Page 1 Revolutionary New Platform Where Users can Share their Personal Stories with the World April 9, 2015, United States- The developers of have worked tirelessly to provide people with a new platform that can allow them to share their personal stories with the world in a unique manner. It is a stage where users can collect their life tuft and knot those tuft in one thread to make it a story that’s inspiring and thought-provoking. According to company’s spokesperson: “We know every person must be having some sort of activities or incidents which have changed their lives. It may be related to your personal life or professional life. BIOTUFT will also guide you to write your story incase if you needed this. As a common people we can’t afford a book to publish it but we can explore ourselves here with this site but BIOTUFT is here to listen and as well as share story to worldwide. We are pleased to have you with our journey. And for all this what you need is a story. A Story which is related to your life. A Story which has inspired you!” The site is user-friendly and allows easy navigation. Besides this, it is a free platform where anybody can register with the site by filling in necessary details and become an active member/contributor. Moreover, one of the great features of this site is that it even guides users on how to write a story, and shares crucial tips regarding the content, titles and subtitles of the story, and how to finish the story in a proper manner. Since the launch of the site, it has received quite a great response from users worldwide, and with each passing day more and more users are becoming active members of this site to share their stories. For more information, simply visit:

Biotuft com revolutionary new platform where users can share their personal stories with the world  

For more information, simply visit:

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