician Lisa Belanger opened her spa in Bedford fifteen years ago, it was a one room space and she was the only employee. Today, Mudwraps to Manicures is an impressive 3300 square feet with fourteen staff and a tranquil waterfront view. Belanger offers a range of services including lash extensions, facials, medical esthetic treatments, massage and microdermabrasion. Belanger was inspired to become an esthetician after overcoming her own struggle with severe acne. She moved from Cape Breton to Halifax to attend university and began seeking out facials to soothe her skin. Over time, her acne diminished




and Belanger felt that the results were life changing. She went on to study esthetics and years later opened Mudwraps to Manicures. At that point in her life, she craved flexibility in her career to be with her children. Belanger credits attention to details, personalized service and a supportive family as the keys to her success. “Back when I first got started my husband went door to door with flyers,” she recalls. “At first, most people thought he was just another solicitor but once they saw the kids and the yellow lab with him they realized it was a local business he was promoting.” Although, she is happy with how Mudwraps to Manicures has grown she

still remains humble and makes a point of being honest with clients about which treatments will be most suitable. “I never try to sell a client on a treatment that won’t work for them,” she says. “If I can’t help with the problem then I will recommend another specialist. I had a modest upbringing and I do not want to waste other people’s money.” Currently, lash extensions are one of Belanger’s most popular services. Mudwraps to Manicures is also one of the only spas in Atlantic Canada to offer endermologie, a FDA approved treatment to treat cellulite and smooth skin. Another unique service available is Max 7, a non-invasive light therapy

device for facial skin rejuvenation. Belanger’s mudwraps are also popular and she uses high quality mud imported from Austria. “We don’t skimp on products,” says Belanger. “We even go as far as using pure, distilled bottled water for all our facials. Quality is our top priority and this is our claim to fame.” With Christmas on the horizon, Mudwraps will be hosting a special event on December 12th called 12.12.12. Special offers will include twelve dollars off every service, twelve minutes free massages and champagne served by Belanger’s son. Belanger also makes a point of empowering other women in her community. She’s been a long standing sponsor of charities such as the Marguerite Centre and supports Simply the Breast and Titz’n Glitz fundraisers. For Belanger, the benefits of making women feel healthy and beautiful are priceless. “Whether it’s showing them a new treatment or just teaching them a little technique to help improve their beauty routine, I love helping women feel good about themselves,” she says. FLH Mudwraps to Manicures 1083 Bedford Highway, Suite 201 Bedford, Nova Scotia 902.835.7375 L-R Shelley MacDougall, Narjes Behaaddini, Tanya Power, Lisa Belanger, Kelley Duffley, Shannon Saulnier, Xurong Shan

EXPERTAdvice Invisalign

Dr. Magda Barnard

By Dr. Magda Barnard B.Sc., D.D.S. (with distinction), M.Sc. (orthodontics), F.R.C.D(C) Bedford Orthodontics Suite 206, Sunnyside Mall 1595 Bedford Highway Bedford, NS B4A 3Y4

More and more people, adults and teens alike, are seeking discrete options to straighten teeth and fix their bites. Invisalign started to gain popularity approximately 6-7 years ago. At that time, it was a great orthodontic treatment option to address minor rotations of teeth and minor bite discrepancies. It has advanced significantly in the last few years and is now at the forefront of orthodontic technology. Invisalign can now be used to treat most complicated alignment issues. So how does it work, you may ask. At our office, the initial appointment is a complimentary consultation visit. We examine the alignment of the teeth and the “bite” (how the teeth come together) carefully. It is very important for us to ensure that Invisalign will work perfectly for you. Once you are deemed to be a good candidate for Invisalign treatment, a set of diagnostic records is obtained. This includes an x-ray of your teeth and your jaw bone. We will also scan your teeth and bite using the iTero scanner - one of the newest technologies in orthodontics. Instead of impressions or molds of the teeth, the scan is a composite of thousands of photos of teeth that are stitched together. This composite is then emailed to Invisalign. The technicians at the Align Institute then reconstruct the composite into a three dimensional model that allows me, your orthodontist, to execute tooth movements. Based on these movements and the desired final positions of the teeth, a series




of aligners is fabricated. The number of aligners vary depending on how complicated the bite is and how crowded (or spaced) the teeth are. A “Clincheck” is the virtual set up that allows us to show you how the teeth move in a video clip over time. Each aligner is usually worn full time for approximately 2 weeks, and then you would change to the next consecutive aligner. To help our patients remember to wear their aligners full time, indicator tabs can be used. These will show if the aligners are worn as prescribed by the orthodontist. Sometimes, parents are concerned that their teen(s) would not wear their aligners full time. However, in our practice, a large portion of our patients are teens and young adults and we are happy to say that compliance with the aligners tends to be very good. If you are concerned that your teen may not be a very compliant patient – talk to us, we may be able to help them be responsible with their aligners. Each aligner has specific tooth movements build into it. It will exert pressure on the teeth that are programmed to move in that aligner. It is with this gentle pressure that aligners move the teeth. This is how teeth move inside the aligners. It is actually the same principle that is used in the more conventional braces that are attached to the teeth. However, in contrast to fixed braces, the aligners can be removed for meals and for cleaning. Treatment time in Invisalign is usually exactly the same as in conventional braces and the results are identical. FLH




The 10 Biggest Myths about Weight Loss Surgery re i befo Pegg lbs 4 4 at 2 30-40 years ago, weight loss surgery was a high-risk operation. Today,

Myth: Weight loss surgery has high risks

REALITY: experienced surgeons can safely perform the bariatric procedures, with similar risks to any other routine surgery.

Myth: Surgery is the “easy way out”

REALITY: Taking the easy way out is to do nothing. For many severely overweight patients, weight loss surgery is the only viable option that can improve their health. Gaining permanent control over your weight requires a huge commitment to attending educational seminars, support groups and making lifestyle changes, and is a very brave and personal decision.

Myth: To qualify for weight loss surgery, you have to weigh over 300 pounds

REALITY: Weight loss surgery candidates are often considered by healthcare organizations according to individual health conditions and a calculation of Body Mass Index (BMI). People who are only 50 pounds overweight can qualify for the procedure, and studies show even moderately obese patients who undergo surgery have obvious health improvements.

Myth: You need serious health conditions to qualify for weight loss surgery

REALITY: Candidates are considered based on individual health conditions and BMI calculations. Because so many health problems are caused by obesity, weight loss surgery can be an excellent preventative measure.

Myth: To qualify for weight loss surgery, you have to be in perfect health

REALITY: While some cases are more advanced than others, many patients undergoing weight loss surgery have obesity-related health conditions. To find out if you qualify for weight loss surgery, Weight Loss Forever has an in-depth medical and psychological assessment that is required.

Myth: To qualify for weight loss surgery, you have to be a certain age

REALITY: The age range at most surgical centres can be as wide as 18 to 65, and studies show definite benefits for patients above and below that age range who undergo surgery.

Myth: After surgery, you’ll have a great big scar

REALITY: Over 99 per cent of our weight loss surgeries are performed laparoscopically, which means instead of making one great, big incision, surgeons will make several very small ones (less than one inch) along the abdomen.

Peggi Cheverie’s


After Pegg i Lost 116 lbs

“Time and time again, I tried to find the weight loss solution that “worked for me”… only to fail horribly. Years and YEARS of suffering from humiliation, frustration, yo-yo dieting, spending hard-earned money – uselessly – on “temporary band-aids”, continuous failure, lack of self-confidence, self-blame, faking strength while suffering from depression, chronic pain, tons of different medications for medical conditions that stemmed from being obese, feeling self-conscious in public, it’s all over!! There are no words that will ever truly explain how grateful I am to the amazing Dr Pompa, and every fantastic staff member of WLF. Thank you for giving me a life WORTH living. Thank you for empowering me to take back my life. Thank you for giving me back ME!” Peggi Cheverie, in her own words

Fill out the “Am I A Candidate Form” to Find out if you qualify

Myth: After weight loss surgery, it takes a long time to recover

REALITY: Most patients recover in a week or two and some even return to work and regular activities in a just a couple of days.

Myth: After weight loss surgery, you can’t eat anything “good”

REALITY: Most patients can eat a wide variety of food in small quantities after weight loss surgery. If you have any questions, feel free to contact a patient facilitator—tha ey have all had the surgery and have gone though what you are!

Myth: Except for looking better, weight loss surgery has no major benefits

REALITY: Aside from loving the way you look and feel about yourself, weight loss surgery can significantly help with, or in some cases completely eliminate various health problems. And to us, that’s pretty major!

Weight Loss Forever ’s data shows a longer and more regimented preoperative dietary phase and a graduated postoperative diet is one of the most effective ways to minimize complications as well as increase patient compliance and long-term weight loss success.

CALL (306) 665-8891 Dr. Pompa, MD, PhD, AFACS, Chief Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeon First Female Center of Excellence Bariatric Surgeon in the World Featured in Newsweek Magazine as a leader in Bariatric Treatment

Weight Loss Forever’s average patient had an initial BMI of 41.7 and at 2 years post surgery, their average BMI was 25.7 with a total of 111.2 lbs lost on average, or 97.2% of their excess weight.

Changing lifestyle habits such as activity levels, nutritional choices, emotional eating, self-image challenges and other issues typical in bariatric patients are difficult to maintain and require long-term one-on-one support, which Weight Loss Forever provides. This is why our long-term satisfation rates are so high (98.5% over 2 years).


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Julie’s Story After an unhappy marriage, Julie Creelman, then in her 20s, found herself severely overweight and divorced with three kids. Feeling like she didn’t deserve anyone’s attention or affection, she devoted her time to her children. For many years, she struggled with her weight, losing a little and gaining back twice as much. Finally, Julie met someone who liked her just the way she was and instead of eating because she was upset, she began eating because she was content. In 2002, she and her family moved to Canada and she continued gaining weight. While she had no major health issues, like high cholesterol, high blood pressure or sleep apnea, she couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without losing her breath and avoided travelling because she could barely fit into the seats. Last February, when Julie, her husband and friends went to the Dominican Republic, she spent most of her vacation in tears, dreading her bathing suit and the beach. Because she’d become an expert at hiding her feelings, no one knew how much the battle affected her.

“He said, ‘What price do I put on your health? Do you think I want to be alone in 10 years?’ It was the first time he vocalized he was scared. And I thought, ‘Who was I kidding?’” Within two months, Julie had contacted Weight Loss Forever, spoke with other patients about their journeys, researched Dr. Pompa, contacted the Mayo Clinic where the surgeon trained, and enlisted a friend in the United States to investigate the clinic in person. When the research came back positive, her concerns about getting surgery in another country vanished. At 46 years old, she had the procedure September 21, 2010 and has lost 218 pounds in less than 18 months.

“I was 430 pounds and I was devastated. I came home and said, ‘You’ve probably got 10 years left of being healthy and mobile before your husband is going to bury you,’” Julie says. “I’d given up and truly lost all hope. On the inside I was just devastated and falling apart. I want people to know it isn’t over. There is a choice they can make for life.”

“The genuine concern at the hospital was amazing; even in the States when I was paying for care privately, I never had that kind of care,” she says. “This works and it’s permanent. It’s changed every aspect of my life,” she says. “I like me for the first time in 25 years and can finally say I’m proud of myself and where I am today. I can’t change the past but I can certainly move forward and be positive about how great my life is now.”

Julie discovered her choice in the summer of 2010 when she read an article about Weight Loss Forever in Fine Lifestyles magazine. She thought it was too good to be true, that it would work for someone who had to lose 50 pounds, much less someone who had to lose 250 pounds. When she talked with her husband, she realized how much the situation affected him.

“What price do I put on your health? Do you think I want to be alone in 10 years?”


- Julie’s Husband Rick

For more information, or to speak with a real patient, call 1-877-306-8891 or email or




John’s Story John Grimsdale’s battle started when he was in high school. His weight started climbing and he ballooned up to 285 pounds. He tried to counter the gain with dieting and would lose weight but each loss was quickly followed by an extreme gain—over the last 30 years, he’d gone down and back up six times and it got to the point where his health was affected by his weight problem. “I was on five prescription drugs for diabetes, a couple for my cholesterol and a few for my blood pressure. My doctor was threatening me to do something; I had lots of risk factors and there was a good chance I’d drop dead one day,” says John. The 56-year-old had heard of Weight Loss Forever but had never considered it. Once his health was at risk, he started investigating Weight Loss Forever, the Sleeve and the other procedures. “If they told me to do a by-pass, stomach stable or Lap-Band, I would have said no—I knew a guy that had a stomach staple and he’s in worse shape today than before, and I didn’t like the thought of the Lap-Band, putting a plastic inside me. I knew exactly what I would and wouldn’t do,” says John. “I liked what I saw at Weight Loss Forever. I talked to people and thought about it for awhile. I decided that I had to weigh the costs for the rest of my life.”

When John decided to get the Sleeve, his family doctor was 100 per cent on board. He had researched the surgeon himself and said she was in the best class in the industry, which put John at ease when he went for his procedure on May 2, 2011. John has lost 107 pounds from his highest weight—20 pounds more than he hoped he would—and is down to a svelte 178 pounds. While John was successful




with his weight loss, his main goal was regaining his health and eliminating prescription drugs. What he realized on his journey was that his weight loss and resolution of comorbidities were directly related. John is down to one prescription drug for his blood pressure and another for cholesterol—with half the dosage—and expects to be off both drugs soon. He is also on a prescription for acid reflux but no longer needs diabetes medication and has much less knee pain. “For me to be down to a couple of lightweight medications, from being on 14 a day, I met and exceeded all my goals,” says John. “I don’t realize how much I’ve changed but other people tell me. I’m the same guy; I’m just happier.”


“I’m the same guy; I’m just happier.” - John

What You Need to Know About Cosmetic Surgery Research Your Surgeon

Not all surgeons are are created equal or have the same level of training or experience. Think about the game of golf – a weekend golfer will never make the PGA. Plastic surgeons are the same – the more procedures they have done with excellent results, the better their overall outcomes will be. It is also critical that you know their credentials. Verify that they have the training they are claiming and ensure your plastic surgeon is Board Certified. Seeing a certificate is not enough – always check directly!

See Real Examples of Their Work

If you are thinking about a facelift, ask for pictures of facelifts that your surgeon has actually done. If you are thinking about breast augmentation, ask to see pictures of breast augmentations. Be thorough in your research, after all – this is your body we are talking about!

Talk to Real Patients

It’s one thing to see beautiful before and after photos – but what do the people who have actually been through it have to say about their experience? How was the care? How well did the surgeon explain the procedures, risks and outcomes with them? How did they feel about their follow up care? Would they do it again? Would they recommend their surgeon to their own family?

Be Prepared

Leading up to your procedure, take extra care to eat healthy, fresh, low sugar foods that are high in protein. Make sure to drink lots of water and exercise – the healthier you are, the faster your recovery and the better your results will be. And read everything you can about the procedures you are considering. Knowledge is power!



Carol Caron’s


After Caro l’s Facelift

“Meeting Dr. Rodas in person to discuss my concerns and my hopes helped me relax and completely trust him,” says Carol. “My husband, Lloyd was with me and he was so impressed with everyone and how they all responded immediately to any questions or concerns he had, too. Dr. Rodas included him and asked his thoughts when options were outlined.” Any regrets? Not one! “Lloyd says he can't believe that he is lucky enough to hang out with such a young sexy chick,” laughs Carol. More importantly, she says, “I think I look and feel so much younger - a smaller version of myself at 40.”

Fill out the “Am I A Candidate Form” to Find out if you qualify

Put YOU First!

This is your time to pamper YOU! Have someone else cook for you, relax and take it easy. You just had surgery – and your body needs to heal – Doctors Orders! This is a wonderful opportunity to slow down your busy life and find some balance, serenity and ‘you’ time.

Dr. Rodas Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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We Believe Second chanceS happen every day Photos Bruce Jollimore


imply Smiles Wellness Centre celebrated their grand opening at the Halifax Wellness Expo this past October. They are now situated in the Sun Tower Professional building and have plenty of wellness and therapeutic services to offer their clients giving clients an even bigger reason to smile. The first original teeth whitening salon opened in 2009 at the Bedford Place mall. A tooth whitening session at Simply Smiles is a self-administered system done under the guidance of a 52



highly trained technician and therapist who carefully prepares the ingredients that are safe for tooth enamel. These ingredients are seven times more powerful than over the counter products taking customers teeth 5-8 shades brighter and whiter for a fabulous new smile. A blue LED light is used to accelerate the whitening process and to deliver fast and highly effective results. Our new Simply Smiles Wellness Centre location still includes professional teeth whitening,

but now it is in a comfortable and private spa setting. The owners are excited to announce they have now added wellness services such as: deep sea salt soaks, massage and sugar scrubs for therapeutic and relaxing re-mineralization of the body. These new services are designed to boost immune systems, help people recover from jet leg, and unwind and re-energize customers back into a state of wellness. Simply Smiles also offers the services of

Second Chance Counseling designed to guide people in making healthy choices through life’s journey. Topics such as attracting the right mate, pre-marriage and post marriage counseling, domestic abuse and divorce counseling can be discovered. Second chances happen every day in today’s society as we learn to cope with the burdens of life and how to make wise choices for basic and long lasting personal and spiritual growth. With the right outlook we can help to enrich our wellness for a peaceful future. Whether our goals are a blissful family life, social employment or to be more successful generally, the new wellness centre services will help you to attain your goals. A bright white confidant smile offers a first good impression for any occasion. So whether you are seeking professional teeth whitening, sea salt soaks, second chance counseling, or spa services, Simply Smiles Wellness Centre Inc. is now available to meet your rejuvenation and wellness goals. Simply Smiles are contagious, so what is your smile saying about you? Simply Smiles Wellness centre is open by appointment Monday to Friday with some evening and weekend appointments available. They also offer gift certificates. FLH Jim Peppard and Szu Min Wong Simply Smiles Wellness Centre Bedford office location; 902-446-4020 Szu Min’s cell 902-401-8288 Jims cell 902-240-4663 LEFT Szu Min Wong and Jim Peppard

be Radiant skin deep by Anne GrAy photos Jennifer GAlliott


n a Crisp autumn afternoon a radiant and relaxed client leaves the aesthetics salon, steps out into the cool yard filled with bright foliage and crosses the still-green lawn to her unlocked car. Not the experience you’ve had? Then you haven’t been to Skin Deep Aesthetics, Deanna Deal’s salon in the hills above Bedford Basin. Minutes from the Bedford Highway, Rockingham, Bedford and Clayton Park, Skin Deep provides all the services one would come to expect in an exquisite upscale boutique style salon.




After 21 years of operating the business off Spring Garden Road, Deanna moved the business two years ago to 10 Robert Allen Drive, in the Wedgewood park off Kearney Lake Road. Deanna found the perfect house that would accommodate her dreams of creating an upscale and one-of-a-kind salon encompassing a lovely yard and gardens. Situated on a beautifully landscaped property, clients can park right in the driveway and be just be steps away from the entrance to the salon. Celebrity Brows is a highly sought after service at Skin Deep Aesthetics. This

meticulous brow shaping procedure earned its title after Deanna went to Hollywood to train with Anastasia Soare, who shapes the brows of such celebrities as Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lopez, and Heidi Klum. With the recent introduction of Lash Extensions, Deanna welcomed this product as the perfect fit to her already noteworthy portfolio of services. The end results of this beauty procedure is to have coveted no fuss lashes that are glamorous 24/7.

Deanna Deal, owner

Skin care is the foundation of Skin Deep Aesthetic services, and lends Deanna the reputation of being the “go to” Aesthetician. With her experience and knowledge of skin treatments and products, Deanna is able to provide her clientele with the results they are looking for, offering professional, pharmaceutical grade skincare and make-up products, such as DerMed, Janson Beckett and Jane Iredale. Clients can purchase these affordable high end products from Skin Deep Aesthetics for home use in order that they can continue to achieve the best possible results for their skin. Deanna, being in her mid forties, understands that some women would like to gently and effectively restore youthfulness to their skin while reducing the effects of aging. Deanna offers state of the arts products and services to her clients that she personally uses herself and can offer a firsthand account of the results and benefits she experienced. What has made Deanna such a success story in the eyes of her loyal clientele is that she truly loves what she does for her clients and offers her services with a reputation for integrity and professionalism. Deanna is that “hidden gem” you will treasure when you discover her sincere style and warm personality. FLH Skin Deep Aesthetics 10 Robert Allen Drive, Wedgewood Halifax, NS 902.492.2817

Slim GymS and ToTal KneadS: The PurSuiT of healThineSS By Lindsey HunneweLL Photos natasHa Poirier


Total Kneads and Slim Gyms has been a life changing experience. They have provided me with an easy-tofollow healthy lifestyle program that is focused on my personal needs and tailored to my busy schedule. —Rob MacPherson

t’s a simple philosophy: challenge, soothe, and balance the body. Dale Letcher, Sarah Letcher and her business partner, Leah Castel, live and breathe these words at Slim Gyms Fitness and Total Kneads. Castel along with this husband and wife duo use a holistic approach to health in both businesses. “It’s a wellness mentality,” states Dale, Slim Gyms Fitness’s co-founder and owner. In 2005 he opened Slim Gyms




to provide a time-efficient workout experience designed around each individual’s needs. Now, as a fully co-ed gym, men and women can complete a total-body workout with free personal training in 25-45 minutes. Whether someone wants to lower their blood pressure, or train for a triathlon, they receive a personalized program from certified trainers. This is what keeps member Michelle Murphy motivated: “there’s a trainer with you all the time to help you and to make sure

that you’re doing the exercises as well as you should be.” Michelle loves the inspiring, supportive atmosphere. Dale’s top priority has been to create a non-intimidating fitness centre that feels like a close-knit community while focussing on overall health. For that reason, they also offer a 5-week nutrition course that teaches members how to eat properly for their unique bodies. Dale says it’s a wonderful compliment to the gym and that members are seeing benefits like losing body fat, gaining clearer complexions, and reducing medications. “The most rewarding part is seeing people who gave up on thinking that they could get healthy realize that they can do this,” says Dale. Sarah agrees.

Both are absolutely amazing, and for me, they are a part of my lifestyle. They really do keep me healthy and happy. —Michelle Murphy As the co-owner of Total Kneads, her company follows the same holistic health values as Slim Gyms. Many of Dale’s members also visit Total Kneads as part of an overall health regime. Sarah and Leah started Total Kneads 8 1⁄2 years ago. What began with two registered massage therapists soon grew to a multidisciplinary team of 10 that offer everything from Thai yoga and pregnancy massage, to colon hydrotherapy, acupuncture, reflexology and more. They were the first to introduce jade stone massage to Halifax,

and now they continue to be innovative leaders by specializing in Bowen therapy and offering mobile massage services. “[The clinic] has a wonderful feeling and a wonderful energy,” Michelle says. The comfortable atmosphere, positive attitudes and experienced therapists are why she keeps returning. “They’ve been doing it a very long time, and I just know that the treatment I’m receiving is the right one.” The close bond between staff at Total Kneads makes it unique. “We are a massage community within this clinic space,” Leah says. As a team, they can offer combination treatments to suit each individual’s needs. Rob says that combining massage therapy and acupuncture helped his chronic neck and back pain: “I was soon feeling more productive, managing stress and sleeping better.”

Both Sarah and Leah feel that seeing success stories is the best part of their day. Like Dale, they enjoy helping their clients lead healthier, well-balanced lives. FLH Slim Gyms Fitness Mumford Professional Centre 6960 Mumford Road Halifax, NS B3L 4P1 Phone: 902.404.7546 slimgymshalifax Total Kneads 5555 Sullivan Street Halifax NS B3K 1X6 Phone: 902.422.0254 Fax: 902.423.2541 totalkneads LEFT Sarah Letcher, Leah Castel and Dale Letcher.




Focus on excellence: the liFestyle oF PlAstic surgeon Dr. richArD BenDor-sAmuel By Anne GrAy Photos Tom enGlAnd


r. Richard Bendor-Samuel steps into The Landings Surgical Centre where he works. He reflects upon the many thoughts on his mind – his patients, the triathlon he is training for, his friends and family. Bendor-Samuel’s drive for success is contagious; it is impossible not to have confidence and inspiration when you are in his company.




The Landings Surgical Centre at Bishops Landing is shared by Halifax plastic surgeons, Dr. Richard Bendor-Samuel and Dr. Louis Boileau. This is the clinic where positive changes happen.

the hospital, Dr. Bendor-Samuel and Dr Boileau built their own facility where they could accommodate their patients and provide the procedures and care they were looking for.

The Landings Surgical Centre has been open for more than seven years. Originally, all plastic and cosmetic surgery was performed at provincially run hospitals in Halifax. But when the chief of surgery decided to disallow private surgeries in

The Landings Surgical Centre is the first fully accredited surgical centre east of Montreal. “The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia regulates physicians’ credentials and ensures that only trained medical doctors are able

leFT Dr. Richard Bendor-Samuel ToP rIGHT Clinic Director JoAnne Whynott BoTTom rIGHT Dr. Louis Boileau

to perform surgeries that fit into their scope of practice. So the College will not allow, for example, a family doctor to perform eyelid surgery,” explains Dr. Bendor-Samuel. “Unless you have the proper surgical fellowship training to do this kind of procedure, you cannot do it. Unfortunately, the College of Physicians and Surgeons cannot oversee other nonmedical specialties. Doctors can only police themselves. It is up to the patient to determine if the person that they are

consulting is a plastic surgeon, a dentist, or simply a technician.” Dr. Bendor-Samuel stresses the importance of credentials. Patients are encouraged to do research, know who their surgeon is, and know how to ask the right questions, such as “What are your qualifications? What is your experience? What are your results? How many times have you done this procedure? Can I see some photos of your work?”

“I spend a considerable amount of time with each client; Many are excellent candidates for surgery and should expect brilliant results. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to have to tell a client that they are not a good surgical candidate, or their expectations are such that we can’t meet them,” The Landings has complete facilities and trained staff to serve their clients. There is overnight care for patients who require it,




ABoVe Clinical Skin Care Therapist Tricia Dauphinee

and a highly skilled and dedicated team of operating room and recovery room nurses.

part, he teaches at the Infirmary and VG hospitals one to two days each week.

Dr. Bendor-Samuel is a native of Winnipeg, where he studied, did his plastic surgery residency and later worked for five years after a year-long craniomaxillofacial fellowship in Taiwan. He realized that he was working too hard, and not taking any time for himself or his family. “It was easier to start fresh than to try to change patterns and practice. So I moved here with my family. We just started over.”

At The Landings, Dr. Bendor-Samuel and Dr. Boileau perform a broad range of cosmetic procedures. Many of their patients want to look younger. “They’re fit, they’re active, they want to look the way they feel. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. A lot of the procedures are to recapture the way you feel.”

Dalhousie University offered Dr. BendorSamuel a position, and he continues as an assistant professor. He says teaching is the main reason that he continues to work at the University. For the most




What other services does The Landings provide? “We do a lot of post-weight loss surgery. People have a wakeup moment, they start eating better and going to the gym and the pounds fall off. We see a lot of people for correction of extra skin. However, breast augmentation and

mommy makeovers form a large part of our practice. Of course, liposuction and tummy tucks are among the mainstays of our practice.” The majority of clients at The Landings are women, with men more likely to come in for noninvasive procedures, such as filler injections or Botulinum toxin (BOTOX®). JoAnne, the nurse injection specialist and clinic manager, teaches physicians and nurses how to inject and has an amazing breadth of knowledge and skill with these products. BOTOX® tackles dynamic wrinkles like forehead frown lines that are made when you move your face and is also used as a precautionary measure against getting wrinkles as a client ages. Fillers tackle lines and creases that are static

fire was raging through Purcell’s Cove. They arrived home not knowing if their house had burned or was still standing. They found smoldering ruins. All they had left were the clothes on their back, two bicycles, and the pickup truck they had driven to the airport. “I used to have a beautiful art collection. And a great wine cellar. Now I don’t collect anything. We lost all of our family photos and keepsakes along with an heirloom coin collection. It had been my great-grandfather’s. And my grandfather’s hockey card collection he had passed down to me: Mahovlich, King Clancy, Gump Worsley, all gone and not insured. People don’t get it when you say nothing was left. You really have nothing,” he notes. “Now, in retrospect, it isn’t so bad. Everything was purged and we started fresh.” Dr. Bendor-Samuel smiles when he says he and his wife have rebuilt. “My house is organized to allow me to train when I get home from work. We’re in an area that is very conducive to the outdoors and going for a bike ride or a run. A weekend for me is riding my bike from here to Pugwash, about a fivehour pedal, and then run a marathon distance over the weekend, and go swimming a couple of times. To me that’s a fun weekend.”

from a loss of volume. They are often used in combination with other procedures and are an alternative for people who either don’t want surgery or aren’t at a point when surgery is warranted. Tricia, the clinical skin care specialist, partners with her clients to enhance their natural beauty. She offers facial peels, chemical peels, and other semi-invasive procedures and ensures the Centre’s product lines for facial rejuvenation and skin management have the most suitable products for the patient. Between his days at the hospital and The Landings, Dr. Bendor-Samuel takes time to relax, yet he has not slowed down.




This relaxation often takes the form of a run or a swim. He trains 15 to 20 hours a week as part of his conditioning for competition at the international level in Ironman Triathlon. He maintains a position as one of the top four or five percent of amateur ironman distance triathletes in the world. Three and a half years ago, Dr. BendorSamuel and his wife, Stephanie, had a life changing event foisted on them. They were in Napa, California—where Dr. Bendor-Samuel was signed up for a half Ironman and Stephanie was scheduled for her first sprint triathlon—when they got word a forest

Dr. Bendor-Samuel contemplates his work and his patients. He loves his practice of plastic surgery because it has so much variety. “You have to be a master at everything—skin, muscles, bones—to be comfortable operating on every part of the body. Plastic Surgery offers the opportunity to continue learning and teaching.” Dr. Bendor-Samuel smiles as he says, “I go to work every day happy. Even if I won the lottery, I wouldn’t give up my work. How many people can say that? I am blessed.” FLH

The Landings Surgical Centre 1477 Lower Water Street #7a Halifax, NS 902.492.2007

The healing Powers of Yoga


he holistic practice of yoga is a powerful therapy for many cancer patients. Incorporating its breathing and meditative qualities along with benefits of increased flexibility and stamina, yoga serves as a positive therapy for individuals facing the tumultuous — and painful — experience of cancer. Yoga has many benefits, but especially for cancer patients. It can help with instances of insomnia or fatigue, feelings of anxiety and stress, pain management, and even increase mental strength in order to cope with the overall extent of a cancer diagnosis.

Mind/Body/Spirit Connection Carol Wallace offers weekly yoga classes for cancer patients. Her one hour and 15 minute sessions give participants a chance to reconcile with their bodies and attain inner peace while dealing the challenges of a cancer diagnosis.


With certification through the University of Calgary, Carol’s classes mimic a support group for people facing similar trials. The benefits gained by her yoga class students include: peace of mind, strengthening of the spirit, reconnection to the body, the regaining of movement and increased flexibility, and a sense of reconnection to themselves through the meditative aspects of yoga poses and breathing techniques. The response from Carol’s class has been overwhelmingly positive: cancer survivors are given an opportunity of a “break” from dwelling on the disease as they rebuild the essential mind/body/ spirit connection.

Just Breathe . . . Yoga instructor Patricia Dewar points out that yoga students with cancer are able to find harmony with their physical, mental, and emotional beings through the practice of yoga. Essentially, it is an opportunity for people to connect with the world at large.

One positive aspect that arises from the practice of yoga, notes Patricia, is connecting with the the “experience of living a human life with all its trials and joy.” It’s not necessarily a goal-orientated journey, rather process-orientated. Patricia, currently on leave from her yoga practice, has helped many cancer survivors relax into their bodies using various focus and breathing techniques. This process helps slow things down, drawing the focus inward to one’s self and to one’s true meaning. Says Patricia: “It’s cultivating internal stillness without an agenda.” She also points out that yoga is not necessarily about being “flexible,” rather about opening and softening on every level. It’s about strengthening as opposed to exhausting, all while uncovering one’s authentic self. Of this connective power many cancer patients develop through yoga, Patricia quotes poet and theologist Rumi: “Keep looking at the bandaged place. That’s where the Light enters you.” FLH




Gentle Care Dentistry By Anne Wentzell Photos Bruce Jollimore


here are some things in life that we don’t fully anticipate - making that speech before a multitude of strangers, requiring surgery, a job interview and yes - going to the dentist. At Dr. Peter Zwicker Dental Services, the apprehension and trepidation of dental visits aren’t a concern with their welcoming and caring staff. Patients are assured from the moment they enter the door that the staff is both personable and professional in caring for any dental concerns. The office operates a family orientated general dental practice with an emphasis on the use of cosmetic dental materials for restorative procedures. A dentist for 32 years and owning his own practice since 1995, Dr. Peter Zwicker and his staff of eight offer a complete line of 64



dental services including preventative, restorative, cosmetic and some minor surgeries. A patient is put at ease at all times during a visit through the utilization of advanced technologies and being informed. “We have a program called Orasphere, an animated digital program that highlights 99 per cent of general practice and surgical procedures,” says Chris Moore, Office Manger. “It’s been helpful for patients in understanding the procedures for treatments.” Chris explains their latest technology, the “E4D Dentist” utilizes a laser scanner and a mill machine for making dental crowns. Unlike conventional dentistry, this technology allows such procedures as root canals and crowns to be performed in one appointment as opposed to two or more at many dental offices.

Zwicker Dental Services employs Biolase laser technology, which eliminates pain and reduces the need for conventional gum surgery. It’s safer for patients and improves results. “It’s fantastic and can work a miracle,” says Chris. “All you hear is the fan from the laser.” Chris notes that they use a new, widely praised, porcelain product for fillings and crowns which can be colour matched to an individual’s teeth and is virtually indestructible. These fillings replace the traditional amalgam, (metal) fillings. Dr. Zwicker values continuing education in his practice. “Dentistry evolves every day,” says Chris, so Dr. Zwicker is involved in a number of courses that keep him abreast of new technologies that he can bring to his practice.

Chris reiterates that all staff members are, “Very friendly, dedicated and hard working,” always providing refreshments and food as many procedures shouldn’t be done on an empty stomach. He adds that they welcome all ages, including children. “Dr. Zwicker definitely has a strong point with children.” What sets Dr. Peter Zwicker’s Dental Services apart is a caring attitude and reasonable fees following suggested fee guides for Nova Scotia. Patients are provided with options, if possible, to fit their various budgeting needs, customarily without enhancing fees from the recommended fee guide. “We don’t want to push someone to their maximum on their monthly budgets,” adds Chris. The office can accommodate community services recipients and many people with disabilities. Evaluate your smile and discuss your options with Dr. Zwicker and his staff. FLH Dr. Peter Zwicker Dental Services 902.464.4642

Why Wouldn’t you? The benefits of laser are proven. When you see what it does for the look and feel of your skin, you’ll wish you had done it sooner. By: Erica ShEllEy Photos GabriEllE Gallant


or most people, hair removal is a necessary evil; for Carrie Yeo, it’s her passion. When you meet Carrie you just have to appreciate her contagious enthusiasm for laser hair removal. Owner and laser technician at Light Touch Laser Inc, she is proud to be the Annapolis Valley’s premier laser hair removal clinic. Specializing in laser hair removal for the last ten years, Carrie uses her knowledge to guide clients through the complicated world of laser hair removal.

actually worked. Now the industry has exploded. Consumers are being hit with a new hurdle - trying to navigate a range of clinics and equipment in hopes of stumbling on a solution that gets results but doesn’t break the bank.”

“Laser hair removal has become so mainstream,” says Carrie. “It is much different than when Light Touch opened in 2003. Then, we had to educate people about the basics of what laser hair removal was and prove that it

She is doing just that. One of the most exciting changes at Light Touch is the launch of the new LightSheer Duet™ Laser. For the last ten years, the Lightsheer XC ™diode laser system has




Carrie has spent years earning the trust of men, women and teens across the province. Carrie recognizes that her clients rely on her to guide them through an expansive industry, and has made it her responsibility to stay current and provide the best options available.

been the backbone of Light Touch Laser. With the New Duet™, laser energy is delivered into the hair more efficiently. What this means for clients is more comfortable, faster treatments with the same effectiveness found only with a true hair removal laser. “Since we’ve introduced the Duet, clients are thrilled,” enthuses Carrie. “They’re telling friends who have had bad experiences or have been nervous to try laser that they should try Light Touch. It’s fantastic!” In addition to the Duet, Light Touch has also begun to offer the Silkpeel Dermalinfusion™, which is a high caliber stand-alone facial, blending a microdermabraision with a customized

infusion treatment. The results are immediate and leave the skin feeling smooth and revitalized. Carrie has also just revealed the most recent addition to Light Touch Laser services: she has just teamed up with Ideal Protein™, a four phase weight loss method that has medically developed protocols designed to be “your last diet.” “Coaching clients through this weight loss program that has a beginning and an end is similar to my years of laser hair removal. We work towards a goal with short and long term results that you just can’t get on your own.” Carrie adds with a smile, “The goal of both laser hair removal and Ideal Protein is to not need my services anymore -and I am just fine with that!” The fact that great results are the benchmark at Light Touch Laser is evident in their approach to everything they offer. With Carrie’s dedication to her clients, experience, and excellence in equipmentif you are considering these services, there’s really only one question left to consider : “Why wouldn’t you?” FLH Light Touch Laser 50 A Webster Street, Kentville 902.678.2829 laserrocks lighttouchlaserinc LEFT Carrie Yeo (owner)







November 20–January 6 Elf: The Musical Neptune Theatre

December 16 Sons of Maxwell Casino Nova Scotia

December 1 Maritime Fusion: Symphony Nova Scotia and Jimmy Rankin Dalhousie University Arts Centre (Rebecca Cohn Auditorium)

December 23 The Barra MacNeils Christmas Dalhousie University Arts Centre (Rebecca Cohn Auditorium)

December 2 The Trews and Guests Dalhousie University Arts Centre (Rebecca Cohn Auditorium)

December 28 En Vogue Casino Nova Scotia

December 4 Cesar Millan Halifax Metro Centre

December 31 Colin James Casino Nova Scotia

December 7 – 15 Symphony Nova Scotia’s The Nutcracker Dalhousie University Arts Centre (Rebecca Cohn Auditorium)

January 1 Happy New year

JANuARy/FEBRuARy January 18 Starship starring Mickey Thomas Casino Nova Scotia

February 1 and 2 Symphony Nova Scotia’s Retro Pops: Music of the Eagles Dalhousie University Arts Centre (Rebecca Cohn Auditorium)

January 18 Blue Rodeo Halifax Metro Centre

February 2 The Tragically Hip Halifax Metro Centre

January 22 – February 17 The Importance of Being Earnest Neptune Theatre

February 5 -17 The (Post) Mistress Neptune Theatre

January 23 – 26 The Dead of Winter Music Festival Rebecca Cohn Auditorium and various locations

February 7 Savour Food and Wine Festival presents Decadence: Chocolate, Wine & Cheese Casino Nova Scotia

January 24 Celebrity Classics: Richard Raymond Performs Mendelssohn with Symphony Nova Scotia Dalhousie University Arts Centre (Rebecca Cohn Auditorium)

February 23 Dean Brody Casino Nova Scotia

January 27 Brides: Atlantic Canada’s Largest Wedding Show World Trade and Convention Centre

February 28 Celtic Women Halifax Metro Centre





Tucked away in the historic Brewery Market, daMaurizio has been serving authentic Northern Italian food for close to 25 years. With its elegant lighting and relaxing atmosphere, daMaurizio’s is the epitome of Italian fine dining – with the food to back it up.



“I’ve eaten in a lot of places, and none can compare to what you get at daMaurizio’s,” says long-time customer, Joel Pink. “They have the best calamari in North America.”

daMaurizio Restaurant The Brewery Market 1496 Lower Water Street Halifax, Nova Scotia

With our fixed menu for $39.95, you can enjoy a 3-course meal from a selection of our popular dishes that changes every month. Now, you can turn any occasion into that special evening out.

Phone: (902) 423-0859

daMaurizio Chef, andrew King: Blending the Best of Many Cultures BY: Lindsey HunneweLL PHOTOS KeLLy neiL


ndrew King, Executive Chef and co-owner of daMaurizio Restaurant, has been honing his palette and serving up delectable dishes for more than 20 years. King launched his career in 1993 at the Culinary Institute of Canada. Since then, he has gone on to work beside internationally renowned chefs such as Hans Anderegg and Neville King, and gain international experience as a Sous Chef at the prestigious Elbow Beach Resort in Bermuda. “It well-rounds you as a chef having all those different cultures to draw from,” says King. He adds that the international experience helps him to know which ingredients marry properly together. Now, he enjoys combining his knowledge of Northern Italian cuisine with local

flavours to provide a unique combination of taste and authenticity at his restaurant. Known for their exceptional dishes, daMaurizio offers a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere. “It’s fine dining without being overly refined, and the owners have an effervescent personality and energy,” says long-time customer, Gail Rudderham Chernin. King and his wife, Tanya, bought the restaurant five years ago. They are committed to providing delicious food prepared with quality, local ingredients. With its long-time, superb staff that cares about the client’s needs, daMaurizio takes pride in providing nearly 25 years of consistently great meals and excellent customer care. Tanya says that their customers are now like family. “It’s like you’re coming to my house and we want to make your night feel special.”

But it’s not only about excellent service in the restaurant; they are helping their community as well. Recently, Andrew and Tanya started a school lunch program in local private schools. Since September, they have been providing nutritious, well balanced meals that are “kid friendly and parent approved,” says Andrew. By starting with nutrition when they’re young, the Kings hope to instill a love of healthy food that will stick with them for many years to come. FLH daMaurizio Restaurant The Brewery Market 1496 Lower Water Street Halifax, Nova Scotia 902.423.0859




reCipes Calamari alla Gradese Flash fried calamari finished with tomato, sautĂŠed garlic, crushed chilies, lemon and fresh Italian parsley. Serves two

Ingredients 1 8-inch frozen squid tube, cleaned and thawed 1/2 cup all-purpose flour 1/4 cup cornstarch 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper 8 cups vegetable oil 1/2 tsp salt 1 lemon, cut into wedges

Tomato Sauce 2 Tbsp olive oil 1 Spanish onion, finely chopped 2 garlic cloves, crushed 2 small red chillies, deseeded, finely chopped 1 Tbsp tomato paste 1 kg tomatoes, finely chopped 1 lemon, rind finely grated, juiced 2 tsp caster sugar 1/2 cup dry white wine 1/2 cup flat-leaf parsley leaves, chopped

Preparation Cut tubes crosswise into 1/2-inch (1 cm) thick rings. Pat dry. In large plastic bag, shake together flour, cornstarch and cayenne pepper. 2. In deep-fryer or deep heavy-bottomed pot, heat oil to 425°F (220 C). 3. All at once, add squid tentacles and rings to flour mixture; shake to coat. 4. Fry, in batches, until golden (approximately 30 to 45 seconds). Using a slotted spoon, transfer to paper towellined plate to drain; sprinkle with salt. Serve with lemon wedges and chili garlic tomato sauce 1.

Chili Garlic Tomato Sauce Preparation Heat oil in a large, deep saucepan over medium heat. Add onion, garlic and chili. Cook, stirring, for 3 minutes or until onion is soft. Add tomato paste and cook for 1 minute. 2. Add tomato, lemon rind, lemon juice, sugar and wine to pan. Stir until well combined. Increase heat to high. Bring sauce to the boil. Reduce heat to medium. Simmer, uncovered, for 8 to 10 minutes or until thick. Season with salt and pepper. Save extra for another use 1.

Rombo alla Cardinale Pan roasted Atlantic halibut topped with baked Icelandic scampi, finished with a double smoked bacon, corn, and tomato bisque. Serves four

Bisque Ingredients 1 cup double smoked bacon cut into 1/2 inch pieces 2 Tbsp butter 1/2 cup carrots, diced 1/2 cup celery, diced 1/2 cup onion, diced 1 tsp fresh thyme 1 tsp black pepper 1 tsp salt 2 Tbsp flour 1 cup of chicken stock 1 cup milk 1 cup cream 1 cup fresh or frozen corn 1/2 cup roasted or sun dried tomatoes, diced 1 tsp fresh parsley

Fish Ingredients 4 (preferably thick) halibut filets sea salt to taste freshly ground black pepper to taste 1 Tbsp all-purpose flour 1 Tbsp vegetable oil


3. Sprinkle the flour on both sides of the

4 deep-sea scampi. If unavailable use large shrimp still in the shell.

4. Heat the oil in an oven-safe, nonstick

Preparation 1. Cook bacon until crispy. 2. Lower to medium-high heat and add

butter. Add carrots, celery, onions, thyme, salt, pepper and cook for 5 minutes. 3. Mix in flour to make roux and cook for 5 minutes. 4. Add chicken stock and let thicken. 5. Add milk and let thicken. 6. Add cream and let thicken. 7. Add corn and tomatoes, cook on low simmer for 5-10 minutes. 8. Adjust seasoning with additional salt and pepper if required, add parsley.

Fish Preparation Preheat the oven to 400F and put the rack in the middle position. 2. Generously season the fish on both sides with salt and pepper. 1.

filets. sautÊ pan over medium-high heat. When it’s hot and shimmering, add the fish to the pan with plenty of space between the filets. Leave them alone to brown well on the first side, 3-4 minutes. 5. Carefully turn the steaks over with a spatula. Put the pan in the oven and roast until the fish is barely translucent in the centre, 5-10 minutes, depending on the thickness of the filets. Take them out before they begin to flake. 6. Serve on top of corn, tomato and bacon bisque. 7. Top with baked scampi.

Scampi Preparation Split down middle, devein and top with garlic butter and lemon. 2. Bake with halibut during the last 5 minutes. 1.





nice way to garnish a holiday meal is to serve it with an innovative festive drink. Follow these recipes for a fun twist on an old classic. If you are having some alcoholic drinks this holiday season, remember to do so safely and never pressure others to do the same. Be safe during this fun and festive season.

Irish Cream Egg Nog 6 large eggs 2 Tbs sugar 1 1/2 C whole milk 1 C whipping cream Fresh grated nutmeg Cinnamon Sticks Beat egg yolks and sugar together until thick and lemon coloured. Set aside. Beat the egg whites stiff. Beat milk and cream until thick.Gently fold cream into egg whites, and then fold both of them into the egg yolks with the Irish Cream. Chill. Pour into cups and garnish with cinnamon stick, whipped cream, and nutmeg. Enjoy.

Holiday Martini 3 oz cranberry cocktail 1/2 oz crème de cassis 1 oz vodka Place ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a few fresh cranberries.

j Slow Cooker Pumpkin Spice Latte 10 Tbs of pumpkin puree 8 Tbs of vanilla 2 tsp of cinnamon 2 tsp pumpkin pie spice 5 cups of strongly brewed coffee 6 cups of milk 8 Tbs of brown sugar Whipped Cream Cinnamon sticks Combine the milk and coffee, and pour into the crockpot. Whip together the other ingredients, not including the cinnamon sticks and whipped cream. Pour into the crockpot and mix together well Cover the crockpot, and cook on high for two hours. Garnish with whipped cream, cinnamon stick, and a dash of cinnamon.

The BesT Fish and Chips in Town By Gwen Boudreau phoTos anfia Lin


resh, fresh, fresh, That’s what you’ll be saying once you taste the English style fish and chips at Fries and Co. Under new ownership since 2011, Ken and Mel Francis pride themselves on continuing the longstanding tradition of serving food that’s always fresh and never frozen. “Our fish and chips are definitely the most popular item on the menu. The seafood is local and delivered daily, and we go through over 200 pounds of fries every day,” explains Mel. Located on the corner of Chebucto Road and Connolly Street in Halifax, this gem has served as the West End’s neighbourhood fish and chip joint since

1974. “Our fish is always fresh and cooked to order. The chips are hand cut, and our portions are very large. Nothing is precooked, which is what keeps our customers coming back time and time again.” Searching for the right business took Ken and Mel all over the world. When they found Fries and Co., they knew immediately it was the perfect fit for them. “We have six sons and one daughter between us and wanted to start a new chapter in our lives. Fries and Co. was exactly what we were looking for. We love it here and want our customers to feel like they are coming home.” Owners, Ken and Melanie




Ken hails from England, bringing with him the proper way to serve British fish and chips–massive plates where the fish takes up more room than the fries–and other English favourites such as mushy peas and curry sauce for the chips. Mel is a local Maritimer from New Brunswick, and compliments the menu with her Grandma’s famous chowder and adds Atlantic authenticity to the Newfie fries and poutine. The new menu features these favourites and many more. When you walk through the door it’s like stepping back into your grandmother’s homestyle kitchen. You get the sense that many families and friends have spent time here laughing and enjoying themselves. The downstairs eating area is intimate with a cozy wood stove that keeps you warm on those cold, damp days. With the addition of a second floor seating area that boasts a comfy coach and free Wi-Fi, Fries and Co. still maintains its nostalgic family atmosphere. Open seven days a week, Fries and Co. caters to everyone. “During the day, student’s spend time upstairs with the free Wi-Fi, local workers come in at dinnertime and families spend time here in the evenings and on weekends. We also offer take-out and delivery.” People come from all over for our mouthwatering fish and chips. Even former Governor General, Adrienne Clarkson, couldn’t resist. Whether you’re a local or visiting the HRM, Fries and Co. is sure to please with a price point that fits any budget, generous portions and friendly service. Ken and Mel welcome you to join them at Fries and Co. for your next meal. FLH

Fries & Co. 2603 Connoly Street Halifax, NS 902-455-5250

Middle Picture L-r Fries & Co.: Mike, Ken, Melanie, Aya and Eunjoo

Meaghan Smi:



uno award winner, Meaghan Smith, is someone to watch on the Canadian music scene. Blending big-band sound with modern song writing and performance, her sound is unique. Her first album, The Cricket’s Orchestra, was praised by the press, and in 2011 it won Best Pop Recording of the Year at the 2011 East Coast Music Awards. In 2011, Meaghan won the Juno Award for Best New Artist. Soon after, she started recording her album, It Snowed, inspired by her love for the Christmas holiday season. Raised in a musical family in Ontario, Meaghan is the only member of her family who can’t read music and yet, is the only one pursuing a musical career. Ten years ago, her passion for drawing led her to Halifax to work as an animator. Although afraid of the stage, Meaghan followed her love for music, and forged ahead to play shows in Halifax; her success led to her decision to record an album, The Cricket’s Orchestra. Meaghan claims that performing with symphony orchestras is one of her favourite activities. After having “an

unbelievable time” playing with the Nova Scotia Symphony Pops, Meaghan found herself wanting to do more of these types of performances. She reached out to a number of symphonies, and Saskatchewan’s Regina Symphony Orchestra (RSO) responded, suggesting she play a full show with them in early October as part of the Schumiatcher Pop Series, and also bring along her artwork to display. To say that Meaghan is ecstatic about this and other similar opportunities is an understatement. “There is nothing in the world like playing to a lovely audience, backed by a symphony. It’s powerful, with a large group of people who are incredibly talented musicians. It’s full of energy . . . a lot of people involved in creating one single thing. I can get really emotional singing, and the orchestra and strings are very emotional.” Meaghan loves to delight an audience, and her symphony appearances are no exception. “Guaranteed, these performances are a fun time for the audience. I tell a lot of personal and somewhat humorous stories behind the songs. I often give these secrets away at the show, and there are a lot of laughs.” It is her relationships with people that Meaghan says inspires her music. “It’s extremely personal, telling my own stories; then I hear from people after. The best part is how other people relate to the music. I believe that bad experiences can be turned into a fun song. I have a lot of songs about ex-boyfriends and broken hearts; one song is about an ex-boyfriend who went to jail, broke out, and then tried to get me to run away with him. Or songs about getting stood up....”




Meaghan reflects fondly on her musical career, and how it has finally blossomed after an early interest and start. “I started writing music in grade five. I was extremely shy as a child; even at 20, when I did an open mike at college for the first time, I had a full-on meltdown.” Meaghan says she really started getting serious about her musical career four or five years ago. “I tour with my husband, my one-man band, who I also call my hus-‘band’. We both play various instruments, and I also play the Omni chord. I’m still working on getting over my stage fright, but winning a Juno really helped my confidence.” The Juno win in 2011 was definitely a pivotal point in Meaghan’s musical career, and she recalls her win fondly. “I was up against many talented people for Best New Artist of the Year. I was pretty positive I wasn’t going to win, so I had taken my high heels off. When they called my name, I was so shocked; I had to put my shoes on and run to the stage! I didn’t even have an acceptance speech prepared, but it was a really fun and amazing experience. It was a huge vote of confidence, and has opened so many doors. Obviously, a lot of people believed in me, my potential, and that I have talent will accomplish more.” Beyond her musical accomplishments, Meaghan is also a talented visual artist who studied animation in college, and she maintains an active art practice. “When I get on the road, I can get too obsessed with music, and I need a break. I take my painting kit on the road; the music and art combined balance me out mentally. I paint miniature three by five inch portraits in oil that all have a story

Meaghan’s miniature artwork is also gaining popularity

to tell—really quirky animals, robots and people in antique frames.” Thrilled and somewhat surprised by the popularity of her artwork, Meaghan continues to paint to keep up with the demand. “I played a house concert earlier this summer so people could also find out that I’m a painter, and I sold all my paintings that I took there. In the last year, 150 pieces sold, and I have 50 on the wait list now.” Still residing in Halifax today as her musical career continues to flourish, Meaghan is excited about what the future holds. “I’ve now launched into a new stage; more people know me, and my record sales are up considerably. As I tour, crowds are getting larger, and I see people singing along.” On Meaghan’s fall calendar is the final show for her album, The Crickets Orchestra. Busy working on another record, she is also touring with her Christmas album, It Snowed. Meaghan will perform a holiday show at the Spatz Theatre in Halifax on December 16th. Keep your eyes on this rising Canadian star; it seems the sky is the limit for Meaghan Smith. FLH

Executive Chef Daniel Delorme

The hidden gem of nova ScoTia By DORIS WANG Photos BRuce JOllImORe


ucked within the BEST WESTERN PLUS Dartmouth Hotel and Suites in Dartmouth’s Burnside Business Park is one of the hidden gems of Nova Scotia. At Trendz Restaurant & Wine Bar, the food is refreshing, the atmosphere – soothing, and the dinners are beyond satisfied with their service. First opened in 2008, Trendz is a locallyowned and operated upscale restaurant without the high-end pricing. With traditional dishes such as Fish & Chips to the exotic tandoori vegetables and everything in between, Trendz aims to provide a full-scale and memorable experience for all its guests. And it




has already caught the attention of Dartmouth residents and visitors alike. In 2010, Trendz was voted the “Best Large Restaurant” by the Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia. “It was something we have strived for from the beginning,” says Executive Chef Daniel Delorme. “It’s a very serious award, we feel jubilated because of it.” Delorme says it’s the fresh food that made his restaurant stand out from all the others. The chef uses fresh vegetables, meat, and fish from local farmers and fisherman whenever possible. Some ingredients used to season the meat

and add flavor are bought from local markets. Although the best ingredients are sometimes costly, Delorme says it’s the quality that matters to him. “The difference in taste and texture of fresh food is the main reason the dishes are so good,” said Delorme. “We always want to support the local people and on top of that, it’s environmentally sustainable.” Fresh product is used all year-round but are mostly available during the spring, summer and early fall when the dishes on the menu are light and fresh. In winter, the menu changes into comfort food – such as lamb shanks and beef tenderloin. The winter menu also has one of the

Candy cane beet salad 3 oz Organic greens of your choice 1 tbsp Toasted almonds 1 small beet peeled and sliced thin 1 tbsp Crumbled feta cheese 1 oz Maple vinaigrette Vinaigrette recipe for 2 servings 1 tsp Maple syrup 2 oz olive oil Pinch of fine chopped Garlic .5 tsp chopped Shallots or onion 1 tbsp Balsamic vinegar Salt & pepper to taste

Vinaigrette In a bowl add all ingredients and whisk together just before service

Salad Toast the almonds in a hot pan just until golden brown. Peel and slice the beet as thin as possible, use a mandolin if you have one but watch out for the splatter it stains. For the plate: place your greens in a bowl and toss with vinaigrette to fully coat your greens, transfer to a bowl or plate top with almonds, feta and beets and enjoy!

restaurants most popular item – the Black Angus beef. “The taste and tenderness is known to be its best quality,” said Delorme. “All of our beef are high quality Black Angus beef and that’s why they come and enjoy our food.” The menu changes four times a year and the specials changes monthly – sometimes biweekly. But, its motto being “there’s always something happening at Trenz”, the restaurant is known for its festive and holiday celebrations including Oktoberfest, Valentine’s Day and Christmas. The Trendz culinary team also provides catering to the newly built Chardonnay ballroom at the Best Western. The ballroom can comfortably seat more than 300 guests for various events including corporate AGM’s and weddings. Trendz also has a collection of wine from Nova Scotia. Although it’s not the largest in town, it certainly isn’t the smallest. Over 90 different variety of wine, including 10 from local wineries, are stored in a temperature-regulated wine cellar. Encased in glass walls, it has




become a focal point of the restaurant, says Delorme. Besides the wine and the food, the chef is an indispensable part of the restaurant. Delorme is an award-winning culinary veteran who has been awarded Nova Scotia Chef of the Year for 2001 and 2007. In 2008, he was voted the Atlantic Canadian Chef of the Year by his peers. Having worked at hotel restaurants almost all his career, he says coming to Trendz is a new and exciting adventure. “I had the opportunity to help design the kitchen and the dining room,” said Delorme. “There’s a lot of me in this place.” Jennifer Burke, who is responsible for marketing the restaurant, says having an award-winning chef such as Delorme makes her job easier. “I just have to bring the customer in,” she said. “Once they taste the food, they just keep coming back.” Delorme himself attributes the restaurant’s success to his fellow chefs and staff. “We have a diverse crew and they each bring their individual talents and create what we put out in the end,” said Delorme.

Located beside the Best Western Hotel, Trendz serves both hotel guests and local residents. The dining room has two separate entrances, one of which is located near the hotel lobby. However, Delorme says Trendz is a stand-alone restaurant. “We are not set up as a hotel restaurant,” Delorme said. “We have our separate identity and it appeals to everybody.” Trendz serves up to an average of 80 people every day. The restaurant opens from 7 a.m. to 10p.m., seven days a week. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily with brunch on weekends. “We have some great bartenders, waiters and waitresses,” said Delorme. “We have a great group of people and they provide great service here.” FLH

Trendz Restaurant and Wine Bar 15 Spectacle Lake Dr Dartmouth BEST WESTERN PLUS Dartmouth Hotel and Suites 902.463.2000



yan McMahan is an occupational therapist who dreamed of combining his training with his entrepreneur spirit in hopes of parleying into opening his very own hand clinic. However, as a practitioner in the United States during the early 2000s, McMahan’s plan to open an independent clinic fell victim to a new healthcare policy.

“The way the healthcare system was going in the U.S. I couldn’t open a hand clinic, it just wasn’t feasible so [my wife and I] started looking at other businesses to open,” he says. While researching for new businesses to bring into the Atlantic Region, McMahan

discovered Edible Arrangements. “This was something that was not in this area and there was nothing like this here so bringing a franchise to Halifax filled a void,” he says. With over 1,000 stores worldwide, Edible Arrangements provides a unique, attractive, and not to mention delicious option for those looking for an alternative to gift baskets. Known for their wide variety of fresh fruit bouquets, partially dipped in chocolate, Edible Arrangements prides themselves on meeting the needs for a wide variety of occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day—

McMahan continues to watch his client base grow and shift with the seasons. “People look at it and are amazed that you can do that with fruit and they love the fact that not only is it beautiful but you can eat it too,” McMahan says. Edible Arrangements has made their name on their fresh fruit bouquets, however they continue to create new product lines including fruit cupcakes, chocolate dipped fruit boxes and trays. FLH Edible Arrangements 78 Lacewood Drive Halifax, NS B3M 3N8 902.404.3404




The Old Triangle irish ale hOuse “Food for the Body, Drink for the Spirit, Music for the Soul” BY LAURA BARRETT PHOTOS BRUCE JOLLIMORE


o visit to Halifax is complete without stopping at an Irish pub. If you live here, you’ve likely already shared a pint with friends at The Old Triangle in the heart of historical Irishtown. If not, Teigh anois (go now). The Triangle – as it is affectionately dubbed by the locals – is the epitome of an authentic Celtic experience. Established in 2000 by Brian and Cheryl Doherty, The Triangle is a Halifax tradition that embodies the best of Ireland – great food, warm hospitality and live music. A musician who played in bars for years, Brian drew from his experiences to create the atmosphere for which The Old Triangle is famous. A hit from the start, Cheryl stresses the effort they put in to ensure The Triangle remains true to its origins while constantly improving with





pudding and boxty bread.

The Triangle’s menu goes beyond expectations. Made from scratch, including the lamb sausage, soda breads and standard pub fare – fish and chips, nachos and salsa and burgers (Belfast, Celtic or lamb) – the menu features traditional Irish dishes like Steak and Kidney Pie, Braised Lamb Shank and Shepherd’s Pie.

The Dohertys acknowledge keeping their distinct brand of Irish in a market with evolving dietary restrictions is challenging; to ensure everyone can enjoy traditional Irish fare, they also offer vegetarian and gluten-free selections.

Not hungry yet? The menu will change that for you with its mouth-watering – and unique descriptions of – selections. Wearin’ of the Green Salad, Killeybegs Style Fish, Dublin Pastie and The Johnny McEldoo just beg a closer look. And no brunch is complete without trying the Ulster Fry, a traditional Irish breakfast that includes eggs, bacon, sausage, blood

Irish pubs are known for their array of brews from which to choose and The Old Triangle does not disappoint. Along with an expansive selection of imported Irish beer, including Guinness, Harp and Kilkenny, there is plenty of draft on tap, including the popular local brew, Propeller, and Keith’s, a Nova Scotia tradition. A stand-alone for The Old Triangle is that, in addition to local and imported beer and spirits, good wine is also featured. A professional sommelier, Cheryl is proud

to offer an extensive wine list which is, as she admits, “a bit unusual in an Irish pub,” but very appealing if you prefer grapes to hops.

set up as soon as possible and goes into hibernation October 31 – the date of departure for the last cruise ship leaving Halifax.

The third aspect of this triad of authentic Celtic perfection is nightly live entertainment. Committed to providing live music seven days a week since its inception, The Old Triangle features a wide range of musicians – local and “from away.” It isn’t about who is playing on any particular evening but about live, quality entertainment every evening. And no cover charge!

While Cheryl acknowledges the loss they feel when the patio disappears – “it’s like a sign of winter when it goes away” – they still enjoy a consistent customer flow throughout the year. The patio is crucial during the summer but there’s nothing like cozying up inside with a warm meal, an Irish Whisky and a Celtic folk song to ward off that winter chill.

The Triangle won a magazine award for ‘The Best Place to Take Your Grandfather on a Saturday Night.’ This speaks volumes to its customer appeal; playing host to a broad range of ages – regulars and first-timers – The Old Triangle has also become a destination for tourists from Halifax’s hotels and cruise ships. The Triangle entertains over 200 customers in the winter months and close to 300 during patio season. The patio is

A key ingredient to the success of The Old Triangle is the atmosphere; the core of the establishment’s mission. In addition to providing outstanding food, beverage and entertainment – at an exceptional value – the Dohertys love what they do. This is an important component when ensuring their staff is happy; by creating a warm and positive working environment, customers feel relaxed and welcome.

speaks volumes. As does the fact it’s now a fixture in Moncton, New Brunswick (since 2005) and Charlottetown, P.E.I. (since 2010). Cheryl puts it simply: “It boils down to remaining true to the tradition of what we are while still being current and relevant to change … we strive to provide an entertainment experience, not just serve food or pour a beer. Customers appreciate that added care.” FLH The Old Triangle Irish Alehouse 5136 Prince Street Halifax, NS 902.492.4900 ABOVE Colin Blore and Carrie Power.

A business as successful as The Old Triangle – in these economic times –




l-r: Mark, Barb, Jo-Anne and Ross Harrington, owner

For the love oF wine by jamie fischer photos anfia lin


or over 20 years Wine Kitz Halifax has been serving discriminating wine makers from their location in Clayton Park. Originally opened as a Wine Art store in 1991, the name was changed to Wine Kitz after the two companies merged.

The bright, clean store in metro west at the intersection of Dunbrack Street and Lacewood Drive is a hub of activity for amateur wine makers. Whether they are take-home customers or those choosing to make their wine in-store, everyone knows that they are getting the highest

quality grape concentrate kits backed up with superb customer service. That is what Wine Kitz clients expect... and receive. Owner Ross Harrington started with Wine Kitz in 2002 as manager before buying the store in 2006. As a wine and beer maker with two decades of experience, Harrington feels like the luckiest guy in the world. Every day he tends to his hobby instead of working a job. Joining Harrington’s Wine Kitz team are Jo-Anne, with 14 years experience; Mark, with seven; and the “new kid” Barb. The staff’s exemplary service skills and knowledge base is recognized by both new and returning customers. The high quality of a Wine Kitz kit is a standard in the industry; but unless there is customer support, all is for naught. Wine Kitz guarantees your success through service. If you are a Wine Kitz take-home customer and you contact the store after hours, there is a cell number provided on the answering




machine so you can call and they can solve your issue. You can even call the cell just to tell them how much you love the wine you made. For many years wine making was an “at home� hobby. In 2011 Wine Kitz Halifax started offering in-store winery service. This allows a client to make their wine on site as opposed to at home. The service, to which there is a fee attached, is to rent space, equipment, and, of course, the expertise of the Wine Kitz team to assure a quality wine. Many people do not have the space or may be unable to lift the heavy buckets and carboys, making the winery service invaluable. In- store winery service has been a huge success. They recommend that anyone choosing to make wine in-store to call ahead to make sure that the kit they want is in stock. Inventory arrives on a weekly basis. It cannot be overstated that Wine Kitz Halifax loves what they do and they prove it. Quality product and exceptional service is a recipe for wine success. FLH Wine Kitz Halifax 111-287 Lacewood Dr. Halifax, NS 902.457.3072 (W) 902.222.3072 (C) @winekitzhalifax

Rocco’s: new location, same gReat hospitality By: Lindsey HunneweLL Photos Bruce JoLLimore


he moment Hannah Gibson greets her staff with a chipper “good morning,” it’s clear that Rocco’s Ristorante Italiano is a cozy place where you’re treated like family. Founded by long-time chef Rocco Scarola in 1993, Rocco’s quickly gained the reputation of serving delectable southern Italian cuisine with a personal touch. In 2008, Scarola retired and sold his namesake to partners Hannah and Robert Gibson. Now, nearly 20 years after opening its doors, Rocco’s has moved to a new location.




“[The move] was very serendipitous the way it happened,” Hannah Gibson states. With more seating, a larger kitchen and additional parking, changing locations in April was simply the next step. Gibson is pleased that Rocco’s can now accommodate bigger functions and that it has an events room for 40 that comes complete with a fireplace and 60inch LED presentation screen. “It can be a really nice high end space,” she says. Cathie Brookfield and her husband have been customers for 10 years

and she is thrilled about the changes. “The ambiance and the decor are very refreshing… It has that trendy, upscale feel.” The restaurant may have a new look, but Brookfield is quick to point out that it has the same homey atmosphere. Gibson has stayed true to the original Rocco’s feel. Since she worked in the restaurant for almost a decade before buying it, she knows what her clients value. Guests are still greeted at the door by the owner and a lot of the original menu items are dished up daily. Rocco’s

is the only place in Dartmouth that still offers table-side service. Like before, she carefully selects local ingredients and most of the menu is made fresh to order by the same chefs. Gibson explains that these are the special touches that make dining at Rocco’s a unique and relaxing experience. “We try to bring the personalized, closeto-home dining experience to the people who eat here,” Gibson says. Many of her guests have been dining at Rocco’s for years and the staff has developed close friendships with them. That’s why Cindy Johnstone keeps coming back. “They treat you like royalty in a way,” she says. “They really make you feel special.” The other reason is because “the food is absolutely amazing.”

Johnstone regularly makes the 45-minute drive to eat at Rocco’s. Brookfield shares the same sentiment about the food: “they have the best Caesar salad around. It’s all freshly made in front of you à la carte.” Krista Holland says that the restaurant’s consistency sets it apart. After 17 years of dining at Rocco’s, Holland has never had a bad experience. “The chicken is always tender and moist. It’s just delicious.” While Gibson is keeping much the same, her personal touch is evident. “She’s a worker bee,” Brookfield says with a chuckle. She states that Gibson is constantly finding innovative ways to improve the restaurant like posting virtual tours on www.roccosrestaurant. ca or keeping in touch through Facebook. Gibson is also passionate about being

an eco-friendly place and chooses green solutions whenever possible. Although Scarola no longer owns Rocco’s, he still enjoys visiting. “I love to see my dining room customers come week after week to enjoy the food,” he says, and he’s certain that Gibson and her staff will continue to make them happy for many years to come. FLH Rocco’s Ristorante Italiano Unit 150-250 Baker Drive, Dartmouth, NS B2W 6L4 Phone: 902.461.0211 Fax: 902.461.2687 @HannahatRoccos RoccosDartmouth FineLifestyles



EdiblE MattErs Halifax’s best new food experience Photos AnfiA Lin


illing a void in Hammonds Plains, Edible Matters opened this past summer. This café, pantry, and catering company offers honest approachable food, proudly prepared and sourced locally wherever possible with a goal of creating a memorable and unique dining experience in the Hammonds Plains community. The restaurant features comfortable seating, locally roasted coffee, and a creative lunch and dinner menu with something for everyone. On the weekend, Edible Matters presents a seasonally inspired brunch menu with many unique options as well as their versions of classic brunch favorites. Edible Matters’ also offers a pantry on site which is filled with hand crafted, local and all-natural products including ice creams, stocks, soups, sauces, seasonal jams, spreads, and baked goods. Particularly popular is Edible Matters’ breads that are fresh baked daily including their signature glutenfree loaf.

Edible Matters’ also proudly offers catering for any event – weddings, in-home dinners, cocktail parties, retirement parties, cooking lessons or corporate gatherings, either off-site or in their private cozy meeting room, which is fully equipped to meet your presentation needs. Led by Chef Chris Burton (formerly of the Five Fishermen, Hotel Vancouver and Nicholas North Golf Club in Whistler) and local award-winning entrepreneur Ed Webber (VistaCare Communications), and Mathew Webber, the Edible Matters team is committed to producing and executing a unique and creative dining experience for everyone to enjoy. Located at 1345 Hammonds Plains Road, Edible Matters will be open 9am-8pm year round. FLH Edible Matters 1345 Hammonds Plains Road Hammonds Plains, NS 902.446.5588

Top picture L-R angela Knorr, Mitchell boone, cindy boutilier, courtney Murphy, chef chris burton, frances Mill, Katelyn arsenault, breanne Macleod-cyr, sanford Jones, and Karen Murphy




Photo by Daniel Cloutier

brandon Whitney ElEvating His gamE staying truE to His roots by Seann Paul Whitney GervaSon





ocated by the Bay of Fundy in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia, Halls Harbour is known for its farming and fishing communities, natural rugged beauty, and having the highest tides found on the planet. It hasn’t been known as a producer of NHL bound hockey players . . . until now. Brandon Whitney was the only Nova Scotian in this year’s NHL draft, acquired by the Chicago Blackhawks.

camps were cancelled so I did not get to participate in those. We are getting more exposure now to the NHL because the owners and trainers do not have their own league to focus on. Brian Burke [GM of Toronto Maple Leafs] was in the stands behind me at a recent game. Also, the Chicago Blackhawks goalie coach has been reviewing my tapes and has been working with me as a consultant. The NHL still needs to get back, though.

Fine Lifestyles recently sat down with the approachable, good humoured, 6' 6" net minder for the Victoriaville Tigres of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey league (QMJHL).

Tell us how you felt about being chosen by the Chicago Blackhawks.

How did you develop an interest in hockey? Brandon Whitney: My cousin Ryan Prime played hockey. I looked up to him so that is why hockey became an interest. I wasn’t the best skater so I was more suited to the nets.

What are your biggest challenges? BW: Being away from home, family and friends. Learning the French language while playing in Victoriaville, Quebec also posed a challenge, but I have learned to get better at it.

What do you miss the most while away? BW: The ocean and my family. The town of Victoriaville is very good to me though.

Why do you have a tractor painted on the back of your goalie helmet? BW: For my dad and as a symbol of the farming community that I grew up in.

How has the NHL strike affected the Major Juniors? BW: It has helped in some ways and in other ways not. The NHL training

BW: Before the draft, I didn’t know much about Chicago. I spoke to many teams prior to the draft so I didn’t have my mind set on any one place. Now having spent some time down in Chicago and having people come up and recognize me on the streets makes going there very exciting. The fans there have been very encouraging and it’s fun to see [fans] join my Twitter site. The captain of Victoriaville Tigres, Phillip Danault, was chosen by the Blackhawks in the 2011 draft, so it has been great for both of us to be playing on the same team now and hopefully in the future.

How big a part do the coaches play in your development? BW: A huge part. When I first came into the QMJHL, I was not ready to play. My first season resulted in little ice time. Working with Victoriaville goalie coach Daniel Fréchette brought me up to the level of Major Juniors. Now having the goaltending coach of the Chicago Blackhawks [Stephane Waite] as a consultant due to the strike, I’m looking to elevate my game more.

Tell us about your conditioning. BW: This summer, due to a fatigued knee and ankle, there was no running. I was in the pool everyday treading water.

I was able to be on the bike prior to training camp. That made the first days of camp tuff though. Now my knee and ankle are fine and are holding up great. A normal summer has me doing Olympic lifting, explosive squats, agility, and large amounts of cardio everyday.

Is this a profession now, or is it still a game in which you can have fun? BW: It is a profession for sure. The QMJHL is not like school hockey. If you don’t play at their high standards, you go home. I still have fun, only now I pick and choose the right time to do so.

What are your future plans? BW: Hopefully to have a shot at the NHL. My back up is university, as well as university hockey.

Do you have any advice for players trying to make the next level? BW: Come to work every day and keep a smile on your face.

Anything you would like to say to your family, friends and fans back in the Valley? BW: Thank you for all of your support! I hope to someday sign a contract so I can pay back my parents. [laughs] Always humorous and staying humble, Brandon stays true to his roots of the Annapolis Valley. Like the people from where he started, Brandon maintains a strong work ethic and a get-thingsdone-attitude. With the continued support of his family and community, many eyes are following Brandon— all waiting to see what his next big accomplishment will be. FLH



f there was one word to describe Cole Harbour Place, that word would definitely be community.

“Cole Harbour Place is a community recreation facility built for the community by the community,” says General Manager Cathy Burgess.

motivation he gets by going there is exactly what he needs. While Jarmash mostly uses the cardio and weight rooms, his family enjoys using the pool and skating rink.

Danny Jarmash has been part of that community for about two years. “I enjoy Cole Harbour Place because it’s a laidback environment; I don’t feel out of place or uncomfortable,” he says. “The staff and members are really friendly and very approachable.”

A one-stop facility, Cole Harbour Place meets clients’ physical needs with a pool, two rinks, a weight-training centre, aerobics and spin classes, and a squash court. There are also integrated health services with a variety of practitioners, including physiotherapists and chiropractors. Additionally, there are community and mental-health services and a library.

Jarmash says the centre has offered him a place to change his lifestyle. The

“We’ve always been a family-oriented facility,” says Burgess.




Programs cater to babies with their moms and dads right up to seniors. Burgess says the number of senior members is increasing steadily.

Customer service “We are still the cheapest facility around for everything,” says Burgess. “We try to keep our pricing down as much as possible to make it affordable for everyone.” Specials offered at Cole Harbour Place allow patrons many options, such as memberships for adult couples, families, shorter-term memberships, all-inclusive packages and corporate memberships. Harbour Place always caters to its members by focusing on customer service.

Community involvement “Anything that the community does, they often will come to Cole Harbour Place to do it because we’re central and it is their community centre,” says Burgess. Every fall, the centre hosts the Cole Harbour Harvest Festival, with children’s activities, a famer’s market, local musical entertainment and a community health fare. The festival happens each year on the weekend following Labour Day. In May 2013, the centre will be hosting a Women’s Well Being Expo. Focused entirely on and for women, the expo will have health and wellness workshops, presentations by health experts and a huge expo in the arena. Social events will also be part of the expo, with local entertainers coming to Cole Harbour Place. One of the big sponsors of the event is the IWK Health Centre. “It’s quite an exciting event, and there’s really nothing of its kind,” says Burgess.

What’s new? One of Cole Harbour Place’s newest ventures is group and individual personal training. “We’ve developed a top-class personaltraining team,” says Burgess. Janice MacKenzie, who leads the team, does group personal training and lifechanging seminars. MacKenzie’s team consists of top-notch trainers. Cole Harbour Place opens at 5:30 a.m. and closes at 10 p.m., and the arenas are in use until one o’clock in the morning. Visit Cole Harbour Place at or call 902.464.5100. FLH Cole Harbour Place 51 Forest Hills Parkway Dartmouth, Nova Scotia 902.464.5100 LEFT James Misner, Josh Misner RIGHT Danny Jarmash Barb Rogers, Michael Angelo Williams, Cathy Burgess Mary-Lou Tallon, Sherry McBride, Darrell Bruhm, Luch VanAmstel, Gordon Burton

Moose on the Loose the halifax Mooseheads Charge ahead

By lindsey hunnewell Photos Courtesy of the halifax Mooseheads


o–captain, Trey Lewis, stands poised in his red sneakers at the starting line, prepared to launch into sprints against his fellow teammate. It’s a regular Tuesday training session with the Halifax Mooseheads. On the agenda today: cardio and weights. The team works out together two to three times a week before lacing up for practice at the Halifax Metro Centre. “We’re on the ice every day for at least an hour, if not more,” says Lewis. The Moncton native is in his third season with the Mooseheads and says that each year the team gains more experience and keeps improving. A rigorous training schedule that involves being at the rink 6 days a week seems to be paying off. In their 19th season as a Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) team, the Halifax Mooseheads are currently ranked first in the league overall. But this is just the beginning of a tough road to the President’s Cup. “We see the regular season as a long preparation for the playoffs,” explains Head Coach, Dominique Ducharme. “Every day our goal is to improve so that when we get to the end of the season and start the playoffs, we’re at our best.” Ducharme came to the team last season. Before joining the Mooseheads, he was the Head Coach for the Quebec Junior

AAA team, the Joliette Action, and then worked as the Assistant Coach for Montreal under Pascal Vincent for three seasons. Now, with nine years coaching experience under his belt, he is helping to build the Mooseheads into a stronger force on the ice. “We have an excellent group of players and they’re working hard as a team,” says Ducharme about his roster. With members like Konrad Abeltshauser and Martin Frk who have been drafted to the NHL–by the San Jose Sharks and the Detroit Red Wings respectively–and Nathan MacKinnon who is currently ranked to go first overall at the next NHL entry draft, there’s no denying the talent on this team. As well, with the NHL lockout, Ducharme adds that the entire league has become stronger and more exciting to watch. “There are a couple of guys that may be playing pro right now if the NHL was playing, so it’s good for the caliber of the league because those players are still here and it makes the competition that much better.” This year, the Mooseheads have a strong combination of young players and veterans that add a lot of depth to their lineup. “We have skill up front, but our defence is also experienced and moves the puck very well,” states Ducharme. Along with their skill, Ducharme credits much of the team’s success to a strong

work ethic and their ability to come together like a well-oiled machine, with each player contributing to the greater whole in his own unique role. He also adds that they wouldn’t be as successful without their fans. “Halifax has really great hockey fans that are very supportive of our team,” he states. Lewis agrees and says that this city has an energy and vibrancy not found in other areas. “Halifax is a great city to play in. We play in front of more than 8,000 fans every night compared to a lot of teams in the league that only get a couple thousand.” The support from the fans is something that adds to the fun and excitement of the game, but for Lewis, he enjoys giving back to them just as much. Whether they’re visiting the IWK Health Centre and local schools, or volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada as mentors, many of the players are actively involved in the community. “It’s good to get out in the community and talk to people face-toface. They typically only see you in your gear from the stands and they don’t really know who you are, but when you get to go to those events, they get to see the personal side of you instead of just the hockey player,” explains Lewis. As well as individual volunteering, the entire team holds a number of special events and fundraisers like their popular Pink in the Rink game. For the past five years, the Mooseheads have hosted this special breast cancer awareness

event. On October 19, they donned pink jerseys and skated on pink ice in front of a sold-out arena of 10,595 fans. As one of the 18 teams involved in this event, the Mooseheads contributed a total of $16,000 to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation this year. Lewis says it’s moments like this both on and off the ice that makes being a Moosehead a unique experience. Playing for this team has allowed him to meet people and be a part of things that, otherwise, he would not have had the chance to do. He’s also had the chance to be in the midst of many thrilling Moosehead team achievements. Both Ducharme and Lewis agree that the Quebec City series last year was by far their favourite moment. In playoffs, the Mooseheads headed into their fourth game in the series 0-3 against Quebec City. They came back to win four straight in a nail-biting seventh game that went into over-time. Described by Lewis as “unreal”, Ducharme says it was intense. “It was nice to get that win; it was pretty emotional.” So far, they feel that series is their most memorable experience with the team, but they hope to have better moments at the end of this season. Ducharme says their goal is the President’s Cup: they want to be playing for it and win it this year. And from the looks of it, the Mooseheads are on the right track to do just that. FLH

Mooseheads hoMe gaMe sChedule december Dec. 2 vs Victoriaville—4 p.m. Dec. 13 vs PeI—7 p.m. Dec. 14 vs Acadie-Bathurst—7 p.m. Dec. 29 vs Cape Breton—7 p.m. January Jan. 3 vs Moncton—7 p.m. Jan. 4 vs saint John—7 p.m. Jan. 11 vs Blainville-Boisbriand—7 p.m. Jan. 12 vs PeI—7 p.m. Jan. 25 vs sherbrooke—7 p.m. Jan. 26 vs Quebec—7 p.m.

february Feb. 6 vs Rimouski—7 p.m. Feb. 9 vs Acadie-Bathurst—7 p.m. Feb. 12 vs PeI—7 p.m. Feb. 15 vs shawinigan—7 p.m. Feb. 16 vs Moncton—7 p.m. Feb. 22 vs saint John—7 p.m. Feb. 24 vs Acadie-Bathurst—2 p.m. March March 8 vs Moncton—7 p.m. March 15 vs saint John—7 p.m. March 17 vs Cape Breton—2 p.m.




A ToAsT To 150 YeArs of success By Julie MuSHYNSKY Photos NataSHa Poirier


he Halifax Club celebrates 150 years of prosperity in 2012 and its founding fathers would be proud. Established in 1862 by a prominent group of businessmen, the Halifax Club symbolized a booming era for the city and was a place to relax and retreat with friends and like-minded associates. The founders included big names such as Alfred G. Jones, Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, William A. Black, Federal Minister of Railways and Canals and Henry Pryor, mayor of Halifax. A century and a half later the women and men of this members-only club continue its tradition. The club’s longevity can be attributed to the benefits of being a member. As




a member of the Halifax Club, you have a unique “opportunity to network” with local and international leaders, asserts Emil Kolev, General Manager of the Halifax Club and he should know about networking. Kolev has a long history of working with some of the most notable hospitality companies in Bulgaria, Dubai and Florida. He explains that there are several ways members can connect. Members can meet casually during club hours or attend events during the month. Events include the Lunch-andLearn Series where members hear from featured speakers all while enjoying exquisite cuisine, fine wine and partaking in personal and professional development. Lunch-and Learn speakers are leaders

in their field and present on a variety of stimulating topics. Other events offered by the club include cooking classes with Executive Chef Nelson Francis, local business sponsored happy hours and a wine lover’s club. The club also arranges some of the most newsworthy holiday parties for its members. Members and various organizations can organize social and corporate events in one of the club’s seven private rooms. Accommodating up to 100 people, these rooms are ideal for meetings, presentations and dinners. Specialized equipment rental such as teleconference phones, projectors and screens can be arranged and items such markers,

easels, podiums, notepads and pens are included. Interestingly, if you book the Uniacke Room, you will find it exhibits a cracked window pane. Sustained during the 1917 Halifax Explosion, the broken pane is left to commemorate the loss of lives during this tragic event. The club also hosts a number of weddings providing complete catering, wedding packages and a variety of menu items including local fare. The building is a gorgeous Halifax landmark with Victorian architecture and art gallery. Both bride and groom will appreciate celebrating their momentous occasion in one of Halifax’s most historically significant buildings. As a wedding venue the club is the epitome of class and there is really no need for decorations. Fully equipped with Wi-fi and mobile phone friendly, the club is a perfect place to conduct day-to-day business. Kolev explains that members can use the venue as an office, rather than keeping one downtown. Members can request to bring guests into the club. With that advantage, members that require an office can conduct daily meetings and entertain clients. From the American Club in Sydney, Australia to the Vancouver Club in Vancouver, Canada, members of the Halifax Club receive benefits from over 120 affiliated clubs worldwide. Club membership is recognized wherever you travel. Let’s face it these sorts of benefits would not be available without the attentive staff at the Halifax Club. With Kolev’s education and experience in the upscale hospitality industry, he is attune to the expectations of his members. “I have worked for top-of-the-line hotel operators and golf clubs and in some cases attending to 6000 guests per day,” describes Kolev. The rest of the Halifax Club’s staff is no different. They care about the service they provide, delivering personalized service, delicious food, assistance in organizing events, and attention to detail. The overall friendliness and approachability of the staff creates the same relaxed yet regal atmosphere the club’s been known for. Want to become a member? The best way is to stop by the club on 1682 Hollis Street and speak with Kolev or Stacie Carrier, Member Services Manager.

Alternatively, you can apply online at php. Membership is decided by the Management Committee. Each member must uphold the reputation of the club and receives a copy of the Constitution and Regulations. Remember, when walking the halls of the Halifax Club and toasting to your own successes you are sharing in the excitement and elegance experienced by previous successful and influential members. With experiences like these, the Halifax tradition will surely continue for centuries to come. FLH The Halifax Club 1682 Hollis Street Halifax, Nova Scotia l-r Adam Bower- Assistant General Manager & Director of Sales and Marketing and Emil Kolev- General Manager.




EXPERTAdvice Tips on Buying a Home Should I buy or rent? Home ownership gives you a sense of security and stability, but it’s also an investment in your future. You’re able to make home improvements knowing that the value will increase and you will benefit from your efforts. Whereas if renting, you’re helping the Landlord get rich and are limited to what improvements you may wish to carry out.

Am I ready to buy a home? Ask yourself if you have the resources to buy a home, seek professional advice and get pre-approved by a financial institution. You should have a minimum of 5% of the purchase price for a downpayment. Are there other priorities in your life, e.g. starting a business, which require your savings?

By Mariana Cowan Coldwell Banker Supercity Realty 128 Chain Lake Drive Halifax, NS B3S 1A2 902.452.1639

How much should I spend? Understand what your spending limit is and don’t go over it. A pool might be nice, but do you need it? Buying a home is ultimately a compromise of needs versus wants. Try not to get emotional. You could end up with buyer’s remorse if you think you overpaid. Homes that need fixing up can be purchased for less. Don’t be hung up on the wallpaper, or the fact that the kitchen isn’t pristine. Use a little imagination. A coat of paint and a trip to the hardware store will increase your property’s resale value.

Can I do my own research at home, and what should I look for? You can do research any time. The internet is a powerful tool; it gives you the ability to compare sources quickly and easily. Just be sure that your source is credible and unbiased. You need to consider your specific needs. First of all, consider the location: where exactly you want to live? Think about where you work and how long your commute will be, where your family and friends live, and what the local schools offer to suit

your children’s needs. Where you live may well turn out to be just as important, if not more so, than the property you choose.

What should I look for in a REALTOR®? A great REALTOR® is professional, well-informed, reliable, and can utilize technology to best serve you. They know the local market and what prices are in relation to your wants and needs. Great REALTORS® are the ones who get something out of helping people, and understand a satisfied client is a referring client. For first time homebuyers, who typically have many questions you will need an attentive REALTOR® to guide you through the entire process. Ultimately, you need to feel comfortable with them and trust their abilities. If you feel you can’t communicate with your REALTOR®, find an alternative.

What is a Buyer’s Agent? This Agent is representing the interests of his/her client, the Buyer, with written permission to do so. This agreement is called the Buyer Representation Agreement.

Who pays the Buyer Agent’s Commission? The commission is generally paid by the Seller. The Seller pays the listing brokerage a commission to sell the property, who in turn pays the Buyer’s agent a commission for their part in the transaction. In certain cases the commission would be payable by the Buyer. An example would be a For Sale by Owner transaction.

Do I need to hire a professional home or property inspector? Absolutely. Once you buy a home, you’re on your own to maintain it and pay the bills. It’s best to know as much as you can about potential problems before you buy. FLH




Build Your Dream Home or Re-Invent Your Existing Home

Custom homes to fit any budget

Our commitment is to work together in building or renovating your home.







902-835-9000 Like us on Facebook

Fall River, NS

At DeCoste KitChens, it’s All About quAlity


By Doris Wang

f you want to furnish your home with high quality custom-made cabinets, you need look no further than DeCoste Kitchens in Kingston, Nova Scotia. For decades, the family-run business has been praised for their top notch work on Canada’s east coast and across the border.

as a manufacturer of custom all-wood kitchen and bathroom cabinets. With 16 employees, DeCoste Kitchens still remains very much a family business today. Karl’s wife and sister-in-law take care of the showroom and the office, with his son joining the company four years ago.

Originally from Antigonish, the DeCostes have always been in business together. Karl DeCoste, the current owner of DeCoste Kitchens, says the family has worked in restaurant and hotel businesses.

With over 30 years of experience under his belt, it’s hard to imagine that Karl wasn’t always certain that he would work in the family business. When he first started working with his father at DeCoste Kitchens, he looked at other career options as well. “At 18 years old, I didn’t think this was what I wanted to do for a living,” he said. Ten years later, he was hooked. For DeCoste, it was the mixture of working in and outside of the shop and facing different

Deciding to change their career path, the DeCostes moved to Kingston and started a woodworking company. Established in 1976 by Karl’s father, J.W. DeCoste, the company started off

LEFT Karl DeCoste(owner), Verna DeCoste (sister-in-law), Chris DeCoste (wife) oPPosiTE PagE ToP New Glasglow, NS LEFT antigonish, ns rigHT Bedford, ns

Fall River, NS

challenges every day that drew him in. He has fond memories of being on the road with his father and measuring up kitchens. “I was out in the field with him and that’s where I learned my trade,” said Karl, “It’s from watching my dad.” In 1994, he became the owner of the company when his father passed away. Learning on the job is one of the many benefits of working at DeCoste Kitchens. According to Karl, that’s how all of his employees have learned the skills of the trade. “They are always excited to come to work,” he said. “We produce quality products and it peaks their interest in themselves and their work.” It’s not only the quality of their work that has attracted the attention of contractors and homeowners alike, but also their open-mindedness and dedication to their customers. “You want your customers to know that you are willing to do what they want.” Today, DeCoste Kitchens has expanded from furnishing kitchens and bathrooms to the den, library, bar, walk-in closet, and laundry room. In addition to cabinets, they also manufacture and install mantles, bars, and entertainment centers. When customers make an appointment




to come to the showroom, the showroom staff take them on a tour, showing them the many woods, finishes and options available to them. Karl will sit down with the clients and their plans to design their cabinetry. DeCoste said “Our clients are by no means limited to what they see in our showroom. We encourage them to bring along pictures for specific ideas they have. Because we custom build our cabinets, we have very few restrictions on what we can do.” When the house construction reaches weather-tight, DeCoste takes the time to do his on-site measuring and does 3-D hand drawings of the kitchen designs to ensure that the customers are satisfied with what is being built for them.

homes, they have also taken on several commercial jobs. DeCoste recognizes that some customers prefer to look for less expensive products. However, quality is what really matters in the end. The cabinets are built using hardwoods and solid core plywood. “They are highquality products and our customers are always happy to show them off to friends,” said DeCoste.

When the house is ready, the cabinets are then delivered and installed in the customers’ homes. “If it’s not installed properly, we have not done our jobs,” he said. “My own guys know how to do it right and we do it right from start to finish.”

DeCoste Kitchens have furnished homes throughout Nova Scotia as well as Newfoundland, New Brunswick, and PEI. Karl has even been asked to fly to locations in Toronto and the United States to build cabinets for homes miles away from his company. But, he’s always happy to be back serving his clients in Nova Scotia. FLH

The work ethic and quality at DeCoste Kitchens has earned them many new customers by word-of-mouth advertising. And it’s not only the homeowners who have promoted DeCoste Kitchens to their friends, contractors have also recommended the company’s work to their clients. Although most of the projects DeCoste Kitchens have done are in private

“You really have to stand behind your product,” says DeCoste. “At the end of the day, it’s our service and our attention to detail that makes our customers happy.” He often goes above and beyond to ensure his clients’ expectations have been met or exceeded.

DeCoste Kitchens (Mfg) Ltd 769 Main Street Kingston, NS 902.765.2466

Your Nova Scotia home grown heating solution

Prompt Courteous Delivery and Service

We specialize in home comfort by providing the security and benefit of emergency service, oil and propane automatic delivery, home consultations, equipment installations and convenient financing and payment options. You are only one phone call or mouse click away from one of the best values available in Atlantic Canada. Please contact us today to begin benefiting from the Wilsons Way.

Wilsons Home Heating | 473 Cobequid Rd. Lower Sackville | 902.429.4545 |

Back row local Musician louis Benoit, lynn O'hearn, fred O'hearn, Jason O'hearn, laurel Barkhouse, Shawn MacIntyre, Tammy Davie-Macfarland, Tammy connors, Krista Medwid, Graham Jones, Jaret Webb front row Tyler Messervy, camille D'entrmont, Wayne abbey, Brian Vaslett

Ace LumbermArt The helpful place photos Jennifer Galliott


with a great selection and everything you would need for your home improvement and renovations.

In a world where big box stores and online purchasing is taking over the community hardware store, one local company is thriving. Ace Lumbermart offers all the personal service that you remember from those trips to the hardware store along

The newly refurbished Ace Lumbermart, consists of a partnership of the former Lumbermart and Ace Hardware, who is the largest distributor of hardware in the world. As company founder, Fred O’Hearn explains,”this has been truly a year of change . . . we’ve renovated and refurbished both locations, and hired some new professional staff.”

o you remember when your parents took you to the local Hardware Store when you were younger? The local owner would always have a kind word to say with a smile and would help your mom or dad with just what they were looking for.




The newly formed Ace Lumbermart now offers the widest selection of products at the best prices, both online and in their stores. As a member of the national buying group “Tim Br Mart” they join forces with similar sized businesses to enhance purchasing power and group buy opportunities. In addition to selling a wide array of hardware and home improvement materials and tools, Ace Lumbermart also does installation and offers a unique handyman service to their clients.

Since 1984, the original owners, Fred and Jason O’Hearn remain at the helm of operations and can be found at work every day at one of their two locations. For many people “Buying Local” is very important. Ace Lumbermart gives back to the community as well, and supports local charities such as the Churchill Academy for children with learning disabilities, as well as minor sports. As a local family owned business, that prides itself of community involvement you can’t get much more local than that. Jason points out that they don’t employ very many part-time employees and all staff are seasoned pros with a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you with your projects. “For those who want extra help, Ace Lumbermart also offers professional installation services and we install virtually everything we sell,” says Tammy Connors. Tammy is the Installed Sales manager with 20 years of experience. When you hire the professionals at Ace Lumbermart, it’s like hiring a good friend that you know and can trust; after all, Ace Lumbermart’s moto is “The Helpful Place.” FLH ACE Lumbermart Project Centre 51 Herring Cove Rd, Spryfield Halifax, NS 902.477.6500 15 Wright Ave. Burnside Park Dartmouth , NS 902.468.7772 Toll Free 1.866.711.7772 Clockwise Spryfield location, Burnside park location fred, lynn and Jason O’hearn, ace lumbermart owners Reg Westlake, retail manager Spryfield

Achieve Sensational Styling Using Our Mouldings Visit our Showroom and view our selection of: • Interior Doors and extensive Line of Hardware • Ceiling Accents • Decorative Mouldings • Specializing in Architectural Mouldings • House Lot Specials Tammy Mackay, CEO

w w w. m ou 18 Caper Court Hammonds Plains, NS 902.832.3217

Why Should You Upgrade the Mouldings in Your Home?

it a nice profile, making it more inviting. It doesn’t matter if your house is one year or 50 years old; adding elements such as wider casings and headers and even changing the style of doors brings a sense of appeal to the space, and helps you claim it as your own.

Rick Chaffey Moulding Warehouse 18 Caper Court Hammonds Plains, NS 902.832.3217 f: 902.832.2097


s it time to break free from the cookie-cutter or outdated style of your home? Whether you are making your home more comfortable and adding ambience or preparing it for sale, crown moulding, casings and baseboards, and caps and headers to accentuate doors and windows are essential additions. Other decorative upgrades to consider are panel moulds and bead boarding that add depth and texture to a room, or chair rails and columns to add character.

Improve the Look and Feel of Your Home A small investment in crown moulding changes a square, plain room and gives

One customer of mine recently installed new flooring throughout his 30-year-old house. To further update the house, we matched the upgrade with mouldings around the windows and doors. These additions have brought to his space the charm that was missing. Many condominium owners come to me looking for ideas for improvement as well. While you cannot change the exterior of a condominium, the interior can be upgraded with personal touches, such as panelling along hallways or up staircases, or even bead boarding added to entranceways and laundry rooms.

return. If you are considering listing your house or if your property is not getting the interest it deserves, a minimal investment in interior moulding upgrades of $5,000 can yield a $15,000 to $20,000 return. Recently, I worked with a retired couple who was getting ready to sell their home. Recognizing what a great investment it is to “dress up” the home, we added not only exterior moulding, but interior columns and crown moulding as well. These upgrades, along with switching out their plain, flat doors for panelled doors helped raise the value of their home and realize a profitable sale.

Time to Upgrade

A facelift with mouldings and new doors will add value to the resale of your home. Homeowners spend a lot of money on curb appeal, and potential buyers have the same expectations for the interior. There is a sense that buyers get when they walk in the door: is this an expensive home, or is it just run-of-the-mill?

Moulding Warehouse Ltd. custom manufactures high quality products to ensure your home is valued, and set apart with unique charm and beauty. We work closely with our customers to establish the right look and feel that they are seeking. After reviewing the many themes available, such as shaker or craftsman styles, and ensuring their personality and character is properly reflected, we direct them to the range of products available for the chosen style.

Estimates suggest that for every dollar you spend on improvements such as moulding, you will reap a three dollar

Come visit our showroom for inspiration, and discuss your upgrades with our inhouse experts. FLH

Increase the Value of Your Home




ElEgancE carvEd in natural StonE By Rebecca SchneideRet Photos JennifeR Galliott


obert Morrison is the owner, operator and sole artisan of Architectural Stoneworks, located in Goodwood, NS. His description of his profession is modest: “I am a stone carver… I take a square piece of stone and carve whatever form is required.” Bristolian by birth, Mr. Morrison’s career began in 1980 with a four-year apprenticeship in Bath, England (during which he received a gold medal in the International Skill Olympics competition.) He arrived in Nova Scotia to ply his trade in 1986. “That’s thirty-two years I’ve been carving stone,” he muses, “and ten years self employed.” His expertise is sought worldwide, but Mr. Morrison prefers to focus on residential work. “I wanted to target a part of the market that wasn’t being addressed.” That means that although his past projects include labor on such landmarks as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Oxford University – as well as local haunts such as the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Province House, and Fredericton’s Christ Church Cathedral — his next project could be your living room. Mr. Morrison’s residential stonework encompasses indoor/outdoor furniture, entranceways, gate piers, arches, columns, and  fountains – and, most commonly, fireplaces. “Most people look at a fireplace mantle as a focal point,” he says, which makes a home’s fireplace an ideal showcase for the beauty of carved limestone, marble, sandstone or granite. “There’s something about natural stone. It’s like a magnet. It draws people.” Stone’s elegance can even tempt onlookers to touch as well as look.  Pieces of Mr. Morrison’s work returned from display at local home shows are often grubby from being pawed by admiring audiences. “They almost have this

love affair with it,” he laughs. “Natural stone has a presence in a room.” For Mr. Morrison, creating  a stone design is a process that starts well before chisel meets rock.   He begins by meeting clients personally to gauge their tastes and desires, as well as their home’s architectural style. Next, Mr. Morrison creates a design on his computer.  Sometimes clients can’t picture how the stonework will fit – “a lot of people  lack spatial ability,  trying to see something before it’s created” –so it helps that he’s a certified CADD (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) draftsman.   “All my designs are created in 3D with real-life scale and proportion,” Mr. Morrison explains. “I can produce photorealistic pictures without ever touching a piece of stone.” Upon receiving a client’s go-ahead, Mr. Morrison obtains his materials – “I don’t carry inventory, I order my stone specifically for each job” — and starts carving. The simplest fireplace might take a week, but more complex projects can exceed 200  hours of labor. “My

work is all hand-carved. Every design is unique, I don’t repeat designs. You’re basically buying a piece of art.” Once the fireplace is carved, Mr. Morrison installs it himself. The fact that he is a designer and carver as well as an installer, is unusual. “I don’t know of anyone else in the Maritimes  who offers the services I do.” The breadth of his business makes Mr. Morrison uniquely capable of integrating and fulfilling a client’s wishes. “A comment I get a lot is that it ‘looks like it’s always been here,’” he says. “There are never any surprises, because you’ve already taken care of that in the design process. If they like the design, they are awestruck with the final product.” The advantages of such personalized work over mass produced  pre-cast mantles are both aesthetic and practical. Pre-cast mantle shelves come in three sections: left, right, and a middle piece that must be cut to size. “This puts two joints in the most noticeable place, and it does not look pretty. I go to  great lengths  to avoid

joints of any sort,” Mr. Morrison says. Pre-cast mantles also afford only limited personalization, whereas Architectural Stoneworks builds for the individual: piece by piece, customer by customer. “I certainly pride myself on attention to detail… I work to an extremely high standard,” Mr. Morrison says, emphasizing that his priority is total customer satisfaction.    “I really build a personal relationship with my clients… I will always go that  extra mile to make sure the client is perfectly  happy.” He views  unusual requests and unique architecture as opportunities, not inconveniences. “I like things that make my brain work, I love to be challenged.” As Robert Morrison easily discusses contemporary versus traditional design, the unique challenges of a Louis XIV style fireplace, and the classical beauty of Greek and Roman architecture, you can hear the  passion in his voice. That passion is literally set in stone around the world. Its next setting could be your own home. FLH Architectural Stoneworks 8 Mills Drive, Goodwood, NS 902.450.0400 Robert Morrison

Tips on Updating Your Kitchen

take note: if the cabinets are original to your home, they may appear tired looking, check the usability of your space and access your appliances. Have your cupboards now become cluttered storage? Perhaps the contemporary conveniences of today were not the contemporary ideas when your kitchen was originally built.

Changing the landscape adds character to that portion of your space The existing space will actually grow in appearance by making the cosmetic changes. Allow for wonderful large, deep drawers as well as pullout recycle and garbage units. Install a new black ceramic stovetop slide-in and have it repositioned to the sink wall. This will leave the island more of a prep station and it will become the central social space and focal point. Having a bar sink in the island is always a bonus. Allow for comfortable stools for seating.

Bea Doucet Doucet - Watts & Davis Interiors Inc. 1203 Hollis Street, The Westin Halifax, NS 902.422.0963

Removing the upper cabinets on the sink wall and installing a simple, clean wall of subway tile with a couple of floating shelves clad in stainless steel along with the lovely contemporary stainless steel range-hood, will help create a sleek open look. Stainless steel appliances add rich sophistication and the installation of beautiful hardwood flooring throughout the kitchen continuing through to the dining and living room will add depth, consistency and beauty beyond words.

Finishing touches Contemporary lighting can be chosen to help the transition from the almost country ceiling to the new desired overall modern look. Lighting is an element we often overlook not only for a variety of function but also as a exciting accessory. It can add that undeniable mood and atmosphere. Benjamin Moore Natural Cream #OC–14 works well for the cabinetry, complimented by Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter #HC–172 for the walls. New Star White for granite is magnificent. This combination will give you a soft, sophisticated look. The pantry can be a combination of the cabinet paint color and the stain of the hardwood flooring. This narrow free standing piece of art, can be designed for storage. The tall tapered legs and long wooden handles can introduce a bit of the wood stain back into the kitchen.

Glamorize your wish list The introduction of lovely fabric embellishing the window in a roman shade treatment would soften all the hard angles that have so far been introduced into this new beautiful kitchen. Add a few more special accents and voila—there you go. Your favorite room in your home has just gone up considerably in value. FLH

The journey to redesign, can start and finish wherever you like It’s time to update when we find the kitchen becomes a less than desirable workable space. We have our own taste and personal preferences in colours, fabric, cabinetry and flooring. A complete redesign would apply to your own unique style.





Existing space For a redesign, let’s choose a contemporary kitchen as our starting point. If you have a tight area that does not offer a lot of space to manoeuvre around, look at the original space and

Budget Blinds Letting the QuaLity Shine through By Carrie Gilbert


racey Keenan , owner of Budget Blinds, thinks that while the name of her business can sometimes be interpreted as meaning limited selection and quality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. “We have a large selection of products: from mini blinds to window shadings, to shutters, to draperie,s to high end motorized window treatments; we are not just blinds.”

Tracey, who was working as a chemical engineer in the petrochemical industry, bought the Halifax/Dartmouth franchise five years ago in December. She was working in Calgary when she had a discussion with a colleague who had




purchased a Budget Blinds franchise, reminding her how she had always wanted to start or buy a business. After searching for a Budget Blinds franchise that was available, Tracey decided that it was a great opportunity to move back to the Maritimes to be close to her family again. She moved here in 2008 to start her business.

is Glass Essence” says Tracey. “It’s like etched glass on your bathroom window.” Tracey says that Budget Blinds updates their products every year, throughout the year. “We have many different product lines that we get new samples, new books, and new fabrics from.”

At Budget Blinds, customers can find all their window treatment needs. In addition to blinds and drapery, they also carry area rugs and window film that protects against UV rays, window film for privacy on doors along with retractable door and window screens. “The newest blind that we actually started this fall

The typical customer is what you might expect for the blinds business: mostly women, though there is the occasional male client. “We have a varied customer base from first time home owners to people who are in their retirement home, although it is skewed to people in their forties to fifties,” adds Tracey.

In terms of new verses returning customers, she says that it tends to be fairly even. However, 2012 has seen wonderful turnover, a record for what is almost five years in business for Budget Blinds. “I just updated our targets the other day, and as of October 31, our sales have increased by 54 per cent over last year.” Tracey explains that the reason for this year’s success is that the business is no longer new. “They say it takes five years for a business to really take off, and January started off the upward trend–as it was three times as good as any January we’ve ever had–with eighty per cent being either repeat or referral.” Tracey’s pleased with the strides her Budget Blinds franchise has made in 2012. “There’s no such thing as a slow month this year.” Budget Blinds works around a variety of schedules, and will do consultations

with customers day or night, whereas there are many businesses who can only service the 9-5, Monday through Friday time slot. Tracey notes that along with their wide selection of products, there is a lot that sets them apart from other blinds companies. “We have three manufacturers that give Budget Blinds, what’s called a ‘fiveyear no questions asked warranty.’ The warranty is per blind and not per order, which is great for the customer, so if you bought twenty blinds, every blind has its own warranty. For example if it’s within the first five years, and your cat chews your blinds, or if you spilt coffee or wine on it, you get a new blind, no questions asked.” This is in addition to the regular limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.”

has become a name customers trust. Her other salesperson and administration personnel have worked hard to ensure their customers have the best possible service and satisfaction rate. Whether someone wants quality blinds at an affordable price, or is looking for service that won’t interrupt their busy schedule, Tracey says Budget Blinds is committed to serving their needs. “We follow customer service from beginning to end.” FLH

Budget Blinds 902.404.3881 902.802.9574

Given the fact that Tracey does eighty to ninety per cent of installations herself and did every one for the first three years of her business, it’s no wonder Budget Blinds




For the Love oF Lumber By LINDSEY HUNNEWELL PHOTOS Morrow Scot-BrowN PHotograPHY


rom the moment you step foot into East Coast Specialty Hardwoods Ltd., it’s clear that this isn’t your typical lumber warehouse. One look around at the hand-carved sailboats, beautifully designed furniture and decorative wooden slabs makes you feel like you’ve come home. That human touch and cozy feeling is exactly what owner, Sarah Matheson, has aimed to maintain throughout the many years she’s worked in the business that her father started 26 years ago. “It’s an old-world, old-fashioned place for people to come to who appreciate natural wood and know that it can add warmth, character and beauty,“ Matheson says. What began as a small

locally-owned operation with one load of lumber, has since grown into a thriving business that offers its customers more than 65 species of wood and houses roughly one million board feet of inventory. But despite the expansion, the company has stuck to its core values of providing a friendly, knowledgeable atmosphere and a high-quality product. “In my opinion, it’s the only place to go east of Toronto if you want really nice wood,” says long-time customer, Brian Smyth. As someone who builds custommade yachts, Smyth relies on East Coast for all of his projects and keeps coming back because of the beautiful exotic woods that they carry along with the staff’s expertise.

“We love wood here and we have a great sense of the lumber industry,” says Matheson. Her father, Bob Matheson, had been involved with the softwood lumber industry for more than two decades before he decided to open his hardwood business in 1986. After working and learning under her father for 14 years, Sarah took over the company in 2010. Bob passed away in 2011, but even though they lost their mentor, his philosophy is still at the centre of the business. “We value people over dollar signs and that is something that is instilled in the bones of this company. I don’t see that ever changing,” says Matheson. Bob’s goal for his company was simple: to offer the best quality lumber from RIGHT Sarah Matheson and Lucy




around the world while providing his customers with top-of-the-line service. Years later, that is still the top priority. “We buy inventory for our customers, not for ourselves,” says Shawn Chapman, the man in charge of purchasing and production at the warehouse. After 22 years with the company, he knows their customers’ needs. East Coast offers numerous domestic species of wood as well as a wide selection of exotics from around the world. They carry architectural plywood in 30 veneers and many unique wooden slabs and live-sawn pieces for customers who are searching for a more organic look. They maintain a diverse selection of wood in a variety of price ranges and sizes so that everyone can find the right lumber for them. “Our inventory is the heart of this company; it allows us to be flexible,” says Matheson. She adds that a lot of thought goes into choosing the right lumber. At East Coast, they look for uniqueness and quality, but also for environmentallyresponsible options. “We first and foremost want to deal with reputable mills and mills that have an environmental conscience,” she says. Matheson adds that they purchase Forest Stewardship Certification (FSC) options as often as possible. But it’s not all work. She states that the process of picking the right wood is quite fun because it comes in almost every colour of the rainbow. “There are purples, oranges, reds, greens, and yellows. It’s incredible what Mother Nature has provided us.” Along with their vast selection of inventory, East Coast also has a mill shop on-site. Matheson says this is vital because it allows them to create custom millwork in a day or two, and clients can have the product in-hand quite quickly. With the size of the operation, they are able to fill any job requirements. Whether a client needs a single piece of wood, or thousands of feet for commercial projects, they can deliver it in a timely manner. A majority of the wood in the warehouse is rough lumber waiting to be milled because the standard size isn’t suitable for every project. “We can mill and give to our customers just about anything they want,” says Chapman. By leaving the lumber in its rough form, clients have more options from which to choose. It’s

this attention to the client’s requirements that keeps customers like Colin Craig returning after 22 years. “They’re professionals in every sense of the word and their expertise is invaluable,” he states. Craig owns a custom cabinetry company that builds everything from kitchens to reproduction furniture. When a project calls for something like custom moulding, he usually leaves it to the specialists. “Their mill shop, I believe, is second to none in the Metro area if not in Nova Scotia,” he says. The whole process at East Coast is tailored to the individual. Customers are encouraged to come in and handpick the pieces for their projects. If they need a knife made for a custom molding, it can be cut on-site. This allows clients a lot of freedom over the choices they make at East Coast and it is one of the things Craig values: “I have some very specific needs and very specific wood requirements, and East Coast has always been able to fill the bill over the years.” Similar to her father, Matheson and her staff feel like the company is a piece of them. They love every aspect about the industry, and in his absence, they are upholding his legacy while adding in their own personal touch. Matheson explains that one of the things her father told her was: “you have to make it your own,” and the staff at East Coast have accomplished that. “We’re just as successful today as when he was here,” she says. It’s clear that Bob’s love for the entire industry is ingrained in every member of the staff. “It’s like a little family in there,” states Smyth. He likes the fact that everyone knows the customers by name when they step inside. Matheson feels that the hands-on atmosphere is one of the unique elements about the warehouse. Both she and Chapman agree that helping people discover a love for wood and seeing the projects they complete are the most rewarding parts of the job. FLH East Coast Specialty Hardwoods Ltd. 53 Wright Avenue, Dartmouth, NS B3B 1G9 902.468.3334 or 1.800.344.2122 Email:

Cranberry Stained GlaSS inSpireS artiStiC View By Anne GrAy Photos IsAAc shelley


tep into Cranberry Stained Glass Studio & Supply and you are surrounded by glass in all hues and textures, projects in all stages of completion, customers with a variety of questions and requirements, and students eager to learn more. On a bright October day, the studio rivals the autumn leaves shimmering outside the full-wall windows. The stained glass pieces on display range from brilliant suncatchers, to Victorian window panels, to a six-foot tall Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired room divider in muted tones. The studio is operated by Lori Nason, president, and Penny Bedal, vice-president, now commencing their eighth year of business. Nason moved back to Nova Scotia 10 years ago, after studying and working with stained glass for nearly two decades. When she couldn’t find the materials she wanted, she started her own business. Soon after, the business reached a point that required getting big or getting out. Nason and Bedal decided to go big, and Cranberry Stained Glass Studio & Supply has continued to grow. “We cover all of Atlantic Canada. We did a large installation in Hamilton, Ontario and a multi-window restoration on a church on the South Shore two years ago. We will work anywhere; but we focus our marketing on Atlantic Canada.” Nason says they have “just finished the last round of scaffolding for the season.” One of the large restoration projects this year was St. Matthew’s United Church

Penny, Terry, Lori

on Barrington Street. Getting up to work on the windows required climbing on top of “two roofs, then on scaffolding. That was a bit of a challenge.” Nason and her scaffolding buddy, Suzanne Gould, worked together on site to remove the pieces, took them to the studio for repair, and then reinstalled them – a common practice with this type of work. Currently, close to 50 percent of their business is restoration and custom work. The other 50 percent is a combination of repairs, teaching, retail, and sale of supplies. The season for classes is just starting. Classes run all winter and are listed online. Class size is never more than six people; some groups are smaller, depending on the class. “The classes are great funand, for beginners, we offer a choice of five different projects;

we supply the glass and the use of our tools.” Penny Bedal (Vice President). If you don’t see what you want to do, talk to us. We can oftentimes customize a workshop. For example, if the client is in Halifax only for a week, we can offer oneon-one instruction.” Cranberry also offers fusing classes, which can be very technical at first, including “some chemistry and physics.” There are three levels in the series; each part covers two techniques and the course is reasonably priced. Winter is the time for custom work. Cranberry Stained Glass uses a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) program that allows the client to see their panel in place before the work has started. Any tweaking of the design can be done before the first cut is made.

This is also the time for scheduling restoration for next year. Cranberry has just developed a new website focusing on their restoration work: The company tries to work in the least invasive way on their large custom and restoration projects. Cranberry…Sharing our passion for glass. FLH Cranberry Stained Glass Studio & Supply Vantage Point 1A 102 Chain Lake Drive Halifax NS 902-876-5167 Cranberry Stained Glass Studio @cranberry_glass





Where DreAms Come home BY JennA ConTer PHOTOS ToM enGLAnD


hen Gallery1 first opened in 1988, it was part of a larger Gallery Mall, a one-stopshop for the homeowner. A victim of that decade’s recession, several of the retailers were forced to pull out of the area leaving Gallery 1 as the sole survivor. Joe Ramia, a well-known developer in Halifax is now in the final stages of creating a new home decor retail centre in Dartmouth, the anchors will be four independently-operated furniture retailers, one of which will be Gallery 1. This concept will be the first of its kind in North America. A truly groundbreaking and inspirational way to shop for all your home décor needs and dreams in one space consisting of over 200,000 square feet. Each store will have their own space enabling families to comparison shop and visit a variety of stores for ideas.




Customers will easily be able to see, feel and visualize the home they have always wanted to have. The wonderful tenants include: Ashley Furniture Homestore, the #1 Name in Furniture The Brick, Canada’s largest volume retailer of home furnishings, bedding, appliances & electronics Gallery1 Furniture, 2010 Furniture Retailer of the Year award recipient, first time it has been awarded in Atlantic Canada Worldwide Furniture, Metro’s favourite furniture store, locally owned and operated for almost 40 years. “In Gallery we will be aiming to achieve a ‘Fashion Lifestyle’ look by offering designer

brands and other quality type of furniture,” he said. “It’s going to cater to everything you have in your home from living room to bedroom to dining, family room.” Though always a great place for great quality furniture for your home, the magazine and media movement has taken style in the home to the next level. “If you look at magazines today and all the furniture shows that are on television, you’ll see how this industry has changed over the years,” he said. “We are looking for that consumer who is looking for that look and knows that it is being talked about and happening throughout North America.” From the style with which the store is arranged to the brand names to specialty services such as access to professional

decorators and designers, Gallery1 will showcase a modern facelift that, according to Ramia, is paramount for any successful business. “Every business changes as time goes on because time requires it to shift as the way people shop shifts,” he said. “You have to be up to date and make sure you follow what the consumer wants and recreate your concept to deal with today’s market.” “How can we make it as easy and simple for the customer as possible and give them what they want?” As part of the new power centre project known as Atrium, the redesigned Gallery1 promises to provide a completely different experience for their loyalty in addition to capturing new customers with, according to Ramia, a selection of products from highly regarded designer names not seen in the region. “It’s a major effort to bring something that is not available in this market and bring designers that are known and who are leaders in this industry.” Customers looking for a more unique look for their home would be forced to shop and ship the top brands to their homes. Ramia hopes that with a new list of designers, such as Steven & Chris, Cobi Style, Timothy Oulton, and Brian Gluckstein the shopping experience will be a lot more enjoyable for the customer. “People now instead of going to Montreal or Toronto to source that kind of furniture, they will be able to buy it here so people can see it, feel it and touch it rather than just look at it in a magazine,” he said. FLH Atrium 60 Highfield Park Drive Dartmouth


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TOP James Ramia, Gallery1 SeConD Kathy Drew of WorldWide Furniture THIrD The Brick Sales and Management Team FoUrTH Ashley Furniture Store Manager Sally Blott and Sales Associate Fayez Musleh

What’s NeW aNd Next for 2013? By Meredith heron




can practically feel your eyes rolling and hear your groans as I write this—another designer telling you what’s trending for the coming year. You’d think we get a commission for our efforts to sell you on the newest, the greatest or “you’ve got to have it,” for fear of looking passé or out of touch with your home décor. More interesting than the latest trends are the methods by which they are conveyed and shared; welcome to the underbelly of the design world and straight-up decor delight. Do you Pin? is a photo-sharing site that allows people to “pin” a picture from just about anywhere, and then have their followers “re-pin” to their own categorized boards. There are many categories set out by Pinterest that help you to search

get more

items, genres or concepts. For example, I’m currently designing a cupcake shoppe here in Toronto, and I was looking for ideas involving wooden spoons as art. I decided to broaden my search to “spoon art,” and found a seemingly endless array of it. Who knew plastic spoons could be turned into ombre wreaths? Pinterest offers a joyful variety of inspiration from fashion, to recipes, design, décor, landscaping and more. I often suggest that clients join the site, and pin inspirational ideas for their

projects there; I follow them so that I can see their boards. They even allow you to make comments, such as “Over my dead body, we are so not doing that in your dining room!” To follow my boards, just put Meredith Heron into the search and hit Follow All. If you are considering a design or renovation project, another great site is, which just keeps growing in leaps and bounds. Designers like me have professional accounts and upload our





projects for people to see, share and add to their inspiration boards. Again, you can share your boards and collect design ideas; you can even ask the designers specific questions, but I will caution you on this one: I get hundreds of questions from people who are looking to copy or do-it-yourself an idea or space of mine, but designers don’t look kindly at questions that enable our work to be copied, and this includes our suppliers. Use the site for inspiration, and to shop for a designer you’d like to work with, but please keep in mind that the work you are looking at was paid for by someone else. Our clients wouldn’t like us giving the milk away for free, if you catch my drift.

There is a vast array of design blogs, at least one for your particular style, and probably more that you will discover and like. For modern, do-it-yourself and small spaces check out, Apartment Therapy and Design Milk. If you prefer something more traditional, perhaps with a French flair, check out Cote De Texas, Velvet & Linen and Tracery Interiors. If you want to read blogs written by people who are designers and share their process, try out Pure Style Home Blog, www.veranda-interiors. com Veranda Interiors, courtneyoutloud. Courtney Out Loud and my own blog, blog Sashay. is another site I go to for inspiration. Again, you can put specific search words in and look for articles and/ or photographs. This site works better with general search words, such as living rooms, headboards and master bedroom. I sometimes narrow this down with qualifiers such as modern bedroom or grey living room.

These online communities and networks have a huge influence on trends and style, but you have to keep up. Things cycle through in the blink of an eye, so finding something that will be long-lasting can be tricky if you are devoted to these sites. I’m amazed at how quickly I tire of something because it’s been blogged to death. In our office, we routinely roll our eyes and call something “bloggy”, which isn’t a good

thing. However, it wouldn’t be a trends article if I didn’t at least give you a few actual design trends for 2013, would it? Monaco Blue is the pantone colour of the year for 2013. As a devotee of blue, I’m thrilled by this. Every project on our present roster is based on blue, so I’m a happy designer. We’re pairing it with magenta and deep blue purples into violets. Ikat is still all the rage as far as patterns go. Pattern, pattern, pattern; mixing and matching, layering, maximalist versus minimalism—we can’t get enough. In a single room, we routinely use at least 10 fabrics and patterns, and more if I can swing it. Brass and gold—yes it’s back. We have several projects about to be published nationally, including a kitchen that is pink and gold, where we used polished brass pot lights throughout. It’s stunning and not dated.

Greys. They continue to be strong, but now we are seeing them in woods: hardwood floors and case goods alike. Cerused oak and bleached oaks are back, but greyed—no salmon pink washes this time around. If you want to try out a new trend, or you need help getting started on a new project, we’d love to help you make it a reality in 2013. You can reach Meredith at info@, @meredithheron on twitter and Meredith Heron on instagram, Houzz and Pinterest. FLH



Luxury Living Since 1991, City Centre Property Management has owned and operated residential apartments and luxury town houses. With over 1300 suites and homes available, City Centre Properties provides superior service to all of our customers.

NOW Available

Rockwood Estates (their recently opened buildings at 420 and 390 Larry Uteck Boulevard in Bedford), offers units ranging from one bedrooms to three bedrooms with a den. Spectacular views of the Bedford Basin and surrounding areas enhances the luxury feel of these suites. With open concept layouts, six appliances, granite countertops, woodgrain and ceramic flooring mix, the units have a New York condo style look. Rockwood Estates is strategically situated within walking distance of both English and French schools and all amenities needed to enhance day-today activities with proximity to pharmacies, grocery stores, medical and dental clinics and a fitness gym. Additionally, there is ample exterior and underground parking, storage units and experienced on-site Resident Managers. Moving forward, City Centre Properties will open Royal Summit at 599 Washmill Lake Drive in Halifax in March, 2013. With 97 suites of the same architectural styles of Rockwood Estates, this building has panoramic views of Bedford, Dartmouth, Halifax over to the Dingle Tower in the Northwest Arm and beyond. City Centre Property Management offers luxury living with pricing and sizing to fit every need.


LimitLess ChoiCe with a LoCaL touCh By Rebecca SchneideRet Photos JennifeR Galliott & cabinetwoRkS ltd.


“ t started out with just myself and a

tool box,” muses Glen MacDonald of his business’s beginnings. “A family operation, doing refacing of kitchens.” That was 1983—almost thirty years ago. Over the course of those three decades, Cabinetworks Ltd. has assembled a team of craftspeople

led by forward-thinking designers and production personnel. They’ve also remained locally owned and operated, providing patrons with the personal service some bigger businesses forget. “We can build whatever our customer dreams up,” MacDonald says. “We’ve got free reign here.”

When he says “free reign,” he means it. Cabinet doors may be selected in over three dozen styles, then stained, painted or otherwise finished in a vast array of shades. The cabinets themselves may be made of oak, maple, birch, cherry, or black walnut—with more unusual woods such as bamboo, mahogany and zebrawood




available on order. Cabinetworks also offers products and services beyond cabinetry, including sinks, Elmira appliances, cabinet accessories, and four different types of countertop. So much creative freedom applied to something as permanent as a kitchen might be daunting to more cautious customers. Fortunately, Nina Boulanger, who is Cabinetworks’ accredited interior decorator, can guide clients towards the colours and finishes that will keep their kitchens elegant and unified. “Distinctive kitchens don’t just happen, they’re designed that way,” Boulanger emphasizes. Of her own personal style, she says, “I look more for classic than trends.” However, she’s happy to let a client’s taste guide the process and to help coordinate design elements customers have selected from other sources. Boulanger can also shed light on decorating distinctions that may escape the untrained eye: for instance, the difference between Cabinetworks’ quartz and granite countertops. Granite, she says, will feature unique patterns that vary from piece to piece; quartz has a more uniform look. “Quartz is my choice; low maintenance, high durability, and endless colour choices,” she adds. When customers aren’t sure where to begin, she suggests that they “start with the footprint of the kitchen”—that is,

appliance placement and cabinet layout. “Then they don’t feel so overwhelmed.” That’s the artistic side of things. The technical elements are handled with equal care. Their cabinets have being tested and certified by the Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association to exacting standards. Cabinetworks specializes in European frameless construction, which means their cabinets feature hinges on the inside with no frame on the cabinet itself. Setting the structural specifications higher then most shops, the horizontal components-top, bottoms and shelves are a full 3/4 inch thick to prevent sagging. The back of each cabinet is 5/8 inch thick, preventing cabinets from tipping away from the wall. Traditional mortise and tenon joinery provide unparalleled rigidity. Finally, while Cabinetworks’ interiors are usually made of high-grade melamine, plywood is also an option, based on customer preference. It’s partly their investment in modern, computerized equipment that has helped Cabinetworks maintain precision quality while keeping their products affordable. “All of our hardware is a lifetime guarantee,” adds Nina. Cabinetworks’ customers bring with them challenges varying in scale from minor renovations to completely new creations and re-creations. “We do it all,” says Boulanger. “From starter homes to dream homes.” Sometimes customers renovate out of necessity; sometimes the dream of a new kitchen is brought on simply by an “inspiration photo.” However, in every case, the project starts with a free consultation, followed by an estimate. Cabinetworks will also provide customers with a 3D rendering of their kitchen-to-be to help them visualize the alterations—an invaluable judgement tool in the case of major changes, such as moving walls. Special cabinet accessories such as extra storage, lazy Susans, or “aging in place” equipment for clients concerned with reduced mobility, are additions that can give a kitchen a unique personality. Once customers give the go-ahead and make a deposit, it takes a little over a month for Cabinetworks to build the cabinets. “Sometimes there’s some tweaking involved, based on people’s opinions,” Boulanger explains. Then their in-house professional installers take over

Norm Patey (Sales), Glen MacDonald (Owner), Michael Garden (Supervisor), and Nina Boulanger (Sales, In-Home Consultant)

and begin assembly of the cabinetry in the home. “We ensure customer satisfaction by taking them from start to finish—we set their expectations and exceed them—from the inception to the install,” adds Boulanger. The guiding principal at Cabinetworks is professional pride, as evidenced by their long list of memberships—the Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association, the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association, the Better Business Bureau, and the Nova Scotia Interior Decorators’ Association. “We really value our craftsmanship,” Boulanger says. And the company’s many referrals and repeat customers prove that they haven’t strayed from their vision of creating kitchens which stand the test of time, doing the job right, and not taking shortcuts. FLH Cabinetworks Ltd. 75 Akerley Blvd. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada B3B 1R7 902-468-8118

Line-X HaLifaX is Expanding its BusinEss with a spray Foam insulation division by Julie Mushynsky pHotos DaviD gaMble


alifax Line-X owner Jean-Martin Lemaire is looking at providing more for his customers these days. The Line-X dealer in the Halifax regional municipality offers the same internationally recognized Line-X and Aspart-X brands of protective coating he always does, but has now added a Spray Foam Insulation Division to his dealership. Adding closed-cell spray foam to his list of products enables him to offer more to his existing clients and reach new ones.




No matter where you live, every house requires insulation including in your exterior walls and attic. The best quality, best performing and safest spray foam insulation will keep an even temperature indoors and will cut the costs of heating and cooling your home. Investing in proper insulation will have a huge impact on your energy bills, saving you money in the long-run. There are two types of spray foam insulation: open–cell and closed–cell.

The most efficient is the closed–cell because it has a higher R-value and does not require the use of a vapour barrier. Further benefits of using closed–cell spray foam include: • When sprayed into wall cavities it expands to fill every crevice—decreasing air leakage. • The R-value is higher than any other insulation – increasing energy efficiency and saving you money.

• It keeps the moisture outside your home—preventing the formation of mould, which in turn decreases structural damage and provides a healthier environment. • It does not shrink or sag like fiberglass Batt insulation, or settle like blown insulation—maintaining a better air seal and decreasing the likelihood of needing repairs later on. • It helps dampens sound—reducing noise • It is part of a regulated industry and sprayed by a certified installer—ensuring correct installation. Choosing to offer the closed-cell Spray Foam product was an easy decision for Lemaire explaining that “the product is a natural fit to the business.” Spray Foam is administered the same way as Line-X, using the same spray equipment, so branching out to offer a product like this made sense. Not only does this product fit into Lemaire’s existing business, he explains that it is a superior product and “the best way to properly insulate a house.” Spray foam insulation complements the international reputation of Lemaire’s other products. High quality products are always a natural fit to a persevering business like Lemaire’s. FLH Line-X 1291 Main Street Dartmouth, NS 902.446.4006

SuSniS Decorating centreS BY Erica ShEllEy PHOTOS DaviD GamblE


olours have a strange power. They can alter moods. They can reenergize you or gently coax you to a place of relaxation. They appear to shift the size and shape of rooms, expanding walls or pulling them in. Paints are designed to capture these colours, but not all paints are the same. As someone who has worked as a painting contractor for twenty-two years and has sold industrial and residential paints since 1991, I know that Benjamin Moore paints have consistently raised the standard in the paint industry. Benjamin Moore provides an unmatched selection of exclusive shades. The new line of paints, “Colour Stories,” is a collection of over four hundred complex colours. These shades are distinctively luminous, subtly adapting to changes in lighting. Although the collection has only become available in eastern Canada since July 2012, it is already




becoming a popular choice for customers at our stores. Consumers already know that they can trust Benjamin Moore quality; besides the exclusive colours that are available, Benjamin Moore products simply provide the best coverage. Many of our customers have been satisfied with the “Aura” line of paints for years, and are eager to try the “Colour Stories” collection. Halifax designers, architects and artists trust the rich colour selection of Benjamin Moore products. Another important aspect of paint quality is its environmental impact. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), are a common ingredient in paint. Although new laws have been put in place to regulate the level of VOCs, many companies only offer a few lines that comply with these standards. As a business owner, I am confident that all Benjamin Moore products have low VOC, and two lines are specifically VOC-free. For many

of my customers, this is an important consideration. Public buildings need to be comfortable for those who are sensitive to paint fumes. Kitchens, bedrooms and nurseries should not present your family with dangerous toxins. While extensive colour selection and safe, quality paint is a starting point, you can’t stop there. Even the most beautiful paints need to be chosen with care; different shades can work against each other or work in perfect harmony. Certain colours become amplified when applied on four walls; others seem to change based on room lighting. Meeting with a decorator at one of our three locations, or booking an on-site consultation, can help you find the colour that will work for your home or office. Our experienced staff are also available to offer application advice. If you aren’t certain about a specific colour, consider using a paint sample. Covering

one part of a wall with a paint sample is a great way to visualize how the colour works with the space and, in the long run, it can save you time and money. You don’t have to worry about remembering the different colours you have used – this information can be saved to your own personal file in our database. Colours have power. Indeed, bold paints and cheery colours have become an icon of the Maritimes. Whether for your office, business, or home — interior or exterior — let the advice of our experts help you capture the power of colour. FLH

Susnis Decorating Centres – Benjamin Moore Paints 6243 Quinpool Road, Halifax 3667 Strawberry Hill, Halifax 202 Brownlow Ave. Unit S, Dartmouth 902.455.1335 riGhT Paul Susnis

The window and door revoluTion By Devin Pacholik phoTos Gabrielle Gallant


he staff at Revolution Windows & Doors believe in the human element when it comes to providing customers the best window and door products in Atlantic Canada. President of the company, Bob Wood, knows that professional service starts with having a deep knowledge of the industry. With over 17 years of experience, Wood describes his beginning, “I started off my career working for a small manufacturer in sales and had the opportunity to see




and learn all aspects of how windows and doors are built. I learned about window and door manufacturing and how they operate. I’d gone to Window and Door University, one might say.” Wood continues, “We focus on educating our staff because we care about our customers. We want to give them the right answers. We love what we do so we put our best efforts into it.” Experienced people with an in-depth knowledge of the window and door

industry: That is why Revolution Windows & Doors is such a success story. Keith Lampier, sales manager, has nearly 30 years of experience. Wood and Lampier challenge their clients to, “Join the revolution in the window and door industry.” What is the window and door revolution? Wood says, “It has to do with engaging customers, getting to know them, carefully listening to their wants and needs, asking the right questions and genuinely caring about their projects.”

l–r Bob Wood, President Keith Lampier, Sales Manager

In February 2012, the management team at Revolution Windows & Doors attended the International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Florida. It is the largest building products show in North America and is hosted by the National Home Builders’ Association. Revolution Windows & Doors is a committed member of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association, as well as with the Nova Scotia Home Builders’ Association, the Better Business Bureau, and the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. “Aligning ourselves with these knowledgeable and very committed organizations, we gain further knowledge and expertise,” says Wood. “All part of our simply philosophy to do things better.” Revolution Windows & Doors studies the latest information, trends in the industry, and testing methods for window and door products. The company sells numerous lines of quality windows and doors including Hurd Windows and Doors, Superseal Windows and Doors, Laflamme Doors and Windows, and Pella Windows and Doors. Wood describes the importance of picking quality products: “Windows and doors are the type of products one buys to last for many years in a home or commercial building, so do your research and know the products you are getting are great quality, energy efficient, and represented by window and door companies that have been around for many years.” Wood states, “We want to take the level of professionalism to a whole other level, so that when homeowners, builders, contractors and architects come to us they get what they need. We try and guide them so they are happy for a lifetime.” Be part of the revolution in the windows and doors industry and call or visit Revolution Windows and Doors Ltd. today. FLH

Revolution Windows and Doors Ltd. 270 Wyse Road Dartmouth, NS 902.464.5050 f: 902.464.4747 c: 902.499.2255



he warm and comforting glow of a fire is a welcome treat as winter evenings bring a crisp chill to the air. Whether you curl up in front of a wood-burning or a natural gas fireplace, it’s important to know how to enjoy your fireplace safely.

Wood-burning fireplace When a wood-burning fireplace is in use, air is continually drawn out of the home and up the chimney. This air must be replaced to maintain the air balance flowing in and out of the home; this is essential for the safe operation of all fuel burning appliances. This balancing act ensures adequate air for complete combustion and ventilation of the flue gases. If the air balance is altered because of poor air supply or a blocked chimney, carbon monoxide (CO) and soot can be produced and down drafting can occur. To prevent smoke and flue gases (CO) from entering your home, follow these precautions: • When a fireplace is in use, an open damper allows the smoke and gases to exit. • Ensure an adequate fresh air supply into your home before lighting the fire. • Some fireplaces come with their own combustion air duct. If yours is not equipped with this, you must have a fresh air supply nearby, such as an open window. • Keep the fresh air supply open, even overnight, until the fire is completely out.

• After the fire is out and the ashes are cold, or when the wood-burning fireplace is not in use, close the damper. This will prevent air and heat loss up the chimney, and cold air drafts from coming down the chimney. The first line of defense against CO is the proper installation, use, maintenance and inspection of all your fuel-burning appliances. The second line of defense is a properly installed CO detector. When you are about to purchase a new CO Detector, make sure it is approved to the latest standards. Look for CSA 6.19 or CSA 6.1901 on the package. Consider installing glass doors on your wood-burning fireplace. The doors will prevent heat in your home from escaping

up the chimney, saving you money on your heating bill.

Types of natural gas fireplaces

You may also want to consider purchasing a draft stopper; they are designed to prevent drafts from conventional woodburning fireplaces when not in use.

Fireplace Insert: natural gas fireplace that fits inside an existing masonry fireplace.

Natural gas fireplace Natural gas fireplaces can operate at more than 60 per cent efficiency, whereas a typical wood-burning fireplace operates at 10 per cent efficiency. Efficiency refers to the amount of heat that is extracted from the flame, and is used to heat the home. Remember to have regular inspections performed on natural gas fireplaces, along with all natural gas appliances.

Natural Vent Fireplace: natural gas fireplace that has a type-B vent (a four inch manufacturer-recommended venting pipe used to exhaust the combustion gases of fireplaces, hot water heaters and other small natural gas appliances) going up a fireplace chase (the enclosure on the outside of the house that the metal chimney runs through). Direct Vent Fireplace: natural gas fireplace that uses a single outlet, dual pipe system to draw combustion air and vent exhaust. The vent is typically installed directly behind the fireplace or slightly above and behind.




Free Standing Fireplace: wood stove appearance, with the benefits of natural gas; this can be either naturalvent or direct-vent.

Other Options Pellet Stoves and Inserts. They are environmentally friendly, extremely clean burning and cost effective. Pellets are made from 100 per cent waste sawdust, dried and compressed, creating an ideal heating fuel. Electric Fireplaces. This is a great option if you live in an apartment, and you want the look and feel of a fireplace when installing a gas unit is simply not an option. While they are not meant to heat a large area, they do provide some added comfort to a room. FLH

For more home improvement information, to send Shell an email, or to watch Shell’s AskShell webcast go to

Quality  •  Function  •  Style Quality  •  Function  •  Style

New home or renovation specialists New home or renovation specialists




InnovatIve SolutIonS to Key SecurIty ISSueS By Gwen Boudreau Photos Bruce Jollimore


reedom Security Solutions is quickly distinguishing a reputation in the HRM built on superior customer service, professionalism, skillful workmanship and quality products. From the most basic security system to home automation, entertainment systems to surveillance cameras, Freedom Security Solutions can tailor any system to meet their customer’s needs.

The company is owned and operated by Terrance Campbell and John MacKenzie, both Journeyman Alarm Technicians. They have been in the industry for a combined




35 years and are committed to providing quality installations which is why, “We use certified Alarm and Security technicians to ensure your system is installed correctly, giving you peace of mind,” says Terrance. For the past three years the popularity of home automation has been increasing greatly through higher affordability and simplicity. Terrance explains that a home automation system can integrate your alarm system, lights, door locks, thermostats, and surveillance cameras to provide improved comfort, convenience and energy management, not to mention a home that’s fun to live in. Whether you’re building a new home or retro-fitting an

existing home, the installation is a breeze. By installing cameras with your home automation system, you can see who is at the front door or check on the sleeping baby from your computer, smart phone, or tablet. In addition, with the increased use of smart phones, alarm systems can now notify you via text message when your son or daughter arrives home safely from school. Home automation can also improve independence and quality of life for the elderly and disabled. If a medical panic button is pushed, the monitoring station can talk to that person through the two way voice station. At the same time, the front

door would unlock to allow the emergency personnel access to the home. Many insurance companies offer a discount of up to 25 per cent off your home owner’s insurance policy when you have a monitored security system. Monitoring the system offers you peace of mind knowing that your house is protected 24 hours a day against the threat of fire, carbon monoxide, flood and low temperature. What sets Freedom Security Solutions apart from its competitors is their unparalleled customer service and quality workmanship. “As a member of the Better Business Bureau customer satisfaction is our top priority. We use the latest technology and guarantee our work.” Here’s what one satisfied customer had to say: “After shopping around quite a bit for a security system for our new home, I am very pleased that we decided to go with Freedom Security Solutions. For the Immediate response to any calls/ emails, and the fast professional service I give Freedom Security Solutions a huge 2 thumbs up, and have no reservations recommending the company for any of your security needs.” - Brian F., Halifax, N.S. If you are planning to build a new home or retro-fit an existing one and need an innovative security system, contact Freedom Security Solutions at 902.789. SAFE (7233) or visit their website at www. to find out how you can secure what matters most to you. FLH

Freedom Security Solutions Middle Sackville, NS 902.789.SAFE (7233) F: 902.252.6841 freedomsecuritysolutions




Interhabs: buIldIng QualIty homes and lIfestyles By Nicole Trask


or many people, building their dream home is a top priority. Interhabs Homes is here to help turn these dreams into realities. Founded in 1975 and based in Hubbards, Interhabs provides pre-engineered, eco-friendly homes. The staff works closely with clients to determine exactly what style of home clients are seeking. Each component is prebuilt at the plant instead of on-site. According to CEO Terry MacPherson, this is exactly what makes Interhabs so environmentally conscious and unique. “We’re not just a builder. We create components and everything is carefully thought out beforehand,” he explains. “Every part is built in the plant and then sent out to the location in pieces and put together like a jigsaw puzzle. There is far less waste this way.” Exposed plank and beam is Interhabs’ trademark style. Using premium grade, natural timber, Interhabs creates open-concept spaces with an abundance of natural light. However, they also offer custom work and can bring any designs to life that their clients may envision. Clients can choose from several preexisting home plans such as the popular Mountain Series Chalet style, or they can work with the inhouse architect to customize their perfect home. The philosophy behind Interhabs is simple and focused on high quality. By building structural homes in a controlled environment, their goal is to provide the most enduring and energy efficient buildings possible. Interhabs is an Energy Star builder and has built two LEED certified homes in Nova Scotia. MacPherson believes that this commitment to the environment along with superb craftsmanship and design are the keys to their long-term success. Interhabs’ sister company, Nova Scotia Building Supplies, can provide plumbing, flooring, lighting and cabinetry. Since the two companies work in tandem, clients can achieve the full package for their homes without having to seek out multiple suppliers.

“Many of our clients are looking to build secondary homes for their retirement,” explains MacPherson. “We can provide clients with a package and they can use their own builder, but many people prefer the turn-key option. This means we work with clients from the early stage of the concept right through until the day they move in.” Staying true to their green initiatives, Interhabs uses one tractor trailer to deliver components to a build site rather than having multiple vehicles travelling back and forth with smaller loads. Additionally, Interhabs has achieved lean production methods. Interhabs also

utilizes any surplus waste lumber to heat their plant.

we are building all winter long to have our clients’ homes ready and waiting.”

By cutting down on waste, on-site labour and offering competitive prices for innovative designs, the company offers many attractive incentives. Since they are able to work straight through winter in the Hubbards plant, Interhabs has the unique ability to keep building all year round. According to MacPherson, this sets Interhabs apart from all the competition.

MacPherson encourages clients to visit or call to take advantage of Interhabs’ Fall Home Show Sale, offering 4% off all packages until November 30th. FLH

“We are building at full speed all winter,” he explains. “While other builders may be working around the Maritime weather,

Interhabs Ltd. 33 Station Road, PO # 340 Hubbards, NS 902.857.1616 Email:










per lin. ft.

(Country Oak)

Includes everything... base and upper cabinets, postformed countertop, new taps, even the kitchen sink! (some items shown are optional features)





3/4” Solid Wood Door & Drawer Front 1/2” Plywood Side, Top, Bottom & Back Panel Drawer Box 5/8” Solid Wood Dovetail Shelves 3/4” Plywood Adjustable Concealed Hinges

Now you have choices!

With our newly expanded kitchen show room we are pleased to to offer you many choices in work surfaces: POST FORMED . . 6 Styles, 100’s of colour choices CORIAN . . . . . . . . . 100’s of colours. Beautiful, durable finish. Price includes installation. GRANITE . . . . . . . . All natural shades, each piece unique. High polished finish. Price includes installation. NEW! CONCRETE . . . . . . Manufactured by local artisans, custom made for you. Choose design or shape. Include personal inserts to reflect your personality.





Some restrictions may apply. See in-store for details.




751 Herring Cove Rd., Halifax, NS

(902) 477-6500 ACE LUMBERMART

15 Wright Ave., Dartmouth, NS



Rates as low as…


Loans up to $50,000 and up to 10 years to pay

(902) 468-7772

Apply online Instant approval

GET PRE-APPROVAL TODAY * At participating locations enter code - #NS0604

Exit REalty is REal EstatE REinvEntEd


he philosophy behind the success of Exit Realty lies in the famous quote from Zig Ziglar: “You can get everything in life you want by helping others get what they want.” Exit Realty has revolutionized the real estate industry. Utilizing unmatched digital marketing strategies and ensuring a commitment to produce the most highly-trained and skilled professionals in the business has propelled Exit Realty to be the number one real estate company in Atlantic Canada*. Mentoring of new agents is one of the keys to the growth of the company. And the formula of residual income never before seen in the industry means each agent is committed to the development and success of their peers and has the option to create a profitable second

stream of income that continues through retirement and on to their beneficiaries. Valerie Knol and Louise Parker are coowners of Exit Realty 1st Call in Elmsdale. Together with Val’s husband, John, they manage a company of 15 agents. This impressive sales team participates in ongoing training, including social media, digital marketing, sales techniques and negotiating skills. Their 1800 square foot location includes training and board room, individual agent office space and reception. The staffed front-end kiosk is equipped with a 52” screen promoting Exit listings directly to the thousands of daily visitors to the mall. You can connect with Exit Realty at or by phone at 902.883.3948. Or just drop in during

regular business hours or at the mall kiosk on the weekend.

EXIT REALTY 1ST CALL Exit Realty 1st Call Superstore Mall 295 Hwy 214 Elmsdale 902-883-3948 F: 902-883-5547 ABOVE L to R John Knol, Valerie Knol, Louise Parker * by agent count




“Space for everything and everything in it’s place.”

RE-THINKING INTERIOR DESIGN & SPACE PLANNING • professional interior designers


• creating well-designed interiors that positively impact health, safety, welfare and of everyone in the space

• Commercial

• knowledge of Building Codes for all interiors

• Hospitality

• enhancing productivity & your bottom line

• Retail space • Residential

• “aging-in-place” and barrier-free design

• Planning

• LEED AP Interior Design + Construction

• Consultations

• belief in sustainable design and its impact on the future • We never say “it can’t be done”… there’s always a solution! Good design equals creative problem solving

• Construction Drawings

23 Target Hill Road • Chester, NS • P 902.275.5092

Ben Young, CeO



n 1985, Ray Marchand started Ramar Construction ltd. as a familyowned construction firm and grew the company into the largest builder of single-family homes in Atlantic Canada. While Ramar Construction has grown substantially in 27 years, it hasn’t lost sight of its beginnings and the importance of family is at the centre of that. “We’re still a family-owned and operated company,” says Ben Young, Ramar Construction’s CeO. “even after 27 years and much growth, we’re still

committed to giving each customer professional, personalized service every time they deal with us.” Ramar’s staff of more than 45 strong, shares the same vision of excellent service, exceptional value and pride in their work. Nor do they rest on their laurels; Ramar is committed to continually improving their business. “We’re always looking for ways that we can be better,” says Ben. “That’s our culture–being the best, and staying the best.”

When Ramar builds a home, they build it as if it was their own. The team at Ramar knows that choosing a new home is one of life’s most important and sometimes difficult decisions. Because of this, they work hard to ensure your home more than meets your needs–they want to make sure your home enhances your life. The company also recognizes the importance of the community that surrounds the homes they build. Ramar offers homes for every lifestyle —from young families to retirees—in




many different communities so that customers can find the home and the neighbourhood that suits them best. Ramar boasts a wide selection of homes in more than a dozen communities all within close proximity to Metropolitan Halifax. Or, Ramar can custom build a home to your specifications on a homesite you have selected. In addition to new home construction, Ramar also offers home renovation services and has a full-service real estate brokerage. Ramar can help you redesign your existing home and renovate it to meet your needs–from kitchen and bath renovations, to finishing a basement, to removing walls, or building additions. And, if you are looking to buy or sell your




existing home, Ramar can do that too. They have 13 professional ReAlTORs‰ ready to help you make one of life’s largest purchases go as smoothly as possible. When you are ready to make your decision, Ramar’s team is there to walk you through the process from start to finish. They can help you find the perfect location for your lifestyle, and they will help you choose a home that will meet your needs and make the most of your living space and budget. You can select from one of Ramar’s many model homes– bungalows, two-storeys, or split-entries are available – or, you can provide your own plans. “You can be as involved as you want to be,” says Ben. “Our team can guide you through

the entire design process, providing guidance when and where you need it.” No matter what you choose, Ramar can customize your homebuilding project to exactly what you are looking for. Their 27 years of experience will help tailor your new home to match your lifestyle. Ramar’s working showroom is their one-stop shop for everything you’ll need to customize your new home. “Our showroom features everything you’ll need to finish your home the way you want,” says Ben. “We can totally customize your home’s colours, flooring, cabinetry–you name it.” While Ramar prides itself on building quality homes, they realize not everyone is fortunate enough to have a worry-

free home. In 2012, Ramar launched their inaugural “Home sweeter Home” renovation contest. The company encouraged people to tell their stories about how they would use a $100,000 home renovation from Ramar. “The response was overwhelming,” says Ben. “We were flooded with stories about people who really needed help with their homes, and did not have the means to make the improvements they needed. The winner of the 2012 contest was Nicole Himmelman, wife and mother of three who has a rare connective tissue disease that causes a number of serious health problems, including sudden joint dislocation. Her young daughter has the same illness, and the family resided in

a three-level, semi-detached house full of stairs. Ramar remodeled the home to ensure that Nicole and her entire family had a safe, accessible place that they could enjoy. “The contest really showed us what an impact a home makes on our lives. Homes are supposed to be havens from the world, but for some, they are immense burdens. We were thrilled to turn this home into a haven for a family who truly needed it,” says Ben. “The day the family got their home back was an emotional one for everyone. It was wonderful to take a step back from our day-to-day business and give something back.”, the showroom in lower sackville, or call at 902.865.1607. FlH Ramar Construction Ltd. 66 Temple Terrace Lower Sackville, NS B4C 0A7 902.865.1607 ABOVe l to R, top to bottom Ryan Marchand, steve saword, Jamie Chisholm, scott sim, Greg MacKeen, Chris Marchand, Val Bodnarchuk, Diane Tuplin, leigh england, Ben Young, Dana sibley, Ashley Greenough, sandy Brewster and Christina Beaton.

To learn more about what Ramar Construction ltd. can offer you, visit




Green CleaninG for your family by Jenna Conter photos anfia Lin


o some Duncan McGenn is just the guy that cleans the carpets. But to his repeat customers, he is part of the family. A Halifax Chem Dry franchise owner, McGenn has been welcomed into the homes of thousands of customers who rely on his consistent service. “The strength of our business is based on our customers that call us back year after year,” McGenn said. “Being in the business for 20 years, I remember children watching me clean before they were in school and then getting a call from that kid cause they had a party




while they’re parents were away and need someone to come in and clean up the place.” McGenn’s customer base extends past the needs of the rebellious teenager and encompasses the homeowner who, according to McGenn, relies on Halifax Chem Dry’s reputation to get the job done quickly and properly. “When they make a decision to go with a company, they want someone who isn’t going to let them down and who is going to be there when they say they’re going to be there so it fits with their

busy, hectic schedule,” he said. “They are looking for quality service and products and are not afraid to pay what it costs to have a quality product.” Customer comfort with any in house technician is paramount in any business, but to further extend themselves above the competition, Halifax Chem Dry modifies their in home estimates to accommodate the variety of requests they encounter. “We come to the home prior to any job and we’ll measure the room to be cleaned and we’ll give them a free written quote,”

McGenn said. “We only charge for what the customer wants so in one room they don’t want to move the furniture out and just clean around it, that’s what we charge – it’s a very honest business.” Established 30 years ago, Chem Dry is found all over the world and is known for not only its quality technicians but also its deep-rooted belief in utilizing a natural product. “Chem dry is one of the first ‘green’ companies in the world and all of our products are safe and nontoxic because unlike steam cleaning, we don’t use any detergents that can leave a soapy residue on your carpets after drying,” he said. “Thirty years ago ‘chemical’ wasn’t a bad work but the product we use is called The Natural and we describe our process as a hot carbonated extraction process.” Halifax Chem Dry also guarantees 24–hour emergency assistance for those situations that always seem to happen after hours. “If your hot water heater goes or if a pipe breaks we are available to do emergency water damage clean up and drying,” McGenn said. “We are one of the only registered firms for carpet and upholstery cleaning and water damage restoration.” With a guaranteed 2–3 hour drying time, a pre-cleaning vacuum, and certified insurance that covers any possible damage, Halifax Chem Dry is the first in carpet and upholstery cleaning. FLH Halifax Chem Dry 367 Windmill Road Dartmouth, NS 902.468.9119

Holiday Displays

Cathy Oulton Bloom Greenhouse and Garden Centre 1421 Hammonds Plains Road, Hammonds Plains, N.S. 902.832.9268


othing evokes Christmas memories more than old fashioned aromas and displays. There’s magic in home preparation, both inside and out, with carefully selected decorations. Decorating ideas hold so many options, but nothing is better than the real thing.

Wreaths For your entry, selections such as Balsam, Boxwood and Luxe Magnolia offer a variety of greenery choices. Wreaths come in all shapes and sizes - square, oval, round or hung in multiples. For exposed entrances it’s favourable to adhere to the traditional wreath make up – balsam branches, pine cones, holly berries and any kind of ribbon - those things that are sturdy and durable. Decorator’s mesh is available in an array of great colours. For a protected entrance, anything goes, including accent items such as Christmas balls, sparkly dried twigs, feathers and fruit. Anything on the door subject to cool air stays fresh longer.



Different urn types are available for outdoor displays. Your container should be something durable like resin or cast iron. Even a basket, lined with burlap, makes a great vessel for greenery. Ceramic is not a good choice - it tends to crack. Water will also seep into a terra cotta urn regardless of how well glazed it is. Fill the bottom of your urn with something to weigh it down to prevent blow overs. Add some soil to give your greenery structure. Incorporate branches, berries and natural twigs such as dogwood or curly willow, which turns red or yellow in the fall. Winter holly berry and the traditional holly berry work well, as does the pepper berry, a type of holly that is very dense and lasts a long time. It’s a good idea to water the urn when it’s on the porch so that the soil freezes. This will keep the branches stiff. If you have a great pot and need ideas, we carry many styles of pre-made urn inserts, and can create a custom arrangement to suit your style.

When selecting a fresh cut Christmas tree, move your hand up the branches. There should be very little needle dropping. A little bit is normal because of tree binding and unbinding, but there shouldn’t be a puddle of needles under the tree. The colour should be dark green, with no hint of yellow or browning. Nova Scotia balsam fir has a wonderful scent and is an all time favourite. Always get a fresh cut tree unless you will not be erecting right away. Freshness is lost in travel. A locallygrown tree is always a better choice – it contributes to one of Nova Scotia’s most famous export industries. It is important to consider the type of heating system in your home. Forced air is the most stressful in maintaining a tree’s integrity for the full season. In-floor radiant heat is also very drying. Remember, putting up a tree on December 1st and expecting to keep it fresh until Christmas, will be a challenge. Careful attention to watering, every day, will help maintain the tree’s integrity. FLH Photos: Alex MacAulay





A local company featuring custom made solid wood furniture. 2� thick solid dining tables available in any size to fit your room and multiple finishes to suit your style. Seen here is our Barn Floor look with deep tobacco base.

Custom and Original

We have more than just pieces for your dining room. Come in Friday evening for our 5pm showing to see bedroom, living room and office furniture too.

Geddes Furniture | 2739 Agricola St, Halifax | 902.454.7171 | |

Luxurious Living with Like-Minded PeoPLe By Nykea Marie Behiel Photos Natasha Poirier


n innovative and thoughtful development, the Meridian Life Equity Residence offers those 55+ luxurious living while being surrounded by their peers. Although new to Atlantic Canada, the concept of Life Equity, or a life lease, has offered Canadians a convenient alternative to apartment or condo living for many years.

Life Lease is a form of home purchase that takes the burden of home owning and condo purchase out of the equation. While you purchase the right to occupy a space similar to a condo, if anything goes wrong with the building, the responsibility lies with the building owner rather than you. “If the pipes burst, call the superintendent, you don’t have to worry,” assures Stephanie Graham, marketing manager. If you decide to relocate, the Meridian will sell your space on the open market or to the next person on the waiting list, taking only eight per cent of market value to continue development. No more hassles with maintenance or trying to sell your house.




“Life leases, like Meridian, are also a great way to make sure you know what you’re paying each month,” explains Stephanie. The predictable monthly expenses leave you the ability to plan your dream retirement. “People can set money aside for their grand kids, plan a trip, or whatever. It’s much easier to manage your funds when you know exactly what you will be spending every month with no surprise expenses.” The building is run as a non-profit, the cost to construct the building and operate it is based on a break-even model. Monthly fees won’t increase unless costs increase. Meridian Life Equity is owned by the reputable non-profit organization Northwoodcare Incorporated. Founded in 1961, Northwood has always looked to fill the gaps society has created for seniors. Northwood provides long-term care at two sites in the HRM; home care throughout the Capital Health District; community-based services that support older adults living at home. Compassionate founder Ed Roach

spent his life working to improve living conditions for seniors. His reputation and work lives on in Meridian Life Equity, a new kind of residence for active seniors. “The Meridian is a new venture for us—a new lifestyle for active older adults,” says Stephanie. Each unit has high-end finishings, including hardwood floors and granite countertops. “It’s a great community and offers a solid investment opportunity. There’s nothing else like it.” The outdoor neighbourhood surrounding the residence is just as beautiful. Nestled near Kearney Lake and the beauty of nature, the Parks of West Bedford is a thriving community with much to offer. Only a short drive away from vibrant Halifax, this neighbourhood offers serene tree lined trails and green parks within easy distance of urban conveniences. The quaint neighbourhood will have the feel of a small village. “There’s a need for something different, where you can build equity, be part of a community and enjoy the finer things in life,”

explains Stephanie. “Many retirees want freedom from home maintenance and an alternative to condo living. No one wants to spend their savings to fix windows or a roof on a condo building. They also want to see a return on their investment rather than spending money month after month on high rental fees in an apartment environment.� The Meridian is that place. FLH

Meridian Life Equity Northwood Care Inc. 123 Gary Martin Drive, Bedford 902.446.5433 | BaCk l-r Rick Kelly,Reinhard Jerabek, Patrick Flinn, Scott Trites,Brian Lugar,Jim Todd FroNt l-r Stephanie Graham, Michele Lowe

Water heating – Keeping you warm while saving you money

Stephen Hazell Technical Services Manager, Wilsons Home Heating 473 Cobequid Rd. Lower Sackville 902.429.4545


here are two major ways of getting the heat from the furnace room to the rest of the house and that would be using air or water. Here, we will talk water heating or hydronics – using heated water to move energy around the home to keep us warm and cozy on those cold winter nights. When I was a kid we had a wood stove and in the fall when the nights turned chilly Dad would build a little fire in the stove to warm up the house. When it was a really cold night, Dad would load the stove right up and build a big fire. He was matching the heat needed to the heat required. When we heat with water, we can do the same thing. When it’s cold outside, we can heat the water to a set point of say 82°C (180°F) and when it’s mild like in the fall, we could reset the temperature lower, say 60°C (140°F). Changing the water temperature to meet the needs of the heat loss of the home depending on the outdoor temperature is called outdoor reset.




Many years ago, I went to school to learn electronics, there were controls available for commercial building for automation but it was way too pricey for the average home owner. Now, the cost of the electronic control packages with microprocessor has fallen to the point where everyone can afford it. The neat thing is there are retro fit controls on the market that you can add on to existing systems to get partial reset if not full. It’s a win-win situation. By lowering the water temperature, we can increase the comfort level and save a little money at the same time. The goal is to provide just enough heat to match the heat loss and no more. It’s also important to know how to maintain a minimum temperature year round and let the boiler cool down when not in use – the cold start. Depending on the type of boiler you have, it may have to stay hot all the time regardless if it’s being used or not. But, you may not want any heat for months.

When you are looking for a new or replacement boiler, you have to consider the capability of cold start, not maintaining a minimum temperature. It’s like idling the car in the driveway just in case you want to go out, shut it off if you aren’t using it. Some boilers are capable of this. Long term operating expenses, fuel consumption and comfort should be a major concern. We are very fortunate today as home heating system controls are within everyone’s reach, it’s like having a stationary engineer chained to your boiler making adjustments to your heating system year round. It’s never been easier to find a professional heating contractor that’s willing to explain options and talk over the best fit for your particular situation. Water is a great way to heat your home and when done right it can be a beautiful heat. FLH

a nautiCaL nod to tradition


his 6000 square foot, neo cape cod home nestled in Schooner Cove was designed by architect Michael Grunsky. Believe it or not it is concrete construction clad with cedar shake siding and roof. The concrete under the 100 year old reclaimed wood floors have radiant heat . The beautiful cherrywood custom kitchen is a dream to cook in while enjoying the open family room. It has everything an executive maritimer would want. Heated boat house and sail loft, office with corner windows over looking the bay, pool room, workshop, sauna, the list goes on and on.

Est. 1989

Shari Johnson Tradewinds Realty Inc. St. Margaret’s Bay, NS 902.237.3205

A hOme fOr every buDget

Don’t have a million dollars? Check out these Nova Scotia Waterfront treasures:

Scenic Shores Glen Haven $779,000 MLS# 00590034

Lakeside Saltbox Upper Tantallon $449,500 MLS# 41180159

Cove Cottage Hackett’s Cove $295,000 MLS# 40035727

Riverside Retreat Indian Harbour $219,500 MLS# 00458182

Country Living at its Best Offering a 13 acre mini-estate 5 minutes from Chester


elebrating the essence of Nova Scotia, craftsmanship and quality are the hallmark of this 4 bedroom, 2 1⁄2 bath traditional Cape. Idyllic location with 13 acres of field and forest, dock and 77’ of direct, protected, saltwater anchorage on Sandy Cove,a boater’s delight! This light filled home is ideal for entertaining and features an open concept main floor with 9’ foot ceilings, wood burning fireplace, includes main floor bedroom, office, screened sunroom, cherry hardwood floors on both levels, three spacious bedrooms upstairs including a master bedroom with ensuite, and a walk out lower level ideal to finish as a games room. The open air veranda and rolling lawns demand the thwack of cricket balls and the clink of cocktail glasses. There is a small orchard

filled with the bright reds of a medley of apple varieties. Located five minutes from Chester’s yacht club, world renowned golf course, shops and restaurants. The cares of the day fall away as one drives down the country laneway of towering pines to this spacious solid home amidst the quiet of nature . . . tranquility found. $1.2 million Monica Sontrop has served the South Shore for almost 20 years as a top producer and has built her reputation on honesty, integrity and hard work. Her expertise and dedication is essential to clients when buying or selling homes at any price point. Whether looking for a luxury home, family, starter or retirement home, oceanfront lot, farm or cottage property let Monica’s expertise and dedication go to work for you.

Est. 1989

Monica Sontrop Tradewinds Realty Inc. Chester, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg,NS 902.275.7978

A hOme fOr every buDget

Oceanfront Luxury East River $2.8 million

Residential/Commercial Mahone Bay $498,000

Lakefront Contemperary Bridgewater area $318,000

Lakefront Log Cottage Chester Grant $199,900

a true sanCtuary


f you love the beauty of the eastern seaboard than you will appreciate the unbelievable views from this George W. Brewster designed home. The home is ideally positioned on one of Lunenburg County`s highest elevations allowing the beauty of the area to come to life. The simple understated architecture takes advantage of its surroundings with amazing amounts of glass, allowing the beauty of the outdoors in. All principle rooms and bedrooms are large and have ensuite baths and fireplaces. Landscape architect Stanley Underhill’s design is made for serenity and relaxation in living. The pool and pool house is a wonderful entertaining and family accent to his magnificent space. Minutes from the quaint Village of Mahone Bay and the UNESCO Heritage site of Lunenburg, this home’s 400 feet of ocean front and 30 acres of land could easily accommodate a private farm, shooting range or horse ring and paddock. Alternatively the land can be subdivided and developed. The options are endless. Currently offered at $1,495,000, this property is an exceptional value.

Est. 1989

Steve Lumb Tradewinds Realty 902.476.4663

A hOme fOr every buDget

The Mission Grand Pre $2,195,000 MLS# 45171592

Exclusive Nauss Point Chester $1,095,000 MLS# 60092111

Just Say Wow! West Porters Lake $759,000 MLS# 40876161

Chester Classic Chester $399,900 MLS# 60090560A

Spa BathroomS:

EScapE in Your own homE By Jamie Fischer


think people have really busy lives and when they get home they just want to retreat,” says Holli Appelquist, a local interior decorator and business owner. However, where people are retreating to in their homes is shifting from the living room to another unexpected space. Bathrooms were long treated as an afterthought when designing a home; they were something a home needed, but not something people needed to spend time or money on.

last five years. Spa bathrooms started with the renovation of certain bathroom elements, but they have grown into their own since then. “People started to think about what their vanities looked like,” she says. Now, it’s grown to a point where the entire space is considered. “People want to feel like they’re on vacation in their own home,” she says.

“It’s a huge trend,” Appelquist says. Bathroom spas are exactly what they sound like: a fusion of basic bathroom functionality with the luxury and relaxation you’d find at a resort spa.

To create a bathroom spa, a number of elements can be considered and combined to create different levels of luxury. One of the biggest things to consider is your bathtub. These can range anywhere between $300 for a traditional steel tub to $25,000 for a two-seater jet tub with lights and aromatherapy built right in. No matter what your budget, if you’re looking for a spa bathroom, a comfortable tub is a must.

Appelquist has been the design business for over a decade, but the trend of bathroom spas has really been new in the

Showers are also something to consider. The size and shape of modern showers has evolved in recent years, and can

With the rising popularity of in-home bathroom spas, that’s all changing.




include anything from multiple shower heads, to horizontal shower elements, to shower rooms that don’t have any walls at all. Double sinks are nothing new, but when creating a comfortable space in your bathroom, space is the key. Having a separate station for each person using the bathroom to get ready in the morning provides a little extra comfort that goes a long way. The materials of the sinks and vanities themselves are becoming more extravagant as well. While granite and other fine stones were once restricted to the kitchen, they’re becoming more popular in bathroom renovations and in new home builds. Sinks themselves are also now available in more materials than the traditional china. Molten glass, stone, granite, marble and cultured marble are all growing in popularity. It isn’t just the elements inside the bathroom that contributes to the spalike feeling of modern spa bathrooms. Bob Leier, senior designer at a local

rest company, of the home,” says, adding that rest of theahome,” Leierbathroom, says, adding that new spa Appelquist says a new spa bat homebuilding company, says the floor plan homebuilding says Leier the floor plan of the entire home is now being shiftedoftothe entire home is now shifted treated to bathrooms werebeing previously as bathrooms a wereare previously treated asavailable a there a lot of resources there for are a lot o make room for the trendy new bathrooms. make room for the trendyspace. new bathrooms. function-only function-only space. inspiration, including home renovation inspiration, incl

shows andboth endless websites. TV shows and e “There is certainly more space being “There isLeier certainly more spaceboth beingagree that and Appelquist Leier andTV Appelquist agree that dedicated to the ensuite,” Leier says. dedicatedspa to bathrooms the ensuite,” Leier says. aren’t exclusive to spa any bathrooms aren’t exclusive to any “I encourage to after research, and “I encourage ev One way designers are creating larger One way demographic. designers areForcreating larger those downsizing after demographic. For those everyone downsizing bathrooms is by sacrificing bedrooms; bathroomsretirement, is by sacrificing bedrooms; a lot of thinking about do a lot of thi a spa bathroom is a useful way retirement,doa spa bathroom is a useful waywhat your plans that were once meant for at least plans thattowere once meant for at space. least Younger create luxury in a smaller to create luxury in a smaller space. Younger priorities are,” she says. “Find out what priorities are,” s three rooms have been changed to two, three rooms haveare been changed two, upgraded buyers also comingtofrom buyers areyour alsowants coming from upgraded are versus your needs, and your wants are leaving extra room to dedicate to leaving the extra room to says, dedicate homes, Leier and to theytheoften have homes, Leier says, and they often have then just go for it.” FLH then just go for master bedroom and ensuite. master bedroom ensuite. for higher and standards higher standards for their own homes. their own homes. Leier says the layout of master bedrooms Leier says the layout of master bedrooms has also changed to create spa bathrooms. has also changed to create spa bathrooms. Because the possibiliBecause the possibiliWhere walk-in closets were typicallyWhere on walk-in closets were typically on ties for a spa bathroom ties for a spa bathroom different walls than the ensuite, they’re different walls than the ensuite, they’re are so versatile, Apare so versatile, Apnow often attached to the bathroom, now often attached to the bathroom, pelquist says spa bathpelquist says spa bathcreating a dressing room. creating a dressing room. room renovations can room renovations can suit a variety of budsuit a variety of budWhile layout and the right major elements While layout and the right major elements gets, but those looking gets, but those looking are essential for a spa bathroom, it’s are the essential for a spa bathroom, it’s the to add all the elements to add all the elements finishing touches that set the right mood finishing touches that set the right mood of relaxation. a spa bathroom–a of a spa bathroom–a for rest and relaxation. Creative lighting, for rest and Creative lighting, Comfort and Peace of Mind Comfort and Peace of soaker décor tub, rain soaker tub, rain equipment shower, installation, fixtures, mirrors, décor and aromatherapy fixtures, mirrors, andshower, aromatherapy Home Heating consultations, HomeoilHeating and propane consultations, delivery,equipment in large vanity,of finishing new dé-touches large service vanity,andnew 24/7 emergency more. déTake advantage 24/7ofemergency our expertise service in home and more. Take ad candles are examples of finishing touches candles are examples heating. Helping Nova Scotians keep warm for over heating. 100 years. Helping Nova Scotians keep warm cor and cor and more–should that contribute to the atmospherethat as contribute to more–should the atmosphere as plan to items. spend about plan to spend about much as the bigger items. much as the bigger Wilsons Home Heating Wilsons Home Heating $30,000. $30,000. 473 Cobequid Rd. Lower Sackville | 902.429.4545 473 Cobequid Rd. Lower Sackville | 9 “We’re finding that there’s as much focus “We’re finding that there’s as much focus on finish in bathrooms as there is in on thefinish in as there is in the Forbathrooms those considering For those considering




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Halifax Motorsports: trailblazing tHrougH HrM By: Ian March Photos DavID GaMble


f you had asked Scott and Karlie Redden if they saw themselves leaving their jobs to run Halifax Motorsports as a full-time business six years ago, the answer would probably have been no. What started as a small part-time business has since turned into a thriving full-time business for the husband and wife team. In 2006, Scott and Karlie Redden, while having full-time careers in the communications and automotive sectors, came up with the idea for a small business they could run from home. As motorcycle, ATV and snowmobile enthusiasts, Scott and Karlie noticed that, for people wanting to break into their favourite sport, purchasing a quality used unit was often intimidating and could be quite a challenge. So, armed with little more than a credit card and their knowledge of the equipment involved, Scott and Karlie purchased their first two used units. Their philosophy was, and continues to be, that the units must be reliable and ones they would be confident selling to friends or family. The sale of those first two units lead to the purchase and sale of more, and suddenly Halifax Motorsports was born. Six years later, Scott and Karlie both have new careers building Halifax Motorsports’ business and reputation of delivering outstanding customer service to the Atlantic Canada motorsports community. The company is growing steadily with the increased interest in quality motorcycles, ATVs, side by sides and snowmobiles in the area. It has expanded so much that they now have four full-time staff and one part-timer and they recently opened a

new indoor showroom where customers can view new and used units as well as discuss financing options. What makes Halifax Motorsports unique is that the owners are enthusiasts too, so customers feel confident dealing with people who share their passion and always have their best interest in mind. As Karlie says, “our customers are our friends and we strive to provide friendly, personal and honest service.” Karlie goes on to say, “we understand customers are spending their hard earned ‘fun money,’ and at Halifax Motorsports, we want that to be a pleasurable experience.” In addition to excellent customer service, Halifax Motorsports also supports the industry by sponsoring local motorcycle racing talent, including Jake ShawO’Leary, the youngest member of the O’Leary brothers racing family. Halifax Motorsports stocks a full line of aftermarket parts, accessories for motorcycles, ATVs, side by sides and snowmobiles for all brands as well as offering basic maintenance and accessory installation with on-line ordering available at There is also a complete line of apparel for both men and women and, as Karlie says with a smile, “there is no reason our female customers can’t look stylish in hot pink while enjoying their favourite pastime.” Aside from their focus on motor sporting equipment, they also carry a full line of outdoor Echo Power Equipment including chain saws, trimmer, chippers, log splitters along with all the parts needed to keep the equipment running smoothly. As they look back on the past six years, Scott and Karlie are pleased with how their idea has grown into a thriving business and they look forward to offering their customers the best service they can for many years to come. FLH Halifax Motorsports 818 Prospect Road Goodwood, Nova Scotia B3T 1P3 902.442.4046 F 902.482.1643 halifaxmotorsports




hollywood tough guy draws strength from Mom, two brothers, childhood pals, and the old green and white By Karin Melberg Schwier


hen he comes back to Saskatoon, the only thing deadly about Hollywood kickass bad guy Kim Coates is his mom’s killer cinnamon buns and his take-a-bullet love for his hometown, his alma mater, and his old school buddies. The prolific movie and television actor, on a short hiatus while wrapping the fifth season of the critically acclaimed FX cable hit Sons of Anarchy, came home in September to see Mom and lend support to the institution that inspired his calling. Kim Coates is a really nice guy. Unless you haven’t watched TV or movies in past two decades, that may be a bit hard to grasp. The actor has a propensity to play scary dudes–gun-toting killers, vampires, bikers, sleaze balls, myriad unsavoury characters, Macbeth, for goodness sake–so ‘nice’ isn’t the first adjective that comes to mind. That’s because Coates is a consummate actor who makes any character believable. All from an accidental start with a drama elective on a whim at the University of Saskatchewan. Talking to Fine Lifestyles on his cell phone after a morning run in Eaton Canyon near his home in Pasadena, Coates is in a talkative mood. It’s quickly evident he loves to talk about Saskatoon, family, his personal and industry friends, and his mission to help create a world-renowned centrepiece for arts at the U of S.

Coates’ 82-year-old mom still lives in his childhood home and tends a rumpus room shrine to her son’s acting career. Joyce Coates was a career Safeway gal; his father Fred an Eaton’s man. A childhood with brothers Dale and Dean meant of having the run of his Exhibition neighbourhood, loving parents, enough to eat, and always a pair of skates so he could play hockey with pals. “I love coming home to see Mom,” Coates says. “I lost my dad a few years ago, so seeing her is top priority. She’s an Energizer bunny.” He happily rattles off visiting the Brashes, the Frys, and seeing childhood buddies like Jim Lindsay, Larry Harley, and Murray Totland, Saskatoon’s city manager. Coates talks about them with the same warmth and admiration as he does industry pals like William Fitchner, Kevin Costner, Matt Craven, Eric Bana, even Christopher Plummer. You get the idea that if you gave them all hockey sticks in front of Coates’ old house, there would be one wicked game of shinny. “Murray Totland was my first buddy,” recalls Coates. “I was four, he was five. We used to walk to Thornton Elementary on Lorne Avenue every Photo: Frank Ockenfels / FX FineLifestyles



day. We’re still attached at the hip. To think he’s gone from us blowing up dinky toys in his back yard to running the whole city, well, it’s frightening.” Coates laughs. “But he does it so well, and no one could blow up a dinky toy like Totland. Seriously, I’m not kidding. The engineer was in his brain when he was six.” Coates had a quick wit and a pretty good knack for public speaking but a future in theatre wasn’t hardwired by any means. At Nutana Collegiate, pretending to be in Hawaii Five-O with Gord Pepper was the extent of Coates’ theatrical aspirations. He worked at Safeway on 20th Street part time to finance other passions–his first motorcycle and a ’67 Galaxy 500. He enrolled at U of S in 1977, vaguely planning to be a history teacher. There he stumbled upon two life changers. One, he met education student Diana Chappell, whom he married in 1984, and two, he put a check mark next to a drama elective. “Honestly, back in ’79 when I decided to become an actor, I’m not even really sure any of us knew what that meant. I remember watching classmate Dwayne Brenna on stage, thinking, ‘Holy crap, he’s good!’ I think we were probably a bit mystified by it all. Mom and Dad just knew I absolutely loved it.” After convocation for both Coates and Chappell in 1981, she taught in Kindersley before the couple moved to Toronto the next year. Coates went to auditions, waited tables at the Nag’s Head Tavern, complete with cummerbund, and lived off tips while Diana pulled their financial weight, teaching with the York Board of Education. It was a lean but exciting time of wide-eyed discovery as auditions and small parts came his way. Opportunities picked up steam and a short 18 months later, Coates landed roles in West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet at the Neptune Theatre with Tom Kerr in Halifax. Soon he was trodding the boards at Stratford with roles like the lead in Macbeth and as Roma in Bertold Brect’s The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui. “My favourite writer, Joseph Campbell, says to follow your bliss and I believe that, but sometimes it’s tough,” he says. “You need someone to help you over those bumpy roads. If you love each other, if they can support you until there’s either nothing left to support or you’re a star, that’s what it takes. I was lucky Diana did that for me.” During this period, Coates caught the eye of New York agents for his Stratford work. While Diana taught in Toronto, Coates headed to Broadway where his career blossomed with plum roles. One of the most significant was taking over from Aiden Quinn the role of Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire. “I always wanted TOP Fishing at Chitek Lake FraMe As Stanley Kowalski in Broadway’s A Streetcar Named Desire MiDDle With parents, high school graduation bOTTOM Sons of Anarchy cast at premiere TOP righT As “Van Dusen” in Rufus. FraMe righT U of S Greystone Theatre production of Creeps MiDDle righT Still from Ferocious bOTTOM righT Kim Coates and daughters at the Toyota Grand Prix Pro Celeb Race at Toyota Grand Prix Track on April 16, 2011 in Long Beach Photo by Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup

to be where the best work was, but I was almost an innocent about the whole time. I had no fear.” Two daughters were born in Toronto, Kyla in 1989 and Brenna in 1993. In 1995, the entire family made their way to Los Angeles, following Coates’ bliss. By that time, he’d gotten a green card with his work on Waterworld and other Warner Brothers projects, and had joined the Screen Actors Guild. When Coates realized he wouldn’t have to give up his Canadian citizenship–something he’d never do–the family became dual citizens in 1998. Now the veteran of over 50 movies and television shows, Coates says he’ll go wherever he needs to go to work on the best projects. “The two movies I worked on in Saskatchewan last year will forever be in my heart. I will go wherever I need to go to work on the best projects, I don’t care if it’s Hollywood or Winnipeg (where he recently filmed hockey comedy Goon,, with Seann William Scott, Liev Schreiber and Jay Baruchel.).” Three feature films open this year: The Truth (he co-produced and stars with Forest Whitaker and Andy Garcia); those two Saskatchewan-made movies, Rufus and Ferocious,, now in post, were shot in Dundurn and Saskatoon. In winter.

Photo: Kiel Harvey

“I about froze my knackers off,” he howls. “Soft? Totally soft, baby! They say you can take the boy out of Saskatchewan, but you can’t take Saskatchewan out of the boy. I’m not so sure that’s true.” Some tough guy. Coates admits being recognized as a ‘movie star’ these days gets “a bit out of control.” Recently in Amsterdam, the couple dealt with swarms of SOA fans. “But you’ll never hear me complain about a family from Vancouver running up to have their picture taken with me,” he says. “I’m fortunate to be in a hit show. It’s a bit of a pain when you’re having dinner with your wife, but I’m never going to bitch about it because I’m not that kind of guy. I’m from Saskatoon. Airports are crazy now,” he adds. “I don the ball cap once in a while.”

Photo: Peter Christiensen

Coates gets intense about tragedies like the shooting at the Batman Colorado premiere. He’s angry about easy gun access in the U.S., an odd juxtaposition between Coates the pacifist and his gun wielding SOA character Tig Trager. “Guns in America,” he fumes. “I try not to get too political down here but I flat out hate it. I’m not talking about taking my 12-gauge out with my Uncle Mort to get some geese on his farm in the fall. I’m talking about the availability and the bullshit interpretation of a Constitution that was made for militia back in 1776 and has nothing to do whatsoever with righT: Kyla, humanitarian. Fluent in Swahili, Kyla works with One Heart Source (, non-profit organization empowering young people through education, providing high quality education and care for vulnerable children in Tanzania and South Africa. Says Kim, “She’ll be running the UN in 10 years, no doubt in my mind. brenna, actor. After getting the acting bug early, Brenna is following in her father’s footsteps. She auditioned and got into the Tisch Acting Academy at NYU. “She’s phenomenal. She loves NYU, loves the Village. She’s well on her way,” says Kim.

Photo: Joe Seer /

having a right to carry guns today. Guns kill people. It’s disgusting. Don’t get me started.” How does he survive in the acting industry where early breakthroughs and career momentum can be difficult? Coates says as with any career, a good foundation in the craft is paramount and solid support gets the job done. “It’s a tough industry to stay sane in,” he says. “But I love to explore, I love the dark side, the bright side. If it’s great writing, I want to play the guy. I like going to Eric Bana’s and William Fichtner’s premieres, and my own, walking the red carpet, talking to cockroach media like TMZ. I love it all. But I know what Hollywood is, and I came into it with my eyes open.” Mom was top priority on this Saskatoon visit, and there was a quick detour to the Calgary Film Festival for the world premieres of both Rufus and Ferocious. But Coates also booked time with people involved in the U of S Clarion Project, something dear to his thespian heart. The Project’s artful vision promotes innovative arts, multidisciplinary programs, and ultimately a new fine and performing arts facility on campus. In September, Coates dropped in on U of S drama students in a new film class and had some one-on-one in a fourth year acting class. He attended the Broadway Theatre showing of his Regina-shot 45RPM. He lunched with Arts and Sciences Dean Peter Stoicheff, and dined with Jami Young, Bill Waiser, Kirby Wirchenko, and a few

Clarion Project people. Coates counts former U of S President Peter MacKinnon as a friend and confidante. The pair has spent time on walks and over dinners talking about how crucial it is to expose students to a rich liberal arts foundation, to offer a chance for them to discover their own creativity, and to do more to grow a vibrant cultural community. Coates views his own involvement in the Clarion Project as a priority on his front burner. “You can never be the greatest university unless you have a centerpiece for art, for music, for drama. There’s been a phenomenal growth spurt with medicine, sciences, the synchrotron, but we’re not done,” he says. “Saskatchewan is really kicking ass in a lot of areas, so a prosperous time is not the time to dismantle the arts. I can’t wait until the next election because I’m going to be front and centre of anything that helps us get back the film tax credit so we can continue art and film and television and singing and dancing in this great province of ours.” Peter MacKinnon, former U of S President, describes his Coates connection. “Universities are social and cultural institutions as well as educational ones. A thriving arts community is an essential part of this mission, not only for students in the fine and performing arts but for the university as a whole and the community that supports it. It is important to have champions for the arts as it is for the sciences. Kim Coates is such a champion,” he says. “He is an outstanding and celebrated actor, a great friend of the U of S, and a terrific guy! We are all proud to count him among our graduates.” Coates realizes his good fortune in the business, but is aware of his own talent and contribution. “I just want to continue to be around people who create, whether it’s film or television or theatre, guys like Damian Lee in Toronto. A great night for me is to have dinner with Di, a nice bottle of Napa, and friends who wants to talk film, theatre, the Riders, and my Red Wings. And I love coming home.” Back in LA, Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter “definitely has seven seasons up his sleeve.” The fifth season of SOA premiered September 11. It’s based on Hamlet and “we all know that doesn’t end well,” Coates grins. “We spent four seasons going up the hill and it’s only getting more revved up as we come down the other side. It’s really getting ferocious, just crazy.” When the series finally wraps Coates knows he will have been part of a phenomenal classic. The fact it was a huge hit was “icing on the cake.” A consummate chameleon, he can’t wait to move on to try on the skin of the next character. “I keep finding things in Tig, but a whole new character will be a great new challenge.” Another tough guy? Perhaps, he muses. You imagine him slouched on a boulder in Eaton Canyon, black hair wild, a smile on his lips, those ice blues gazing steadily across the San Fernando Valley toward the LA smog. “I am really excited about what comes next. I’ve done good guy, bad guy, comedy. I’m going to direct, and produce more. You know what?” he says. “I think my best stuff is yet to come.”FLH leFT Coates as Tig in Sons of Anarchy

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brand names as Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. In addition, Pro Cycle is a large dealer for Honda snow blowers, lawn mowers, generators and outboard motors. For the customer seeking topof-the-line power equipment, Pro Cycle is well known for its dependability and durability and is the ultimate one-stop shop. Keith Ramsay, one of partners at Pro Cycle says, “We are fortunate to have product lines that are well known for dependability, and we back up that dependability with complete customer care and follow-up service.” “Our company’s goal is to always take care of our customer,” says Rob O’Brien,

another partner at Pro Cycle, “by offering good quality products and services that are second to none,” while Garth Tupper, a third partner adds, “we are proud to say many of our customers, are also longterm friends and we’re very much looking forward to seeing many of these friends during our 30-year celebrations in April of 2013.” It’s not surprising many customers are viewed as friends, especially given that virtually all of Pro Cycle’s 30 staff are motorcycle & ATV enthusiasts with a combined 500 years of experience. The three managing partners alone have a combined 75 years of knowledge. In

addition, when there is a need for that motorcycle or ATV extra care, Pro Cycle’s award winning service department with five fully licensed Red Seal Technicians–a designation which takes 4 - 8 years to achieve–is ready to get you back on the roads and trails. Pro Cycle’s state-of-the-art 20,000 sq. foot facility on Windmill Road, in addition to a full line of service and sales departments for new or used cycles and equipment, also offers a complete line of parts and accessories. One area that is very well known by riders of all stripes is Pro Cycle’s Apparel Department. With a focus on safety, Pro Cycle offers the area’s largest selection of helmets and “high visibility” outerwear. Additionally,

to further assist the rapidly growing female demographic interested in riding, Pro Cycle offers a full range of apparel and equipment specifically designed for women. Over the past 30 years, Pro Cycle has remained a highly successful industry leader in large part due to its ability to change with the times. Many changes have taken place over the decades from the onset of computerized technology not only as a tool in the day-to-day business administration tasks, but also in the Parts and Service Departments to online ordering at Pro Cycle is an ongoing supporter of local motorcycle racing talent, including

16-year-old Austin Shaw-O’Leary, a rising star in the Atlantic Road Racing League, as well as supporting numerous events at Atlantic Motorsport Park. FLH

Pro Cycle 550 Windmill Road Dartmouth, NS B3B 1B3 Phone: (902) 468-2518 LEFT Garth Tupper, Keith Ramsay, Rob O’Brien




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Maritime Film Specialists Halifax: 902.422.6290 | Moncton: 506.855-0855 Toll free: 1-800-667-8468 | |

Revolution Windows and Doors Ltd. 270 Wyse Road, Dartmouth | 902.464.5050 | f: 902.464.4747

Visit us for everything from custom tile and carpets to exotic hardwoods. We know flooring best. 100% customer satisfaction with Buyer’s Edge Guarantee.

The sun fades your furniture, flooring and artwork. Block 99.9% of harmful UV rays through installation of Solar Window Film. Free consultation and workmanship guaranteed.

Timeless designs, durability and long–lasting good looks mean an Interhabs home is a good investment with excellent resale value.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional products and great customer service. We truly care about our customers and value their business.

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Personally Tailored Interior Design

Signature Design Resource Ltd. | 902.479.0013 www.

Tower Interiors Ltd. Halifax, NS | 902.455-1544 |

Providing guidance in all aspects of interior design for 25 years. Specializing in kitchen and bath design, project management, renovations and new construction from concept to completion.




Our registered interior designers will transform your interior vision into reality through drafting of plans, space planning, lighting layouts, interior finishes and custom window treatments.

Avon Valley Golf and Country Club

Cole Harbour Place Embraces Community

Avon Valley Golf and Country Club P.O. Box 101, Falmouth | 902.798.2673 |

Cole Harbour Place 51 Forest Hills Parkway | P 902.464.5100 | F 902.464.5124 | |

Capable Hands In Real Estate Matters

Exit Realty is Real Estate Reinvented

Caylum Evong 902.209.7488 |

Exit Realty 1st Call Superstore Mall 295 Hwy 214 Elmsdale | 902.883.3948

Buying and selling is an exciting and sometimes challenging experience. We have the systems in place along with the Skills and Resources to assist you with your goals.

Trailblazing Through HRM

Our Mission: To provide the best overall Golf experience in Western Nova Scotia on a full facility course recognized for friendly, superior service, playability and grooming at competitive rates.

He will take care of you and offer sound advice that will make the real estate process comfortable. Serving Halifax Regional Municipality.

The focal point for our community and one of the finest, independently run facilities in Nova Scotia. We want everyone to enjoy and reap the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

Becoming a part of Exit means joining the on-going commitment to create the most highly trained and skilled professionals in real estate. Contact us today. Your home, nExt Exit.

Christine Watt and Associates. People helping people.

Providing Atlantic Canada the best customer service in the industry. Offering a full line of after market parts, accessories and apparel for motorcycles, ATV’s, side-by-sides and snowmobiles for all brands.

Sean & Christine Watt REALTORÂŽ 233 Bedford Hwy | 902.817.7326

Halifax Motorsports 818 Prospect Road, Goodwood | 902.442.4046 | FineLifestyles



Escape daily. Eye-popping luxury with an interior that feels as good as it looks. Road-hungry horsepower with engines that drive better fuel economy. The 2013 C-Class Sedan. Performance based. But anchored in luxury. Visit O’Regan’s Mercedes-Benz for details.

The 2013 C-Class. Starting from $37,300.*

A Daimler Brand

*National MSRP of $37,300 is based on the 2013 C 250 Sedan.

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O’Regan’s Mercedes-Benz 3585 Kempt Rd., Halifax 453-2300

Quality living built for you Choosing a new home is one of life’s most important decisions. That’s why, at Ramar we are passionate about ensuring your home enhances the quality of your life and provides you with years of worry-free living in surroundings tailored to your lifestyle.

RamaR ConstRuCtion Ltd. 66 Temple Terrace, Lower Sackville | 902.865.1607 |

Budget Blinds is Halifax Regional Municipality’s #1 choice for all your window covering needs!

Budget Blinds is North America’s largest window covering company, which provides the competitive edge on products and buying power.

W Meet your local representative tracy Keenan Budget Blinds Halifax Regional Municipality

Suite 1–102 Chain Lake Drive Halifax, NS

e are an independently owned and operated franchise and offer free, personalized in-home consultations, expert fit measuring and professional installation to homeowners who want to purchase new window coverings. We have captured the best of all shopping experiences and eliminated the hassles associated with shopping for window treatments. With a wide variety of products and manufacturers for consumers to choose from, you will enjoy the benefit of shopping from home while a professional helps you choose the window coverings that will best fit your style and budget.

We bring the product samples to your home or office, where you can pick from a wide variety of our products’ fabrics, textures and colors. You can get a feel for the exact window treatment you want in the exact room you want it installed. That’s something you just can’t get in a store setting. We have a rich selection of quality window treatments, including: shutters, blinds, draperies, shades and window film. Budget Blinds works with leading window covering manufacturers. Budget Blinds also has two private label brands that are exclusive to us - you won’t see these products anywhere else. So if you’re in the market for new window coverings be sure to give us a call for your FREE In-home consultation, we’ve got style for every point of view.

Call to book your free in-home consultation!


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