Osider May/June 2016

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“Art is a compulsion that people have to create and make.” To see more of Michael’s amazing work, please go to ecgallery.com/exclusive-artists/ michael-summers/

that stayed with him throughout the years. At the age of twenty, he left the desert and enlisted in the Army. After extensive travel during and after his time in the service, Michael always knew he wanted to return to Southern California. His last move was from Austin to San Diego to attend college at San Diego State University. His original major was graphic design, but Michael soon realized it wasn’t the right direction for him. Michael found relief working towards a degree in Art with a minor in Philosophy. To him, “Art is a compulsion that people have to create and make. It’s a way to explain ideas or concepts inside us for which we may not have the words or language.” Even after these profound musings,

Michael never considered making a living as a fine artist. He mentioned a quote by Jim Carey that resonated with him: “It’s better to fail at what you love than fail at what you don’t.” After ten years creating work inspired by urban landscapes, he started introducing humans and animals into his scenes. He enjoyed creating worlds where he dictates the interactions between them. This spark led to some of his most incredible paintings. A current resident of Oceanside, Michael’s recent work involves extensive animal research, most of which he does at the San Diego Zoo. He explained that research is key with his work. To understand animals, he takes photographs,

sketches, and spends time observing their relationships, interactions, and emotions. You can see one of Michael’s first murals, entitled “Catnap,” in Carlsbad at the former Witch Creek Winery. His second mural, “Ballroom Dance,” is on display at Harrah’s Resort Southern California Events Center. Michael’s next piece will be donated to “Engineers without Borders.” The funds raised will cover expenses for engineers to travel to impoverished countries and empower communities by assisting with their basic human needs. Eager to paint a mural in Oceanside, Michael has challenged himself to become more involved with charitable events and public organizations by “doing what you’re good at to make the world a better place.” THEOSIDER.COM  31