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“Elegant Designs, Superior Quality, And a Great Building Experience” “Bonnie was fantastic to work with. She was always available and made sure that we were a priority.” Kim & Gus Fomradas “Bonnie listened to what we wanted - then offered suggestions & ideas - & finally she guided us in selecting designs, layouts, colors etc. Bonnie was very pleasant to work with, very dedicated & helpful right up to giving us the keys to our new house.” Gary & Hilda Johnson “Bonnie put in an incredible effort to make sure that all of our wishes were incorporated into the construction. She met with us on numerous occasions at all hours. She was in regular contact with us via e-mail to see if we had any questions and to keep us updated on the progress of construction.” Peter & Joanna Kapusta Contact: Bonnie Crozon, Ehrenburg Homes New Home Sales Representative

230-2510 Bonnie has her “Gold Sales Achievement” with the Saskatoon Regional Home Builders Association Won the “Best New Home Sales Representative in Saskatoon & Area in 2006”

“Life’s Best Moments”

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Garden Architecture & Design 315 Avenue A South . 306.651.2828 .

TIME. ATTENTION TO DETAIL. CRAFTSMANSHIP. We will take the time to understand your needs and to answer your questions. We will provide attention to detail that will assure you a quality built home. With more than twenty years experience, we will ensure your home is built with craftsmanship.

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The earliest known artificial shelters were constructed by humans more than half a million years ago. To call these lean-tos in northern Japan rudimentary might be an understatement, but even then they showed signs of the reasoning and innovation of their inventors with posts sunk into the ground for stability. For the next several hundred thousand years, progress in construction was incremental and exceedingly slow and the décor of human dwellings would have been utilitarian at best. But by 50,000 years ago, evidence exists that our ancestors had started aesthetic activities in the form of crude carvings. Art was born. The first interior decorators were already at work 32,000 years ago painting the walls and ceilings of caves—although experts would likely take umbrage with this characterization of the artists theorizing that the cave paintings were not so much an aesthetic undertaking as communicative and/or ceremonial. In any event, from then on, human ingenuity exploded roughly coinciding with the advent of agriculture. It’s not that earlier humans did not have the same capacity for abstract thought, but it was cumulative knowledge that allowed our technological development and self-awareness to accelerate.

FirstWord By Thom Barker Fine Homes Editor

And it is cumulative knowledge that now makes it possible for us to live in places like Saskatchewan. If by some miraculous breakdown of the laws of physics we were able to transport one of our early ancestors to Saskatoon in 2011, he would undoubtedly find our progress in construction and aesthetics awesome—in the true sense of the word, not in the parlance of his modern-day successors for whom it has all but lost its meaning being the standard response to every trivial tweet and Facebook post. Having the perspective of a 21st century human, I cannot say I am awestruck by our building prowess—I tend to reserve that kind of incredulity for more esoteric reflections on time-space and the origin of life itself. I will say, however, that I am truly impressed by some of the work being done here and the people who are doing it. In these pages, you will find some of those stories. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed editing them.

Spend your time enjoying lifes little pleasures while we take care of the dirty work! Saskatoon’s Premier Cleaning Service • Weekly • Bi-weekly • Various one time only jobs • Gift certificates available

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Featured Contributors Alexandra Walld

Gina Yesnick

Alexandra Walld has been working as a professional writer and editor for the past five years writing for publications across Canada and the United States. Her clever writing style and the diverse subject matter she writes about, sees her frequently travelling between Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

For a decade, award-winning, international wedding and lifestyle photographer Gina Yesnik has produced dynamic, emotive imagery that will be cherished by her clients for generations. Her passion and innovative approach embody the perfect union between art and technical precision. Her style is influenced by her love of fashion, cinema and beauty. Gina’s work has been featured in numerous magazines across Canada and the United States. She has won Top Wedding Photojournalist in Saskatchewan for the past four years and was one of five finalists for Top Portrait Photographer in Canada 2009 with the Professional Photographers of Canada. Her recent wins include Top Wedding Image and Top Wedding Album in Canada. She holds a Masters of Photographic Arts (2010).

When Alexandra isn’t writing magazine articles, she’s still writing. She recently completed the manuscript for her “chick-lit” novel about a likable but naïve travel agent who has never travelled anywhere before and vows to make her life more exciting.

Penny McKinlay

Lissa Robinson

Penny McKinlay is a freelance communications consultant. She enjoys working on a wide variety of projects—from journalism to software documentation, from editing to oral history, and from workshop presentations to research. She is also passionate about local, organic food and wine, books, travel and appreciating the world around us.

Lissa Robinson is a visual artist and writer living in Saskatoon. She received her BFA from the Alberta College of Art and Design (1995) and an MFA from the University of Saskatchewan (2005). Lissa has played varying roles in the art community as the Director of Stride Gallery (Calgary), managing editor of BlackFlash Magazine and a board member for a number of artist-run centres in the prairies. More recently, she has put her experience to work as a freelance writer and the volunteer coordinator at SWITCH, a student-run clinic in Saskatoon.

She can be found at or

Grant Romancia

Lisa Landrie

CPA Grant loves what he does. Being a professional photographer is a high energy, fun, creative, and challenging career, he says. For more than 17 years Grant has felt it has been a privilege to work with many clients while striving to stay on the cutting edge of modern photography trends in both the portrait and commercial side. As a highly accredited member of the Professional Photographers of Canada, that commitment earned him Photographer of The Year for Saskatchewan honours in 2010, as well as, numerous other awards since 2006. Grant’s areas of expertise run the gamut in both portrait and commercial photography including: weddings, families, grad seniors, events, teams, architecture, interiors, exteriors, corporate events, fundraisers, and corporate images (portraits, job sites and general commercial). 306.227.0918

Lisa Landrie’s distinct creative style began well over a decade ago. Her artistic journey began in the era of film and Hasselblads. Her countless hours spent in the dark room developed her eye for detail and an instinctfor capturing the perfect shot. Lisa enhances black and white photography and colour imagery that results in vivid portraits of real life, laughter, and love. She continues to evolve as an artist, merging the best qualities of her art with cutting edge digital technology. Her work is described as thoughtful, modern, uncomplicated, humorous, insightful, and artistically well-designed. Her talent for choosing the right light captures natures greatest design tool in achieving drama, depth and sincerity. This brings out a natural and unscripted beauty in her photographs. 306.717.0399



Spring 2011 Editor Thom Barker

Graphic Design and Layout Audrey Roskewich

In-house Design Joni Gaudette

Cover Photography Lisa Landrie

Photography Gina Yesnick Grant Romancia Heather Fritz

Contributing Writers Alexandra Walld G.H. Lewmer Ian Goodwillie Ken Beattie

Lisa Landrie Lissa Robinson Penny McKinlay Ryan Holota

Suzanne Paschall Suzanne Huber Candace Fox

Advertising Consultants Brooke Watson Crystal Reich Jason Booker Natasha Solvason

Office Manager Tracy Shaw 306.539.8779

Publishers Randy Liberet 540.3320 Wayne UnRuh 541.3365 3440 Balsam Grove Regina, Sk. S4V 2S4 Fine Homes Saskatoon is published four times a year by Fine Lifestyles Regina, Ltd. We reserve the right to edit any materials chosen for publication including photographs. We reserve the right to reject or accept any article, photograph, image or advertisement. All contents of Fine Lifestyles Regina, Ltd., publications are copyrighted 2011 with all rights reserved, except for original articles submitted to Fine Lifestyles Regina, where copyright resides with the author. No other part of this publication may be reproduced without the written permission of Fine Lifestyles Regina Ltd. or its writers. The name Fine Homes Saskatoon, its logo and material cannot be reproduced without the written consent of the publishers. The views and opinions expressed in the expert advice columns herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Fine Lifestyles Regina Ltd. or the companies they represent. The information contained herein is of a general nature and is not intended to address the circumstances of any particular individual or entity. Although we endeavour to provide accurate and timely information, there can be no guarantee that such information is accurate as of the date it is received or that it will continue to be accurate in the future. No one should act upon such information without appropriate professional advice after a thorough examination of the particular situation.


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GPD TRILLIUM PROJECT INC. Ed Machart 291-3111 SHOW SUITE LOCATED AT A102 - 415 Hunter Road Hours: Tues. - Thurs. 1-3 & 6-8 pm Sun. 1-5 pm Closed: Mon., Fri. & Sat.

HOMES BY DUNDEE 218 Korol Crescent 374-6100 Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 7-9 pm Sat., Sun. & Holidays 1-5 pm NORTH RIDGE DEVELOPMENT 107 Korol Crescent 242-2434 Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 7-9 pm Sat., Sun. & Holidays 1-5 pm

STREETSCAPE HOMES 450 Laycock Crescent 370-7323 Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 1-3 & 7-9 pm Sat., Sun. & Holidays 2-5 pm

NORTH RIDGE DEVELOPMENTS NEW SHOWHOME NOW OPEN 350 Coad Manor 242-2434 Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 2-4 & 7-9 pm Sat., Sun. & Holidays 1-5 pm


R&D FRASER HOMES LTD. 423 Rempel Land Rob Burlingame 227-7523 Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 7-9 pm Sat., Sun. & Holidays 2-5 pm

NUTANA NORTH RIDGE DEVELOPMENT WATER’S EDGE SALE CENTRE 211 - 619 Saskatchewan Crescent W Bonnie Durrant 229-4837 Hours: Mon. - Sun. 2-5 pm Evenings by Appointment




THE WILLOWS HOMES BY DUNDEE 76 - 602 Cartwright Street 374-6100 Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 7-9 pm Sat., Sun. & Holidays 2-5 pm Closed Fridays


D & S HOMES 338 Rempel Bay 374-4774 Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 7-9 pm Sat. & Sun. 2-5 pm


HOMES BY DUNDEE 610 Rempel Crescent 374-6100 Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 7-9 pm Sat., Sun. & Holidays 2-5 pm Closed Fridays

TOUCHSTONE DEVELOPMENT 803 Paton Avenue 270-6469 Hours: Thurs. 6-8 pm Sat. & Sun. 1-4 pm or by appointment



WARMAN WARMAN HOMES 428 Nicklaus Drive 933-9595 or 222-0137 Hours: Sat. 2-5 pm5 pm


ROCY HOMES 313 Nicklaus Drive 242-8600 Hours: Sat. & Sun. 2-5 pm



WILDWOOD NORTH RIDGE DEVELOPMENT KINGSWOOD MANOR 116 - 918 Heritage View David Leatherdale 242-2434 Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 2-4 & 7-9 pm Fri., Sat., Sun. & Holidays 1-5 pm

NORTH RIDGE DEVELOPMENT 142 Ashworth Crescent 242-2434 Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 2-4 & 7-9 pm Sat., Sun. & Holidays 1-5 pm


CAMPBELL CUSTOM HOMES 302 Stonebridge Common Colin 477-2267 Hours: Sat., Sun. 2-4 pm

2730 Main Street Roger Schmid 241-0719 Hours: Mon. - Fri. 4:30-6:30 pm Sat. & Sun. 1-3 pm Closed: Holidays

D & S HOMES 203 Assaly Bay 374-4774 Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 7-9 pm Sat. & Sun. 2-5 pm

BOYCHUK HOMES 834 Ledingham Crescent Gerry Bezaire 241-2596 Joanne Stanton Hassler 260-3122 Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 7-9 pm Sat. & Sun. 2-5 pm

MONTANA HOMES 607 Padget Lane Wayne Halabura 221-7835 Hours: Sat. & Sun. 2-4 pm

DOVER HEIGHT’S SALE CENTRE 208 - 102 Armistice Way Terri Leatherdale 222-5280 Hours: Mon. - Sun. 2-5 pm



RIVERBEND DEVELOPMENTS LTD. 312 Willowgrove Lane Roger Schmid 241-0719 Hours: Mon. - Fri. 7-9 pm Sat. & Sun. 3:30-5:30 pm Closed: Holidays

EHRENBURG HOMES 570 Hartley Terrace 384-1473 Hours: Thurs. 7-9 pm Sat. & Sun. 2-5 pm

HARTFORD GREENS 406 - 715 Hart Road 270-5032 Hours: Tues. - Thurs. 5-7 pm Sat. & Sun. 2-4 pm



NORTH RIDGE DEVELOPMENT NEW SHOWHOME NOW OPEN 234 Cornish Road 242-2434 Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 2-4 & 7-9 pm Sat., Sun. & Holidays 1-5 pm

R&D FRASER HOMES LTD. 226 Greenfield Crescent Rob Burlingame 227-7523 Hours: Weekends & Holidays 2-5 pm



CAMPBELL CUSTOM HOMES 615 Braun Lane Colin 477-2267 Hours: Sat. & Sun. 2-4 pm


MARTENSVILLE NORTH RIDGE DEVELOPMENT 704 Glenview Cove 242-2434 Hours: Sat., Sun. & Holidays 1-5 pm D&S HOMES 846 - 4 Street S 374-4774 Hours: Sat. & Sun. 2-4:30 pm ON PAR HOME BUILDERS 620 - 6 Avenue S Hours: Sat. 2-4 pm Weekday Viewings by Appointment 382-1780 or 220-9442




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Nadine Gurski 241-0001 Jackie Sklar 241-4410

Don’t like cleaning up? Let the professionals do it BY IAN GOODWILLIE


The simplest, most basic details often go untended in a major project or large operation. Whether you are building a brand new home or maintaining a long standing business, keeping that operation clean should never fall by the wayside. That is where Williams Cleaning Service Ltd. comes in, offering services that range from daily cleaning of office spaces to cleaning up construction sites. In business since 1995, Williams Cleaning Service Ltd. has established itself at the forefront of top-of-the-line service and quality products. The staff currently number more than 40, many with 30 to 35 years experience in the cleaning industry. This level of expertise cannot be matched in such services in Saskatoon, nor can it be undervalued. The same is true of the product lines Williams Cleaning Service Ltd. uses, such as their use of all green products to make sure that their environmentally friendly philosophy is at the heart of everything they do. Williams Cleaning Service Ltd. is headed up by Maher Jajjo, who has a number of years experience in the industry and running a successful cleaning company. He holds himself personally responsible

for every job his company undertakes and guarantees the quality of each project. Though that guarantee is rarely needed as complaints are few and far between, but it is good to know that there is someone to talk to if the need is ever there. Over the course of its 15-plus years in business, Williams Cleaning Service Ltd. has earned the nickname “custom cleaner” because there is no job they cannot handle. Their services cover commercial, industrial, and residential projects, as well as, new construction sites and clean up after basic renovations. The professionals that work for Williams Cleaning Service Ltd. have taken on projects as simple as making sure your new home is in move inready condition to cleaning mine sites. Williams Cleaning Service Ltd. is truly capable of completing any job and exceeding all expectations. Williams Cleaning Service Ltd. 315 Brookmore Crescent 306.384.6379 306.241.6209 (cell)




Westridge Homes Builder combines values and craftsmanship to create unique lifestyle-friendly homes BY PENNY MCKINLAY | PHOTOS BY LISA LANDRIE

Walking around Regan Tameling`s home, the Westridge Homes difference is obvious. Every feature of the home has been carefully thought out and executed with meticulous attention to detail. The layout is distinctive and the house’s placement on the site allows for additional windows to take advantage of the natural light while providing views in both directions along pastoral parkland stretching past the backyard. The living room, dining room and kitchen are all open to each other, yet the home’s design and finishes make each area feel distinct. From the dark wood beams accentuating the living room’s vaulted ceiling to the wainscoting and crown molding in the 16


dining room, the home is punctuated by details and craftsmanship not commonly seen in newer homes.

Values make the difference

A touch of luxury and old-fashioned charm combines with the contemporary elements of the home. The great room spaces are open, yet warm and inviting. One can easily imagine gathering with friends around the island as dinner is being prepared, continuing to visit in the intimate setting of the dining room and rounding off the evening in conversation around one of the home’s two cozy fireplaces.

“Our values are what make us different” says Tameling, Westridge Homes’ managing partner. “We treat our clients as friends and that special sense of commitment is built into each of our homes. We take a lot of pride in providing exceptional design, construction and after sales service for our homeowners.” This dedication has earned the company several customer service and design awards in both Saskatoon and Regina.

It is a truly extraordinary home, and because it houses the company’s offices, it gives clients the unique opportunity to experience a finished Westridge home firsthand.

Westridge Homes attributes high customer satisfaction to the strong relationships they establish with each homeowner be-

fore and after they take possession of their new home. “Right from the start, we work with our clients and listen to their requirements, concerns and wishes” says Tameling. “We try to eliminate any surprises and when it comes to decision-making we explain the positives and the negatives to help them make the decision that will suit their lifestyle. We are building their dream home and we want our clients to be involved in the entire process, one hundred per cent.”

Education and experience The Westridge Homes team has been building homes in Saskatoon for more than

10 years. Tameling has been in the business for almost 20 years, laying the groundwork for his career by earning a diploma in architectural technology. The three-year course covered all aspects of residential and commercial design, construction and building sciences. His first job in the industry was with a company that exported pre-fabricated homes to Japan. “Early in my career I learned to pay attention to detail, to be accurate, precise and very organized,” says Tameling. “I didn’t want to have to fix a problem for a customer who’s half a world away.” The company’s construction manager, Mark Mitchell, and site supervisor, Aaron Keays, are both journeymen carpenters

and have played a key role in Westridge Homes from the start. “As a team we are committed to doing things right even if it takes longer,” says Mitchell. “Because of our education we know and understand why things are done the way they’re done. We use that knowledge and our experience on a daily basis to make sure the right decisions are being made on site.”

Do it right Westridge Homes has always put quality first and restricts the number of homes they construct in a year. “We know our limit and will not jeopardize our quality to squeeze in a few more homes,” says Tameling. Approximately 40 per cent of



Westridge’s homes are custom-designed for specific customers while the other 60 per cent are custom homes built on spec. Each spec home is original and has its own personality. Plans are chosen and modified to fit the building site and finishes are selected to suit the home and its future owners.” Working with some of Saskatoon’s top tradespeople, Westridge Homes knows that what you can’t see has to be finished to the same high standard as what you can see. “The homeowner may never see what’s inside the walls but we know,” says Tameling. “Quality throughout the building process avoids problems in the future and creates long-term customer satisfaction. For that reason we monitor each of our sites every day to be certain that the home is completed to our standard. Our customers deserve that.” To go along with their “do it right” attitude, Westridge Homes has developed its own set of building standards, which include items such as stiffer floor structures, increased concrete reinforcing and additional exterior flashing around windows and doors. The company has also implemented its own inspection program to ensure quality control is achieved at each stage of the building process.

Homes designed for the way you live The proper building practices are not the only thing Westridge Homes is passionate about. “We take a lot of pride in making each of our homes unique and original,” says Tameling, noting that the company recently added designer Tara Lefebvre to the team. “As a custom home builder, having a professional on staff to assist in the home design and finish choices was a logical step for us,” he adds. “Clients who are building a new home often welcome a second opinion and this is another great service we can offer to make their experience more enjoyable.” The company focuses on building homes that complement the way people live while working within the constraints of their budget and including as many of their ‘I wants’ as possible. For example, Westridge Homes are known for their abundant use of windows placed to provide the best views and the most natural light. Kitchens are well appointed with large islands, lots of storage, and practical layouts and finishes. Lifestyle, traffic patterns and furniture layout also influence 18


the home’s design, and Westridge tries to work convenient additions, such as mud rooms, main floor or second floor laundry rooms, built-in closet organizers and oversize garages into each of their homes.

A local company with the right stuff Westridge Homes is part of the Saskatchewan-owned Westridge Group of Companies that recently celebrated 20 years in the commercial construction industry. They are also active in residential construction and land development in Regina and Deer Valley. In Saskatoon, the company builds primarily in the new neighborhoods around the city but has also done some infill homes in established areas. Westridge Homes will build on your site or the company maintains a good selection of building sites for clients to choose

from. The company also maintains an inventory of available custom homes under construction ready for new homeowners looking for quick possession. Satisfied customers continue to tell their friends and family how happy they are with their new Westridge home. Real estate agents confidently recommend Westridge to their clients. And the quality of Westridge’s spec homes sells itself. “We have built this company on strong values,” says Tameling. “When you build a good product and treat your clients with friendship and respect, they will share that experience with friends and family. Our homeowners have always been our best salespeople.” Westridge Homes 306.652.9974

Affordable Quality Homes 306.227.7220 |

Want Paradise In Your Kitchen?

The Plumb Shoppe can help you achieve true luxury within your kitchen. With our wide variety of sinks and accessories we can help provide you with the necessities for your dream kitchen. We carry sinks made of materials such as Fireclay, Stainless Steel, Egranite, Stone and Bronze. The staff at The Plumb Shoppe can help you come to peace with your kitchen.

2225 B Avenue C North | Saskatoon, Sk. | 306.249.4000 | FineHomesSaskatoon



Developer builds Saskatoon in more ways than just construction North Ridge combines quality service and craftsmanship with community and environmental stewardship BY PENNY McKINLAY For nearly 30 years, North Ridge Development Corporation has played an active role in building Saskatoon. Wally Mah and his award-winning team pride themselves on the quality and craftsmanship of the homes they build. They are responsive to their customers, continually improving and expanding the services they offer. North Ridge’s involvement in the local community extends beyond the work



site as they work in partnership with other local businesses to develop an energy-efficient, solar-powered home, support affordable housing projects in the core area and contribute to community programs for children.

WebChat A home is the single largest investment most people will make. They’re sure to have lots of questions, and North Ridge

is ready with the answers. The company’s website is constantly improving, providing neighbourhood plans, floor plans and photographs for each of their developments. A web chat service is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week, so you can get the information you are looking for as quickly as possible. The Red Carpet Club helps newcomers

find the services they need when they move to Saskatoon. A mortgage calculator and a home maintenance schedule are handy tools for first-time homebuyers.

Quality you can rely on A North Ridge home is built to last. All North Ridge homes undergo detailed inspections at 10 different stages during the construction process. A final walkthrough inspection covers over 300 items. Should any deficiencies be noted, they are promptly rectified. Watchdog Waterproofing seals out water penetration with a flexible, seamless membrane. It’s backed by a 10-year transferable performance warranty. No area of the home, even the electrical mast or the vents, is left unprotected from the elements. Spray foam insulation, house wrap and maintenance-free siding ensure that your home is ready for the harsh prairie winters and hot summers. Timberstrand and finger joint studs

as well as staggered kitchen studs are environmentally friendly and resist bowing.

Environmental sustainability North Ridge Development supports energy efficiency and strongly encourages all homeowners to build to Energy Star standards. In January, the company opened its first solar assist show home at 350 Coad Manor in Hampton Village. The home has the additional advantage of being Energy Star certified.

Community leadership Wally Mah is one of Saskatoon’s icons and has played a key role in building community as well as houses. North Ridge Development and its owners have made generous contributions to the Saskatoon Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army Sporting Christmas, and the Care & Share for Saskatoon’s Kids programs. They have

also made substantial donations to the Juniper Affordable Housing Project on Avenue F as well as RUH Foundation’s Innovation Fund.

Business of the Year award Saskatchewan Business magazine named North Ridge Development Corporation as its Business of the Year in 2010. And, in 2009, the company received 12 Saskatoon and Region Home Builders’ Association Bridges Awards, including awards for safety, leadership and community development. The company is the province’s top homebuilder with offices in Saskatoon and Regina and a recent expansion to Prince Albert. They are proud of their work and proud of the communities they work and live in. And, most important of all, they are providing solid, durable homes for Saskatchewan families.

A few things that make North Ridge different Durable • Watch Dog Waterproofing on foundations (10-year water penetration warranty) • Spray foam insulation (including joists, vents and penetrations) • Maintenance-free exterior siding • House wrap applied at framing stage to achieve full protective moisture barrier • Timberstrand, finger joint studs, and staggered kitchen studs

Family-ready • Temporary sidewalk blocks from the street to the front steps • Garage door opener already installed • Temporary stairs and landing at the back door • Television and telephone rough-in to all bedrooms



There IS affordable housing in Saskatoon and area North Ridge Development has a home and a price point to suit every budget, whether you’re a first-time buyer, a young couple just starting a family, or downsizing a larger home. Houses on Glenview Cove in Martensville start at $224,900 and that includes house, land and GST. Martensville, just 10 minutes away from Saskatoon, is a young, family-oriented community. With two elementary schools and a high school, several recreational centres and an aquatic centre, Saskatchewan’s newest city is a great place to live.



On Glenview Cove, you have your choice of bungalow and two-storey options. A secondary suite on the lower level is an option for some of the houses, which helps generate revenue to pay the mortgage. With North Ridge, you can be confident that your house will be a comfortable home as soon as you move in. Temporary sidewalk blocks will be in place from the street to the front door; a landing and stairs will be in place at the back door; and the garage door opener will already be installed. Data, telephone and television cable connections are ready to go in the main living spaces of the home. North Ridge Development Corporation is a member of the New Home Warranty

Program of Saskatchewan and offers the Saskatoon and Region Home Builders’ Association Customer Care Warranty. You can be assured that your North Ridge home is constructed to the highest industry building standards and that the caring and professional North Ridge staff will be with you every step of the way, from the concept stage to turning the key in the front door on the day you take possession. North Ridge Development Corporation 306.242-2434

The right home, in the right place, by the right people

Company takes home building personally BY G.H. LEWMER | PHOTOS BY GRANT ROMANCIA The challenge that every new owner faces when building their life-long dream of a secure, comfortable and financially viable home is finding the right company that will respect their individual needs by personalizing their services to the owner's wishes and desires. Far too often, the new homeowner deals with a myriad of different contractors that will only offer a small piece of the building puzzle as opposed to dealing with just one company that offers all the important pieces of the building process from beginning to end. Doesn't it make sense to deal with just one company that will always be there, from beginning to end, to help realize your dream in creating the living environment you have always desired? With more than fifteen years of quality building experience in and around the Saskatoon area, HOMES BY ENS is that one company dedicated to being there from beginning to end. They are committed to offering all their clients "homes of excellence" by allowing them to be an active participant in the creative process. The design you are looking at in this article is an original design created by HOMES BY ENS. To complement your personalized needs, this design is readily available in additional sizes to fit different budgets and family sizes. HOMES BY ENS is unique in allowing the new or existing homeowner the opportunity to actualize the exciting process of building their dream home from start to finish by including and welcoming their ideas and suggestions at every stage of production. Their goal is to help conceptualize and customize your personal building design by assisting you in 26


new home options in a variety of neighborhoods—Stonebridge, Evergreen, Rosewood, Hampton Village, Martensville and other surrounding communities—you'll have the opportunity to choose and visualize the right home in the right setting. If you're planning to build on a pre-existing lot anywhere in the Saskatoon area, HOMES BY ENS will assist in tailoring their design concept so it can best maximize the potential of the area that you have chosen to build upon. You can choose from a wide array of architectural design concepts such as Affordable Bi-level, Luxury Bi-level, Deluxe Bungalow, Medium Family Two Story, or Narrow-Lot Bungalow.

managing the project from start to finish and offering assistance in the warranty of your home after possession has taken place. At HOMES BY ENS we prefer that every customer be personally involved in the building process. That's why we value our small, dedicated staff of experienced professionals, knowing that they'll always be there, offering one-on-one consultation every step of the way.

the show home that offers a grand entrance with living room, dining room, master bedroom including his and her walk-in closets and a luxury en-suite. It's one of the many architectural design concepts that HOMES BY ENS offers to the new homeowner and by personally touring the show home it's the perfect way to experience that feeling of happiness and satisfaction you will have when your new Home by Ens is completed.

You can witness and experience the finished product first hand by visiting their premier show home office located at 427 Rempel Lane in Saskatoon. Inside you'll discover and understand the style and affordability that comes with the unique collaboration that HOMES BY ENS offers to every customer. Take your time and tour

After the tour, you can sit down with a company representative and discuss what architectural design concept would work best for you and your family’s needs and go over in detail the exclusive New Home Warranty Program of Saskatchewan that comes with every new home built by HOMES BY ENS. By offering a diversity of

Always remember that with any architectural design concept that HOMES BY ENS offers, we will assist you with any additions or modifications should you choose to do so. With every HOMES BY ENS, it's a creative collaboration with every owner with the end goal being 100 per cent customer satisfaction. From beginning to end. With one company. Just as it should be. Why don't you stop by and visit the HOMES BY ENS Show Home and Sales Center. They're located at 427 Rempel Lane and are open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Show Home is also open evenings between 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Monday to Thursday, as well as, weekends and holidays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. You can always visit us at our website at or call (306) 933-9864 for further information. FineHomesSaskatoon


Kimberlee Matheson 717.1663

Jennifer Hauck 241.2229

Lifelong friends team up to make a powerful real estate duo Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Jennifer and Kimberlee. Whether you are considering selling your home or property, getting into the Saskatoon real estate market with your perfect starter home or upgrading to the home of your dreams, it would be our pleasure to help you with this process. We would like to personally meet with you to discuss your individual needs and explain to you how we will help to make this sometimes stressful, but exciting, process run smoothly. We have been friends since the third grade and we have quite a history together. As childhood friends we were inseparable and now as we work together we have that same connection and enjoyment of being around each other. This relationship, and working with the fantastic clients that we do, is part of what makes us love our jobs! When we were young we would plan to

have houses side by side and raise our children together, little did we know that some 20 years later we would be doing just that. Not quite living side by side, but being able to raise our daughters together is great and we hope that they will continue the friendship that we have had all these years. We both accomplished lots before becoming Realtors, but it was our love of people and being able to make new friends every day that has lead us to the path we are on today, working with the fantastic team of agents at Century 21. We have chosen to work as a team because we are both young mothers and want to continue to grow our families over the next few years. As a team, one of us can always be available to our clients and it also allows one of us to easily get a day off or even a family weekend away. Not only does it benefit us but our clients always have two Realtors working for them!

Mexico, worked many years in hospitality and has done a lot of traveling. She says that these many experiences have given her the chance to become friends with people from all over the world and she now appreciates the value of each person and their unique situations. Having a husband who is a new resident to Canada has also allowed her to gain some additional knowledge of what it takes for new residents to relocate here. "I only see how working with Jennifer is beneficial,” Kimberlee says. “We don't operate like a normal team, there is no 'leader' and no 'team members,' we equally share both the hard work and the benefits we get from helping our clients. I am very grateful to work with Jennifer, she is so positive and knowledgeable and teaches me something new every day. She is not out to only benefit herself but sees great joy in seeing people around her succeed as well. She is someone I hope to continue to work alongside with for many years to come!" This "Powerful Duo," as some of their clients call them are making a splash in the Saskatoon Real Estate scene and would like you to call them to find out why.

“bowling league champs of 1990” Although we are very similar in our lifestyles now it took us a while to get here; After a period of three years working in the restaurant industry Jennifer started as a hostess, waitress and moving up the ladder to a management position. She decided continuing in the service industry was something she could make a career out of. In February 2006, Jennifer started selling Real Estate in Saskatoon. Five years later, she has a two-year-old at home and another baby on the way, it was clear that sharing the responsibilities of customer service was not only going to benefit our clients, it would also benefit both Kimberlee and Jennifer. Family life is important to both Kimberlee and Jennifer, and with both of them having young girls at home, the two of them can relate to each other very well. "We both value our home time with our family, but

we also value the relationships we are creating with our clients. Our need to continue to develop as young women in a professional sense is as strong as the yearning for a family. It’s no surprise that two women who have known each other from the age of eight, would end up starting a career and a family in at around the same time. Working together works, and our clients definitely benefit from our positive energy. Together we create a welcoming attitude and atmosphere for our clients." Kimberlee has been behind the scenes of the Saskatoon real estate market since 2007, working for Jennifer and the team she was with at that time. After completing the residential real estate course and having her daughter in 2009, she is now a part of the Century 21 family. Before embarking on her real estate career she attended Minot State University, taught English in

Buying or selling a home is more than just a business transaction. It is usually a very emotional decision, and each buying or selling client has unique challenges. But one thing we find all our clients appreciate most about working with us is our energy, our honesty and our great service. We have a very laid-back approach to business and this has allowed us to work with many likeminded people. We have not only created new work relationships but we are making long lasting friends along the way. People seem to like the fact that many of them are just like us! We are so thankful for the opportunity to have worked with so many wonderful clients! And quite often we find that many of our new clients are friends or family members of a former client. Referrals are the best compliment we can get! We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome LESLIE CHRISTIAN to our team! She will be assisting us as a buyer representative. We are your FULL Service Real Estate Team! All three of us are excited to have the opportunity to work for you and we can't wait to hear from you today. Jennifer Hauck | Kim Matheson 703 Circle Drive E Conexus Realty 306.241.2229 306.717.1663



Introducing. . .

A Unique Opportunity 4

5 Street E

Legacy Homes offers you a unique opportunity to custom build your dream home in the well established neighbourhood of Holliston.






Preston Ave.


Park Ave.

Jackson Ave.

Cumberland Ave.

8 Street E

For more information contact: Grant 306.955.5000 Clark 306.229.8883


Tyler Hildebrand, AMP Mortgage Architects, Inc. 261 1st Avenue N., Suite 400 Saskatoon, SK S7K 1X2 T: 306.683.9539 F: 888.279.5733 E: Saskatchewan Mortgage Brokerage License No. 315819 Saskatchewan Mortgage Broker License No. 316072

With changes to the Canadian mortgage rules soon to be in effect, now is the time to consider your options and ensure that your home and mortgage are the right ones for you. In a nutshell, the new changes will have the following effects: a) You have, or were planning to get, a 35-year amortization. The maximum amortization available to Canadians on new applications, after March 18, will be 30 years. b) You’re planning on refinancing. Previously, you were allowed to refinance up to 90 per cent of the value of your home. That number is now 85 per cent. c) Though you may still purchase a property with as little as five per cent down, if you’re thinking of buying that starter home or perhaps moving up in the market, be aware that your purchasing power will be reduced by about six to seven per cent. So, if you were thinking about any of the above mortgage products, speak to a mortgage professional now. No matter what the stage, if you are in the market to buy a new home you will need to find a good real estate agent and a mortgage planner to help you create and apply for the perfect mortgage. Although experience in real estate helps, it’s results that matter the most. Does your real estate agent know contracts intimately? Are they familiar with the technical areas of their jobs, including title, inspections, appraisals and negotiations? Along with knowledge of the home buying process, you want a real estate agent who knows the area in which you are buying or selling. But most importantly, you will want to find a real estate agent who, above all else, has your best interest at heart.

Brent Herman 5-3012 Louise Street Saskatoon, SK T: 306.341.2001 E:

Once you find that perfect home, trying to be a smart mortgage shopper may be overwhelming. What you want is a sensible mortgage that’s going to make sound financial sense. The best advice? Find a mortgage planner. In an industry with a huge range of expertise, the mortgage planner is the cream of the crop. Among their many areas expertise, the mortgage planner focuses on competitive rates and other key factors like features and options, market trends and designing debt for long-term goals. A mortgage planner will provide credit advice, explain why debt is not a bad word and help you understand your mortgage as a financial keystone that can build your wealth, protect you from a financial downturn and save you thousands of dollars. FineHomesSaskatoon


A Green Space Community Conserving And Integrating The Natural Wetlands Into The Community

• “Country living within the city” • 65 acres of wetlands and green space and nature trails • Great access from Taylor Street, Boychuk Drive and Highway 16 • Excellent choice of lot sizes and types, including walk-outs and views of the wetlands • Award winning wetland design, managed and enhanced by Ducks Unlimited and the Saskatoon Wildlife Federation • Centrally located ‘Village Square’ with commercial developments, a community center, and sports fields • Phase III lots now available 32


8th St E & McOrmand Rd Saskatoon, SK 306.374.3939

Working For You to Achieve Your Dreams We will help you find the right financial fit whether it is for building, buying or renovating your home. We can also help with purchases, refinancing for renovations, consolidation to lower payments, new construction, progress draws and lease financing. No money down. For the Best Solutions Contact

Lori Emde


506 Queen Street | 306.477.3987

Don’t Let This Happen To You. Security & Cellular Plus will help you rest easy. Our security experts will find the perfect fit that suits your family, home and budget. We provide an entire range of home security, cabin security and monitoring packages to meet all your requirements. We offer: • Cabin • Pet Friendly • Environmental

• Advanced • Ultimate Cabin • Safety Alert

Call Today! 306.242.9288 211 Idylwyld Drive N, Saskatoon, SK S7L 6V6 | 34


Condo Living Member Canadian Home Builders’ Association


Condo living explodes in Saskatoon Old concept leads new thinking in Bridge City BY THOM BARKER

With condominiums popping up around Saskatoon like crocuses on a sunny spring day, it’s easy to forget that the concept barely existed in Canada a generation ago. The very first condominium development in the country was Edmonton’s Brentwood Village. The Developer, Murray Hill Developments, heralded the 56-unit townhouse neighbourhood registered in December 1967 as a “new concept in carefree living,” and Alberta as the first province to draft legislation governing condo ownership. The concept really didn’t take off until much later, however. According to StatsCan, in 1981, less than four per cent of owned dwellings were condominiums. And although Saskatchewan followed Alberta’s lead in developing a statute in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the province really did not have robust legislation until the early 1990s when it launched The Condominium Property Act, 1993.

use or how loud (and how late) you can play your music. Although relatively new in Canada, the concept of shared ownership may date as far back as 2000 BCE and the Babylonians of southern Mesopotamia (now Iraq). In their book, Encyclopedia of Community: from the village to the virtual world, Volume 3, Karen Christensen and David Levinson wrote: “Documents from that era show that the owner of a two-family home sold the first floor to another family and retained ownership of the second floor.”

Benefits of condo living Condo living is obviously getting extremely popular in Saskatoon, but how does a prospective buyer determine if it is right for them? The Canadian Enterprise Group, out of Vancouver, B.C., publishes books, provides seminars and runs a website called, which include a wealth of information on the subject. lists numerous advantages to buying a condo: • Protection from arbitrary rent increases. • Ready availability of financing as a

The last census, 2006, indicated condo ownership was up to 11 per cent, a jump of 37 per cent from the previous census of 2001. All indications are that the 2011 census will reveal a similar increase largely led by the large census metropolitan areas (CMA), Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary, but with significant contributions from the smaller CMAs, Saskatoon and Regina among them.

Legal, not physical When many of us think “condo,” we think of apartment buildings wherein the individual units are owned by residents. But the real definition of condominium is legal, not pertaining to a specific structural configuration. A perusal of Saskatoon condominium offerings bears this out. The range of options includes single-family homes, duplexes, town homes and, of course, apartments. In a nutshell, a condominium is any form of real estate development in which individual dwelling units are privately owned, but the common areas are co-owned and co-managed. They are typically governed by charters agreed upon by the individual owners that regulate everything from financial management and physical maintenance to what colours of paint you can

It wasn’t until 1804 and the Napoleonic Code, however, that multi-ownership rights and regulations were entrenched in legislation. European immigrants to South America exported the concept to Brazil in 1928 and it slowly spread north. By 1951, Puerto Rico had enacted laws permitting condo ownership and, by 1961, a delegation from the American protectorate had successfully lobbied the United States government to extend national mortgage benefits to condominiums. By 1968, all 50 states had condominium statutes.

single-family home. • Range of prices, locations, types of structures, sizes, and architectural features. • Availability of amenities such as swimming pool, tennis courts, health clubs, community centre, saunas, hot tubs, exercise rooms, sun decks, etc. • Benefits of home ownership in terms of participation in the real estate market and potential growth in equity. • Individual ownership of living units



with security of tenure and permanence of occupancy. • Pride in home ownership. • Freedom to decorate interior of unit to suit personal tastes. • Enhancement of security by permanence of neighbours and, in many cases, controlled entrances. • Elimination of many of the problems and costs of upkeep and maintenance often associated with home ownership, since maintenance is usually the responsibility of a professional agency or manager and cost is shared. • Investment opportunity for profit if selected carefully. • Good transitional type of home between rental apartments and single-family houses for growing families or singles or couples. • Good transition for downsizing “empty nesters” who wish to give up their larger family house.

Urban renewal What may be in the best interests of individual buyers is also almost certainly good for cities. Older buildings, such as warehouses, department stores and hotels, abandoned during the population migration to suburbia during the 20th century—and destined to decay with all the associated sociological problems— are being revitalized as upscale condominiums. Saskatoon is no exception. The 2nd Avenue Lofts, occupying the old Hudson’s Bay Company building, offers contemporary urban style with 18-foot ceilings, commercial-sized windows and open concept floor plans incorporating original concrete with sleek, modern features and fixtures. If European elegance and luxury is more to your liking, The King George, just across the street, has been revamped with a more traditional look and feel. And there are others yet to come. But it’s not just developers who are committed to re-urbanization. Between 2005 and 2010, The City of Saskatoon, in conjunction with the provincial and federal governments through the Canada Western Diversification program spent ap-



proximately $10 million on urban renewal projects. Despite this, urban renewal tends to be a tricky tightrope. The success of suburbia was due to providing the convenience of services people want and need. As people return to the core areas, those services will have to return as well. Downtown still does not have a proper grocery store, for example. One attempt to open one on 2nd Avenue at 23rd Street has already

failed. But if the City and developers persist, the theory goes: “If you build it they will come.” Whether it is “if you build it they will come,” or “if they come, you better darn well build it,” Condo living will be a big part of the success of downtown Saskatoon’s revitalization. Just ask Toronto or Vancouver.



32 architecturally designed condominiums directly across from the University of Saskatchewan. Residential Units


J. B. Black Estates

Show suite now open at 1214 College Drive Show Suite Hours: Wednesday 5 - 7 pm Saturday and Sunday 2 - 4 pm

R Barry Chilliak 221.2506 Sandy Chilliak 229.9914

Spencer Chilliak 280-7700 Lynn LeMesurier 260-7522

Cottage Country Member Canadian Home Builders’ Association


Cottage Country – Then and Now BY SUZANNE PASCHALL I’m wakened by an irresistible greasy scent tickling my nose, which my senses quickly identify as frying eggs, bacon and tomatoes. I rub my eyes and look up at the vintage nautical wall sconce over my head. The tiny bedroom jammed with two bunk beds is somehow comforting, rather than confining, the way the same room would probably feel if I was in the city. The cold shag rug shocks my feet as I jump out, shivering in the coolness of morning cabin air. Today is a new adventure at the lake. The to-do list here is completely different than my city list. The Significant Other is whistling in the kitchen as he

cooks. The old-school electric percolator burbles cheerfully, emitting the exotic fragrance of chicory-tinged coffee. I’m away from home, but somehow…home. It’s summer in cottage country. My daughter tells of her childhood experiences in Saskatchewan cottage country, and they paint a typical, romantic picture of the bucolic lifestyle of a decade ago: When I was 10, my family had a tiny cabin on a large piece of land on Neis Beach, the most developed cabin area at Emma Lake. I’d look forward with excitement each week-

end to the ritual of arriving, unlocking the padlock on the front door and deeply breathing in the musky scents of mothballs and rat poison. Ahh, memories! The weekend lake-goers shared a communal feeling of escape from the daily grind and jumble of the city. We lived in a small bay surrounded by close friends we’d made over the years. It was a little community filled with children who were allowed to create or explore any part of the bay they pleased. Collecting frogs in the slough, throwing rocks at bee hives, or paddle boating to a friend’s cabin were daily occurrences. My parents FineHomesSaskatoon


and friends would have the gang over for regular shenanigans such as playing horseshoes in our weekly rototilled sandpit, or playing croquet on the front yard. My best friend Patrick and I were allowed to zoom in and out on our quads as we pleased. Visiting Pat’s parents’ cabin was a treat. They had a few choice comforts of home--a Super Nintendo and an indoor hot tub…very enticing for the kids. It was a little dose of the city that was fun once in a while, but was still only enjoyed momentarily as the outdoor smell of pine insistently called our names. Winter fun was just as good as summer fun. We’d go ice fishing on the lake, hoping to catch the prize catfish or pike. Nothing better than fresh-caught fish fried in lemon pepper batter. There’s something so nostalgic about sitting in a wood hut breathing in musky smoke in the middle of the frozen



lake. Though our cabin was small, we were lucky enough to have the largest lot on the bay, so we were the designated community rink custodians. Our rink drew quite the crowd for the Saturday hockey games, bon fires and fireworks. After we were properly chilled, it was off to the cabin for hot cocoa, then back outside to wait in line for a steamy soak in the tiny, rented, wooden hot tub.

The simple life, enriched My daughter’s experience probably sounds familiar to many who grew up looking forward to “going to the cabin” weekends and vacations in various parts of Saskatchewan. Before the last decade, the lake getaway didn’t have to consist of much more than a 400-square-foot cabin retaining that oh-so-special 1970s décor—complete with shag rug, pump

toilet, orange plastic bar lamps with matching bar stool seats, and a smelly old-fashioned sofa in front of the best TV around—your front window overlooking the lake. It had its own kind of charm, but definitely wasn’t anyone’s fashion dream. Over the past number of years, the picture of cabin life has changed on many of the province’s shorelines. Today more people are choosing to make the lakeside or lake community property their primary residence. This often has the effect of increasing property values in the area. There are even new zoning laws in many lake front areas requiring “cabins” to be a minimum of 1,000 to 1,200 square feet. And permanent residence along the lakeshore means more new houses than new cottages are being built; more existing cottages being renovated to add modern

features, or razed entirely to build structures more suitable for year-round occupation. Maybe after decades of the magnetic attraction of cities, we yearn for the simpler life again. And, with advances in technology, we can now merge urban amenities in the more remote and gentler landscape and style of cottage country life. This is especially feasible in Saskatchewan, where technologies like high speed internet are available in more rural locations than anywhere else in Canada. We can have our sophisticated home office where we run our business; video-chat with Grandma in New Brunswick before bedtime, and show her mushrooms the kids collected on the boreal forest path before sunset.

Area laws are evolving to accommodate this ‘best of both worlds’ approach to urbanized rural living. Busier beaches and noisier recreational vehicles like jet skis mean the halcyon moments of quiet contemplation of a sunset, canoeing, or listening to the loon’s call can be rarer opportunities. So laws have been enacted, for example, to preserve quiet time when motorized vehicles aren’t allowed on the lake. New licensing requirements for drivers of water vehicles are improving safety for residents, visitors and wildlife. The new cottage country life is a balanced hybrid; embracing the benefits of both city and country. Of course, if you still pine for the more authentic rustic experience, you may have to travel a bit further from the city, but more and better roads mean it’s still in reach.



Couple finds image of love in lakeside living


New rural development offers large lots, scenic vistas and urban convenience BY FHS STAFF The natural environment and its preservation to accommodate country residential living with a beautiful lake as an additional amenity, is what a new development an hour north of Saskatoon offers to anyone who appreciates that lifestyle. This rural subdivision depicts the literal meaning of its name, Image D’Amour, “image of love.” Len Cantin and Glenna Frizzell focused on this theme throughout the development of Image D’Amour on D’Amour Lake. Although the property consists of approximately 195 acres, the subdivision is restricted to 36 acreage lots that range in size from 2.5 to 7.3 acres. The remaining area is dedicated to environmental reserve to ensure that it remains in a natural state in perpetuity. Wildlife, bird species from hummingbirds to eagles, a variety of edible wild berries and even hazelnuts are abundant throughout the property. Northern pike, walleye and perch provide



for exciting game fishing in the lake. The couple is committed to keeping the development small and pristine, offering the best of year-round or seasonal lakeside living on acreage properties. “We saw the potential of doing a development restricted to a number of acreage properties that would respect the environment,” Len says. “We want to keep it as rural and natural as possible.” Why do they care so much? Because Len and Glenna are not only the developers, they will be residents. The couple are currently planning their own dream home in the 36-lot neighbourhood.

An emotional dedication They also have sentimental reasons. Len’s grandfather, Edward Cantin, homesteaded on the land and later his father, Albert

Cantin and mother, Nora, farmed this land. Len spent his early childhood at their home on the north shore of the lake but the family sold their farm in 1952 and moved to Prince Albert. It was strictly by chance Len and Glenna were able to get it back in 2006, but it’s almost as if it was fated. “It was only about four years ago that in passing down the highway here, we noticed a real estate sign offering it for sale and that is where our dream began,” Len explains. What they found was paradise just about an hour from each of the three major centres of Saskatoon, Prince Albert and North Battleford, surrounded by recreational opportunities galore, including golf, snowmobiling, hiking and fishing. They also struck liquid gold in the form of an aquifer for potable water. The


couple immediately got to work, surveying the lots, building the roads and preparing the services. Then it was time for a special ceremony honouring Len’s father and grandfather by naming the internal roads after them— A J Cantin Drive and E Cantin Lane. “Two years ago, we held the second day of the Cantin family reunion out on the development,” Glenna relates. “We had an unveiling ceremony and Len’s mother, who was 88 at the time, provided the honour in front of the family. It was very touching and emotional.”

The best of both worlds While Len and Glenna are committed to keeping the development rural, that doesn’t mean roughing it. All the lots are fully serviced for power, natural gas and telephone, all underground so as not to mar the beautiful topography and scenic views. Each lot has its own potable water well. This is to accommodate the upscale quality of the homes being built at the development. Marketing began in earnest in 2010. The homes currently built and being built range in size from 1,550 to 3,200 square feet. As much as the developers intend to preserve the natural environment, Len and Glenna are equally adamant about ensuring the quality of homes built at this development.

In addition to the development’s proximity to the three cities, the towns of Leask, Shell Lake and Blaine Lake are just minutes away, providing access to a full range of services including: gas, groceries, restaurants, churches, vehicle maintenance, schools, hockey and curling rinks, RCMP, ambulance and much more. Plus, the roads within Image D’Amour will be maintained by the R.M. of Leask, so residents can count on snow-clearing in the winter and maintenance year-round. D’Amour Lake itself is a hidden gem. Spring-fed, covering nearly 200 acres, stocked with walleye biannually by the province and surrounded by natural vegetation and unique topography, it offers stunning views and great fishing.

Memorial Lake Regional Park, Spiritwood and Martin’s Lake Regional Park, is attracting interest in Image D’Amour from a wide range of potential residents including professionals, young families, empty nesters and retirees. If you’ve ever even thought about how great it would be to enjoy all the benefits of lake country living while still having access to all the conveniences of the city, you owe it to yourself to give Len and Glenna a call, take a short drive out of town and see Image D’Amour for yourself. G&L Developments 306.384.4313 306.717.6634 (cell)

Glenna says all of this, plus nearby



Inner Beauty and Design Member Canadian Home Builders’ Association



Our knowledgeable staff will help you with all your plumbing, lighting and electrical needs. Visit our expanding showroom to see the latest trends in luxury bath/shower fixtures. Our years of expertise will match your needs to our products. We are committed to customer service.

829 - 46 Street, Saskatoon | 306-664-2389

The Stepping Stone to a Magnificent Home Excellence is the mainstay of a successful business, and Sundance Designer Doors is dedicated to providing exquisite style and quality doors for your home. The sole distributor for Lynden Doors in Saskatoon, now offering the new environmental friendly GreenDor. We also offer a large selection of decorative french doors, moldings and wood panel doors. Our knowledge and expertise will find the perfect door for you.

Sundance Designer Doors

214 - 2750 Faitfull Ave. 306.370.8779 or 306.370.8709

Furniture specialists showcase selection and personalized service

Stunning array of complete rooms on display BY LISSA ROBINSON Entering the 18,000 square-foot space at Palliser Rooms EQ3, a locally-owned and operated furniture store, is a delight to the senses. Despite its large size, the team at Palliser Rooms has created a space that is thematically focused, airy, visually stunning and surprisingly intimate and inviting. The smell of new furniture is always enticing and their use of accessories complements the floor models without overwhelming the eye. The layout of the showroom with its vast array of beautifully designed furniture, colour accented walls and fabric partitions, speaks volumes about the skills and expertise that is available to clients who enter the store. The knowledgeable and pleasant staff is visible to the eye—and very ap-

Photo By Grant Romancia

proachable, but in sync with the style and layout of the space, there is a respectful distance that also encourages clients to browse at their leisure. Palliser Rooms EQ3 is an independent furniture store that has been operating in

Photo By Grant Romancia

Saskatoon for nine years. The store specializes in offering a generous selection of contemporary furnishings (predominantly Canadian brands) and a personalized service that is forward-thinking and client-focused. Customer reviews describe Palliser Rooms as a “great shopping experience,” FineHomesSaskatoon


plan out your décor for a new house or a redesigned space, the staff at Palliser Rooms encourages its customers to bring in their blueprints, drawings, pictures or ideas to the showroom. The professional consultants are genuinely committed to helping you plan your space, and visualize your best look. Their goal is to take an experience that can sometimes be overwhelming and transform it into a “style journey” that is pleasant, easy and fun. The sales consultants understand that the feel and statement of your home is

determined by the colours and textures used within your furnishings, accessories, flooring and walls. Their goal is to help you recognize your overall vision and assist you in choosing items that achieve the desired end result. Every piece of furniture plays an important role in the overall function, design, distinct look and feel of your home. The products shown on the showroom floor are carefully selected to appeal to a wide range of tastes, budgets and styles with an emphasis on contemporary pieces. Sectioned into galleries, the store effective-

“with exceptional sales staff,” “best displays and best furniture in town,” and the kicker: “great delivery service.” The comments reflect the company’s commitment to providing excellent customer service and speak to their impeccable taste and attention to detail. On their website, the company describes its philosophy as one that “embodies an ‘all about choices’ philosophy. Whether you have an inherent “do-it-yourself” personality, or find decorating an overwhelming process, our staff is committed to providing valuable information, inspiration and the necessary tools to make your project—large or small—a success.” What clearly defines Palliser Rooms is the idea that designing a home is a process and not just a matter of purchasing furniture or accessories to fill a void. If you are trying to



Photo By Grant Romancia

ly highlights furniture for the living room, dining room, home theatre, bedroom and home office. The offerings are impressive and so is the fact that a majority of brands can be customized to suit your preferences whether in fabric, wood finishing or the configuration of pieces. The living room gallery at Palliser Rooms includes stationary sets and motion or reclining sets, as well as, home theatre sectionals and specialty pieces. Many of the sets can be customized as sectionals and, of course, can be covered with an incred-

ible selection of leather and fabric. Unique to the store are racks of oversized fabric and leather samples that Palliser Rooms had custom made in order to make the upholstery selection process easier for their customers. From sleek and contemporary to elegant and sophisticated, the dining room gallery showcases Bermex solid wood styles, which to the clients delight, can be customized. Showroom displays and helpful consultants make it easy to “design your dining space your way.” Creating an indi-

Photo By Grant Romancia

vidual dining piece becomes a reality with choices in table top size and shape, leg style, table apron, edge detail and stain color. The choices are endless and inspiring. Trendy, romantic or classic, the bedroom gallery, like all Palliser’s collections, has something for everyone. Offerings range from affordable collections with great style and quality to a uniquely Canadian custom line featuring added diversity in product selection, hardware choices and stain finishes. Having the ability to select the perfect pieces of furniture—whatever the budget—is a dream come true. The concept of Palliser Rooms is that you don’t have to settle for generic furniture and limited choices. Experienced sales consultants are always available for detailed in-store con



Photos By Grant Romancia

Photo By Grant Romancia

sultations starting right from the creation of a floor plan. In-home consultations can be arranged upon request when necessary. Their impeccable service doesn’t stop there. A skilled, courteous delivery team is available to inspect, assemble and place your furnishings. Staying in close contact with the client is an essential component of the Palliser Rooms philosophy, and a trained service specialist is always on hand if a client has any future issues or problems with their selected items. 53


If you are interested in any of the Palliser Rooms EQ3 consultant related services please email Palliser Rooms EQ3 at or call them at 306.653.6000. Whether you're looking for finishing touches, inspiration to get started on your own, a decorating makeover, or a few new pieces of furniture, Palliser Rooms EQ3 has everything you need when you don't know where to start, or how to finish. Style it your way and visit the showroom today.

Palliser Rooms EQ3 2125 Faithfull Avenue Saskatoon, SK S7K 1T8 306.653.6000 Store Hours of Operation: Monday - Saturday: 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Thursday: 9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Sunday: Closed

Custom cabinets and eco-friendly alternatives

2236 Ave. C North Saskatoon, Sk. 306.343.9663

From Mission to Contemporary Custom designed furniture of the highest quality. Made from solid, domestic and exotic hardwoods. Locally manufactured. Please visit our showroom in person or online at: Making fine hardwood furniture in the Saskatoon area since 1991. 4 minutes west on Hwy 14 (straight west out 22nd St.) 306.384.4840

Come On Baby, Light My Fire BY RYAN HOLOTA

Fireplaces have been an integral part of homes for centuries. As human beings, we have a natural tendency to gather around fires, to feel safe and secure in their presence, and to entertain close to them. Few items in a home convey the sense of warmth, serenity, and peacefulness that a warm, glowing fire can bring. Whether natural gas or wood fueled, the gentle flickering of a fire is one of the surest ways to create a sense of happiness in a home. What have changed are the styles of fireplaces that we gather around. Where once we looked for massive fires central to the home, today’s discerning homeowners are increasingly turning to sleek modern designs. These linear fireplaces are low and wide, like an HDTV compared to the wooden television of yesteryear, today’s newest fireplaces provide high efficiency, and incredible beauty. Indoor fireplaces are always popular, but as Saskatchewan’s collective thoughts turn toward warmer weather, Northern



Fireplace continues to dominate the imaginations of those looking for comfort and convenience. Outdoor fire pits are a controversial topic in the summer, with opponents worried about the smell and smoke produced by burning wood. Those side effects are completely eliminated with the natural gas and propane outdoor fire pits that are in the showroom at Northern

Fireplace. These fire pits provide the heat and beauty of a wood pit, but without the inconvenience of dealing with a wood fire. Simply turn a valve to turn it on, and then turn it again to shut it off. Northern Fireplace also carries a full line of Weber and Broil King gas grills to help you entertain and feed your friends and family

throughout the summer. Available with natural gas or propane burners to suit your needs, Weber and Broil King offer high quality and affordability for those looking for new grills.


A Saskatchewan company, Northern Fireplace has showrooms in Regina and Saskatoon, as well as one location in Edmonton. May of 2011 marks the company’s 16th year in business. The success of the company led to expansion in Saskatoon last year. After running out of space in their old Saskatoon location, Northern Fireplace moved into a brand new building in November. While the new showroom is about the same size as their previous one, the new one is laid out to showcase many more fireplaces. With the new space complete, there are more than 40 burning fireplaces in the showroom. The rest of the building is devoted to warehouse space to ensure that the fireplace or grill that you want is in stock when you need it. The new location is very convenient as well. Located in the Airport Industrial Park, they are just one block off of Avenue C North at 2206 Speers Avenue. Working with home builders and renovation contractors, the staff at Northern Fireplace is well versed in helping people select fireplaces and grills to enjoy. They also deal directly with the public offering advice and information to everybody. Northern Fireplace employs WETT certified installers for wood appliances (fireplaces, wood stoves) and has a licenced gas fitter on staff to hook up natural gas units. In addition, Northern Fireplace has a full complement of mantles and fireplace surrounds, as well as fireplace accessories such as broom and poker sets. The best way to get the feeling of what Northern Fireplace can offer is to stop by their new showroom and say “Hi.” You can also call them at (306) 244-2774 or visit their website at www.

Northern Fireplace 2206 Speers Avenue Saskatoon, Sk. 306.244.2774



Do you need design advice? Send in your photos and design problems and get expert advice from Chantelle at Funktional Space.

Ask Chantelle Dear Chantelle... We recently renovated and added on another room (room with all the windows off the kitchen) and am struggling with finishing including back splash, flooring in the kitchen and general decor. Also - around the fireplace needs a finishing treatment and I don't have a clue. I love my furniture - sofas and tables... but am open to lamps and any other decor items as well.... TV, sofas and tables to stay - but everything else can go.... in the kitchen... I just need some finesse there - anything you can recommend above the tiling would be sooo much appreciated! Love your work! God Bless, Gina

BEFORE Congratulations on finishing your addition, it looks great Gina. You have a beautiful home with great bones. As you know because that’s what you asked help with, it just needs the finishing touches (the fluff and baubles) I’d start with the fireplace wall, adding more weight at that end will balance the room and draw your eye to your focal point. Let’s add curtains with a delicate strip. Here’s where we can get our jumping point, our accent colour. Look for something in brown, grey, tan, burgundy or warm, burnt orange. After you have your accent colours use it over and over again, new pillows, candles, vases, and lamps, use it at least three times in the room. If you can’t find a vase in your accent colour use a clear one and add some clear or coloured crystals. The vases should be about 30” and around 5” with the fluff in it. Sew and Home and Custom Drapery are both wonderful sources for accessories. If you have a second end table, place it at the end of the couch as drawn. If you don’t, you could move the one you have to the other end and purchase two new matching ones, I’d start at International Furniture Wholesale. Painting the pillars, mantle and area surrounding your fireplace will help make the fireplace wider than the T.V. I’d go

with something like Para’s Stoneware tint 3 you can find Para paint, at Blended Jive. The other thing you could do to your fireplace is put tile or stone on it, again keeping it in the warm grey tones but still paint out the pillars to give it the width it needs. Tiles for your kitchen, I like the one in the picture for the floor. It has lots of movement and texture to help camouflage the dirt and dust that comes from a busy family, with kids and pets. The one you picked for the back splash looks like it could have some peach in it, which doesn’t complement your cabinets but I do like the size and shape you chose. If it has peach in it, have a look at Mannington’s porcelain tile Catalina in overcast, I found it at Allied flooring. Chantelle Butterfield Funktional Space 227-3008 email:

AFTER Please mail or E-mail your questions to Saskatoon Fine Home attention Chantelle at FunKtional Space, along with pictures and as many samples as you have. Please don’t expect samples to be returned.



Staircases: not just for getting up and down Saskatoon firm creates unique, functional centerpieces for your home BY IAN GOODWILLIE

Saskatoon offers a wide variety of options when it comes to home improvement and design services. But one service offered here that Saskatoon residents may not be aware of is in custom banisters and staircases. At the forefront of that service is BP Banister, the standard by which custom banister and staircase work is judged and the top service provider in Saskatoon.

Your Home, Your Way When designing your own home or conducting a few renovations, homeowners often overlook one of the key features of their house: the staircase. The right staircase with the right banister can set a space apart and make it your own. The mistake that most homeowners make is thinking that they only have a limited



number of pre-determined options to choose from. The key to what BP Banister does is simple; it is your home so it should look the way you want it to. BP Banister specializes in creating a centrepiece unique to your home, the way it should be. BP Banister is capable of designing

and building a wide variety of staircases, including free-standing, self-supporting staircases or banisters form-fitted for any project. There is nothing as impressive as a custom-designed, curved banister taking centre stage in a new room. The owner of BP Banister is Bernie Pauls, co-owner alongside his wife Cheryl. When


you contract BP Banister to do a job, you contract their capable staff in assessing the job and making sure you are getting exactly what you want and, in some situations, what you did not even know was possible.

your wants, and all the options at your disposal. They are all well-versed in what the company is capable of and can help you find what you want on the showroom floor. Or, more often than not, help you find something that isn’t.

Some customers BP Banister works with know exactly what they want while others need help getting started. Bernie is there to examine the space and let you know all of the possibilities, as well as what he thinks might work with the overall design. His goal is nothing short of helping you achieve your dreams.

Once you have made an informed decision, the manufacturing team of BP Banister gets to work creating your new staircase or banister. Each woodworker has been thoroughly trained to do the best job every time. They are always up-to-date on the most recent styles and techniques. And, when it comes to staircases, they always offer to stain them before they leave the building because it is just easier to do before they are installed.

Team BP BP Banister is not a one person operation. When you walk in the front doors of BP Banister, you are greeted by the friendly staff who will discuss your needs,

Once the custom staircase or banister leaves the building, BP Banister’s in-house installers arrive at your home to make sure

the job is done right. Like the builders, the installers are fully-trained to do the job right the first time and leave you with a completed, fully realized project.

Always Call the Best Many builders and home owners in Saskatoon choose BP Banister because of their years of expertise and commitment to quality. In addition to that, you also get some of the most creative and inspired professionals in the business of custom staircase and banister design. At BP Banister, quality is not expensive, it’s priceless! BP Banister 2941 Miners Avenue 306.955.6338



Fine Furniture for Fine Living WRITING AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY LISA LANDRIE Find yourself in a furniture dilemma? You have a vision in your mind of what you’d like to see in your home, but it’s not quite coming to life. Help is nearby. James Hopper and Alison Laxdal operate one of the finest custom furniture workshops in Saskatoon and are passionate about what they do. As James puts it, “Our clientele put value on the objects they live with, sit on, look at and use. Our designs for them are not luxuries or indulgences but rather a one time investment to be treasured for generations.” Furniture is one of the most intimate products any of us will acquire. We furnish the places we live in so we will love returning home, so our friends will look forward to visiting. If you have ever driven around the industrial west side of town, you might not expect to find one of the most unique and influential furniture workshops in Saskatoon. In fact, you might not find it right away, but it is worth making the effort because this is where the furniture for your life is created. When you first walk through the doors to James Hopper’s workshop, located at 401 Ave M South, you’ll see much of what you might expect in a woodworking shop—machines, tools, wood, upholstery. What might not expect to find is a relaxed, informal environment where you can feel welcome and inspired. James or Alison are there to greet you with their warm and engaging smiles. James Hopper is a designer and maker of fine furniture. He spent the past 20 years developing the multitude of skills necessary to craft exquisite pieces for a broad range of clients throughout North America. However, let’s not forget about his true roots. He was born and raised in Saskatoon and was first introduced to woodworking in his father’s backyard workshop. His interest became an obsession when he studied craft and design in Norway. A desire for more formalized 60


training took him to Nelson, B.C., home of one of Canada’s few Fine Woodworking colleges. Alison has her formal training in fine art, textile design and colour theory. As a couple they make a formidable team. Alison takes great pleasure helping clients select the right pieces to create an environment that is beautiful, functional and enduring. The couple’s shared love of Scandinavian design and all things Nordic is extremely apparent. But while their personal aesthetics are Volvos, clogs and sleek furniture with soft lines, they love the challenge of working in all forms of contemporary design. From Modern simplicity to the intricacies of Art Deco, their website shows the diversity.

“We love to solve the puzzle,” says Alison. They look for clues, ask the right questions and the solution is designing the perfect piece of furniture for the client. They have showcased and delivered the very best in style, quality and service to a long list of clientele, both residential and corporate. When you invest in a custom piece from James Hopper Furniture, you are embarking on a relationship with the artist, one that will yield a finished piece both personal and artistically exquisite. The combination of expertise and artistic vision is evident in every object. James and Alison invite the challenges of the custom process, where the individual client’s functional needs, lifestyle, and taste are of supreme consideration.

Like any true designer’s space, James Hopper Furniture is a working studio and is available by appointment only. If you are thinking of adding a special piece of furniture or cabinetry to your home or business, or need design assistance, give them a call or email and they can get started on helping you achieve something perfect. Please visit www.JamesHopperFurniture. com or phone 306-373-9663. James Hopper Furniture 401 Ave. M. South
 Saskatoon, SK 306.373.9663



WE DON’T SELL PRODUCTS OR BRANDS We sell lifestyle concepts for your family and home Without the hidden retail markup 62


ELEGANCE AND STYLE FOR LESS THAN YOU’D EXPECT Home Furnishings, Home Improvement Entertainment and Outdoor, Flooring, Accessories FineHomesSaskatoon


Price and savings Our direct connection with more than 500 top manufacturers allows you to save hundreds—even thousands—on highend housewares every day.

Unprecedented selection DirectBuy is the ultimate source for the brand-name merchandise that can bring your home to life.

Exclusive membership From the showroom to your room, we’re here to make your project a success down to the last detail.

One-stop shopping Your exclusive membership to DirectBuy means you don’t have to waste your valuable time driving all over Saskatoon looking for a good deal.

Professional Design Consultants With their vast knowledge of DirectBuy merchandise, our design consultants make it easy for you to live your dream no matter how elaborate.

Happy Customers “We have been a member of Direct Buy for the past 5 years. Once we looked at the benefits of working with DirectBuy, it was an easy choice. The cabinets we chose were top-of-the-line, brand-name maple with the glazing—everywhere else we priced out what we needed, the price varied between $35,000 and $40,000 for the cabinets. Going with DirectBuy, we paid just under $15,000 for exactly the same kitchen. We are undergoing a renovation in another town of another property. The cabinets we chose were again brand-name maple (different colour) and stunning with the same dove-tailed doors and slow-closer drawers. The best deal locally was around $32,000. We paid just over $9,000 at DirectBuy for the entire kitchen with a wall of cabinets that house an in-wall stove and microwave and computer workstation. We also saved thousands on maple flooring and many other items as well. I strongly recommend others look at this if they are serious about saving a significant amount of money. The selection is the same as if you drove around the city—but in one store—a one-stop-shopping experience for everything from a pool table to kitchen cabinets to that new sofa you have been thinking of. It is amazing!” Gina Miller, Saskatoon member since 2006

Attend an open house at our brand-new Saskatoon showroom Call 1.866.221.3582 or visit to get your FREE Insider’s Guide and Visitors pass NOW

SAVE MONEY People just like you all over North America save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every day with DirectBuy

Budget Blinds Helping home owners choose the perfect window coverings BY TRILBY KNUTSON Whether you’re seeking traditional comfort or modern elegance, no home décor is complete without the right window coverings. With its one-stop shopping experience and excellent customer service, Saskatoon’s Budget Blinds is helping homeowners raise the bar on personal style and give their homes a finishing touch they can be proud of. Kim Lang, owner of the Saskatoon franchise, said she decided to start her business after witnessing the success family members had selling Budget Blinds’ products in Alberta. Lang’s parents sold their own franchise to work with her in the Saskatoon venture and, after they retired, longtime installer Paul Milnes decided to take on a bigger role in the business by joining Lang as a partner, bringing with him more than 25 years of experience working in the windowtreatment industry. Lang says the company has enjoyed substantial success since its launch in March 2008. The franchise was named Rookie of the Year by Budget Blinds’ corporate office in 2009, and the popularity of their products within the Saskatoon market led the partners to expand their business to cover Prince Albert, North Battleford and surrounding areas. Lang says Budget Blinds offers customers the best of both worlds when it comes to shopping for window treatments: they get to enjoy the product variety and cost savings of a large multinational company, while experiencing the personal, high-quality customer service of an independently owned business. In addition to offering customers an extensive selection of products, including Budget Blinds’ own Signature Series product line, the company provides a service package that is unequalled by its competitors.

Free in-home consultation First and foremost, Budget Blinds offers customers the convenience of shopping for window coverings from the comfort of their own homes by offering a free inhome consultation. Choosing window coverings within their own house allows customers to compare the actual products to their furniture, wall colour and lighting to see how they will fit with the overall feel of their home.



The Budget Blinds consultant works with homeowners to help them select the window coverings that best suit their needs, discussing the pros and cons of each option. In addition to helping homeowners choose a product that suits their home’s décor, they also focus on making sure the product serves the desired functions, such as providing privacy or blocking damaging UV rays. Installation can be included in the purchase of all Budget Blinds products, and the consultant even takes care of measuring the customer’s windows to ensure a proper fit. The company’s Signature Series product line features a unique fiveyear no-questions-asked warranty, on top of the lifetime guarantee that comes with all Budget Blinds products. Budget Blinds has window coverings to suit any budget, large or small. In fact, even though they offer a higher level of service, the company’s prices compare favorably to their big-box-store competitors. Plus, Budget Blinds offers a pricematch guarantee, meaning it will match



the price on any identical products sold for less elsewhere.

Going green? Budget Blinds’ selection of environmentally friendly “green” products enables customers to reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing quality or style. All of the company’s Signature Series products are manufactured using ecofriendly practices, and the entire product line has been certified by Green Built Home, an organization that reviews and certifies products that meet sustainable building and energy standards. Many of Budget Blinds’ products are made of renewable or recycled materials, such as bamboo or reeds, and others come from certified sustainable hardwood forests. Several Budget Blinds products are designed to emit fewer indoor emissions, making them a healthier choice. During cold winter months, up to 30 per cent of a home’s heat can be lost through windows. Properly installed window treatments can effectively improve en-

ergy efficiency by providing an additional layer of insulation between the warm air and cold windowpanes. In addition to conserving natural resources, this translates into lower heating bills, and more money in the homeowner’s pocket. Many of Budget Blinds’ products are specifically designed to conserve heat during the winter and keep the home cool during the summer. Shutters and cellular shades are among the best options, reducing heat loss by up to 40 per cent, but roller and Roman shades with blackout linings are also very effective at cutting heat loss.

Child safety For parents of young children, safety is of utmost importance when choosing window coverings. Budget Blinds gives parents and other caregivers peace of mind by helping them to select window treatments that both look good and contribute to creating a safe living environment for their small loved ones. Cordless window coverings are among the safest options for children because

and prints, and are much better than the touchy, outdated versions that adorned windows in the past. New roller shades give a home a clean, modern look and are much easier to care for than horizontal blinds. Of all the roller shades Budget Blinds sells, solar shades are the most popular. The moderately transparent shades are designed to provide some protection from the sun, along with a bit of privacy, without obstructing the view. Lang says her business now offers a new line of solar shades, called Easy Snap. Installed on the exterior of the home, they take a proactive approach to stopping heat and harmful UV rays from entering the house. Lang says Easy Snap products are perfect for secondary homes, such as cabins, but also work well as a costeffective solution in the absence of airconditioning. Lang says Budget Blinds offers two new products for homeowners who want to give their front entrance a bit of extra flair. The company sells retractable screens that serve as a very clean, discrete and inexpensive alternative to traditional storm doors, and Budget Blinds also offers a line of decorative glass inserts that can be added to an existing front door to give it an entirely new look. they eliminate the potential hazard of dangling cords. This includes products with cordless lift systems, which can be raised or lowered by hand, and motorization, where window coverings are opened and closed using a remote. If customers still prefer corded window coverings, they can opt to include one of Budget Blinds cord control features, such as the break-way tassels and cord stops, which break apart under slight pressure, or the continuous cord loop system, which keeps cords taut and out of the way. Budget Blinds’ Signature Series cellular shades, roman shades and pleated shades now feature a new cord-tensioning device that also enhances safety by eliminating dangling cords.

What’s hot, and what’s not Whether customers are building a new home, finishing a renovation, or just making a few simple updates, window space should be considered prime real estate when it comes to creating a sense of

style. One of the best ways homeowners can take advantage of window space is by incorporating some of the newest window-covering trends. Lang says shutters are one of the hottest trends in window treatments. “They’re not just for those seeking a traditional look,” she says. “They can be incorporated into very contemporary settings, which makes them very popular.” Plus, unlike other window coverings, shutters are considered to be a fixed part of the home, which increases the home’s selling value. Shutters feature classic, clean lines and come in a variety of finishes. Once installed, the beautifully designed structures offer a sense of permanence, as if they have always been a part of the home. Of course, shutters also serve a practical purpose by providing a great deal of insulation, which helps reduce home heating and cooling costs. Lang says roller shades are also making a return as a popular window-treatment choice, adding that today’s roller shades come in a wide variety of colours, styles

One of Budget Blinds’ newest and bestselling products on the market today is its Illusion blinds, a combination of a horizontal blind and a solar/roller blind. The Illusion blinds come in an assortment of colours for customers who are looking for that extra panache. Whether they choose one of the current trends or stick with a more classic product, Lang reminds homeowners that window coverings do not stay in style forever. Budget Blinds is ready to help new and long-time homeowners find the perfect window treatments to match both their personal style and their budget. Budget Blinds of Saskatoon, Battleford & Prince Albert 102 - 2834 Millar Ave. Saskatoon, SK S7K 5X7 Saskatoon: (306) 242-5706 Battleford: (306) 445-4689 Prince Albert: (306) 953-0047 Toll Free: 1-888-98-BUDGET Fax: (306) 242-5707



GLASS BACKSPLASHES, BEAUTIFUL GLASS, BEAUTIFULLY MADE Castle Designer Glass creates glass that enhances homes and brings a special touch to kitchens, bathrooms, in fact almost any room. Most new homes or newly renovated homes have an open kitchen design with the living room attached. That attracts the attention of guests and thus glass back splashes have become a major decorative piece to elevate the beauty of a room. It is certainly an innovative way of adding value to your home. Glass is so versatile that there are few places it can’t be used and few places where it’s unique properties won’t bring an unexpected touch of elegance. Glass backsplashes are absolutely the perfect choice for your kitchen. They are easy to clean, unlike traditional kitchen or bathroom wallcoverings our glass may simply be wiped down using glass cleaner.Stain resistant, no more mould/staining, with our glass there is no need for hard to maintain grout joints, no more scrubbing to remove mould. Glass backsplashes are more hygienic and will continue to sparkle forever. Need to have holes cut for taps or switches, we can do that! Need your backsplash installed, we can do that too! Choose a colour that makes a statement about you, or one that matches the style of your home.Glass Backsplashes are available in any design or color, in fact use your own design or have Castle Designer Glass design one for you! During our free consultation we do a full measure and show you samples demonstrating the quality of our glass and help you decide upon the right colors for your room. So stop by and look around our beautiful showroom and you will see just how versatile glass can be for any room or project!

Castle Stained Glass

840 - 47 Street E | 306.477.0098

Candice tells all:

FHR: Can you tell us what episode you’re taping right now? Candice: I wish I could tell you. With the new show, it follows me along through the process and unlike our old show, where we were really doing one project at a time; we’re doing five or six. We just wrapped up a child’s bedroom, which is no ordinary child’s bedroom. It’s a room all about designing to grow and a room that will grow with the child, showing that design is an investment and it’s not about a room that’s here today and gone tomorrow. Now, I just arrived on the set here and we’re wrapping up another project where the couple has purchased a new home. They love colour and they love colourful art and they’ve brought their colourful art collection into a house that was perhaps too colourful for their art. So we’re doing a whole project about making art work in your home.

Rushing from one shoot location in Toronto to another for her new W Network show Candice Tells All, celebrity designer Candice Olson took some time out to talk to Fine Homes Saskatoon editor Thom Barker on her mobile phone.

FHR: It seems to outsiders, and sounds like you are confirming, that taping a TV show is gruelling. Is that true? Candice: That’s the toughest part of the whole process. [When] I went to design school, many moons ago when the earth was cooling, and got into this business, I never planned on doing a TV show that would follow along the process. The TV side is hard. Design for me is instinctual at this point in my 25-year career, but throw the TV side in and try to just keep the old girl together, holy crap! FHR: What is the premise of the new show? Candice: We’re showing viewers the inspiration of the projects. Every week we dive into a principle that’s fundamental to the success of a project. A lot of times, what I’ve seen in this genre of television is there’s a lot of “oh I love this, it’s beautiful, love, love, love…” but why? Why does it work? We’re really trying to show viewers that side of it; that whether it’s fashion design, architecture or graphic design, there are fundamental principles of design at play and that’s what makes a room work.


FHR: Were you always artistic or did your interest in design come later? Candice: Truth be told, I ventured into the world of science. I was always thinking I would be a doctor or a vet or something along those lines, but I minored in fine arts. You know, back in the day, if you were artistic it meant you were going to be painting black velvet Elvises by the side of the road and panhandling. I was the only child of a single mom and I wanted to do mom proud so I thought, “oh, I’ll be a doctor.” Then one day I said to mom, “I’ve applied to design school,” and



The right combination of natural and artificial lighting can have dazzling effects on a room. Designer Candice Olson says lighting is the most important of the fundamental design principles.

world, that world of commercial design and residential design and the construction side of it and all of the materials. I love that part of it. Years ago when we were trying to come up with an idea for a show I always thought, “I want to have a design show that’s Bill Nye the Science Guy meets interior design. FHR: It says on the Internet that you were scouted out of university by a top design firm. Scouting of students is not something people usually associate with professions like interior design. How did that come about?

she said, “oh, fantastic,” and I said, “there are 3,500 applicants and only 35 get in so that’s probably not going to go anywhere.” But I got in, and look at me now. FHR: Do you use much of your science background in the work you do now? Candice: Always. I do a lot of bigger reno-



vation work and there is a lot of science and, unfortunately, math—if it wasn’t for the really smart guy in front of me in high school I probably wouldn’t have gotten into university because he was really short and I was tall so I could see over his shoulder. But, a lot of that side of the work comes into play all the time. It’s a very technical

Candice: It’s funny, they do it in the financial world, but I was really fortunate. The university I went to (Ryerson) was one of the few that offered a degree program in interior design and it was very tough to get into and there was a real strong alumni support and incredibly successful graduate companies that had been a product of the program. I was really fortunate that in the third and fourth year you always did a year-end show and graduates who now had companies—large companies—would come and see the student work and it was a great way of flaunting your stuff. FHR: You now have your own design com-

Candice: (Laughs). I wish I had some kind of mind-expanding, Oprah Winfrey-type of phrase I could say. Probably the person who knows me best is the makeup artist who has to follow me around literally from dawn to dusk as I go from being a mom at soccer practice, to catching up on some other scenes, to getting to set, dropping off kids—this week I had a kid who was throwing up so I had to bring her to set. The only way I can describe it is: it’s a total gong show. It’s pandemonium. All I can say to people, especially women— who want to look to me and say, “how does she do it?”—is, well, I’m just barely hanging on. FHR: The new show is about principles of design. If you had to pick one fundamental as the most important for our readers, what would it be? Candice: Lighting. I’ve done a couple of episodes, even at this early stage, on lighting. It’s one of the things that people really blow. I’ve told clients for years, it doesn’t


pany, a line of fabrics and other materials, you’re an author, a TV star and a mom. How do manage it all?

matter how much time, or energy, or money that we spend on this project, if we do not put the time, energy and money into a good lighting plan; good quality lighting; good planning and positioning of lighting; the right lighting; layers of lighting; then we’ve completely wasted that time, energy and money. FHR: What is your most-prized design piece? Candice: It might sound kind of corny, but for both of our kids we did these castings of their feet from birth to year two. They’re three-dimensional sculptures, really, that we have as a collection of both my son and my daughter that no artist could replicate. They have terrific personal meaning; they look beautiful; they’re interesting; they’re a conversation piece; and I would never trade them for anything in the world. And their feet will never be that size again. I’m size 11 and my husband has size 14. We’re like the big foot family. FHR: Candice, it’s been a real pleasure talking with you and good luck on your new projects. Candice: Thanks, I’m going to need it.

y s s a l C e r e h “W s Country” t e e M CREEKSIDE COUNTRY HOME DECOR & ANTIQUES

Delisle Location 217 - 1 St. W Downtown Delisle 306-493-3299

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A picture is worth a thousand words, and for many, is something you will treasure for generations. Whether they are memories to cherish; a beautiful artwork, a trip to keep in mind; a special occasion; a certificate to be proud of or an image stitched with love, they are visual reflections that you will want to take great care in framing for display. There are some things you will need to consider when looking for the right framer. Is framing their specialty or is it just a small corner of a larger enterprise? What care and protective measures need to be taken for preserving the objects? How should these treasures be displayed? Which artistic considerations, skills and experience do the experts have to offer?

The answer is quite simple. At J & S Picture Frame Warehouse we focus on framing. We stock materials from numerous suppliers, have a large selection of inventory to choose from and prices that are competitive. In 2000, we expanded this expertise to include reprographic and large format printing. Both services are done onsite and the person you initially consult with will carry your project through to its completion. J & S has been in business for 33 years and has extensive experience working with collectibles and preservation (archival) framing. Framing is a craft that has been perfected over the ages. We welcome the ‘archival era’ because we know that your framing projects will live long into the future. There are numerous materials to choose from including archival glass, matting and backing that actually extends the life of art by slowing paper degradation, neutralizing acid by-products and protecting against damaging pollutants. Ultraviolet glazes are the safest for protecting precious paper borne art and collectibles. While not every piece demands the use of archival methods, we offer other services that will extend the life of your cherished collectibles. Storing and displaying collectible photographs and jerseys is as important to their preservation as it is to the attractiveness of their display. Collectible photographs that are improperly protected can yellow or discolour, collect dust, scratch and even mold. Collectibles can also be damaged if they are improperly mounted. There are several different methods and materials to choose from and based on cost, convenience and conservation. The colour, size and layout of your framing choices should enhance your treasured objects as well as reflect your decorating style. Mats come in a variety of colours, textures and fabrics. Some images may look great with a single mat whereas others may look better with a double or triple mat combination. Frames can also be found to meet every style, size, colour, pattern and texture preference. The size of the frame should be proportional to the image size. A large image will require a wide solid frame. Items that are three dimensional such as keepsakes, travel and sports memorabilia will be best suited to be set in a deep frame. Your frame choice should not only suit your image but also blend with your style: traditional, contemporary or casual. Whichever elements you choose from, your art or combination of cherished objects will be transformed into a family heirloom.

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Local Company leading the Cabinet and ready-to-move homes industry Building offsite controls costs and problems


BY LISSA ROBINSON Since its inception in 1970, Nu-Fab Building Products has developed an excellent reputation for excellence in design, innovation and dependability in Saskatoon. A division of All-Fab Building Components Inc., Nu-Fab offers a wide range of wood products including roof and floor trusses, finish products, custom stairs, house packages and ready-tomove (RTM) homes. With more than thirty years of experience in building design, construction and material supply, they are a leader in the industry. An RTM home should not be confused with a pre-fabricated house, which generally refers to a house that is mass-

produced and modular, or built in pieces that must be assembled on-site. An RTM is a custom-built, quality construction that is assembled in its entirety—inside and out—on a builder’s site, and then moved into place to the homebuyer’s property. Nu-Fab RTM homes are built to completion at their operations plant in Vanscoy, Saskatchewan with carpet installed and all painting and finishing work including cabinetry. A family might opt for an island-style counter with builtins like a pantry and china cabinet and cupboards constructed with solid maple or oak doors. Cabinetry is a specialty for




the company and is the culmination of a unique partnership they have developed with Kitchen Craft Cabinetry. Both companies are committed to providing customers with the best overall solution for cabinetry in the home and office. Nu-Fab is the first and only full-service distributor in Saskatoon of Kitchen Craft Cabinetry, which has been manufacturing cabinets in Winnipeg since 1972. The company manufactures two lines of custom and semi-custom cabinetry, Integra and Aurora, for the kitchen, bathroom, home office, laundry and throughout the home. The partnership is a perfect fit with the use of only the finest materials along with quality workmanship and state of the art manufacturing equipment. Cabinet Division manager, Evan Drisner, says that “no project is too large or too small for Nu-Fab/Kitchen Craft Cabinetry.” The company takes great pride in its product offerings and is well-known for its excellent customer service and team of professional designers. The designers are available to meet with clients and provide one-on-one consultations to ensure custom cabinets built just for you. Throughout the entire process, the sales and design team provides a wide array of services, including on-site measurement and meeting; dimensioned plans and elevations; professional installation; and after-sales service. After your initial consultation with one of the designers, a floor plan will be created and designed specifically to your needs and aesthetic preferences, as well as, a quotation based on that design. The detailed plans for your project will usually differ in concept from those done by other firms in the Saskatoon area. Drisner explains that the team at Nu-Fab/Kitchen Craft Cabinetry “strives to provide customers with a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment that will give you and your family years of enjoyment.” One of the benefits of using a cabinet manufacturer of this size is the range of choices available from beautiful solid hardwood doors to superior CraftGuard stains, glazes and paints or handsome



melamine and thermo foil finishes. Kitchen Craft also has two lines to choose from that include Integra and Aurora. The Aurora line is coined as “affordable luxury,” which offers the legendary Kitchen Craft style and construction with a value-minded modular approach. A wide range of sizes, shapes, woods and finishes provide flexibility to define your unique style. Choose from 23 contemporary and traditional door styles in maple, oak, alder, cherry or easy-clean thermo foil. The Integra line offers the most popular and contemporary looks in solid oak, maple, cherry and rustic alder and includes the Euro Collection and the Era Collection. The Euro line is a new collection by Kitchen Craft that focuses on an all-embracing design concept of unencumbered surfaces and shapes for easy entertaining. The styles are unconventional and modern with its unique door styles, embellishments, wood species and finishes such as bamboo, eco white oak, high-gloss solid colours and high-gloss wood tones. Whatever your tastes, Drisner recommends you take a few minutes to sort through your ideas and gather items that will be helpful during the consultation process, for example, a rough sketch of your floor plan, house plan, magazine clippings, wish list and an outline of your budget. Whether you wish to create a kitchen, bath or office workspace, the designers will work with you to interpret your inspirations into that show-stopping, yet functional environment. If you are interested in creating custom cabinetry for your home, you should definitely visit their showroom, which has a stunning array of kitchen, bathroom and office models that will both inspire and impress. Drisner says, “there are dozens of ways to maximize space, organize storage and create spectacular designer looks. Any one of our designers can adapt the design to the height of the cook, to disabilities and to other necessary requirements.” The designers will use their expertise to adjust the design to suit



your style and work within your budget. And their cabinetry projects don’t just end with the design. Their team of professional installers can also be on-site to see your project through to its completion. In contrast, the Era Collection encompasses styles that are classic and colonial with its chiselled Napier or Berkeley doors. Other influences include Shaker style with functional beauty that is suitable for looks from rustic to contemporary; or the golden age from turn-of-the-century to Gatsby with its pillowed rails and stiles, and details based on authentic Art Nouveau and related period décor. Similar to misconceptions about RTM’s, their cabinet products are not prefabricated, but best described as a semicustom. “This is the best level for most buyers, and in fact, it is typically what most people buy,” says Drisner. “In contrast to



stock cabinets, every Kitchen Craft kitchen is custom-designed and manufactured for a specific customer, not pulled from inventories like a stock cabinet is. This gives you much more control and many more design opportunities.” On the “semi” side of the custom equation, Kitchen Craft cabinets are manufactured to consistent, tightly monitored standards. This ensures that you know what you will be getting. “Custom cabinets can vary significantly, can be hard to price accurately and can be very expensive,” Drisner says. With the guidance of a Nu-Fab/Kitchen Craft cabinet designer, you can transform your home into a stylish, highly efficient and organized multi-functional space. While creating the home or office cabinetry of your dreams may seem intimidating, the team at Nu-Fab/Kitchen Craft will make it easy with their personalized services and its offerings of 120 cabinetry options,

accessories and mouldings. Make your dream kitchen a reality by visiting their showroom today! Showroom hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., or by appointment. Nu Fab/Kitchen Craft 701-45th Street West Saskatoon, Sk. Ph: (306) 244-7119 Fax: (306) 244-0553 Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 8am - 5pm Saturday 10am - 4pm

It’s where we live Dream kitchens come of age BY THOM BARKER In the Maritimes, you can’t call a gathering a party until you have half a dozen people playing musical instruments around the kitchen table. On the other coast, cuisine is routinely redefined as trendy Vancouverites experiment with new tastes from afar and, more recently, from a-near with the 100-mile diet. Here in Saskatchewan, the seeds of Canada’s own brands of socialism and Medicare were famously sown in kitchen table discussions around the province with Tommy Douglas. And while the dining room table has always been the locus for more formal and important occasions, who among us has not eaten far more meals at its less venerated sibling? It’s where we learned to read,

do math and refine our social graces. It’s where we helped mom make cookies by licking the spoon, and where we carved pumpkins, decorated Easter eggs and made Christmas decorations. It’s where our parents displayed our early artistic accomplishments and where they consoled us, usually with ice cream, after our athletic failures. We are perhaps more intimately connected with our kitchens than any other room of the home. A clever anthropological psychologist might even make a case that it speaks to something primal inside us—the warmth and security of the communal fire. Despite all this, for decades the kitchen was somewhat of an afterthought with respect to design and detail—quaint, even cozy at times, always functional and, more recently, ergonomic, but separate.

One need not look any further than the pages of this magazine, however, to recognize how things have changed. The kitchen as focal point is becoming almost de rigueur in today’s upscale home. The wide open combination kitchen-dining-living room concept is king, or queen, if you prefer. Walk into any number of the show homes around Saskatoon and you will see spectacular examples. Large centre islands are as much entertainment centre as food preparation surface. Guests can sit at the bar while mom, and increasingly dad, put together the Thanksgiving feast. And the chef no longer has to miss the football game because the large, HD TV on the living room wall is plainly visible from the kitchen. Walk-in pantries are no longer dingy baseFineHomesSaskatoon


ment dwellers, but conveniently located, efficiently built-in and beautifully appointed with fine wooden doors and can even be climate-controlled. Then there are the materials. Standard linoleum flooring is being replaced by natural materials such as stone, tile, cork, bamboo and hardwood. Countertops too, in granite, marble, glass and stunning synthetics, which are just as durable and come in a vast array of finishes, are pushing aside less luxurious surfaces. Cabinetry choices are just as diverse with respect to design and materials. And there are a number of true artists in the Saskatoon area who can design and create custom storage space in a myriad of styles from traditional to contemporary. Finally, there are the appliances. Professional quality ranges, ovens, refrigerators, wine coolers, and dishwashers in designer colours, stainless steel and even retrostyles are no longer out of reach for the home chef. And the trend is for these modern conveniences not to be merely built-in, but rather seamlessly integrated with the cabinetry and surfaces. Of course, all of this doesn’t come cheap. 80


Dream kitchens can run upward of $50,000 when all is said and done. But really, if we are going to invest in any part of the home, what better than the space we really live in? Living room may be a bit of a misnomer. Perhaps relaxing room would be more apropos because what is more important to both physical and mental well-being—to living—than sustenance? And we are not simply meat and potato eaters anymore. The modern upscale kitchen needs to be outfitted to accommodate a wide range of fine, and more humble, dining options, from haute cuisine to Asian delights to burgers and fries. A gourmet pizza, for example, just isn’t the same baked in a standard oven. The cult of food is in full swing in North America. Great chefs have always been famous and well-respected, but the modern breed, the likes of Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, are veritable rock stars. Cooking shows have graduated from the ranks of daytime game shows and soaps to prime time spectacular. The western domestic kitchen has come of age. Oddly enough, though, it might be considered to have come full circle. Homes in Ancient Greece, often considered the

birthplace of western civilization, were generally arranged in an atrium configuration central to which was the cooking area. It was covered, but otherwise open, with living spaces adjacent and other rooms around the perimeter. The Romans invented the separate kitchen as a matter of pragmatism. In an enclosed household, the smoke from a wood-burning stove would have been quite unpleasant, not to mention having to occupy the same space with the slaves, who were usually the people doing the cooking. These practical and sociological considerations persisted for many centuries. Even building practices contributed to keeping the kitchen separate. The need for internal load-bearing walls made it typical for homes to be more compartmentalized. Today, better building techniques and materials, greater societal distribution of wealth and the proliferation of technology, make the sky the limit for designing and implementing personalized dream kitchens. Bon Appetit.

A lifetime of memories start in your kitchen. Begin yours today.
















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Luxury leisure dealer honours customers with VIP event

BY: SUZANNE HUBER AND CANDACE FOX PHOTOS BY HEATHER FRITZ Reputably the best spa and leisure provider in Saskatchewan, Arctic Spas has worked hard to maintain the highest levels of quality and integrity when dealing with their respected customers. The experience of shopping in store and dealing with Arctic’s knowledgeable staff makes it difficult to leave without purchasing the newest upgraded model in hot tubs; coupled with the fact they will trade in your used model, working or not. Regardless of the purchase, your customer experience will go far beyond your expectations and that is what Arctic Spa’s owner, Chuck Walker wants for his customers. The luxury spa and leisure provider was taken over by Chuck Walker in March of 2005; he then expanded the premium spa showroom by moving the location to #2-2345 Millar Avenue in September of the same year. The new location provided an additional 2,300 square feet to display new models and store trade-ins. Chuck employs a staff of ten that are “proud they are not selling the number two product” says Chuck Walker. Under his leadership, the store won a 2009 National Hot tub Award and gained the reputation of being the premium service provid FineHomesSaskatoon


er to a city whose people intrinsically know what constitutes quality of life.

Chocolate, Wine, Bells and Whistles “Service is taken very seriously” says Chuck Walker. As a token of appreciation to his loyal customers, the store hosts one to two events each year where guests are treated like royalty. On February 17 attendees were honoured with Cava Secreta’s Chamdeville Sparkling Wine and Carlona Artist Series Cabernet Merlot with chocolates by Bernard Callebaut as they toured the showroom learning about the latest 84


innovations in backyard luxury, steam showers and the newly displayed outdoor kitchens. The annual VIP event attracted approximately 100 people. And you will not miss Arctic Spa at other events around town. The luxury spa retailer will be participating in the Homestyles, Gardenscape and Sports and Leisure shows where they will be bringing their showroom to attendees. The latest in the new trendsetting outdoor kitchens is sure to attract those that want to want to spend more time in their backyard this upcoming summer.

Outdoor Envy Create an outdoor living and cooking area that your indoor space will envy. The growing trend in modern living is extending the convenience and luxury of the indoors to your backyard, and doing it in style. Saskatchewan residents are guaranteed to get the best selection of outdoor cooking appliances, furniture, accessories and spa equipment to create that unique outdoor living space and experience at Arctic Spas. Enjoy a comfortable lounging and entertaining area with Arctic’s Summerset Outdoor Living Mahimaa line. This furniture will set the tone for your outdoor sanc-

tuary while remaining practical for any and all uses you may require. With varying products from outdoor dining tables, chaise lounges, and not to mention the accessories and fabrics (which only take 30 minutes to dry when exposed to water) this elegant yet modern take on outdoor furniture will convert any indoor addict to venturing into the great beyond of their backyard.

technology with Fireglass. This material burns in place of wood, and is used with a small propane tank which eliminates the smell of smoke caused by wood burning fire. The Fireglass material comes in different reflective colours depending on your style and preference including pacific blue, bronze, clear and black reflective glass.

No Smoke, Just Mirrors

Steam showers have been around for hundreds of years, as the benefits from this experience go beyond relaxation and can help increase the overall health and well being of individuals. Today, many are purchasing steam showers for their own

Practical and stylish patio heaters, fire tables and fire pits are also available at Arctic Spas. A unique twist to outdoor favourites, fire tables and pits includes the use of new

Home Spa Experience

homes, taking what is usually seen as a luxury spa experience and making it a convenient everyday ritual. Arctic Spas offers customers the highest quality in steam showers with the brand Theramist which is made from thick fibreglass-reinforced panels, tinted tempered glass and removable gaskets. The quality of Theramist is ensured with their full two-year warranty, which covers all defects from the time of installation. This modern luxury is not just becoming extremely convenient, but it is affordable, efficient and requires little to no renovations to your existing home and space. Clear your mind and rejuvenate your soul FineHomesSaskatoon


with an experience in your own home. After a long stressful day in the city, or to cap off a relaxing weekend take advantage of the opportunity to step into your own personal steam spa.

Entertainment Extravagance Arctic Spa has been evolving with technology. Since 2010, the Arctic, Opollo and Coyote lines have seen some major changes to their design and capabilities for outdoor extravagance and entertainment. The 2011 Arctic Tundra Epic can now be fully controlled by an ipod. Jets, music, volume, temperature, settings and even troubleshooting can be done with just a few clicks. The Coyote Sante Fe is noted for its beautiful copper colour and LED lights allowing you to see your drinks with up to 53 jets functioning. With built in TV and music options included, you no longer 86


need to relax inside in Saskatchewan winters.

Pool Boy Arctic Spa knows not everyone has time to maintain their hot tub’s water care. The store offers a unique ‘Pool Boy’ service where an employee will come to your home once a week, shovel around your tub and steps as well, treat your water so it is ready for you to come home and relax in. Pool boy service technicians use Aquafinesse which allows you to enjoy your tub without the harsh effects of chemicals and leaves you with a salt water spa.

What It Is Like In Your Yard? Anna and Rod Pacik have really enjoyed their Tundra Legend since purchasing it in April of 2010. “It gets rid of my headaches, attracts children, and brings our family to-

gether,” says Anna. The couple both agree that it was easier to maintain then they originally thought and did not notice the expense of the water treatment product in their budget. “There is nothing better than coming home from work after a long day and sitting in the tub and looking up at the stars” says Rod. To learn more about creating your own indoor or outdoor spa and luxury experience contact Arctic Spas or stop by their Saskatoon location. Arctic Spas 2-2345 Millar Avenue Saskatoon, SK S7K 2Y3 306.668.1801


Cornerstone Flooring and Interiors is a locally owned and operated business, providing total flooring solutions in both residential and commercial applications. We carry Saskatoon’s best selection of flooring products, including tile, hardwood, carpet (including wool), laminate, vinyl, cork, and area rugs. We also supply and install Graber blinds, custom granite, marble, and engineered stone countertops in bathrooms and kitchens, which add style, durability, and value to your home. Cornerstone Flooring and Interiors aims for customer satisfaction in all aspects from helping you choose the right flooring and to having it professionally installed. Come to our showroom today and see how we can bring life to your home with many different flooring options.

#7 - 844 - 51 Street E 306-955-4441

The Smart Thermostat from

No Annual Fees

Control your environment, even from afar It’s incredible what can be done with energy efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems these days. At Taylor Group we can do it all. From complete home systems, to energy retrofits, to solar walls and geothermal design and installation. Starting to take advantage of energy cost savings and the inherent benefit to the environment, however, is as easy as having us install an ecobee Smart Thermostat. Taylor Group is the exclusive supplier of the ecobee Smart Thermostat in Saskatchewan. The ecobee Smart Thermostat is designed to give you peace of mind and automate energy conservation without sacrificing comfort. This WiFi enabled Smart Thermostat offers you remote access allowing you to control your HVAC system from anywhere at any time with no additional monthly or annual fees. We can even install a feature in your floor drain that will monitor for water and send you an alert to ensure your basement never floods. “We love our ecobee Smart Thermostat. We have two homes and split time between them. So it is great to be able to access and set the thermostat remotely.” –J.N., ecobee customer 88


#1, 301 Pakwa Place Saskatoon, Sk. 306.668.0101

The Future Is Now


Local experts provide clean energy options for your home and business BY PENNY McKINLAY “Renewable energy is not just the way of the future. It’s happening right now,” says David Anderson, Solar Outpost’s alternative energy engineer. “We offer our customers a complete package of clean energy options for residential or commercial heating and power generation, whether they are in the city or in the country.” Solar Outpost is a locally-owned and operated sustainable energy company with showrooms and offices in Saskatoon and Swift Current. They have over 10

years of experience with a wide variety of energy-saving, environmentally-sound production systems, including solar, geothermal, wind, back-up power and standalone power systems in operation around Saskatchewan.

Full range expertise

The company offers energy consumers the best of today’s products in terms of cost effectiveness, performance and reliability and provides comprehensive, in-house solutions based on their pooled expertise in analysis and choice of energy options, financing, installation and implementation.

Solar Outpost provides its customers with the shared expertise of a comprehensive team of industry professionals with education and training in the full range of sustainable energy options.

All the members of Solar Outpost’s team have extensive education and training covering the full range of clean energy products. They are active, certified members of the top North American




alternative energy organizations and are consistently ahead of the curve in emerging technologies.

Choosing the best option The first step in identifying a clean energy solution for your home is an in-depth analysis of your energy and power needs. The staff at Solar Outpost takes the time to really understand your family’s situation, lifestyle and energy requirements. Next, they conduct a physical site analysis to determine the most efficient energy combination. Wind power works best on a farm or rural acreage, while a southern exposure maximizes solar energy. Geothermal power is an option in both rural and urban environments. The in-depth analysis takes into consideration cost and energy efficiency but also maintenance, durability and aesthetics.



Anderson can customize any system to meet your needs and can provide dependable off-grid power solutions for fishing camps, oil and gas sites, and RVs.

On the grid Choosing to use clean energy and to lessen your environmental footprint doesn’t mean that you have to change the way you live. “There are no lifestyle changes at all,” says David Anderson. “You’re just producing and consuming energy in an environmentally-conscious way.” Your house is still tied into the grid, and you’ll use energy exactly as you would in an average house. When you need energy, the system will first draw on your clean energy options. If they do not provide sufficient energy for your current needs, the system will take the extra from the grid. However, if you are out for the day and your home is producing more energy than you need, the surplus will be fed back into

the grid. And you’ll receive a credit for the energy you have produced at exactly the same rate as when it is consumed. “It’s like a battery,” explains Anderson. “You store energy when you don’t need it and pull it out when you need more.”

Unique financing solutions Clean energy makes sense, both socially and economically. In fact, with many of Solar Outpost’s products, homeowners can show a positive return on their investment from day one. Solar Outpost has a firm grasp on all the different provincial and federal financial incentive programs and will ensure that you benefit fully from these programs. They can help you build the energy system costs into your mortgage or apply for provincial and federal grants and lowinterest loans for both residential and commercial projects.

Clean, renewable energy Solar Outpost believes that we can build a better world through sustainable technology. By harnessing the natural power of the sun, earth and wind to power our homes and businesses, we can step into the new millennium with confidence and pride. Solar Outpost is leading the way forward, making it easy for us to follow.

A full range of environmentally-responsible options Solar energy Solar energy is a particularly effective option in Saskatchewan, Canada’s sunniest province. Solar energy can provide both electricity and hot water, and it’s an effective, attractive option in the city or on a rural acreage. Solar systems can range from a single solar panel to a large installation covering the whole southern side of the house, either offsetting or eliminating your electricity bills. All the parts meet rigorous industry standards and have been chosen specifically for our harsh Canadian climate. Solar Outpost’s panels offer a minimum of a five-year manufacturer’s workmanship warranty and a 25-year power warranty.

Geothermal energy Geothermal energy takes advantage of the earth’s nearly constant temperature, warmer than the air above it in winter and cooler than the air in summer, to heat and cool homes and businesses.



Geothermal heat pumps act like a refrigerator, but in reverse, circulating fluid within a system of pipes to absorb or relinquish heat within the ground. Solar Outpost’s geothermal systems can reach efficiencies of up to 500% and provide quiet, consistent heat throughout your home. GeoSmart, Canada’s leading geothermal dealer, provides premium products, with the best service and warranty in Canada.

Wind energy

From Energy Efficiency to Energy Production In 2010, Solar Outpost worked with North Ridge Development Corporation to construct their Energy Star show home at 350 Coad Manor in Hampton Village. An array of solar panels on the roof produces two kilowatts of power. This is equivalent to one-third to one-half of the electricity needs of an average family as well as more than half the hot water for the home. “This house has taken the Energy Star program to the next level,” says David Anderson. “This home not only conserves energy. It produces power on site.”

The company’s website—www.—provides detailed information about all their products as well as an overview of the financial grants currently available. The Request a Quote page is a convenient way to obtain more detailed information that is tailored to your needs. Finally, don’t hesitate to drop by a Solar Outpost showroom or phone to discuss your energy needs. The Solar Outpost staff will be delighted to talk with you. Solar Outpost 3711 Thatcher Avenue, Saskatoon 10-1081 Central Avenue, Swift Current 1.877.955.7798

Wind turbines give farmers and acreage owners the opportunity to harness the wind and turn it into a renewable energy source to power their home, farm or business. The 10kW Ventera wind turbine has been proven effective and can withstand winds of over 100 mph. It can be serviced easily and its sealed system reduces the need for preventative maintenance.

Harvesting water Canada’s per capita water consumption is 65 per cent above the world average. Solar Outpost offers rain water harvesting and grey water recycling systems to effectively reduce your family’s water consumption.

Solar Outpost conducts a detailed analysis in order to identify the most effective energy system to meet your family’s needs. This home is powered by a combination of solar, wind and grid energy.



Less big-box. More friendly service and know-how. For nearly 50 years, Adams Lumber has offered quality lumber and building supplies, expert advice, competitive prices, and outstanding customer service. All from our family-owned location in south central Saskatoon. Visit us for a wide range of products and expertise including: 4Complete lumber and building supplies 4 Paint, hardware, and drywall supplies 4 Replacement windows and doors 4 Installation and cutting services 4Free project estimates 4 Aluminum deck railings 4 Garage, fencing, and decking packages 4 Home and cottage packages

1944 St. George Avenue phone: 306.652.5393


It’s what’s on the outside that counts Brick and stone remain best exteriors, but are moving indoors too With more than 25 years’ experience in masonry supply, Chuck Riou and Loretta Metzger have made it their mandate to provide the best advice to ensure you make the right decision when choosing brick or stone for your residential or commercial building project. With a wide selection of manufactured and natural quarry stone from North America, Brick and Stone Solutions will help you design your project. Their extensive knowledge of masonry materials



will ensure you get the utmost value for your investment and total satisfaction for many years to come. “We like to work with people in the initial planning stages of their home,” says Riou, who co-owns Brick and Stone Solutions with his wife Loretta. “This allows more options for where and how to creatively use masonry products. Don’t leave the exterior until the final stages—bring your plan in early and the ideas and options are endless.”

Brick and Stone Solutions monitors current trends in products and home décor. This allows them to better assist you in finding the right brick or stone for your project. Need a suggestion to give the front entrance of your home some interest? Brick and Stone Solutions has plenty. The result is a home with definition and depth that stands out in your neighbourhood. “You can do different things to put an individual stamp on your home, like using quoins, trim stones, keystones or stone

sills—details that really pop out,” says Riou. “For both brick and stone, the secret between a good job and an extraordinary job is in the details. Sometimes a subtle accent makes all the difference.”

The highest standards Brick and Stone Solutions supplies manufactured stone, natural stone veneer, brick, thin brick, brick pavers and landscape stone. They have chosen to use manufacturers from Canada and the USA that follow strict health, safety and environmental standards in both their processes and raw materials. “We have selected products that follow a construction standard and have gone through laboratory testing for strength, freezing and colour retention,” says Riou. “All our products are warranted and will stand up to our Canadian climate.” Brick

and Stone Solutions is a proud supplier of Heritage Stone, Barkman Stone, Eden Natural Stone Veneer, Acme Brick, GlenGery Brick and Elgin Butler Brick.

Non-traditional uses Whether you’re building or renovating, brick or stone are great options. Riou says: “While people think masonry products are rigid, they’re actually the most flexible construction product—they’re being made lighter and can be put anywhere, inside or outside and are compatible with today’s construction methods.” Traditionally, masonry products were just exteriors and fireplaces. Now incorporating brick and stone into your home for feature walls, water features and wine rooms is very popular. Masonry products will create a flow from inside your home to outside decks and patios. By incorporating brick

and stone into outdoor living spaces such as retaining walls, seating areas, outdoor kitchens, built-in barbecues, water features, and garden pathways you will significantly increase the living area of your home and yard. There is such an array of colours and profiles to choose from, Brick and Stone Solutions will assist you in creating just the look you desire. The possibilities are endless. As a renovation, brick and stone is an excellent way to update the street appeal of your home. Riou adds that brick is the ultimate exterior for your home. Along with the obvious aesthetic appeal, a full brick-sided home is easier to heat and cool, provides the perfect rain-screen, reduces exterior noise and offers the utmost protection from all forms of weather.



“If you’re considering a full brick home or would like to know about the advantages, come talk to us,” he says. “There is no better way to build.” Brick and Stone Solutions also supplies custom address stones. They are very visible and easy to read. You can choose your font, colour, and design. Your house number is sandblasted onto natural stone. Numbers and street names are popular. They’ve also done last names and date stones for driveways, lampposts and stone fences. If you can imagine it, it can be done.

Incredible customer service Last September, Dale and Donna Adolf started building a custom Northridge home in The Willows. When they decided to incorporate stone into the exterior design of the house, Northridge suggested two companies, one of which was Brick and Stone Solutions. “We met with both companies and liked Chuck a lot better. He was more personal and spent more time with us,” says Dale. “Chuck made sure we knew what all our options were. Chuck’s knowledgeable approach made choosing the right masonry product for our new home an enjoyable experience. Every time I called, there was never a time he wasn’t available—anything you needed, he supplied. They wanted to make sure we were happy and got what we were looking for, so they spent a lot of time with us and we were happy. Chuck worked with his manufacturer to ensure that we got the colour and style of stone that we wanted. “When the stone arrived, on time, he worked with the installer to ensure our ideas were translated into the installation. He would actually come over to our house to check on it; he was very professional,” says Dale. “We haven’t had one person that didn’t think it was beautiful.” The stone Dale and Donna chose was a customrun specifically for their home. SEE US AT THE SASKATOON HOMESTYLES 2011 SHOW Brick and Stone Solutions 114-2834 Millar Ave. 306.244.7866





RELAX There is a world-recognized leisure dealer for your backyard in your backyard BY PENNY McKINLAY Jacuzzi Premium Spas & Billiards, located for the past eight years at the corner of Idylwyld and 22nd Street, is a treasure house of indoor and outdoor leisure products. A full range of Jacuzzi hot tubs is complemented by saunas and aboveground swimming pools. Whether it’s an outdoor barbecue in the summer or a friendly game of billiards or ping pong in the winter, Premium Spas’ leisure products will help you and your family and friends to unwind and enjoy each other’s company.

Unique products; exemplary service

every year they have been in business, without exception.

Rick Griffith and Kerry Fuchs, the store’s owners, go out of their way to stock unique quality leisure products.

Take a Jacuzzi for a spin

“Our goal is to offer quality products at a fair price, and we pride ourselves on having the expertise to offer outstanding customer service,” says Griffith. In fact, the company has received an award for exceptional customer service from Jacuzzi

Premium Spas and Billiards is the exclusive Jacuzzi hot tub dealer in Saskatoon and area and is recognized as one of the top dealers worldwide. Jacuzzi invented modern hydrotherapy 55 years ago, and the company maintains its focus on comfort, clean water, energy efficiency in all climates and a legendary, patented



massage system. In addition to being a great way to relax with family and friends, hot tubs offer many health benefits. “Our customers tell us three things about their Jacuzzi— that they have never slept so well; that it feels like a real massage; and that they

wish they had purchased it sooner,” says Griffith. Premium Spas offers a wide range of hot tubs and spas with prices to suit everyone’s budget. The dedicated and knowledgeable staff takes the time to understand how customers plan to use

the spa and help them choose the most comfortable seating arrangement and style for the entire family. They follow this up with a free site inspection to help you incorporate the spa into the design and function of your home. “You don’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive,” says Fuchs. “We recommend to all our customers that they come in after hours to take a test soak in complete privacy. It’s the only way to ensure years of enjoyment with comfortable seats and massage therapy.” Premium Spas and Billiards makes sure that purchasing, installing and caring for your Jacuzzi is as easy as possible. They deliver the hot tub, install the accessories, and show you how to operate it. The company’s comprehensive package includes a cover removal system, a choice of water care products and free water tests.




day,” Fuchs says. The above-ground pools are sold at a fraction of the price of an in-ground pool and offer the additional advantages of portability and transferability. One customer was unable to install an in-ground pool because the groundwater level in his yard was too high. Instead, he integrated a deck around his TUFF pool and Jacuzzi hot tub. “He landscaped his whole yard and installed a pool and hot tub for the price of a basic in-ground pool,” says Griffith.

Your instant backyard pool Premium Spas offers high-quality above-ground TUFF pools. The round or rectangular pools are fully equipped with a filtration system, automatic cleaners and a gas heater. Designed and manufactured in

Europe of a durable three-layer fabric, the pools come with a lifetime warranty. They are so TUFF that they can be winterized and left up during Saskatchewan winters. They are also exceptionally easy to install. “You can set it up for yourself in a couple of hours and be swimming in it the next

Premium Spas also provides a full range of water care products to ensure that the water is clean and safe for your family’s enjoyment. “We’re always looking for natural, gentle ways to make water safe and easy to maintain,” says Fuchs.

Barbecue like a pro Premium Spa’s expanded line of high-



They invented the first enclosed cabin monoplane, which was used by the US postal service and to transport tourists to Yosemite National Park. In the 1920s, the brothers turned their attention to agriculture and revolutionized the water pump industry, winning a Gold Medal Award at the 1930 California State Fair. When a family member developed rheumatoid arthritis, they adapted the pump to fit in a bathtub, introducing the world to modern-day, pain-relieving hydrotherapy.

quality barbecues is sure to be the centre of attention this spring and summer. The Traeger Wood Pellet Grill functions as a grill, a barbecue and a smoker. Safe and easy to use, it will cook everything from steak and chicken to ribs and pizza. “The food tastes absolutely amazing,” says Griffith. Primo Kamado Grills are American-made ceramic grills that offer very stable heat with an extremely wide temperature variation. They employ natural lump charcoal that guarantees outstanding flavour. Primo and Traeger are the grills of choice for professionals. Griffith and Fuchs are particularly excited to be able to offer their customers customized outdoor kitchens to complement their patio, deck or pool. The outdoor kitchens, from Jackson Grills, can be customized with storage cupboards, cocktail bar, refrigerator, sink and other accessories as well as a choice of natural or propane gas grills. “You’ll have everything at your fingertips without leaving your deck,” says Griffith.

Selection and quality, indoors and out Jacuzzi Premium Spas and Billiards carries an extensive collection of indoor and



outdoor leisure products. The games tables meet exceptionally high standards. Exquisitely-finished billiard tables from the Canada Billiard line are assembled piece by piece by craftsmen. The store also carries foosball; air and dome hockey; and ping pong tables and shuffleboard from top-of-the-line manufacturers. Finnleo’s traditional and infrared saunas relieve stress, relax muscles and soothe aches and pains. The store is also one of the province’s largest venues for Saskatchewan Roughriders merchandise. And last year, they started carrying Loud Mouth golf apparel. Jacuzzi Premium Spas and Billiards offers an eclectic diversity of leisure products that are sure to bring you pleasure, whether you are looking for an outdoor pool, a hot tub, a barbecue, or a games table. “Everything we sell here makes life better and helps people reconnect with their friends and family,” says Fuchs.

Jacuzzi: innovation and hydrotherapy The Jacuzzi brothers emigrated from Italy to California in the early 1900s.

The family continued to develop the product, introducing the world’s first integrated whirlpool bath in 1968 and the hot tub in 1970. The Jacuzzi name is now a household word, a synonym for relaxing and therapeutic hydrotherapy.

“THE place in Saskatoon for all things barbecue” “We want to provide our customers with everything they need for their barbecue— from the grill, to the accessories, to the spices,” says Kerry Fuchs. Jacuzzi Premium Spas & Billiards will be carrying the signature series of tools and spices from Steven Raichlen, who virtually reinvented barbecue with his best-selling book, Barbecue Bible, and his television shows on PBS. Raichlen’s products include a wood-fired pizza baking stone, a beer can chicken roaster, hot dog rollers and cast iron griddles. Along with wood chip blends; and herb and barbecue rubs and sauces; these products promise to take your grilling to the next level.

Premium Spas & Billiards 101 Idylwyld Drive South 306.955.5466

A smart solution for your storage needs

Are you renovating, relocating, or decluttering and looking for a storage option? Portable storage units from Canadian PUPS™ provide an economical and convenient way to store or relocate belongings and could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Portable storage offers convenience and economy

Hassle-free storage


PUPS™ delivers the portable storage unit directly to your location and can place it on almost any flat surface—from a driveway, to a backyard, to a construction site. There are five different unit sizes, depending on your requirements. You rent the storage unit by the month, so you can load it at your leisure without feeling pressured to return a borrowed trailer or rented truck. In addition, you load the storage unit at ground level. There’s no lifting furniture or heavy boxes into the back of a truck or trailer. You can store the PUPS™ unit on your property providing you with quick access to your goods. Or you can phone PUPS™ and have them pick up your storage unit and store it in their secure compound.

Load and unload once If you use a traditional mini storage, you may have to rent a truck or trailer, pack your goods and then unload them again at the storage facility. The process is repeated when you go to retrieve your goods. PUPS™ saves you time and effort because you are loading directly into the storage unit where your goods will be stored until you need them.

Economical Canadian PUPS™ portable units for portable storage are a hassle-free and economical alternative for moving, renovating, special event storage, or de-cluttering. PUPS™ 306.955.5999



Who Will Be Designing Your New Home?


Choosing a professional architectural technologist may be the best design decision you make BY LISSA ROBINSON Every home that is built goes through a design process. To create a beautiful and functional home, you first need to develop a complete, personalized plan. This can be accomplished by having the help of a professional who has the qualifications in the field of home design. The expertise of an architectural technologist such as Brett Johnson of Final Draft Co. Ltd. will assist in the process of turning your vision into a reality. Johnson is the founder and owner of Final Draft Co. Ltd., a local business that specializes in building design that covers everything from renovations to new construction for either contractors or private customers.

In a career spanning more than 10 years, Johnson has worked with architects, engineers, home and commercial builders, and homeowners on projects both small and large. Prior to his career in architectural technology, he gained experience in commercial construction by working with his father, which led to his interest in design. After obtaining his qualification from SIAST as an architectural technologist in 1999, Johnson gained valuable experience working for local suppliers and designers. In 2003, he decided to branch out and incorporate his own company. What began as a oneman-show out of his home grew quickly into a team of professionals working out of a new design studio in Sutherland.

If you are not familiar with the term, an architectural technologist is typically part of an interdisciplinary team of professionals and tradespersons who perform tasks involved in building design, construction and the management process. Given the complexities of residential design, Johnson has the advantage of understanding buildings from several perspectives: the architectural and structural elements; the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems; the feasibility implications; and the contractual and managerial processes. Design, technology, and function are at the heart of his expertise, and are the reasons he is in such high demand. In today’s world, there are hundreds



to make in the preliminary stages and much less expensive than if you wait until you start construction. No matter what you are building, the contractor is going to need a set of completed drawings in order to estimate cost and to receive the necessary permits.”

of laws and regulations that you must comply with to ensure your home is safe to live in and acceptable by community standards. Add to that the increased demands for energy, space, and cost efficiency, all while developing a plan that complements your lifestyle. Most will find they need an expert’s hand to guide them through the details. This is where the staff at Final Draft comes into the picture. Johnson says that there is “a process that



every customer must go through as a team (himself, the builder and the client) so he can produce a set of complete drawings that are ready for cost estimates, permits and construction.” “The best place to start this process,” says Johnson, “is by making plans on paper and spending the necessary time taking photographs or gathering images that reflect your likes and the vision you have for your home. Changes are easier

Once the client is taken through the preliminary stage of gathering information and consulting, the task is to create a conceptual plan. This plan will take everything that has been provided, or discussed, into consideration and will include design aesthetic, functionality, budget, square footage and layout of the lot. At this stage it may take as many revisions as necessary to reach the customers goals for their project. This is dependent on the individual client and on the complexity of the design and build.

The last stage in the process is for Final Draft to take the approved design and create a full set of construction drawings that the client can use for pricing and permits, as well as, providing builders (or contractors) with the blueprint for creating their dream home from the ground up. Most building contractors are skilled in construction, but may not specialize in

design. Final Draft provides the aspects of design principles that can have a dramatic impact on the overall style and functionality of your home. With an expertise in building design, the team at Final Draft should be your first point of contact before you begin planning the construction of a new home.

For more information please contact: Final Draft Co. Ltd. Residential Design and Construction Brett Johnson, A. Sc. T., Architectural Technologist Bay-2 116 103rd Street Phone: 306.477.5954 Fax: 306.477.5938 Email:



EXPERTAdvice HOMES Custom garages

AFTER the ‘wow’ factor.

Ken Pozniak

Saskatoon Custom Garage Interiors 306.933.4320

More often than not, the biggest room in your house is the most cluttered storage space. It’s filled with tools, bikes, holiday decorations, motorcycles, snowmobiles— you name it—until there’s so much wasted, disorganized space you can barely manoeuvre your car into place. It’s your garage and it’s time to reclaim it. With a little organization and clean-up, we can help you recapture one of the largest rooms in your house. You can store your car and have a recreational space the whole family can enjoy once the car is gone. It may seem daunting, but don’t worry. At Saskatoon Custom Garage Interiors, we work on your timeline and handle everything. Tell us what you need, whether it’s a complete overhaul or just starting with refinishing the floor. We can even bring a trailer, where you can store everything while we transform your garage. First, we’ll put down Polyaspartic flooring, which bonds into the concrete, thus making it a one-time, permanent application. It helps keep the dust down; you don’t have to worry 106


BEFORE about salt, gas or oil staining the floor; and it protects the concrete from deterioration caused by intense freezing. If a garage floor needs repairs, we can fix it and then coat it, giving you a bright, easy-to-clean floor that will look great for a lifetime. You can drive on our textured flooring just 24 hours after installation and it’s available in a variety of colours. Next, consider your storage needs and desires. Whether you have lots of small items you need regular access to or a bunch of space-stealing items you need once a year that you’re tired of moving around, we can help. To regain square footage, we do a cabinetry design and layout using all available space— even wasted space above eye-level—to give you ample storage room and keep everything tidy by getting stuff behind closed doors. When people see the transformation, there’s such a difference; they really enjoy

Our Slide-Lok cabinets are easy-toassemble for the do-it-yourselfer, or we can provide expert installation and customize your garage layout to meet your specific needs. We also have PVC slat-wall and accessories, along with different sizes of high-loft storage systems to accommodate your storage needs. We also carry metal cabinets by Hayley, featuring 16-guage steel doors and a powder-coat finish that come in a variety of colours. These are a modular cabinet system, so designs can be made to fit your individual needs and budget while looking great. With the high housing prices in Saskatoon, people aren’t moving when they need more space. By customizing garages, we’re helping people find those extra 300 or 800 square feet. Whether you invest $2,500 or $25,000, you’re increasing the value of your home. Comparing a cluttered, dingy garage to one customized with our products, I know which I would buy. Come get an idea of what we can do for your garage. Our showroom has two working garages on display and they’ll show you whatever you’re envisioning isn’t out of reach.

Growing with Saskatoon PHOTOS BY LISA LANDRIE

Developer celebrates 10 years of quality customer service BY IAN GOODWILLIE For 10 years, Ridge Crest Developments has prided itself on providing Saskatoon homeowners with top quality home renovation services. Ridge Crest offers services for individuals looking to complete all types of home renovations. Whether it is a bathroom makeover, renovating a kitchen, remodeling an entire home or adding an exciting new addition, Ridge Crest Developments offers the top services of its kind in Saskatoon. But what does it take to stay in business for 10 years in an industry with such strong and challenging competition?

a project that is even better than could be anticipated.”

no such thing as a small job at Ridge Crest Developments.

Clients want the best quality product they can get for their money, a fact that almost goes without saying, but if you do not offer the customer service to back that up then you have nothing. Every one of the professional tradespeople that make up the Ridge Crest team makes their primary job to help the customer in any way possible. They are there to answer questions, offer advice, and listen to concerns as needed by the customer.

It is the vast experience of the tradespeople that make up the Ridge Crest team that sets them apart. Some of Ron’s team have been with him for the entire 10 years of Ridge Crest’s existence, and have been part of the home improvement industry for even longer. They are all aware of the importance of each job and how valuable each customer truly is.

Customer Service is Job #1

That attitude comes from the top down, starting with owner Ron Rhode. Ron is on every job site, making sure that all details are in order and that every client receives his personal attention. There is

“Ron Rhode (Ridge Crest owner) has an exceptional capacity to listen to the dreams and hopes of the customer and to design

Offering the Best “Ron sets very high standards for Ridge Crest and for his sub-trades, and he does not compromise.” Part of being the best, means making sure FineHomesSaskatoon


you always offer the best of all possible options to your clients. Ron and the Ridge Crest team always make sure that they are on top of the new trends, styles, and techniques, ensuring that what they are offering is top-of-the-line. At the same time, they maintain the skills that keep them on top through the experience of their long-time knowledgeable and professional team. But they also do not follow trends blindly. No one at Ridge Crest will compromise a project on any level simply to be trendy or fashionable. To offer a new, superior product is important, but if it is not up to Ron’s standards then it is not something Ridge Crest will recommend. Honesty, and what is best for the customer, always comes first.

Ten Years in the Business “Ron is an honest and open contractor. He was recommended… by former customers, and proved through his work that the recommendations were worthy.” While Ron and many of his team members have been in the business for longer than ten years, Ridge Crest Developments is on the verge of celebrating its tenth anniversary. No matter what industry a company is in, surviving to the ten-year mark is an achievement to be celebrated. Ridge Crest has enjoyed being at the forefront of the boom Saskatoon has been experiencing and plans to keep its focus in this city. Ron knows that he owes his continued success to the loyalty of his clients, many of whom become ongoing customers as their homes and families grow. Ridge Crest Developments looks forward to another ten years serving the people of Saskatoon. Ridge Crest Developments is a Member of the Saskatoon & Region Home Builders Association, Reno Guide and the Better Business Bureau. Ridge Crest Developments 306.230.1999




Take a new home theatre out for a test drive


Audio and video expert designs individualized sensory experiences BY LISSA ROBINSON When you enter the presentation theatres at Pulsworks Audio Arts in Saskatoon you will be astounded by the visual and aesthetic environments that engulf you. Whether you are surrounded by the sultry voice of songstress Diana Krall or the futuristic sights and sounds from Avatar, the ambiance is magical, and surprisingly achievable and affordable to recreate in the comfort of your own home. Ambiance is a word that audiophiles and videophiles often use to describe the way a listening or viewing environment makes them feel or to the dimensional aspects of their chosen media. While some may refer

to the brightness, darkness or warmth of a sound or colour, others may use different descriptors. David Puls, founder and owner of Pulsworks, points out that all of these qualities are very subjective. What sounds warm or expansive to one person may not sound similar, or even good, to another. This is what distinguishes Pulsworks from other audio and video stores: the focus of the company is on creating the ideal home theatre experience for an individual, couple or an entire family. Most of us would agree that a quality home theatre system will put you in the perfect mood for indulging in an evening

of television or movie viewing. David says that most people would be surprised at the quality they can achieve with a focus on value-driven decisions in acquiring their system. “For the same money that you would spend on a rack system at an appliance or department store, you can get an audio and video system at Pulsworks that will provide you with significantly more viewing and listening pleasure.” This is not just a fine point, it’s central to understanding why the pursuit of the best possible home theatre system is a passion worth pursuing, and that Pulsworks is the ideal place to pursue that passion.



says. “When you buy wine, you taste it. When you buy a music or theatre system you should definitely experience it.” In essence, there is no set of specifications that can tell you which collection of components is right for you, your home or your tastes. Every system should be experienced firsthand and then crafted and customized to fit your budget and preferences. “With our assistance and expertise,” David says, “you can listen and decide for yourself. The proof is in the tasting of the pudding. In our experience, anyone who can tell the difference between two brands of ice cream or two kinds of shirt fabric can also hear the difference between two types of amplifiers or speakers.” With the right guidance, assistance, and environment, it’s that simple.

Pulsworks designs and sells all of its services and products within a demonstration and experiential context. “When you buy a car, you drive it,” David



David provides the ultimate in personal care and attention to all aspects of your home theatre from conception through to design and installation. As an added bonus, if your system ever needs servicing, Pulsworks is likely the only call you will ever need to make. David carefully prepares a system portfolio for each client that contains system configurations, information, warranties and other important paperwork while also keeping a duplicate copy for his own records and your peace of mind. For some, creating a dream home theatre might feel like an overwhelming task. With such attention to detail and an unparalleled service commitment, it’s hard to imagine wanting to go anywhere else. David will guide and

assist you in determining the best value given your personal tastes, expectations, and those elements that will make your audio and video experience unique and pleasurable to you. I am sure that most of us would agree that watching a movie can be a highly personal and powerful experience—possibly life changing. The same emotional or sensory experiences enjoyed at a live concert, sports event or movie theatre can be equally pleasurable in the comfort of your own home, but only if it is carefully designed and faithfully reproduced. This is why your home theatre should be something you consider from its initial concept to the planning and installation in consultation with a thoughtful and highly knowledgeable audio and video expert. If you are an individual who has a passion and appreciation for sound and video and is looking for a high performance home theatre experience with premier personalized service and support, then Pulsworks Audio Arts is definitely the place for you. Pulsworks Audio Arts 2009 Alberta Avenue Contact: David Puls, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Creative Officer 306.244.7857

We Rent More Than Just Cat® Machines! PHOTOS BY GRANT ROMANCIA


Bill Brooks, the Store Manager for Kramer Rents—The Cat Rental Store—knows his gadgets. “I’m a problem solver by nature and I like to know how things work,” he says. “At the store, our success depends on providing excellent service and delivering safe, quality products to our customers. We strive to provide quality solutions with our quality products.” Taking a tour of the store with Brooks is a bit like exploring Mr. Magorium’s Emporium. Well, maybe not, but it’s certainly a lesson in the magic of technology and science. As a full service rental organization, the store carries a variety of name-brand tools and equipment including aerial work platforms, pumps, generators, air compressors, heaters, shoring, hand tools and speciality electrical and instrumentation equipment alongside their full line-up of Cat® machines. Have you ever tried to paint a wall that reaches up 18-feet from the stairwell? It’s tough to reach and not particularly safe. Kramer Rents offers a solution with a nifty metal aerial work platform (scaffold) that is super safe and easy to climb. The store also has an excellent selection of specialty electrical equipment that can be

used on the job or at home. These range from a very cool infra-red gun that audits your heat loss to a simple but very ecofriendly air purification system patented by Sol-Air Systems Inc.

Guided By Light Sol-Air Systems’ line of UV Air Decontamination Technologies eliminates odours, bacteria, viruses and mould for residential, commercial and industrial applications. If you happen to be a real estate agent or a home owner then you

will definitely want to rent one. It will be the icing on the cake to successfully presenting your home to sell. It should only take between 4-7 days to purify the air and neutralize all and any offensive odours. What a find! Odours, bacteria, viruses and moulds cause significant problems at home and in industries such as wastewater, oil and gas, fire and flood, agriculture, health and travel. There is increased pressure from industry, government and lobby groups to find eco-friendly and efficient solutions



to clean air and the Sol-Air Purification Systems are unparalleled. It’s a really cool device that is chemical free, easy to use and completely safe to use in the work place or at home. Brooks describes the technology as “pure science” and says it is “very effective in eliminating offensive odours caused by bacteria or other pollutants.” The instrument uses UV rays to actively remove odours from the air, carpets and wood structure by killing bacteria, viruses and moulds. Contaminated air is circulated through a metal box that contains a dozen UV bulbs that actively work to purify the air. In essence, the ultraviolet light acts as a catalyst, breaking down what is referred to as “ambient oxygen and water vapour molecules” into O- and OH-(hydroxyl) radicals. Unpleasant odours or pollutants in the air like smoke, chemicals or even pet urine can be completely eliminated by using this instrument. Brooks says that “the company is so confident in the effectiveness of the Sol-Air machines that we will guarantee 100 per cent that anyone who rents the machine will see a noticeable difference in air quality.” Now that’s an endorsement!

Bill Brooks The Cat Rental Store Manager Telephone: 306.343. 7368 (306.343. RENT ) Cell: 306.227.0538 Fax: 306.343.7355 Email: Website: 2215 Faithfull Avenue Saskatoon, SK Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday



McGill‘s Mechanical Services

McGill‘s Mechanical Services is a threegeneration, familyowned business that is people-focused and passionate about heating, cooling and plumbing. BY LISSA ROBINSON PHOTOS BY GRANT ROMANCIA McGill’s was started by Jack and Tillie McGill, in 1961. Soon to be celebrating fifty years in business, the company was first located in the Broadway district, and then Riversdale, both of which have long and colourful histories in Saskatoon. McGill’s Mechanical began by providing high quality sewer and drain cleaning services to a generation of Saskatoon residents. Sadly, in 1975, Jack McGill passed away. His sons Jim and Jeff took over the family business and in 1993 separated the company into two sectors. Jeff concentrated on the industrial side, and Jim on the mechanical side of the business. Jim and his wife Marion worked very hard operating the family business for over 30 years. Jim had the drive and the foresight to grow the company to include heating and cooling, providing the dependable product line Carrier has to offer, while continuing its

commitment to plumbing and drain cleaning.

generation at McGill’s Mechanical? Time will tell.

With the recent passing of Jim McGill, the company is again transitioning. Carla (McGill) Nagy and husband Clint are the new faces of McGill’s Mechanical. The couple—both friendly and passionate about the business—are now the manager and general manager, respectively. In fact, the couple, who have been married for three years (together for six) met and fell in love while working at the company! When Clint started spending Sunday dinners at “the Boss’ house,” their new found commitment to each other was made official. Aspen, their two-year old daughter, is now awaiting the arrival of her new sister or brother. Might the two siblings become the fourth

Family-owned businesses like the McGill’s are important to the history of Saskatoon in the local and regional economy. With some employees staying with the company for more than 16 years, the business is known for its commitment to quality, and to care and concern for both its customers and employees. Carla and Clint both agree that “customer relations are key to our ongoing success” and are both driven by “a job well done philosophy.” “Many of our clients are return customers or referrals. When we go into a customer’s home and install a furnace, for example, we know that we’ve put our best foot forFineHomesSaskatoon


ward. When the client is happy and complimentary, that feels great.” Since family businesses tend to have a longer vision and commitment to upholding the family name, there is more incentive to focus on customer satisfaction as well as employee loyalty. Clint is most often the person who will arrive at your door to provide an assessment or estimate on your job whether it be heating, cooling or plumbing. McGill’s Mechanical is a Carrier Dealer, however they repair all makes and models of furnaces and air conditioners. As an established dealer in Saskatoon, their product line and service offerings are impressive, and the couple is very happy to bring in any specialty product you would like to have installed in your home. If you’re looking for something unique, they encourage you to contact Clint and come down to their showroom for a consultation. With a staff of 13, and a majority of them technicians, the professional team at McGill’s offer the following products and services: • Furnace - Installations, Service, and Repair • Air Conditioning - Installations Service and Repair • Water Heater - Installations Service and Repair • Fireplace - Installations and Service and Repair • Natural Gas; Barbeque, Fire Pit, Patio Heater, and Outdoor Fireplace Installations • Garage Heater – Installation and Repair • Boiler System - Installations Service and Repair • Plumbing – Installation and Repair • Sewer and Drain Cleaning • Sewer Line - Camera, Flushing, and Foaming • Financing Available McGill’s Mechanical is a SaskEnergy Network Member, BBB member in excellent standing and an Air Miles provider. In the words of Carla and Clint, “we work hard to take care of all of your plumbing and heating needs. No job is too big or too small, and we aren’t happy until our customers are happy. That’s a promise!” McGill’s Mechanical Services 502 Avenue M South Saskatoon, SK S7M 2K9 Phone: 664-3050 Fax: 664-3070


Have you checked your sump pump lately? BY CLINT NAGY A wake-up call from a broken basement sump pump in early spring can be a very wet and expensive experience--especially in a year with record snowfalls like this year in Saskatoon. People might think a sump pump is a dirty, smelly pit that only sees the light of day when it fails to do its job, but it’s crucial to keeping your home dry. Although a variety of problems may arise with your pump, including a jammed or broken control switch or a burned-out motor, the first rule of prevention is to keep your pump clean! Clogging is a major issue in sump pump maintenance. Dirt, debris and a variety of other foreign objects can build up causing a blockage in the inlet screen. And the worst case scenario? A flooded, dirty, damaged basement.

McGill’s Mechanical Services 502 Avenue M South Saskatoon, SK S7M 2K9 Phone: 664-3050 Fax: 664-3070

Sump pumps are machines too, so be good to them. Cars, furnaces, air conditioners and washing machines are all mechanical devices that we use on a daily basis. It’s a collection of parts working together to get a job done efficiently and effectively. Like your car, a sump pump is made up of switches, propellers and pumps that wear down over time and use. Your best defense is a good offense. Getting your pump serviced each year will ensure it’s working to full capacity during spring melts or torrential rains. There are other factors to consider when you want to keep your home dry such as the age and location of your home. Do you live in a high flood area? Has your sump pump been upgraded to today‘s standards?

If your sump pump needs upgrading, you should ensure that you hire a contractor like McGill’s Mechanical who has 50-years of experience working on these types of projects and will take all the necessary safeguards to minimize the potential damage to your home. Typically, a complete sump pit and back water valve installation takes one to two days. For homeowners who qualify for funding under the Flood Protection Program, appropriate installation must be determined by a licensed plumbing contractor and a City of Saskatoon Plumbing Inspector must perform an inspection prior to pouring the final cement.

What can a professional do? When sump pump maintenance is performed, a McGill’s technician will perform a flood test; clean out the liner of any silt or sediment buildup; clean the impeller at the bottom of the pump; replace any old valves; change the battery in the alarm, make sure that the water discharges properly, and ensure the backup battery is ready to go!

Is a Service Appointment Really Necessary? To get the most efficient productivity out of your sump pump be sure to schedule your yearly service appointment. At the appointment, a certified service technician will inspect the ins and outs of your sump pump system. Contact McGill’s Mechanical today to book your spring service appointment or to have your sump pump assessed today. FineHomesSaskatoon


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Landscaper with a vision guarantees customer satisfaction BY PENNY McKINLAY A well-designed yard provides years of enjoyment and greatly enhances your property. It’s an extension of your home, designed to meet your family’s personality and activities, from relaxing in a deck chair to enjoying a barbecue with family and friends. However, landscaping is a big investment, and you want to make sure that it’s done right. You can count on Vision Landscape and Design to bring your dream to life and to create a yard that will give you pleasure now and in the future. Vision Landscape and Design offers a full range of landscaping services—from

patios and decks, to fences and retaining walls, to walkways, irrigation, sod installation and plantings. Tom Levy, the company’s owner, has more than 10 years of experience as a landscape construction foreman. He is unrivalled in his attention to quality and customer service and is efficient, versatile, and reliable in the delivery of his work. The company’s website offers an extensive slideshow of completed projects and is sure to stimulate your imagination.

Customer satisfaction The number one priority for Vision

Landscape and Design is customer satisfaction. Tom Levy and his crew only work on one major project at a time so that they can stay focused and give the work their full attention. Homeowners are fully involved from the initial design to the completion of the project. An initial meeting gives customers an opportunity to outline their ideas and to explain how they hope to use their yard. Lifestyle, time and family activities are all taken into consideration to ensure that the final product will satisfy your needs. Once Tom Levy has a clear understanding of what you are looking for, he prepares a



plan that is carefully drawn to scale. This gives clients a clear idea of what their yard could look like so that they can make informed decisions about additions or revisions. If you already have a plan, Vision Landscape will work with you and the other designers to put it on the ground. Once the plan is finalized, an estimate is prepared that accurately reflects the project. Customers receive a full explanation of each item. Occasionally, it is difficult to determine the best approach in advance. In that situation, Tom Levy clearly outlines the different options and the customers participate in the final decisionmaking at the appropriate time. When the project gets underway, Tom Levy is working on the site every day. “I’m available to talk to the customers and to make sure that they are satisfied,” Levy explains. “The plan isn’t set in stone. We can make changes if the homeowner isn’t satisfied.”

Attention to detail Vision Landscape and Design takes the time to do quality work. The cuts in the deck are even and the fence posts neatly aligned. “When it comes to making things look good, I’m a perfectionist,” says Levy. The company will make sure that water flows smoothly away from the house. And sprinklers are set up to water specific areas so that the settings can be customized based on the plants’ water requirements.

One-of-a-kind Vision Landscape’s work is never plain or boring. There are intricate patterns in the paving stones, and the curving lines in the pathways and retaining walls are balanced and harmonious. Yards are designed to look good not only now but also in the future. “Everything looks good when it’s first completed,” Levy says, “but I want it to look good twenty years down the road.”


Honesty and reliability Vision Landscape and Design offers a one-year guarantee on all its hardscape. In addition, Tom Levy makes a point of revisiting each site in the spring to see if anything needs fixing after the winter. The ground takes time to settle on new properties. Vision Landscape does its best to avoid this problem by waiting for a year until the ground has had a chance to settle. They then double the recommendations for the base on hardscapes. If, despite all the precautions, there is some settling, the company will come back and fix it the following year. Tom Levy and his workers are respectful of the homeowners and their neighbours. “I make sure the site is clean before I go home,” Levy says. “We treat your property as we would our own.” Vision Landscape has $2 million liability insurance and all the workers are covered by Workers’ Compensation. The company prides itself on using top-quality products and doesn’t take any short cuts.

A family business Vision Landscape and Design is locally owned and operated. Tom Levy was born in Regina and became involved in the landscaping business after finishing high school in Calgary. “The best part is being outdoors,” he laughs. “I like playing in the mud.” Levy’s wife, Jodi, grew up in Saskatoon, and they moved back to her home town in 2005. Jodi Levy looks after the company’s books, answers the phone and sets up appointments. They have two young children, Sean and Thea. Sean, who is three, likes to help his dad in any way possible. “He loves dirt and bulldozers,” Levy says.

Vision landscape and design If you’re looking for a talented, trustworthy landscaping company, look no further. Vision Landscape and Design will go the extra mile to make sure that you are satisfied. Vision Landscape and Design 306.373.6716



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Rooted in Knowledge BY ALEXANDRA WALLD As people walk along the pathway to the front entrance of your home, your front yard is telling them who you are. By hiring the experts at Sawyer’s Trees & Landscapes, your property’s vibrant and impressive new appearance will become uniquely desirable in comparison to other properties in the neighbourhood. Jeremy Thompson, manager of residential landscape construction services for Sawyer’s, is involved in the consultation, planning, and pricing process for Sawyer’s residential landscape clientele in Saskatoon and Region. “Whether your needs are sprinkler installation, front yard grading and drainage correction, building stone pathways and patios, sodding services, or tree and shrub planting alongside beds and borders—our company is here to serve you,” Thompson says. “Building an eye-catching yet functional front yard landscape can be done for a relatively modest cost.” Proper care and maintenance of your newly-created front yard—or your existing back yard—is the next step in the process of “leafing it up to us.” A program that has really taken off with hundreds of Sawyer’s clients in the past few years is their trademark Tree Keepers Program. As the survival of newly planted trees is tenuous at best, Sawyer’s recognized the need to establish a yearly care visit. The company professionally provides best practices in arboriculture (urban tree care) to the valuable trees on your property—be they the freshly planted ‘baby trees’ of your newly transformed landscape, or the existing ‘teenage’ or ‘older age trees’ that have adorned your property for 15 to 55 years.

extra insulation by placing a mulch well around the tree, which also provides additional nutrients as the mulch breaks down. This is extremely important because the root systems of young trees are vulnerable to extreme weather variances of minus-25 in November when there exists little snow cover and minus-20 in late March when similar lack of snow cover no longer insulates the tiny root filaments from “freezer burn.” Finally, their trained arborists inject—with a specialized soil probe—a deep root nutrient and fertilizer mix into the ground at the tree’s roots, which extends to new and existing trees, enhancing vigour and growth by supplying nutrients to the root systems and allowing the trees to better protect themselves from insects, disease and fungus. “People put fertilizer on top of their lawn, but the grass gets all that,” says Carlton Larsen with the Tree Keepers Program. “By injecting it underneath, we make sure essential root nutrients get where they need to go, to where they are usable to the tree. We come by, check the trees and do any preventative maintenance and pruning work—thus helping your valuable trees systemic and biological growth, as well as, ensuring the health and enhancing the beauty of your landscape.” In both the construction of a vibrantlooking and sustainable landscape at your home—and in the maintenance and professional care of your valuable trees and shrubs—you will have made wise investment and quality-of-life decisions regarding the place you call home. Now enjoy!


Part and parcel of the Tree Keepers Program is Sawyer’s Deep Root Feed Nutri-Leaf service. First of all, Sawyer’s picks the right location and depth to plant your trees and stakes them to help them grow properly. Then, they add

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Creating A Sense of Place Bringing the tropics home WITH KEN BEATTIE There is nothing like a whiff of spring air to stimulate the creativity hibernating deep inside most winter weary Canadians. Gardeners are often considered that caricature for impatient souls hybridized with resourcefulness as the season of green approaches. Indeed, many of us stare longingly out plastic shrouded windows with a faint glint of hope on the drip at the end of our noses. Ahh, the “what ifs” and “wouldn’t this be great dears” are like ritual chants as we gaze at what soon will be a garden. Not to be under124


estimated, the garden, landscape, yard or whatever terminology is used to describe the green space adjacent to your abode, plays an enormous role in the well-being of Canadians. This space expresses our taste, provides respite and solace, grows our food, can act as our gym, playground or simply the focus for bragging rights within the neighborhood. Temperate Canada has the good fortune to garden, to a degree, year round whilst the remainder of the country secretly

sighs in relief when the snow actually comes. Truth is that most of us are pleased when the snow actually says “stop, the season is over” and we can hang up our tools and thank Mother Nature for covering all the mistakes that we made. Spring, however, rejuvenates even the most lethargic of us to actually express ourselves in the garden. Developing a sense of place is a very personal journey because place means something different to everyone. In strict definition, a sense of place is terminology given to a landscape, in this case, which reflects materials, memorabilia and items of local origin. Personally, this is much too narrow a vision for me. Rather than discuss principles, theory or methodology relative to creating a sense of place, I will share what I am doing in my garden this spring with hopes that my approach may encourage you to step outside the traditions of your local landscape. Living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, as pleasant as it is, launches considerable horticultural missiles. Nevertheless a shorter growing season, temperature extremes and (as if a rule for horticulturists) heavy clay soils, my sense of place will relate to the tropics this season. Born out of extensive travel in Southeast Asia, Australia and generally warmer climes, this design will doubtless stimulate memories of travels, new cultures for me and the glorious lushness of my adopted destinations. The “how” of this approach is rather simple; as with any design the concepts of color, texture, focal points, balance and most of all, functionality of the space are considered. Plant selection is what makes the difference when developing such a living diorama. My space will have a typical structure or bones as often referred to; however the containers and

particular punctuation points of this space will speak “jungle.� Easily grown favorites for containers are Musa sp. (Banana) Heliconias (Lobster Claw) Hedychium coronarium (White Ginger) and a plethora of Ginger and Ginger-like relatives. These plants are available from better garden centers or by catalogue mail order. Ginger of course is the easiest to acquire; the local grocery store offers a grand supply. Edible Ginger will root quite easily and quickly result in a lush, tropical grassy plant with magnificently scented foliage. White Ginger is one of my personal favorites as it has the most exotic and intoxicating scent of any tropical flower that I know. Once you have obtained this plant, it is easily propagated by root division and makes an excellent houseplant as well. Colour should not always be the driving force when selecting tropical plants for the garden; texture speaks volumes. In most provinces, save British Columbia and specific locales in the Maritimes, large, coarse foliaged plants are uncommon. Gunnera manicata, the giant Rhubarb so commonly used in BC, can be replicated in a neo-tropic Manitoba (or Saskatoon) garden using Rheum palmatum very nicely. This plant affords a very novel look to any garden but will accentuate a tropical sense of place if Gingers, Caladiums, Anthurium, Hibiscus and a colorful selection of annual flowers are used. Alocasia sp. or Giant Elephant Ears are another absolute must for a moist container or pond side planting. Various Taro plants are readily available in the aquatic section of better garden centers and should not be overlooked. These edible tubers are the horticultural rabbits of the garden, reproducing offsets for the entire season thus increasing your inventory without effort. Sunnier portions of the neo-tropical garden are well suited for Codiaeum variegatum, the Croton. These brightly colored specimens are available at

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the box stores, garden centers and even grocery stores across the country. Crotons perform remarkably well outdoors in containers or planted directly into well drained decent soil. Sure to turn heads and spark conversation the wide range of colours, leaf shapes and patterns will dazzle not only you, but the neighbors. A sense of place is a totally personal concept. This is your garden, your work in progress or opus magnum not a spectacle for others. Relay the intimacy of even a mere moment in your life that was significant either through colour, texture or scent. Your garden, whether on a balcony on the 26th floor or sprawling over several acres of ravines and hardwood forest, should evoke a sense of place and for that matter a moment in your life, not someone else’s. Take some time, savour an aspect of your life that is meaningful and dedicate your efforts to recreate your sense of place and time in your garden. Mine , for this year at least, will evoke the southern trade winds, heady scents of foreign lands and colours as bright as the smiles on the many faces of gardeners of the faraway lands I have visited. Ken Beattie, affectionately known as Canada’s Favourite Gardener, is a graduate of the prestigious Niagara Parks Commission School of Horticulture and is currently Director of Horticulture for Assiniboine Park, one of North America’s largest urban parks, in Winnipeg. As a TV host, radio contributor and author, his easy exuberance and playful personality are well-known to gardening enthusiasts from Saskatoon to the Philippines.

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Hillcrest Memorial Gardens and Funeral Home By FHS Staff

Funerals, burials, memorials, nobody likes to talk about it or even think about it. And the occasion of the loss of a loved one is no time to have to start. Most people do not even know where to begin at the best of times, much less when they are going through one of the most traumatic events in life. At Hillcrest Memorial Gardens and Funeral Home, they understand. They have been helping families through difficult times since 1952. They have even developed the Family Registry Estate Planner™, an invaluable tool designed to take the stress, expense and decision-making out of funeral planning.



Why It’s Important To Pre-Plan Most people are well-versed in the reasons to have insurance coverage, a longterm financial strategy and a retirement plan. But when it comes to the issues involved when a family member passes on, people are often unprepared when the unfortunate moment arrives. The professionals at Hillcrest Memorial Gardens can help. The best way to begin understanding the relevant issues and the benefits of pre-planning is to book an appointment with a pre-arrangement specialist. The specialist can provide you

with the details of Hillcrest’s exclusive Family Security Benefit Plan™, a proven plan designed to ensure Canadians can take advantage of the best protection, real savings, and the peace of mind they deserve. “Pre-arrangement takes the stress away from the family and allows them to concentrate on their grief and the celebration of their loved one’s life,” said Sean Peters, the cemetery manager at Hillcrest. You can also be sure that your pre-planning specialist, as with all the professional staff at Hillcrest, will take care of you


and your family in the time of need. “We treat families the way we would want to be treated, with respect, dignity and the knowledge we will care for their loved one in the warm and caring environment they deserve,” Sean said. If you prefer to do research a little before speaking to one of their specialists, you can visit Hillcrest’s website, www. hillcrestmemorial .ca. You can request free pre-planning tools and resources that can assist you and provide useful information. You can also request the Family Registry Estate Planner™; the 87 Decisions, Choices and Things to Do™ list; and the Family Security Benefit Plan™. Once you decide to take the next step, there is no need to leave home. If you prefer, a preplanning specialist can visit you in the comfort of your own home.

Peace Of Mind Of course, you may wonder if you prearrange and pre-pay, if your investment be protected. Yes it will. Legislation requires funeral and cemetery companies to put advance payments in trust with financial institutions that carry Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation depositors’ insurance and can only be withdrawn to pay for delivery of the pre-arranged product or service. The benefits of pre-planning are many, but perhaps the most important reason of all is removing the undue financial stress and the many decisions that your family members will have to make while coping with loss. Also, pre-planning your final arrangements will eliminate any uncertainty about your last wishes and the risk of emotional overspending.

Your estate will also benefit, by making the investment in today’s dollars and at today’s prices, you could save thousands of dollars. Pre-planning also guarantees that your own personal wishes are carried out. An important part of the pre-planning process is deciding what kind of service you would like, where and how you would like to be laid to rest, and how you would like to be memorialized. Hillcrest can help with all of these details. As Saskatoon’s only comprehensive cemetery, funeral home, cremation and reception centre, Hillcrest covers all the options in a serene, beautiful location. The cemetery is located on protected green space and is immaculately maintained. Amenities abound including personalized services for all faiths and cultures, modern facilities with seating for up to 200 in the Memorial Chapel, a visitation room and a




reception room with full kitchen facilities and outdoor patio. Finally, Hillcrest offers a full range of caskets and urns.

After Care Perhaps the most frequently overlooked aspect of the grieving process is after the funeral and services are finished. The first few days following a loved one’s passing are often full of activity, family and friends. But after this hectic period and when the shock fades, is when the real healing starts. For many, this is a time of difficult recovery and a time where Hillcrest’s experience really shines. AfterCare is a completely free program that provides practical guidance, literature and emotional support anytime it’s needed. “We understand how difficult recovery can be for surviving loved ones, especially if they are responsible for finalizing the estate,” said Sean. “Our AfterCare professionals can provide insight and help with that process.”



They also understand that the process is a very individual one and AfterCare specialists are trained to provide comfort, resources and referrals to local bereavement services. Hillcrest also offers its spacious community room free of charge to non-profit organizations. With ample space for 30, this convenient, comfortable room makes an ideal meeting place for creative clubs, spiritual groups, political parties, social organizations and more. Hillcrest even supplies complimentary coffee, tea and juice.

8th St. East, 1st right past Briargate Rd.

Trusted Reputation Hillcrest Memorial Gardens has long been entrusted with one of the most important services most people will ever require and you can see it for yourself. The doors and gardens at Hillcrest are always open. Sean and the rest of the staff are proud of what they have created here and are more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Call 306-477-2236 for a free list of the 87 Decisions, Choices and Things to Do™.

Hillcrest Memorial Gardens and Funeral Home 8th St. East (1st right past Briargate Rd.) 306.477.2236

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9 OUT OF 10 HOME OWNERS AREN’T COLOUR BLIND. So why not give them a more colourful choice? Introducing the Concorde hybrid window with five exterior colour options. Colour that’s embedded in the exterior PVC so nicks and scratches won’t show. The glossy finish also repels dirt and is easy to maintain. The Concorde offers the thermal performance of PVC and a choice of energy efficient glass packages.

WINDOWS | DOORS SOLUTIONS To learn more about the Concorde, visit #2 - 859 - 60 Street East 306-242-7550

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Fine Homes Saskatoon has a highly defined business strategy: to provide a quality, highly sought-after and read magazine that provides prist...

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